Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 8 January 2005. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


    Saturday, 8 Januray 2005. 


    Al-Fallujah – ar-Ramadi – al-Anbar Province. 


    US films “Liberation of al-Fallujah” propaganda movie in the part of the city they occupy. 


    As part of their propaganda campaign, US forces and puppet “national guards” shot a film about the “liberation of al-Fallujah” in part of al-Fallujah on Saturday. 


    US forces filmed scenes in parts of the city that they control. They showed scenes of residents living in the areas in their hands. 


    The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted that US forces have been using the civilian population in the city against the Resistance, by encouraging the civilians to come in and stay in the parts of the city that are under US control, thereby affording the Americans some protection against Resistance attacks, since the Resistance does not want to inflict casualties among the city’s innocent citizens. The Resistance has distributed leaflets calling on local residents to leave, lest they unwittingly provide a haven for the American invader troops. 


    US forces use other means to try to drive a wedge between the Resistance and the local people. For one thing, every day the Americans raze dozens of homes of local people, claiming that the Resistance had shot at them from that area and that they need to protect themselves. The Americans apparently hope to incite the local residents to pressure the Resistance to leave the southern part of the city which they still control. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reports that it appears that the American public relations effort has begun to yield some fruits for them, where their attempt to take the city militarily was a failure. 


    Iraqi Resistance sharpshooters shot and killed three US troops in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood of al-Fallujah. Afterwards, American troops destroyed 15 local homes near the as-Su’dud School in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood, razing them to the ground. 


    Resistance forces fired 15 Grad rockets and 12 mortar rounds at US troop concentrations in northern al-Fallujah around sunset on Saturday. 


    Resistance strike reportedly kills 12 US troops in ar-Ramadi governorate building. 


    Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a mortar barrage on the al-Anbar Provincial government building in ar-Ramadi, killing 12 US soldiers and destroying a number of military vehicles. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in ar-Ramadi reported that about fourteen 62mm mortar rounds hit the governorate building at about 12 noon Saturday. 


    Four wrecked US vehicles were hauled out from inside the governorate building. Several Jeeps were observed loaded with corpses from inside the building, but no exact number could be ascertained. An Iraqi puppet security official working in the building, however, confirmed that four Humvees were totally destroyed in direct hits and more than 12 Americans were killed. 


    The Squadrons of al-Miqdad ibn al-Aswad organization issued a communiqué taking responsibility for the attack. 




    Resistance car bomb devastates US checkpoint near Syrian border. 


    An Iraqi Resistance car bomb driven by a martyrdom fighter blasted into a US checkpoint on the road leading to al-Bu Dhiyab village in the area of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent, in a dispatch posted at 7:45pm Saturday, Mecca time reported that the martyrdom driver drove his explosives-laden pickup at high speed into the main permanent US checkpoint used by the Americans to search cars and check identity documents of passing cars as they search for Resistance fighters. 


    At the time of the blast, which took place at 6pm Saturday, local time, more than 15 American soldiers were at the checkpoint. The massive blast destroyed three Humvees and killed 13 American troops, the correspondent reported. Resistance fighters were also able to capture a number of wounded American soldiers. US forces arrived on the scene only after five minutes, which was minutes after the Resistance fighters and left. The Americans found none of their men at the checkpoint alive. Only dead bodies remained, strewn about the street. A truck driver, believed to be Jordanian who was in his truck near the check point was also killed in the blast. 




    Resistance bomb near al-Hadithah. 


    An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the road leading to the Jabbah archaeological area 5km east of Hadithah, 250km west of Baghdad. Witnesses reported that the blast, which occurred at 8am local time Saturday, totally destroyed a US Humvee and killed four American troops – all of those aboard the vehicle. The puppet police commander in the area confirmed the report, noting that the Resistance could reach any place in the province, and that the US occupation forces were obviously pulling back as the number of Resistance attacks increases. 




    Resistance sharpshooters kill two American troops atop building in Hit. 


    Two Iraqi Resistance sharpshooters climbed up a tanning works building across the street from the governorate administrative office building in Hit on Saturday. US soldiers were posted atop the governorate office building, occupied by US troops. The Resistance sharp shooters shot and killed two American guards posted atop the governorate building at about 4pm Saturday afternoon. 


    After the shooting, American forces surrounded the area and mounted searches and arrested seven persons including one of the sharp shooters who had gunned down the Americans. He was captured with his sniper rifle, witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam. 


    UN Representative in Iraq: Sunni participation in vote “doesn’t matter.” 


    Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the UN envoy to Iraq, Ashraf Qadi, told the press on Saturday that the holding of the US-sponsored sham “elections” as scheduled on 30 January was a “definite necessity” despite the intense wave or Resistance that the farce has evoked in the country. 


    The UN representative said that the participation of the country’s Sunni voters “didn’t matter,” and that their non-participation would not make the “election” illegal. 


    “Israelis” to vote in Iraq “election.” 


    With a large proportion of the Iraqi population determined to boycott the US-backed sham “election” farce set for 30 January, the occupation regime and its stooges are working feverishly to find “Iraqi voters” outside the country, particularly ones likely to support US imperialist and Zionist ends. 


    Al-Azhar ‘Alawi the so-called “director of the office of elections outside Iraq” said that the so-called “Iraqi elections commission” had opened the door to participation by “Israelis” of Iraqi descent to vote in the US-backed charade. Such persons will be allowed to vote in the Iraqi “election” even if they have lost, renounced, or been stripped of their Iraqi citizenship. ‘Alawi said that this pertains to all persons of Iraqi descent anywhere. 




    Puppet governor, deputy governor kidnapped. 


    Puppet police and tribal sources in Tikrit said Saturday that Resistance fighters abducted the Chairman of the puppet council of Salah ad-Din Province and the a deputy chairman as well as the Dean of the College of Law at Tikrit University and another official as they were returning from a meeting with pro-American Grand Ayatallah ‘Ali as-Sistani, in an-Najaf to discuss the US-backed sham “elections.” 


    The delegation was stopped and the members kidnapped about 40 miles south of Baghdad on Friday. 




    Resistance car bomb destroys US tank Saturday morning. 


    An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column made up of four Humvees and three tanks near a branch of the Tigris river in Samarra’ at 10am Saturday, local time. The blast totally destroyed a US tank. Truck drivers who regularly drive the road and who witnessed the attack said that four American soldiers were killed in the tank that was destroyed. 


    Bombs are frequently used by the Resistance in Samarra’, since streets there are unpaved and it is relatively easy to conceal explosives. 






    Resistance bomb strikes US column in Mosul. 


    An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Mosul as a US military column was passing through the Hammam al-‘Alil area to the west of the city at about 12 noon Saturday. The blast destroyed one personnel carrier and disabled a Humvee. Nine US troops were killed and eight more wounded in varying degrees of intensity from light to moderately. 


    Afterwards, US occupation forces opened fire indiscriminately for several minutes, then left the area with their dead. 


    US forces in Mosul ban possession of cell phones. 


    Mafkarat al-Islam reported Saturday that US forces had prohibited use of cellular telephone and threatened to arrest anyone found in possession of one. The correspondent advanced the opinion that the reason for the American order was that Resistance fighters were using cell phones to detonate bombs by remote control. 




    Puppet official seriously wounded in assassination attempt. 


    Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on the car carrying member of the puppet provincial council of al-Basrah, Dr. Majid Hilal at-Tamimi in the al-Jaza’ir section of al-Basrah at 3pm Saturday, seriously wounding at-Tamimi. One of his companions was killed, another wounded. 


    Resistance assassinates collaborator party official, bombards area around British headquarters in al-Basrah on Friday. 


    A Member of the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist Da‘wah Party in the Abu al-Jawzi area of Abu al-Khasib, near al-Basrah was assassinated on Friday night. Iraqi Resistance fighters armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles opened fire and killed Abu Saman. 


    Numerous explosions shook the area around the headquarters of British forces in the presidential palace in al-Basrah on Friday.