Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Sunday, 23 January 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Sunday, 23 January 2005.




Iraqi Resistance Command proclaims Victory in al-Fallujah, evacuates city to fight elsewhere.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah on Sunday reported that the Iraqi Resistance on Saturday evening had reached a tactical decision to withdraw from the southern parts of the city, most of which they have held since before the American assault that began on 8 November 2004.  The Resistance has decided to pull out of the southern parts of al-Fallujah, withdrawing to outside the ash-Shuhada’ and al-Jubayl neighborhoods and the parts of the an-Nazal neighborhood that they control after having taken it back in heavy fighting during the last two days.


The withdrawal is in accordance with a military plan that the General Command of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance calls the Declaration of Victory of the Resistance in the Battle of al-Fallujah.  The announcement was broadcast by an al-Fallujah field commander at 10am Sunday morning in an assembly of the Resistance and its commanders in a location near al-Fallujah.  The announcement was read to all the detachments and brigades of the Resistance.


According to eyewitnesses, the statement said, “You know that God has supported us in the past and present battle of al-Fallujah.  We are a small number, yet against us the Jews, Christians, and apostates from God’s religion have massed.  We have nothing but God, but He is the Best of supporters.”


“As you know, you were able to repel, parry, and break the strongest army in the world, because God is stronger than it.  With His help you were able to destroy that army.  You killed them by the thousands and wounded them by the thousands.  You destroyed more than thousands of pieces of their equipment . . .  You fought them and you were a match for that army.  You established that you are the sons of the Community of Muhammad, and you showed that you are the stronger, by the grace of God.”


The Resistance spokesman continued:  “Today I broadcast to you, my brothers, the Declaration of Victory by the General Command of the Islamic Resistance.


“The Declaration of Victory of the General Command of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance in the Battle of al-Fallujah, the second Battle of Badr.


“More than 1,000 of your brothers have died martyrs fighting devotedly in the path of God.  But you harvested seven times that number of them [the enemy], and God is the witness of that, as are you, and some of the written news media testify to that as well, such as your brother the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, may God reward them.  They have striven with their tongues and their hearts in the best jihad.


The Resistance statement went on to refer to the crimes of the US occupation against the civilian citizens of al-Fallujah, in particular those committed during the indiscriminate bombing of houses and the displacement of local people that reached its climax on Monday, 3 January 2005 when the US military destroyed 40 homes near the al-Aqsa Mosque in the al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood in the north of the city.  The Americans also used civilians as human shields by bringing them in to live in the old city of al-Fallujah and in the al-Andalus neighborhood in the western part of the city, complicating the task of the Resistance.  The Americans also used weapons prohibited internationally, a practice over which a delegation from al-Fallujah lodged a protest with the United Nations during a visit to the UN offices in Jordan.


The statement continued, “As you know, the Crusader infidels last night and before that have been implementing a scorched earth policy after their cowardly thugs failed to take the city by storm.  They dropped on the ash-Shuhada’, al-Jubayl, and an-Nazal neighborhoods cluster bombs, they used narcotic and poison gasses, mustard gas and chemical agents that burn bones before flesh in these last two days, martyring 30 of your brother Mujahideen fighters.  In the same night during which the occupation forces dumped their poison upon us, we harvested more than seventy apostate infidels.  But this was because they did not confront us directly, for if they were to dare to meet us face to face for their dead would then be four times what we have inflicted on them that night.  But the Jews and Christians are persistent and God and His prophet have warned us against them more than once.”


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent pointed out that one likely reason for the decision by the al-Fallujah Resistance to pull out of the city was that Resistance groups throughout the country were calling on the Resistance in al-Fallujah to take their battle elsewhere in the country, spreading their combat experience to fighters throughout the land.


The Sunday statement continued: “Therefore the General Command of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, represented by all the fighting detachments and all the jihadi armies has resolved to pull out of al-Fallujah, the city of pride and glory, the graveyard of the Americans, in order to preserve their noble lions and to take the battle to every inch of the wounded territory of Iraq, with all the fighters . . . with their deadly weapons that have not and will not be exhausted, by the grace of God for many long years, until the infidel occupation leaves the free land of Iraq.  We will begin the battle anew, calling it the Second Battle of the Clans [See Translator’s note 1.]


“As we begin on this blessed day begins the Second Battle of the Clans, we are inspired by statements by the General Commander of the Islamic forces in Iraq – the Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdallah, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him – and following his advice and warnings to us which he gave us centuries ago when he said ‘A time will come for you when the peoples will summon one another to attack you . . .’ [See note 2] So who among you is opposed?  Whoever among you is opposed to our withdrawal let him bring forth a commander or man better than Muhammad, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him, in preserving the lives of his heroic fighters, taking guidance from his thinking during wartime.”


Observers noted that the events in al-Fallujah had resembled the Battle of Mu’tah [in the eighth year of the hijrah] in which 3,000 Muslims fought 200,000 Byzantines, and at which the new convert but seasoned military commander Khalid ibn al-Walid took over the Muslim leadership after three other commanders had been martyred.  Khalid regrouped the Muslim fighters, reorganized their battle tactics so as to limit the Byzantines’ ability to take advantage of their numbers.  After nightfall he arranged a trick that fooled the Byzantines into thinking that a huge army was coming to reinforce the Muslims, who despite their small numbers had inflicted heavy losses on the Byzantines.  The Byzantines, accordingly, withdrew and the Muslim army returned to al-Madinah.


Upon its return when news spread that so many of their commanders had been killed, the army was accused of having fled.  But the Prophet Muhammad announced that they had not fled but withdrawn in order so that, with God’s will, they would advance again.


The Resistance statement on Sunday continued: “Yes, brothers, we have won the battle of al-Fallujah, and enemies have recognized this fact before our friends.  They said that they would have to change what they teach in the American military academy after witnessing the Battle of al-Fallujah.  It gives us sufficient pride that we, the people of this city – a city no bigger than one neighborhood of New York – and those who emigrated here to it for the sake of God, have defied them for three full months.  They have not been able to defeat or break us.  Understand that if we wanted to now, we could sweep through al-Fallujah from the east to the west and we could destroy them in one day.  We are capable of that, by the grace of God.  But what we want to do is to inflict the greatest losses on their ranks while preserving our troops.


“We have done so and will do more.  I deliver this statement and take refuge in God for myself and you and all the Muslims.  Celebrate your victory. This one, and your coming victory, God willing.  Peace be upon you!”


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the fighters began to proclaim “There is no god but God!”, “God is greatest!”, “We are here, oh God, we are here!”  They chanted with one voice the chant, “We are here, oh God, we are here, we hear and obey the Prophet of God, we hear and obey the Prophet of God, our leader to the paradise of our Lord.  Praise be to God, the One, who has given victory to His servant and glory to His army and shaken the enemy clans!”


The Battle of al-Fallujah raged over an area that is about 4km from north to south and 4.5km from east to west – that was in the first month.  Then in the last two months the territory controlled by the Resistance was reduced to 2km from north to sount and 4.5km east to west.


At 3pm Sunday the last of the jihadi detachments left al Fallujah via the city embankment and the Euphrates River with all their weapons, indeed with more, since the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent saw hundreds of American weapons being carried by the Resistance fighters on their shoulders.  Yet the southern neighborhoods that had been controlled by the Resistance still had no American presence when the correspondent wrote up his report (posted at 8:40pm Mecca time).  Apparently the Americans were afraid that this was a trick of the Iraqi Resistance or perhaps they were unaware that the Resistance had decided to evacuate the areas, since the cowardly Arab news stations prefer to speak only when the Americans tell them what to say.


Mafkarat al-Islam apologized for gaps in its reporting on al-Fallujah.  It explained that it had sent eight of their best correspondents in all Iraq to report events there up close.  Two of those correspondents were severely wounded while covering the fighting.  They were unable to get out of the city to get medical care after the start of the US offensive.  As a result one of them suffered from gangrene around his injuries.


Two other correspondents of Mafkarat al-Islam were arrested and jailed by the Americans for more than 12 days. After their release they left the city to cover the fighting from the northeast in al-Karmah, the northwest in as-Saqlawiyah, the west in al-Azraqiyah and the road to al-Habbaniyah, the south in al-‘Amiriyah, and from the east in Abu Ghurayb.


The team of correspondents breathed gunpowder mixed with air as they managed to report precise details of battles, lit up by bombs at night.  Mafkarat al-Islam correspondents were encircled and cut off ten times because they were so close to the front lines in the fighting.  Meanwhile a correspondent of a famous Arab satellite TV station covered events in the city from ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah, but spoke as if he were reporting from the thick of the fighting within the city.


Mafkarat al-Islam wished to note that Arab and international media ignored the events in al-Fallujah that went on for 90 days.  They reported from there for a mere 13 days.  US forces were unable to show any pictures from within the areas controlled by the Resistance, never showing scenes from the al-Jubayl neighborhood in the city’s southwest except when Iraqi Red Crescent ambulances got into the area or from afar.


                                                               *  *  *


[Translator’s note 1.  The Battle of the Clans [Ma‘rakat al-Ahzab] is a reference to a battle in the fifth year after the hijrah during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, alluded to in Surat al-Ahzab (Surah 33) in the Qur’an.


Historian ‘Abd ar-Rahman Ibn Khaldun (as summarized by British Muslim Muhammad Pickthall in The Meaning of the Glorious Koran, originally published in 1930) wrote that in the fifth year of the Hijrah, members of the Bani Nadir, a Jewish tribe that the Prophet had expelled from al-Madinah for treason, went first to the leaders of the pagan Quraysh tribe in Mecca and then to the chiefs of the great desert tribe of Ghatafan, urging them to extirpate the Muslims and promising them help from the Jewish population who were still living in al-Madinah in ostensible alliance with the Muslims.  As a result of their efforts, Quraysh with all their clans, and Ghatafan with all their clans marched to destroy the Muslims in al-Madinah.


When the Prophet had news of their plan, he ordered a trench to be dug before the city and himself led the work of digging it.  The trench was finished when the clans arrived, 10,000 strong.  The Prophet went out against them with his army of 3,000, the trench being between the two armies.  For nearly a month the Muslims were exposed to showers of arrows , in constant expectation of attack by much superior forces; and, to make matters worse, news came that the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayzah in their rear had broken their alliance with the Muslims and made common cause with Quraysh.


The Muslims’ women and children had been put in strongholds – towers like the peel-towers of Northern England, of which every family of note had one for refuge in time of raids.  These were practically unguarded, and some of the Muslims asked permission of the Prophet to leave the battle front and go to guard them, though they were not then serious immediate danger because the Bani Qurayzah were not likely to show their treachery until the victory of the clans was certain.


The case of he Muslims seemed, humanly speaking, hopeless.  But a secret sympathizer in the enemy camp managed to sow distrust between the Bani Qurayzah and the chiefs of the clans, making both feel uneasy.  The obstacle of the trench was unexpected and seemed formidable; and when a fierce, bitter wind from the sea blew for three days and nights so furiously that they could not keep a shelter up, or light a fire, or boil a pot, Abu Sufyan, the leader of the pagan Quraysh, raised the siege in disgust.  And when Gatafan one morning found Quraysh had gone, they too departed for their homes.


On the very day when the Muslims returned from the trench, began the siege of the traitorous Bani Qurayzah Jewish tribe in their towers of refuge in al-Madinah.  It lasted for 25 days.  When they at length surrendered some of the tribe of Aws, whose adherents the Bani Qurayzah were, asked the Prophet to show them the same grace that he had shown to the tribe of Khazraj, in the case of Bani Nadir, in allowing them to intercede for their dependents.


The Prophet said: ‘Would you like that one of you should decide concerning them?’  They said: ‘Yes,’ and the Prophet appointed Sa‘d ibn Mu‘adh, a great chief of Aws, who had been wounded in the battle and was being cared for in the mosque.  Sa‘d was sent for and rendered judgment on the Jews in accordance with the law in the Torah: he ordered their men to be put to death, their women and children to be made captive, and their property to be divided among the Muslims at the Prophet’s will.


Translator’s note 2: the full text of the statement (hadith) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad alluded to in the speech is: “Thawban reported God’s messenger (Muhammad) as saying: ‘A time will come for you when the peoples will summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their dish.’ Someone asked if that would be because of their small numbers at that time, and he replied, ‘No, you will be numerous at that time; but you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down by a torrent, and God will take fear of you from he breasts of your enemy and cast enervation into you hearts.’  He was asked the meaning of enervation and replied, ‘Love of the world and dislike of death.’ Transmitted by Abu Dawud and al-Bayhaqi.”]




Resistance group video shows bombing that killed two US troops.


In a video broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV Sunday, the Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Salafi Brigades Resistance organization took credit for detonating a bomb that killed two US troops south of Baghdad.  The video showed two US soldiers standing on a dirt road where the bomb then exploded, apparently by remote control, and then the scene shows the aftermath of the direct hit.


Resistance group announces execution of collaborationist party leader.


The Iraqi Resistance organization Base of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers led by the Jordanian Islamist Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi issued a communique on an Islamic website on Sunday declaring that they had executed Salim Ja‘far al-Kanani, a prominent member of the so-called “national accord” party which is headed by the US-installed puppet “prime minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi.  The al-Jazeera satellite TV station reported earlier that a spokesman for Iyyad ‘Allawi had acknowledged that al-Kanani had been abducted from in front of his house on Palestine Street in the eastern part of Baghdad on Wednesday.


France to train Iraqi puppet police.


Alongside the visit of puppet so-called “president” of Iraq, Ghazi al-Yawur to Paris last week an Iraqi delegation secretly visited the School for officers of the French national police at Melun (Seine-et-Marne).  The French Defense Ministry claimed that it was a “technical visit” and that they had as yet not received any request from the puppet “Iraqi” regime.  For its part, however, the Iraqi puppet delegation said that some 300 French officers would be delegated for an 18-month period, beginning within three months, to train some 1,500 Iraqis to serve the US occupation of their country.  The French side did not contradict the statements of the Iraqi puppet delegation, according to a report published Sunday in the French newspaper Libération.


The initial idea is for the French to train Iraqi trainers.  The question yet to be resolved is where the training would take place.  France has ruled out sending French troops to Iraq, so the remaining possibilities are in France itself or in countries near Iraq.  Qatar, which would also like the French to train their own internal security forces is one option, Jordan is another.  Germany, which like France ostensibly opposes the US invasion and occupation of Iraq but apparently in reality does not mind helping a puppet regime establish itself in the Arab country, has set up its own police academy for Iraqi puppet police in Abu Dhabi.


As yet no official announcement has come from Paris committing France to train Iraqi puppet police.  Both Germany and France have refused to send trainers to a planned NATO school to be set up in the Baghdad area for that purpose.  But while those two governments fear sending forces into Iraq, they are willing to serve the US occupation less directly and less obviously by undertaking the training elsewhere.


France, in fact has demonstrated a clear desire to develop relations with the US-installed puppet regime.  Paris apparently feels that it can make use of the election farce planned by the US on 30 January to go some way to legitimatize the American occupation and its puppet regime enough that Paris can further foster ties with the US-installed regime in the occupied country.


Chinese embassy has trouble contacting eight former hostages released on Saturday.


On Sunday official Chinese sources in Baghdad reported that they had been unable to make contact with eight Chinese released by an Iraqi Resistance organization on Saturday.




Resistance videos show Resistance sharpshooter taking down US sniper, Resistance forces bombarding US base in Mosul.


An Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter shot and killed an American sniper who was in a position atop a tall building controlled by US forces in the center of Mosul as Resistance attacks on US forces escalate throughout the country.


A video shot from a distance shows the US soldier atop the building and then he can be seen fallen after the Resistance fighter opens fire on him.


A video broadcast by al-Jazeera shows a number of Iraqi Resistance fighters firing a large number of mortar rounds at a US base in the city.  The video itself, however, provided no details regarding US casualties as a result of the bombardment.


US military admits one American death Saturday in Mosul.


The US military admitted on Sunday that one American soldier had been killed when his patrol was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance in Mosul.  The Americans said that their “Task Force Olympia” had come under small arms fire in the western part of Mosul Saturday but gave no further details.




Resistance martyrdom car bombing hits Polish aggressor base.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove a car bomb into the base of Polish aggressor forces in al-Hillah on Sunday.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the fighter blew up the car at the entrance to the facility, wounding eight puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards” but gave no further details.


Resistance blows up election center near al-Hillah early Sunday.


Iraqi Resistance forces blew up an election station in the village of al-Bu ‘Alun, 20km west of al-Hillah (110km south of Baghdad) at 7am Sunday morning, local time.  An officer speaking for the local puppet police, Muhammad al-Ghanim, said that the Resistance fighters placed explosives at three corners of the building, originally a primary school and then blew it up.  There were no casualties as the building was empty at the time.  The blast destroyed the doors and windows.


The Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] took credit for the attack on a website, al-Jazeera satellite TV reported.