Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Monday, 24 January 2005 and Tuesday, 25 January 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.


Monday, 24 January 2005.




Resistance destroys US supply truck, killing Turkish, Jordanian collaborators.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired RPG7 rockets at a Mir truck that was being driven by a Turkish driver and was loaded with supplies for the US occupation forces in the city of ar-Ramadi at 10am Monday.  The truck was destroyed and the driver and a person of Jordanian nationality who was with him were killed in the attack took place on Five Kilo Road west of ar-Ramadi.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance fighters confiscated the cargo on the truck which consisted of medical supplies specially for the US occupation forces.




Resistance bomb in al-Qa’im kills four US troops.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US foot patrol on al-Wahdah Street in central al-Qa’im at midnight Monday morning.  Four US troops and one Lebanese translator collaborator were killed.  Five other troops were wounded in varying degrees of severity.  A local traffic policeman in al-Qa’im, which lies near the Syrian border, confirmed the casualty count to Mafkarat al-Islam.

The source said that the Resistance planted a roadside bomb next to a section of  broken up sidewalk and ordered the policeman to tell passers by not to go to al-Wahdah Street until the US column had passed.


After the attack, US forces closed the street and began large-scale raids that continued until the correspondent filed his report (posted at 1:25pm Mecca time Monday afternoon).  Iraqi police have refused to take part in the American patrols that crisscross the streets of the city.


Mafkarat al-Islam noted that the local police and US-formed Iraqi army in al-Qa’im all resigned en masse last week, forcing the US troops to bring in a large number of puppet police and puppet troops from outside the city.  But they hide their faces lest they be recognized by members of the Iraqi Resistance.  As to the policemen and puppet troops who resigned, some of them are being held as prisoners by the Americans who are attempting to force them to return to work.  Others fled the city.


Al-Anbar Province.


Iraqi Resistance pounds US al-Hadbah base in al-Habbaniyah at dawn Monday.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a barrage of three Grad rockets and more than fifteen 120mm mortar rounds into the US al-Hadbah airbase in al-Habbaniyah, west of Baghdad at dawn on Monday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, who was one kilometer from the US base at 6am local time witnessed the missiles raining down on the American facility, and observed clouds of smoke rising into the sky from various places within the camp as a result of direct hits on US vehicles and equipment.


Witnesses reported that US helicopters and fighter airplanes could be seen circling over the area after the Resistance attack.  Two hours after the bombardment, the correspondent met Lieutenant Khalid al-‘Ayni, a puppet officer seconded to the base, who said that the attack inflicted serious damage to the runways for helicopters and fighter airplanes.  He said also that five US troops and three Iraqi collaborators working in the base were killed in the attack.




Resistance group reports executing Iraqi collaborator working with US CIA.


The Iraqi Resistance group Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] broadcast a video tape over the internet on Monday saying that they had killed an Iraqi collaborator working with a US security company in occupied Iraq.


The Resistance group said that the Iraq was “working with US force in the Sandy Security Group,” and noted that he had been captured in an ambush south of Baghdad. Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the organization said, “after investigation it became clear that he worked as a guard with members of American Intelligence (the CIA) and that he went out with them in their military vehicles and that members of that company provided protection for the columns and supplies of the Americans as well as guarding members of American intelligence and the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards.”


Resistance ambushes US column in ad-Dulu‘iyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US column in the ad-Dulu‘iyah area north of Baghdad on Monday, setting a US Humvee ablaze and killing all aboard it.  A US military fuel tanker was also set on fire and its driver killed in the attack, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.


Heavy fighting around Saddam International Airport forces two Jordanian airliners to turn back.


The area of Saddam International Airport was the scene of fierce fighting between the Iraqi Resistance and US occupation forces Monday morning, according to the American Associated Press (AP).   AP reported a spokesman for Royal Jordanian Airlines as saying that “fierce fighting erupted outside Saddam Airport today, Monday, preventing two flights from landing in the Airport.


The spokesman, who refused to reveal his name, said that the approaching aircraft circled Baghdad but the Airport tower refused to allow them to land because of the violent gunbattles that were under way nearby.  The two flights, one during the morning and the second at midday were forced to return to Jordan.


A US military base located in the airport area came under intense mortar attack Monday morning.


Lawyer representing Saddam Hussein receives repeated death threats, goes into hiding.


Khalil ad-Dulaymi, the Iraqi lawyer defending Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, has repoted that he has received death threats in the last three weeks, prompting him to go into hiding.


Ziyad al-Khasawinah, a leading representative of the Saddam Hussein Defense Committee in Amman, Jordan, said that ad-Dulaymi had informce the committee that he had received death threats after meeting with his client, President Saddam Hussein on 16 December2004.  He said that ad-Dulaymi informed the committee in a letter that several threatening messages had been delivered to his home, telling him, “a number of suicide cells have been formed to eliminate him so that he can serve as an example for all the lawyers who volunteered to defend President Saddam Hussein.”


In view of the threats and concerned for the safety of his family and himself, ad-Dulaymi has resolved to go into hiding, al-Khasawinah said.


The meeting of ad-Dulaymi with Saddam Hussein on 16 December lasted for more than four hours.  It was the first time that the Iraqi President was allowed to meet any of the legal team that has volunteered to represent him in the mock trial that the US occupation forces and their stooges have planned for him.


Sunni Religious leader has received “death threats from official quarters.”


The President of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ [Scholars] in Iraq, Shaykh Harith Sulayman ad-Darri, said on Monday that he had received death threats, “some of them in an official capacity.”


In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram published on Monday, was asked whether he had received assassination threats.  He responded, “Yes.  And the threats are not coming from one source either, but from several, and some of them came to me in a directly official capacity.”  The Shaykh, a prominent Sunni leader, did not name the source of the official threat to his life.


Shaykh ad-Darri said, “About four months ago I receive a [threatening] letter from the occupation forces via the secret police.  Threats have been conveyed from numerous quarters that one could not expect.”


The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’, the main organization representing Sunni Muslims in Iraq which is responsible for hundreds of mosques throughout the country, has been instrumental in securing the release of numerous western hostages.  Several of its members have been assassinated, however, some by unknown assailants in what appear to be attempts to stir up sectarian violence, and others by occupation troops’ gunfire.  The US invaders have also arrested dozens of scholars members of the Board. 


Resistance car bombing targets headquarters of ‘Allawi’s party.


The US-installed puppet so-called “prime minister” of Iraq, Iyyad ‘Allawi, survived an assassination attempt on Monday morning when a martyrdom Resistance fighter blew up an explosives-laden car near the headquarters of the so-called “national accord party,” of which ‘Allawi is the head.


Officials in the collaborationist party said that the martyrdom fighter attacked near a checkpoint on Baghdad Street that leads to the party headquarters.  The car exploded at the entrance to the road leading to the party headquarters on az-Zaytun Street in Western Baghdad.  Seven puppet policemen and at least three civilians were wounded in the attack, they claimed.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the blast shook central Baghdad and sent smoke rising into the sky over the area as US forces and their Iraqi stooges encircled the scene of the attack and American helicopters prowled the skies above.


Ahmad Chelebi calls for separate Shi‘i region.


Long-time CIA agent, convicted embezzler, and head of the so-called Iraqi National Congress, Ahmad Chelebi on Monday called for the formation of a separate Shi‘i region in the south of Iraq, like that which the Americans have created for the Kurds in the north of the country.  Chelebi, speaking at an election meeting with representatives of “civil society” said that he was calling for the establishment of a region made up of the three provinces of al-Basrah, Maysan, and an-Nasiriyah and that this separatist region be guaranteed by the “constitution” to be finalized after the sham election.


There have been frequent calls by American imperialist and Zionist spokesmen for the partition of Iraq as one way to keep the country from posing a threat to the Zionist entity and as a tactic to try to divide patriotic opposition to the American occupation.  Chelebi’s latest appeal shows him as a part of that same lobby.




Death toll at seven British troops, two Singaporean engineers in Thursday evening bombing.


In a follow up on reports of  Iraqi Resistance attacks on British aggressor troops, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah reported that the death toll from a Thursday attack on a British base in the ash-Shu‘aybah area of al-Basrah had risen to seven British soldiers in addition to two Singaporean engineers.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam was unsure as to whether the Singaporeans were military or civilian collaborators.  A loaded fuel tanker and three military Jeeps were also destroyed in the Resistance attack.


In the attack on Thursday night a Resistance car bomb exploded just outside the base immediately killing four British troops and wounding nine others.  Three of those later died, in addition to the Singaporeans.






















Tuesday, 25 January 2005.





Resistance organization issues “general call to arms” against the election farce.


The Resistance organization known as the Islamic Army in Iraq issued a statement on an Islamic internet site in which it proclaimed a general call to arms of its forces for an escalation in operations against the election farce planned by the US-installed regime for 30 January.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the statement said that “everyone in this country is aware of what the American enemies of God and their hypocrite and apostate collaborators are doing as they attempt to bring off their infidel elections at the end of this month and in conditions such as these.  The Command of the Islamic Army in Iraq issues orders to all its forces in all locations to escalate their operations to the maximum possible.”


The statement went on to say, “The Command of the Islamic Army appeals to all mujahideen in whatever organization they might be with a general call to arms to curb the accursed infidels and those who are with them.”


Puppet police, Resistance clash in ar-Rashad district of Baghdad.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported Tuesday that a spokesman for the Iraqi puppet police said that clashes broke out when puppet police opened fire on Resistance fighters who were distributing leaflets in the ar-Rashad district of Baghdad, warning citizens against voting in the election farce that the US-installed regime plans to hold on Sunday 30 January.


Resistance assassinates puppet judge working for occupation regime.


Iraqi Resistance fighters assassinated a puppet “judge” as he left his house in eastern Baghdad on Tuesday morning.  Reuters reported that Qays Hashim Shamiri and his son were killed in a roadside Resistance ambush.  In recent weeks the puppet governor of Baghdad and the chief of Baghdad’s puppet police were also assassinated by the Resistance.


Later in the day, the Reuters news agency reported that the Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] had announced on a website its responsibility for the assassination of the puppet judge Shamiri.  The statement said that “Heroes laid an ambush for one of the chiefs of unbelief and apostasy.”


The Resistance statement called on other officials in the puppet regime, saying: “Turn to God in repentance of your apostasy in order to save yourselves.  If you do not, then wait your turn which is coming sooner or later.”


Australian invaders wound Iraqi civilian for not moving his car.


Australian aggressor troops shot and wounded an Iraqi citizen near the Australian embassy in Baghdad and on Tuesday claimed that they had shot the man because he did not pay any attention to their “warnings” that he must move his “suspicious” car.


The Pakistani newspaper Jang reported that the Iraqi had stopped his car near an Australian barracks adjacent to the embassy and they found that “suspicious.”


Resistance group airs video of US hostage, announces escalation of attacks.


Parts of a video distributed in Iraq were broadcast on an Islamic website on Tuesday by the Islamic Army of Iraq Resistance organization in which an American hostage is seen pleading for his life.


American hostage Roy Hallums spoke slowly in the video, rubbing his hands as he sat with the barrel of the rifle inches from his head. He said he had been arrested by a Resistance group because “I have worked with American forces.” He appealed to Arab leaders, including Libya’s leader Mu‘ammar al-Qadhdhafii, to act to save his life.


According to the American Associated Press (AP), Hallums, 56, was seized on 1 November 2004 along with Filipino Robert Tarongoy during a Resistance attack on their compound in Baghdad's al-Mansur district. The two ostensibly worked for a Saudi company that does catering for the US-run Iraqi puppet army. The Filipino did not appear in the video.


“I am please asking for help because my life is in danger because it's been proved I worked for American forces,” the bearded Hallums said. “I’m not asking for any help from President Bush because I know of his selfishness and unconcern for those who've been pushed into this hellhole.”


Hallums said he was asking for help from “Arab rulers especially President Mu‘ammar al-Qadhdhafii because he’s known for helping those who are suffering.”


In a statement published Tuesday, the Islamic Army in Iraq called for more kidnappings and attacks before the election farce slated for Sunday.  “Enemies of God such as the Americans and their agents, the hypocrites and the apostates, are attempting to make the infidel elections succeed at the end of the month,’ the statement said. To that end, it said, “the headquarters of the Islamic Army in Iraq is giving its orders to all troops affiliated with it everywhere to escalate their operations to the maximum.”


US admits five Americans killed Monday.


The US military admitted on Tuesday that five American troops were killed and two more injured in what it claimed was a “traffic accident” north of Baghdad on Monday.  The American propaganda mouthpieces said that the “accident” took place near the town of Khan Bani Sa‘d on Monday night, Reuters reported, noting that one of the injured soldiers is in serious condition.


Italian Judge acquits Arabs of “terrorist” charges: support of Iraqi Resistance is guerilla activity; not terrorism.


An Italian judge has dropped terrorism charges against five Arabs from North African accused of sending martyrdom bombers to Iraq.

Judge Clementina Forleo said on Monday that the five were guerrillas, not terrorists - a ruling that drew a fierce reaction from the Italian regime, a NATO satellite of Washington.
All five had been charged with recruiting fighters to go to Iraq and planning attacks in Europe, but the judge said there was no evidence to back up the charges regarding planned attacks in Europe.  Forleo added that there was no evidence the four Tunisians and Moroccan were involved in anything beyond what might be considered guerrilla resistance activities.


However, she sentenced Abu Yahya Mahir and ‘Ali Bin Sassi Tumi to three years and Muhammad Daki to 22 months in jail for trading forged documents, far less than the prison terms of up to 10 years prosecutors had sought.  She referred Idris Nur ad-Din and Kamal Hamrawi to another court because of a question of regional jurisdiction.
”Historically, the activity of the cells in question coincided with the United States’ attack on Iraq,” said the statement explaining her judgment. “Numerous intercepted conversations refer to that event, and to the need to stem as much as possible its foreseeable negative impact by helping the brothers in the conflict zone, either economically or by sending combatants to strengthen their armed groups. It has not been proven that these paramilitary structures provided for concrete programs with targets exceeding guerrilla activity,” the document said. The judge said much of the evidence submitted was of very poor quality and relied on intelligence reports rather than hard evidence.


The Italian regime’s Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini denounced the judge's ruling as a “shameless distortion of a reality that is under the eyes of the entire world.”  Fini blabbered in a statement that, “To say in the ruling that ‘in the conflict in question all armed actors have used instruments with an extremely high offensive potential means you are placing the victims and the butchers on the same level, indicating that in a case of invasion the “victims” are the invaders and the “butchers” are the defenders of their country.
The five men had been charged with “subversive association for international terrorism” under a law Italy introduced after the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York, when governments around the world jumped to comply with the will of Washington by enacting so-called “anti-terror” legislation whose aim was to criminalize all resistance activity.


Russian official: No Russian observers at Iraq election farce.


The Russian Interfax News Agency reported Tuesday that the Head of the Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee, Mikhail Margelov thinks that Russian representatives will not be take part as observers of the “elections” in Iraq planned for 30 January.


“I do not see a possibility for Russian observers to go there, in spite of understandings about security,” he told Interfax.


“I have considerable skepticism regarding the prospect of holding elections in Iraq,” he noted.


In the words of the committee chairman, if one were to compare the recent elections held in the Palestinian territories with the ones expected in Iraq, the difference would be “like heaven and earth.”


On 23 December 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the press, “I have serious doubts about whether democratic elections can be held in a country that is being occupied.”


Samarra’ – Salah ad-Din Province.


Resistance sharpshooter kills American soldier in Samarra’.


An Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter shot and killed an American soldier who was standing in a US armored vehicle that was passing on patrol in the ad-Dubbat neighborhood of western Samarra’, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The Resistance sharpshooter was perched in a large medical building opposite the street where the patrol was.


Resistance attacks puppet polling stations.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked ten puppet election stations in a wave of attacks in Salah ad-Sin Province that started Monday evening according to the Iraqi puppet police.  The Resistance organization known as Base of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers, led by Jordanian Islamist Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for the attacks.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported colonel ‘Abdallah al-Jabburi as saying that three election stations in central Tikrit, 180km north of Baghdad had come under mortar attack at 10pm Monday night.  Resistance fighters attacked a fourth puppet election center in the city on Tuesday morning, he said.


Puppet police officer Ahmad Bayan ad-Din said that the Resistance forces destroyed a polling station in Tuz, 70km north of Tikrit.  Puppet officer Hasan Salah said that Resistance forces had fired six mortar rounds at the election bureau in Bayji, 200kkm north of Baghdad.


In Samarra’, 120km north of Baghdad, puppet police officer Mahmud Muhammad said that a polling station had been attacked there, while the Resistance mounted a rocket attack on an election center in Yathrib, according to puppet police officer ‘Umar Ahmad.


Six mortar rounds landed in the election office in ad-Dujayl, 40km north of Baghdad according to puppet police officer ‘Ali ‘Abdallah.


All the buildings attacked, most of them originally schools, were severely damaged in the attacks.


Several hours after the wave of attacks the Base of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers, led by Jordanian Islamist Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for the offensive in statements distributed in Samarra’ and Tikrit.  The organization said in the statements that their fighters attacked the polling stations as a warning against anyone trying to arrange the election operation or take part in it.




Resistance bombs fifth election center in al-Huwayjah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in an “election center” in the town of al-Huwayjah, 55km west of Kirkuk on Monday evening.  An official in the regional puppet police reported that the bomb was placed in the al-Kazimiyah school, which had been under preparation for use as an election center in the sham “elections” set by the US-installed regime for 30 January 2005.  He said that the blast inflicted serious damage to the building.


According to the United Arab Emirates newspaper al-Bayan, the puppet police official said that this was the fifth such incident in one week as the Resistance had already destroyed four other election centers in the town.


The American occupation regime seeks to hold sham elections in order to throw a thin cover of “democratic legality” over its invasion and occupation of Iraq.


Puppet soldier abducted from al-Huwayjah Monday night.


A soldier in the puppet army, Nusayr Sa‘dun, from the al-‘Abbasiyah area of al-Huwayjah Monday night.


Arab political party in Kirkuk pulls out of election farce.


The United Arab Front party in Kirkuk on Tuesday announced its withdrawal from the sham legislative and municipal “election” farce in Kirkuk.  They took the move to protest the stance taken by the Supreme Election Commissioner who is attempting to rig the elections to the benefit of the Kurdish minority which has designs on taking over Kirkuk city.


Shaykh Wasfi al-‘Asi, the Chairman of the party told al-Quds al-‘Arabi newspaper, “we decided to withdraw from the general and municipal elections that are to take place at the end of this month in the country.”  He explained that they were withdrawing to protest the stance of the election commissioner who was allowing more than 70,000 Kurds to take part in the municipal elections in Kirkuk even though they are not Kirkuk residents.


Fraud is rife in the American-backed sham “elections.”  There have been similar reports of thousands Iranians being registered to vote in favor of pro-American Shi‘i clerics in predominantly Shi‘i parts of southern Iraq as well.




Resistance attacks election station in ad-Diwaniyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing machine guns attacked a puppet election center in ad-Diwaniyah, 180km south of Baghdad, according to a statement issued by the Polish aggressor troops who are in charge of the area.  The Polish propaganda statement claimed that the attack inflicted no damage.




Resistance shells election center in as-Samawah.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Tuesday attacked an election station in the city of as-Samawah with four 60mm mortar rounds, virtually destroying the building, which was originally a girls’ primary school.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in as-Samawah reported Ahmad Husayn, a puppet election official in the city, as saying that the attack on the az-Zahra’ School in central as-Samawah took place at exactly 12 noon, killing one member of the puppet election commission.


The attack came one day after a member of the puppet election commission was assassinated in as-Samawah.  There are suspicions that responsibility for the assassination lies with supporters of a major a Shi‘i election slate, one relative of the deceased telling Mafkarat al-Islam that he suspected the supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr of being behind the assassination.




Resistance bomb kills three British troops in al-Basrah.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a British patrol on al-Wahdah street in central al-Basrah at 1pm Tuesday, destroying a military vehicle and killing three British soldiers and wounding two more.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that Lieutenant Ahmad ‘Abd al-Husayn of the local puppet police said that one of the wounded British soldiers had been injured in the head and his wounds were mortal.


With this blast the total number of British troops killed in al-Basrah in the last 72 hours rises to 11 with 12 more having been wounded.