Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 31 January 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Monday, 31 January 2005.




Bomb targets US column in al-Qa’im Monday.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column in the ad-Dubbat neighborhood south of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border, 460km west of Baghdad.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast disabled a US tank and killed one US soldier.  Four other soldiers were wounded. Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb was planted by the side of the road and that it blew up as the patrol, made up of several vehicles, was on its way to the center of the city.




Resistance pounds US positions in al-Fallujah on Monday.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported Monday that the Iraqi Resistance fired five Katyusha rockets at the US base in al-Habbaniyah.  The Resistance also fired four Grad rockets and four 120mm mortar rounds into concentrations of US troops north of al-Fallujah in the agricultural area and the residential area near the railroad station.




Resistance group claims downing of British transport plane Sunday.


The Green Brigade, one of the Brigades of the 1920 Revolution Resistance organization announced on Monday that it was responsible for shooting down a British C-130 transport plane on Sunday.  Al-Jazeera Satellite TV broadcast a video shot by the organization showing the plane being hit by a rocket and blowing up in a ball of flame.  Then scenes of wreckage on the ground are shown.  The organization said that at least 40 British troops, including officers were killed in the attack.


Australian diplomats leave embassy, move in with American military on base.


The Australian government announced Monday that Australian diplomats in Baghdad had moved from the Iraqi capital to a US military base, called “camp victory” by the US aggressors, after an attack on their embassy on 19 January.


Resistance pounds US election station in al-Baghdadi on Sunday.


Sixteen explosions rocked a crowded election station in al-Baghdadi on Sunday.  The station was packed with US troops when about 32 rockets and mortar rounds blasted into the facility at various times of the day.  Eight Grad rockets struck the station in two consecutive barrages, followed by six Katyusha rockets and then eighteen 120mm mortar rounds in five batches.


Four explosions, then three, then four more followed by five shook the area, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  Black smoke rose from within the building and unusual US aircraft movements were detected in the area as they evacuated their casualties.


US occupation manipulates international Christian Church institutions against the interests of Iraqis of all faiths.


Going even beyond the inflated propaganda churned out by the US occupation authorities, an official of the Chaldean Church has issued highly extravagant claims about the sham election held at US insistence on Sunday, 30 January 2005.  Contrary to the reports of every news organization that covered the event and noted numerous attacks by the Iraqi Resistance on the sham “election stations” rigged up around the country, Monsignor Djibrail Kassab the Chaldean archbishop of al-Basrah told the Catholic Missionary News Agency MISNA that, “there were no reports of violence of any kind.”  Kassab went so far as to say that the Iraqi people were so happy to vote in an election farce that changed nothing regarding the American occupation, that the mood was “almost as though it was Carnival.”


In northern Iraq Father Mageeb Mekhail, the Dominican superior in Mosul claimed that “people in Mosul turned out to vote in a show of courage despite the many threats from terrorists.”  The term “terrorists” is used by the American invaders and their stooges to designate the Iraqi Resistance fighters who are defending their country from the aggressors.


Mekhail joined his fellow priest in al-Basrah in claiming that the population “voted in a festive climate.” He admitted though that there was some violence – “shelling in some parts of the city,” adding that in fact he himself did not vote because of security concerns.  Nevertheless, Mekhail demonstrated that his sympathies are entirely with the invaders and their stooges when he concluded his praise of the election farce by once again slandering the Resistance as “terrorists” while making the incredible claim that the theatricals showed that the country still under direct American military occupation is “free.”  “By turning out to vote,” the pro-American priest babbled, “people demonstrated that they are against terrorism and that they intend to fight it, despite the fear of reprisals. Today we are only novices of democracy and it does not matter who wins these elections. What matters is that the government is free.”


Naturally the sentiments of such church authorities must not be mistaken for the views of the overwhelming majority of Iraqis, including those of the Christian faith, who denounce foreign aggression and occupation, and who certainly are not interested in serving as its lackeys.  The pro-American priests’ statements show, however, that US imperialism is making every possible effort to bend Christian religious institutions to the will of the invader forces and that some of those institutions – with no regard for their co-religionists’ right to national liberation and self-determination – allow themselves to serve as mouthpieces for imperialist invaders.


Resistance bomb kills four US troops in al-Baghadadi.


A heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded near the bridge at the eastern entrance to the city of al-Baghdadi (which is west of Baghdad) Sunday, destroying a Humvee and killing the four US troops aboard.


US admits four Marines killed Monday.


The US military admitted that four US Marines were killed in two attacks on Monday to the south and west of Baghdad.  Three US Marines were killed, the US military claimed, in a battle south of Baghdad in Babil Province while a fourth was killed in al-Anbar Province.


Earlier Monday the US admitted that an American soldier had been killed in a battle in al-Anbar Province on Sunday.




Resistance launches deadly barrage on US base in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance forces subjected the US base set up in what formerly was Kirkuk International Airport to a fierce mortar barrage at 8am Monday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Kirkuk reported eyewitnesses as saying that the Resistance strike hit several buildings inside the airport inflicting severe damage.


Azad Kirkukli, the American-Iraqi Affairs Coordinator in the city told Mafkarat al-Islam that a number of US troops were killed in the barrage and several others wounded.  Also killed were a number of Iraqis collaborating with the Americans and working as translators.


Kirkukli – who left the base less than half an hour after the attack fearing that the barrage would be renewed – said that the shells hit parts of the airport where US troops were thickly concentrated during the morning.  They were hit with extreme precision, he said.


At 11am Monday US forces expelled a number of Arab translators who were working inside the camp.  All that remain now are Kurds and three Shi‘i translators.


Kirkukli told Mafkarat al-Islam that the expulsion of the Sunni Arabs come after evidence had surfaced that indicated that Sunni Arab translators were cooperating with what the Americans call “the terrorists” – i.e., the Resistance – and had done so on more than one occasion.  Kirkukli commented, “I think they are very lucky that the American forces didn’t arrest them.”




Saturday blast in Mosul kills 20 US soldiers.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Mosul reported that at 10pm Saturday 29 January 2005, a huge explosion rocked the entire city.  As soon as he learned that the source of the blast was a booby-trapped house 12km north of the city, the correspondent went straight to the site.  There he met eyewitnesses who live around the house and who miraculously escaped with their lives.


One of the neighbors told Mafkarat al-Islam that, “a number of armed Iraqis and other Arab men frequented the house for a long time.  There was no family living there.”  The neighbor went on: “Today the US forces encircled this whole area after one of their stooges told them that those Resistance fighters were here.  US forces fired tear gas into the house and then, when they were sure that anyone inside had gone unconscious or were holed up somewhere inside, more than 20 American troops stormed in from all sides.  Three minutes after they went into the house it completely blew up over the soldiers and in less than a minute was flattened to the ground.


The correspondent watched as American military earthmovers and cranes lifted rubble, uncovering the mangled corpses of some of the soldiers.  Local people say that if the blast had not coincided with the Iraqi election farce, that it would have been a big news story, but that since all the media attention was focused on the voting, no importance was accorded to the explosion.


The correspondent reported that US forces continued their recovery of bodies from the wreckage of the house until late Sunday morning.




Resistance pounds US, Ukrainian bases in al-Kut Sunday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a fierce attack at a US base and an adjacent Ukrainian one in the city of al-Kut.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a puppet police sergeant as saying that more than 40 rockets blasted into the Ukrainian and US bases at one time at 11pm Sunday night.


US fighter aircraft and Ukrainian helicopters prowled the skies for hours during the night, evacuating casualties to the US hospital north of al-Kut.  Witnesses living in the area around the US base said that clouds of smoke completely covered the base and more than ten massive explosions shook the inside of the facility more than 15 minutes after the barrage – an indication that US munitions were blowing up.  Flames could be seen in the Ukrainian base for four hours after the attack.




Resistance shoots down unmanned plane in Ba‘qubah.


Iraqi Resistance forces shot down an unmanned US reconnaissance plane over Ba‘qubah at about 4:30pm Monday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the commander of a Resistance group in the city, Shaykh Abu Fawwaz, said that this was the third such drone that they had shot down in the last month, after they figured out its weaknesses and the appropriate weapons to use against it.  The correspondent watched as US forces gathered the pieces of the wrecked plane in the at-Turkman neighborhood north of Ba‘qubah.


After the downing, US forces announced a large material reward for anyone who could inform them of the identity of those who shot down the aircraft.  Meanwhile the Salafi Squadrons of the Gardens of Paradise announced their responsibility for the downing, saying they planned to follow the example of the Resistance in Hit who declared the local airspace closed to US aircraft.

US admits killing four American troops as they put down prison rebellion in their Camp Bucca near al-Basrah midday Monday.


Four Iraqi prisoners were killed by US troops when they opened fire on inmates, claiming that they were quelling disturbances in the south Iraqi Bucca camp.  The American Associated Press (AP) reported US troops as saying that the Americans opened fire on Monday on prisoners when fights broke out in the Bucca prison camp near Umm Qasr in southern Iraq.  Four Iraqi prisoners were killed and six more wounded.


The Americans said the fights broke out shortly after noon Monday during a routing search for smuggled goods inside one of the 10 prison cell blocks.  The Americans claimed that the disturbances spread quickly to three more blocks as prisoners hurled stones and used personal items given to them as rudimentary weapons.  Some 45 minutes after the uprising began US troops entered and put it down.




Sunni Religious activist released.


The Sunni religious scholar Shaykh Najm Fahd was released from captivity after being held for two days.  The puppet so-called “Internal security police” belonging to the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist Badr Brigades arrested Fahd outside his house in az-Zubayr, south of al-Basrah on Saturday, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to Mafkarat al-Islam. He was charged by the with “prohibited activities” and “supporting terrorism” by which they mean the Iraqi Resistance.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah said that the arrest of Shaykh Fahd marked the end of the “honeymoon” between the Islamic Party headed by him and the Shi‘i chauvinist groups the Badr Brigades and the Da‘wah Party.  Shakykh Fahd is a local symbol of the Sunni population and a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the south of Iraq.  He runs the an-Najat Relics Office, the only source for Sunni Islamic law sources.


Arrests of Sunnis continued on Sunday, however, when Badr Brigades gunmen picked up two Sunnis praying in the al-Batin Mosque in az-Zubayr.