Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 2 October 2004 through Monday 4 October 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Note to readers:


The Iraqi Resistance Report has been covering the Iraqi Resistance for more than one year.  During that time, the Resistance has developed and advanced steadily.  It has spread to virtually every part of occupied Iraq and has taken on and destroyed virtually every type of equipment used by the US ground forces and their satellites and stooges.


Media coverage of the Resistance, however, has been extremely poor, due in large part to US pressure.  When the Resistance Report began coming out after the US aggression, the independent Arabic television networks and several newspapers were reliable sources for information about the Resistance struggle, providing coverage that was perhaps partial and inadequate in scale – due to the vastness of Iraq – but that nevertheless gave a strong indication of the struggle that the Iraqi people were putting up to the occupiers of their homeland.


The United States, which seeks not only total domination of the world’s politics and economics, but also total control over the news media of the globe, has managed to limit coverage – including that of various Arabic-language press and media organs.  While some information continues to come through about the humanitarian disaster that has resulted from the US invasion and occupation of Iraq – to say nothing of the 12 years of murderous US sanctions beforehand – the international and Arab media have generally backed away from any attempt to cover the Resistance struggle in depth.


But the “truth will out” and more and more courageous individuals throughout Iraq have in recent months been contributing to the website Mafkarat al-Islam or Islammemo.cc, bringing invaluable information from the battlefield itself to the Arabic reading public.  The Iraqi Resistance Report has made ample use of the materials provided by Mafkarat al-Islam, as a unique source of information on the unfolding Resistance struggle – unique because they have been able, so far, to defy the pressure of the American empire.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s brave correspondents have paid a high price for their efforts to report the truth.  At least nine of them have been killed by enemy gunfire since the US invasion of the country.  On a much humbler scale, websites such as The Free Arab Voice have also paid a high price for insisting on covering the expanding Resistance, subjected to furious Zionist hacking on a constant basis.


Overcoming all the odds, however, both the Iraqi Resistance and our colleagues in Mafkarat al-Islam have forged ahead.  Where a daily Resistance report a year ago might run four or five pages, a comprehensive presentation of all the news stories reported just by Mafkarat al-Islam’s writers in the field now runs to between 16 and 18 pages a day.


Nothing is more encouraging that that the scale and frequency of Resistance operations is increasing at such a rate.  Nothing could please us more that information about the Resistance still breaks out despite the US stranglehold on the international and Arab mainstream media.


At the same time, though, the sheer number and magnitude of Resistance news has become too much for effective coverage within the format hitherto used by The Resistance Report.  Compiling and translating that volume of material on a daily basis has become extremely difficult.  We have also heard concerns from readers that the mass of the report is too much for most readers to digest.


In view of the situation, we have decided to attempt to approach the Resistance Report in a new way, with more of a focus on analysis and organization.  If in the past we sought to be as comprehensive as possible – at the expense of an analytical review of the mass of material, and at the expense of covering pertinent political developments – it is our intent at present to attempt to place more accent on the analysis and organization of the news we report, with the hope of:


  1. Countering the mainstream imperialist media slant on the Resistance struggle, that appears in its coverage of day-to-day occurrences, and


  1. Assessing trends and attempting to provide information on what appear to be the more important issues of the on-going struggle.


Along these lines, the current edition of the Resistance Report carries an assessment of the current stage of the Iraqi Resistance as it moves on to a new and higher stage of activity (see Sunday, 3 October 2004), and the issue for Monday, 4 October carries in-depth material on the car bombings in Baghdad, in particular the one that struck the CIA headquarters, a matter largely covered up in the mainstream media reports.


Saturday, 2 October 2004.


Due to technical problems, the Mafkarat al-Islam news for Saturday, 2 October has not been available for the compilation of this edition of the Resistance Report.




While Resistance sources said that they remained in control of 70 percent of Samarra’ at the end of Saturday, US military sources and their western media mouthpieces claimed the reverse – that 70 percent of the city had been reoccupied by the US invader troops.


For their part, citizens of the city reported that US snipers were widely deployed on rooftops from which they shot at anything that moved in the streets below.  “There are dead people that we cannot take for burial and they are being buried in the gardens of their homes,” said ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Latif, a 19-year-old high school student.

At Samarra’ General Hospital, Dr. Khalid Ahmad said at least 80 bodies and more than 100 wounded were brought to the facility Friday.

“Dead bodies and injured people are everywhere in the city and when we tried to evacuate them, the Americans fired at us,” an ambulance driver told Associated Press Television News. “Later on they told us that we can evacuate only injured women and children and we are not allowed to pick up injured men.”

Wounded people, mostly women and children, lay on beds at the Tikrit Teaching Hospital.

“His pregnant mother was killed” said Sami Hashim, standing over a young boy whose belly was covered in bandages. Nearby was a young girl who lost her left foot.



At least seven Iraqi civilians were killed and 13 others wounded in renewed US aggression against al-Fallujah.  As usual, American military statements claimed that the targets of the air raids were strongholds of the elusive Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi, a man the US nonsensically calls a “terrorist mastermind.” Dr. Ahmad Tahir of the al-Fallujah Hospital reported that among the dead and wounded were numerous women and children.


Local residents reported that two houses were destroyed in the US attack on the northern part of the city.




Resistance forces on Saturday attacked a convoy of fuel and provisions in al-Latifiyah.  Five fuel tankers were set ablaze in the convoy that was traveling under Iraqi puppet “national guard” escort. Three military vehicles were also destroyed.


US military claims.


US military propaganda claimed that five American troops were wounded in Iraq on Saturday in various actions.  Two in a bombing in Madinat as-Sadr, one Marine in a car bombing in al-Fallujah, and two in a bombing in Mosul.




US aggressor troops clashed on Saturday with Muqtada as-Sadr’s Jaysh al-Mahdi militia in Madinat as-Sadr.



Al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, ‘Amman, Jordan, Sunday, 3 October 2004.




Sunday, 3 October 2004.


Assessment: Qualitative leap under way in Iraqi Resistance operations, as US aggressor troops are harried by over 90 Resistance attacks per day.


Correspondents for Mafkarat al-Islam in Iraq believe that coming days will witness a qualitative change in the operations being carried out by the Iraqi Resistance against the occupation.  The correspondents observed Resistance activity in more than 50 regions of the country over the last week and noted a marked escalation in Resistance attacks, bringing the total number of operations up to about 87 per day.


The correspondents reported that the operations that they personally witnessed, obtained accounts of from eyewitnesses or otherwise learned of in the previous week were as follows:


Saturday, 25 September 2004. 87 Resistance operations.


Sunday, 26 September 2004.  75 Resistance operations.


Monday, 27 September 2004.  81 Resistance operations.


Tuesday, 28 September 2004.  89 Resistance operations.


Wednesday, 29 September 2004.  90 Resistance operations.


Thursday, 30 September 2004. 92 Resistance operations.


Friday, 1 October 2004.  95 Resistance operations.


The correspondents also observed a clear strategic shift by the Resistance from hit and run tactics to the tactics of relatively quick blows.  The new tactics involve attacks that last from two to six hours each.  Car bombs are again being used as a powerful and intimidating tactic.  The bombing in al-Karmah west of Baghdad was one good recent example of the Resistance’s new use of that tactic with deadly and targeted effect.  In that operation two car bombs exploded  on Sunday, 26 September at the headquarters of the puppet so-called civil defense force when American occupation forces were changing their guard and thus had a large number of their forces exposed and in the open.  Thirty-five US troops were killed in that attack and eight Humvees, two troop transport vehicles, and one Bradley armored vehicle destroyed.


Thirteen Marines were killed on Saturday when a car bomber of the Iraqi Resistance drove into a Marine column.

In addition to the new and more sophisticated tactics, the observers note greater coordination between Resistance groups with different ideological outlooks.  This can be seen in the way that they time their attacks and in the issuance of joint communiqués.  The correspondents noted obvious coordination during the week among the Resistance fighters operating in Baghdad’s Hayfa Street, in ar-Ramadi, Samarra’, Tal‘afar, and Mosul.  Just in ar-Ramadi, for example, the correspondents noted, six totally different organizations are in full cooperation, each one defending the other.


In al-Anbar, the Resistance pursues the tactic of wiping out the enemy, concentrating their forces to totally annihilate small American or puppet patrols.  They attack small columns by breaking them apart and then focusing on the smaller part to totally wipe it out.


The correspondents have noted that in the last 40 days there has been a major change in the military strategy of the Resistance.  Observers attribute this to the Resistance being able to draw on the expertise of a number of specialists from the Army of the Republic of Iraq who have been able to make adjustments to existing ordnance left over from before the US occupation to make it more usable and more lethal in dealing with the Americans in the type of warfare being waged in the country.  A number of middle-range and short-range rockets have been upgraded with the help of these specialists.  The C5K, for example, has been modified from an air to ground rocket for use on the ground or for anti-aircraft purposes.


The correspondents believe that in coming days there will be a qualitative leap in the Iraqi Resistance operations as they escalate to a higher level of destructive capacity.


Resistance car bomb kills 12 Americans at entrance to besieged Samarra’.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Sunday afternoon attacked a command point set up by US forces and their stooges in Samarra’ to prevent the entrance of supplies and provisions into the besieged city, only part of which has been occupied by American and puppet troops.


A black Opel car bomb, driven by an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter, slammed into the command post, inflicting heavy casualties on the US and puppet forces.  Twelve US troops were killed and 10 Iraqi stooges.  Three Nissan pickups belonging to the Iraqi puppet troops were also destroyed, as were two Humvees belonging to the Ameircans.  A Bradley armored vehicle was also disabled by the blast according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


US rocket attack murders Iraqi civilians in truck in al-Fallujah.


At about 8:30pm local time Sunday night, US aircraft fired a rocket at a white Nissan pickup truck in downtown al-Fallujah, opposite the governorate building, killing three Iraqi civilians who were aboard the vehicle.


Attacks around Iraq.




In al-Qa’im on the border with Syria, Iraqi Resistance forces fired a C5K rocket shot and down a US Chinook Helicopter, killing five US troops in the ar-Rabt area at 12:25pm Sunday afternoon local time.


Resistance forces used bombs and an SBG9 to disable a Bradley armored vehicle and a Humvee at kilometer 160 in the al-Qa’im area at 9:30am Sunday morning.


Two Humvees were disabled in the cemetery area of al-Qa’im Sunday afternoon.


A massive Resistance car bomb attack (with a blue Chevrolet Caprice) 15km from al-Qa’im left 15 US troops dead and destroyed five Humves.  An Iraqi man, woman, and child who happened to be in the area were unfortunately also killed.


Resistance forces set fire to five US military trucks carrying tanks in al-Qa’im in a raid on a column of 45 US vehicles on its way from Baghdad to al-Qa’im at 11Pm.  Each of the five trucks was carrying an Abrams tank.  The Resistance fighters returned safely to base.




A Resistance ambush at 7pm destroyed two trucks north of al-Fallujah.




Two US troops and five puppet “nationalguardsmen” were killed in a Resistance attack in al-Latifiyah at 1:10pm Sunday afternoon.


Two drivers killed in 2pm Resistance ambush of truck convoy in al-Latifiyah.


Seven puppet “national guardsmen” and six puppet policemen were killed in a Resistance ambush at 6pm in al-Latifiyah.




Resistance forces rocketed the US base near al-Hadithah at 11:45am local time.  Eight Grad rockets, 22 large Katyushas and thirty-two 120mm mortar rounds slammed into the aggressor base.




Three Grad rockets slammed into the Polish aggressor base in the city at about 7pm Sunday.  A US Red Cross Black Hawk helicopter was seen crashing as it was trying to pick up dead and wounded.




Resistance forces attacked a US patrol of two armored vehicles and four Humvees with a bomb at about 8pm, disabling one armored vehicle.


At about 8:30pm another Resistance bomb exploded under a puppet police patrol in Ba‘qubah destroying a Land Cruiser and killing three puppet policemen.


Resistance forces firing BKCs attacked a white Nissan Patrol Safari vehicle carrying collaborationist Shi‘i chauvinist Badr Brigade troops on the old Ba‘qubah bridge at about 10pm, killing three of the collaborators and setting fire to their vehicle.


Resistance forces fired eighteen mortar rounds at the puppet police headquarters sending clouds of smoke into the sky Sunday evening.


Seven American troops and 10 Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed in fierce fighting at 10pm when US troops and Iraqi stooges tried to break into the town of Bahraz in the Ba‘qubah area.




Four US troops were killed when the Resistance attacked a US convoy of troop carriers, Humvees and trucks in ad-Durah south of Baghdad at 3pm.   The vehicles hit by Resistance fire continued to explode for 17 minutes afterwards, indicating that they were loaded with ammunition or other explosives.


Two US troops were killed when a Resistance attack with RPG7s on a US patrol in ad-Durah destroyed two Humvees as they were entering the US base at the ad-Durah Refinery.




Resistance forces in the ad-Duwayliyah district of arRidwaniyah fired a CBG9 at a convoy of three US Marine armored vehicles, destroying one of them.  Two US Cobra helicopters appeared and rocketed a nearby farm field killing a local civilian farmer, two Kia cars, and several head of livestock.




Three US troops were killed in Resistance ambush with SPG9s on their patrol at 5:45pm Sunday.




Resistance forces ambushed a US convoy in the area of the Republican Palace in Baghdad, known as “the green zone” by the US invaders at 3pm, destroying two armored vehicles and a Humvee and killing six Americans.


Resistance attack with C5K rocket on convoy leaves two drivers dead at 5pm.  Their white Volvo trucks bore Kuwaiti plates, but the drivers appeared to be non-Arab.


Resistance pounded puppet police station in al-Kazimiyah in northern Baghdad at 8pm with six 82mm mortar rounds.


Resistance forces struck the US base in al-Muthanna in Baghdad with twelve 82mm mortar rounds


Resistance forces attacked the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad with four Katyushas


At 8:10pm the Resistance struck the “green zone” with two Katyushas.


Resistance forces pounded the US base on Palestine Road near the al-Qanah street at 8pm Sunday night with twenty-four 82mm mortar rounds.


Resistance forces killed six puppet “nationalguardsmen” in an bombing in the ‘Ulwat ar-Rashid area south of Baghdad at 8:30pm


At 9pm Resistance forces fired a Grad at Saddam International Airport.


US soldier killed in al-Karakh in ambush of five-vehicle patrol Sunday night.


Three US troops were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded near the Army Canal in Baghdad at about 11pm local time.




At least 23 US troops were killed in a car bombing at a US guard pst in the city at 6:10pm local time Sunday evening.  The Resistance used a white Brazilian car destroying four Humvees.


A Resistance bomb exploded under a NATO training column in at-Taji made up of four white GMC vehicles with four Humvees as escorts near the US headquarters.  One GMC was destroyed and a Humvee disabled.




Fierce fighting in Tal‘afar left three US vehicles destroyed as well as various cars and trucks belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces.  Five Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred in the fighting, and three local houses damaged.




Resistance forces at 8pm shelled the US al-Ghazlani camp with a Tariq rocket.


At 9:45 Resistance forces shelled the local governorate building with seven 82mm mortar rounds, setting fire to an Iraqi puppet police patrol in the area at the time.


































Monday, 4 October 2004.


Iraqi Resistance car bomber strikes CIA headquarters in Baghdad. Twelve CIA agents killed in massive explosion.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported from Baghdad Monday morning that at 10am local time an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter attacked one of the largest headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency (the CIA) in Baghdad.  The massive explosion occurred near Sa‘dun Street, very close to the ar-Rashid Hotel.


At least 3,000 US security employees work out of the massive headquarters – a scale of operations that strongly suggests that it is the main headquarters for the US state intelligence agency in occupied Iraq.


US forces immediately closed off all approaches to the scene of the attack, preventing the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent from assessing the extent of damage or obtaining information on casualties directly.  US aircraft, however, could be seen landing and taking off from the street where the attack took place, loading dead and wounded CIA personnel.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that the blast occurred at 9:45 and that it targeted “a convoy of 4-wheel drive vehicles leaving a complex of major hotels where foreign contractors and journalists reside.”  The AP added that US an Iraqi puppet forces opened fire after the car bombing, but noted that witnesses observed: “it was not immediately clear what they were shooting at.”  US forces routinely respond to all attacks by indiscriminate shooting in all directions, cutting down any Iraqi civilians who might happen to be in the area.


The AP reported that Tahsin al-Furayji of the US creature, the puppet “facility protection service” said that “a pickup truck loaded with dates exploded as it plowed into the three vehicle convoy.”  The AP quoted al-Furayji as saying that “one of the vehicles in the convoy was destroyed and shrapnel hit the nearby Palestine and Baghdad hotels.  The AP reported that “pickup truck carrying the explosives was ripped in half with one part left dangling from a shop sign on the opposite side of the street.”


In a later dispatch posted at 1:40pm Mecca time, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent presented the version of the incident that he had pieced together from his sources.  He wrote that a Resistance fighter driving a 2-ton booby trapped Kia loaded with fruits and vegetables blew up the vehicle at 10am local time.  The correspondent estimates that the truck must have been loaded with 1.5 to 2 tons of explosive material.


The target building, an old structure formerly used by Iraqi military industry, has been taken over by the CIA and surrounded by a huge concrete wall.  Deployed around it are watch points and numerous inspection stations.  Large numbers of American snipers are perched atop the building.


The Resistance driver had to break through as much of that security cordon as possible.  The driver headed for the main gate at the moment that a number of CIA-owned GMC vehicles were awaiting confirmation of their identity and authorization to enter the facility.  The Resistance attacker drove in right after the US vehicles.


The attack totally destroyed the façade of the building, causing parts of it to collapse.  The number of casualties inside is unknown, but the correspondent saw seven Iraqi ambulances rushing to the scene from the direction of the as-Sa‘dun statue, as well as six American ambulances heading in from the road to the Meridien Hotel.  In addition two US Black Hawk helicopters emblazoned with the Red Cross rushed to the scene of the attack as well, in order to take away the dead and injured.


The correspondent also saw five demolished civilian cars and the obvious damage that the powerful explosion inflicted also on the walls of neighboring buildings.


After the attack, US snipers deployed atop nearby buildings, the number of checkpoints increased and many more US and Iraqi puppet forces were deployed in the area.


Nevertheless, at 10:25am two powerful Tariq rockets slammed into the ar-Rashid Hotel in the same vicinity, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


In a dispatch posted at 11:58pm Mecca time the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam provided more details on the attack.  He reported that the car bomb attack on the CIA headquarters killed 12 CIA agents.  The correspondent reported local eyewitnesses as saying that the 12 were killed in three cars – two of them GMC Suburbans and the third a Blazer.  In addition, five members of the Iraqi puppet so-called “national guard” perished in the explosion.  They had been stationed at the first checkpoint.  (The correspondent explains that the US forces typically have a series of check points outside their facilities, the first one being manned by local Iraqi puppet forces, who are therefore the most exposed to Resistance attack.)


The Resistance car bomb burst through the first gate, following US cars, and then exploded at the inner gate.  The correspondent reported that the number of casualties at the inner gate was unknown, but that the large number of ambulances that showed up at the scene indicates a sizeable casualty figure.


CIA shuts down all phones in Iraq after bombing.


After the attack on the CIA headquarters, the US occupation command closed down all telephone communications in Iraq – both land lines and portable telephones, according to Mafkarat al-Islam, which quoted an informed source working in the field of telecommunications in the country.


The source told Mafkarat al-Islam that later in the day, the order closing down all telephone communications was rescinded for the northern regions of the country, but that the shut-down was still in force in the southern part of the country – which was known for having the worst cell phone network in the country anyway, according to the correspondent.


As a result of these and other orders by the US occupation forces which are in the midst of a campaign against Resistance strongholds, al-Fallujah, and the districts of al-Karakh and Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad are without all telephone communication – landed or cellular – for the third straight day.


The correspondent notes that even though the lines have officially been again turned on, users are still encountering severe difficulties in the use of all telephones in the country.


Car bombing in Baghdad targets recruiting station for puppet “emergency forces.”


An Iraqi Resistance Mercedes car bomb stormed into the gate of the headquarters of the Iraqi puppet “emergency forces” in Baghdad near the bridge leading to the ministries area of the capital.  The car bomb exploded at about 9:05am local time.  It was the first day for the new Iraqi puppet security men to report to this location, that had earlier served private guards, and as a result the recruits were still dressed in civilian clothing.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the attack left at least 45 dead among the Iraqi puppet forces who were awaiting induction into the force.  At least 32 others were wounded in the bombing.  Five civilian cars were set ablaze by the blast.


Immediately after the Resistance attack, US forces backed by helicopters and armored vehicles surrounded and closed off the area.  The correspondent counted at least 15 ambulances at the scene of the Resistance attack, ready to carry away the scores of dead and wounded puppet troops.


Al-Fallujah: vicious US bombing targets civilians.


As US media such as the Associated Press (AP) trumpeted the official US military line that American war planes had blasted the strongholds of the illusive Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi whom they refer to as a “terrorist mastermind” for the n-th time, the correspondent of Mafakrat al-Islam on the ground in al-Fallujah reported in a dispatch posted at 4:55am Mecca time that American aircraft had rocketed the home of a local civilian.  Al-Hajj Thamir as-Salim, whose house was destroyed, was a pharmacist who ran the al-Abrar Pharmacy in the city.


As-Salim’s house lay in the al-Jumhuriyah neighborhood of the city, across from the ar-Rawi Mosque.  The home was completely destroyed and adjacent ones were severely damaged and two children, three women and three men and one teenager were killed in the savage American attack.  Thirteen others were wounded in the raid – four children, three men, six women.


In a dispatch posted at 6am Mecca time (7am local time) the correspondent reported that US planes were still prowling the skies over the site of the US bombing, making it dangerous for rescuers to approach it.


US forces also bombed a house in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood at about 5:00am local time.  Two Kurdish youths who made shoes were killed in that raid, according to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent.


Hospital sources in al-Fallujah were quoted by the AP as saying that 11 persons were killed in the American bomb raid, but the American news agency noted that the US “military regularly accuses hospital of inflating casualty figures.”  The US military has no presence in al-Fallujah, so it has no way of verifying hospital figures in the defiant city.


Dr. ‘Adil Khamis of al-Fallujah General Hospital was quoted by AP as saying that three women and four children were among the nine people killed in the al-Jumhuriyah bombing and that twelve were injured there, including six women and three children.  AP quoted al-Khamis as saying that “two more people” were killed in the bombing of the house in ash-Shuhada’.


The mendacious US military announced that their attack on as-Salim the pharmacist’s house was a “precision strike” carried out at about 1am local time and that precautions were taken to ensure that “no innocent civilians were present” at the time of the strikes.


The US military claimed that the second raid, in which two Kurdish shoemakers were killed, targeted a building where “members of az-Zarqawi’s network were believed to be meeting.”


Still defiant! Two US helicopters downed by Samarra’ Resistance Monday, as US continues to pound city with cluster bombs, despite claims that they have “taken” it.


Iraqi Resistance fighters seem determined to refute as boldly and obviously as possible United States claims to have subdued the Iraqi Resistance in the defiant city of Samarra’, 120km north of Baghdad.  On Monday Iraqi Resistance fighters in the city shot down two American helicopters.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Resistance fighters fired C5K rockets at both a Black Hawk and a Chinook helicopter.


Meanwhile US F16 and F14 fighter bombers on Monday dropped eight containers of cluster bombs (each container holding some 2,000 anti-personnel cluster bombs) on the city, in addition to firing rockets into the defiant city.  Forty-five persons have died as martyrs as a result of the US bombing, only 10 of them Resistance fighters, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported.


Heavy fighting in ad-Dulu‘iyah.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Monday was a day of heavy fighting in ad-Dulu‘iyah.  For three hours US troops and Resistance forces battled each other in the town that lies near Samarra’.


A detachment of forty Resistance fighters observed a US column heading out of ad-Dulu‘iyah on its way to Samarra’ to reinforce US troops attacking the Resistance there.  At 4pm the Resistance attacked the column, igniting the battle that raged until about 7:10pm. Four Resistance fighters were killed in the combat and 11 American troops perished.


After that, US aircraft pounded the area indiscriminately, destroying a house on the road and killing livestock in the area.  Farm equipment and three cars were also destroyed.






US kills women and children in raid on al-Latifiyah.


In a dispatch posted at 12:26am Mecca time (1:26am local time Tuesday morning), the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Latifiyah reported that US F16 fighter bombers attacked four houses in the area, destroying them and killing four women and five children ranging in age from one- to three-and-a-half years old.  Three teenagers were also killed.  Two civilian cars next to the house were set ablaze as was a tractor.


Attacks around Iraq.


Three US troops were killed in Resistance car bombing north of Balad at about 6:30am local time Monday.


Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen battled Italian aggressors and their Iraqi stooges in an-Nasiriyah early Monday morning, leaving one Iraqi puppet soldier dead and another wounded.


From 6:30am to 7am local time, Resistance forces struck Abu Ghurayb prison with rockets and mortars.  Six C5K rockets and fifteen 120mm mortar rounds struck the notorious US torture facility.


Five members of the Iraqi puppet “national guard” were killed in a Resistance bombing in Ba‘qubah at 8am.


At 9:00am an Iraqi Resistance bomb struck a US patrol killing two US troops and destroying one Humvee on the Saddam International Airport road.


Iraqi Resistance forces killed a puppet first lieutenant and a puppet colonel in the so-called “Iraqi national guard” in an Iraqi Resistance ambush in al-‘Amarah at about 12 noon local time Monday.


Two US troops were killed and a troop carrier loaded with military equipment destroyed in an Iraqi Resistance attack in the Manaysir region between al-Ghazaliyah (west of Baghdad) and Abu Ghurayb (south of Baghdad) at 2:10pm Monday afternoon.


At 2:40pm Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a patrol of the Iraqi puppet police in the ash-Shu‘lah area of Baghdad, destroying a Land Cruiser and damaging a Patrol Safari, and killing three puppet policemen and wounding two others.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol in ad-Durah at 6:45pm with RPGs and C5Ks, killing four troops, according to local eyewitnesses, who added that the Resistance fighters seized 17 American machineguns in the attack.


Fierce battles were later reported at ad-Durah around 8:45pm that lasted for 25 minutes and left four US troops dead.


Resistance forces at 11:30am Monday hit the military academy occupied by US forces and Iraqi puppet troops in ar-Rustamiyah with seven mortar rounds sending black smoke into the sky.


Resistance forces attacked a US camp in Ba‘qubah at 12:20pm with nine mortar rounds.


Resistance forces shook the “green zone” at about 3pm with three Grad rockets.


The Resistance struck the military academy again at 5:10pm with one powerful Tariq rocket.


At 7:10pm the Resistance fired three Katyushas a the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad.


Two US troops were killed and three others wounded in al-Karakh in Baghdad at around 4pm local time Monday when American forces tried to break into Hayfa Street in the area with four Bradley armored vehicles.  Their aim was to set up check points inside the defiant area, but they were thrown back by RPG7 and Iraqi sharpshooter fire.


Four Iraqi puppet policemen were killed in az-Za‘faraniyah at 2:30pm when the Resistance ambushed their patrol on the old Diyala Bridge.


A series of blasts shook the Italian base in an-Nasiriyah on Monday afternoon.  Four blasts were heard at about 3pm as four powerful Tariq rockets slammed into the facility.


Two US contractors or intelligence agents were killed when Resistance forces in the al-Misbah area of Baghdad ambushed a three GMC and Ford car convoy of foreign profiteer contractors, or possibly US intelligence agents at 5:30pm.  One armored Ford was destroyed by an RPG.


A Resistance ambush destroyed one fuel tanker on the Army Canal road in Baghdad, killing one US soldier Monday evening.


Powerful explosions shook the US base north of Ba‘qubah at about 5:45pm Monday.  Three Black Hawk helicopters with Red Crosses on them landed to ferry off the dead and wounded.


Resistance forces attacked a patrol of two US Bradley armored vehicles and two Humvees north of Ba‘qubah disabling one Bradley Monday evening.


One Abrams tank was destroyed and its crew of five killed by an Iraqi Resistance bomb at 3:10pm Monday in Bahraz in the Ba‘qubah area.


Resistance forces bombarded the US base in Ba‘qubah with one Grad rocket at 6:55pm Monday.


Resistance forces bombarded Saddam International Airport at 10pm with two Grads.  The first hit the area of the central command, the second fell into barracks.


Resistance forces attacked a US patrol near the Jordanian embassy in al-Mansur in Baghdad at about 10:30pm disabling a Humvee.


Resistance forces bombarded the joint US-Iraqi “rapid deployment” puppet force base in at-Taji at 7:10pm with thirty-one 120mm mortar rounds.  The Resistance then hit the base with another bombardment at 10:15pm with three Grad rockets.


Four US troops were killed in an Iraqi Resistance ambush of a fuel and provisions convoy in al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad at 8:45pm Monday.  Three trucks were destroyed, and fires blazed in the vehicles until 11:15pm.


At 10:10pm Monday Resistance forces fired three powerful Grad rockets into the Polish aggressor headquarters in al-Hillah.






Puppet police chief of Balad Ruz in Ba‘qubah area shot dead.


The puppet police chief of Balad Ruz in the Ba‘qubah area was liquidated by the Iraqi Resistance on Monday morning.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the assassination took place at about 7:30am local time as the puppet official was leaving home for work.


Commander of puppet “national guard” assassinated in al-‘Amarah.


At 10:10am Monday Resistance forces shot dead the commander of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” in al-‘Amarah in southern Iraq, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.