Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 5 October 2004 through Friday, 8 October 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

Tuesday, 5 October 2004.

Four American invader troops captured in ar-Ramadi, US threatens to destroy whole neighborhoods over the heads of residents if the prisoners are not released.

Iraqi Resistance forces captured four US troops in ar-Ramadi west of Baghdad during fierce fighting that was raging there at about 4pm local time Tuesday.

The local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that after the four Americans were captured, US troops used loud speakers to threaten the local people that their houses would be destroyed if the four captured invader troops were not released. The American forces broadcast their threats of mass house destructions in the neighborhoods of as-Sufiyah, al-Mal‘ab, al-Ma‘arid, and in the area around the Agricultural College. The Americans announced that every house in those neighborhoods would become a target for US fire if the four prisoners are not released.

Fifteen US troops killed in Resistance ambush in Baghdad.

A qualitative attack by Resistance forces on US troops on the Qanat al-Jaysh Army Canal Road in Baghdad left 15 Americans dead, according to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent who personally witnessed the ambush according to his report of the incident posted at 11:37pm Mecca time Tuesday night.

The correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported at 11:05pm local time Resistance forces planted a massive bomb in the path of a US patrol. The explosion destroyed four Humvees, and then Resistance fighters opened up on the American survivors with RPG7s, killing all 15 US troops. The correspondent happened to pass the scene at the time of the attack, which he witnessed first hand, noting that the attack in all lasted 10 to 12 minutes. The attack was carried out with such overwhelming intensity and in total surprise, and as a result the Americans had no chance to return fire.

At the time of posting his account of the Resistance ambush the correspondent wrote that no US troops had as yet arrived on the scene.

US aircraft pound neighborhoods in al-Fallujah.

US aircraft dropped two container bombs full of anti-personnel cluster bombs on the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah on Tuesday evening according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam. US aircraft dropped another container on the al-Jawlan neighborhood in the northwest of the city.

US aircraft also pummeled the al-‘Askari neighborhood and American C131 aircraft were still prowling the skies overhead in evident preparation to drop more container bombs when the correspondent filed his report at 11:55pm Mecca time Tuesday night.

Four Zionist Mossad agents and 13 Peshmergah collaborators killed in Kirkuk ambush.

At least four members of the Zionist Mossad and 13 Kurdish Peshmergah chauvinist intelligence agents were killed when Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a joint convoy of Mossad and Peshmergah vehicles in Kirkuk. Three other members of the patrol were reportedly captured.

The Kirkuk correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance attacked the convoy that was made up of three green Patrol Safari vehicles belonging to the Peshmergah, and two black GMC Suburbans belonging to the Mossad at 6am local time near the area of the Citadel (al-Qal‘ah) in Kirkuk.

Local residents who witnessed the attack reported that some 30 or 35 Resistance fighters attacked the intelligence convoy, spraying it with RPG7 and BKC automatic weapons fire, and hitting it with grenades. Resistance sharpshooters also participated in the ambush.

Two Mossad GMCs were destroyed and four Mossad agents aboard them were killed. The three Peshmergah Patrol Safaris were also destroyed, killing the 13 chauvinist agents aboard them. Some local residents reported seeing the Resistance fighters take one Mossad agent and two Peshmergah intelligence officers prisoner, driving them away to an unknown destination.

Resisatnce rocket blows up Black Hawk helicopter over Kirkuk.

Also in Kirkuk, Resistance forces used a C5K rocket to shot down a US Black Hawk Red Cross helicopter in the al-Huwayjah area at about 7am. The helicopter blew up in the sky and parts of the vehicle scattered over the area. At least four US troops are presumed dead in the attack.

Resistance demolishes puppet governorate offices and puppet police station in al-Latifiyah.

The al-Latifiyah correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that Resistance forces planted high-explosive TNT under the building housing the offices of the governor and the puppet police station in al-Latifiyah and blew them up. The massive blasts totally destroyed both buildings at 6:30am Tuesday morning.

Four Americans killed when Resistance throws back US assault on Hayfa Street, Baghdad.

US forces again tried to storm into Hayfa Street in Baghdad’s al-Karakh district Tuesday at about 2:30 am. Humvees and 10 Bradley armored vehicles attacked the area, but were repulsed when Resistance forces disabled one of the Humvees, killing four US troops and wounding three others according to the local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam.

Fighting continues in Defiant Samarra’ as Americans prevent locals from burying their dead.

Although US forces were crowing about having subdued the Iraqi city of Samarra’, bodies of civilians killed by US gunfire continued to lie in the streets, according to local residents. American snipers and US aircraft regularly fire at anything that moves in the streets, preventing the locals from gathering and burying their dead. One man reported seeing a dog eating the body of a woman shot dead by American gunfire.

Despite their claims and the dozens of civilians butchered by the indiscriminate use of America’s high-tech firepower, the local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam in Samarra’ reports that in fact the Resistance continues to control 45 to 50 percent. The reporter acknowledged, though, that as a result of their bloody use of brute force the Americans had managed to take control of most of the important positions in the city.

Early Tuesday morning fierce fighting broke out in Samarra’ between the Resistance and the US aggressors and their Iraqi stooges. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that on Tuesday American F16s and F18s continued their criminal assault on the civilian population, dropping seven container bombs packed with large-size anti-personnel cluster bombs on residential areas.

Eighteen civilians were killed, most of them women and children. Six Resistance fighters were also martyred. Five homes of local people were destroyed, as were several private cars.

Resistance forces continue to pound the rear lines of the US forces in Samarra’ with rockets. Resistance forces in all the smaller towns in the area, including ad-Dulu‘iyah have been contributing to the effort to hit the rear of the US beast as it plods its bloody way through Samarra’.

Resistance sharpshooters have killed 12 US troops in the city and 18 Iraqi puppet soldiers, according to sources in the Iraqi puppet army itself. The Resistance also disabled one Bradley armored vehicle, which was then taken to al-Bakr base. Three Humvees were also knocked out and later taken off to Balad.

Resistance attacks dummy motorcade of Iraqi puppet “prime minister” ‘Allawi.

Iraqi Resistance attackers in three BMWs at about 5pm attacked a motorcade of prominent officials in the US puppet regime. The motorcade was a decoy convoy, a substitute for the puppet so-called prime minister, Iyyad ‘Allawi. A number of officials and persons escorting the convoy were killed according to a security source quoted by Makfarat al-Islam.

The Resistance attackers left the scene after the attack, but US troops and Iraqi puppet forces launched a massive search.

Action in al-Qa’im.

Resistance forces attacked a US column of 10 supply trucks and four Humvees in al-Qa’im on the Syrian border sparking a battle that lasted from 10:40am until 5pm during which seven US vehicles were destroyed and 28 US troops killed according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam. The ten trucks and their drivers were taken prisoner and led away by the Resistance. The drivers were of Pakistani, Indian, and Philippino nationality.

Resistance forces, meanwhile, pounded the US headquarters in al-Qa’im with repeated bombardments. Sixty 120mm mortar rounds struck the area at 11am. The at 5pm 12 rockets, believed to be Grads, slammed into the base.

Resistance car bomb in Baghdad kills 18 puppet policemen.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded at 10pm Tuesday evening. A white Opel car was probably used in the attack. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the blast destroyed five white Land Cruisers and killed 18 puppet policemen and wounded 10 more according to a source in the security service.

Other Resistance highlights from Tuesday.

Four Marines killed in Resistance attack in ar-Ridwaniyah.

Six occupation troops killed in a Resistance bombing in Ba‘qubah.

Resistance Katyusha rocket attack on governorate building in ad-Diwaniyah at 7:45am Tuesday left at least five Polish and/or US occupation troops dead, according to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.

At least four US troops reported killed in Resistance attack in Ba‘qubah.

Two US troops and three puppet policemen were killed in a Baghdad ambush.

Eighteen Iraqi puppet policemen were killed in a Resistance attack on their patrol in al-‘Amiriyah.

At 11:30am Resistance forces ambushed a US supply convoy, killing two foreign truck drivers.

Three US soldiers were killed and two Humvees destroyed in Mosul at 8:45 am.

Five US troops were killed and three Humvees destroyed at noon in Mosul.

Three US troops were killed and one Humvee destroyed in an ambush in al-‘Amiriyah west of Baghdad.

At 9pm an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the path of a US patrol on the highway near the so-called “green zone” in Baghdad, destroying one armored GMC.

Resistance forces bombarded the US headquarters in Mosul, Balad, at-Taji, the Republican Palace in Baghdad (known as the “green zone” by the Americans), al-Qa’im.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2004.

Resistance car bomb in al-‘Anah.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded early Wednesday afternoon at a base of the Iraqi puppet so-called “national guard” forces at ‘Anah, north of Baghdad. The American Associated Press (AP) reported that 10 Iraqis were killed and more than 20 injured. Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the car bomb exploded in front of a puppet “national guard” station as collaborators were lining up to volunteer to fight for the US-installed regime.

US launches offensive on Resistance in al-Yusufiyah.

The American Associated Press (AP) reported that south of Baghdad in the al-Yusufiyah area, more than 3,000 US troops and their Iraqi stooges launched a major operation against the Iraqi Resistance as a part of their strategy of eliminating cities and towns under the control of the Iraqi Resistance.

The correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that the US had thrown 1,200 troops and some 850 Iraqi puppet soldiers into the al-Yusufiyah campaign.

The operation in al-Yusufiyah in Babil Province follows the effort by the United States to wipe out Resistance in the city of Samarra’. There, US forces unleashed massive firepower to kill large numbers of civilians. Despite American claims to have “retaken” Samarra’, nearly half of the city reportedly remains in Resistance hands.

Apparently along the same lines, US troops launched attacks on al-Fallujah and Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad on Wednesday, in addition to their new offensive south of the Iraqi capital in al-Yusufiyah.

Despite the mixed results from that bloody operation, US forces and Iraqi puppet “national guardsmen” on Wednesday began sealing off roads leading to Qasir in the al-Yusufiyah area, preventing anyone from entering or leaving, in preparation for a strike on the people of the area. The Americans sent in the “national guard” to storm residents’ houses, and, according to the AP had already succeeded in killing one civilian and wounding 13 others. The Americans and their Iraqi stooges rounded up 160 local people in what a local resident boldly told the AP were “random” arrests.

The AP reported Muhammad Fadil, the 20-year-old owner of a grocery shop as saying, “The US military operation is unjustified and most of the arrests are random and it will increase the hostilities in the area. The Americans want to stop the Resistance, which they call ‘terrorism’ and this is wrong. In fact it is legitimate reaction to the occupation.”

Meanwhile, two Resistance bombs, a car bomb and a roadside bomb, struck bridges in the area, as the Resistance attempted to hinder movement of the aggressor forces in the area. Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the double bombing destroyed four Marine amphibious armored vehicles, killing 45 US troops.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb on al-Qadisiyah bridge on the northern approaches to al-Basrah early Wednesday afternoon killed at least one person and wounded more than 10 others.

Fighting raged in al-Latifiyah in the same region from about 10am until about 2pm and then continued sporadically into the night. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent there wrote that at least 29 US troops and 72 Iraqi puppet forces were killed in that combat. Local observers put the number of Resistance fighters there at about 250.

The Makfarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the US attempt to encircle al-Yusufiyah and al-Latifiyah was aimed at cutting off the supply line to al-Fallujah, a certain target of the US effort to wipe out centers controlled by the Resistance.

US bombs houses in al-Fallujah.

US aircraft bombed three houses in the al-Mu‘tasim neighborhood of al-Fallujah, according to al-Jazeera satellite TV. All the residences were totally destroyed. The attack came in spite of negotiations currently under way between representatives of the city and agents of the US-installed puppet regime.

The correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that at 4:30am Wednesday, US forces began indiscriminately firing at al-Fallujah, destroying four houses and damaging three others but killing no one. There were injured, however, and they were taken to hospital. Abu Ghazwan’s family was expecting a US bombardment, so Abu Ghazwan took his wife and four children and slept instead in a clay structure, enabling them to survive the attack.

The correspondent reported that the US bombs were dropped indiscriminately, so they fell in open ground in the as-Sakkah area and in the old al-Haswah area.

US attack on Madinat as-Sadr.

US forces carried out a violent attack on the southeastern entrance to Madinat as-Sadr on Wednesday, al-Jazeera satellite TV reported.

US admits soldier killed in Resistance bombing in ar-Ramadi.

US forces admitted that one of its troops had been killed and seven Iraqis injured in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bombing in ar-Ramadi on Tuesday evening.

Resistance attack kills three Peshmergah Kurdish chauvinist militiamen.

Three members of the Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah militia were killed and five others wounded in a Resistance drive-by attack west of Ba‘qubah, according to a puppet administrative official in the as-Sa‘diyah area of central Iraq. Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported. One Kurdish civilian was also reportedly among the dead. Al-Jazeera described the as-Sa‘diyah area as one that has a large Kurdish population.

Resistance attacks US patrol, killing six probable intelligence agents.

Iraqi Resistance forces detonated a bomb in the path of a US intelligence patrol of two black armored Ford vehicles accompanied by an escort of Humvees in Mosul at 7:25pm Baghdad time Wednesday. The local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed one Humvee, bringing the column to a halt.

Before the Americans could recover from the shock of the blast, Resistance forces struck them with gun and rocket fire from BKCs, RPG7s and C5Ks. Six members of US intelligence were killed aboard the Fords and 14 US troops who were in the escort Humvees.

Five US intelligence officers killed in ambush.

Eye witnesses reported that five US intelligence officers were killed when Resistance rockets hit their patrol of GMC vehicles at 6am Wednesday on the highway to Saddam International Airport.

Resistance shoots down US helicopter west of at-Taji.

Resistance forces fired a C5K at a US Chinook helicopter from the an-Naba‘i base west of at-Taji. At least five Americans are believed killed in the attack that took place at 7am.

Muqtada as-Sadr spokesman: No agreement with “government” has been reached.

A spokesman for Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr denied the insistent claims being made by the US-installed puppet regime in Iraq that as-Sadr had reached a peace agreement with the American-run “government.”

‘Abd al-Hadi ad-Darraji reported that talks were underway with the regime in order to try to come up with a plan for a cease fire. No agreement with the puppet government had yet been concluded, he said, however in a telephone interview on al-Jazeera satellite TV.

The Iraqi al-Faruq Brigades Resistance group pounded the British base in al-Basrah on Tuesday night at 6pm with an advanced version of a rocket they call the Qa‘qa‘ 1, which has a range of 45km, according to the local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent. The group made an announcement on Wednesday that the Tuesday attack had been the successful test firing of the rocket that they had developed from existing missiles.

Resistance captures drone reconnaissance plane in Baghdad.

Resistance forces in Baghdad shot down a US spy plane over Hayfa Street at 3:15pm Wednesday, prompting the US to send in Bradley armored vehicles and Abrams tanks to search for it. The correspondent for Makfarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance took control of the downed drone plane.

Resistance bombardments on Wednesday.

Resistance forces fired bombardments at the US base at as-Suqur south of Baghdad, the Republican Palace in Baghdad (known to the invaders as “the green zone”0, the Equestrian club, the military staff college - both US quarters, the headquarters of the puppet “national guard” and the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad, the base of the Iraqi puppet “rapid deployment forces” in at-Taji, the US base in Balad, the US base in Ba‘qubah, the US headquarters in Kirkuk, the occupation base in al-Hillah, the US base in Balad Ruz, the US base at al-Habbaniyah northwest of al-Fallujah,

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Thursday, 7 October 2004.

Resistance downs two helicopters, kills 25 US special forces troops in Sadr al-Yusufiyah.

Resistance forces shot down two US Apache helicopters in Sadr al-Yusufiyah in clashes that broke out about 6am Thursday. A Chinook helicopter attempted to land 25 US special forces behind Resistance lines but the special troops fell into a trap and all were killed in the hour-long engagement.

Afternoon fighting in al-Yusufiyah, another Apache shot down, 40 US troops said killed.

Resistance forces shot down another US Apache helicopter at 3:30pm Thursday in Nahr al-Qa’id in al-Yusufiyah. Two rockets were fired at the aircraft. The first missed, the second struck the helicopter, blowing it up in the air.

In other action the Resistance destroyed a troop carrier and two Kia cars carrying 10 US troops. In all some 40 US soldiers were killed in the afternoon engagement as well as 14 Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen.”

Makfarat al-Islam's correspondent wrote that the Resistance observed that many of the “national guardsmen” failed to break up and join the fighting. This allowed the Resistance to target them with Grad rockets.

US intelligence vehicle blown up, three killed in al-Yusufiyah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked an armored sports utility vehicle belonging to the US intelligence services on the highway in al-Yusufiyah. The Makfarat al-Islamcorrespondent reported that the attack, which took place at 3:35pm local time left the vehicle destroyed and killed three people aboard.

Fateful battle blunts US offensive in al-Latifiyah. US responds by bombing local homes, killing at least 30 civilians.

US forces on Wednesday evening and through the night into Thursday afternoon mounted a wave of fierce attacks on Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad. The Makfarat al-Islam correspondent reported that fighting raged in farm fields where the Resistance takes cover. US forces attempted to encircle the Resistance-held areas, but the Resistance mounted a violent response with all available weapons, including machine guns, mortars, and anti-tank rockets, in a what appears to be a decisive battle.

After US forces backed by puppet troops failed to subdue and capture the Resistance areas, American aircraft took to bombing homes of local residents, killing 10 children, eight women and 12 men, most of them elderly.

A US Apache helicopter on Thursday morning fired on a GMC and a Safari in the al-Karaghul area between al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah, killing 12 Iraqi Resistance fighters, according to the local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam.

Resistance fighters in al-Latifiyah destroyed three Bradley armored vehicles, killing 17 US troops and 22 puppet soldiers.

Resistance car bombing in al-Latifiyah leaves 22 US troops dead.

Resistance forces killed more than 22 US troops and 19 Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen” when a Resistance car bomb exploded under a convoy of the joint forces south of Baghdad. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the Kia Fontera car bomb driven by a martyrdom fighter blew up next to the patrol as a supply convoy was pulling up to a formation of three US armored vehicles.. Sources in the Iraqi “national guard” disclosed the casualty figures to the correspondent, adding that three US armored vehicles were also destroyed.

Samarra’: Resistance downs US helicopter, pounds US troops with rockets.

Resistance forces used a C5K to shoot down a US Cobra helicopter at 7:15am Thursday in the Samarra’ area. The Resistance also pounded the US ring encircling the city with 45 rockets - various types of Grad, Katyushas, rocket-propelled grenades, and a Tariq.

Meanwhile the Samarra’ correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam in Baghdad witnessed several US Red Cross helicopters ferrying dead and wounded troops into the “green zone” from the battlefield in Samarra’.

The Resistance in Samarra’ destroyed two armored vehicles and six Humvees belonging to the Americans as well as four Nissans belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces in the on-going battles for the city, now divided between the US aggressors and the Resistance.

In the course of the fighting, US aircraft dropped seven container bombs on Samarra’, specifically on the Makishifiyah and ad-Duwar areas of the city. Container bombs each contain thousands of anti-personnel cluster bombs.

Resistance shoots down US F-14 fighter bomber over western Iraq Thursday afternoon.

Resistance forces shot down a US F-14 aircraft that was flying at low altitude over the city of Rawah in western Iraq at 4:45pm Thursday afternoon. Because it passed over the city at low altitude, Resistance fighters were able to score a direct hit on it with a 14.5mm caliber four-barreled Dimitrov.

Resistance counter attacks US attempted attack on al-Qa’im.

A large US force of 25 Bradley armored vehicles and Abrams tanks surrounded the town of ar-Rummanah at 12:30pm Thursday and proceeded to attempt to storm into the city of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria. The Americans had air support in the form of three Apache helicopters.

Resistance forces planted no fewer than 20 powerful bombs made of Austrian explosive - each weighing 50 - 60 kilogrammes - in their path. These the Resistance detonated one after the other as the Americans advanced. One Abrams tank and two Bradley armored vehicles were destroyed by the bombs, local people reported. Four Abrams and one Bradley were disabled in the blasts.

Resistance fighters opened fire on the Americans after that with RPG7s and SBG9s, destroying one more Bradley and one more Abrams tank. After that an Apache combed the area thoroughly, killing four Resistance fighters and setting two Resistance cars - a BMW and a Toyota Corolla - ablaze.

The Resistance attack lasted 40 minutes and left about 15 Americans dead.

US bombs al-Fallujah wedding, killing 11, wounding 10 people, mostly women in series of attacks on civilian houses.

Eyewitnesses reported to Makfarat al-Islam that in the 7th of April district of al-Fallujah, US aircraft intensively bombed a local wedding party, killing 11 people, most of them women. Ten others, also mostly women, were wounded in the raid. The bodies were so shredded that it was difficult to distinguish men from women except by the gold jewelry that the women wore.

US aircraft also bombed a private house in al-Fallujah, trapping many civilians under the rubble. The local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that the US attack took place at 1:15am Friday morning. US aircraft rocketed a house in central al-Fallujah near the al-Furqan Mosque.

Earlier, at 11:20pm Thursday night, US aircraft savagely bombed the al-‘Askari and ash-Shuhada’ neighborhoods of al-Fallujah with two container bombs each, each one of which holds 2,000 anti-personnel cluster bombs. Meanwhile US artillery pounded the city from the ground for at least three hours during the night.

Action elsewhere in Iraq:
At 6:20am Resistance forces ambushed a US patrol on its way to Samarra’, killing five US soldiers and destroying three fuel tankers.

Resistance forces assassinated a prominent member of the chauvinist Kurdistani Party that collaborates with the US occupation at about 8am Thursday morning in Kirkuk. The Resistance mounted a large-scale attack using RPG7s and BKCs, on a group of three 2003 Landcruisers and a Nissan Patrol Safari near Tuz in Kirkuk, killing the chauvinist party official and 110 of his entourage.

Resistance fighters attacked a US patrol at about 9am in at-Tarimiyah, north of Baghdad, killing six US troops and destroying two Humvees.

At 9:20am Iraqi Resistance forces clashed with US troops in the ash-Shihabi area east of al-Fallujah, killing six Americans and destroying one Humvee, and damaging another. Two Resistance fighters were martyred in the fight.

Seventeen US troops were reported killed when a Resistance bomb went off by their military column Thursday morning west of Baghdad in the Duwaylibah area near al-Fallujah. Resistance fighters then ambushed the survivors, killing the 17 and destroying two tanks and four Humvees.

A Humvee and small armored vehicle were destroyed in the Hur al-Basha area near at-Taji Thursday morning.

Three Resistance bombs exploded as a US supply convoy was passing in the Talul al-Baj area between Bayji and Mosul in northern Iraq, destroying a troop transport vehicle and damaging an armored vehicle.

At 9am Resistance forces attacked an armored GMC belonging to US intelligence agents in Mosul, destroying that car and also a Nissan Patrol Safari belonging to a Kurdish chauvinist party.

At 10am a Resistance bomb in the ash-Shu‘lah district of Baghdad destroyed a passing Humvee and both US troops aboard it.

The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Abu Ghurayb reported seeing a US Mercedes truck ablaze in that area Thursday morning. No further details were available.

Resistance forces kidnapped three officers in the puppet police Thursday morning in Ba‘qubah.

At 6am, fierce fighting erupted in the Ba‘qubah area that lasted for an hour and a half in which both sides sustained casualties. Three Americans, 11 Iraqi puppet troops, and three Iraqi Resistance fighters were killed.

Resistance forces destroyed an Abrams tank in Duwaybilah.

Resistance forces destroyed a truck and killed its driver in al-Ghazaliyah.

Five US troops and two puppet “nationalguardsmen” were killed in a Resistance attack at 5:05pm in the al-Bu‘ithah area of ad-Durah, south Baghdad.

Resistance forces attacked a US patrol on the outskirts of Baghdad killing at least four at 9:50pm.

A US armored vehicle was disabled in Baghdad’s al-Jihad district.

One US soldier was killed near ar-Rashidiyah.

Seven Americans were killed and one Bradley armored vehicle destroyed in Khan Bani Sa‘d near Ba‘qubah.

Three Iraqi puppet policemen and two puppet “national guardsmen” were killed in a Resistance attack near Ba‘qubah.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired rocket and mortar barrages at the following sites on Thursday:

Resistance forces attacked the US-Iraqi puppet troop “al-Ghazali” base in Mosul at7:15 with three Katyusha rockets.

The Republican Palace compound where the US occupation has its headquarters (known to Americans as the “green zone” was hit by a Tariq rocket at 8am.

Five Katyusha rockets struck the puppet police academy in Baghdad.

Three Katyusha rockets struck the puppet interior ministry at the same time as the rocket attack on the puppet police academy.

Resistance forces in Tikrit bombarded the US base there with six Katyusha rockets at 8am.

The puppet so-called “ministry of petroleum” was attacked by a rocket barrage at 8:30am.

Resistance forces fired about 37 mortar rounds into the US base in Kirkuk at 10:40am.

Resistance forces fired a powerful Tariq rocket at the “green zone” in a second attack at 12:35pm.

Resistance forces struck the US forces in the agricultural area north east of al-Fallujah with a Grad rocket Thursday afternoon.

Resistance fighters fired two powerful Tariq rockets into the US airbase in Ba‘qubah, destroying two US Black Hawk helicopters.

Resistance forces shelled the Polish base in al-Hillah.

Resistance forces fired eight Katyushas at as-Suqur base south of Baghdad.

Resistance forces fired another Taria rocket at the “green zone” at 7pm.

At 7:05pm Resistance forces pounded the US base in Balad with two Tariq rockets equipped with chemical warheads, forcing US troops to evacuate the camp. In a dispatch posted at 10:10pm local time (9:10 Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the Americans had still not returned to the camp.
































Friday, 8 October 2004.

Americans resume attacks on al-Fallujah Friday night.

US forces renewed their bombardment of the city of al-Fallujah Friday night, firing barrages on the industrial zone of the city and the al-‘Askari neighborhood. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US forces shelled the areas with mortars. The al-‘Askari neighborhood alone was struck by more than 25 mortar rounds.

The al-Fallujah correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reported that the Americans also fired some 50 flare shells, lighting up the area over northern al-Fallujah.

Meanwhile, US troops cut the road linking al-Fallujah to ar-Ramadi.

Two Americans, three Resistance fighters killed in battle near ar-Ramadi.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired twelve 82mm mortar rounds at the US base set up in an Iraqi Presidential Palace at Kilometer 5 west of ar-Ramadi at 2pm Friday afternoon. After the barrage, a US patrol of four Humvees rushed to the area and opened fire on the Resistance fighters. A battle ensued in which three Resistance fighters were martyred and their car set on fire.

Two American troops were also killed and their Humvee destroyed by a RPG7 rocket.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reports that the number of Resistance fighters taking part in the attack apparently was small and that they were evidently inexperienced in battling the US troops, their only aim being to fire the barrage at the base.

Resistance blows up Bayji oil pipeline.

Fire broke out in an oil pipeline near Baghdad on Friday morning. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at exactly 11am, fire broke out on the Bayji oil pipeline. Flames were still coming from the pipeline at the time he filed his report posted at 6:20pm local time (5:20pm Mecca time).

International market prices for oil have risen to a record $53 per barrel as a result of the Iraqi Resistance’s effective campaign to cut off the theft of Iraqi oil by the US occupation regime.

Battle resumes in al-Latifiyah, south of Baghdad Friday evening.

Fighting resumed in the al-Latifiyah area 25km south of Baghdad on Friday evening. The Makfarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Latifiyah reported that the battle broke out at 6:25pm when US forces attempted to raid several houses in the area. Resistance fighters fought back, however, surprising the Americans with a counter attack in which they used RPG7 automatic weapons and C5K and CBG9 rockets as well as 60mm mortars.

The correspondent wrote that the fighting was still raging when he submitted his report, posted at 10:35pm local time (9:35pm Mecca time) Friday night.

Faced with the defiance of the Resistance, the Americans sent in F-16 fighter bombers to bomb the area, destroying four houses and killing five women, three children, and four men, mostly elderly.

The Resistance, for its part destroyed one US Abrams tank and disabled another. The Resistance also blasted apart four military fuel tank trucks and three Nissan pickup trucks belonging to the puppet Iraqi “national guard” that the Americans had stationed in the road to try to block the advance of Resistance reinforcements into the area. A 2-ton Kia belonging to the puppet “national guard” was also destroyed. The US also suffered casualties, but the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent was unable to provide specific figures.

Resistance captures US woman soldier in al-Latifiyah, after killing eight members of an American patrol.

At about 6:30pm Friday evening, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol of three Bradley armored vehicles and three Humveees in al-Musayyib town near al-Latifiyah. The Resistance destroyed one armored vehicle and disabled a Humvee. Eight men aboard the vehicles were killed. The rest of the patrol fled, leaving behind one US servicewoman whom the Resistance captured and took to an unknown destination.

At 8pm Friday night the Resistance issued statements in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah carrying the picture of the captive servicewoman, and stating that she is an American of Jewish origin.

The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Friday night that the Americans had massed more than 3,000 Marines in the area of al-Yusufiyah and al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad. About 1,500 had actually gone into action in the areas.

The massing of troops in the area is aimed at closing a pincer around al-Fallujah, as can be seen by the US practice of setting up command posts wherever they penetrate into the area. The purpose of the tactic being to secure American lines of supply for when they attack al-Fallujah.

The Resistance, for its part, has massed some 800 men according to Mafkarat al-Islam’s sources, and they have prevented the Americans from fully carrying out their aims.

The battles currently raging in the area are among the largest ever since the American occupation of Baghdad in spring of 2003, in terms of the numbers of forces and the extent of their deployment.

Two US intelligence agents and five American troops killed in Mosul ambush.

Resistance forces attacked a black US intelligence GMC vehicle that was being escorted by Humvees and a Bradley armored vehicle in the at-Tudh area in Mosul at 3:30pm Friday afternoon. Two persons aboard the spy car were killed in the attack in which the Resistance fired rocket-propelled grenades, automatic weapons, and BKCs. Two Humvees were also destroyed, killing five Americans aboard them.

Twenty-two helicopter loads of US casualties pour into Baghdad from provinces Friday.

A source employed inside the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace in Baghdad, known to the Americans as the “green zone,” told Makfarat al-Islamon Friday that from early morning until 4pm about 22 US Red Cross Black Hawk helicopters landed near the Ibn Sina Hospital. The helicopters were bringing wave after wave of US dead and injured from various places in Iraq to the occupied capital for shipment home or hospital treatment.

Five Americans died in ambush, US troops kill Iraqi family in revenge.

Three powerful Austrian explosive bombs blew up in the at-Tarimiyah area 25km north of Baghdad, destroying a US Humvee and disabling another. Resistance fighters then opened fire on the members of the patrol on the damaged vehicle with their RPG7s, killing five American soldiers, and causing the remainder of the patrol to panic and flee some 500 meters from the scene of the attack. There the Americans began firing indiscriminately on Iraqi civilians, killing one man, his wife, and their three children after setting their Kia ablaze.

Resistance liquidates puppet officer in Ba‘qubah.

At about noon on Friday Iraqi Resistance forces in Ba‘qubah assassinated an officer in the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” outside his house in the al-Mal‘ab “Playing field” area in the city. Sources reported that the officer was very close to the occupation forces, in particular with regard to providing them information on the Iraqi Resistance.

Resistance throws back nighttime US assault on Hayfa Street.

At 9:10pm Friday night, US forces attempted to storm into Hayfa Street in Baghdad with four Bradley armored vehicles. The Resistance fought back with hand grenades, forcing the Americans to turn back. The local correspondent of Makfarat al-Islam reports, however, that the Americans responded by opening fire indiscriminately in the area.

Resistance action across Iraq.

Resistance forces attacked a US supply convoy with CBG9 and C5K rockets at about 7am in the ad-Dulu‘iyah area, destroying one US armored vehicle, a Humvee, and a truck carrying provisions. Ten US troops who were aboard the various vehicles were killed.

Then at about 7:30 also in ad-Dulu‘iyah an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the path of a US column of Abrams tanks, disabling one when its treads were broken.

At about 8am Resistance forces attacked Iraqi puppet troops in Samarra’, destroying two small buildings and two towers in their command post. One puppet officer who tried to put up a fight was killed. The Resistance seized quantities of weapons from the command post.

At about 8am Friday Resistance forces in the al-Jihad area of Baghdad attacked two puppet police cars, killing three puppet policemen and wounding two more.

One American and three Iraqi “national guardsmen” were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Ba‘qubah at the as-Sa‘diyah gate. A Humvee and a Mitsubishi were disabled by the blast.

Resistance forces attacked a US column of two armored GMCs being escorted by four Humvees in al-Huwayjah north of Baghdad, killing two Americans at about 8am Friday morning.

Resistance forces attacked the US base in the Abu al-‘Ajal area near Tikrit with Katyusha rockets at around 8am, forcing the Americans and puppet troops to pour out of the base where the Resistance then attacked them with BKCs, killing five Iraqi puppet guards and two US troops and destroying a Nissan vehicle and disabling a Humvee at the entrance to the camp.

At about 12 noon two Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah Patrol Safari vehicles were attacked by the Resistance in the al-Huwayjah area, killing three and destroying one of the cars. The other managed to flee.

At least five US troops were killed Friday when the Resistance attacked several of their tanks in the area of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Qa’im reported that the Resistance planted a 250km bomb in the path of the American Abrams tank, totally destroying it near the phosphate works in the city. At least five US troops would have been killed aboard the tank.

Two members of the Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah were killed in the at-Tarqat area near Mosul when their convoy of two Land Cruisers and two armored GMCs was attacked by Resistance fighters firing BKCs at 1pm. One GMC was destroyed and one Peshmergah gunman who was wounded in the attack was captured.

Six puppet policemen were killed in a Resistance attack on their patrol of three Land Cruisers in the Khan Bani Sa‘d area south of Ba‘qubah. Two Land Cruisers were destroyed in the attack.

Resistance forces attacked a Polish aggressor patrol made up of two Jeeps and three Mitsubishi pickup trucks belonging to the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” in the as-Suwayrah area at 4:30pm Friday afternoon. The Resistance fired rocket-propelled grenades and BKCs, destroying two Jeeps and killing three Poles. Two pickups were also destroyed, killing five Iraqi puppet “national guardsmen.” Witnesses reported that a puppet officer in the “national guard” was captured.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US column of four Bradley armored vehicles east of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border at 6:10pm, damaging one vehicle.

Resistance forces at 6:45pm Friday attacked a US patrol of two Bradley armored vehicles under the Abu Munaysir Bridge near the village of adh-Dhahab al-Abyad in the Abu Ghurayb area, disabling one Bradley by cutting its tread.

At 10:35pm Resistance forces firing rocket-propelled grenades attacked a US supply convoy made up of six civilian trucks near al-Ghazaliyah. Two trucks were destroyed and their drivers, who are believed to have been Asians, were killed.

At 10:45pm Friday violent battles erupted between the Resistance and the puppet “national guard” in the area of a command post at the ad-Dulu‘iyah Bridge. One Humvee and two Mitsubishi pickup trucks belonging to the puppet “guard” were destroyed.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the road to Saddam International Airport near the al-Jihad neighborhood of Baghdad, disabling a US Bradley armored vehicle.

At 11:10pm the Resistance attacked a US patrol made up of four Humvees at the southern entrance to Mosul, destroying one vehicle. Eyewitnesses reported that at least one American was killed in the attack because a body was seen thrown eight meters through the air. It is unknown whether the rest of the US soldiers were killed or wounded.

Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded numerous US and Iraqi puppet facilities on Friday.

At 6am, Resistance forces fired a powerful Tariq rocket at the Republican Palace in Baghdad, headquarters of the US occupation, known to the invaders as “the green zone.”

At about 6am the governorate office building in Mosul was struck by five 60mm mortar rounds.

Resistance forces fired more than 45 small Katyusha rockets at the US base in at-Taji, north of Baghdad at about 7am, sowing panic among the US personnel in the facility and forcing them and their Iraqi stooges to flee out of the camp.

Two powerful Grad rockets slammed into the US base in Samarra’ at about 8am Friday morning.

At 9am the US base north of Mosul was struck by eight large Katyusha rockets.

Then at 11am three more Grad rockets struck the US base in Samarra’.

Resistance forces fired three powerful Grad rockets into the US base at the ash-Shuhada’ Bridge in al-Yusufiyah, 20km south of Baghdad at 11am, after which US troops deployed around the base.

Resistance forces fired four Katyushas at the US base in Balad Ruz, in the Ba‘qubah area at 12 noon Friday.

The US base in the Ba‘shiqah area near Mosul was hit at about 12 noon by five Katyusha rockets.

Resistance forces bombarded the Italian aggressor base in Suq ash-Shuyukh in an-Nasiriyah Province with three powerful Tariq rockets at about 7pm Friday evening. The an-Nasiriyah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the barrage sent the Italians into a panic. They raced out of the base and spread out around it, in fear that the barrage of the base might continue.

At 7pm Resistance forces fired four small Katyusha rockets into the as-Suqur US base south of Baghdad.

At 7pm Resistance forces fired a Grad rocket at the US base in Saddam International Airport southwest of Baghdad, there was so much black smoke after the attack that people could see it clearly despite the gathering night.

At 7pm the Iraqi Resistance fired four Katyusha rockets into the US al-Ghazlani base in Mosul.

The Resistance fired eighteen 82mm mortar rounds into the US base at Abu Ghurayb at 8pm Friday night.

At 8pm Friday Resistance forces fired two Congress rockets into the headquarters of the US central command in at-Tallah.

Resistance forces struck the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad with nine 82mm mortar rounds at 8:30pm Friday, setting off warning sirens in the facility.

Resistance forces pounded the joint US-puppet base in at-Taji north of Baghdad with two powerful Tariq rockets at about 9pm.

At 9:55pm Resistance forces bombarded the US bases in ad-Duwaylibah and al-Yusufiyah with more than 24 Katyusha rockets.

At 9:45pm Friday night the Resistance fired five C5K rockets at the puppet so-called interior ministry building in Baghdad.

At 10pm Friday night Resistance forces struck the US base in the military academy in Baghdad’s ar-Rustamiyah district with five Katyusha rockets.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah reported that the al-Faruq Brigades at 10pm Friday night struck the headquarters of the British occupation troops in the al-Jubaylah area with three Grad rockets.

At 10:20pm the Resistance struck the US so-called “green zone” headquarters with a type of Katyusha rocket.

NATO approves plan to send 300 troops to train Iraqi puppet forces on behalf of USA.

The US-controlled NATO alliance agreed on a plan on Friday to send 300 military trainers to occupied Iraq, but did not publicly announce a date for the start of that mission. A NATO official did say, however, that the trainers would leave for occupied Iraq before the sham “election” rigged up by the American occupation administration is to be held in January 2005. NATO ministers also agreed in their meeting in Brussels on the establishment of a training academy for Iraqi puppet troops, according to a report on the meeting carried by al-Jazeera satellite TV.