Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Saturday, 9 October 2004 through Monday, 11 October 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Saturday, 9 October 2004.


Fierce fighting rages in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah.


Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah south of Baghdad were the scene on Saturday of fierce fighting.  All types of weaponry were employed by the sides.  The Mafkarat al-Islam team of reporters in the area reported that the battle raged during the day for 10 hours, beginning at 6:30am.  Major fighting died down at around 4pm.  More than 3,000 US Marines took part as well as all types of helicopters and airplanes in the attack on al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah, but the Resistance was prepared for them and fired back with Grad, Tariq SPG9, C5K, Katyusha, and Strela rockets, 60mm, 82mm, 120mm mortars and fired RPG7s and BKCs at the aggressors.


US Cobra helicopters bombarded the northern part of al-Yusufiyah, and took part in the assault on al-Latifiyah, destroying 25 houses and numerous private cars and killing 12 Iraqi civilians.


Mafkrat al-Islam witnessed more than 400 Resistance fighters in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah in numerous detachments made up of eight to 10 men each. They took part alternately in attacks on the US forces, in such a way that the barrage on the Americans never ceased.  Six rockets or mortar shells struck the Americans every 10 minutes.  The correspondents observed the Resistance fighters moving around the field, eight men to a vehicle, and each vehicle equipped with a rocket launcher, some fixed to the car, others for use on the ground.


The reporters observed several Kayusha launchers, capable of firing more than 30 rockets at one time.  Mafkarat al-Islam observed that the Resistance fired 50 high powered Tariq rockets and more than 75 Grads.  More than 250 other rockets were fired, including Cobras, Congresses, SPG9s CETs C5Ks and RPG7s.


For their part the Americans used heavy artillery sophisticated rockets and guided missiles in their attack.


In al-Yusufiyah, the US lost four amphibious armored vehicles and one Abrams tank destroyed.  The Abrams was dragged by another armored vehicle away from the scene of the fighting.  Three other tanks were disabled as were 3 troop carriers.  Seven Humvees were destroyed.  Twenty-seven US troops were killed and five others captured by the Resistance.  In addition 21 US troops were killed when they launched a campaign of house raids at 7am.  When they got out of their vehicles, the Resistance attacked them sudeenly and killed 21 of their original force of 33 soldiers.


In al-Latifiyah, four Abrams tanks, two Bradley armored vehicles, six Humvees, three troop carriers, and one small troop transport were destroyed, killing 54 Americans in all there.


At 7am Saturday Resistance forces destroyed a fuel tank truck on the highway south of Baghdad, killing two US troops in the al-Latifiyah area.


The Resistance lost between 25 and 30 fighters killed as a result of Cobra missile attacks on their vehicles.


A team of six Mafkarat al-Islam correspondents covered the battle.  One of them was lightly wounded in the shoulder.  One of the correspondents’ cars was destroyed in al-Latifiyah, forcing the reporters to take off on foot, walking for three and a half hours, from 2pm until 5:30pm.


At 3:30pm Resistance forces fired a C5K rocket at a US Cobra helicopter hovering in the air between al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah.  The rocket scored a direct hit, blowing the helicopter apart in the air.


Huge ambush leaves 43 Americans dead in Hur Rajab.


Forty-three US troops were killed in a large scale Resistance ambush Saturday morning in the Hur Rajab area.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that a US column of four armored vehicles, two small armored vehicles, and six Humvees was proceeding through the Hur Rajab area Saturday morning when the Resistance ambushed it.  The Resistance had planted powerfulbombs by the side of the road along its path.  The correspondent estimated that they were probably 250kg explosives.


The US column halted, out of fear of an ambush and indeed it was then that the Resistance attacked from both sides.  Two Bradley armored vehicles were destroyed and two others disabled.  Five Humvees were destroyed, and a sixth disabled.  One of the small armored vehicles was destroyed and the other disabled.  The Resistance then attacked the survivors with anti-personnel RPG7s (known as al-Mihdad), killing an estimated 43 US troops.


The attack on the column lasted 15 minutes.  The force of the initial bombs meant that the ambush was little more than a coup de gras.  After finishing this battle, the Resistance fighters moved on to join the Resistance forces fighting in the al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah area.


Fighting resumes after midnight in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah.


Fighting resumed in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah at 12:10am Sunday morning after the US aggressors passed a difficult day of fighting in the area Saturday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the battle was still raging when he filed his report, posted at 3:25am local time (2:25am Mecca time).  The Resistance attacked positions of the US forces in the area.


US intelligence officers believed killed in northern Iraq.


Two US personnel, believed to be officers in US intelligence were killed when a US patrol made up of a Mitsubishi sports utility vehicle and three Humvees was attacked at about 6pm Saturday evening on the highway between ash-Sha‘lan and Salah ad-Din Province.  The vehicle was destroyed, killing the two suspected intelligence officers aboard.


Fierce fighting continues in Samarra’.


Resistance forces in Samarra’, who continue to control nearly 65 percent of the city, but are now largely concentrated outside Samarra’, fired Grad and Katyusha rockets and 60mm, 82mm, and 120mm mortar rounds at the besieging US forces in the city.


The Resistance attacks destroyed two Bradley armored vehicles when the Resistance attacked a command post near the al-Mukashifi area with SPG9 rockets.  A Humvee was destroyed by a bomb near the as-Saddah area of the city.  An Abrams tank was destroyed with another Resistance bomb, probably a powerful Austrian explosive.


Altogether some 15 US troops and 13 Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen” were killed in the various Resistance attacks.  Twenty Iraqi civilians were killed in the US attacks as were eight Resistance fighters.


US forces in the 24 hours of Saturday dropped five container bombs full of cluster bombs.  US snipers deployed in various parts of the city, terrorizing local residents.


Resistance forces in Samarra’ shot down a US Black Hawk helicopter after it took off from the US base in the city at about 7:15am Saturday.  The Resistance had been waiting for the take off, however, and fired a C5K rocket at the craft, bringing it down.


US raids on Hayfa Street in Baghdad.


US forces launched a massive wave of house raids and arrests on Hayfa Street in Baghdad Saturday morning.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that American forces closed off the neighborhood at about 6am and about 25 tanks and armored vehicles deployed on the street as US snipers took up positions atop houses in the area to facilitate the mass arrests of youths whom the Americans accused were supporters of the Resistance.  The blockade of the neighborhood ended at about 4pm.


Resistance forces ambushed US troops and Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen with RPG7s at about 6pm, killing four American soldiers and disabling a Humvee.  Five Iraqi puppet soldiers were also killed and their Nissan pickup destroyed.


Resistance actions around Iraq Saturday.


At about 2am local time Resistance fighters driving a white explosives-laden GMC vehicle drove into a command post of the US military and a camp of the Iraqi puppet police and the puppet so-called “national guard” in ‘Anah, 260km west of Baghdad.  Ten US troops were killed in the blast. Two Humvees were destroyed and one Bradley armored vehicle was disabled, killing the 10 men aboard.  More than 50 puppet policemen were killed or wounded in the bombing of their camp, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.


Three US troops were killed and two others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the 7th of April district of the city of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed one US Humvee and disabled an armored vehicle.


Nine US Marines were killed when Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a Marine column in Tal‘afar on Friday.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent there reported that the US column consisting of five armored vehicles was attacked at about 11pm local time by Resistance fighters firing SPJ9s and C5Ks.  The US forces responded by firing indiscriminately in every direction, destroying two civilian cars – an Opel and a Daiwoo – and killing four Iraqi civilians.


Four American troops were killed in the al-Huwyajah area near Kirkuk when a US column of four Bradley armored vehicles and five Humvees in the city tried to storm al-Huwayjah to raid houses and arrest youths.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the Resistance planted bombs in the path of the Americans and then attacked with RPG7s and SPG9s, destroying a Humvee and killing the four US soldiers aboard it.  After that the US troops withdrew from the area, but large numbers of US aircraft continued to prowl the skies of al-Huwyajah.


In Sadr al-Yusufiyah Saturday morning US forces launched a wave of raids that encountered the Iraqi Resistance.  Resistance fighers used all the rockets in their possession – the Tariq, Grad, CET – in their counter attack on the US invaders, firing more than 20 Katyushas.  The counter attack left three Humvees destroyed and two fuel tank trucks ablaze.  Also destroyed were an amphibious armored vehicle and a Bradley armored vehicle.  Fighting was still raging when the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent filed his report posted at 12:10pm local time Saturday (11:10am Mecca time).


Four puppet policemen were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb demolished their Nissan pickup on the road to az-Zubayr, west of al-Basrah at about 1pm local time Saturday afternoon.


Three puppet so-called “Iraqi national guardsmen” were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb went off under their green Nissan pickup truck on the Umm Qasr highway in southern Iraq at about 1pm local time.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Basrah reported that


Nine US troops were killed on Saturday in a Resistance car bomb attack near al-Fallujah.  A Red Brazilian car blew up in front of a puppet police station in al-Karmah, east of al-Fallujah at 4:20pm, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported.  Two Humvees were destroyed killing the nine US troops aboard them.


The puppet police commander of ash-Shurayhah in al-‘Amarah city, 366km south of Baghdad was assassinated by the Resistance.  The commander, a brigadier general in rank, was on his way home from work when Resistance fighters opened fire on him at 4:35pm Saturday, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-‘Amarah reported.


Three US troops were killed when two Iraqi Resistance bombs of the powerful Austrian explosive type blew up under a US column at 6:30pm local time in the city of at-Taji, 40km north of Baghdad.  The three soldiers, one of whom is believed to have been an officer, died when their Humvee was destroyed.


At about 8pm Saturday, Resistance forces attacked a US supply convoy made up of several US trucks escorted by Humvees in the at-Tarimiyah area, 25km north of Baghdad.  The Resistance fired C5Ks and RPG7s at the US column, destroying three supply trucks, and killing their “civilian” drivers working for the US aggressors.  One Humvee was disabled, killing a US soldier who was aboard.


At 8:15pm Saturday, three Resistance bombs exploded, one after the other, in the Hamran area of Ba‘qubah, destroying a troop carrier.  Local residents say that it was carrying 10 US soldiers.  An armored vehicle was disabled in the blasts, but the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent was unable to ascertain casualty figures.


At 9:05pm Saturday night two powerful Resistance bombs (probably of Austrian explosives) blew up under a US column near the village of ‘Uwaynat in Salah ad-Din Province, destroying a Humvee and killing three US troops.


Two Iraqi puppet policemen were killed in a C5K rocket attack on police in the al-‘Amil district in south Baghdad at 9:10pm Saturday.


At 10:30pm A US patrol in ad-Durah south of Baghdad made up of two Humvees and a troop transport was attacked with C5K and RPG7 rockets, destroying one Humvee, disabling the troop carrier, and killing four US soldiers.


At 10:45pm  Resistance forces attacked a headquarters of the collaborationist Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah militia in Kirkuk with C5K rockets, causing material damage to the building and killing one guard.


At 11pm Resistance forces in al-Ghazaliyah south of Baghdad used RPG7s to attack a US patrol made up of two Bradley armored vehicles and three Humvees.  Two Humvees were disabled.  Casualty figures are unknown.


In a dispatch posted at 11:15pm Mecca time (12:15am Sunday local time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that more than 95 US Humvees and other vehicles had surrounded the Abu Tashir area of ad-Durah, south of Baghdad on all sides, closing off all exits from the area.  At every exit road two Bradley armored vehicles are stationed and six Humvees.  US troops laid barbed wire around the area as well in order to prevent anyone entering or leaving.




Resistance bombardments Saturday.


Resistance forces in Ba‘qubah attacked the US base with two powerful Tariq rockets at 3am local time, then they attacked again, firing five Katyusha rockets at about 7am.


At about 7am a Tariq rocket slammed into the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace, known to the US invaders as the “green zone.”


Five mortar rounds struck the US base in as-Suqur south of Baghdad at 9:10am Saturday morning.


Resistance forces fired a Grad rocket at the US airbase in al-Muthanna in Baghdad at 11am.


At 5pm Saturday the Resistance fired two Tariq rockets into the US base at Balad, 75km north of Baghdad.  Clouds of smoke rose over the facility.


Resistance forces fired 10 Katyusha rockets into the US air base in the an-Naba‘i area west of at-Taji at about 6pm.


Resistance forces fired ten 82mm mortar rounds into the US base in al-Muthanna in Baghdad at 7pm Saturday.


At about 7pm the Resistance fired five Katyusha rockets into the US base at the Ba‘qubah airport, north of Baghdad.


Then at 8pm the Resistance resumed bombarding the US base in Balad, hitting it with five Katyusha rockets.


At about 8pm the Resistance fired rockets into a US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” command post in the at-Taji area north of Baghdad, killing three puppet troops.


The US base in as-Suqur was hit by three Katyusha rockets at 8:30pm Saturday.


Resistance forces two Katyushas into the Republican Palace compound in Baghdad, which the US uses as its headquarters for the occupation of the country, having nicknamed it “the green zone.”  The attack took place at about 9pm, and set off warning sirens.


Four Grad rockets slammed into the Presidential Palace in ar-Ramadi, now used by the US aggressors as a base at about 9pm Saturday evening.


At about 9pm the Resistance struck the joint US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” base in Balad Ruz, southeast of Ba‘qubah, with twelve 120mm mortar rounds.


At 9:30pm Resistance forces bombarded the US base in Abu Ghurayb with five 120mm mortar rounds.


At 9:50pm Resistance forces, believed to be members of the al-Faruq Brigades, bombarded the headquarters of British forces in the al-Barradi‘iyah in al-Basrah with four Grad rockets.


At about 10pm the Resistance fired twelve 60mm mortar rounds into the governorate building in Ba‘qubah.


At 10:05pm The Resistance struck the US Central Command base in at-Tallah with four Katyusha rockets.


Resistance forces lobbed five CET rockets at the US-occupied staff college in al-‘Amiriyah in Baghdad.


Resistance forces fired seven 82mm mortar rounds into the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad at about 11pm local time, setting off warning sirens inside the camp.






































Sunday, 10 October 2004.


Car bomb virtually wipes out US check point on Syrian border early Sunday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb blew up near a US checkpoint near the city of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border at 6:30am Sunday morning, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.  One Resistance fighter drove an old Toyota pick up truck loaded with animal fodder proceeding very slowly past the post.


The American checkpoint on the border consisted of four Marine Bradley armored vehicles, tents, other equipment, and observation cameras.


Witnesses reported that after going through the checkpoint the car backed up at great speed, slamming into the US outpost and blowing up, inflicting casualties in dead and wounded among the Americans.


Two Chinook helicopters and two Apache helicopters raced to the scene after the blast.  The Chinooks carried away the damaged armored vehicles and the bodies of the dead and some of the wounded.


The checkpoint itself was totally destroyed.  Because there was absolutely no movement in the area, local Bedouin shepherds came to have a look and took some of the weapons and some pictures, after which the US helicopters came on the scene.


US rockets, not Resistance car bomb, said responsible for Sunday’s deaths in front of puppet police academy in Baghdad.


Western media sources, basing their reports on a statement by an official in the puppet so-called Iraqi “petroleum ministry,” announced Sunday that an explosion that left 20 Iraqis dead was the result of a car bomb that detonated prematurely in the intersection across from the police academy in the Iraqi capital.  ‘Asif Jihad, a spokesman for the puppet ministry claimed, “the bomb apparently exploded prematurely at an intersection in front of the academy.  Most of the dead were passersby, including seven women.”


Later a statement taking credit for the bombing appeared on the internet attributed to the organization at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad, believed led by Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi who has been linked to Usamah bin Ladin’s al-Qa‘idah.


But contrary to both the western media and at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad’s purported claims, eyewitnesses on the scene told Mafkarat al-Islam’s reporters in Baghdad that the incident was caused by rockets fired by an American helicopter.  The witnesses told the correspondents that they saw the helicopter fire two rockets and said they had recovered parts of the missiles from the blast zones.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted that there were two blast craters in the area, one near the location were collaborators were lining up to join the Iraqi puppet police – a crater 1.5 meters long and 1 meter wide.  The hole was steep on its southern end and tapered gradually up towards the other direction.  The other crater was in the middle of the street.  It was 2 meters long, 1 meter wide.  It was very deep at one end but rose at the other, suggesting that the projectile turned as it struck.


The witnesses reported that the attack left 20 Iraqis dead and 10 others injured.  The latter were takend ot al-Yarmuk and al-Kindi Hospitals in Baghdad.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam advanced the opinion that the Americans carried out the attack to try to push members of the Iraqi puppet police forces into a sense of greater support for the occupation regime.  Many individuals join the puppet police purely as a source of income and are more sympathetic with the Resistance than with their own American bosses.


This is not the first incident of its kind.  Mafkarat al-Islam noted that a few weeks ago a similar incident occurred at the puppet police station in al-Karakh in Baghdad.  Western media attributed the blast to a Resistance car bomber, but local people told Mafkarat al-Islam that a US helicopter had been responsible.  Later the British newspaper The Guardian picked up on the same eyewitness testimony, and it was further confirmed by Sunni Islamic leader Shaykh Muhammad ‘Abbas al-Kubaysi during a discussion on al-Jazeera.


Fighting on Hayfa Street in Baghdad.


US forces attempted to penetrate into the Hayfa Street area in Baghdad using 20 US military vehicles (eight Abrams tanks and 12 Bradley armored vehicles) in order to storm houses and capture young men.  The US assault began at about 8am Sunday morning, but when the Resistance stood and fought, the American offensive petered out.


Violent clashes resumed, however, early in the afternoon, leaving four US troops dead.  One Iraqi woman was also killed when she was coming home from the market.  A US sniper shot her in the neck, killing her instantly.


The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported in a dispatch posted at 3:05pm local time (2:05pm Mecca time) that US snipers were at that moment widely deployed atop high buildings in the Hayfa Street area as two American Apache helicopters prowled the skies over the street.


Resistance car bomb in al-Fallujah kills six American troops.


An Iraqi Resistance Opel car bomb driven by a martyrdom attacker blew up on the highway near the Tuesday Market [Suq ath-Thulatha’] district of the Zuyunah area of the ad-Dubbat neighborhood of al-Fallujah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast occurred at 8:45am Sunday, and destroyed two US Humvees and killed six US troops.  Four Iraqi puppet troops were also killed when their Nissan pickup was destroyed in the same attack.  Later a US Black Hawk helicopter landed at the scene of the attack to pick up the dead and wounded.  The Tuesday Market area has been a nearly deserted zone for some time.


Fierce battles resume in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah Sunday.


Heavy fighting resumed on Sunday in al-Latifiyah.  In one engagement six US troops and six Resistance fighters were killed.  The Resistance fighters were martyred when a US Black Hawk helicopter rocketed their car.


Eleven US Marines killed in al-Latifiyah.


Eleven Marines were killed when the Iraqi Resistance attacked a US column on the main public street in al-Latifiyah Sunday near the fuel station.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance detonated bombs and then attacked with RPG7s, destroying three Humvees and killing the 11 Marines.


Between 22 and 25 Marines killed in al-Yusufiyah.


At least 22 US Marines were killed when the Resistance ambushed them in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in the al-Yusufiyah area.  A US Marine patrol made up of three Bradley armored vehicles and a Humvee came under a fierce Resistance attack.  The Iraqi fighters fired more than ten powerful Tariq rockets at the Americans, as US F-16 fighter bombers struck the agricultural area around the city, leaving five men, nine women and eight children between the ages of six and nine years old dead.


Local residents of al-Yusufiyah reported hearing more than 30 explosions of 120mm mortar rounds inside the puppet police station compound and telephone exchange in the city.

In the course of the fighting, several Iraqi Resistance cars were also destroyed and seven Resistance fighters martyred.


Nine trucks in convoy destroyed in al-Yusufiyah.


Resistance forces detonated bombs under a US convoy and then attacked the vehicles with rocket-propelled grenades, C5Ks, 120mm mortar rounds and 82mm mortar rounds at 7am Sunday.  The attack destroyed nine civilian trucks carrying spare parts in the US military convoy destroyed.  Nine truck drivers, believed to be foreigners, were killed.


Seven Marines killed in al-Latifiyah area Sunday evening.


In a dispatch posted at 9:50pm local time Sunday night (8:50pm Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that fighting in the al-Yusufiyah and al-Latifiyah area was still raging.  More than 12 Tariq rockets were heard going off in al-Latifiyah.  More than ten Grads and thirty 120mm mortar rounds were also heard there.  The 795 caliber Dimitrov could also be heard, as were mortar rounds of 60mm, 82mm, and 120mm caliber.  Seven US Marines were confirmed dead by the correspondent.


Eighteen US troops killed in car bombing in al-Yusufiyah.


An Iraqi Resistance guerrilla attack killed at least 18 American troops in addition to destroying two Bradley armored vehicles in al-Yusufiyah at 8:45pm Sunday evening.  An Opel Stationwagon slammed into a group of US troops near the northern entrance to ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Yusufiyah.  The US detachment was made up of four Bradley armored vehicles and 20 US footsoldiers.


Fifteen US troops killed in al-Latifiyah area.


Six Resistance fighters were killed in a clash with US forces near al-Latifiyah at 6pm local time Sunday evening.  The Resistance, for its part, killed 15 American troops in the clash in the Jarf as-Sakhr area when they fired a heavy barrage of SPG9s and C5Ks all within three minutes.


Massive Ra‘d rockets fired at US troops in al-Yusufiyah area.


Resistance fighters used Ra‘d surface-to-surface rockets at 9pm Sunday in their fight against the US in al-Yusufiyah, producing huge explosions.  The Ra‘d is six meters long and carries a Russian-made warhead.  But the casing and internal working parts of both the rocket and the explosive are Iraqi-made, manufactured in the al-Yarmuk plant in the south of the country.


In addition to the Ra‘d, more than seventy 120mm mortar rounds were fired between 6 – 9:30pm


Jordanian Kung Fu champion killed while fighting in the Iraqi Resistance.


The Jordanian media reported on Sunday that Baha’ Ibrahim Muhammad Yahya, known as Abu al-Muthanna, a Jordanian Kung Fu champion, had been killed in Iraq after he had been there for four months fighting with the Resistance against the US occupation.  Al-‘Arab al-Yawm reported that Baha’ Ibrahim’s family had received a telephone call with the news two days previous.


Resistance pushes US forces out of control of Hit.


Resistance forces on Sunday regained control of much of the city of Hit in western Iraq, expelling US forces and Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen” in fierce fighting that began at 6am Sunday morning and was still raging when the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam filed his report, posted at 3:20pm local time (2:20pm Mecca time).  At that time fighting was concentrated in the southern and western parts of the city.


Four US troops were killed and five others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at 8:30am between Hit and the US camp in the area.  Two Humvees were destroyed in the ambush.


Three US intelligence officers killed.


Three US intelligence officers were killed in a Resistance attack on the highway between the US occupation headquarters (the so-called “green zone”) and Saddam International Airport.  Several American black armored vehicles, two GMCs and two Fords, believed to belong to the CIA were ambushed by the Resistance at 1:45pm Sunday afternoon.  The Resistance fighters fired armor-piercing KG3s at the vehicles, destroying one black Ford and killing the three men aboard it.  A GMC was disabled when it collided with a wall.


Resistance attacks Kurdish gunmen guarding Mossad agents in northern Iraq.


Nine persons were killed at 3:55pm Sunday when Resistance forces ambushed a Kurdish chauvinist patrol of the Peshmergah forces following the collaborator al-Barzani in the ash-Shirtat area between Mosul and Kirkuk, an area dominated by the Sunni Arab al-‘Abid tribe.  The Peshmergah men were guarding a GMC vehicle that is believed to have belonged to the Zionist Mossad.  The Resistance detonated bombs and attacked with KBCs, destroying two Toyota pickups and killing six aboard them.  Three other persons were killed aboard a Safari.  One Kurdish chauvinist officer was taken captive by the Resistance, and a GMC was destroyed.


US sends troops into Madinat as-Sadr after agreement between Jaysh al-Mahdi and US invaders.


US forces penetrated into Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad on Sunday afternoon, bringing in 12 tanks, eight Bradley armored vehicles, six Humvees and seven small armored vehicles.  The US forces were driving about the area at the time that the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent filed his report posted at 6:26pm Sunday evening local time (5:26pm Mecca time).  As a result of an agreement between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and the US aggressors, the American invaders have met with no attacks at the hands of the Jaysh al-Mahdi defenders of Madinat as-Sadr.


Fighting rages near Karbala’ before dawn Sunday.


US forces attempted to advance on Jarf as-Sakhr, 45km north of Karbala’ in Babil Province on Sunday but they then came under Resistance attack.  Forty Iraqi Resistance bombs, probably of Austrian explosives, blew up under the US column, destroying three US Abrams tanks.  The Resistance then attacked the US troops sparking a full-scale engagement in which SBG9s and D5K rockets were used.  The battles that lasted from 1am until 5am left more than 15 US troops and eight Iraqi Resistance fighters dead.  Six civilian cars belonging to the Resistance were also destroyed in the fighting when they were empty and parked by the side of the road.


Resistance forces shot down a US Chinook helicopter using a four-barreled Dimitrov when the craft was attempting to evacuate some burned vehicles from Jarf as-Sakhr.


Poles pull out of al-Hillah base.


Under farewell rocket fire from the Resistance, Polish aggressor troops completed their withdrawal from al-Hillah to ad-Diwaniyah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported in a dispatch posted at 2:15am Monday morning local time (1:15am Monday morning Mecca time) that the Poles had completed 40 percent of their evacuation by that time.


The Resistance fired two powerful Tariq rockets at the Poles at 9am.  Then at 8pm three more blasts shook the Polish base, one Tariq and two Grads.


One more US atrocity.


According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, an Iraqi civilian Land Cruiser was proceeding along the highway leading to Baghdad southeast of al-Fallujah at 5:45pm  Sunday evening when it had a collision with a US Humvee, killing one American soldier.  The other Americans then got out of their Humvee, dragged the Iraqi civilian out of his car and choked him to death with their hands.


US aggressor troops destroy farmland.


American occupation troops have bulldozed Iraqi farm fields adjacent to the highways of several Iraqi cities.  US troops have cut down date palms and other trees and destroyed citrus groves within 200-300 meters from the highways on Sunday in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah south of Baghdad, having done so on Saturday in the Hur Rajab and al-Bu‘ithah areas south of ad-Durah.  The did the same thing earlier on the approaches to the city of al-Khalidiyah.  The Americans apparently learned the practice from the Zionists in occupied Palestine who on similar pretexts of fighting the Resistance destroy the livelihood of local villagers.


The Samarra’ front.


Three US troops killed in ambush near Samarra’.


Resistance forces attacked a US patrol near Samarra’ on the Tikrit-Samarra’ highway at 1:30pm.  Resistance fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades, destroying a Humvee, disabling a Bradley armored vehicle and killing three US troops.


Samarra’ itself, however, was quiet as of Sunday afternoon, its streets largely empty.  Resistance bombardments generally only begin after nightfall.


Resistance ambush leaves 11 US troops dead near Samarra’.


Eleven American troops were killed on Sunday at about 7:45pm when Resistance fighters firing RPG7s and C5Ks destroyed a Bradley armored vehicle and two troop carriers loaded with four soldiers each and apparently explosive munitions in a convoy between ad-Dulu‘iyah and Samarra’.  The vehicles continued to explode on their own for 15 minutes after the attack.


Samarra’ itself was in a state of uneasy calm with US snipers perched atop buildings in the city intent upon killing anyone who moved in the streets below.  Resistance forces, for their part, have concentrated in the fields surrounding the city, from where they carry out raids behind the American lines.


Seven Iraqis have died martyrs including a woman and a small child.  The Americans destroyed four private homes when F-16s rocketed them.  Powerful explosions were heard in several parts of Samarra’ during the day.


Resistance attacks throughout Iraq on Sunday.


Resistance forces fired a C5K rocket at a US C131 airplane at 7:10am Sunday, striking it and setting it ablaze.  The plane made a forced landing at the US base at Saddam International Airport.


Resistance forces attacked a US column near at-Taji, 40km north of Baghdad.  The US column was made up of a Bradley armored vehicle and six Humvees and was attacked at 7:50am by Resistance fighters firing PRG7s and BKCs.  One American was killed and three others wounded and one Bradley and two Humvees were disabled.


Two Resistance fighters were martyred at the southern entrance to Ba‘qubah Sunday morning when a bomb they were trying to plant exploded prematurely.


A US-puppet joint patrol of three Humvees and two Mitsubishi vehicles belonging to the puppet “national guard” ran over Resistance bombs at 12:15pm Sunday in Kirkuk, whereupon Resistance fighters attacked with rocket-propelled grenades destroying a Mitsubishi and disabling a Humvee.  One US soldier and four puppet troops were killed and one US soldier and two Iraqi puppet “guardsmen” were wounded.


Seven US troops were killed and one armored personnel carrier disabled when Iraqi Resistance forces clashed with US troops near Balad at 2:30pm Sunday.  Four Resistance fighters were martyred when their Opel car was hit by a rocket fired by a US helicopter.


Resistance forces attacked a convoy of Turkish civilian trucks employed by the US aggressors to bring supplies to the American forces at Talul al-Baj between Bayji and Mosul.  Four US Humvees were escorting the convoy when the Resistance destroyed three trucks, killing the three Turkish drivers at 3:10pm Sunday.  One US soldier was killed in the engagement when his Humvee was disabled.


A column of four Bradley armored vehicles was attacked by Resistance fighters firing SPG9 rockets in the Bahraz area near Ba‘qubah at about 4:30pm Sunday.  One armored vehicle was disabled.


Iraqi sharpshooters ambushed a US column, killing two American soldiers at 4:30pm Sunday afternoon in the Balad area.  The US column was made up of Bradley armored vehicles and Abrams tanks.  The column passed an area where Iraqi sharpshooters were concealed.  The Resistance sharpshooters picked off two Americans who were manning machine guns atop Bradley vehicles.


Resistance forces ambushed a US convoy in the area of al-Hadar near the northern city of Mosul.  The convoy consisted of several fuel tankers escorted by two armored vehicles of the type use by the US Marines and four Humvees.  Resistance fighters destroyed on tank truck with an RPG7, killing two US troops.  Another tanker was disabled with a “bow” weapon firing incendiary steel jacketed bullets.


Two US troops were killed in a Resistance attack with C5K rockets that also destroyed a Humvee and disabled a troop carrier in a supply convoy south of Baghdad in the ad-Durah area near al-Bu‘ithah, near the ad-Durah refinery.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb, probably weighing 250kg, blew up under a US column of four tanks, disabling one at 5:20pm local time in at-Tarimiyah, 25km north of Baghdad.


Three US troops were killed and a Humvee destroyed when the Iraqi Resistance fired RPG7 rockets at a US patrol Sunday evening at 5:50pm near al-‘Amiriyah in Baghdad.


Eight US troops were killed when Resistance forces attacked a US supply convoy of trucks and four Humvees and a Bradley armored vehicle between az-Za‘faraniyah and the Diyala Bridge at 7pm Sunday.  Eyewitnesses reported that seven or eight RPG7 rockets hit the US convoy.  The Resistance also fired BKCs, destroying two Humvees and a troop transport, killing eight Americans.


At 8pm Sunday night fighting broke out on the highway in the Hur Rajab area near ad-Durah south of Baghdad.  One Abrams tank was disabled.


At about 9pm Iraqi Resistance forces fired ten 82mm mortar rounds at a column of three Nissan pickups belonging to the puppet so-called “national guard” near the al-Miqdadiyah area. The Resistance then opened up with BKCs, killing six of the “national guardsmen” and capturing one officer in the force.  The Resistance also seized the three Nissan pickup trucks.


Resistance fighters attacked a US C130 airplane at about 9:15pm Sunday night with a C5K rocket, setting one of its motors ablaze.


At 9:30pm Sunday night Resistance forces attacked a US column of four Humvees in the al-Ghazaliyah area west fo Baghdad with RPG7s, destroying two Humvees and setting a third on fire.


Four Iraqi puppet policemen were killed at 9:30pm Sunday in the al-Kazimiyah area of Baghdad near the building that formerly housed Iraq’s military intelligence service, but which now is occupied by US troops.  The deaths came when an Iraqi Resistance bomb blew up two Land Cruisers belonging to the puppet “national guard.”


Four members of the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist Badr Brigades were killed when Resistance forces attacked their cars in the Hur Rajab area of ad-Durah area south of Baghdad at 10:45pm Sunday night.  The Resistance attacked their Nissan Patrol cars with BKCs.  In addition to killing the four collaborationist gunmen in one of the vehicles, the Resistance also captured three others who were in a second car.


Four US troops and three Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen” were killed when the Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under their joint patrol at 11pm in Baghdad near ‘Ulwat ar-Rashid.  The patrol consisted of three Humvees and two Nissan pickups.  One Humvee was destroyed and one Nissan disabled.


Bombardments across Iraq on Sunday.


The puppet so-called “ministries” of petroleum, electricit,y and the environment in Baghdad were struck on Sunday by barrages of Katyusha and Grad rockets at 7:45am.  Four Katyushas and one Grad were fired.  Six puppet troops who were guarding the “ministry of petroleum” were killed and more than 10 were wounded.


At about 8am Resistance forces bombarded the puppet police academy in Baghdad with two Katyusha rockets.


At about 8am Sunday Resistance forces hit the Central Command in at-Tallah with four Congress missiles.


At about 9am the US base in the Balad area, 75km north of Baghdad, was hit by 10 Katyusha rockets.


The joint US-Iraqi puppet so-called “rapid deployment force” base in at-Taji, north of Baghdad was hit by two Katyusha rockets at about 9am Sunday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a CET rocket a joint US-Iraqi puppet force command post in the ad-Dulu‘iyah area near Samarra’ at 9:40am.  The rocket set fire to a US humvee and two Nissan vehicles belonging to the puppet troops.


The US base in as-Suqur south of Baghdad was hit by a barrage of four Katyusha rockets at about 10am Sunday morning.


The headquarters of the US occupation in the Republican Palace in Baghdad, which US invaders have called the “green zone,” was hit by a Grad rocket at 11am.


Resistance forces pounded an Iraqi puppet so-called “national guard” command post with twelve 82mm mortar rounds, destroying five cars and killing 12 puppet troops.


The US base in the village of al-‘Awzah near Tikrit was attacked by Resistance forces firing two Grad rockets at 11:45am Sunday.


At 12:55pm Resistance forces fired 10 Katyusha rockets into the as-Siniyah area, 10km from Bayji.


Resistance forces greeted US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld with a volley of 24 heavy rockets fired at the al-Asad base near al-Hadithah.  The rockets were probably launched by a Katyusha launcher, since they all impacted a in very close succession.  Rumsfeld paid a surprise visit to Iraq on Sunday.


At 4:45pm Sunday Resistance forces fired a C5K rocket at a US C131 aircraft trying to land at Saddam International Airport.  The aircraft maneuvered and managed to avoid being hit.


At 5:20pm Resistance forces fired Strela rockets at a large white aircraft of unknown type over Saddam International Airport, striking it in the right wing and setting it ablaze.  The aircraft made a forced landing at Saddam International.


At 5:30pm, Resistance forces fired four Grad rockets at the US base in Kirkuk on the belief that US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was on the base.


At 5:50pm the Resistance struck the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad with seven 120mm mortar rounds.


At about 6pm Resistance fighters in Ba‘qubah fired five Katyushas at the US Diyala Airfield.


Saddam International Airport was hit at 6pm by three Tariq rockets.


At 6pm 12 large Katyusha rockets slammed into the headquarters of the US Central command at at-Tallah in the Saddam International Airport area.  Large amounts of smoke could be seen over the area as sirens wailed.  More than 20 armored vehicles – Abrams tanks and Bradleys deployed in strength around the area, strongly suggesting that there had been substantial casualties from the hit.


At 6:10pm Resistance forces shot down a US Cobra helicopter as it was trying to land at Saddam International Airport.  Two C5K rockets were fired at the helicopter.  The first rocket struck the Cobra directly and blew it up, the second flew into the wreckage while still in the air.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired six Grad-2 rockets at Saddam International Airport.  The rockets were believed to have hit the guest reception hall from which smoke could be seen rising into the sky.


At 6:10pm Resistance forces shot down a US Cobra helicopter as it was trying to land at Saddam International Airport.  Two C5K rockets were fired at the helicopter.  The first rocket struck the Cobra directly and blew it up, the second flew into the wreckage while still in the air.


At 6:30pm two Grad rockets slammed into Saddam International Airport.


At 7:10pm the Resistance hit the “green zone” with five 82mm mortar rounds, probably fired from Hayfa Street.


At 7:30pm Resistance fighters hit al-Muthanna airfield with ten 82mm mortar rounds setting off warning sirens inside the compound.


Resistance forces hit the US-Iraqi puppet base in al-Ghazlani in Mosul with four Katyusha rockets at 8:30pm Sunday night.


At 9pm Resistance forces attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” command post at the southern entrance to the so-called “green zone” near the Peace Palace [Qasr as-Salam] with two Katyusha rockets.  In the area at the time were four Bradley armored vehicles and five Nissan pickups as well as 20 US and Iraqi puppet troops.


Resistance forces shelled a US patrol that was guarding an oil pipeline in Bayji with 82mm mortar rounds at 9pm.  The barrage set fire to one of their Humvees.


At 10:25pm Sunday night, Iraqi Resistance forces fired 14 mortar rounds into a US base behind the ad-Durah refinery.  The US base occupies a farm owned by Khayrallah at-Tanfah, the father of Mrs Sajidah, the wife of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.


Resistance forces shelled the home of collaborator and Shi‘i chauvinist ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Hakim, the president of the so-called Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) with two Katyusha rockets at about 10:30pm Sunday night.  The rockets scored direct hits on the house.


Resistance forces attacked Saddam International Airport at 10:30pm with a Tariq rocket.



























































Monday, 11 October 2004.


Fighting in Hit-Hadithah area of western Iraq.


Fierce fighting raged on Monday afternoon in the area between Hit and al-Hadithah in western Iraq.  The local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the battles began around noon and were still under way when he filed his report posted at 5:51pm local time (4:51pm Mecca time).


Fighting also raged in Hit, 200km west of Baghdad, in the ash-Shati’ area.


Resistance blows up three Apache helicopters over Hit.


Resistance fighters firing two C5K rockets shot down a US Apache helicopter in Hit in ar-Ramadi province at 2:20pm Monday according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The two rockets scored direct hits on the aircraft over the tomb of ash-Shaykh ‘Ali al-Hiti in the city.  Wreckage from the craft was scattered over a wide area.




Resistance forces in Hit shot down two more American Apache helicopters over the city later on Monday afternoon.  At 4:35pm the Resistance brought down the first of the two and the second was shot down only ten minutes later with a C5K rocket in the area of the tomb of ‘Ali al-Hiti in the city.  A total of eight US crewmen died in the downings.


US bombs mosque in Hit.


US aircraft bombed a mosque in Hit, 170km west of Baghdad, on the pretext that Resistance fighters were taking cover inside.  In the course of the fierce fighting in the area that had been raging for an hour, the US ground troops called in air support.


Resistance forces shoot down US drone in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces shot down a pilotless American reconnaissance aircraft in the Baghdad district of al-Karakh at 2:30pm Monday with a 7.62mm sniper rifle.  The plane itself, according to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent is small, about 75-80cm long, and one meter wide.  It is equipped with three cameras in its nose.


Four US troops killed in morning ambush near Ba‘qubah.


At 7:25am Monday morning, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet column of five Humvees and four Nissan pickups.  The Resistance fired RPG7 and C5K rockets as well as BKC automatic weapons, destroying the four Iraqi puppet vehicles and on Humvee.  Another Humvee was disabled.  Four US troops and 13 Iraqi puppet “national guardsmen” were killed in the assault that took place in Bahraz near Ba‘qubah.


Roadside bombs destroy half of US convoy near Ba‘qubah.


At about 10am Monday morning, an Iraqi Resistance bomb of Austrian explosive, weighing 250kg, exploded under a US military patrol in the Khan Bani Sa‘d area of Ba‘qubah, destroying half of the US vehicles in the column that included three Bradley armored vehicles.


Twenty-one Americans killed in massive car bombing south of Mosul at noon Monday.


South of Mosul at about 12:30pm Monday a Daiwoo car carrying between 1.5 and 2 tons of explosives slammed into a US patrol made up of five armored vehicles, six Humvees, and two small troop transport vehicles, each of the latter carrying four US soldiers.  The car bombing destroyed three armored vehicles, three Humvees and one troop carrier.  A Humvee and an armored vehicle were disabled in the attack.  More that 21 American troops were killed in addition to numerous wounded.


Resistance bombing in ad-Durah kills five American troops.


Five US troops were killed when three high-explosive Iraqi Resistance bombs blew up under a US column of three armored vehicles and five Humvees in the Abu Tashir area of ad-Durah, southern Baghdad.  The bombs were probably of Austrian explosives.  They destroyed one Humvee and disabled an armored vehicle.


Four US troops killed in Resistance bombing in Baghdad Monday morning.


Four US troops were killed when Resistance bombs exploded under a column of three Humvees on the highway near the Qanat al-Jaysh [Army Canal] area of Baghdad at 9am.  One Humvee was destroyed, killing the four men who were aboard it.


Three Americans killed in convoy attack near Bayji.


Resistance forces attacked a US column of four fuel tankers escorted by three armored vehicles at 10:50am, firing RPG7s at them.  Two fuel tankers were destroyed and three US troops killed in the attack that took place in the Talul al-Baj area of Bayji.


Three Iraqi civilians killed in US barrage of farming area.


At about 7pm Monday night US forces shelled the farms in the ad-Durah area on the southern outskirts of Baghdad, killing three Iraqi civilians, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.


SARS appears in Kurdish-chauvinist controlled as-Sulaymaniyah.


The local correspondent of the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported Monday that three women in the Kurdish chauvinist-controlled town of as-Sulaymaniyah had died of SARS.  Another woman being treated in a local hospital is believed to the the fourth case in the area.  Local doctors, according to the MENA correspondent, leaked the news of the appearance of the disease in the city controlled by Kurdish collaborator Jalal Talibani.  They demanded that surgical masks be distributed in all medical centers of as-Sulyamaniyah.  A medical source in the city reported that the local puppet government had formed a committee under the Kurdish chauvinist party’s so-called “health minister” Muhammad Khashta to investigate the case of the woman afflicted with the disease.


Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen sell their weapons to the Americans.


Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr reportedly gathered in long lines on Monday afternoon to sell their weapons to US troops in keeping with a plan agreed to between as-Sadr and the US occupation authorities.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported that pickup trucks loaded with heavy weapons were observed being delivered to the Americans.


The only violence was a fist fight that broke out among Jaysh al-Mahdi members in the line.  The huge crowds had prevented some of the drivers of armament-laden trucks from getting their money.  US forces reportedly now patrol Madinat as-Sadr in peace.


Resistance attacks across Iraq on Monday.


Resistance forces attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in the area of Hur al-Basha near at-Taji, 40km north of Baghdad at 8am Monday.  The column, made up of three Bradley armored vehicles and two Humvees escorted by three Nissan pickup trucks of the puppet forces, came under Resistance 82mm mortar fire, setting one Humvee and one pickup ablaze.


Three US troops and nine Iraqi puppet “national guardsmen were killed at about 10am Monday when Iraqi Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades, RPG7s, and sniper rifles attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in the at-Tus power station area near Kirkuk.  The patrol, made up of two Mitsubishi vehicles belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces and four US Humvees, lost two Mitsubishis and one Humvee destroyed.


Resistance bombs exploded under a US military patrol at 11am Monday in the al-Faris district near at-Taji, 40km north of Baghdad.  One Humvee was destroyed.


Resistance bombs, probably of powerful Austrian explosive, blew up under a US column of five armored vehicles in the al-Huwayjah area west of Kirkuk at 11am Monday.  One armored vehicle was disabled.  Then the Resistance pounded the US column with C5K rockets, destroying two more armored vehicles.


Resistance forces fired 82mm mortar rounds at a command post of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” under the at-Taji Bridge over the Tigris River at 2:10pm Monday.  Two puppet guardsmen were killed.


Resistance forces fired a C5K rocket at a C-130 airplane in the Baghdad area at 3pm Monday afternoon, striking it in the rear and setting it ablaze.  The C-130 made a forced landing at Saddam International Airport.


Four US troops were killed when Resistance bombs blew up under their patrol of five Humvees and two Bradley armored vehicles south of al-Khalidiyah.  One Humvee was destroyed and another car disabled.


Four Iraqi puppet policemen were killed when the Resistance attacked their patrol near the al-Ghazaliyah area of Baghdad.  The patrol, made up of three Land Cruisers was attacked by Resistance fighters firing BKCs.  Two of the vehicles fled, but the third was struck and the four puppet policemen, including one believed to have been a lieutenant, were killed aboard it.


Resistance forces firing C5K rockets attacked a column of collaborationist Shi‘i chauvinist Badr Brigade gunmen in several Humvees and Patrol Safaris in the ad-Durah area of southern Baghdad at about 5pm.  The first rocket missed, but the second hit home, disabling a Humvee and a Patrol Safari and killing the gunmen.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb blew up under a joint US military police-Iraqi puppet police patrol in the al-Mansur section of Baghdad, destroying one Land Cruiser belonging to the puppet police and disabling one US MP Humvee.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US column was passing along the highway in the ar-Ridwaniyah area southwest of Baghdad at about 7pm Monday night.  One Humvee was destroyed in the attack.


Resistance forces firing rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons attacked a US patrol made up of four Bradley armored vehicles and two Humvees on Monday evening on the road linking the Baghdad areas of ash-Shu‘lah and al-Ghazaliyah.  One Humvee was destroyed and one armored vehicle disabled.


Resistance forces firing rocket-propelled grenades attacked a US military column near the Ibn Taymiyah mosque on the road to Saddam International Airport, destroying a Humvee and an armored Ford vehicle.


Bombardments across Iraq on Monday.


At 8:20am Monday Resistance forces attacked the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad with a Tariq rocket.


At 9am the Resistance attacked the US airstrip in Ba‘qubah with three Katyusha rockets.


Resistnce fighters attacked the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad with seven 82mm mortar rounds fired from Hayfa Street at 10am, sending smoke into the sky over the camp.


The US base in the Balad area that serves to supply US troops attacking the Resistance in Samarra’, came under a Resistance rocket attack at 11am.  Eight Katyusha rockets were fired into the base.  The powerful attack sent clouds of smoke rising into the air.  Three US Apaches took off to prowl the skies as well.


Resistance forces attacked the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace in Baghdad, what the Americans have dubbed the “green zone” at 12 noon with two Katyusha rockets.


At 12:30pm Resistance forces fired six 120mm mortar rounds into the US base in Kirkuk.


At 1pm Monday, Resistance forces struck the US base in Mosul with a violent barrage of 24 Katyusha rockets.


At 3pm Monday afternoon Resistance forces attacked the puppet police academy and the puppet so-called interior ministry in Baghdad with Katyusha rockets.


At about 4pm the Resistance attacked the US airstrip in Ba‘qubah with three Katyusha rockets.


At about 4pm the Resistance fired twelve 120mm mortar rounds and seven 82mm mortar rounds at a joint US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” facility near Palestine Street in Baghdad.


At 4:30pm the US central command in Saddam International Airport was struck by five Katyusha rockets sending clouds of smoke into the sky.  Two US Black Hawk helicopters took off afterwards.


From about 8am until 5pm Monday the al-Makhazin [storage containers] area of al-Yusufiyah was struck by six 120mm mortar rounds, four Grad rockets, and twenty 82mm mortar rounds.


Resistance forces attacked the US base at the Diyala Airport in Ba‘qubah with rockets that reportedly had chemical warheads at 5pm Monday afternoon.  An unusual thick white cloud of smoke rose after the blast, giving rise to the idea that it must have had a chemical warhead.  US forces closed off all approaches to the airport and seven or eight Black Hawk Red Cross helicopters could be observed ferrying the dead or wounded out of the target zone.  Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reported that the area remained closed when he filed his report posted at 10:15pm local time (9:15pm Mecca time).


At 5:25pm Monday Resistance forces attacked the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad with two Katyusha rockets.


At 5:45pm Monday, Resistance forces pounded the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad with four Katyusha rockets, sending up clouds of smoke.


At about 6pm Monday Resistance forces attacked the hangars for US F-16s and military helicopters in the an-Naba‘i base in northern Iraq with a Tariq rocket.  A cloud of thick black smoke could be seen rising over the camp, indicating that some aircraft were hit directly.  Four US Apache helicopters took to the skies after the attack.


At about 6:30pm Monday the Resistance shelled the Peace Palace in central Baghdad with three mortar rounds.


At about 6:30 the Resistance struck the al-Muthanna airbase in Baghdad with a barrage of three Katyusha rockets, and then about 10 minutes later hit the base with four more Katyusha rockets.


Resistance forces attacked the joint US-Iraqi puppet camp in at-Taji, 40km north of Baghdad, at about 7pm Monday night with two Tariq rockets.


At about 7:30pm three Grad rockets slammed into Saddam International Airport.


Resistance forces fired a violent barrage of about 14 Katyusha rockets at the US camp in the touristic Island of Baghdad in ar-Rashidiyah at 7:20pm Monday evening.


At about 8pm Monday evening, the Iraqi Resistance bombarded the US camp in the Hunters’ Club near the Electrical Generating Station in the southern Baghdad section of ad-Durah with five Katyusha rockets, sending up thick clouds of smoke and panicking the US troops.  Three Black Hawk helicopters landed to take the dead and wounded out of the camp.  About 250 US troops are stationed in the base.


Several guards at the US embassy inside the so-called “green zone” were killed when the Resistance fired rockets into the compound at about 8:30pm local time.


Resistance forces pounded the special forces area in the so-called “green zone” with two Grad rockets at about 8:45pm Monday night.  The special forces area lies inside the Qasr as-Sujud Palace.  One of the rockets landed near the area, the other right in ti, sending up thick clouds of smoke.


At about 9pm the Resistance pounded the US base in as-Suqur, south of Baghdad with two Katyusha rockets.


At about 10pm the Resistance in the al-Bu‘ithah area fired seven Katyusha rockets at the ad-Durah refinery


Six US troops were killed at about 11pm Monday night when Iraqi Resistance forces attacked their patrol in the al-Bu‘ithah area of ad-Durah, southern Baghdad.  The US patrol of four Humvees and a Bradley armored vehicle ran over Iraqi Resistance bombs and then were attacked by Resistance fighters who twice fired RPG7s.  One Humvee was destroyed and another disabled.