Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 8 February 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.   

Tuesday, 8 February 2005.




Resistance attack in Hit leaves 11 Zionist Mossad agents dead.


Eleven Zionist Mossad agents were killed when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Hit, west of Baghdad, at 9am local time Tuesday.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Hit reported eyewitnesses as saying that the Resistance planted bombs along a road in the az-Zuhur neighborhood, which lies adjacent to the strategic route south of Hit.  The target of the bombs was a convoy of three white GMC vehicles.  After the attack, Resistance fighters found papers on the dead invaders proving that they were members of the Zionist Mossad.


American troops raced to the scene of the attack, arriving about an hour after it occurred.  The US forces began searching the bodies looking for documents but failed to find any.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that a Resistance organization issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, saying that it had proof that the dead were members of the Zionist Mossad secret police.




Resistance barrage targets US barracks in al-Qa’im.


Iraqi Resistance forces more than sixteen rockets and mortar rounds into the US base known as A22 in al-Qa’im on the border with Syria at 2pm Tuesday afternoon, local time.  A customs officer told Mafkarat al-Islam that the barrage targeted the US rest barracks, but no fires were seen nor any sound of secondary explosions could be heard after the attack.


US helicopters came to the base and evacuated more than 30 US casualties, taking them to the US ‘Ayn al-Asad air base near Hit.


Resistance shoots down US Chinook helicopter, killing at least 14 American troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a surface-to-air rocket at an American Chinook helicopter that was hovering at a low altitude over the city of al-Qa’im.  The corresponent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported seeing the huge burning helicopter plunge to earth and exploding in a blast that rocked the whole city.


In a dispatch posted at 11:20am Tuesday morning Mecca time, the correspondent reported that fire was still burning in the wreckage of the aircraft and ammunition was still exploding within the flaming craft.


US forces closed in on the wrecked helicopter but at the time of writing had still not been able to approach very close to it because of the continuing explosions that were going of as munitions blew amidst the wreckage.  The Americans had, however, recovered the bodies of 14 Americans so far, all of the “Dirty Division” of US Marines.  Witnesses reported that the US troops found the American crew’s corpses 100 meters or more from the burning hulk of the Chinook.




Resistance attacks US force in ar-Ramadi Tuesday, killing nine Americans.


There were intermittent clashes in the at-Ta’mim neighborhood of ar-Ramadi on Tuesday between the Iraqi Resistance on one side, and US troops backed by the puppet so-called “Iraqi rapid deployment force” on the other.  The “rapid deployment force” was brought in from Baghdad after the local puppet “national guard” of al-Anbar Province resigned en masse.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the Resistance fired medium and light weapons, pipe rockets.  He wrote that the battle would have developed into something larger but for the fact that the American troops withdrew from the area of the battle.

According to Mafkarat al-Islam, witnesses reported that the fighting first broke out at 6am Tuesday.  In the course of the battles, three various types of Humvee were set ablaze and nine US troops killed.  Another three American soldiers were wounded in the clashes.  The Jordanian newspaper al-‘Arab al-Yawm reported that only two Americans were killed in the fighting.  Two Resistance fighters were martyred in the fighting, one a fraternal Arab volunteer from Qatar, according to a witness who spoke to Mafkarat al-Islam.


The fighting went on for about an hour and fifteen minutes, whereupon the Americans withdrew.  The correspondent noted that the attacking Resistance force far outnumbered the Americans stationed in the neighborhood.  The latter therefore withdrew after taking relatively high casualties.


At about the time of the US pull out, Iraqi Resistance forces fired mortar rounds into the offices of the governorate of al-Anbar – used by the Americans as a headquarters – with mortars.




Eleven US troops reported killed in bombing in at-Tarimiyah Tuesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces detonated a bomb in the path of a US military column in at-Tarimiyah north of Baghdad on Tuesday.  Eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast occurred in the ash-Shatt area along the Tigris River at 4pm Tuesday, local time.  Electricity workers, who were repairing disabled electric lines in the area told the correspondent that Iraqi Resistance forces came to them after planting the bomb and asked them to move away from the area to protect their safety.


Witnesses told the correspondent that the blast destroyed an American Zil troop transport, killing all the US troops aboard it.  They said that the vehicle was carrying 11 US soldiers in addition to the driver and that all were killed instantly.


The correspondent wrote that the explosion left a three-meter deep crater on al-Ma‘bad Street.


Resistance video shows three Tariq rockets fired at US “green zone” in Baghdad.


A Squadron of the Islamic Army in Iraq Resistance Organization took credit for firing three Tariq surface-to-surface rockets into the headquarters of the US occupation in the Republican Palace area in Baghdad, known to the invaders as the “green zone.”  The organization released a video tape of the attack that was broadcast on al-Jazeera satellite TV Tuesday evening.


Resistance car bomb kills 13 puppet troop recruits.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded near a truck carrying recruits to a puppet troop base in an unused airport in the western part of Baghdad on Tuesday.  An official in the Iraqi al-Yarmuk hospital told Reuters that the blast took place near a recruiting center for the puppet troops and killed at least 21 and wounded about 27 more would be soldiers serving the USA.  Black smoke rose from the area and ambulances raced to the scene.


Resistance assassination attempt targets puppet pro-Zionist politician.


A candidate for election to the “transitional national organization” Mithal al-Alusi, announced that two sons of his were killed on Tuesday when persons opened fire with machine guns at his car in Baghdad.  Al-Alusi, who supports “normalization” with the Zionist state in occupied Palestine told Agence France Presse (AFP) that “my two sons were killed and so was my personal guard when shots were fired at my car near my home.  Al-Alusi’s sons were 22 and 30 years in age.  Al-Alusi heads the so-called Democratic Iraqi Party of the Nation which fielded 25 candidates in the sham “elections” held on 30 January.


US troops ransack home of Religious leader, arrest brothers, steal money.


The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ [Scholars] announced on Tuesday that US forces stormed into the home of Shaykh Najm ‘Abd an-Nasir, a member of the Board.  When they failed to find Shaykh Najm at home, the Americans arrested four of his brothers instead.  A statement by the Board, reported by US Radio Sawa reported that US forces wrecked all the furniture in the Shaykh’s home, confiscated the Shaykh’s personal computer, and stole all the money of the Shaykh’s family that they could lay their hands on, the statement said.




Car bombing wounds two puppet policemen near Mosul.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded in a predominantly Christian town near Mosul, wounding two puppet policemen.  Puppet police Colonel Khidr ‘Id said that “unknown persons stopped an explosives-laden car near a police station in Talkif.”  He said that the Resistance fighters then left the scene in another car.  “When an officer and a policeman approached the suspicious car, it exploded,” ‘Id said.


Two Kurdish chauvinist collaborators killed.


Two members of the Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist Kurdistan Democratic Party were killed and a third wounded when Resistance fighters opened fire with machine guns on the Kurds’ car in the east of Mosul on Tuesday, according to ‘Abd al-Ghani ‘Ali, a party official quoted by the Jordanian daily al-‘Arab al-Yawm.




Puppet army invites Iraqi Army veterans to serve America.


The chiefs of staff of the puppet so-called “Iraqi army” issued a statement on Tuesday in which they gave permission to troops of the Army of the Republic of Iraq to return to fill a gap left by the withdrawal of units of the Americans and other so-called “multi-national” aggressor troops, Mafkarat al-Islam reported from al-Basrah on Tuesday morning.


In a joint press conference of US military chiefs and a number of staff officers of the puppet “Iraqi” army, (attended by the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam) the chief of staff of the puppet army announced the decision to allow officers and volunteers from the pre-invasion Iraqi army to join their puppet force, “regardless of what work they had done previously.”  The aim was to fill the gap that has been left and will be left by the departure of invader troops.


Major general Rashid ‘Ali of the puppet chiefs of staff told the press conference that pay would be attractive and sufficient and that the Iraqi troops would be compensated for material and mental losses suffered during this period.


General Rashid ‘Ali said that the reason for the decision to let Iraqi Army troops into the puppet forces was that “ the members of the former army have expertise not enjoyed by the modern army.”  He said that the troops would be deployed in places from which the invader soldiers had departed but did not specify how many troops would be deployed or exactly in what locations.


On Saturday Mafkarat al-Islam reported a statement by Kamal al-Basri, administrative official in the Umm Qasr port to the effect that 25,000 American troops had been withdrawn from Iraq.  He said that more than 65 airplanes and more than 40 American ships had taken the troops from Iraq to Kuwait.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, ‘Amman, Jordan, Wednesday, 9 February 2005.