Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 12 February 2005 and Sunday, 13 February 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.



Saturday, 12 February 2005.




US Cobra helicopter downed over Hit Saturday afternoon.


The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Hit, west of Baghdad, reported in a dispatch posted at 5:53pm Saturday Mecca time that an American Cobra helicopter had blown up in the air and crashed.  Eyewitnesses reported that the helicopter had been flying at low altitude over eastern parts of the city when it blew up in the air, scattering shredded parts of the craft over the area.  An American search and rescue team arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.  The witnesses said that the crew had been killed instantly, noting that bloodied remains of uniforms could be seen on the ground in the crash area.


Resistance barrage pounds US base in Hit, killing US troops, mercenaries, Asian service workers.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired Grad and Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds into the US ‘Ayn al-Asad base in the city of Hit at about 12 noon on Saturday, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city reported.  A translator working inside the base told the correspondent that 14 Grad and Katyusha rockets and five 120mm mortar rounds blasted into the US troops night training barracks and rest areas in the base at about noon, killing nine American soldiers and wounding 23 other persons, some of them Asian service workers.


The translator, who asked to remain anonymous, said the barrage drove the Americans to take cover in trenches and old bomb shelters that had been used by the Iraqi Army before the US invasion.  He said that all the wounded had been evacuated to a military hospital in Baghdad.  Some of the mercenaries and service workers were buried in mass graves.  The source said that the number of mercenaries killed was probably 11, meaning that the total number of personnel killed and wounded in Saturday’s attack would be 32 US troops as well as mercenaries.




Three US troops killed in ambush near at-Tarimiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US military column in the al-Mushahadah area west of at-Tarimiyah, north of Baghdad at about 11:15am Saturday.  Eyewitnesses reported that the US patrol passed the area on a daily basis in order to carry out searches and explorations.  The regular schedule provided the Resistance an opportunity to target the American force.


Witnesses reported that the Resistance fighters took up positions on both sides of the road, concealed by man-made earthen slopes and eucalyptus trees.  When the US patrol arrived, the Resistance fighters opened up with rockets, setting one American Abrams tank ablaze and killing three US troops.


Witnesses reported that the three Americans would not have died but for the fact that they gave in to their fear and attempted to flee from their tank when the first rocket hit.  Resistance gunfire then cut them down.  Other US forces were able to encircle the area quickly and captured one of the Resistance fighters, killing another as he attempted to withdraw from the area.


Resistance group releases video of rocket attack on US at-Tarimiyah base.


The Resistance organization known as the Islamic Front for Iraqi Resistance – Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi Brigades announced its responsibility for a rocket attack on the headquarters of the US military in ar-Tarimiyah, north of Baghdad.  A video broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV on Saturday night showed the bombardment under way.  Clouds of smoke could be seen rising from within the American facility.  The video indicated that the US guards fled from the attack in such haste that they left their military vehicles behind.  The extent of US casualties as a result of the attack was not known.


Brigades of the 1920 Revolution video shows bomb attack in ar-Ridwaniyah.


The Brigades of the 1920 Revolution, the military wing of the Patriotic Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced its responsibility for a bombing attack on a US military column on a feeder road in the city of ar-Ridwaniyah, south of Baghdad.  A video broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV showed a bomb exploding with a powerful blast and apparently destroying a US vehicle, sending large clouds of black smoke into the sky.


Islamic Army in Iraq shows video of rocket attack on US al-Bakr base north of Baghdad.


The Islamic Army in Iraq Resistance organization announced its responsibility for a rocket attack on a US base in the ad-Dulu‘iyah area north of Baghdad.  A video broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV Saturday evening, showed a mobile rocket launcher, mounted on a white Nissan pickup, fireing eight rockets at the US al-Bakr military base.  The rockets were seen being launched one after the other, and the voices of the Resistance fighters crying “Allahu akbar!” (“God is greatest!”) were audible on the tape.  Then a call to “pull out” sounded, marking the end of the attack and withdrawal of the Resistance fighters from the attack zone before US return fire could begin coming in.


The Islamic Army also issued a communiqué about the rocket barrage, saying that the Rocket Squadron, had carried out the attack, with the assistance of the Islamic Army’s Special Workshop for Manufacture and Development.  The communiqué said that the Resistance attack targeted ad-Dulu‘iyah, the city of oranges and date palms, at 11 o’clock on 3 Muharram 1426 hijri (the equivalent of 12 February 2005).


The communiqué noted that the fighters in the Islamic Army’s squadrons in the area were celebrating the arrival of three mobile rocket launchers, and that 12 February was the first day of direct action using the weapons systems.  The statement said that eight rockets were fired at the US al-Bakr base, striking the command headquarters and the workshop for repairing vehicles in the US facility.  The statement estimated the number of dead inside the American camp at more than 17, according to an observation squadron.  The communiqué said that the attackers withdrew from the area safely.


(A still photograph showing a rocket being launched is available at:



Iraqi border closing said related to US attempt to capture independent Iraq’s Vice President.


The Jordanian daily al-‘Arab al-Yawm reported that the US-installed Iraqi puppet regime closed Iraq’s borders starting with Wednesday, 9 February.  It has been reported that the closing – which was officially set to be in force only between 17 and 22 February – were said to be connected with security concerns around the Shi‘i ‘Ashura’ observances and the announcements of the results of the sham “elections.”


Al-‘Arab al-Yawm, however, reported that it had received information that the US occupation forces had ordered the country’s borders closed because they had been told that Iraq’s Vice President ‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri (in hiding since the US occupation) was expected to be crossing the Iraqi border with Syria or Jordan in the near future, and they hoped to capture him. 


US military admits three American troops killed on Friday.


The US military admitted that three American soldiers had been killed in various clashes with the Iraqi Resistance on Friday.  One was reportedly killed when a bomb exploded in his path, the other two were killed as a result of what were described as “traffic accidents.”  One of the latter two was a Marine who was killed when his vehicle crashed in the course of action in al-Anbar Province.




Puppet “national guard” bodies found.


The bodies of six members of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” were found dumped by the side of the highway in Mosul on Saturday.  A puppet security official said that the bodies of the men, dressed in civilian clothing, showed that they had been shot in the head and chest and then dumped at a crossroads to the east of the city.


Reuters reported that the Resistance fighters put the identity cards of the dead men on their chests.  A memo was also found on one of the bodies saying, “these are members of the Iraqi national guard who took part in attacks against the residents of al-Fallujah.”




Resistance bomb targets US column in al-Iskandariyah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column made up of seven various vehicles in al-Iskandariyah, east of al-Hillah, at 4pm Saturday.  The blast destroyed a Humvee and killed four US troops as well as an Iraqi translator and one other 56-year old Iraqi who was near the blast site, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Hillah wrote that a local member of the puppet police confirmed the casualties and said that the bomb had been planted by the side of a road leading to the water and sewage department.




Resistance shells Japanese base.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired mortar rounds into the Japanese military camp in the city of as-Samawah, 270km south of Baghdad at 1pm Saturday, local time.  Eyewitnesses said that thick smoke rose from the facility after the bombardment as massive explosions shook the inside of the camp.  US helicopters were observed hovering above the area surrounding the camp and puppet police headed to the camp to offer assistance. Though the extent of Japanese casualties was unknown to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent who reported the attack, sources confirmed that there were dead and wounded.




Car bombing kills 18 in al-Musayyib.


Iraqi puppet police sources and medical sources reported that 18 persons were killed and 26 others wounded in car bombing in the al-Musayyib area, south of Baghdad, Saturday morning.  The blast occurred near a puppet police checkpoint in al-Musayyib, which is located near al-Hillah.  Speaking by telephone to al-Jazeera satellite TV journalist Talib al-Jannabi said that the bomb went off near the entrance to al-Musayyib Hospital at a time when it is regularly crowded and when Hospital guards are also out in force.  The blast also destroyed a number of private vehicles.  Puppet police closed off the area to the hospital as US helicopters hovered overhead.


Given the fact that al-Musayyib is an area where Sunni and Shi‘i Muslims live together, observers tend to link this attack to others that have been located near Shi‘i religious sites in recent days as the Shi‘i population observes its ‘Ashura’ holiday.  Resistance fighters have recently captured several waves of Iranian agents crossing into Iraq on missions of stirring up sectarian strife between the Shi‘i and Sunni population.  US Zionist and imperialist think tanks have speculated on the idea of splitting Iraq along sectarian lines as well.  Attacks that target the Shi‘i population are therefore highly suspicious and fit with a strategy of “divide and rule” that benefits the US occupation and Zionism in the Arab region.




Iraqi judge assassinated.


Unidentified masked men stopped the car of Taha al-Amiri, a judge from al-Basrah, as he was driving his car through the city and assassinated him with machinegun fire.  The reasons for the attack on a judge who served the Iraqi government before the US invasion were unclear, though international media speculated that “Shi‘i extremists” intent upon stirring up sectarian strife might be behind the attack.  Sources quoted by at-Tajdid al-‘Arabi, however, speculated that the judge had been targeted for cooperating with the occupation.