Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 17 February 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Thursday, 17 February 2005.




Resistance group publishes account of 136 women martyrs, who fell fighting in the ranks of the Iraqi Resistance.


An Iraqi Resistance group in the city of ar-Ramadi published a communiqué giving an account of the Iraqi women who have died as martyrs fighting battles with the US occupation in various parts of the country since the American invasion in spring 2003.


The communiqué listed 136 Iraqi Resistance women martyrs, among them four women from other Arab regions, who fell in various battle fronts – al-Fallujah, Mosul, ar-Ramadi, Hadithah, Tal‘afar, al-Qa’im, Ba‘qubah, Baghdad, al-Yusufiyah, al-Hillah, an-Najaf, Abu Ghurayb, Hasibah, and other places.


The communiqué is entitled:


“Fatimah is among the martyrs, let the eyes of the cowards not rest.  Account of the number of Iraqi and Arab women martyrs who have fallen on the fields of conflict defending the sanctity of the religion of Muhammad and raising high the cry of “There is no god but God!”


“Many men of this nation have died and the heart bleeds in pain over their loss.  Yet those deaths have not moved the hearts of the cowards and lackeys.  So we have decided to present an account of the number of women who have been martyred in all the resistance battles, not those who were martyred in the occupation’s bombardments, but those women who took up guns in defense of the sanctity of this religion and this homeland, so that we might give the lackey and then the coward a chance to take a look at what he is doing with himself and return to his senses.”


The communiqué went on: “Statistics show that 136 women martyrs have died, all of them on the battle field.  Fifteen of the women died in martyrdom operations that astounded the enemies and planted dread in their hearts, so is there anyone who will take note?”


The communiqué closed with the words, “We have named one of the squadrons of the mujahideen after the name of one of the women martyrs, the heroin who made the occupation taste defeat: the Squadron of Fatimah the Pure Martyr preserves her name and is a mark of shame on the brow of every coward and lackey.”


Mafkarat al-Islam, invoking God’s reward upon the martyrs, commented that the first of the many women martyrs to fall in Iraq was a woman member of the Shamar tribe who put on an explosive belt and blew herself up at a US checkpoint shortly after the US invasion.  That attack left dead and wounded Americans.


The most famous of Iraqi women mujahideen is al-Fallujah’s Mother of Martyrs.  She fought in the ranks of the Iraqi Resistance during the US siege of the city and then withdrew with the rest of the fighters to the southern part of the city.  She refused to leave al-Fallujah when they pulled out.  She used to cry out to the Resistance fighters if they started to falter, deluging them with exhortations not to retreat, imploring them to advance against the occupation forces, calling at the top of her voice in the Iraqi dialect, “Shame on you! The women are in the front and the men are in the rear!”


Mafkarat al-Islam interviewed al-Fallujah’s Mother of Martyrs during the burial of one of her martyred sons and hopes to publish the story soon.




Hit declared “free of US forces” as Americans pull out following hours of bloody fighting.


The Iraqi Resistance on Wednesday night announced that the city of Hit in western Iraq had been completely freed of US occupation forces.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Hit reported that the declaration followed fierce battles that lasted four hours, after which the US troops pulled out of the city entirely.


The fighting was centered on the neighborhoods of al-Hamam and al-Mu‘allimin and in the villages of al-Bu ‘Assam and az-Zawiyyah.  Six giant US tanks and four armored vehicles were destroyed and two armored vehicles disabled in the fighting.  The Resistance also shot down an Apache helicopter.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent who covered the actual fighting independently estimated that at least 40 American troops were killed.  A correspondent of the US-funded al-Hurrah TV company covered the fighting “embedded” with US occupation troops.


Wednesday’s fighting represented a heavy defeat for the US forces, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported.  The Resistance lost 11 martyrs killed and 15 fighters wounded, most of them seriously, the correspondent also reported.


All detachments of the Iraqi Resistance on Wednesday declared that Hit had been liberated from the Americans and pledged to defeat the US forces again, should they dare to try to enter the city once again.




Resistance pounds US base near al-Qa’im with Grad rocket barrage.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired 14 Grad rockets into the US A22 base that lies near the Customs Department in al-Qa’im on the border with Syria.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Qa’im reported eyewitnesses as saying that the bombardment targeted specific parts of the US base.


The rocket attack sent clouds of thick smoke and flames shooting skyward.  The smoke covered the skies above the city, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported, adding that as he was compiling his dispatch, posted at 5:45pm Mecca time Thursday evening, the sounds of explosions going off inside the base were still being heard, indicating that US munitions were blowing up.


US helicopters could be seen coming in to evacuate casualties.


Meanwhile the Iraqi Resistance also fired two C5K rockets into the US base in the Customs area west of al-Qa’im.




US withdraws from positions northwest of al-Fallujah.


US forces on Thursday morning completed their withdrawal from their camp in the agricultural area northwest of al-Fallujah.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city said that the at-Tallah area, located one kilometer from as-Saqlawiyah, was the last place evacuated by the US troops Thursday morning.


US forces also withdrew from command posts at the Eastern Bridge, and the Japanese Bridge, as well as the al-Bu Shahab Bridge.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent watched as local people gathered up some of the tents left by the departing American troops.


The correspondent reported that there is no longer any US presence northwest of al-Fallujah.


American forces had come under several heavy strikes by the Resistance that left the US al-Haykal base east of as-Saqlawiyah totally destroyed.  The American occupation forces also lost several command posts around the city in the course of fighting, allowing local people more freedom of movement.


Three thousand al-Fallujah natives join local security force after outsiders are frightened off.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah has learned that some 3,000 local people have joined the Iraqi “national guard,” the police, and the civil defense force.  Although those organizations are backed by the US, the aim of the volunteers was to provide a local security force for the city made up of local people whose loyalties would be to their own people.


Detachments of the puppet “national guard” from outside al-Fallujah had refused to take part in “preserving security” in the city, since local people threatened them with vengeance for their role in aiding the US genocidal attack on their city that began in November 2004.


US expected to set 100 Abu Ghurayb prisoners free in a bid to reduce tension.


It is expected that 100 prisoners being held in the American Abu Ghurayb prison camp are to be released on Thursday or Friday at the latest.  Eyewitnesses reported that 100 prisoners were transported from Abu Ghurayb to a US military base near al-Fallujah, an indication that a decision to release them had been made.


US forces released some 400 prisoners from the Luka camp near al-Basrah 10 days ago, the correspondent reported, in what observers interpreted as a US attempt to calm tensions in the country, particularly after the Resistance had deployed throughout the country after having evacuated al-Fallujah on 23 January.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired three Katyusha rockets into the US base in the agricultural area north of al-Fallujah at 3pm Wednesday, local time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The Resistance also fired a Grad rocket into US troops in the residential quarter near the al-Fallujah train station.


US arrests 11 residents of al-Fallujah for spying.


US forces masked and arrested about 11 local men, charging them with recording the coordinates of US troop concentrations, eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam, Thursday.


Resistance car bombing thwarted by American dogs.


US forces aborted a Resistance attack when bomb sniffing dogs discovered an Iraqi Resistance car loaded with explosives east of al-Fallujah, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported on Thursday afternoon.




Puppet intelligence service men found killed in al-Khalidiyah.


Ten members of the intelligence division of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard were killed on Wednesday west of Baghdad, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.


Iraqi Resistance forces took 20 members of the intelligence division of the puppet guard prisoner in the vicinity of al-Khalidiyah after they left the US al-Habbaniyah base near al-Fallujah on Wednesday.  Also in al-Khalidiyah, local people discovered the bodies of 15 puppet guardsmen.  Witnesses reported that the bodies were found on several streets of the area.  The locals interpreted the bodies as a message from the Resistance that death was the fate awaiting all those who cooperate with the US occupation.




Member of Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ arrested early Thursday.


Iraqi puppet police arrested Shaykh Nuri as-Samidi‘i, a member of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ [Scholars], the main Sunni religious body in Iraq.  Another member in the Board who preferred to remain anonymous told Agence France Presse (AFP) that early on Thursday morning a force of the puppet police stormed into the home of Shaykh Nuri as-Samidi‘i, a member of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ and the imam of the ash-Shahid Mosque in the al-Muhandisin neighborhood and led him off to an unknown destination.


The source said that the Board still is unaware as to why Shaykh as-Samidi‘i, had been arrested.


Iranian emissary acknowledges US, Iran cooperated to push American farce of “elections” under occupation, as Washington and Tehran share “converging interests” in the region.


In an interview with Reuters and reported on al-Jazeera’s English-language website, the Iranian ambassador to Britain, Muhammad Husayn ‘Adili, said on Wednesday that Iran “cooperated closely” with the United States in Iraq in an effort to win support among Iraqis for the election farce staged there on 30 January by the American occupation regime.


“For the recent elections, there was not only implicit but explicit indirect and direct cooperation between the two, Iran and the United States, in order to keep the majority calm and in favor of the election,” ‘Adili said.


Although the United States has no official diplomatic relations with Iran, ‘Adili indicated that the two countries had worked through diplomatic channels, among them the British, to promote what were called “common interests in successful elections in Iraq.”


‘Adili told Reuters that Iran had not only tried to promote the American “elections” that were held under military occupation among Shi‘i Iraqis but among the Sunni population as well.  “We encouraged them that this is a process in favor of Iraq,” the Iranian ambassdor said.


According to the report of the interview published by al-Jazeera, ‘Adili said Tehran and Washington frequently had converging interests. Their common strategic priorities had brought them together during the 2001 US invasion of Afghanistan. “There was a lot of coordination between the groups that were based in Iran and Iranians, with those of Americans to create the conducive environment for the victory of the [American aggressor] forces over there.”


Iranian and US interests also coincided when the US invaded Iraq in 2003.  Paramilitary groups such as the Badr Brigades, the armed wing of the Shi‘i chauvinist Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, were established and trained in Iran and then joined US troops during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.  Since then they have been incorporated into the puppet police and puppet army forces serving the American occupation throughout the country.


Salah ad-Din Province.


Battle rages in al-Bu Hishmah village near Balad.


Intermittent fighting took place between the Iraqi Resistance and US occupation forces in Balad, Salah ad-Din Province north of Tikrit at around 4pm Thursday afternoon.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the fighting, which lasted 50 minutes, took place in the al-Bu Hishmah village.  Eight US troops were killed and one armored vehicle was destroyed.  An Abrams tank was also disabled and two Humvees set ablaze.


Local witnesses, who went up on their roofs to watch the fighting and to pray for victory for the Resistance, said that most of the US troops who were killed died when they tried to flee the battle.  Some of them tried to hide in a nearby house, but Resistance fighter burst in on them and killed them.


The correspondent reported that the Resistance lost one fighter martyred in the battle.  He was a native of al-Fallujah, according to reports that were circulating.  He was buried in al-Bu Hishmah.  The correspondent wrote that he saw a number of Resistance fighters at the end of the battle and the withdrawal of the US troops.  The fighters were carrying away the weapons of the Americans who had been killed and some of their other weapons as well, such as hand grenades.


Roadside bomb leaves a reported five US troops dead in Samarra’.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column in the area of an arm of the Tigris River in Samarra’, in Salah ad-Din Province north of Baghdad, at 1:15pm Thursday, destroying a Humvee and killing five US troops, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The US military, speaking to the Iraqi as-Sumariyah Channel, confirmed the incident but said that two soldiers were killed.  Local witnesses confirmed, however that the number of American dead was five.


Babil Province – al-Hillah.


Resistance bomb kills four US troops in al-Hillah Thursday.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood of the south Iraqi city of al-Hillah in Babil Province on Thursday, destroying a heavy armored Humvee and killing four US troops and slightly wounding a fifth, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The armored Humvee was of the type just brought to Iraq during the last month.


Eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb went off by a four-vehicle American column that came into the downtown area of al-Hillah together with Polish occupation troops to distribute leaflets and school textbooks to schools.  The books contain the new curriculum being imposed on Iraq’s children by the US invaders.  The leaflets have such titles as “Terror and Wahhabism – two sides of the same coin.”


The correspondent reported that the Resistance bomb also killed a Shi‘i religious leader who was struck in the head by shrapnel.  The cleric was accompanying the American occupation troops to help distribute the American propaganda leaflets.


A source in the local puppet police spoke to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent and confirmed the deaths of the four Americans and the Shi‘i cleric.


Two Marines admitted killed in Babil Province Wednesday.


The US military admitted on Thursday that two Marines from the First Reconnaissance Unit were killed in the southern Iraqi province of Babil on Wednesday, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported according to Mafkarat al-Islam.  The American spokesman claimed that the Marines were killed in a “traffic accident.”


Ninwa Province – Mosul.


Resistance car bomb north of Mosul kills 14 US troops.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb – a black Chevrolet – exploded next to a US military column in the wooded area north of Mosul at 6am Baghdad time.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed an American Zil troop transport and a Humvee.  Fourteen US troops were burned to death and more than seven other wounded in varying degrees.


The correspondent, who arrived on the scene shortly after the attack, that the bodies of the dead Americans were completely charred.  He wrote that it appeared that the bomb used was a high explosive TNT.  When the correspondent submitted his report, posted at 9:56am Mecca time Thursday, US troops were sill encircling the scene of the attack and attempting to extract the charred remains of the American troops from the smoldering hulks of the wrecked vehicles.


Resistance car bomb blasts US checkpoint near Tal‘afar Thursday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces detonated a car bomb at a US military check point in the Dawan neighborhood west of Tal‘afar, 70km north of Mosul at about 2pm Thursday, local time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported, on the authority of a captain working in the puppet “national guard.”  The captain said that the blast destroyed two Humvees and killed nine American troops and wounded a number more.


Eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that there were 12 troops seriously wounded in the bomb attack.  At the time the correspondent filed his report, posted at 5:35pm Mecca time Thursday afternoon, US troops were still encircling the area of the attack.


Diyala Province – Ba‘qubah.


Resistance bomb kills four US troops near Iranian border.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column in the town of al-Mundhiriyah on the border with Iran, 75km east of Ba‘qubah.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed one Humvee and killed four US troops.  A member of the puppet “border security forces” told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb was planted by the side of a road.


An-Nasiriyah – Dhi Qar Province.


Eleven Italian troops reported killed in powerful car bombing Thursday afternoon.


A masked Iraqi Resistance martyrdom driver accelerated to high speed and slammed his explosives-laden late-model black Kia sedan into an Italian military column in the Suq ash-Shuyukh area southwest of an-Nasiriyah at 1pm Thursday, witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam.  The correspondent wrote that 11 Italian troops were killed in the attack.


US forces and Iraqi puppet troops surrounded the scene of the attack, preventing any onlookers from approaching.  The occupation forces claimed that only one of their men was killed, the martyrdom driver, whom they called a “terrorist.”


But, the correspondent wrote, eye witnesses, bloodstains, and the bodies of the soldiers strewn here and there proved the American and Italian casualty claims to be false.


The attack came one day after the Italian government declared its intention of keeping occupation forces in Iraq, saying that a withdrawal would be a “betrayal” of the Iraqi people – though in reality it would be the American occupation regime that would regard an Italian withdrawal as a betrayal.


Meanwhile a hitherto unknown Iraqi Resistance group announced its responsibility for the attack in a statement posted in one of the local Sunni mosques.  The statement said that the attack was a response to the decision of the Italian government to keep its troops in Iraq.  The organization, calling itself the Salafi Squadrons of the Dawn of Islam, said that future attacks would take place inside the Italian occupation bases themselves.




Sunni victim’s family blames likely “Iraqi prime minister” for sectarian murder.


The local Sunni community buried Iraqi citizen ‘Atif Mustafa in Abu al-Khasib near al-Basrah on Wednesday.  Mustafa had been assassinated the day before when a car with three occupants aboard sped past him on as-Sahah Street as he was coming out of work and fired four pistol shots using a silencer into his body.  Struck in the head and chest, he died of his wounds.


The family of ‘Atif Mustafa, an employee of the health ministry, blame the Shi‘i chauvinist Da‘wah Party for the murder.  The family said that the Da‘wah Party – whose chief, Ibrahim Ja‘far, is likely to be installed as the next US-puppet “prime minister” of Iraq – has been involved in the killings of numerous Sunni public figures in the south of Iraq.  One prominent case was the torture and murder of eight youths.


During the funeral services for Mustafa, mourners expressed dismay over the positions being taken by the likely “prime minister” Ibrahim Ja‘far.  “He calls for an end to sectarianism and extremism, and for uniting the ranks of Iraqis, but at the same time he is involved in assassinations of Sunnis,” some mourners said.