Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 26 February 2005 .  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Saturday, 26 February 2005.




Resistance bomb targets US column in ar-Ramadi Saturday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded next to a US military column made up of a tank and three Humvees of various types in the as-Sikak neighborhood to the north of ar-Ramadi on Saturday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The blast destroyed one Humvee and killed four American soldiers.  A fifth soldier on the back of the tank that was following the stricken Humvee was also wounded.


Witnesses in ar-Ramadi told the correspondent that the Resistance planted the bomb on the as-Sikak road that leads to ar-Ramadi cemetery.  US forces were heading there, as they have taken control of the area since they believe that most rocket strikes on their positions are launched from the cemetery.


The correspondent himself saw the remains of the wrecked US vehicle and the scars of the large crater left by the explosion.




Resistance barrage strikes US strongpoint near al-Fallujah.


In a dispatch posted at 5:40pm Mecca time Saturday evening, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that a short while before, Iraqi Resistance forces had mounted a mortar attack on a US checkpoint west of al-Fallujah, 60km west of Baghdad.  The correspondent in al-Fallujah reported a source in the government who did not want his name quoted as saying that four mortar rounds hit the US command post near the crossing to the touristic area.  Eight US troops were killed or wounded in the attack, which set fires blazing in a fuel barrel inside the command post.


The correspondent reported that a Resistance organization that had never been heard of before, calling itself the Order Protection Squadron in al-Fallujah distributed a statement taking responsibility for the attack. US patrols were being sent out, the correspondent wrote, to comb the area after the attack.


Resistance rockets blast al-Asad airbase in al-Habbaniyah west of al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired four Grad rockets into the US al-Asad air base in al-Habbaniyah, 16km west of al-Fallujah in al-Anbar province, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The correspondent reported that eyewitnesses said that the rockets blasted into the base at 12 noon Saturday, and that all the missiles hit what was formerly the wing for technical training of the Iraqi Army when they occupied the base before the US invasion in the spring of 2003.  The barrage sent dense clouds of smoke and flame rising over the area.  The correspondent was unable to ascertain the extent of damage and casualties inside the base.




Resistance bomb kills seven US troops in al-Qa’im Saturday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US armored column near the Western Customs Department in the city of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria at 3pm Saturday afternoon the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  Witnesses said that the blast killed seven US troops and wounded two more, in addition to destroying one US armored vehicle.


US forces sealed off roads and prohibited journalists in al-Qa’im from getting near the scene of the attack to ascertain the extent of damage and losses.  But the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent met with the assistant director of the border police in al-Qa’im who confirmed that an armored vehicle had been destroyed and seven Americans killed and two others wounded in the afternoon attack – exactly the same information as that supplied by eyewitnesses.




Iraqi Resistance bomb hits US patrol in at-Tarimiayh Saturday.


An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded by a US patrol that was headed towards the al-‘Amil district of the city of at-Tarimiyah, north of Baghdad, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.


Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that the blast destroyed one  Humvee an killed three US troops instantly.  The witnesses reported that the Resistance planted the bomb under a paving stone on the main street known as Old at-Tarimiyah Road about 15 minutes before the US patrol arrived.  The witnesses said that the explosion nearly completely destroyed the Humvee and killed three US troops.  One more American soldier was also wounded seriously.


Occupation troops then encircled the area and broadcast a statement offering a reward of US$1 million for anyone who facilitates the arrest or helps the occupation forces get to the person responsible for the bombing that occurred in at-Tarimiyah on Friday, which killed 13 US troops, and also for the bombing that took place on Saturday.


The American statement included portable and grounded phone numbers and requested the people to contact them if they have any information about what the Americans called “terrorists” (meaning Iraqi Resistance fighters).


Resistance bomb kills two US troops near Sukkaniya base in ad-Durah Saturday.


Iraqi Resistance forces detonated a bomb under a US armored vehicle near the US base known as Sukkaniya in the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The correspondent wrote that eyewitnesses said that the blast disabled the armored vehicle and killed two US troops and wounded two more.  This toll was confirmed when sources in the Iraqi puppet police told al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV in Baghdad that two US troops were killed and two more wounded in the bombing that took place at 4pm Saturday afternoon.


Resistance fires rocket barrage into US base in Saddam International Airport Saturday night.


In a dispatch posted at 7:55pm Saturday evening Mecca time, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Baghdad reported that a short while before, Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded Saddam International Airport – where the US has its second largest base in Iraq, after the facilities set up in the Republican Palace in Baghdad, known as the “green zone.”  The correspondent reported that at the time of writing explosions were still going off in the environs of the airport as tongues of flame in the facility could be seen blazing from a long distance away. 


Beheaded body of US soldier found in Abu Ghurayb area.


Iraqi puppet police discovered the beheaded body of a US soldier dressed in his uniform near the Third Saddam Waterway in the Abu Ghurayb area west of Baghdad Saturday morning.  The puppet police hurried to haul away the body and the head – which was lying several meters away – and handed them over to the US occupation troops who have taken a nearby children’s milk dairy plant as their headquarters.  A source in the puppet police reported that the Americans received the body and recognized who he was.  The source said the Americans “thanked us for our help but didn’t ask ‘where did you find it?’ or ‘how?’”


Ba‘qubah – Diyala Province.


Resistance bomb kills at least five US troops in Ba‘qubah.


In a dispatch posted at 1:25pm Mecca time Saturday, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded a short while before by a US military patrol in Ba‘qubah.  A source in the local puppet police told the correspondent that the bomb was planted by the side of a road in the middle of the al-Yarmuk neighborhood in the city.  It blew up when a US column made up of several vehicles was passing and left one Zil troop carrier destroyed and five US troops dead.


Eyewitnesses confirmed to the correspondent that the blast killed more than five US troops, but the witnesses differed as to the exact number of casualties.  All agreed, however, that the number was more than five.


After the blast US troops completely encircled the area and imposed a curfew on the neighborhood.


Tikrit – Salah ad-Din Province.


Resistance bombards US base in Tikrit Saturday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired eight 120mm mortar rounds into the US base in Tikrit at 8am Saturday morning, local time Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The correspondent reported a contractor collaborating with the occupation force as saying that more than nine US troops were killed in the shelling.  He added that one of the mortar rounds landed among a group of American soldiers inside the base.  The correspondent saw dense clouds of smoke rising over the facility as warning sirens wailed inside.  Half an hour after the barrage, US helicopters were observed flying over the base to evacuate American casualties.


Tall ‘Afar – Ninwa Province.


American forces evacuate barracks near Tall ‘Afar after deadly Resistance bombardment.


US forces pulled out of one of their main barracks in the city of Tall ‘Afar north of Mosul after intermittent bombardment that went on for six straight hours on Friday, from 4pm until 10pm, during which 40 rockets of various types blasted into the American occupied facility.


The Tall ‘Afar correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US forces left the base after 7am Saturday morning, carrying a number of charred vehicles along with them, and moved into the American al-Ghazlani base in Mosul.


Several eyewitnesses told the correspondent that US helicopters made more than seven trips, coming and going, to evacuate US casualties from the barracks to Mosul.  Clouds of smoke were still rising over the base when they evacuated the facility Saturday morning.


In a dispatch posted at 12:40pm Mecca time Saturday, the correspondent wrote that at that time local people had just gone into the base, after the Americans had departed, to take a look at what it was like and see if they could find anything of use, in particular the people who have nothing.


The local puppet police allowed the towns people to take whatever items they found in the base, but would not allow the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam or other journalists who had gathered at the base to take pictures of the damage done by the bombardment.  But the correspondent witnessed several rusted and completely charred military vehicles inside the camp and saw bloodstains and body parts inside burning barracks buildings that had been hit in the bombardment.


Resistance bomb explodes in Mosul killing four US troops Saturday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded next to a US military vehicle in Mosul on Saturday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The correspondent reported witnesses as saying that a Kia sedan that was parked on the side of one of the roads in the Citadel area in the north of the city blew up as a US Humvee passed by at 9:15am Saturday morning, local time.  The blast destroyed the Humvee and killed four US troops.  Seven Iraqi passers by were also killed.


After the bombing, US occupation troops encircled the area and began a wave of arrests.  One of those arrested was a local person who had been a Christian but embraced Islam under the guidance of a local religious leader about a month previous.  Those arrested were charged with being responsible for the bombing.  The father of the arrested youth absolutely denied that his son had anything to do with the attack.  In a dispatch posted at 12:45pm Mecca time, the correspondent wrote that US forces had encircled the area of the attack and were still there at the time of writing.


News presenter on occupied Iraqi TV found assassinated in Mosul.


The body of Ra’idah Muhammad Wazzan, a news presenter on occupied Iraqi television, was found in Mosul on Friday.  She had disappeared earlier in the week when masked men abducted her at gunpoint.  The cause of her death was a gunshot at close range to the head.




US troops gun down seven Iraqi puppet policemen by mistake.


US troops killed seven Iraqi puppet policemen in the city of al-Bayji, north of Baghdad at 11pm Friday night.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Bayji reported an officer in the puppet police, whom he met in the city morgue where the bodies of the dead officers lay, said that the Americans opened fire on a puppet police patrol.  He said that a puppet police unit was on a routine night patrol in the area of the oil pipelines when suddenly they were illumined by the headlights of American vehicles manned by US troops who, as usual for them, were lying in wait to ambush any Resistance fighters who might try to attack the facility.  The Iraqi puppet police tried to stop but the Americans took them for Resistance fighters and opened fire on them with great intensity, killing all of them.


The source said that there was no coordination between the Iraqi puppet security forces and the US troops, and he also complained that the Americans had no respect for the members of the Iraqi puppet police, all of which, he said, led to the Friday night incident.


The US forces on Saturday morning apologized to the Iraqi puppet police for the incident and pledged to carry out a thorough investigation.  They also promised compensation for the families of the dead policemen.


Meanwhile the correspondent noted local people’s reaction to the incident – everyone uttering the same prayer, “Oh God, let the oppressors busy themselves with other oppressors and bring us out of this safely.” The townspeople, the correspondent wrote, were generally pleased at the incident and expressed no particular sorrow for the dead puppet policemen who are unpopular because of the way they treat the citizens.




US media report Resistance attacks on oil infrastructure have cost the occupation at least $7 billion since March 2003.


Iraqi Resistance forces since March of 2003 have carried out attacks on Iraqi oil pipelines in an effort to prevent the occupation forces from plundering the country’s material resources.  An official in the Oil of the North company told the American Associated Press (AP) that the pipe running between the Dibibs oil field in Kirkuk was blown up as recently as Friday, and repair of the line would take at least four days, costing the regime heavily in oil income.


In all the AP report said, Resistance attacks on the oil infrastructure alone have cost the occupation authorities between US$7 billion and US$8 billion since they invaded the country nearly two years ago.




Resistance bomb targets puppet force patrol in as-Samawah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by an Iraqi puppet force patrol in the city of as-Samawah in southern Iraq, destroying a pickup and killing six puppet soldiers, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.  The correspondent wrote that the bomb was planted by the side of the road leading to the center of the city.  An officer in the Iraqi puppet police reported that the blast left six men wounded and completely destroyed their two vehicles.