Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Sunday, 22 February 2004, through Wednesday, 25 February 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice .
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Sunday, 22 February 2004.

Resistance bomb blasts US patrol near al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US occupation patrol in the area of al-Fallujah late on Sunday. The American Associated Press (AP) reported on the authority of witnesses that an explosive device blew up as a US convoy was passing along a road near the city and that there were casualties.


The AP reported that US occupation troops sealed off the scene of the attack, but gave no further details.


Three US troops said injured in “traffic accident.”

US spokesmen announced that a “traffic accident” on the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway left three US occupation troops injured.


Resistance fires mortars at British occupation camp.

Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two mortar rounds at a British occupation camp on the outskirts of the southern Iraqi city of al-Basrah at around 5:00am local time, Sunday. A British invader spokesman reported the attack but added that there were no immediate reports on damage or casualties.


RPG attack on neighborhood council in Baghdad.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked the town council in the al-Ghazaliyah neighborhood of Baghdad with RPG-7 rockets, according to a report carried by Islammemo.cc.


Resistance attacks Provincial Council member.

Iraqi Resistance fighters in an Opal car opened fire on the two-car convoy carrying Major General ‘Abd ar-Razzaq al-Jabburi, a member of the Provincial Council in Mosul. Two of the General's bodyguards were wounded. The attack occurred east of the city and the Resistance fighters got away safely. The Mosul Council was set up under US occupation auspices.


Iraqi Resistance fighers attack oil pipeline in Karbala'.

An oil pipeline in the Karbala' district was the target of an Iraqi Resistance atttack on Sunday. According to Hamid Salih ash-Shabib, a local official the al-Hurr area, 10km west of Karbala', the strategic Kirkuk-Baghdad-al-Basrah oil pipeline was blown up around noon on Sunday. The pipeline carries Iraqi oil into Saudi Arabia. Clouds of black smoke and flames rose from the stricken area.


This is the first reported Resistance attack on an oil pipeline in the southern part of Iraq. The oil pipelines in the north have regularly come under Resistance attack. Most of Iraq's oil is now being produced in the southern part of the country.


Explosions in Baghdad.

Three powerful explosions shook the occupied Iraqi capital around noon Sunday. Al-Jazeera said the blasts came from the area of Saddam International Airport. An initial report from the Agence France Presse said that the source of the explosions was unknown. A US occupation spokesman, who also had no knowledge about the source of the blasts, asserted nevertheless, that they were probably coming from occupation troops destroying surplus explosives.


Resistance bomb in Mosul.

Puppet police Colonel ‘Abd al-Ajal Hazim Khattabi announced that at 10:00am a roadside bomb exploded in Mosul on a major thoroughfare frequented by US occupation forces in the al-Islah neighborhood. He claimed, however, that the only victim was one Iraqi passerby who was killed. Iraqi puppet police closed off the area and began an investigation.


Iraqi Resistance fighters on Friday assassinated the chief of the new security force for the southern Iraqi province of ad-Diwaniyah, Lieutenant Colonel ‘Abd al-Husayn as-Sa‘di. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo as-Sa‘di was gunned down by Resistance fighters at 11:00pm on Friday in front of his house. As-Sa‘di had been trained by the Spanish occupation forces whose base is only one kilometer from the center of ad-Diwaniyah. Iraqi specialists and Spanish invader troops are investigating the attack.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Monday, 23 February 2004.





Monday, 23 February 2004.

Resistance vehicle bomb attack strikes puppet police in Kirkuk.

An Iraqi Resistance vehicle bomb detonated outside an Iraqi puppet police station in a predominantly Kurdish part of the northern city of Kirkuk on Monday, killing 13 puppet policemen. An Iraqi puppet police lieutenant confirmed that all the dead were policemen. The puppet police said that 52 others were injured, US military officials claimed only eight were killed and 35 were injured. Colonel Thamer ‘Abd al-Masih, head of the puppet facilities protection police set up by the US occupation, said that among the dead was the station's deputy chief.


The martyrdom bomber detonated his vehicle just as police were changing shifts, as about 20 puppet policemen had gathered in front of the Rahim Awah police station to get their day's orders when the morning blast went off, said the station's chief, Colonel ‘Adil Ibrahim. Puppet policeman Saman ‘Ali said “we were taken unawares. We weren't able even to get off one shot at the bomber.”


As the puppet policemen were arriving for duty drove up in a convoy, "a civilian car followed them and ran into the last car in the convoy and exploded," ‘Abd al-Masih said. "Whoever did this had been watching and knew the procedure of the policemen's shifts." The explosion heavily damaged nearby buildings and destroyed cars. Blood was splattered over the station's entrance, and parts of the bomb-laden car, including the engine lay scattered in front. ‘Abd al-Masih's office was littered with glass and torn curtains.


The blast destroyed or damaged 13 cars in the area, parts of which flew as far as 100 meters. Colonel Ibrahim said that the martyrdom car was packed with 50kg of TNT mixed with nails.


A US military occupation rapid reaction team came to the scene. Ambulaces arrived and the puppet police sealed off the area, permitting no reporters in.


There were conflicting reports on the number of casualties. Kirkuk's police chief, Turhan ‘Abd ar-Rahman Yusuf, said seven people were killed and 52 wounded. The US military occupation's figures were eight dead and 35 injured. Hospital officials said 10 people were killed.


Resistance attack on puppet forces kills brother of puppet commander.

The director of Samarra' Hospital, 125km north of Baghdad, has indicated that Iraqi Resistance forces on Monday killed a member of the puppet so-called civil defense force who was also the brother of a local officer in the organization. ‘Abd at-Tawfiq told Agence France Presse (AFP) that the Resistance fighters “opened fire on ‘Uthman ‘Aziz Muhammad when he was at his work station in the city. The attack occurred at about 9:00am on Monday.


The deceased is the brother of the commander of the puppet so-called civil defense force in the city, Colonel Ihsan ‘Aziz Muhammad.


US occupation forces immediately closed all roads leading to the scene of the Resistance attack.


“Free imprisoned scientists!” Baghdad University students, faculty demand.

Students and faculty at Baghdad University on Monday took to the streets in a demonstration to demand that the US occupation release the Iraqi scientists it has been holding for months on the charge that they worked on programs to build “weapons of mass destruction.” Rallying outside the offices of the University the demonstrators, included relatives of scientists in US custody. They denounced the continued imprisonment of the Iraqi scientists, and carried signs that proclaimed that science is not a crime. The protesters pointed out that the imprisonment of many scientists has left a vacuum in the country's university science departments.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Tuesday, 24 February 2004.






Tuesday 24 February 2004.

Nighttime Katyusha attack by Iraqi Resistance on US forces.

The Iraqi Resistance on Tuesday evening fired a rocket barrage at the occupied Kirkuk airport which is the regional headquarters of the US occupation forces. Kirkuk Provincial puppet police commander Lieutenant General Shayrgo Shakir Hakim said that two Katyusha rockets struck the western part of the airport at 9:14pm local time Tuesday.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported Hakim as saying that sirens went off after the attack as the occupation forces fired flares. There was no word on casualties or material damage.


Iraqi Resistance liquidates three collaborators in Mosul. 

Iraqi Resistance opened fire on a car taking Iraqi employee collaborators to work at a US occupation site in al-Ba‘th neighborhood in Mosul late on Monday night. Three Iraqi collaborators were killed and two others wounded in the Resistance attack, according to a spokesman for the Iraqi puppet police.


The puppet police spokesman said that Resistance fighters in a car intercepted the vehicle being driven by the collaborators and opened fire on them.


The puppet police spokesman said that two of the dead collaborators were translators and the third was responsible for internet activities. One of the wounded collaborators also worked on the internet for the US invaders, while the other was in charge of collaborator personnel working at the American occupation site.


Resistance liquidates two puppet traffic policemen.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked puppet traffic police Tuesday afternoon in Mosul, killing two of them and escaping. That puppet traffic police chief in Ninwa Province (where Mosul is located) Colonel Shams ad-Din ‘Abdallah, said that the Resistance fighters were driving an Opal car and fired at the puppet police with Kalashnikov assault rifles, killing Karim Dhannun and ‘Ali Khaz‘al Jum‘ah.


The director of Mosul's hospital, Ahmad ‘Abdallah said that one of the two puppet policemen was struck by two bullets in the head, the other was struck in the chest.


Kurdish chauvinist office attacked.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a Mosul office of the chauvinist Kurdish organization known as the Democratic Union of Kurdistan, which is headed by Mas‘ud al-Barizani, a member of US proconsul L. Paul Bremer's puppet council. According to a spokesman for the collaborationist and chauvinist organization, the Resistance attack inflicted no casualties.


The attack took place on Monday-Tuesday night when the office located in al-Qahirah district of the city came under attack. The collaborationist Peshmergah militia returned fire and according to the puppet spokesman the Resistance fighters had to abandon their car. The Peshmergah claim to have found RPG rockets, hand grenades, automatic weapons, and pistols in the car. They say they also found brochures and leaflets entitled “How many gods do you serve?” and “Death to the infidels who cooperate with the Americans!” The Resistance fighters apparently escaped on foot.


Kurdish chauvinist party members liquidated in Mosul.

An official in the local Mosul police has stated that Iraqi Resistance forces on Sunday killed two local members of the collaborationist chauvinist Democratic Party of Kurdistan and threw their bodies in a ruined building in al-Ba‘th neighborhood.


Powerful car bomb found outside US occupation headquarters.

Iraqi Resistance fighters left an explosives laden car near the occupied Republican Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday. Apparently the vehicle was left there awaiting the arrival of guests and aides of the members of the US-appointed puppet so-called Interim Governing Council.


According to a US announcement reported in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Watan, US occupation troops detonated the bomb in a “controlled” situation using a robotic device. The blast shook the Iraqi capital, however, and damaged a number of cars in the Governing Council parking lot.


Branches of US military can't even get their lies straight!

The French newspaper l'Humanité has pointed out that even the US Air Force and US Defense Department have published radically inconsistent sets of figures on the number of US wounded among the American occupation forces in Iraq.


The US Air Force has published data reckoning the number of wounded its flyers have evacuated to US bases and military hospitals at more than 11,000. The Pentagon, however claims the total number of wounded has been no more than 2,685 in hostile actions and 415 as a result of “non-hostile” mishaps as of 20 February 2004.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Wednesday, 25 February 2004.








Wednesday, 25 February 2004.

US helicopter downed, 2 aggressor troops killed.

The Iraqi Resistance downed a US military OH-58 Kiowa helicopter Wednesday, sending it crashing into a river 200km west of Baghdad, killing the two crewmembers on board. US military occupation and Iraq puppet police admitted the crash and the deaths, but were reluctant to admit that the craft was shot down.


The helicopter, which carries a two-member crew, crashed about 1:50 p.m. near al-Hadithah, Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said.


Haditha, ‘Imad Rashid, 45, said two U.S. helicopters were flying over the area when a missile hit one of them. Kimmitt said that the cause of the crash had not been determined, claiming that the second helicopter reported seeing no hostile fire.


Al-Jazeera noted that some witnesses reported seeing a missile strike one of the helicopters while there were other reports that the aircraft struck an electric pole.


Resistance opens up with mortar barrage on US forces near Syrian border.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired a heavy barrage of mortar shells at US occupation forces concentrated at a point on the Iraqi-Syrian border according to eyewitnesses quoted by the German Press Agency.


More than 20 mortar rounds were lobbed at the customs checkpoint on the border.


The German agency reported that the US forces fire indiscriminately in reply and arrested five local people.


Resistance bomb targets US armored column.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under an American armored column on a bridge near al-Fallujah on the international highway to Baghdad. The blast damaged the road, but the extent of any casualties or damage to the occupation forces remained unreported, according to a dispatch from al-Jazeera TV.


Resistance liquidates local puppet police director.

Iraqi Resistance forces shot to death Major General Hikmat Mahmud Muhammad, the administrative director of the puppet police (deputy chief of police) in Mosul, as he was on his way to work.


Puppet police Colonel ‘Abd al-Azal Hazim, press officer for the Mosul police, said that three Resistance fighters in an Opal car fired on Major General Hikmat Mahmud Muhammad as he left home on the way to work on Wednesday. He said that the general died of his wounds and the Resistance fighters were able to leave the scene.


Aggressors and their stooges arrest 20 Iraqis.

Occupation forces, employing puppet so-called civil defense forces, arrested 20 Iraqis on the charge of posing a danger to the security of the occupation.


US invaders desecrate mosque.

US aggressor forces raided the Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas Mosque and the home of the Imam, Shaykh ‘Abdallah al-Jannabi at dawn on Wednesday. The door of the mosque was blown down and a search raid was conducted inside the mosque and the Imam's house. The US invader forces accuse Shaykh al-Jannabi of calling for jihad and resistance to the US occupation forces. The Americans ransacked the home, throwing copies of the Qur'an on the ground. They were unable to arrest the Shaykh.


Perhaps trying to demonstrate some independence, the puppet city council of occupied al-Fallujah, west of Iraq, suspended its work on Wednesday to protest the raid and desecration. The Chairman of the puppet council threatened to resign if such an act by the Americans happens again.


“Israeli” company to supply petrol to US forces in Iraq via Jordanian territory.

An industry source has told Islammemo that the Zionist Sonol company, a subsidiary of Granit Hacarmel, is to supply the US occupation forces in Iraq with fuel. The fuel is to be shipped across Jordanian territory.


The source says that Sonol is a producer of refined petroleum products. It is to cooperate in this project with an international company that won a contract to import fuel for the US occupation army in Iraq. According to a report in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Watan, the value of the deal is set at about US$70 million.


A spokesman for the Sonol company refused to comment on the report. Sonol is regarded as one of the three largest companies marketing oil in the Zionist entity. It has a distribution network of 205 service stations.


US claims to have killed “wanted” resistance activist.

US forces claim to have killed Abu Muhammad Hamzah, a Resistance activist, in a raid on Tuesday. The invaders assert that Hamzah was connected with Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi, who is reputedly an activist in al-Qa‘idah.


General in the pre-invasion Iraqi Army assassinated, intelligence officer son wounded.

An officer in the Army of the Republic of Iraq was murdered and his son wounded in an attack in Mosul on Wednesday. Puppet police officer Makram Zakariya reported that unknown persons opened fire on the car of Major General ‘Abd al-Ilah al-‘Anaz of the pre-invasion Iraqi Army. Al-‘Anaz was also a member of the Arab Socialist Ba‘th Party. General al-‘Anaz was killed in the attack. The General's son who was with him at the time was seriously wounded. He too was an officer in the pre-invasion Iraqi army and a member of the Iraqi Intelligence service.


Sunni religious leader reported assassinated.

The Sunni Shaykh Dr. Mustafa al-Mashhadani was reportedly assassinated on Tuesday in al-Hurriyah neighborhood of occupied Baghdad. The killing occurred as he was coming out of al-Muhaymin Mosque after dawn prayers. A car with four occupants was waiting for him. One of the four in the car approached the Shaykh as if to meet him and then shot and killed him as the other occupants took up positions outside the vehicle.


According to the Islamist website Islammemo, a special unit of the Iranian-backed Badr Brigades who entered Iraq together with the US invasion forces and are under the collaborationist so-called Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq (SCIRI) are behind the assassination of the Shaykh. The site reports that the Badr Brigades are responsible for a number of assassinations of prominent Sunni community leaders, including Shaykh Damir ad-Darri, a prominent Muslim preacher and brother of Dr. Harith ad-Darri, the General Secretary of the Sunni Council of Muslim ‘Ulama' of Iraq.

US occupation orders destruction of palaces in Tikrit.

The US occupation forces have ordered the destruction of ten small palaces formerly occupied by members of the family of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in an area near Tikrit. The construction of the palaces took place between 1994 and 2000. Those were the difficult years of the US embargo when the building was a symbol of Iraqi self-reliance and defiance of the US strangulation of the country.

German TV documents US war crimes in Iraq.


In a vivid testimonial to the criminality of the US invaders' behavior in Iraq, German TV station ARD is broadcasting Thursday evening films of US occupation troops joyfully killing wounded Iraqis who were unable to defend themselves.


An announcement of the broadcast aired on the program “Panorama” said that the first film clip was shot by a camera mounted on a US Apache helicopter belonging to the 4 th Infantry Division in December 2003.


In the clip three persons meet at night near a car and throw something on the ground that the Americans aboard the helicopter believe to be arms. The helicopter crew then receive orders to kill the three men. Two are killed instantly, while the third is wounded seriously. A soldier aboard the helicopter asks whether he must shoot and kill the third man and the order comes through clearly to “kill him.” Immediately the soldier opens fire on the wounded man.


The second clip was filmed by a CNN cameraman in April 2003. A unit of US Marines opened fire on a seriously wounded Iraqi while they were carrying out a raid in an industrial area of Baghdad. The US soldiers in the film obviously take pleasure in having killed the Iraqi.


“Panorama” says, based on the statements of international law experts, that the two incidents should be classed as war crimes because the Geneva Convention prohibits firing on wounded persons unable to defend themselves, whether in the context of combat or on occupation.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan Thursday, 26 February 2004.