Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 26 February 2004, through Sunday, 29 February 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

Thursday, 26 February 2004.

Iraqi Resistance bomb strikes US convoy, wounding American occupation troops.

An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded under a US occupation convoy that was on its way to Abu Ghurayb, a US base and concentration camp west of Baghdad. Two US forces’ fuel tankers caught fire the blast.  Witnesses said that the saw a number of wounded American soldiers, but the military would not confirm the reports.

Two puppet policemen killed in Ba‘qubah Resistance attack.

Two Iraqi puppet policemen, one of them an officer, was killed and six others wounded on Thursday in Ba‘qubah when his car was hit by an Iraqi Resistance blast, puppet police said.  The attack took place in one of the popular market places in as-Sarai neighborhood in the center of the city which lies northeast of Baghdad.  Two police cars parked outside a restaurant were the target of the Resistance strike.  Ambulances, police cars, and firemen rushed to the scene to put out the fire that blazed in the two stricken cars.


An officer in the Ba‘qubah puppet police, Muhammad Karim, said that the bomb was planted in the police car as the policemen were in the restaurant eating.  He told the Agence France Presse (AFP) that “a traffic policeman informed the officers who were eating that someone had put a bag under one of their cars, but they paid no attention and when they got in their cars, the bomb went off.”


Resistance bombs oil pipeline near Samarra’.

Iraqi Resistance forces set off a powerful explosion that ripped through an oil pipeline near Samarra’.  Al-Jazeera commented that the blast occurred one week after a similar attack on an oil pipeline near Karbala’.


Resistance mortar attack on roadblock in Bayji.

The Iraqi Resistance carried out a mortar strike on a checkpoint in the Bayji area, 1.5km from a US military base.  One puppet policeman and another person described only as “an Iraqi” were wounded in the attack.


Resistance attacks Kurdish chauvinist party office in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance fighters struck a headquarters of the collaborationist chauvinist Kurdish party known as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) with rocket-propelled grenades in the northern part of Kirkuk on Thursday evening.  Iraqi puppet police claimed that a “civilian” was killed as a result of the attack.


US arrests five in raids and searches in Ba‘qubah.

US aggressors carried out raids and searches of numerous houses in al-Yarmuk neighborhood of Ba‘qubah on Thursday, arresting five Iraqis. Malik ‘Abd al-Jabbar, a shaykh of the Bu ‘Alwan clan of ad-Dulaym tribe and his two sons, Hamid and Ya‘rab were among those arrested.  The US aggressors claim that their latest prisoners include men suspected of attacking an American armored column with a bomb as it was driving on a highway in the city two days before.


An Iraqi puppet police spokesman said that the American occupation forces found nothing in ‘Abd al-Jabbar’s house or courtyard, but they found heavy weapons in the adjacent yards


US occupation arrests Imam, worshippers at mosque.

As reported in the Iraqi Resistance Report for Wednesday, 25 February 2004, (“Aggressors and their stooges arrest 20 Iraqis.”) US occupation forces in Baghdad arrested some 20 Iraqis on the charge of “constituting a threat to the security of Iraq.”  Al-Jazeera TV later quoted Iraqi puppet police as saying that the arrested persons had been praying and that one of them was the Imam of a mosque.


Puppet police arrest Sudanese in Kirkuk.

Iraqi puppet police in the northern city of Kirkuk announced that they had arrested two Sudanese citizens on the suspicion that they prepared attacks inside the city.


Puppet police claim drug bust in Karbala’.

In Karbala’ Iraqi puppet police announced that they had arrested ten Iraqis for being in possession of a quantity of arms and explosives in addition to a certain amount of the drug heroin in a region west of the city.   The amount of heroin seized reportedly had a value of about 20 million Iraqi dinars (US$13,000).


Abizaid: Egypt to help train Iraqi puppet forces for the Americans.

Chief of the US imperialist Central Command, General John Abizaid announced on Thursday in Cairo that the Egyptian government has expressed its readiness to cooperate with the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council in Iraq, installed by the United States.  Abizaid said that Egyptian security institutions would probably help train Iraqi puppet security forces.


Turkish base serves US aggressors.

Ankara has opened the gates of its Incirlik airbase – for the first time since the start of the US aggression against Iraq in the spring of 2003 – to US aggressor troops returning from Iraq.  According to the Anatolia News Agency a C-17 US transport plane brought a group of US aggressor soldiers to the base early on Wednesday morning.


The US troops told correspondents that they had been suffering difficult living conditions in Iraq.  They had endured “hard days” they said because of the rising temperature in Iraq.


The Turkish government had earlier announced that it had given permission to the US and other countries engaged in the aggression against Iraq to use the Incirlik airbase for troop rotation and transport to occupied Iraq.  Some Turkish observers say that this is a violation of the Turkish Constitution.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Friday, 27 February 2004.








Friday, 27 February 2004.

1 US occupation soldier killed, one wounded in Resistance hand grenade attack.

Resistance fighters killed one US occupation soldier and wounded another in addition to damaging two US occupation Humvees in the city of ar-Ramadi on Friday when they lobbed hand grenades at them. Al-‘Arab al-Yawm, which reported the dead and wounded, initially had few other details at its disposal.


Resistance attack in Tikrit wounds two US soldiers.

An Iraqi Resistance home-made bomb exploded on Friday in Tikrit, 180km north of Baghdad, wounding two US occupation soldiers.  A US spokesman said that the two soldiers from the 122 Regiment of the 4th Infantry Division based in Tikrit were lightly wounded Friday morning while on patrol in the streets of the city.


Katyusha attack on US headquarters in Kirkuk.

Resistance forces fired three Katyusha rockets at the US occupation base in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Thursday-Friday night, according to the puppet police chief in the city, Turhan ‘Abd ar-Rahman.  ‘Abd ar-Rahman had no information regarding possible losses or damage done to the US occupation facility.


Resistance hits US convoy; invaders reply by killing Iraqi civilians leaving mosque.

A Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb detonated under a vehicle carrying US occupation troops on the outskirts of the city of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria on Friday.  US aggressor troops immediately began firing in every direction indiscriminately, as is their practice after being attacked.  The wild American shooting killed two Iraqi civilians and wounded three others as they were coming out of the local mosque after the Friday congregational prayers.


Resistance grenade attack near al-Khalis.

The Iraqi Resistance attacked a US occupation convoy in the area of al-Khalis, north of Baghdad on Friday morning with grenades.  Afterward, US occupation forces arrested five Iraqis in the town.  The US Associated Press reported eyewitnesses as saying that three Iraqis were wounded in the attack on the US forces and that a civilian car parked at the scene was damaged.


Resistance targets US forces in al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters assaulted a US occupation military position in al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad, with grenades on Thursday-Friday night.  The US Associated Press reported no casualties.


Resistance attacks so-called civil defense post in al-Kut.

Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in al-Kut, south of Baghdad reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters on Thursday- Friday night fired an explosive device at the headquarters of the puppet so-called civil defense forces and then opened machine gunfire on the building. No casualties were reported.  The attack came several days after Ukrainian aggressor troops fled from the building.


Resistance targets company selling cement to occupation.

The Iraqi Resistance attacked a factory in Mosul that sells the cement it produces to the US occupation forces and their puppet police stooges.  A spokesman for the Mosul puppet police said that one Iraqi who worked in the company was killed and another wounded.


Iraqi children badly wounded by land mine left from time of US invasion.

Ukrainian occupation forces reported that two Iraqi children were wounded on Thursday afternoon, one of them very severely, when a land mine left over from the recent invasion  exploded near the Abu ‘Ubaydah air base in the south of the occupied country.


British aggressor raid in al-Basrah.

In al-Basrah on Friday, British aggressor troops launched campaign of searches in the Abu Fils Port in the area of Abu al-Khasib, preventing fuel tankers from entering the harbor.


Hundreds rally in al-Fallujah against US raids, captures.

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the streets of al-Fallujah after Friday congregational prayers to protest continued violent house raids and searches carried out by US occupation troops.  They also denounced a recent US military raid on a local mosque where they tossed copies of the Qur’an on the ground and arrested a Muslim preacher.  The protesters demanded a halt of American “terrorist behavior”, and pledged not to stand by if the US invaders resume their house raids.  The demonstrators demanded that the occupation forces release the Muslim religious leaders and the women being held prisoner by the aggressors.


Japanese occupation forces bring in reinforcements.

Japanese aggressor forces in the city of as-Samawah, in southern Iraq, have been reinforced by more than130 additional forces. The Japanese imperial buildup is said to be part of a plan to deploy 1,000 troops in the area.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Saturday, 28 February 2004.



Saturday, 28 February 2004.

Bomb rips through British invader patrol, causing casualties.

A roadside bomb left by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as a British occupation patrol was passing in the southern Iraqi city of al-Basrah on Saturday morning.  Eye witnesses say that some of the British troops were wounded.  The explosion, which occurred on the road leading to al-Basrah University, also damaged some of the vehicles being used by the military patrol and some of the houses near the scene of the blast.


Puppet policeman killed in Resistance attack in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a puppet police checkpoint in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, leaving one puppet policeman dead early on Saturday, according to a report made by the local police forces.  Major General Turhan Yusuf, the local commander of the puppet police, Agence France Presse (AFP) that the Resistance fighters drove past the checkpoint in an Opal care and fired at the puppet policemen, killing ‘Ali Hammadah.


Resistance attacks puppet checkpoint; US forces respond and kill Iraqi civilians.

Iraqi Resistance forces on Friday night attacked puppet police near Mosul.  US forces intervened but their fire only killed passers by.


The US aggressors announced that four Resistance fighters, some in a car and others on a motorcycle, attacked an Iraqi puppet police checkpoint, opening fire on it with machine guns.  A US military spokesman claimed that a patrol of US invader troops responded to the Resistance attack by opening fire on the car, killing two fighters inside.  The Americans claim that the US aggressors’ attack also halted the motorcycle and two Resistance fighters aboard it were captured.


Lieutenant Colonel ‘Abd al-Ajal Hazim Hattabi of the puppet police reported, however, that the two men who were killed by the Americans were not Resistance fighters attacking their position, but civilians who were passing through the area at the time.  Hattabi explained: “Three persons on a motorcycle attacked the checkpoint using an anti-tank weapon and machine guns.  The American troops and one of their helicopters returned fire, striking a black car that happened to be passing near the checkpoint.”


Five Iraqis, one an old man, arrested in US raids in ar-Ramadi.

According to a correspondent for Al-Jazeera, US occupation forces at noon on Saturday arrested five Iraqis, including one elderly man, during house raids in the are of al-Bu ‘Ubayd in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  The correspondent quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the US invaders surrounded the area and carried out a campaign of search raids, during which they threatened to blow up the houses of the people for whom they were searching if those persons did not surrender.


US arrests 4 Iraqis in house raids in Mosul.

US aggressor troops have staged raids and arrests in Mosul.  In the course of the repressive campaign, four Iraqis were arrested by the occupation forces.  The US says that three of those arrested were connected to a bomb that they had found.  The fourth person, they say, is suspected of planning attacks against the US invaders.


US occupation forces arrest Islamic Party official.

An official in the Islamic Party responsible for its organizations in the Province of Diyala was arrested by US occupation forces.  The invader troops also took the three sons of the Islamic Party offical into custody.


Puppet police boost security in Karbala’ before ‘Ashura’.

In Karbala’, Iraqi puppet security forces have heightened their security measures in the city and its environs in fear of attacks timed to coincide with ‘Ashura’, the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Imam al-Husayn, who is specially revered by Shi‘i Muslims, on Tuesday.  Polish invaders and their Iraqi police stooges in the city have closed the main road leading to the tomb of Imam al-Husayn, and various checkpoints have been set up on the approaches to the city and around the tomb.  The security measures are to remain in force until after the day has passed.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Sunday 29 February 2004.



Sunday, 29 February 2004.

Estonian aggressor killed in Resistance bombing.

A bomb planted by Iraqi Resistance fighters exploded on Saturday night, killing an Estonian invader who was a part of a 12-man Estonian occupation patrol that was out looking for bombs planted in the roads of occupied Baghdad.  In Estonia, a military spokesman contradicted earlier reports by the US occupation authorities that the patrol came under Resistance gunfire as it was trying to disarm a bomb and that the soldier died of gunshot wounds in a hospital.


Truck crashes into checkpoint, injures Pole, puppet forces.

Near Karbala’ on Sunday a truck slammed into a checkpoint injuring a Polish occupation soldier and 14 Iraqi puppet police and security men.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported a Polish spokesman as saying that the truck failed to stop after it had been ordered to do so at a checkpoint near Karbala’, 110km south of Baghdad.  The Polish spokesman said that Polish aggressor forces fired on the truck that nevertheless continued on its path towards the checkpoint.  He said however that the attack was not a martyrdom operation.


Puppet policeman killed in Resistance attack near Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a puppet police patrol east of the northern city of Kirkuk, leaving one puppet policeman dead.  The Resistance forces assaulted the puppet patrol in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood in the eastern part of the city.  Gunbattles and street battles erupted after the Resistance attack in which grenades were reportedly used.  The Resistance fighters were able to leave the scene of the attack unscathed


Resistance attack in al-Fallujah wounds Jordanian soldier.

Two Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah, 50km west of Baghdad, carried out a drive-by shooting attack from two civilian cars on a Jordanian field hospital.  One Jordanian soldier working there was injured.  Jordanian government spokesman Asma Khidr said that Bassam Sidqi Sulayman az-Za‘arir was slightly injured and was in excellent condition after receiving treatment in the Jordanian field hospital where he workes.


US aggressors kill dissident Iraqi newspaper editor in fight with Resistance.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a group of US invaders in al-Fallujah with light arms and rocket-propelled grenades, according to eyewitnesses, quoted by the German Press Agency, on Sunday afternoon.  The American aggressors returned fire, striking the car of in which Mahmud ‘Awwad ad-Daylami, the editor-in-chief of the al-Fallujah newspaper al-Jazirah, was riding.  The car burst into flames killing ad-Daylami.


The Saba’ news agency reported that the US occupation forces in al-Fallujah had ordered the newspaper al-Jazirah shut down about a week prior to Sunday’s killing of the editor.  The paper was accused of publishing articles and reports opposed to the US occupation of Iraq.


Resistance RPG reportedly goes astray.


Iraqi puppet Lieutenant Colonel ‘Abd al-Karim Dhunnun, commander of the puppet police station in al-Hudaba’ neighborhood in northern Mosul claimed on Sunday that Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US occupation patrol on Saturday night, but that the RPG they fired went astray and struck an Iraqi home in the area, injuring two Iraqi women.  The women were taken to the city hospital after the attack.


Puppet police in Kirkuk claim Resistance rockets strike village by mistake.


Another claim of collateral damage from a Resistance attack was made by Lieutenant Colonel ‘Abd al-Karim ‘Ali al-Jabburi, commander of the puppet police in the village of Muratah, west of Kirkuk. Al-Jabburi claimed that two Katyusha rockets aimed at the nearby US occupation base fell instead on the village, destroying a house and electric wires and wounding two villagers.  Al-Jabburi said that the Katyushas were aimed at the US base in Tall al-Ward which is one kilometer from the village.


US aggressors kill two Iraqis in as-Samawah.

US occupation forces in as-Samawah shot two Iraqis to death when their car failed to stop as ordered.  Witnesses who saw the killing said that the driver possibly was unable to stop his car due to a failure of the brakes.


US invaders arrest Imam.

US occupation forces arrested Nazim al-Mulla Mahmud, the Imam of al-Khulafa’ Mosque in the city of ad-Dulu‘iyah north of Baghdad, along with two other men.  Witnesses said that the arrests took place after the Imam’s house was raided by invader forces on the premise that he has been involved in inciting attacks on the occupation forces.


Injuries and arrests as Kurdish puppet police join chauvinist mobs attacking Turkomans.


Two persons were injured and five arrested in clashes between Turkoman and Kurdish residents of the ethnically mixed region of Kirkuk in northern Iraq.  The clashes erupted after Turkoman residents fired light arms into the air as they greeted 92 Turkomans returning to the city from Baghdad where they had demonstrated against the efforts by Kurdish chauvinist parties collaborating with the US occupation in marginalization of the Turkomans.


One Iraqi was killed and ten injured as a result of Turkoman celebratory gunfire. Kurds set upon the Turkomans and in the clashes two persons were injured.


Later, angry Kurds attacked the headquarters of the Turkoman Front, the largest Turkoman party, led by Faruq ‘Abdallah ‘Abd ar-Rahman.  The Kurdish mobs destroyed the furniture, computers, and other equipment in the offices and trashed 20 cars belonging to supporters of the party that were parked outside.


Subhi Sabir, an official in the Turkoman Front said “the Kurds were carrying Kurdish flags and pictures of the two leaders Mas‘ud Barizani and Jalal Talibani (Kurdish chauvinist leaders who sit on the American-appointed puppet so-called Interim Governing Council of Iraq under US proconsul Bremer).”  Sabir added, however, “we don’t know if they (the mobs) took this action under orders from those two parties or on their own initiative.”


Sabir said, “In addition to the angry Kurds, Kurdish members of the city police took part in the attack and arrested seven persons who worked in the office.”


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that afterward, US occupation troops and puppet police ushered the Kurdish mobs out of the Turkoman office, closed all the roads leading to the office, and instituted a curfew.


US stooges agree to wipe out Arab character of proposed Iraqi puppet state.

US stooges on the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council have so far been unable to resolve differences over the outline and forms to be followed by the future Iraq.  They have agreed, however, that the American-dominated constitution will omit the statement that “Iraq is a part of the Arab Nation,” a statement that had figured in all Iraqi constitutions, and was a recognition of the fact that at least 80 percent of Iraqis are Arab and that without the unity of the Arab Nation, each of the statelets created by the imperialist Sykes-Picot Agreement is easy prey to invaders and aggressors.  This fact is obviously confirmed by the aggressors themselves as they seek to impose a constitution that obliterates Iraq’s Arab character.


Reflecting views of imperialist-Zionist “divide and conquer,” French deputy echoes Washington insider calling for partition of Iraq.


French Deputy Axel Poniatowski contributed an article to the French newspaper Le Figaro on Saturday, 28 February 2004, calling for the partition of Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines. Under the title “Pour une partition de l’Irak” (For a partition of Iraq) Poniatowski said that the unity of Iraq was a good but false idea and that it could only be maintained by force. Poniatowski’s comments echo the position of figures in the US Administration in Washington who have from time to time come out openly with calls for the partition of Iraq into Shi‘i , Kurdish, and Sunni Arab statelets which would further facilitate Zionist and imperialist domination of the Arab region.  Leslie H. Gelb’s article in The New York Times “The Three-State Solution” on 25 November 2004, put forth precisely the same idea, that Iraq could only be held together by “overwhelming, brutal force” and therefor would be better divided up.  In Le Figaro, the globalist Poniatowski rhetorically asked: “who today would think it logical to re-establish the former Yugoslavia or Soviet Union?” The destruction of united resistant states is a major goal of imperialist-Zionist globalism.  As it seeks to extend its authority it kicks open the door by inciting bloody ethnic and sectarian conflicts.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Monday, 1 March 2004.