Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 8 February 2004 through Wednesday, 11 February 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice. http:// www.freearabvoice.org

Sunday, 8 February 2004.

Iraqi Resistance launches attacks on US and other occupation forces.

The Iraqi Resistance further stepped up its strikes on the US occupation forces and their stooges as a delegation from the United Nations visits the country under close American supervision. Iraqi Resistance forces attacked US occupation army convoys in three areas, killing one US soldier and wounding four others Sunday, witnesses and the US military command said.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb killed a US occupation soldier near al-Mahmudiyah, 30km south of Baghdad, a US occupation spokesman said. The blast occurred on a road frequented by US patrols.

Another roadside bomb in al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad, wounded two US occupation soldiers, eyewitnesses reported.

In the northern city of Mosul, a US occupation convoy was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade on Sunday, leaving at least two soldiers wounded, according to witnesses, who added that the attack also damaged a military Humvee.

The Iraqi Resistance attacked a US occupation patrol with a bomb on the main road that cuts through Baghdad from north to south, according to a report by the Agence France Presse quoting sources in the Iraqi puppet police. No information concerning the extent of damage or casualties was available. The sources said that the blast occurred at the northern entrance to the highway

An improvised bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded on a street in Karbala' on Saturday as a Polish military patrol working for the US occupation was passing by. The Polish military occupation forces claimed that they suffered no losses or damage but said that they stopped their vehicle and took two Iraqis prisoner whom they suspect might have had something to do with the attack. Witnesses said that the blast occurred in a residential area and left no casualties.

UK Prince Charles pays furtive visit to British aggressor forces.

On a British occupation base near al-Basrah in southern Iraq, visiting British Prince Charles was able to hear the sound of gunfire outside the base as Iraqi Resistance forces clashed with the British occupation troops, demonstrating just how fragile is the “security” that the invaders are able to impose.

The British Prince of Wales visited UK troops for six hours. His visit was only announced after Charles had left the country 

Iraqi Resistance bombs police station during meeting.

Three Iraqi puppet policemen were killed and 11 others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance bomb blast at the as-Suwayrah puppet police station south of Baghdad. The blast occurred in the office of the deputy puppet police chief (who was among the casualties) during a morning meeting of the members of the force. The explosion caused considerable material damage to the building as well.

US occupation forces said that one of the Iraqi guards of the puppet police station was probably the person who set the explosive device since after the blast it was discovered that he had disappeared.

Outraged Baghdad woman attacks US General with her sandal.

An Iraqi woman resident of Baghdad struck an American general with her sandal after US occupation troops provoked her during a raid on her house. The Iraqi woman told the press, “The occupation forces raided my house looking for my brother. While they were searching it they did unacceptable things. I couldn't control myself. So I took off my sandal and got up and hit the American general who came with the US forces.”

Asked about the reason why the US occupation forces were searching for her brother, the woman said that there is no specific reason other than that her brother has a beard and is a prominent member of the mosque near their area.

“Free captive women!” Mosque Demo demands.

The incident of the woman's attack on the US general occurred just hours after about 2,000 Sunnis demonstrated outside the Nida' al-Islam Mosque in the as-Salikh area of eastern Baghdad on Friday to demand that dozens of women prisoners held in the dungeons of the occupation be released. The demonstrators chanted, “Oh Iraq, Vengeance! Vengeance! Oh Islam, Vengeance! Vengeance!”


Dr. Rafi‘ TaHa al-‘Ani told Islam on line that there are lists of the woman prisoners that Muslim sisters have distributed in various provinces – Tikrit, Samarra', Diyala, and Baghdad. They were arrested by the US occupation forces for no specified reason. Al-‘Ani said that there was a bride of five days in al-Fallujah who was arrested by the occupation forces after they could not find her husband. He said that al-‘Azmiyah area in Baghdad saw four women arrested from one house alone.


Another Iraqi source said that there are not charges being leveled against the women prisoners: “the American occupation just arrests the women when they don't find the head of the house, whom they are looking for, at home. He denounced the US occupation forces that claim to respect and esteem women. “Those forces killed two young women in Aswad village in Diyala Province east of Baghdad after an American convoy in the area was attacked by the Resistance.”


US aggressors shoot dead puppet policeman, wound two others.

The Iraqi puppet police reported on Sunday that US occupation forces killed an officer in the puppet police as he was returning in uniform to his house in Tikrit. Tikrit puppet police commander Colonel Usamah ‘Abd al-Ghaffar said that Major ‘Abd ar-Rahman Khalaf was killed Saturday evening. Colonel ‘Abd al-Ghaffar told Reuters that at 9:00 pm local time on Saturday a member of the puppet police force was shot and killed by US occupation forces even though he was wearing the uniform of the puppet police – a force armed and supervised by the US occupation forces themselves. Colonel ‘Abd al-Ghaffar added that the brother of the puppet police major was wounded too as was another man. He said that the puppet police were investigating. He said “there is no apparent reason for what happened to have happened.”


US occupation spokesman Sergeant Robert Cargie said that US troops of the 4 th Infantry Division were raiding houses in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood in Tikrit in search of a “suspect” wanted for an earlier rocket attack when the US troops suddenly came under automatic rifle fire. He said that the US occupation troops returned fire and threw a hand grenade, killing one man and wounding two others. Cargie said that an investigation of the wounded men disclosed that the man whom they had killed was a puppet police major.


But Shaykh Hamid ‘Aqqab ad-Dulaymi, a leader of the Khalaf tribe, to which the dead man belonged, said that the officer had just arrived home when the US occupation forces opened fire on him. He said, “the soldiers had prepared an ambush in the area . . . . I don't know why. When he got out of his car they suddenly opened fire on him.” The Shaykh added, “Then his brother came out of the house and they shot him too, wounding him. They took him [the dead man] and went away. Then later they came back and stripped him of his uniform and left his body naked in the street.”


Communiqué from Brigades of al-Faruq.

A Sunni Islamic organization belonging to the Iraqi Resistance said in a Communiqué that it has recently issued (a summary of which was reported by Islammemo) that the Sunnis do not want to see sectarian disruption in Iraq and therefore they have chosen the path of armed Resistance to liberate the country by joining various of many jihadi groups and organizations, including the Brigades of al-Faruq, the military wing of the Islamic Movement in Iraq.


The Communiqué, quoted by Akhbar al-Khalij newspaper, said that it is not strange that the US forces should concentrate their fury on what they call the “Sunni triangle” because the people of the triangle have raised the banner of jihad, rejection, and Resistance. The Sunnis will continue on their course of rejecting the occupation under any and all conditions until the occupation departs.


The Communiqué asked rhetorically, “since there are now 14 million Sunni Muslims in Iraq now, does this constitute a minority among a total population of 25 million?” Regarding cases of collaboration with the occupation forces among Shi‘ites and Kurds, the Communiqué said “we condemn the traitors who permitted the use of arms against the previous regime but have not permitted the use of arms against the occupiers.”


Fatwa: Resistance to the occupation is Islamic duty for everyone.

Meanwhile the Board of ‘Ulama' Iraqi League, a Sunni League that supports the Iraqi Resistance, have issued a religious opinion (a “Fatwa”) stating “the position of Islamic law regarding the occupation forces is that it is obligatory to fight them. Fighting them is a duty on each and every individual, on every Muslim able to do so.” The Fatwa was signed for the League of ‘Ulama” by Shaykh Harith ad-Darri, the grandson of Shaykh Darri al-Mahmud, the religious leader who launched the great Iraqi Revolt against the British occupation in 1920. Regarding the position of Islamic law on the so-called Interim Governing Council, the Fatwa said “The members of this council were chosen by the infidel who installed them as agents to rule Iraq and its people, and the Muslim rejects rule on behalf of infidels or those who serve as agents of infidels. And God will never allow the infidels any way against the Believers.”


The Fatwa stated: “we have heard one member of the governing council, a man who wears the cloth of religion, laud and praise the occupying infidel, and those who ordered the occupation, Bush and Blair. And we saw no one among those seated on the council disapprove of such praise. Therefore the Islamic legal ruling with regard to the governing council is that it is prohibited to participate as a member of the council, or to comply with its orders, or to work under its agency.


Arab League secret report: US encouraging sectarian turmoil in Iraq, region.

A report issued by the League of Arab States has accused the western occupation of Iraq led by the United States of threatening Iraqi and regional stability by empowering Kurdish and Shi‘ite Muslim groups, according to an Arab League report obtained Saturday by The Associated Press. The report drawn up by an Arab League delegation that visited occupied Iraq in December, is circulating among the 22 members of the Cairo-based Arab League but has not been made public. “Iraqis find geographical and ethnic federalism a prelude to division of the country,” said the report, which does not name the country's Shi‘ites but uses the term “sectarianism” to refer to Shiite and Kurdish separatist political aspirations. The Arab League delegation, headed by Assistant Secretary-General Ahmad Bin Hilli, spent 10 days in Iraq meeting with members of the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council, the puppet so-called Cabinet, religious leaders, tribal chiefs and trade union representatives. Its findings will be formally submitted to a meeting of Arab foreign ministers in March and later to an Arab summit.


“The makeup of the Governing Council was among the reasons which have helped to sow the seeds of sectarianism,” a section of the 50-page document read. The majority of 13 seats on the 25-member Governing Council and the Cabinet were given to politicians of Shi‘ite background. The other seats are divided among five Kurds, five Sunni Arabs, one Christian and one Turkoman.


Arab League spokesman Husam Zaki said the report is intended to “reflect what the delegation found” in Iraq rather than to blame any particular group. “That was our finding. (Sectarianism) might become a source for serious problems,” said Zaki, who was a member of the four-person delegation.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Monday, 9 February 2004.










Monday, 9 February 2004.

US dead and wounded.


Two US occupation soldiers were killed and six others wounded on Monday in an explosion outside of the town of Sinjar, 400km northwest of Baghdad, near Mosul. According to US Brigadier General Mark Kimmit the explosion “appeared to have been an accident and not a result of hostile fire.” Kimmit said that the US troops were engaged in disposing of explosives at the time of the blast.


In al-Fallujah Iraqi Resistance roadside bombs injured four US occupation soldiers. A spokesman for the US military occupation said that one US occupation soldier approached an explosive device in the road and it blew up, injuring him, as he got close to it. When three other US occupation troops tried to take him away for medical treatment, another bomb detonated, wounding them as well. The US spokesman said that an investigation was under way to see if the bomb went off by remote control.


Quds Press: three American troops killed, others injured by land mine in Samarra'.

In an Iraqi Resistance attack ignored by the western media, three American occupation troops were reported killed in Samarra', north of Baghdad on Monday when a land mine planted in a road exploded under them. Eyewitneses on the scene of the blast told al-Quds Press about the incident, which it published on Wednesday, 11 February 2004, after the Monday attack had gone unreported by the western media and was apparently hushed up by the American occupation forces.


According to the report, the people of the area said that they witnessed a number of metal cans in various places in the neighborhood on top of each of which were two metal “heads”. This aroused their concern so they informed the US forces in the area who came immediately. They found the first such can to be full of feces, as were the second, third, and fourth. The soldiers determined that the matter was some sort of joke and a number of the troops kicked a fifth can which as it turned out was packed with explosives. The resultant blast killed three of the US troops and wounded several others.


Resistance attack on US base at Abu Ghurayb.

The correspondent of al-Jazeera net in Baghdad has reported that Abu Ghurayb concentration camp, where the US forces also have a significant base, west of Baghdad, came under mortar attack on Monday evening. Eyewitnesses report that the US occupation forces returned fire at what they imagined was the source of the mortar fire. There is no word on casualties or damage on either side.


Martyrdom attack injures collaborators' guards.

On Monday, an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber walked up to the house of brothers Majid and ‘Amer ‘Ali Sulayman in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad, and detonated explosives strapped to his body, witnesses said. Three guards were seriously injured but the brothers - who are among the city's most prominent tribal leaders collaborating with occupation forces - were unhurt. The Iraqi Resistance bomber had approached the house earlier when the brothers were receiving callers, and was told to leave, the witnesses said.


The Iraqi Resistance has repeatedly warned Iraqis not to cooperate with the American invaders. The most recent threats were contained in pamphlets circulated in ar-Ramadi and nearby al-Fallujah by a coalition of 12 Resistance groups.


Puppet police official threatened by Resistance Fighters in Kirkuk.

In Kirkuk, ‘Ammar Khaldun Khalil (33 years old), an official in the puppet police force of the city claimed that Resistance fighters who support the Deputy Chairman of the Revolution Command Council of Iraq, ‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri threatened to kill the puppet police official. He said that 10 armed men with their faces covered attacked his house and detonated a bomb in the garden that blew out the windows of the house, and then stormed in. When they discovered that Khalil was not at home, they told the puppet police official's wife that they would kill the official in the provinicial government headquarters and reportedly told her that they were supporters of ‘Izzat Ibrahim.


The Iraqi Resistance has made it clear that all people working for the US occupation or its stooge agencies such as the puppet police are legitimate targets.


Prison break in an-Nasiriyah.

Iraqi puppet police sources confirmed that 200 Iraqi prisoners being held in a prison in the city of an-Nasiriyah, 350km south of Baghdad have escaped from the institution by breaking down the steel doors of their cells. The Saudi news agency WAS reported on the authority of the Iraqi newspaper al-Furat on Monday that an officer in the Iraqi puppet police who declined to give his name said that the prisoners were able to break down the doors of their cells under the gaze of their guards who at first attempted to prevent their escape by firing into the air and then pointing their weapons at the prisoners. Two of the escaping prisoners were shot dead and 20 others wounded, some of them seriously.


US, foreign companies under threat.

The collaborationist so called Kurdish Democratic Party, a Kurdish chauvinist party working for the US occupation, warned foreign companies and organizations, and in particular US companies and organizations in northern Iraq to shut down their offices. The call by the pro-American party came in response to recent information that they claim to have received about imminent Iraqi Resistance attacks on such facilities.


Occupation protects Shi‘ite anti-Resistance cleric. 

US occupation general Mark Kimmit confirmed a report that the Shi‘ite religious leader and opponent of the Iraqi Resistance, ‘Ali as-Sistani had been transported by the occupation forces to a secure location. Kimmit refused to specify where that “secure location” is. The US government propaganda Radio Sawa reported that as-Sistani is under the high security protection of a non-US security force in a “save place.”


Last week there were reports that as-Sistani had been the target of an assassination attempt. Those reports were variously denied and confirmed by different members of as-Sistani's staff and supporters.


US occupation forces arrest 13 of their own puppet police.

US occupation forces on Monday arrested 13 members of the US-backed puppet police force in the area of ar-Riyad, 35km west of Kirkuk. Six of those arrested were officers. Lieutenant Colonel ‘Awwad al-Jabburi told the German Press Agency that the US forces arrested the puppet policemen on the charge that they had smuggled information to the Iraqi Resistance about the location of US forces, their command centers, patrols, and the visits that they carry out within the command buildings.


Puppet policeman wounded in Resistance attack.

Iraqi puppet police Lieutenant Colonel ‘Awwad al-Jabburi told the German Press Agency that Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a puppet police station in the area of ar-Riyad, 35km west of Kirkuk on Tuesday, wounding one puppet policeman who was outside.


US occupation forces form Zionist-style “security belt” around Baghdad to cut losses.

In a move copied from Zionist techniques in occupied Palestine, US invader forces in the city of Baghdad have begun moving most of their forces to strongholds that will surround the occupied Iraqi capital, reducing somewhat their contact with the Resistant Iraqi population.


According to the security attaché in the puppet so-called Iraqi ministry of the interior Lieutenant General Ahmad Kazim Ibrahim, the puppet ministry has drawn up plans to erect such “security belts” around all of the major cities in occupied Iraq. Ibrahim said, however, that the full development of the plan is awaiting the delivery of communication equipment and other special supplies from the Americans.


US invader forces in Iraq began scaling down their presence inside Baghdad with the arrival of fresh troops who are mostly moving into bases on the city's outskirts, a top US aggressor commander said Monday. Brigadier General Mark Hertling, assistant commander of the departing 1st Armored Division said the arriving 1st Cavalry Division is moving into eight bases around Baghdad, with one in the center. It is a contrast to the 26 bases in the city now and down from as many as 60 last summer just after the Iraq war.


The eight bases on the outskirts of Baghdad will house between 25,000 and 30,000 troops, and will be the only US invader presence in Baghdad after the 1st Cavalry assumes command on April 15, Hertling said.


The official US line on the move is to say that it is an effort to push the puppet police and puppet so-called civil defense forces into doing more of the risky and bloody work of defending the occupation that US forces have been doing. But the US commanders are fully aware that those puppet forces are a long way from being up to that task. General Hertling told reporters that the puppet forces were expected to pick up jobs that the US occupation troops had been doing, but he added there was no firm deadline for a complete turnover of Baghdad security to Iraqis. "If you're asking me for a set date, there is none," he said. "Some of the regions within Baghdad will go faster than others."


US claims capture of Iraqi government official.

On Monday, US defense officials in Washington claimed that American invaders in Iraq had captured one of the remaining “most-wanted” members of the Iraqi government. Muhsin Khidr al-Khafaji, No. 48 on the aggressors' 55 most-wanted list, was taken captive during the weekend by US invader troops in the Baghdad area, the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.


US tries to cover battlefield losses, Bush's falling popularity, with fake document.

In a pathetically transparent attempt to try to compensate for US loses in Iraq and the diminished credibility of US President Bush, The New York Times has published a document forged or falsified by the US military or secret services according to which an agent of the Islamic Revivalist movement al-Qa‘idah urges a sectarian war against Iraqi Shi‘ites in a “desperate last attempt to save the Resistance”.


US officials have acknowledged that the number of Resistance attacks in recent weeks has increased, and meanwhile the domestic popularity of George Bush has sunk as even some of his most intrusive and abrasive weapons inspectors, like David Kay, admit now that Iraq never had the weapons that Bush used as an excuse for invading the country.


Until the original Arabic text of the document is published, it is, of course, impossible to say with certainty whether the document itself if a forgery, or whether the US military and/or media have simply distorted its contents to suit them. Based on passages quoted and summarized in The New York Times on Monday, 9 February 2004, it is evident that we are dealing with a forged message.


While the Iraqi Resistance has consistently striven to build and maintain national unity against the US aggressors, the US has promoted sectarian divisions within the country in a desperate attempt to divide and rule the Resistant Iraqi people. On Sunday a secret report from an Arab League fact finding mission highlighted this very problem (see Iraqi Resistance Report for Sunday, 8 February 2004), and religious leaders in Iraq have frequently denounced the US forces for crude attempts to stir up strife between religious communities. (See the “Special Report: al-Jazeera interview with the Imam of the Abu Hanifah Mosque in Baghdad” in the Iraqi Resistance Report for Monday, 2 February 2004, for one of many such statements by Iraqi religious leaders.) Meanwhile The New York Times itself, where this latest fake document was published, has itself printed calls by American political leaders calling for the partition (“federalization”) of Iraq. On 25 November 2003, The New York Times published an op-ed contribution by Washington insider and Zionist Leslie H. Gelb entitled "The Three-State Solution" in which he proposed a breakup of Iraq into a "Shiite," a "Sunni," and a "Kurdish" state.


In fact, the publication of the fake letter supposedly from Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi a semi-mythical individual whom the US claims is in charge of al-Qa‘idah's Resistance operations in Iraq, is itself another US effort to incite sectarian violence.


In addition, the text of the letter betrays the fact that it is an obvious forgery aimed at the uninformed American public.


For example, totally out of keeping with the reality of the escalating resistance in Iraq, the fake letter claims that inciting a war between Sunni and Shi‘i Iraqis “is the only way to prolong the duration of the fight between the infidels and us. If we succeed in dragging them into a sectarian war, this will awaken the sleepy Sunnis who are fearful of destruction and death at the hands” of Shi‘ites, according to the forged document. Readers of this Iraqi Resistance Report will know that the Iraqi Resistance is far from “sleepy” and our information is gleaned solely from press reports; a man on the scene – as az-Zarqawi supposedly is – would be even more informed of the intensity of the resistance.


Typical of clumsy forgeries, the US authorities in writing the fake letter put words in the mouth of “az-Zarqawi” in which he supposedly expressed fear over the hopeless US attempts to shore up its sinking position in the country. Thus the fake letter says that "the biggest bulwark against the success of [the Resistance] strategy would be the continued standing up of Iraqi security forces, the continued American resolve and the hand over of sovereignty to an Iraqi government." Yet as readers of the Iraqi Resistance Report are aware, the puppet so-called Iraqi Security forces are so incapable of carrying out the job assigned them by their invader masters that even General Hertling in the previous story (above) admitted he had no idea when the puppet forces would be able to do the job expected of them.


“American resolve” is exposed every day by reports of Washington's efforts to inveigle NATO or the United Nations, or various of its allies individually, to send their troops to Iraq to take bullets in place of American soldiers whose rising casualty toll is eroding support for Bush and his policies in the United States.


Finally, the “hand over of ‘sovereignty' to an Iraqi government” while the US occupation continues in place obviously in actual command of the country is nothing but a stage play for propaganda purposes that is of interest to no one but Washington “spin doctors” and American stooges eager for some way to try to save face as they abase themselves in service to the US-Zionist empire.


Elsewhere in the letter the fake Abu Mus‘ab supposedly writes: “Our enemy is growing stronger day after day, and its intelligence information increases,” once again in total contrast to the situation on the ground. The Bush Administration is now trying to deflect mounting criticism of its role by blaming the US intelligence network for failing to provide accurate information on Iraq's “weapons of mass destruction” before the US invasion. Perhaps US intelligence operatives imagined that a fake letter from al-Qa‘idah would be an ideal place to try to re-establish their credibility, since they can't openly contradict their President.


In another burst of imperial American wishful thinking the forgers of the letter had the fake Abu Mus‘ab write that the Resistance fighters “are failing to enlist support inside the country,” in a laughably obvious contradiction to the daily reality of Resistance attacks on aggressor forces.


But perhaps most revealing of all is the fact that this fake Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi, who, the Americans claim, is a Jordanian, laments that Iraq has no mountains in which Resistance fighters could take refuge. Anyone familiar with the topography of Jordan would wonder why a Jordanian would expect to find the Himalayas rising around Baghdad!


The fact that US intelligence and the military have resorted to a forgery so demonstratively fake in a pathetic attempt to cover their growing defeat in Iraq is almost as encouraging as the Resistance news itself.




http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp l =story&u=/ap/20040209/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iraq_sectarian_war&cid=540&ncid=1480










Tuesday, 10 February 2004.

Iraqi Resistance car bomb devastates puppet police station near Baghdad. American occupation troops add to bloodshed.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded Tuesday morning at a puppet police station in the town of al-Iskandariyah, 40km south of Baghdad, as dozens of would-be recruits lined up to apply for jobs. A hospital official said at least 55 people were killed and 50 others wounded. The correspondent for Al-Jazeera TV reported from the scene of the blast that several of the injured said that they had been wounded by gunfire from US occupation troops after the explosion, which took place as a US military column was passing by. The Americans believed that they were the targets of the blast and as is their habit in such situations, they responded by firing indiscriminately in every direction, striking many local citizens. Al-Jazeera's correspondent said that there was “tension between the occupation forces and the citizens who hold the US troops responsible for attacks such as this.”


The local Iraqi puppet police commander, Lieutenant Colonel ‘Abd ar-Rahim Salih, said the bombing attack was a martyrdom operation, carried out by a diver who detonated a red pickup as it passed by the station. Salih said that they had found the engine of the attack vehicle and thereby confirmed that the bomb was delivered by vehicle.


US invader paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division sealed off the area around the station and refused to allow journalists near the blast site about 30 miles south of Baghdad. In Baghdad, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Williams, an occupation spokesman, said no US or other occupation forces were hurt.


Hospital director Razaq Jabbar said his facility had received 50 dead and 50 injured - all believed to be Iraqis. He said he had heard that three others died at another hospital.

"This figure might increase," he said. "There were some body parts that haven't been identified yet. Some more bodies may be trapped under the rubble." Puppet policeman Wissam ‘Abd al-Karim said he was standing in front of the nearby courthouse when "I heard a very strong explosion" and "the blast threw me on the ground." He added: "It was the day for applying for new recruits. There were tens of them waiting outside the police station." Security for the facility included a checkpoint surrounded by sandbags and barbed wire, ‘Abd al-Karim said.


Husayn Muhammad, 18, said he was standing in the public market when he heard a tremendous explosion about 9:15 a.m. Another witness, who refused to give his name, described the blast as "really strong" and said body parts littered the street near the station. "There was not one body in one piece," he said.


Later in the day al-Jazeera TV reported that the blast left a deep crater in the ground 25 meters from the police station, yet the explosion was powerful enough to destroy part of the police station building as well. Fifteen cars in the area were left as burned out hulks.


Iraqi Resistance forces attack puppet police in Baghdad.

Iraqi puppet police commander Ahmad Kazim Ibrahim told a press conference that four officers in the puppet police force were killed in an explosion as their car passed through the streets of az-Zayunah in the eastern part of occupied Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance kills puppet police general in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance fighters gunned down puppet police Brigadier General Husayn ‘Ali, commander of the puppet police station in the al-Yarmuk neighborhood of Mosul, according to puppet police Brigadier General ‘Abd al-Azal Kazim, chairman of the information office in the Mosul city puppet police. The Resistance fighters drove past ‘Ali's house and opened fire at him, striking him in the head and abdomen. The Resistance guerrillas escaped unharmed.


Iraqi Resistance attacks puppet police truck in Mosul, killing one, wounding two.

Puppet police Brigadier General ‘Abd al-Azal Kazim, chairman of the information office in the Mosul city puppet police, 400km north of Baghdad, said that one puppet policeman was killed and two others injured when Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire from two passing cars on a puppet police pickup truck in the Suma neighborhood, Agence France Presse reported.


US occupation forces evacuate press center over bomb threat.

The Baghdad Convention Center, which houses the US military occupation press center and other occupation forces' facilities, was evacuated Tuesday after bomb-sniffing dogs detected something suspicious, Lieutenant Colonel Dan Williams, an occupation spokesman, said. The center later reopened.


Saudi report: Zionist consulate in Baghdad.

The Saudi newspaper of record ar-Riyad in its issue of Tuesday, 10 February 2004, carries a story under the by-line of its Baghdad correspondent, ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Qaysi, reporting that reliable sources have informed the paper that a large building near the US occupation headquarters in the occupied Republican Palace (which the Americans call the Green Zone) is being used as the headquarters for the surreptitious consulate of “Israel” in Baghdad. The sources confirm that the number of employees in the Zionists' covert consulate is as much as 750 persons carrying out various jobs for the Zionist entity in occupied Iraq. The Zionist employees reportedly include information officers, counselors, officers in the Zionist secret police the Mossad, and so-called “anti-terrorist” officers. The influential Saudi newspaper reports that the Zionist staff at their consulate reside in the areas of al-‘Amiriyah and Karradat Maryam and in a number of apartments that have been given to them. The sources also informed ar-Riyad that some of the Zionist officers are also responsible for planting explosives in Sunni mosques and Shi‘ite Husayniyahs in an attempt to sow sectarian violence in the country.










Wednesday, 11 February 2004.

Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb blows up US military vehicle, wounding 3 Americans.

The commander of the Iraqi puppet police in Kirkuk Major General Turhan Yusuf told Agence France Presse (AFP) that an explosive device blew up in the northern part of the city ripping through an American military vehicle. A spokesman for the American 4 th Infantry Division which is based in Kirkuk said that three American occupation troops were wounded in the Resistance attack. The spokesman said: “the soldiers opened fire after the explosion and apparently wounded one of the attackers, but no one was captured.”

Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds US aggressors in ar-Ramadi.

In the city of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad, an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded when a US occupation convoy passed by on Wednesday morning. An SUV carrying occupation “civilian” personnel was damaged and set ablaze, and the US military occupation said one soldier was slightly injured. Eyewitnesses quoted by al-Jazeera TV said that four of the US “civilian” passengers in the vehicle were wounded and that US occupation forces rushed to the scene of the blast and extracted the injured persons after sealing off the roads to the area with the help of the Iraqi puppet police.

Iraqi Resistance attack wounds five Spanish occupation troops near ad-Diwaniyah.

The Spanish Defense Ministry reported that five Spanish occupation soldiers were wounded when an explosive device was hurled at them on Wednesday while they were on patrol in occupied Iraq.

The Spanish invaders were on returning on foot to their base in ad-Diwaniyah, 180km south of Baghdad, when a bomb was thrown at them from a nearby building.

Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber shreds collaborators at puppet recruitment office.

An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber blew up a car packed with explosives in a crowd of hundreds of Iraqis waiting outside a Baghdad puppet army recruiting center Wednesday, killing up to 47 people and wounding 50 others, all of them intent upon collaborating with the US occupation. It was the second bombing in two days targeting Iraqi stooges.

The 7:25am blast tore into would-be puppet army volunteers waiting outside the recruitment center near al-Muthanna Airport in al-‘Alawi district of central Baghdad, less than a mile from the heavily fortified so-called “Green Zone” – the Iraqi Republican Palace which the US occupation has taken over as its headquarters. Colonel Ralph Baker of the 1st Armored Division Baker said a man driving a white 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra detonated about half a ton of explosives and several artillery shells to increase the power of the explosion.

The puppet so-called Iraqi “interior ministry” said in a statement that 46 people were killed and 54 wounded. Major John Frisbie, spokesman of the 2nd Brigade 1st Armored Division, put the death toll at 36.

Charred debris from the vehicle was scattered across the road in front of the center as a heavy rain soaked US occupation troops and American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, looking for evidence at the blast scene. (The area of jurisdiction of the FBI is supposed to be legally limited to the United States, but in the globalist age its purview now takes in the whole world.) The recruitment center for puppet forces was surrounded by barbed wire and had sandbagged posts in front of it. But around 300 Iraqi collaborators were gathered outside the center's locked gates, waiting for it to open, and were completely exposed. Some were lined up to join the puppet military, others waiting to depart for a puppet forces training camp in Jordan.

Hammad Jasim, 30, who was injured in his face by broken glass from the windshield of his car said: “I was in my car and 10 meters away from me there was another car driving slowly along the road. Then suddenly it exploded and threw my car into one of the nearby trees.

"I was just telling my buddy that it was very dangerous to be standing here," said ‘Ali Husayn, 22. He lay on a bed soaked in his blood at al-Karkh Hospital, his body shaking as he gasped for air. He said he saw a white Oldsmobile approaching the crowd. "Then I felt nothing but fire around me." His legs were covered in bandages, and he had broken bones. Ghasan Samir, 32, an officer in the Iraqi puppet army who also was wounded, said the car drove into the crowd and ran over some people before exploding.

US occupation forces have been preparing the Iraqi puppet police and puppet military to take a larger role in fighting the US aggressors' war for them in order to protect American invader forces and reduce pressure on the US Administration to withdraw from Iraq.

At al-Karkh Hospital, relatives outside the gates shouted the names of missing loved ones to officials inside. The morgue's two refrigerators were stacked with bodies wrapped in blood-soaked sheets. In the conditions of the occupation where electric power has not yet been restored in the country and much equipment cannot be repaired because the

Americans insist on using only US products that do not fit existing machinery, only one of the hospital refrigerators was working. The morgue room reeked with the smell of the dead. At least five more bodies lay outside in a hospital courtyard, with the rain pounding the plastic sheets they were wrapped in. Also strewn about the courtyard were plastic bags filled with body parts.

Dr ‘Ammar Sami of the al-Karkh Hospital's emergency surgery section said that the condition of most of the injured is serious, particularly for those wounded in the face and limbs.

One puppet soldier killed as Iraqi Resistance attacks roadblock in al-Huwayjah.

Lieutenant Colonel ‘Awad ‘Abdallah al-Jabburi commander of the puppet police in the town of al-Huwayjah, 50km west of Kirkuk told Agence France Presse (AFP) that puppet soldier Husayn ‘Ali Khalaf was killed on Wednesday morning when Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on a puppet so-called civil defense force check point in the town.

Resistance attack on collaborationist party in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance fighters firing from a car on Wednesday attacked an office of the collaborationist so-called Democratic Assyrian Party in Mosul, injuring one security guard, according to party member Napoleon Fatou. The party, which claims to represent the Assyrian Christian community, is working with the occupation and has a seat on the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council run by US proconsul L. Paul Bremer.

In another Iraqi Resistance attack: fire damages pro-occupation newspaper offices.

Isma‘il Zayir the editor-in-chief of the Iraqi newspaper as-Sabah which receives funding from the occupation regime said on Wednesday that the printing press building belonging to the newspaper was damaged in a fire that was set by “unknown persons” on Tuesday to Wednesday night. “After the fire broke out, fire fighters worked until they put it out at about 1:00am.” Zayir said that one of the newspaper's employees was slightly injured in the blaze as he tried to put it out.

The newspaper's printing presses are located in the Baghdad neighborhood of al-Qahirah. A correspondent of Agence France Presse (AFP) reported seeing stacks of fire-damaged old newsprint.

Zayir said that one of the “unknown attackers” threw something from the other side of the wall that divides the presses from another neighboring establishment. Zayir admitted that some “weeks ago” he had “received threats of an unknown origin along with pamphlets praising Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Zayir also said that the pro-occupation newspaper, which was established on 17 may 2003, was attacked twice in January when Resistance fighters fired anti-tank rockets at the building.

Newspaper: Iraqi Resistance sets up Unit for Eliminating Collaborators and Spies.

Islammemo.cc reports that the Iraqi Resistance has announced the formation of a body it calls the Unit for Eliminating Collaborators and Spies whose job it will be to execute all those who are proven to have cooperated with the US occupation forces, whether they be former Ba‘th Party members, puppet policemen, or political figures who returned to Iraq on the backs of American tanks.

The Unit began its work by sending out hundreds of letters threatening a large number of collaborators with the Americans. The messages give the recipients the choice of halting their collaboration with the occupier or being physically eliminated. According to the news paper al-Jazirah, the letters significantly contain extremely precise information about the person targeted. Some of the recipients of the letters have concluded that the security services of the pre-invasion Iraqi state are behind or involved in researching and writing the letters because of their precise accuracy.

The Unit for Eliminating Collaborators and Spies was formed by the Resistance to counter the body formed by the occupation and its puppet authority known as the Unit for Eliminating the Ba‘th Party. That body is headed by the most anti-Ba‘thist member of the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council, Ahmad al-Chelebi. The Unit for Eliminating the Ba‘th has taken upon itself the task of getting Ba‘th Party members dismissed from their jobs in a massive campaign known as the Purge of State offices of the Remnants of the Ba‘th Party.

According to al-Jazirah newspaper, the Unit for Eliminating Collaborators and Spies is part of a comprehensive plan on the part of the Resistance to assert their control over the cities of Iraq at such time as the US occupation forces withdraw from them under the American effort to turn over control to an Iraqi puppet administration at the end of June this year. A number of Iraqi Resistance organizations published a Communiqué in the city of al-Fallujah in which they announced that they would impose a curfew for three days on the cities from which the US forces withdraw and that the members of the Resistance would maintain security and liquidate all those whose cooperation with the occupation authorities is proven. (See Iraqi Resistance Report for Saturday, 31 January 2004.)

The Communiqué, which appeared on walls of buildings throughout al-Fallujah began with an address “to our people in great Iraq” a form of address commonly used by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in his speeches and addresses. Yet that comuniqué was signed by the organizations that were responsible for its issuance, among them the al-Qari‘ah Organization, the Army of Partisans of the Sunnah, the Army of Muhammad, the Salafi Movement for Propaganda, Jihad, and Islamic National Resistance. That communiqué said that the houses of lackeys would be surrounded and they would be arrested and it therefore advised them to leave Iraq. The communiqué did say, however, that “sincere persons” among the members of the police and security forces would be allowed to continue their work, but it did not define who were those “sincere persons.”

Zionist Mossad said assassinating Iraqi intellectuals.

The General Secretary of the National League of Academics and Intellectuals of Iraq, Hani Ilyas has said that the Zionist Mossad is behind the assassinations of Iraqi religious leaders (‘Ulama') and intellectuals. Ilyas said that most of the ‘Ulama', intellectuals, and university professors who have been assassinated were not killed in connection with any “settling of scores” or revenge.

In a statement to al-Mustaqbal, Ilyas said that most of the victims were not clients of the pre-invasion Iraqi regime, and this fact means that their assassinations must be linked to an effort to sabotage Iraq's institutions. He said that “the dead are doctors, engineers, university professors, judges, and lawyers – a fact that increases the conviction that the aim of the assassinations is to kill off the qualitative cells of the Iraqi social body to prevent it from growth and development.”

The occupation authorities have calculated that the number of people assassinated in Iraq since the US aggressors occupied the country is about 1,000 persons, most of them members of the intellectual elite.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Thursday, 12 February 2004.