Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 1 March 2004, through Wednesday, 3 March 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice

Monday, 1 March 2004.

Massive explosion near US occupation headquarters shakes Baghdad.

A massive explosion shook the center of occupied Baghdad.  According to an American Associated Press report, the blast took place near the headquarters of the US occupation authority.  Immediately after the explosion, helicopters were seen hovering over the so-called “Green Zone” as the American invaders have dubbed the Republican Palace area of the Iraqi capital.  There were no immediate reports about casualties or damage caused by the explosion.


Witnesses told the AP that it appeared that the blast was the result of a mortar round fired from the East Bank of the Tigris river that exploded on the West Bank near the so-called “Green Zone.”  The US command said that it had no knowledge of the explosion.


A later report said that rocket hit the headquarters of the US-led occupation in Baghdad, sparking a major alert. The rocket exploded late Monday in a parking lot within the heavily-fortified “Green Zone,” the nerve center of US led operations in Iraq.


Resistance takes 3 Americans prisoner.

Sources close to the Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah report that the Resistance managed to capture three US occupation troops in one of their clashes with the invader forces.  An Islamic News Agency dispatch quoted by al-‘Arab al-Yawm stated that the prisoners include one US officer and two enlisted men.


Resistance pounds US base in al-Fallujah with rockets.

Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a barrage of rockets at the headquarters of the US occupation forces in the Saddamiyah area of al-Fallujah.  News agencies said that the Resistance fired six missiles from Saddamiyah into the American aggressor headquarters, compelling the US invaders to return fire in an attempt to strike the source of the incoming rockets.  Meanwhile US aggressor aircraft circled the skies above the area firing flares in the hope of illuminating the location of the Resistance attackers.


The Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah has escalated its attacks on the invaders in recent days following the US desecration of the Mosque of Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas.  Shaykh Khalil Fayyad al-Kubaysi reported that the occupation troops tore up copies of the Qur’an when they ransacked the mosque during their raid.


Sources close to the US aggressors in al-Fallujah report that the Iraqi Resistance in the town is working from time to time to develop its military and field capabilities.  This fact makes the suppression of the local Resistance difficult, the US aggressors maintain.


Iraqi Resistance strikes US base in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance forces lobbed mortar shells at the main US base in the area of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Monday.  The US aggressors made no initial public report on any losses or damage caused by the Resistance attack.


The mortar barrage elicited a somewhat panicked US aggressor response, however, as they resorted to sending Apache helicopter gunships on Monday night to fire nine rockets at unspecific targets west of the village of al-‘Asriyah located 10km south of the center of Kirkuk.  The commander of the puppet police in the area, Lieutenant General Shayrgoh Shakir Hakim, told the news agency WAS that the helicopter attack was in response to the Resistance attack on the base.


US aggressors disarm Resistance bomb in Ba‘qubah.

In Ba‘qubah, eyewitnesses said that US occupation forces disarmed an Iraqi Resistance bomb that had been planted on a major road south of the city.  Witnesses said that the invaders then raided nearby houses in search of “suspects” who might have planted the bomb.


Iraqi Resistance attacks Polish invaders; Poles reply by firing at civilian crowds in Karbala’.


A Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a bus used by Polish occupation forces at a checkpoint near Karbala’.  One Polish aggressor was badly wounded in the assault, as were a number of Iraqi puppet police and security men.


After the Resistance attack, Polish occupation forces opened indiscriminate gunfire on Iraqi civilians and religious pilgrims in Karbala’ who had come for ‘Ashura’ observances.


Resistance attacks Polish headquarters in Karbala’.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked the headquarters of Polish forces in Karbala’, triggering a gunbattle that killed one Iraqi puppet policeman, officials said.

Late Monday, a group of gunmen fired rifles at a hotel building housing Polish troops in the holy city of Karbala’, but were repulsed by Iraqi puppet police, said Karbala’ police spokesman Rahman Mashawi.


US aggressors, Iraqi puppets claim to disarm bombs at civilian sites in Kirkuk.

Major General Turhan Yusuf, the police commander in Kirkuk, claimed that his puppet forces together with US occupation troops disarmed two bombs in the northern Iraqi city.  The first bomb was supposedly located in front of a Shi‘i Husayniyah (place of worship), and the second in front of an elementary school.


Al-‘Arab al-Yawm: new Iran leadership smuggling troops into Iraq.

In a special report by Jihad ar-Rantisi, the Jordanian daily al-‘Arab al-Yawm has reported that diplomatic sources have disclosed that there are signs of change in Iran’s regional policy in the aftermath of the victory of the conservatives over the reformists in recent parliamentary elections in that country.


The sources tell al-‘Arab al-Yawm that the signs of that change have clearly appeared in the way that Tehran is dealing with the Iraqi situation.  The sources say that the government of President Khatimi has submitted to pressure by the conservatives to appoint General Hasan Kazim Qummi to oversee Iraqi affairs.


General Qummi is described as a commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the man in charge of the Army of Jerusalem.  The sources say that General Qummi has begun large-scale infiltration of his armed men into Iraq in the last two weeks.  The Iraqi puppet so-called interim governing council and the US occupation authorities are following these events closely.  Puppet authorities are said to be fearful of increased tension in occupied Iraq as a result of Iran’s policy change and the influx of the Iranian forces.


Iranian Security officers operating as part of puppet “Iraqi” intelligence agency.

Recent reports indicate that members of the Iranian security forces have come to dominate the newly-established US-backed Iraqi intelligence service in the southern part of occupied Iraq.  The puppet intelligence service was recently set up to combat the rising Iraqi Resistance movement.


According to an Islam memo correspondent in Iraq, the information is based on reports coming back from Sunni Iraqis who were recently captured and held by the intelligence agency.  A number of the former prisoners from the al-Hayaniyah neighborhood in an-Nasiriyah affirm that the officers who were interrogating them would converse among themselves in the Persian language.


These reports also indicate the presence of an intelligence agency base near the main bridge in an-Nasiriyah.


The puppet intelligence service was recently formed on the basis of members of the Shi‘i Badr Brigade and the Shi‘i Da‘wah (Propaganda) Party.  As is known the Badr Brigade was formed and trained by in Iran and the Da‘wah Party is pro-Iranian.  Both bodies are represented by leading members on the puppet so-called interim governing council chaired by the US proconsul L. Paul Bremer.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Tuesday, 2 March 2004.







Tuesday, 2 March 2004.

Resistance kills at least one US invader wounds another in Baghdad ambush.

On Tuesday, Iraqi Resistance fighters threw a grenade into a US occupation army Humvee as it drove down a Baghdad road, killing one 1st Armored Division soldier and wounding another.  The wounded soldier was taken to a medical facility in critical condition.


Three Americans killed others injured in land mine explosion.

A correspondent for from al-‘Arabiyah TV reported that three American soldiers had been killed and a number of others wounded on Tuesday in a land mine explosion on a highway in the northern part of Baghdad.  An American column was passing by at the time a roadside bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded damaging a Humvee and a Jeep, according to that report.  According to the Islamic News Agency, the US aggressor forces spokesman acknowledged the attack but gave no figures on dead or wounded.


Resistance attacks Kurdish collaborationist leaders.

Iraqi Resistance forces on Tuesday attacked a delegation of the leaders of the Kurdish chauvinist so-called Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Jalal Talibani, a member of the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council presided over by US proconsul L. Paul Bremer.  Three of the bodyguards of the chauvinist leaders were wounded, one of them critically.  The PUK leaders were headed to northern Iraq when the attack took place.


Mamusta Shahu, the PUK representative in Halabjah, said that the leading delegation was attacked after noon on Tuesday north of Mosul, which is 400km north of Baghdad.  He added that the automatic weapons attack took place in the al-Arabi neighborhood as the delegation was on its way to Dahuk to attend the funeral of Khalil Ni‘mah Duski, the so-called minister of transportation in the regional puppet government of the Kurdish area set up under the aegis of the US occupation.  Duski had died on Monday of lung cancer.


Witnesses said that Resistance fighters exchanged gunfire with the body guards of the PUK leaders, resulting in the wounding of three of the guards, on of them critically.


A PUK official who was with the delegation said that local eye witnesses on the scene of the attack said the Iraqi Resistance fighters were driving a blue Opal.


Iraqi Resistance blows up oil pipeline.

Tuesday a large explosion hit an oil pipeline near the northern city of Kirkuk causing a huge fire but no casualties. The blast, which hit the main oil line leading to the Bayji refinery 200km north of Baghdad, caused a huge fire.


Iraqi Resistance fights US raiders at Bayji.

Iraqi Resistance fighters battled US aggressor troops as the invaders were raiding four locations simultaneously in Bayji.  The US aggressors claim to have killed three armed Iraqis early Tuesday in raids by the US military in the main oil refinery town of Bayji, a US spokesman said.

“Three armed attackers were killed when they confronted US soldiers raiding four locations simultaneously in Bayji,” the distribution hub for production from Iraq’s northern oilfields, said Master Sergeant Robert Cargie.


Resistance attacks are crippling Iraqi oil output, export.

According to the website us.moheet.com, an Iraqi official working for the US occupation forces has reported that the Iraqi Resistance has crippled oil output and export.  The official said that the amounts of product ready for export range only between 1.7 and 1.8 million barrels, amounts that are far below the volume of Iraqi production even under the embargo before the US invasion.  At that time Iraqi oil production reached the level of 2.6 million barrels per day.  The official said that southern Iraqi oil fields produce three-fourths of the daily output while the north accounts for the remaining quarter.  He attributed this imbalance to the crippling of the north Iraqi output and of the pipeline that carries the oil to Turkey, in contrast to the lower level of Resistance activity in the south.


The puppet official said that 14,000 men had been detailed to guard Iraqi oil installations against Resistance attacks that at the beginning reached a peak of 47 operations every day.


Iraqi Resistance hits police station in al-Hadithah, on policeman dead, one fighter martyred.


An Iraqi puppet policeman and an assailant were reported killed Tuesday in an attack on a puppet police station in al-Hadithah, 250km west of Baghdad, a police officer said.

“Four armed men stormed the station at around 3:30pm (1230 GMT) to free a relative detained there,” said Sarmat Laak.


Iraqi Resistance ambush kills CNN translator/producer, driver, police.


Two Cable News Network (CNN) employees and two Iraqi puppet policemen were killed in an ambush in Iraq on Tuesday.  CNN said a translator/producer and a driver were killed when their two-car convoy was returning to Baghdad from an assignment.


Land mine damages al-Jazeera TV car.

Tuesday, a land mine exploded in the Abu Nawas neighborhood of Baghdad, damaging a Humvee used by the Arab television station Al-Jazeera and lightly wounding several staffers.


Shi‘i Muslim Iraqis blame US and Zionists for massive assaults on Shi‘i sites.

Simultaneous explosions ripped through crowds of worshippers Tuesday at Shi‘ite Muslim shrines in Baghdad and the city of Karbala’, killing at least 182 people on ‘Ashura’, perhaps the holiest day of the Shi‘ite Muslim calendar, a US invader official said.  Some 465 others were injured.


The deadly, divisive explosions were reportedly set off in three ways: some bombs were planted and apparently detonated by remote control, some were detonated by individuals who carried the bombs to their targets, while mortar fire accounted for the rest of the blasts.


Three bombers set off their explosives in and around Baghdad's al-Kazimiyah shrine, killing 58 and wounding 200, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt told reporters. At least one suicide attacker blew himself up and pre-set explosives went off in Karbala’, killing 85 and wounding more than 100, he said.  A fourth bomber whose explosives did not detonate was captured at al-Kazimiyah, and four people were arrested in connection to the attack in Karbala’, Kimmitt told reporters in Baghdad.


The attacks produced a wave of Shi‘ite outrage — much of it directed at US aggressor troops in the Iraqi capital. US invader soldiers who arrived at al-Kazimiyah were attacked by angry crowds throwing stones and garbage, injuring two Americans.

"This is the work of Jews and American occupation forces," a loudspeaker outside al-Kazimiyah blared. Inside, cleric Hasan Tu‘aymah told an angry crowd, "We demand to know who did this so that we can avenge our martyrs."


Sunni Board of ‘Ulama’ in Iraq condemns ‘Ashura’ bombings.

The Sunni Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ in Iraq issued a statement sharply condemning the bombing attacks in Karbala’ and al-Kaximiyah and saying that the attacks “aim at sowing sectarian fighting (‘fitnah ta’ifiyah’) at this critical time that Iraq is now going through.”


A spokesman for the Board, Muhammad Bashshar Faydi called the blasts “a disaster.”  In a statement he gave to al-Jazeera.net he blamed the American occupation forces for the attacks.  He urged that a time-table for the end of the occupation be brought out at the soonest possible time.


Hasan Nasrallah of Hizballah: only USA stands to gain by the ‘Ashura’ attacks.

In Lebanon, the leader of Hizb Allah, Hasan Nasrallah said that the United States is the only party that stands to benefit from the attacks in Karbala’ and Baghdad.  At an ‘Ashura’ meeting in south Beirut he said that whoever was responsible for the bombings, the aim was to stir up infighting among the Muslims.  Nasrallah warned Shi‘ites against believing claims that try to incite such conflict by portraying Sunnis as the enemies of the Shi‘ites.


He denounced the blasts in Karbala’ and Baghdad as dangerous and said that they are fraught with repercussions for the future of Iraq and the Muslim world Community.


Lebanese Shi‘ite religious leader: USA is stirring up large scale sectarian violence in Iraq to protract its occupation.


Lebanon’s highest Shi‘ite religious authority, Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah has said that “the United States is working to sow large-scale infighting on the Iraqi stage in order to pave the way for it to prolong its occupation there.  Fadlallah said in a speech he gave in honor ‘Ashura’ at the Mosque of the Two Imams that the latest events that have been occurring in Shi‘ite Muslim holy places and places of worship and in other, Sunni places of worship in Iraq confirm that there is one instigator of all these actions and that that instigator is striving to stir up sectarian infighting in the country.


Karbala’ Puppet police: Iranian held for Karbala’ bombings.

Agence France Presse reported that a press spokesman for the Command of the puppet police in Karbala’, Rahim Mashawi, stated that “the Iraqi police forces have arrested one of two Iranians suspected of being among the members of the group who participated in carrying out the explosions” that devastated Shi‘i holy places on ‘Ashura’.


Mashawi said that the blasts that occurred in Karbala’ were the result of mortar fire launched from north of the city.  He said that the “blasts that occurred in Karbala’ were the result of the firing of at least six mortar rounds from the al-Hiyabi area north of the city at the tomb of Imam al-‘Abbas.”


Mashawi added that “Iraqi police in cooperation with responsible Polish forces of the multinational forces stationed in the area closed all exits from the city using a number of helicopters.”


US occupation announces it holds 13,144 Iraqi prisoners.

For the first time the US occupation forces have published the number of prisoners it is holding in its network of dungeons and concentration camps throughout the occupied country.  A US occupation spokesman, Major Karol Patrick, reported that the total number of US prisoners is 13,144.  They are located in nine prison camps, out of a total of 11 camps in the country.


Patrick said that the International Committee of the Red Cross is the body permitted to visit the prisoners and attend to their living conditions and the quality of their medical care.


Correspondents asked what the reason was for the detention of members of the Iraqi Resistance, since international law regards resistance to an occupying power in one’s country as a right, and in view of the fact that the United Nations has classified the military forces in Iraq as occupation forces.   Patrick answered only that he was not a legal expert and that his mission was only to kill or capture those who attempt to harm the security of the occupation forces or their stooges.


Patrick acknowledged that there are Iranians among the prisoners held by the occupation forces at the present time, but said he did not have the specific number of Iranian prisoners.


At a press conference in the occupied Palace of Congresses on Monday, US occupation spokesman Patrick said that prisoners held by the occupation forces fall into several different classifications.


Once classification is “terrorist security prisoner”.  The number of persons in that category is 7,727.


Another classification is “prisoner of war”.  The occupation now holds only 18 POWs. They were taken prisoner by the invasion forces during the battles that took place in Iraq before 9 April 2003.


There are also “ordinary prisoners” who have been detained for ordinary criminal offenses such as car theft.  They number 1,209.


Patrick said that another category of prisoner is the “black list”.  The “black list” consists of those 55 persons whom the invader forces originally listed as their “most wanted” leaders, chief among them Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  Patrick said, however, that the “black list” is not a regular classification of prisoners and does not show up in statistical breakdowns of prisoners by classification.  Also excluded from prisoner lists are members of the Iranian Mujahidi Khalq organization.  Patrick said that it was the US intention to deport those persons to a third country other than Iraq or Iran and that it was possible that Turkey would absorb a large number of them.


Regarding the difficulties experienced by Iraqis trying to find and contact their loved ones in the clutches of the occupation authorities, Patrick said that the occupation forces have intended to gather the prisoners into a few major centers, such as the Abu Ghurayb prison west of Baghdad, in order to make it easier for family members to locate their imprisoned loved ones.


Patrick said that prisoners in the “terrorist security prisoner” category are not at present allowed visits.  Visits are permitted only to those in jail for “ordinary crimes.”


Patrick acknowledged that some of the prisoners might be the victims of false denunciations or plots but said that such cases would take time to investigate.


Patrick said that there is a program for conditional release that prisoners can avail themselves of.  One of the most prominent requirements for taking advantage of that program is for the prisoner to confess that he was involved in the activity for which he was charged and to bring a guardian who will guarantee his pledge not to engage in violence against the aggressor forces.  Patrick said that 157 persons have been released  under guarantee of such guardians, out of a total of 500 prisoners whom US Proconsul Paul Bremer announced could be released two months ago.


Regarding women prisoners, Patrick said there are no more than 16 female prisoners, though that figure does not include members of the Mujahidi Khalq organization.


Regarding sexual assaults that some prisoners said US guards had inflicted upon them, Patrick said he doubted such reports.  Gareth Bayly, a spokesman for the occupation authorities said that no one has formally presented charges backed up with evidence of such crimes against any American soldiers to the puppet so-called Iraqi ministry of justice.


Pentagon: 1,000 new US National Guardsmen to spend year 2005 in Iraq.


The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that it had informed about 1,000 members of the American National Guard in four US states of the possibility that they would be deployed to occupied Iraq towards the end of 2004 or in early 2005 for a tour of duty that could last for one year.


The Guardsmen are associated with units in the states of New York, Louisiana, Idaho, and Tennessee.  The announcement confirms that the US Defense Department expects to remain in Iraq through late 2005 at least.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Wednesday, 3 March 2004.










Wednesday, 3 March 2004.

Three Iraqi Resistance rockets slammed into the headquarters of the US military occupation forces in Baghdad on Wednesday evening while the US proconsul L. Paul Bremer was preparing to hold a news conference.  There was no immediate report of casualties or damage.


The US military occupation press office said that it had no confirmation that five explosions had occurred, but warning sirens wailed near the occupation headquarters.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that a spokesman for the US invaders said that a missile attack took place on the so-called “Green Zone” headquarters of the US occupation forces at 8:00pm local time (17:00 GMT).  The spokesman added that one rocket crashed into the headquarters but said that he had no information regarding casualties or damage.


At the time of the attack, Bremer was prepareing to deliver a statement to journalists inside the heavily-guarded Zone which includes the Presidential Palace.  The press conference was delayed by 45 minutes.


Journalists waiting for the press conference in the center of occupied Baghdad heard the thunder of three explosions and said that a number of the US soldiers rushed out of the hall after the blasts.


Mortar attack on US base ruins aggressors’ dinner.

US military sources admitted that Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the base of the American occupation 4th Infantry Division in Tikrit on Wednesday.  Four mortar shells crashed into the US base, one of them exploding near the mess hall as the invader troops were eating supper.


A US general said that the mortar shells were fired from the opposite bank of the Tigris River.  He admitted that one of the rounds landed just yards from the mess hall (food hall) which was crowded with soldiers gathered for supper.


Occupation soldiers claimed that shortly after the barrage they saw three Iraqi men running carrying mortars – probably those just used in the attack which, US occupation Lieutenant Colonel Steve Russell said was probably launched from a house in a village near Ajil, a town about one mile from Tikrit.  Russell is commander of the 4th Infantry Division.  The US occupation forces offered no information on the extent of casualties or losses from the attack.


Nighttime Resistance attacks on US troops in Tikrit.

On Tuesday-Wednesday night, Iraqi Resistance forces launched attacks on US occupation postions in Tikrit.  On Wednesday, US occupation forces rounded up and arrested a number of Iraqis whom they claim might have been involved in the Resistance attacks.


Resistance attacks US patrol northeast of Ba‘qubah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US occupation patrol in al-Bu Khisah area north east of Ba‘qubah.  A tank that was in the patrol was crippled.


Another Iraqi Resistance rocket attack on a US patrol in Ba‘qubah destroyed one patrol vehicle.


US aggressors blast family of four to death in bedouin tent.

An Iraqi family of four were killed and a fifth was injured on Wednesday in the village of Bayj, located 95km south of Kirkuk when US invaders intentionally blew it apart with gunfire.


The German Press Agency reported that US soldiers today attacked a bedouin tent near the village, opening fire upon it.  The US invaders claimed that a person whom they suspect of planting bombs on the Kirkuk-Tikrit highway was inside the tent at the time.


Chief judge and district governor at-Tuz said that the attack left ‘Abd Mahmud al-‘Ubaydi, his wife, and two of their children dead while wounding Yasir al-‘Ubaydi, one of their nephews.


Resistance attacks puppet police patrol, wounds two.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a puppet police patrol in al-Huwayjah, north of Baghdad.  Two of the puppet policemen were wounded.  Puppet police Lieutenant Colonel ‘Awwad al-Jabburi told AFP that Resistance fighters fired an RPG at a police patrol in an area of the town wounding two of the puppet policemen.  He said that after the attack, gunbattles ensued, but that the Resistance fighters were able to leave the scene unscathed.


Resistance attacks US stooge in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked and pursued an Iraqi stooge working as a translator for the US occupation forces in Mosul.  A spokesman for the puppet police directorate in Mosul announced that puppet policemen arrested Resistance fighters who had been attacking the collaborator.


Rocket hits telephone center.

A rocket struck the al-Ma’mun telephone center in central Baghdad Wednesday morning.  One person described as a civilian was killed.


US spying on Iraqis’ telephone conversations.

According to a report carried by Quds Press, Iraqis living in the area of al-Anbar in the western part of the country believe that the US forces in their nearby base are monitoring their telephone conversations.


A number of local residents told Quds Press that the Americans in their bases in the area are spying on their conversations in the hopes of finding out who are members of the Iraqi Resistance.


One Iraqi said that a resident in the city had been arrested after he expressed on the telephone his enthusiasm for the Iraqi Resistance, saying that the Resistance fighters were “the heroes who have been able to wipe the occupation’s nose in the mud.”


In light of this situation, the city’s residents have begun to be extremely cautious while holding telephone conversations.  They now no longer talk about the Iraqi resistance on the phone, in fear that the US occupation forces would be snooping on their conversations.


Occupation forces hold Iranians among suspects in ‘Ashura’ bombings.

In the wave of arrests following the ‘Ashura’ bombings on Shi‘i religious centers occupation forces report that they have arrested 15 persons, four of them Persian speakers believed to be Iranian citizens.  Nine of those arrested are in Iraqi puppet police custody, six held by the occupation forces, “including four who speak Persian and we believe they are from Iran.”


Al-Qa‘idah denies involvement in ‘Ashura’ bombings, blames USA.

A Communiqué dated 2 March 2004, and signed by the Abu Hafs al-Misri Brigades of al-Qa‘idah published by al-Quds al-‘Arabi newspaper in London referred to the ‘Ashura’ bombings in Iraq and stated that “we announce today to all the Muslims that we are innocent of this action.”


The Communiqué accused the American forces of involvement in the attacks in order to “sully the reputation of the Mujahideen.”  The statement said that “the American forces have committed a massacre of innocent Shi‘ah in their city Karbala’ and Baghdad.  The Americans are trying to attribute these acts to the mujahideen of al-Qa’idah who have forced the Americans to taste despair in Iraq and elsewhere.  America wants to sully the reputation of the Mujahideen.”


The Communiqué said: “So that our aims may be clear to everyone, we strike the American Crusaders and their allies and we strike the Iraqi puppet police, the tail of America and the stick that America uses to strike the Mujahideen in Iraq.  We hit America’s stooges in the infidel council, the so-called Governing Council and those in their orbit, both Sunnis and Shi‘is.”


Occupation claims oil fire put out.

A representative of the Iraqi Oil of the North Company announced Wednesday that firemen have managed to put out the fires that raged after an Iraqi Resistance bomb attack on an oil pipeline north of Kirkuk.


Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Thursday, 4 March 2004.