Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 11 March 2004, through Saturday, 13 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.

Thursday, 11 March 2004.

Resistance bomb in Ba‘qubah kills one US soldier, wounds two others.

One US occupation soldier died Thursday from wounds he received on Wednesday when he and two others were wounded in an Iraqi Resistance homemade bomb attack west of Ba‘qubah, which is 60km west of Baghdad, a US military spokesman admitted. The convoy in which the troops were passed over a roadside bomb, which detonated.

Resistance bomb wounds US soldiers on highway east of ar-Ramadi.

Sometime after the death of the US soldier from the attack west of Ba‘qubah, a roadside bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance forces blew up on the expressway east of the city of ar-Ramadi, wounding several US occupation soldiers and damaging their Humvee.

Three British soldiers wounded in Resistance bombing.

Three British occupation soldiers were wounded in the southern Iraqi province of Maysan when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded Thursday morning on the main road between al-‘Amarah and al-Basrah in front of a vegetable oil plant, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV. The explosion also damaged two of the British military occupation vehicles.

Resistance attack kills two Iraqi puppet policemen.

Two Iraqi puppet policemen were killed near Samarra’ when Iraqi Resistance fighters drove by in a car and opened fire on their vehicle. Sources in the Iraqi puppet police said that the Resistance attack occurred on Thursday morning west of Samarra’, which is north of Baghdad. The puppet police said that the Resistance fighters left the scene unscathed but said that the incident was “under investigation.”

Resistance attack damages US vehicle in al-Fallujah. Iraqis said wounded.

One Iraqi was killed and two others were injured seriously when an Iraqi Resistance explosive device exploded as a US column drove along a street in al-Fallujah on Thursday.

Sarmad Khalaf, an officer in the Iraqi puppet police in al-Fallujah said that the “explosive device detonated as an American military column passed on the main street in the middle of al-Fallujah. Khalaf said that shrapnel from the blast killed one passer-by and injured two others who were taken to al-Fallujah General Hospital. He said that one of the US military vehicles was lightly damaged.

Translators working for British aggressors killed by Resistance fighters.

Iraqi Resistance fighters late on Wednesday stopped a taxicab in the southern city of al-Basrah and shot to death two Iraqi sisters who had been working as translators for the British occupation. The sisters were employees of the US contractor Kellog, Brown, and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton. The sisters were on their way home from work and their killing was in conformity with commitments repeatedly made by the Iraqi Resistance to target all collaborators working for the occupation.

Puppet police claim Resistance attack on oil pipe thwarted.

In area of the northern Iraqi city of Kikuk, puppet police arrested two people who, they said, were attempting to blow up an oil pipeline. An official in the Kirkuk puppet police directorate said that the arrested persons were carrying high explosive TNT and were trying to plant it under an oil pipeline. The puppet police spokesman said that this is the first time they were able to arrest people trying to sabotage oil facilities.

Iraqi puppet police send 80 men to arrest an officer in the Republican Guard.

Iraqi puppet police in Kirkuk announced that on Thursday they arrested a high-ranking officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard. The occupation forces suspect that the Republican Guard officer had been involved in planning operations against the Iraqi puppet police and the US occupation forces. Captain Rakkan Hamad Latif al-‘Ubaydi of the Kirkuik puppet police said that on Thursday “at about noon a force made up of about 80 policemen stormed the village of al-Humayrah, 25km south of Kirkuk, on the road to Tikrit. There they arrested Staff Major General of the Republican Guard Rashid Hamid ‘Abdallah al-Bayyati. The occupation forces identified al-Bayyati as the mastermind behind attacks on the Iraqi puppet police and US [occupation] forces.”

Al-‘Ubaydi indicated that the operation to arrest al-Bayyati was carried out in al-Bayyati’s house in al-Humayrah village, and that it was preceded by a gunbattle between the puppet police and al-Bayyati’s patriotic followers, in which one of the patriots defending al-Bayyati was martyred. Puppet police officer Khalaf noted that al-Bayyati was wanted by the US occupation.

Puppet police arrest Iraqi, Palestinian, and British “suspects” in Kirkuk.

The commander of the puppet so-called emergency police in Kirkuk, Colonel Khattab ‘Arif, announced that the Iraqi puppet police on Thursday afternoon arrested four “suspects” – one of them an Iraqi, two of them Palestinians, and one Briton – in the city, which is located 266km north of Baghdad. ‘Arif said the four were suspected of preparing martyrdom attacks in the city.

‘Arif said, “the four were driving three red German-made Opal cars with no license plates at the time they were arrested at a check point.” He said that they informed the puppet police that they were tourists intending to visit Kirkuk. ‘Arif said the arrests followed a message that they had received from the US occupation troops who warned them of the possibility that Resistance fighters were planning to enter the city in order to carry out attacks on the puppet police and US occupation forces.

‘Arif indicated that the four men had been turned over to his bosses in the US occupation forces, and that the Americans would check out their story.

Grenade attack on mosque kills guard.

A guard at the Fandi al-Kubaysi mosque in ash-Shurtah district west of Baghdad was killed when a hand grenade was thrown at the mosque. The Imam of the mosque had been assassinated a few days ago.

Religious leaders in Iraq have repeatedly condemned the US occupation forces for inciting sectarian violence.

Rising Resistance forces Poland to cut forces in Iraq.

A high-ranking official in the Polish Defense Ministry has declared, in view of the repeated attacks by the Iraqi Resistance on Polish occupation troops in al-Hillah, that Poland will begin to reduce its military presence in Iraq later this year. Al-Jazeera TV reported that Janusz Zemke, Deputy Defense Minister, paid a visit in southern Iraq where Polish forces lead a brigade of so-called multinational forces in service to the US occupation.

During the visit, Zemke tried to conceal the growing pressure from which the Polish aggressors are suffering at the hands of the Resistance by publicly making the Polish withdrawal conditional on the occupation becoming more stable. But his remarks to the effect that, “this reduction will come in stages when security stabilizes and the Iraqi forces become stronger,” could not obscure the worsening plight in which the Poles find themselves as they serve US imperial ambitions. Zemke’s visit followed a series of Resistance strikes on Polish forces in occupied southern Iraq that have left at least two Polish aggressors dead and several others wounded.

A spokesman for the Polish Army said that a 10-percent reduction of forces was being planned.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Friday 12 March 2004.

Friday, 12 March 2004.

Two US soldiers killed, one other wounded in Resistance bomb attack on convoy.

An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded under a vehicle in a passing US convoy killing two US occupation soldiers and wounding a third on a road near al-Habbaniyah on Friday, according to a statement issued by the US occupation command.

US soldiers wounded in Resistance bomb blast in al-Qa’im.

An explosive device planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded, wounding several American occupation troops, as the US invader forces were searching an abandoned building in the city of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria. Eyewitnesses quoted by al-Jazeera TV said that the explosion occurred as US forces were entering the building. US occupation sources refused to confirm or deny the report.

Resistance blows up oil pipeline.

Iraqi Resistance forces blew up a main oil pipeline west of Tikrit on Friday, igniting a fire on the line. The German Press Agency reported on the authority of eyewitnesses that puppet policemen and fire fighters were trying to get the blaze under control. Reports indicated that the Resistance fighters who blew up the line were able to leave the scene unscathed. The stricken oil pipeline links northern oil fields in Kirkuk with the ad-Durah refinery outside Baghdad.

Resistance rocket attack on US convoy in Baghdad.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired rockets at a US occupation convoy on Friday morning near the base headquarters of the US occupation in al-A‘zamiyah district in Baghdad.

Puppet forces claim to have foiled Resistance bombing.

In Ba‘qubah an official in the puppet so-called Iraqi civil defense force announced that his forces together with Iraqi puppet policemen had arrested two persons on Thursday night who, the official said, were trying to plant explosive devices in the city, which is located north east of Baghdad.

Iraqi puppet police disarm bomb near Egyptian consulate in Baghdad.

Iraqi puppet police on Friday disarmed a bomb that they reportedly found near the Egyptian consulate in the occupied Iraqi capital, according to Saba’ News Agency. The Egyptian consulate is located in the so-called Green Zone where the US occupation headquarters is located.

Three puppet force members wounded by Resistance land mine in Samarra’.

An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded in downtown Samarra’ on Friday, wounding three Iraqi members of the puppet so-called civil defense forces.

Stooge regime re-names street after US military unit.

In keeping with their attempt to transform Arab-Islamic Iraq in the image of America, an Iraqi source has confirmed that the name of al-Andalus Street in Mosul has been changed to 101st Division Street. A Mosul literary figure has stated that Ghanim al-Bassu, the governor of Mosul appointed by the occupation forces, and his provincial council have changed the name of the street. The Iraqi writer told the newspaper ar-Riyad that the name change astounded the people of Mosul who are silently denouncing the change. The writer said that the residents ask: “How can you Americanize an Arab city that is famous for its firm stances throughout all of history from antiquity to the present?”

Occupation forces, puppet police “guard” target mosque.

US occupation forces and puppet police reinforced “securty” around the Muhammad Fandi al-Kubaysi Mosque in ash-Shurtah al-Khamisah district in the south west of Baghdad. The move comes one day after an attack on the mosque left a guard dead. The mosque’s muezzin, ‘Ali ‘Abbud az-Zawi, accused Iraqi collaborators with the occupation of being behind the attack. The latest attack followed another assault five days previous in which the Imam of the mosque was shot to death.

US aggressor forces raided a farm near the village of al-‘Uja near Tikrit where they arrested three Iraqis, two of whom they accused of supplying weapons to the Iraqi Resistance. The invaders stated that they also found explosives, machine guns, and rocket launchers in their possession.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Saturday, 13 March 2004.

Saturday, 13 March 2004.

Two US occupation soldiers killed in Resistance attack in Tikrit.

A bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded on Saturday morning in downtown Tikrit killing two US occupation troops and wounding four others, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV. A US military occupation spokesman said that the soldiers, who belonged to the 1st Infantry Division, were on a patrol in downtown Tikrit in northern Iraq when an explosive device went off under their military vehicle. The British Broadcasting Corporation reported that the explosion was followed by gunfire from light arms. The wounded US troops were evacuated to a US military occupation hospital north of Tikrit. US officials said that no Iraqi was arrested after the attack.

Arrests in Tikrit for weapons possession.

US troops reported arresting 11 Iraqis in Tikrit after house searches for being in possession of arms and rocket launchers prior to the bombing.

Resistance land mine wounds four US occupation soldiers in ar-Ramadi.

Four US occupation soldiers were wounded on Saturday when a land mine exploded near the courthouse in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad. The WAS news agency quoted a US occupation spokesman as saying that the US forces closed off the roads leading to the scene of the explosion after the attack while helicopters hovered overhead. The wounded were transported away after the blast, the spokesman said.

Resistance fires mortar barrage at Abu Ghurayb prison camp.

Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a barrage of three mortar rounds at the US concentration camp at Abu Ghurayb, north west of Baghdad on Saturday. Two mortar shells crashed into the prison. The third shell struck a residence hall adjacent to the prison. No casualties were reported. US aggressor forces denied all knowledge of the attack, according to al-Jazeera TV.

Explosion in Baghdad.

Al-Jazeera TV reported on Saturday that a loud explosion reverberated in downtown Baghdad on Saturday. A US occupation spokesman said he had know information about the blast.

Iraqi Resistance bomb in Ba‘qubah.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US occupation patrol was passing by on a street in Ba‘qubah Saturday morning near a fuel station. Five Iraqis were wounded in the blast, according to a puppet police announcement. A number of civilian cars were also damaged.

Bomb blast kills Baghdad shopkeeper.

An Iraqi shopkeeper named Haydar al-Quzini with connections to the collaborationists was killed and three other people were injured in an explosion on Saturday in a perfume shop in downtown occupied Baghdad. A spokesman for the US occupation said that the blast, which occurred after noon in al-Karradah at-Tijariyah, was the result of a bomb. Eyewitnesses said that a youth entered the shop before the blast carrying a briefcase. Eyewitnesses reported that the shopkeeper was closely related to Ibrahim al-Ja‘fari, who is an official in the collaborationist Shi‘ite Da‘wah (Propaganda) Party and a member of the puppet so-called Interim Governing Council presided over by US proconsul L. Paul Bremer.

Ghalib Hamzah ‘Abbas, who owns the neighboring shop said that three persons were wounded in the bombing. He added that a person in his thirties placed a bag in front of the façade of the shop and then go in a white car and drove off.

Bomb destroys Shi‘ite mosque under construction.

A bomb blast struck a Shi‘ite mosque under construction in al-Ghazaliyah, an area of western Baghdad on Saturday night, destroying its dome and wall in addition to shaking its foundations.

Demonstration in Mosul.

About 250 students held a peaceful demonstration against the so-called interim constitution in Mosul. The protesters chanted “No! No to the constitution! Yes! Yes to national unity! Yes! Yes to Islam! No! No to the occupation!.”

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Sunday, 13 March 2004.