Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 14 March 2004, through Wednesday, 17 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice .

Sunday, 14 March 2004.

Resistance bomb kills US occupation soldier in Baghdad.

One US occupation soldier died at a combat hospital from injuries suffered in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bombing in the Iraqi capital at about 6:30 Sunday morning, a US military occupation spokeswoman said on Sunday. The US soldier was wounded by the home made bomb and was taken to hospital where he died.

Three US occupation soldiers killed in Resistance bombing in Baghdad.

A roadside bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance killed three soldiers from the 1st Armored Division and wounded another during a patrol Saturday night in southeastern Baghdad, a spokeswoman for the US occupation said.

Blasts rock Baghdad.

Three powerful explosions shook downtown Baghdad late on Sunday, according to al-Jazeera TV.

Body of a US soldier found in al-Fallujah.

The body of a US occupation military policeman, listed as “missing” on Friday was discovered by Iraqi puppet police in al-Fallujah on Sunday. He had been shot 50 times by the Iraqi Resistance.

Agence France Presse (AFP) quoted Captain Iyad Salim of the puppet police as saying that the body was found in a desert area on the outskirts of the city of al-Fallujah.

US aggressor tanks blast Iraqi home, killing five civilians, wounding five more.

Six members of an Iraqi family were killed and five others, including four children, were injured on Sunday when US aggressor forces opened tank fire on their village. The villagers who reported the murder said that the US invaders heard celebratory gunshots fired into the air late on Saturday at a nearby wedding, and then responded with tank fire.

Family member Bashir ‘Ataallah Salih said “the attack came at about 2:30am when the family was all gathered in their home. The bodies of two children were torn up in the explosion and five people were killed and five wounded.”

The first US tank shell blasted into a shop nearby, the second blew up in the home of the victims.

The US military occupation said it had no knowledge of any incident in the village, located near al-Miqdadiyah, north of Baghdad.

Iraqi ambulance workers reported that two Iraqis were wounded on Sunday when a home made bomb exploded. The device had been planted on a road frequented by US invaders in northern Baghdad.

Iraqi puppet leader says CIA contributed to Iraqi “constitution.”

The current head of the puppet so-called interim governing council of Iraq, collaborationist Shi‘ite cleric Muhammad Bahr al-‘Ulum has acknowledged that the US Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) contributed to the writing of the so-called Iraqi constitution signed before US proconsul L. Paul Bremer recently. Bahr al-‘Ulum claimed that the CIA role was purely consultative, according to an interview published Akhbar al-Khalij newspaper. Other members of the US-appointed Council, however, say that most paragraphs in the constitution were originally written in English and had to be translated into Arabic. American Zionist legal scholar Noah Feldman has been acknowledged in the western media as the framer of the document.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Monday, 15 March 2004.









Monday, 15 March 2004.

Resistance land mine kills one, injures more US occupation troops in ar-Ramadi.

One US occupation soldier was killed and others wounded in a land mine explosion in downtown ar-Ramadi on Monday.

Three Americans die in hail of Resistance bullets.

Iraqi Resistance fighters in Mosul on Monday opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles on a car carrying several US “civilian” workers for the occupation, leaving three of the Americans dead and two others wounded, according to a report carried by Reuters. The US “civilians” were later identified as Baptist missionaries working in a non-governmental organization for the reconstruction of Iraq in the image desired by Washington. A source in the Iraqi puppet police told Agence France Presse (AFP) that the wounded Americans were treated in a local hospital and were later taken to a secure place. The source said that he believed that three Iraqis were also killed in the Resistance attack.

US occupation soldier stabbed in Green Zone.

A US occupation soldier at the US headquarters in Baghdad after midnight on Monday, stabbing him several times. A US military spokesman said that the attacker, believed to be a Resistance fighter, came from behind the American soldier and stabbed him several times. The soldier was taken to a hospital where his condition was listed as serious. He is scheduled to be evacuated to a hospital in Germany.

Resistance blasts US occupation base east of al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired a barrage of mortar shells at the US occupation headquarters east of al-Fallujah. Al-Jazeera TV reported on the authority of eye-witnesses that columns of smoke were rising from the building, but there was no information regarding casualties or damage beyond that.

Arab member of Kirkuk city council assassinated.

An Arab member of the Kirkuk city council, ‘Akkar Nazal at-Tawil al-Husayni and his bodyguard were killed when unknown armed persons opened fire upon them. Kirkuk puppet police commander, Major General Turhan Yusuf, said that unknown persons fired machine guns on the car in which al-Husayni and his guard were riding on Monday morning as they were on their way to the governorate building. Yusuf added that an investigation was on-going.

Resistance shells Abu Ghurayb concentration camp.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired two mortar shells at the US concentration camp and base at Abu Ghurayb on Monday. The US occupation claimed that four “civilians” were wounded in the attack.

Resistance shells puppet police station near Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked the Sumar puppet police station south east of Mosul with mortars, wounding an Iraqi and inflicting damage on the building, according to a statement by the local puppet police.

Arrests by US invaders in ar-Ramadi.

US occupation forces have announced that they captured seven Iraqi citizens and discovered five bombs in the city of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Tuesday, 16 March 2004.






Tuesday, 16 March 2004.

Iraqi Resistance downs US occupation helicopter near Samarra'.

The Iraqi Resistance shot down an occupation helicopter in Samarra' on Tuesday in another major blow to the aggressor forces as Resistance attacks continue to rise. The helicopter was on its way between Samarra' and Tikrit. Eyewitnesses reported tha they saw a US transport try to raise the downed helicopter which had crashed near a highway.

German civil engineers working for the occupation fall to Resistance gunfire.

Iraqi Resistance fighters near Karbala' in southern Iraq sprayed a car carrying German civil engineers working under the aegis of the US occupation. German TV reported that two German civil engineers were killed as were three Iraqis who were also in the car. According to puppet police spokesman Rahman al-Mashawi the engineers were driving an American-made GMC car when the Resistance attacked them near Jaraf as-Sakhr in Babil governorate, killing all the passengers.

Dr. Jamal Kazim, Chief of the Emergency Ward in the General Hospital to which the Europeans were taken said that the two dead persons were killed in an attack that took place Tuesday 45 miles south of Baghdad. The missionaries' Iraqi driver and an Iraqi puppet policeman were also killed in the Resistance attack, and another puppet policeman wounded. Dr. Kazim said that the passports of the two dead persons indicated that they were German a Netherlands Foreign Ministry spokesman said that one of the two was Dutch.

US occupation headquarters in Baghdad struck by mortar barrage.

On Tuesday night the Iraqi capital reverberated to the explosion of several mortar shells fired at the US headquarters in the city. A building near the US headquarters was reported damaged. Reuters reported that smoke was seen rising into the sky from the west banks of the Tigris River near the occupation compound known as the “Green Zone” by the occupation forces. The report said, however, that warning sirens were not sounded in the compound. Sirens are usually heard when the headquarters comes under attack.

Iraqi Resistance attack leaves three puppet policemen dead.

Iraqi Resistance forces carrying out a drive-by attack from a speeding car killed a colonel in the puppet police along with two other puppet policemen, who were his bodyguards, north of Mosul on Tuesday morning, according to statements from the local puppet police reported by al-Jazeera TV.

Iraqi translator collaborator killed by Resistance in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance forces killed a female Iraqi translator working for the US occupation army in Mosul on Tuesday morning. Her brother and another relative were wounded in the attack which occurred as they were in al-Muthanna district travelling to work at the main US military base at Mosul airport.

US missionary dies of wounds sustained in Mosul Resistance attack on Monday.

A fourth US Baptist missionary, attacked in a car by Resistance fighters in Mosul on Monday died in hospital on Tuesday of wounds she received. Three other missionaries died at the scene, as reported in the Iraqi Resistance Report for Monday, 15 March.

US invaders burst into mosque, arrest Imam and family members in al-Fallujah.

The head of the city council of al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad, has said that US occupation forces had arrested the Imam of the al-Muhajirin Mosque, together with ten members of the Imam's family, including his wife and mother. Al-Jazeera TV reports local authorities as saying that the American invaders released the two women after noon on Monday. Religious leaders in the town report that the US aggressors smashed the doors of the mosque and raided the place of worship.

Following Spain, Honduras decides to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

Following an announcement by the new Spanish Prime Minister that Spanish aggressor forces would be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of June 2004, the Defense Minister of Honduras on Tuesday announced that his government had decided to pull Honduran invader forces – numbering about 370 men – out of Iraq as well.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Wednesday 17 March 2004.








Wednesday, 17 March 2004.

Iraqi Resistance levels 5-story hotel in massive explosion in Baghdad.

An enormous explosion set off by the Iraqi Resistance destroyed the Jabal Lubnan (Mount Lebanon) hotel in al-Karradah district of central Baghdad on Wednesday night. The five-story structure was completely demolished, leaving a crater 20-feet in diameter. Preliminary numbers listed 28 people as killed and 45 others injured, but the toll was expected to rise as recovery workers unearthed badly crushed lower floors of the structure in which many guests had been staying.

Rescuers strove to pull bodies from the rubble. Some witnesses said it was a bomb blast, others reported seeing a rocket. The explosive was estimated to weigh 1,000 pounds. Two US occupation soldiers tried to help pull bodies from the wreckage, but angry Iraqis pushed them back. Flames shot skyward, and heavy smoke rose behind Baghdad's central square. Trees were on fire, and flames jumped to nearby buildings. Eight cars were on fire, and one vehicle was hurled by the blast into a store. Bricks, air conditioners, furniture, wires, and other debris were blown hundreds of meters from the hotel. Five smaller, adjacent buildings were badly damaged.

The owner of a nearby shop, who did not want to be named, said that “many foreigners” were staying in the five-story hotel. Americans and Britons were among the foreigners staying at the hotel, according to resident Falih Kalhan.

According to al-Jazeera TV which reported the blast shortly after it occurred, a large number of dead are certain to be in the structure which was entirely destroyed by the massive explosion. Many of the dead are reported to be foreign passport holders. Ambulances and fire trucks arrived on the scene to help extract the many dead bodies.

Finally a US military occupation spokesman admitted that there were a number of Americans and Britons who had been “wounded” in the explosion, as well as Arabs and agents of companies working for the US occupation. Iraqi sources told al-‘Arab al-Yawm newspaper said that the Jabal Lubnan hotel was known as a residence of private security company personnel. Next to the hotel is a building specially prepared by the Americans for training Iraqi special security forces.

Several several residents said they believed a rocket caused the destruction.

"We saw the tail of a rocket, then we saw a big flash and heard a big boom," said bystander Hashim al-Musawi.

Two US occupation troops killed, one wounded by Resistance blast in ar-Ramadi.

An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated in the center of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad targeting a US military convoy and killing two US occupation soldiers and severely wounding a third on Wednesday, according to eyewitnesses quoted by news agencies. A witness reported that “the explosion that took place near the Water Resources Directorate blew two Americans far away.” The witnesses said that the Americans were probably dead since they lay motionless for ten minutes after the blast, while the third US soldier was writhing in pain. The blast also damaged the Water Resources Directorate and two Iraqi civilian cars, in addition to destroying one US military Jeep that had been a part of the six-vehicle convoy hit by the blast.

The Iraqi Resistance fired four rockets at the main US military concentration point in the ar-Ramadi area on Wednesday. Witnesses said that Iraqi puppet police immediately arrived at the suspected scene of the launches and found three missiles still ready to fire. The Resistance fighters were able to leave the launch site unscathed. Witnesses said that the four missiles that were launched scored direct hits on the US facility. The witnesses were unable to ascertain whether the attack had inflicted any casualties on the US occupation forces, however.

Resistance targets US patrol on bridge near al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US occupation patrol as it was crossing a bridge over a branch of the Euphrates River north west of al-Fallujah on Wedneday, eyewitnesses reported. They added that the Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on the US patrol after an explosive device they had planted earlier detonated under the aggressors. A US transport vehicle was destroyed in the Resistance attack as was part of the bridge. It was unknown whether the Resistance attack inflicted any deaths or injuries on the US troops.

Resistance attack wound three US soldiers near Abu Ghurayb.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a US occupation convoy near the area of Abu Ghurayb, west of Baghdad. Three US invader troops were wounded in the assault, two of them seriously. The attack was reported by al-Jazeera TV.

Resistance blasts US patrol near Abu Ghurayb.

An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated under a US military patrol in the area of Abu Ghurayb, in a second incident in the district west of Baghdad where the American occupation forces maintain a concentration camp.

Iraqi Resistance fires rockets at US base at Baghdad's Saddam Airport.

Iraqi Resistance fighters launched a barrage of rockets at Saddam Internataional Airport in Baghdad, currently occupied and used by US aggressors as a base. The US aggressors made no reports on casualties or losses in the attack.

Patriotic Front for the Liberation of Iraq announced.

The press has reported that the formation of a new Iraqi Resistance front has been announced in Baghdad under the name the Patriotic Front for the Liberation of Iraq. It is a Front uniting the Iraqi Resistance that has taken shape after a number of armed organizations and Resistance trends came together under the Front's banners. The new Front stated in a communiqué issued in Baghdad and quoted by Akhbar al-Khalij that “the Mujahid detachments in Baghdad, Samarra', Tikrit, Bayji, ad-Dulu‘iyah, yathrib, al-Ishaqi, Ba‘qubah, ar-Riyad, Kirkuk, al-Basrah, al-‘Amarah, Ninwa, and Babil have come together in one organization now on the march towards one goal – the liberation of Iraq from Anglo-American colonialism. In its communiqué the Front warned against traitors to the homeland, those who cooperate with the occupation, stressing that the reckoning with those will be severe and harsh because they have betrayed and deserted the homeland, delivering it up to foreigners on contemptible pretexts.

Resistance attack kills member of puppet security force.

Iraqi Resistance forces detonated an explosive device near a car belonging to the Iraqi puppet security forces in Mosul on Wednesday, killing one person and injuring two others. Puppet so-called civil defense forces cordoned off the scene of the attack in the western industrial region of Mosul and rounded up three people who happened to be there as “suspects.”

Witnesses told Reuters that they believe that one of the members of the so-called civil defense forces was killed and that two other force members were wounded in the blast.

Rockets strike Baghdad, US spokesman claims civilian losses.

Four Iraqis were reported killed, including three children when rockets exploded on Wednesday morning in Baghdad, according to a claim made by a US occupation spokesman who spoke to the Agence France Presse (AFP) and whose story was picked up by the newspaper al-Bayan . According to the report, three rockets were fired from outside the city. One fell on the southern part of the Iraqi capital, a second in the northern part of the city, and a third in the center, leaving four dead including three children. Five others were reported injured.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Thursday, 18 March 2004.








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