Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Thursday, 18 March 2004, through Saturday, 20 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice .

Thursday, 18 March 2004.

US helicopter reported downed near al-Fallujah.

Eyewitnesses reported that a US aggressor helicopter had been shot down south of the city of al-Fallujah, which lies west of Baghdad. Al-‘Arabiyah TV carried the report quoting Reuters, but initially gave no further details. The US aggressor spokesmen refused to confirm or deny the report of the downing. Aggressor forces kept the local people at a distance from the crash site, and information on losses was not forthcoming from the invaders.

Huge explosion reported in Baghdad.

An large explosion shook the center of Baghdad following four earlier blasts which were believed to have resulted from rocket or mortar shells being fired at hotels housing agents of the occupation in the occupied Iraqi capital. A spokesman for the US occupation army said that the general headquarters of the US aggressors had been hit on Thursday night by a rocket or mortar shell.

Blasts reverberate on Thursday evening in Baghdad.

The Iraqi Resistance set off a series of explosions that shook three Baghdad hotels in which businessmen, contractors, and foreign reporters stay on Thursday night. The The attacks came one day after the Iraqi Resistance demolished the Jabal Lubnan Hotel also in the occupied Iraqi capital.

The Iraqi Resistance reportedly fired two rocket-propelled grenades at the roof of one building at 8:35pm local time (17:35GMT) and followed that up with machine gun fire, damaging a souvenir shop on the balcony of the top floor of the hotel.

Another hotel was reportedly struck by at least one shell smashing one of its windows, according to Agence France Presse (AFP).

Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Baghdad said that the Thursday night explosions rocked the as-Sindibad Hotel, the ar-Rimal Hotel, and the Hayat Tower Hotel – where Kurdish collaborationist officials stay all in al-Karradah district of the capital. The US occupation forces and Iraqi puppet police prevented al-Jazeera's crew from approaching the scene of the Resistance attack. Therefore information on damage and casualties was unavailable.

Earlier it was reported that there had been several explosions in Baghdad on Thursday night. Sirens wailed briefly in the so-called “Green Zone” where the US aggressors have their headquarters.

Mortar barrage on Syrian border kills one, wounds three other US Marine invaders.

One US aggressor soldier belonging to the Marines was killed and three others wounded when the Iraqi Resistance fired a mortar barrage in the town of al-Qusaybah on the Syrian-Iraqi border at about 6:55pm local time (15:55 GMT) on Wednesday.

Two US aggressor soldiers killed, others wounded in Resistance mortar attack.

One US invader soldier was killed and seven others wounded when the Iraqi Resistance fired a mortar barrage at the US Sitz logistical base located north of Baghdad. The Resistance attack took place at 12:45 on Wednesday.

A later US announcement on Thursday indicated that another American soldier had died from one of the mortar attacks.

Resistance attack kills three collaborator journalists.

Resistance fighters opened fire on a minibus on Thursday in Ba‘qubah, killing three Iraqi journalists and wounding ten other employees of an occupation-funded TV propaganda station in northeastern Iraq, puppet police reported. Resistance fighters in a car opened fire on the minibus the collaborator journalists were riding in, said Sana‘a' al-Daghistani, information director of Diyala TV.

Resistance fighters attack US aggressors in al-Fallujah, 9 Americans wounded.

Iraqi Resistance fighters clashed with US invader troops in al-Fallujah on Thursday, leaving an Iraqi puppet policeman dead, another wounded and nine US soldiers wounded, witnesses said and the US military said. Iraqi witnesses said that two Iraqis were killed in the battle, one of them a child.

At least 10 masked Resistance attackers used AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades against the aggressor soldiers, who were guarding the local council building where a meeting between local council officials and US military occupation authorities was under way. The US invaders and Iraqi puppet policemen returned fire and the battle then raged. Two US military helicopters and jet fighters flew overhead as the US invaders fired at the areas in which they thought the Resistance fighters were located. Later US occupation reports said that the Resistance fired mortars rather than rocket-propelled grenades.

US General Mark Kimmitt said later that US occupation troops were deployed on rooftops guarding the meeting hall and Iraqi Resistance forces using mortars hit one of the roofs on which the American aggressors were located. He said that eight US soldiers and one US Marine were wounded.

Witnesses said that immediately after the battle, residents took away the body of one man who had been caught in the crossfire. Nearby they saw the body of a child.

Iraqi Resistance bomb in al-Basrah.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded Thursday morning at a hotel in the southern city of al-Basrah as a British military patrol passed by. Several British aggressor soldiers were wounded. A US report said that five Iraqi bystanders were also killed in the blast that occurred on Sa‘d Square. Witnesses said that a civilian car that was near the British aggressor patrol was also destroyed.

The British military and officials of the municipal puppet authority use the hotel regularly for holding press conferences.

Several people were injured in the explosion in central al-Basrah. Ambulances rushed to the area to evacuate the wounded. Four men and a boy died, puppet police Captain Ihsan Hadi said. Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt said the blast occurred outside a hotel. The owner of the car that exploded had been seen parking the vehicle and walking away moments before the blast, witnesses said. He was detained and handed over to the puppet police. British forces are responsible for security in the area.

Resistance bomb strikes US convoy east of al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a passing US military convoy on Thursday morning on the highway in the as-Saqlawiyah area east of al-Fallujah. The explosion crippled one of the US military vehicles which was immediately evacuated. Wounded persons were taken to al-Fallujah General Hospital.

Iraqi Resistance attacks supply convoy.

Iraqi Resistance forces at 1:15pm local time (10:15am GMT) halted three Iraqi trucks transporting American equipment on the road between al-Fallujah and al-Habbaniyah 20km away. According to the Agence France Presse (AFP), the armed Resistance fighters made the drivers get out of the trucks and then opened fire on the vehicles and set them ablaze.

US fudges figures on Baghdad bombing.

A US military occupation spokesperson on Thursday announced that the death toll in the bombing of the Jabal Lubnan Hotel in Baghdad had been 17, not 27 as earlier reported. The US military gave no explanation for the change. Reporters in Baghdad were shocked at the new “statistic” and it was reportedly speculated that the US simply wanted to conceal the extent of losses at the hotel where foreign company employees and possibly security personnel frequently stay.

US aggressors kill Arab cameraman, wound correspondent of al-‘Arabiyah TV.

A cameraman for al-‘Arabiyah Satellite TV was killed and a correspondent injured by US occupation gunfire on Thursday in Baghdad. An al-‘Arabiyah woman correspondent reported that after the nighttime blasts that shook three hotels in the city on Thursday night, an al-‘Arabiyah TV crew headed for the scene of the attack. But US occupation troops hastened immediately to block off the area. The invader troops surrounded the al-‘Arabiyah TV car and then fired on the car, killing the cameraman ‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aziz and wounding the correspondent ‘Ali al-Khatib. Al-‘Arabiyah's woman correspondent said that there were other persons who were also wounded in the incident.

Al-Jazeera TV reported that ‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, an Iraqi cameraman working for al-‘Arabiyah was killed and the station's correspondent was seriously wounded when US occupation forces fired on their car near a checkpoint in the center of Baghdad.

Employees of al-‘Arabiyah told al-Jazeera that the Iraqi cameraman and reporter were driving their vehicle in the center of Baghdad when another car broke through an American checkpoint. The US forces opened fire indiscriminately on both cars killing the cameraman and seriously wounding the correspondent. The wounded man was taken to hospital in serious condition and several operations have been performed on him. The US attack came as the crew were covering the explosion at the al-Hayat Tower Hotel.

Puppet police: two Iraqis die trying to plant explosives near Kirkuk.

Iraqi puppet police in Kirkuk claimed that two Iraqis died on Thursday as they attempted to mine a strategic bridge over the az-Zab River north east of Kirkuk on the highway that links the city with Mosul. The highway is frequented by US occupation convoys and supply trucks coming in from Turkey and Syria.

Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, Amman, Jordan, Friday, 19 March 2004.












Friday, 19 March 2004.

Resistance rocket explosions shake US headquarters in Baghdad.

The Iraqi Resistance fired three rockets on Friday night at the so-called Green Zone headquarters of the US occupation. Bradley armored vehicles were observed moving on the banks of the Tigris River that borders the so-called Green Zone, and the US security forces were placed on alert, in fear of attacks on the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. As a result of the rocket attacks, several explosions rocked the area housing the US occupation headquarters in Baghdad on Friday night. Sirens wailed briefly. A US military occupation official said on condition of anonymity that the explosions were inside the high security area where the US aggressors have their headquarters, the so-called “Green Zone.” The Iraqi Resistance periodically targets the zone with mortars and rockets.

Iraqi Resistance downs another US helicopter.

Resistance fighters operating in ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad, on Friday shot down another US aggressor helicopter, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV. Another helicopter was downed the day before, 18 March, according to eyewitnesses south of al-Fallujah, not far from the latest attack.

Resistance mortar attack kills one, wounds three other US invader troops.

One US aggressor was killed and three others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance mortar attack on the town of al-Husaybah near the border with Syria on Friday, according to al-Jazeera TV.

Two US Marines killed in “violent” Resistance attack in al-Anbar Province.

Two US Marine invaders were killed in an Iraqi Resistance attack on their security patrol, the US military announced on Friday. The US military announcement, carried in the Seattle Post newspaper stated that the Marines had come under a “violent attack” in al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.

Second US Marine dies of wounds from Resistance mortar attack.

The US military occupation announced on Friday that a Marine who had been injured in a Resistance mortar attack two days earlier in al-Qusaybah near the Syrian border had died of his wounds. Their Marine detachment had been struck by three mortar shells on Wednesday, 17 March 2004.

Wounded al-‘Arabiyah TV correspondent dies of wounds inflicted by US butchers.

Correspondent ‘Ali al-Khatib, who was wounded on Thursday night as his crew were trying to cover the Resistance bombings of several downtown Baghdad hotels, died of his injuries in hospital on Friday. His crew were heading towards the scene of the Resistance attack when US invaders opened fire indiscriminately at a checkpoint killing his cameraman, ‘Ali ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, and mortally wounding al-Khatib.

Journalists boycott Powell in protest.

At a press conference at the US aggressors' headquarters on Friday, international journalists there to cover the press conference of US Secretary of State Colin Powell interrupted the proceedings at their outset to read a statement denouncing the Americans' killing of the two journalists, and declaring that in protest they were boycotting Powell's press conference. With that most of the international journalists left the hall. US invader forces immediately expelled all the withdrawing journalists from the US occupation headquarters precincts.











Saturday, 20 March 2004.

Iraqi Resistance guns down US invader near al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters killed one US invader near al-Fallujah on Saturday, according to a US military announcement. The US soldier belonged to a group of reconnaissance troops and that he was killed while on guard and security duty. He belonged to US Marine corps.

One US occupation soldier killed, two wounded in unexplained “traffic accident” in at-Taji.

One US occupation soldier was killed and two others wounded north of Baghdad on Friday, the US military admitted on Saturday. The US aggressor spokesmen claim that the death and injuries came when the soldiers' car flipped over, but the American propaganda representatives offered explanation of the crash. Agence France Presse (AFP) quoted a US statement as saying that the incident occurred in the area of at-Taji, an area in which Resistance fighters have been known to operate. The US invader soldiers belonged to an Iron Horse detachment.

US aggressor claimed killed by “electrocution accident.”

US General Mark Kimmit claimed that one US soldier was killed on Saturday by an accidental electrocution as he was working on a communications device north of the city of Ba‘qubah.

Iraqi Resistance attacks checkpoint, killing one puppet policeman.

Iraqi Resistance forces carried out an attack on Saturday morning against a checkpoint near the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. Sources in the puppet police say that one puppet policeman was killed and that the Resistance fighters left the scene in a car, but that one of them might have been wounded in the gun battle.

Resistance mortar barrage targets Kurdish chauvinist party HDQ.

The Iraqi Resistance fired a mortar barrage at the headquarters of the collaborationist Kurdish chauvinist organization the National Union of Kurdistan, which is lead by Jalal at-Talibani (a member of L. Paul Bremer's puppet council), in the city of Mosul on Saturday morning. Three guards at the headquarters were reportedly injured and one passerby was reported killed and another injured.

Puppet police officer survives assassination bid by one of his men.

An officer in the puppet police in the city of ar-Rashid, south of Kirkuk reported that he survived an assassination attempt that was carried out by one of the members of his unit and that the man had been arrested. He said that the accused policeman had put a grenade weighing one kilogram in his car.

US aggressors arrest officer in puppet police for Resistance activities.

US occupation forces arrested Hamid Mutlaq al-Mafraji, an officer in the Iraqi puppet police, on the suspicion that he was behind an attack on a US convoy in al-Huwayjah, west of Kirkuk.

Iraqi Sources say: US has brought weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

Sources in the Iraqi Ministry of Transport report that US cargo ships recently brought to the port of Umm Qasr components and parts for the construction of long-range missiles, and others for the construction of chemical, nuclear, and germ weapons.

The sources say that US forces took this equipment during the time when the Iraqi personnel were celebrating the ‘Ashura' holidays which were then accompanied by the bombings and other developments that occurred this year at some major Shi‘ite shrines. The transport operation could take place unnoticed as the US exploited the publicity clamor that accompanied the signing of the so-called temporary constitution to provide sufficient cover for this frightful and dangerous operation.

The sources, quoted by al-Jazeera TV, which cited the Bahraini newspaper Akhbar al-Khalij , said that the mass destruction weapons components were unloaded from the cargo ships late at night after US and British security forces had heightened security around the port. The sources say that the Americans made sure to transport these components in medium-sized vessels so that they would not arouse suspicion. Some of these weapons and equipment were, however, transported in large vehicles to an unknown destination in the environs of the city of Basra under cover of darkness.

It will be remembered that the US and its allies launched their war against Iraq on the pretext that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, yet even one year after the invasion of Iraq, the occupation forces have been unable to substantiate those claims, giving the lie to the US justifications for its war.








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