Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 21 March 2004, through Wednesday, 24 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice .

Sunday, 21 March 2004.

Two US aggressors killed, seven others wounded in Resistance rocket attack.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired a rocket at US occupation troops in western Iraq, killing two US invader soldiers on Saturday evening, a US occupation spokeswoman said on Sunday. The Resistance attack took place near al-Fallujah. Six US soldiers and one sailor were also wounded, in addition to the two soldiers killed.

According to US Brigadier General Mark Kimmit, three rockets crashed into the US invaders' advanced operations base, and two rockets exploded outside the base at about 8:00pm local time on Saturday Kimmitt was quoted as saying that the wounded included six US army personnel and one sailor.

Iraqi Resistance rocket barrage strikes US headquarters, wounds one US invader.

In a daring daylight mortar or rocket attack on the headquarters of the US occupation in Baghdad, three shells fired by the Iraqi Resistance at the US headquarters wounded one US invader soldier and killed two Iraqis.

One of the shells landed inside the occupation headquarters, the so-called “Green Zone” but a US spokesman (who wanted to remain anonymous) claimed it caused no significant damage. The wounded soldier was hit by flying glass. Staff and journalists in the compound were instructed to take cover inside a bunker. The blasts came shortly before 10:00am local time.

Two mortar shells landed outside the occupation headquarters compound in the upscale neighborhood of al-Mansur, killing two Iraqis whom he described as civilians and wounding five, the US propaganda official said. But officials at the nearby al-Yarmuk Hospital said one person died and 10 were wounded. Residents said the rockets landed in a street, damaging several cars and shops.

Resistance takes out Mossad office in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a secret office for the Zionist Mossad in Kirkuk on Saturday with long range automatic weapons, killing six employees. The office, operating under the name Ar-Rafidayn Export Company was a known Mossad front.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Qabs , Shi‘ite and Kurdish sources confirmed that the Resistance attack had taken place. The newspaper reported that US occupation forces slapped a high security ring around the scene of the Resistance attack, preventing anyone from approaching. Witnesses told the Egyptian News Agency that Resistance fighters used long range automatic weapons in the attack on the secret office.

Sources reported that the US invaders, assisted by the Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist Peshmergah militia, closed all entrances and exits from the city of Kirkuk and began an extensive campaign in an attempt to capture the Resistance fighters who carried out the attack.

Another US invader's death described as “accident.”

A US aggressor, member of the 1 st Infantry Division, was reported killed on Sunday in what the US propaganda machine described as an “accident during a weapons firing exercise” in Samarra', 100km north of Baghdad. Recent days have seen other US soldiers's deaths ascribed to mysterioius “accidents”; an electrocution in one case and an unexplained “traffic mishap” in another.

Resistance ambushes US convoy on highway outside Baghdad.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US aggressor convoy on the highway between Baghdad and al-Basrah on Sunday, ambushing the invaders some 10km outside of the occupied Iraqi capital city. The German Press Agency reported that a US vehicle blocked the highway on the way to the scene of the Resistance attack for a long time.

The Saudi News Agency WAS reports witnesses who live near the scene of the attack told the German Press Agency that the American aggressors suffered no casualties.

Resistance bomb kills puppet policeman, wounds two others in Ba‘qubah.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Ba‘qubah, 60km east of Baghdad, on Sunday, killing one puppet policeman and wounding two others. Sadiq Muhammad, an officer in the puppet police reported “we were leaving the police station after the end of the work day at supper time when an explosion struck our car.” According to al-Bayan newspaper, Muhammad was wounded in the blast which also killed one officer and injured another. The injured puppet policemen were taken to Ba‘qubah General Hospital for treatment.

US finally admits helicopter shot down two days earlier.

On Sunday the US aggressors finally admitted that one of its military helicopters was shot down Friday by Resistance forces in the area of ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad. US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy director of US invader operations, claimed that two crewmen escaped injury and the helicopter was recovered. Of course, the downing of the helicopter was already reported in the Iraqi Resistance Report (see “Iraqi Resistance downs another US helicopter.” Friday, 19 March 2004.)

US to set up divided, sectarian “defense ministry” in Iraq.

Informed sources inside the puppet so-called interim governing council have indicated that the so-called “defense ministry” which the occupation regime intends to set up is to organize the puppet “Iraqi army” on sectarian lines, according to the distribution of sectarian offices in the puppet “governing council” itself. According to a report in QudsPress, the so-called minister of defense might be a Sunni, but then a Shi‘ite would have to occupy to post of chief of staff of the puppet armed forces, while a Kurd would have to be in charge of the secret police forces.

This sectarian arrangement is likely to spark another round of sectarian squabbles among the puppet “governing council” members and other players on the imperialist-built stage, whose antics provide a diversion for the world from the national liberation struggle being waged by the Iraqi Resistance. Shi‘ite leader Muqtada as-Sadr insisted in a Friday sermon that the puppet ministry of defense be given to his followers, a demand likely to be rejected by the other political cliques and groups vying for crumbs from the occupation's table.

The proposed sectarian arrangement is yet another example of how the US occupation is following the path of earlier colonial rulers as it installs a sectarian regime guaranteed to leave the society divided and the country open to foreign domination.

Iraqi artifacts stolen by US invaders auctioned on internet.

The following report appeared in the semi-official Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram for Sunday, 21 March 2004, crediting “news agencies” and datelined Washington.

A website has appeared on the internet displaying Iraqi objects stolen by US troops and putting them up for auction to website visitors. The objects up for auction include gift items, art works, and prayer rugs stolen from the palaces of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Silver vessels, copies of the Holy Qur'an stolen from government offices in Iraq are also up for auction.

A spokesman for the US military command in Iraq told the American news station CNN that US soldiers must be prohibited from having such items in their possession, and from transporting them out of Iraq.













Monday, 22 March 2004.

Iraqi Resistance car bomb kills two at US airbase.

The Iraqi Resistance detonated an explosives-laden car near the US occupation airbase north of Baghdad on Monday, according to Sa‘id Kazim, an official in the puppet so-called civil defense forces run by the US aggressors. The blast killed two persons and wounded 25 others.

The US Associated Press reported that the blast occurred near Baldah that lies about 50 miles to the north of Baghdad.

Resistance bomb kills US invader and collaborator translator near Abu Ghurayb.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded west of the Iraqi capital near a US occupation patrol and killed one US aggressor soldier and an Iraqi collaborator who was a translator. Three other US invader soldiers were wounded in the blast.

The US Associated Press reported that the patrol was following the 1 st Armored Division in the area of Abu Ghurayb.

Resistance attack wounds three US aggressor troops near al-Fallujah.

Three US aggressor troops were wounded and a personnel transport destroyed on Monday evening in an attack by the Iraqi Resistance fighters on a US occupation convoy 3km south east of al-Fallujah. The Resistance carried out its ambush at about 6:30pm local time as the US convoy passed. The aggressor convoy consisted of 15 trucks accompanied by military personnel carriers for protection.

Resistance fighters kill two Finnish exploiters.

Iraqi Resistance forces opened fire on a group of Finnish businessmen who had arrived in occupied Iraq on Saturday to explore ways of profiteering from the US invasion. Two Finnish businessmen were killed in the Resistance attack, which occurred on Monday morning, according to the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds 13 British aggressors.

Thirteen British occupation troops were reported wounded in an Iraqi Resistance bombing in the city of al-Basrah. Agence France Presse (AFP) reported the incident saying that a large number of agressor troops were wounded, “at least” 13.








Tuesday, 23 March 2004.

One US soldier killed. US claims “accident.”

One US aggressor soldier was killed in Mosul on Tuesday in what the US military occupation claimed was an “accident.” Agence France Presse (AFP) reported a US spokesman as saying that soldier, from the Third Brigade of the 2 nd Infantry Division was killed in an accident with fire arms. The US spokesman offered no further details.

Iraqi Resistance blows up natural gas pipeline.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a natural gas pipeline igniting a fire in northern Iraq, according to an official in the puppet regime's oil sector. Majid Manun of the Oil of the North Company said that the blast occurred on Monday-Tuesday night and pointed out that such incidents are not rare as Iraq's northern pipelines frequently come under attack.

Resistance rockets US base.

A US base in Kirkuk came under Iraqi Resistance missile attack on Tuesday according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV.

Resistance kills 10 puppet police in deadly drive-by attack south of Baghdad.

Nine Iraqi puppet policemen were killed in a Resistance attack on Tuesday in al-Musayyib south of Baghdad. Al-Jazeera TV reported that the puppet police had said that Resistance fighters killed four officers in the puppet force and five trainees when they opened fire on them from a moving car as they were heading to work in the town of al-Hillah. Later one more policeman died in hospital. Reuters television showed scenes of a minibus riddled with bulletholes. Kazim ‘Ajami, puppet police commander of al-Musayyib said that the Resistance fighters, in a black Opal, carried out their deadly attack at about 7:30am Tuesday morning.

Residents said that the Resistance struck the bus just after it left the town of al-Musayyib on its way to nearby al-Hillah, which is 100km south of Baghdad. Workers in al-Musayyib Hospital said that three wounded puppet policemen remained in the hospital. Later one of the wounded puppet policemen died.

Puppet police killed in Resistance attack.

Iraqi Resistance forces killed two puppet policemen and wounded two others early on Tuesday in an early morning drive-by automatic rifle attack on a checkpoint in Kirkuk. An officer in the Kirkuk puppet force identified the two policemen as the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad Kazim. Colonel Mu'nis Ishaq of the puppet police said that the Resistance attack came they manned a checkpoint in the center of the city. Puppet police Lieutenant General Turhan Yusuf, commander of the force in Kirkuk said that the shooting took place at 5:25am, local time, and that the wounded men were taken to a hospital where they are in serious condition.

Three puppet police killed in violent protests in ar-Ramadi.

Violent demonstrations fulled the streets of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad on Tuesday when protesters took to the streets to denounce the Zionist murder of Shaykh Ahmad Yasin, the founder of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas. Witnesses reported that three puppet policemen were killed and several others injured when demonstrators threw hand grenades at them. Protesters also set fire to a number of cars and chanted slogans against the United States and “Israel.”

US occupation forces and their stooge security forces responded by firing at the protesters wounding several of them.

Clashes between puppet police and mass demonstrations in al-Fallujah.

The people of the Iraqi city of al-Fallujah on Tuesday declared a general strike, closing all shops and businesses to go out and demonstrate in condemnation of the crime committed by the Zionists when they murdered Shaykh Ahmad Yasin. According to al-‘Arabiyah TV when the American appointed puppet police attempted to break up the demonstration fights broke out between them and the populace. Protesters set fire to a police car. The news media reported that two puppet policemen were wounded and three demonstrators injured.

US occupation forces announced on Tuesday that they had released some 494 prisoners from their network of concentration camps in the country. Among those released Tuesday, 272 had been held in the US prison camp of Abu Ghurayb, west of Baghdad. The US aggressor spokesman said that the American occupation “no longer regarded these individuals as a threat” after their detention by the US invaders. The prisoners were reported to have spent between three and six months in prison. US military sources also reported that they had released 186 prisoners on Sunday, and that some other prisoners would be released shortly.

The US occupation claims that it holds more than 13,000 Iraqi prisoners in its concentration camp system. The present series of releases, therefore, altogether accounts for only slightly more than 5 percent of the total admitted prisoner population.

Resistance barrages on bases in Mosul said to leave “civilian” dead, police wounded.

Iraqi Resistance forces launched two mortar attacks on an occupation military base in the Mosul area on Tuesday. Two individuals described as “civilians” were killed, and six other persons wounded. In the second mortar attack, one Iraqi puppet policeman was wounded severely.








Wednesday, 24 March 2004.

US aggressors murder Iraqi civilians, damage hospital. Two invaders wounded.

Two US aggressor troops were wounded and three Iraqi civilians were killed in clashes that erupted on the streets of occupied al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad on Wednesday. Al-Jazeera TV reported eyewitnesses as saying that the battles broke out after a US occupation patrol came under mortar attack that wounded two invader troops and destroyed a military vehicle. The aggressors immediately responded by firing indiscriminately at Iraqi civilians in the area, killing three of them. According to al-Jazeera, a US helicopter gunship took part in the operation, firing rockets at civilians and at al-Fallujah Hospital which sustained damage as a result.

Resistance missile strikes Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad.

An Iraqi Resistance rocket slammed into the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Baghdad early Wednesday morning. Clouds of smoke were observed rising from the building. A guard was quoted by al-Jazeera TV as saying that the Resistance rocket struck the sixth floor of the hotel leaving a gaping hole in the wall. He claimed however that “limited” material damage had been done by the blast. It is also claimed that there were no casualties in the attack. Al-Jazeera reported that the powerful blast blew out several windows and awakened people in the hotel and in the neighborhood from their slumber.

Immediately after the blast, all floors of the hotel were lit up and the Iraqi puppet police and US occupation forces closed all roads leading to the building.

Both the Sheraton and the adjoining Palestine Hotel are in the compound that is subject to intense security procedures. Foreign contractors working for the occupation as well as foreign journalists and propagandists regularly stay in these heavily guarded hotels which have already been attacked on repeated occasions.

Resistance bomb damages Polish aggressor vehicle.

A land mine planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as a Polish aggressor convoy was passing 30km north of al-Hillah in central Iraq. According to the Agence France Presse (AFP) a spokesman for the so-called multinational troops serving the US occupation said that a homemade explosive device damaged a military vehicle

Iraqi Resistance guns down puppet colonel investigating assassination of 10 cops.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked an official in the Iraqi puppet police Wednesday morning as he was leaving a police station in the town of Jarf as-Sakhr, in the region of al-Musayyib, Babil Province. The official, puppet police Colonel Yasin Khidr al-Janabi (listed as Yasin Ighdib in another report) was in charge of the investigation of a captive who allegedly was one of those who took part in the Resistance shooting of 10 puppet police that took place near al-Musayyib on Tuesday.

US troops run over and kill little Iraqi girl.

US occupation troops driving a military vehicle ran over and killed a little Iraqi girl in northern Baghdad on Wednesday. Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the US military occupation had issued a communqué on the crime. According to that statement the girl died instantly and her body was turned over to the local puppet authorities 75km north of Baghdad.

US military vehicles crash injuring troops, Iraqi civilians.

A traffic accident in Tikrit between two US military vehicles injured four US aggressor troops and two Iraqi civilians according to Agence France Presse (AFP).

Roadside bomb allegedly kills Iraqi family.

In a story carried by al-Jazeera, medical sources in Baghdad were quoted as saying that three Iraqis, a father, mother and their child, were killed in a roadside bombing that occurred on the road to Salman Bak, south east of the Iraqi capital.









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