Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 5 March 2005 and Sunday, 6 March 2005

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Saturday, 5 March 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.

Resistance fires barrage at US base in al-Qa’im Saturday morning.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired seven mortar rounds into the US base known as A22 near al-Qa’im on the Syrian border at 5:30am Saturday morning Mafkarat al-Islam reported. Eyewitnesses said that the bombardment sent plumes of black smoke rising into the sky. Secondary explosions could be heard going off within the base after the attack.

The correspondent reported seeing US helicopters flying over the compound at low altitudes for about half an hour. US artillery returned fire at the Resistance attackers, firing more than 20 rockets at the western side of the city where the Resistance fire originated. As a result of the American fire, a member of the Resistance was martyred and citrus and date palm groves caught fire.



Resistance blasts US base in ar-Ramadi.

Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a fierce bombardment of the US base headquarters in the western part of the city Saturday afternoon. In a report filed as the barrage was under way, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that so-far about 19 mortar rounds had blasted into the American-occupied facility sending dense clouds of smoke rising over the compound. Large numbers of US helicopters could be seen flying around over and near by the base.

US admits four American occupation Marines killed in al-Anbar Friday.

US military forces admitted that four of their Marines had been killed in al-Anbar Province on Friday. As usual with the US statements, no details were given.



Iraqi Resistance bombards then mounts ground attack on Abu Ghurayb prison camp.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired 17 mortar rounds into the US prison camp at Abu Ghurayb Saturday afternoon. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the barrage of mortar rounds, all fired at about the same time, sent clouds of smoke rising into the sky and set massive fires burning inside the facility.

After the bombardment, Iraqi Resistance fighters carried out a ground assault on the western part of the Abu Ghurayb prison camp, killing four American troops, three Nepalese “service soldiers,” and nine Iraqi puppet troops. Seven Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred in the attack, three of them fraternal Arab volunteers.

The correspondent reported a source in the puppet police, who are charged with guarding the American prison camp, as saying that the Resistance bombardment killed a “small number” of US troops, but that the ground attack on the western part of the compound was more bloody, and he detailed the casualties as stated above. The apparent aim of the ground attack, the correspondent wrote, was the setting free of prisoners.

Long after the attack US and puppet forces continued to completely encircle the scene of the attack, shutting down roads and cutting off all access to the area and also shutting down communications including cellular telephones, effectively cutting Abu Ghurayb off from the outside world. At the time of reporting, US troops were engaged in house-to-house raids and searches throughout all parts of the city.

Resistance bomb kills four US troops in ad-Durah Saturday afternoon.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol in the al-Mahdiyah area of the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in ad-Durah reported that the bomb went off at 4pm Saturday and destroyed a Humvee and killed four American soldiers.

Local residents who saw the attack told the correspondent that the bomb was planted by the side of the main road in the First al-Mahdiyah area. Afterwards, US forces encircled the area and evacuated their dead, the correspondent reported.


Salah ad-Din Province.

Resistance bombards US base in at-Tarimiyah Saturday morning.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired fourteen mortar rounds into the US base known as “al-Layth,” setting massive fires that US forces and their helicopters were unable to extinguish for a long time after the attack, which took place at 8am Saturday morning. The Americans were forced to call in the Iraqi fire department to battle the blazes.

One fireman after taking part in putting out the fire and emerging from the US camp, told Mafkarat al-Islam that he saw more than 15 charred bodies of US troops lying next to one demolished housing building. He confirmed that there were more dead besides those.

The Salafi Brigades of al-Jarrah Resistance organization announced its responsibility for the attack in a communiqué distributed in several local mosques.



Resistance battles US occupation troops in western Bayji midday Saturday.

Fighting between US occupation forces and Iraqi Resistance fighters raged in Bayji, north of Baghdad in Salah ad-Din Province on Saturday. Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the battle erupted at 12 noon local time and left two US Humvees destroyed and six American troops dead. Four more American soldiers were wounded in the fighting.

Witnesses told the correspondent that the fighting took place in the western part of the city of Bayji. They said that the Resistance fighters were armed with light and medium-weight arms such as RPG7s.

Resistance bombards US base in Bayji Saturday.

Iraqi Resistance forces in Bayji bombarded the US base in the city with nine mortar rounds sending plumes of smoke rising into the sky over the facility, the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Bayji reported. No information was available on the extent or nature of US casualties.


Babil Province.

Resistance bomb kills two Polish troops early Saturday in al-Hillah.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a joint patrol of Polish occupation troops and puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards” in the al-Jabawiyin neighborhood of al-Hillah, 70km south of Baghdad, at 7:30am Saturday morning. Mafkarat al-Islam reported puppet police sources as saying that on Polish vehicle was disabled and two Polish occupation troops were killed in the attack. Occupation forces and puppet troops closed off the area which was still sealed off at the time the correspondent filed his report. They searched houses and stores in the area and arrested a number of residents of Sudanese and Egyptian origin who work in some of the hotels.


Al-Qadisiyah Province.

An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded in the al-Husayn neighborhood in middle of the southern Iraqi city of ad-Diwaniyah at 6pm Friday. The blast destroyed a Bulgarian military vehicle and killed three Bulgarian troops, the body of one of them being completely blown apart. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as reporting the extent of damage and casualties.

After the attack, Bulgarian occupation troops encircled the scene of the attack and prevented journalists from approaching or taking pictures. They launched a large-scale wave of arrests of people they charged with involvement in the Resistance attack.

The Bulgarian occupation troops officially acknowledged the death of one of their number but puppet police and eyewitnesses insisted that three of the Bulgarians had been killed.





Sunday, 6 March 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.

Resistance sinks US patrol boat near al-Hadithah killing five US troops early Sunday.

Iraqi Resistance forces in the city of al-Haditiha – which has been encircled and besieged by US occupation troops for six days – fired three self-propelled rockets at a US patrol boat near the Hadithah dam at 6am Sunday morning local time. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city reported that the attack completely destroyed the American boat and killed five US military personnel. One of the dam workers told Mafkarat al-Islam that the three self-propelled rockets scored direct hits on the boat.



Six US troops reported killed in pre-dawn fighting northeast of ar-Ramadi.

Fierce fighting broke out between the Iraqi Resistance and US occupation troops who are deployed in large numbers in the as-Sufiyah area northeast of ar-Ramadi. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Ramadi reported that the fighting took place at around 1:30am Sunday morning, local time. Two Humvees were destroyed in the fighting that killed six US troops and wounded four more. Iraqi Resistance sources said that they lost two men in the pre-dawn combat. Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the Resistance fighters were armed with medium-weight arms and used pipe rocket launchers and hand grenades.



Resistance fires mortar barrage into US-controlled border crossing center Saturday.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired three mortar shells into the Iraqi border center of al-Qadisiyah in al-Anbar Province on the border with Jordan on Saturday, according to Amman daily al-‘Arab al-Yawm. US troops immediately sealed off the area.

The American Marines called in aircraft to bomb what they thought were the sources of the mortar fire, inflicting casualties in dead and wounded among travelers in the area.

A source on the border told the newspaper that the US occupation forces had encircled the areas along the Jordanian-Iraqi border and had decided to keep the al-Qadisiyah border crossing closed until further notice. US forces then used airplanes to circled the skies over the border center for a full 12 hours.



Resistance shoots down US Cobra helicopter near ar-Rutbah Saturday night.

Iraqi Resistance forces shot down a US Cobra helicopter on Saturday evening near the city of ar-Rutbah on the way to Jordan in al-Anbar Province. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Rutbah reported eyewitnesses who live in the az-Zakarit area as saying that the US helicopter had been flying at low altitude over their area at 9pm Saturday night when the Resistance opened fire on it with medium-weight weapons, setting it ablaze and then blowing it up in the air, killing the two-man crew.

A source in the puppet so-called “Iraqi rapid deployment force” confirmed that a US helicopter had been shot down Saturday night. He said that the remains of the craft were found in a desert area outside the city.



Resistance pounds US occupation troops throughout al-Fallujah on Sunday.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired Katyusha rockets at concentrations of US troops near the as-Su’dud School, in the governorate building of al-Fallujah, and at a gathering of US troops in two houses on the ash-Shukr Road. Also bombarded was a US command post on the same road. The attacks occurred at about 11am, 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm Sunday. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam also reported that a Humvee was destroyed by a bomb on ash-Shukr Road.

Iraqi Resistance forces directly attacked houses that the US troops have taken as shelters for themselves. Dense smoke rose over the buildings, but the extent and nature of casualties among the invader troops was unknown.

Two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded as a US patrol was passing through the al-Halabisah area of al-Fallujah, but again, the extent of casualties was unclear.

A heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded and destroyed a Humvee east of al-Fallujah on the road to Abu Ghurayb at about 4:30pm Sunday. Witnesses reported that two American troops were killed in that attack and two more wounded.

The Resistance fired three Katyusha rockets, the first at US forces in the former Mujahidi Khalq base near al-Fallujah, and two more rockets at the headquarters of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” in al-Haswah.

First week of March sees relentless Resistance attacks on US, puppet troops in al-Fallujah.

At 1:00am Monday morning Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam posted a report on the previous week’s Resistance activity in al-Fallujah. In all 27 US and Iraqi puppet troops and three spies were killed and four Humvees destroyed during the week. In addition the Resistance mounted incessant rocket attacks on the occupation and its stooges.

On Tuesday, 1 March the Resistance in al-Fallujah destroyed a Humvee by the Great Mosque in al-Fallujah. Another Humvee was disabled near the train station on ath-Tharthar Street. Several Iraqi Resistance bombs went off in succession on Tuesday as a pickup and a bus belonging to the puppet “national guard” was passing. Then late on Tuesday there was a mortar bombardment on as-Sakaniyah area in the north of the city.

On Wednesday, 2 March, the Resistance fired two Grad rockets at US troop concentrations in the as-Sakaniyah area in northern al-Fallujah. The Resistance struck a command post on the ash-Shukr Road with a Grad rocket. At about 8am the Resistance fired four 120mm mortar rounds the governorate building in the city and to more at US troops near the as-Su’dud School.

Three US troops were killed on Thursday, 3 March when a heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the as-Saddah Road in al-Fallujah. A group of Resistance sharpshooters killed 21 US troops and Iraqi puppet soldiers during the week ending 3 March.

On Friday, 4 March, the Resistance launched intensive attacks on the US al-Habbaniyah base, firing 15 Grad rockets and mortar rounds at about 9:30pm. The Resistance destroyed a Humvee and killed three US troops aboard it with a bomb in al-Habbaniyah. The Resistance also shot two spies in the al-Jazeerah area of al-Khalidiyah. One other spy was killed in the Saddamiyat ath-Tharthar area on the banks of the Tigris River at sunset on the same day. Three explosions rocked various areas of al-Fallujah at about 9:30. Two Grad rockets blasted a US position inside the city.

On Saturday, 5 March fighting between the Resistance and the occupation forces broke out in the ash-Shurtah neighborhood of al-Fallujah at about 8pm. Rocket launchers and BKCs were used in the battle. Fighting took place in the al-Jurayfi and al-‘Askari neighborhoods at about 5am Saturday and lasted for about half an hour. At about 3pm Saturday, the Resistance fired three Grad rockets at a US position south of the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in thee city. Smoke rose over where the rockets landed for about half an hour.

Mafkarat al-Islam apologized for the delay in relaying all these reports on the week’s Resistance activity. The reason for the delay had to do with the difficulty of communicating within al-Fallujah and the dangerous situation in the city. But Mafkarat al-Islam wished to relate the news although it was late in order that it would still be recorded.


Salah ad-Din Province.

Nine US troops killed in ambush on farm road.

Iraqi Resistance forces in the town of ad-Dulu‘iyah, north of Baghdad attacked a column of US occupation troops in the city at 10am Sunday morning as they were on their way to the US base in what was formerly the Iraqi al-Anwa’ Headquarters Airbase. The Resistance ambush destroyed three Humvees and killed nine US troops. Four other American soldiers were wounded in the attack.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in ad-Dulu‘iyah reported eyewitnesses as saying that more than 20 Resistance fighters attacked a US column of seven vehicles in the middle of a farm road that ran through cultivated garden areas on both sides, and provided cover for the fighters. When the US column passed, the Resistance fighters surprised the Americans, suddenly opening fire with medium-weight machine guns and rocket launchers. The witnesses said that the Resistance fire on the American column was very intense.

Meanwhile the deputy director of the puppet forces in ad-Dulu‘iyah told Mafkarat al-Islam a similar story about the attack, adding that today the Americans lost more than 13 soldiers killed and wounded in the ambush.


Babil Province.

Resistance bomb kills four US troops in al-Latifiyah Sunday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a US military column in the al-Janabiyin area west of al-Latifiyah, 25km south of Baghdad at 9am local time Sunday morning. The bomb destroyed a US Humvee and killed four American soldiers.

Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Latifiyah that the bomb was planted on the side of the road leading to al-Janabiyin. After the attack, US forces closed off the area for two hours during which time they hauled away the wreckage of the vehicle.



Five US troops killed in Resistance bombing in al-Iskandariyah.

In a dispatch posted at 5:08pm Mecca time, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in al-Iskandariyah, south of Baghdad. The correspondent there reported that the blast went off by a US patrol made up of several military vehicles including personnel carriers, armored vehicles, and Humvees. The correspondent said that as the column was on its way to the north of the city, the bomb that was planted by the side of the road known as al-Ma‘alif exploded. A source in the puppet so-called Iraqi national guard, who took part in sealing off the area along with US occupation troops after the attack, told the reporter that the blast destroyed a Zil troop transport and killed five US troops and wounded four more. The explosion left a deep crater in the street he added.


Diyala Province.

Resistance bomb in city on Iranian border leaves four US troops dead.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column east of Baghdad in the city of al-Mundhiriyah in Diyala Province near the Iranian border at 4pm Sunday afternoon. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the American column was composed of several US armored vehicles and that the bomb destroyed one Humvee and killed four Americans and seriously wounded a fifth.

Witnesses told the correspondent that the bomb exploded in the ‘Ali al-Mahmud neighborhood in the middle of al-Mundhiriyah, and confirmed the casualty count mentioned above.



In a dispatch posted at 7:45pm Sunday evening Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before, an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter, his face covered by a kuffiyah, drove an explosives-laden car into a US military column made up of four Humvees in the Jalula’ area northeast of Ba‘qubah. The blast destroyed two Humvees and killed eight American soldiers. Five other US troops were wounded seriously in the attack.

At the time of writing US forces were encircling the area where the attack occurred. US helicopters had just landed in the place to evacuate the bodies of the dead and the wounded.


Al-Muthanna Province.

Resistance bomb kills four Iraqi puppet troops near as-Samawah.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by an Iraqi puppet army column in as-Samawah, 85km south of Baghdad at 6am Sunday morning local time. Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast killed four puppet troops and severely wounded one more.

The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported witnesses as saying that the Resistance planted the bomb by the side of the main road northeast of the city. After the attack, US troops and Iraqi puppet forces sealed off the area and launched a wave of arrests exclusively of Sunni Muslims living in the area as the Iraqi puppet forces evacuated their dead and wounded from the area.


Karbala’ Province.

Shi‘i chauvinist militia who now wear the puppet regime’s uniform raid Sunni mosque, arrest Sunni Iraqis in the city of Karbala’.

Puppet so-called “rapid deployment forces” raided the Sunni al-Wahid Mosque in al-‘Abbasiyah in Karbala’ 110km south of Baghdad on Friday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday. The correspondent in Karbala’ said that the Iraqi puppet forces, whose members belong to the Shi‘i chauvinist Badr Brigades, arrested six persons, including the man who declaims the call to prayer in the mosque and four of the mosque guards.

Local Sunnis brought the sectarian provocation up with the Sunni Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ Scholars, the highest religious authority for Sunnis in Iraq. Leaders of Iraq’s Sunni community called for peace in Karbala’, in the face of these obvious attempts aimed at stirring up divisive discord between religious communities with the aim of splitting up the country.

One of the Sunni tribal leaders in Karbala’ spoke of their attempts to communicate with the most prominent Arab satellite television station to explain their grievance, but they were unable to do so, even though in the past the same station had asked Mafkarat al-Islam to help them obtain footage of the torture and killing of Sunnis in the south of Iraq. Mafkarat al-Islam notes that its director provided such film footage to the TV station, but the station simply kept it and failed to offer any explanation for their delay in making use of it.


Al-Basrah Province.

Iraqi puppet so-called “national guards” arrested two Sunni Iraqis in the az-Zubayr section of al-Basrah on Sunday morning. Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a group of puppet guards surrounded a part of the town and then stormed the houses of ‘Abd ar-Razzaq ‘Abd ar-Rahman and Muhammad ‘Abd al-Wudud where they arrested both men. They noted that ‘Abd ar-Razzaq ‘Abd ar-Rahman worked as a guard in the Sunni Waqf (pious endowment) directorate in the southern district. He is a guard for Dr. ‘Abd al-Karim Nasir, the director of the department.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the detachment that arrested the two men at 9am Sunday morning was made up of five pickups. The correspondent said that this was the second such case of harassment of the Sunni Waqf establishment in the area. The home of Dr. ‘Abd al-Karim Nasir was shot at about two months earlier, an incident that sparked considerable resentment in the Sunni community of the city.

Mafkarat al-Islam noted that the members of the puppet “national guard” and the puppet security services in al-Basrah and most of southern Iraq are made up of members of the Badr Brigades and the Da‘wah Party – both Shi‘i chauvinist organizations closely tied to the US occupation forces. The Badr Brigade, for instance, invaded Iraq in tandem with the US troops in spring 2003.

Powerful elements in the US and the Zionist entity have been seeking to split Iraq into three separate states. To that end they have been seeking to provoke sectarian and ethnic discord in the occupied country.