Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Monday, 14 March 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.
Monday, 14 March 2005.
Al-Anbar Province.
American sniper kills three Iraqi civilians in al-Qa’im.
In a dispatch posted at 10:25am Monday morning Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that American snipers in the city of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border shot and killed three Iraqi civilians.
Resistance forces bombard US facility in al-Qa’im early Monday.
Iraqi Resistance forces fired nine surface-to-surface rockets into the US headquarters set up in the Customs Directorate in al-Qa’im on the Syrian border at 8am Monday morning.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported a member of the puppet border police as saying that the barrage killed or wounded 11 American troops.  The correspondent himself saw moke and flame rising from the facility as four US helicopters hovered overhead and then evacuated the casualties from the scene, according to the puppet police source.
Resistance bomb kills three US troops in ar-Ramadi midday Monday.
An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol of four Humvees as it passed through the at-Ta’mim neighborhood southwest of ar-Ramadi, 110km west of Baghdad, at 12:30pm Monday afternoon.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed one Humvee and killed three US troops and wounded two more.  Residents of the at-Ta’mim neighborhood who witnessed the attack reported that the US patrol was going along the main road in the neighborhood when the bomb, which had been planted by the side of the road, exploded.

Resistance bomb kills five American troops early Monday afternoon.
An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column made up of several vehicles in the al-Kubaysat area of ar-Rutbah in western al-Anbar Province at 2pm Monday afternoon local time.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed one Humvee and killed five American troops aboard it.
An official source in the area who refused to have his name revealed lest he be subject to American reprisals, told Mafkarat al-Islam that a high-explosive roadside bomb blew up by the patrol.  He spoke with great reluctance because in an effort to prevent the outside world from learning of the effectiveness of the Iraqi Resistance, the local governor of al-Anbar Province, Fassal al-Ka‘ud had given a specific order prohibiting any statements to journalists regarding any military operations against US forces.
Resistance bombards US strong points east of al-Fallujah Monday morning.
Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded US military strong points east of al-Fallujah on the roads leading to Baghdad Monday morning.  In a report posted at 11:47am Mecca tiem Monday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported a member of the Iraqi puppet forces as saying that three heavy mortar rounds blasted into the US military command post east of al-Fallujah a short while before, destroying two Humvees and killing at least four American troops and wounding more than six more.
At the time the correspondent filed his report, American troops had surrounded the command post.  Other US forces were encircling al-Fallujah’s industrial zone and the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood, having observed them to be the source of mortar fire.
Resistance assassinates head of Jewish company buying up land in Babil area.
The director of a Jewish company called The Promised Land of Babel was killed in a Resistance attack in the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah Monday morning.  Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent, who arrived on the scene of the attack about 15 minutes after it took place reported a source in the Iraqi puppet police as saying the Dawud Moshe the director of the company had been assassinated along with four of his aides. 
An Iraqi eye witness reported that 10 Resistance fighters armed with light weapons and pipe rocket launchers attacked the black Cherokee in which Moshe and his companions were traveling and which was being escorted by two Iraqi puppet police cars.  The procession was headed towards areas south of Baghdad.
The witness said that the Resistance fired an anti-tank rocket into the second vehicle in the caravan – the Cherokee carrying Moshe and his aides – blasting it apart and totally destroying it.  The Resistance then opened fire on the two police cars, killing all the puppet policemen.  The Resistance fighters then left the area going towards al-Bayya‘ Square in the center of the area.
US and Iraqi puppet forces showed up on the scene where they evacuated bodies of some of the puppet policemen.  They were unable to extricate the body of Dawud Moshe and his partners from the Cherokee, however, because they were completely charred.  The Americans therefore simply hauled the wrecked vehicle away with the remains inside.
Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance had launched three attacks on that individual, but all had failed due to the intense security protection afforded him and his partners.
The Promised Land of Babel company came into Iraq just one month after the American occupation of Baghdad.  It worked to buy up agricultural land, houses, and apartment buildings at prices far above their market rates.  They firm focused on buying property in the south of Iraq, in particular in the area of Babil (Babel) and al-Mada’in (Ctesiphon) where in ancient times the Persian emperors had palaces, and which are considered some of the most important ancient sites in Iraq, very attractive for tourists in peaceful times.  Several foreigners, many of them Jews, were killed by the Resistance in that area some weeks ago after engaging in theft of ancient artifacts.
Resistance ambushes US convoy headed towards Salman Bak.
Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US truck convoy bringing supplies and equipment to US forces in the Salman Bak area south of Baghdad on Monday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Salman Bak reported that the Resistance, armed with light weapons and RPG7 rocket launchers, attacked the US column of one Humvee and six supply trucks at 1:30pm Monday afternoon, local time, destroying two US trucks and killing four American troops and wounding a fifth.
A resident of the Salman Bak area who witnessed the attack reported that the Resistance attack left two of the American trucks ablaze and four US troops dead and one more wounded.  US troops then came in to encircle the area and prevent journalists from approaching the scene.
Four Americans killed in Monday morning bombing in Abu Ghurayb.
An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded next to a US Humvee on the main street known as the Old Road in the Abu Ghurayb area west of Baghdad at 9am Monday morning.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast destroyed a Humvee and killed four US troops instantly.  Iraqi puppet police confirmed the death toll to the correspondent.
Salah ad-Din Province.
Resistance car bomber kills 11 US troops north of Baghdad Monday.
An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded at the southern entrance to the city of at-Tarimiyah, 30km north of Baghdad, destroying a US armored vehicle and a Humvee and killing 11 American troops.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported sources in the puppet police and the puppet army as saying that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove his explosives-laden car into a US column of numerous vehicles and blew it up, killing seven Americans instantly in the armored vehicle and four more in the Humvee.  The correspondent reported that US forces then encircled the area and prevented journalists from approaching.  They confiscated cameras in the possession of journalists who had already arrived on the scnene – including that of the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in at-Tarimiyah – as well as those of six satellite TV reporters and local Iraqi newspaper photographers.
Ninwa Province.
US helicopter kills woman, two children in Mosul.
Three Iraqi civilians, two of them children, were killed and five more wounded when a US helicopter opened fire on two civilian cars in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul witnesses reported Monday.
The US occupation army issued a statement claiming that an American helicopter came under small arms fire from a nearby building and said that the aircraft returned fire.  The American propaganda statement said that at least five Iraqi civilians were wounded in the incident and said that they were taken to a hospital in the city for treatment and that the US was investigating the case.
Meanwhile the Australian Courier Mail reported witnesses and hospital sources as saying that three Iraqi civilians were killed, two of them children and the third a woman.  The paper quoted one of those injured as saying that Resistance fighters had shot at the helicopter and that the aircraft then began to shoot.
Babil Province.
Resistance bomb kills US soldier in al-Iskandariyah.
In a dispatch posted at 6:20pm Mecca time Monday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column made up of several vehicles in the city of al-Iskandariyah, south of Baghdad.
The correspondent wrote that the blast disabled one US Humvee in the column, killing an American soldier and wounding three more.  Witnesses reported that the roadside bomb exploded as soon as the occupation forces turned onto the road.
Afterwards, US troops encircled the area and began raiding nearby houses.  The Americans arrested four local men, accusing them of involvement in the bombing.
Resistance pounds Polish occupation troops with rockets, heavy mortars.
Iraqi Resistance forces fired an intense barrage of Grad rockets and 120mm mortar shells into the Polish occupation base in al-Hillah, south of Baghdad, killing and wounding more than 10 Polish troops.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported Captain Hasan Jawdah of the local puppet police in al-Hillah as making a statement to local and international satellite TV stations that the Resistance had fired a heavy barrage of traditional Grad rockets and heavy mortar rounds into the Polish base at 6am Monday morning, killing and wounding more than 10 Polish troops and destroying a number of Polish military vehicles.
The captain added that the barrage set massive fires burning inside the facility but with the help of the local Iraqi fire department, all the blazes were successfully extinguished, he said.
Al-Basrah Province.
Six British intelligence officers killed in Monday morning ambush in al-Basrah.
Iraqi Resistance forces attacked two “civilian” cars belonging to British military intelligence as they made their daily routine patrols in the center of al-Basrah under protection of armored military vehicles.
Mafkarat al-Islam reported witnesses as saying that more than 10 Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked the British convoy in the predominantly Sunni district of az-Zubayr with medium weight weapons and pipe rocket launchers.  The attack destroyed two armored GMC vehicles and killed six British intelligence officers and wounded two more.  Iraqi puppet police confirmed the deaths of six British personnel, saying that the British intelligence officers were on a mission to evaluate the situation of the British soldiers in al-Basrah when they came under attack and lost their lives.
The correspondent saw British forces encircling the area and evacuating the bodies of the dead in two British helicopters.  The correspondent wrote that Monday’s attack brought to more than 98 the number of British intelligence officers (not soldiers) killed since the invasion of Iraq, according to statistics being kept by Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah and by sources in the local puppet police.
The Resistance organization the Squadrons of the Merciful God took responsibility for the attack in a communiqué distributed locally.  The statement also reported that one Resistance fighter had been killed by British gunfire Monday’s the attack.