Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 29 March 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Tuesday, 29 March 2005.





Resistance attack targets US commander in al-Fallujah Tuesday afternoon.


In a dispatch posted at 4:35pm Mecca time Tuesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier Iraqi Resistance forces had attacked the motorcade carrying the commander of US joint operations, responsible for US forces in al-Fallujah.


The correspondent reported that the Resistance fired anti-tank rockets and shoulder-fired pipe rockets at the motorcade as it passed through the al-Jubayl neighborhood of al-Fallujah.


The correspondent wrote that as of that point in time, the extent of damage and casualties inflicted on the Americans was unknown, because immediately after the attack, 200 US Marines completely surrounded the area and closed it off, imposing a security ring around the attack scene.


One member of the Iraqi puppet police told the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam however that the target of the attack had been the US commander in al-Fallujah, who came from the USA specially to lead the battle in the city after having been retired for more than a year, according to the source.


In a dispatch posted at 6:20pm Mecca time Tuesday evening, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that reports were circulating in Iraqi puppet army and police circles that the US commander of joint operations in al-Fallujah had been killed in the attack earlier in the afternoon.


Members of the puppet army said that the US commander died of wounds received in the attack, which took place in the al-Jubayl neighborhood as he was on an inspection tour.


For his part, a commander of the Iraqi Resistance in the city confirmed to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that the members of the Resistance – and they were three in number – were martyred in the attack.


Two US troops killed in late morning bombing west of al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military column that was passing near the al-Fallahat area west of al-Fallujah at about 11am Tuesday morning.  The blast damaged a US Humvee, but the column continued on its way a half an hour after the attack.  Then a second bomb struck the column inflicting serious damage to on Humvee and killing two US troops.


Resistance blasts house occupied by US troops during meeting with stooges.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired two rockets into a house being used by US forces in al-Fallujah Tuesday evening.  The two rockets blasted the house of Shaykh al-Qirtan at the western entrance to al-Fallujah, which the Americans use as a headquarters in the western part of the city.


At the time of the Resistance bombardment – around 6pm Tuesday evening, a meeting was underway between US troops and some of their local stooges, according to local people who spoke to Mafkarat al-Islam in the city.  At the same time, the Resistance fired two rockets at the US strong point located to the east of al-Fallujah.


Powerful explosion shakes al-Fallujah Tuesday night.


In a dispatch posted at 10:20pm Mecca time Tuesday night, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a powerful blast resounded in al-Fallujah at about 9pm Tuesday night.  That explosion was so strong that it could be heard in the southern suburb of ‘Arimiyat al-Fallujah.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam had no information as to the cause or exact location of the blast, however, due to the difficulty of moving about after dark when the American curfew is in effect.




Resistance sharp shooter guns down US soldier.


An Iraqi sharpshooter put a bullet through the head of an American soldier, killing him instantly in the middle of the city of ar-Rutbah, near the Jordanian border, 400km west of Baghdad, on Tuesday morning, eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam.


Witnesses who were in the area of the shooting reported that an Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter was perched atop the tall Iraqi Citizenship building opposite where the US soldier was standing and fired one shot.


A source in the Citizenship Department confirmed that the sniper bullet hit the American soldier directly in the head.


US forces surrounded the area after the attack and went up the building from where the shot was fired to search for the attacker.  All they found however was a piece of paper on which was written in Iraqi dialect: “Hey, Americans, don’t crowd!  Stand in line single file.  You’ll each get your turn.”


A source in the Iraqi puppet police said that when the Iraqi collaborator translator read the message to the American troops they became extremely enraged and almost hysterical.


Abu Katifah.


Resistance bomb kills six US troops near Saudi border Monday evening.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US column in the middle of a desert road frequented by Bedouin in the Abu Katifah area near the Saudi border on Monday evening. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the area reported puppet so-called “Iraqi border guards” as saying that the bomb was planted in the middle of the road over which a US patrol passed in the course of its patrol of the border.  The blast destroyed a US Zil troop transport vehicle, killing five US troops and wounding four more, two of them mortally.




Resistance bombardment blows up fuel storage depots in US base in ad-Durah Tuesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the headquarters of the US military in the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah Tuesday afternoon.  The Resistance fired 15 surface-to-surface Grad and Tariq rockets into the American headquarters at 3pm local time Tuesday, setting large fires burning.  In a dispatch posted at 6:45pm Tuesday evening Mecca time, the correspondent reported that the fires in the US-occupied facility were still burning as he filed his report.


A colonel in the Iraqi puppet army who entered the US base after the fierce rocket attack told Mafkarat al-Islam that five rockets hit sensitive places in the Sukkaniya base.  Four of the 15 rockets failed to explode, but the remaining 11 struck three liquid fuel dumps used for American military vehicles.  It was these that caused the massive fires that blazed for hours after the attack.  The puppet colonel refused to discuss US losses as a result of the bombardment.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam noted, however, that American helicopters flew in and out of the camp presumably hauling the dead and wounded to the Ibn Sina Hospital that the US military have taken over and turned into an American military hospital in Baghdad.


The Sukkaniya base in ad-Durah is one of the originally non-military sites that the US occupation troops took over and turned into a base.  Before the Americans invaded it was the Sukkaniya Car Company.


Explosions rock “green zone.”


In a dispatch posted at 1:46pm Tuesday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before, four powerful explosions shook the Palace of Congresses (Convention Center) inside the Republican Palace area, known to the US occupiers as the “green zone” in Baghdad.  Members of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national assembly” selected in the US sponsored election farce on 30 January were meeting in a special session in the building on Tuesday in an attempt to chose a new chairman and deputy chairman.


The correspondent for Mafakrat al-Islam in Baghdad reported that a source in the “green zone” guard force said that the blasts came from the explosion of rockets or mortar rounds.


US forces and various Iraqi puppet organizations took special security measures in Iraq on Tuesday coinciding with the meeting.   The city’s two main bridges over the Tigris – al-Jumhuriyah and ar-Rashid – were closed Tuesday morning, as puppet police, puppet so-called “national guards,” and US troops deployed on them.  For more than a year the suspension bridge that leads to the Americans’ so-called “green zone” has been permanently closed.


Babil Province.



Resistance bomb near al-Hillah kills four US troops.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol in the al-Hashimiyah area, 20km south of al-Hillah (which is 110km south of Baghdad) on Tuesday.  A captain in the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb was a high-explosive device that was planted by the side of a road and blew up under the American patrol made up of four Humvees.  The blast totally destroyed one Humvee and killed four American soldiers and seriously wounded a fifth, the source said.


Diyala Province.



Resistance fighters gun down puppet police chief in Mandali early Tuesday.


Iraqi Resistance forces liquidated the chief of puppet police in Mandali, east of Ba‘qubah in Diyala Province near the Iranian border at 8am Tuesday morning.  A source in the Iraqi puppet military told Mafkarat al-Islam that Resistance fighters attacked the motorcade of the chief of puppet police as he was heading to the police headquarters Tuesday morning.  The Resistance fighters opened fire on the puppet official’s car, killing him and four bodyguards instantly.


Salah ad-Din Province.



Three US troops killed by roadside bombing in at-Tarimiyah Tuesday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a passing US patrol in the ash-Shatt area in the middle of at-Tarimiyah, north of Baghdad.  A source in the puppet so-called “installation protection force” in the city told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast, which occurred near where he was, came from a bomb planted by the side of the road.  He said that the bomb went off at 4pm local time Tuesday afternoon, totally destroying a Humvee and killing three US troops.  The correspondent in at-Tarimiyah reported that US forces afterwards completely sealed off the attack scene, calling in helicopters to haul away the bodies of the dead.




Resistance shoots down US Black Hawk helicopter Monday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces announced that they shot a shoulder-fired a Strela rocket and brought down a US Black Hawk helicopter in Yathrib, northeast of Tikrit on Monday, killing the two-man crew.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the Resistance issued a communiqué saying that the recently formed Squadrons of the Martyr Layth al-Mashhadani shot down the helicopter at 4pm Monday afternoon.  The communiqué was posted on several mosques in the city.  Local residents confirmed that a helicopter had indeed been shot down over a field growing a kind of animal fodder crop and that US forces had later encircled the area.


At-Ta’mim Province.



Resistance car bomb targets puppet official in Kirkuk Tuesday morning.


The Iraqi puppet police claimed that one Iraqi was killed and 15 others wounded when a car bomb exploded on Tuesday morning.  Captain Salam Zankanah of the Kirkuk puppet police reported that a car bomb exploded at 8am Tuesday morning in the Rahim Awah area in the north of the city by a motorcade carrying the puppet director of the water and sewer department in the city, ‘Abd a-Qadir Siddiq.  The captain added that the puppet director survived the assassination attempt, but that two of his bodyguards were injured.  Reuters reported a medical spokesman in the Azadi General Hospital in Kirkuk where the wounded were taken as saying that some of them were severely wounded.


Ninwa Province.



Resistance car bomb kills vies US troops, four Iraqi puppet soldiers Tuesday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded at a joint US-Iraqi puppet force checkpoint in Sinjar city, west of Mosul Tuesday morning.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported local witnesses as saying that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an Opel car into the checkpoint in the middle of Sinjar, destroying two American Humvees and a pickup belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces.  The blast also killed five American troops and four Iraqi puppet soldiers.


A spokesman for the Iraqi puppet military admitted that the attack occurred and confirmed that five US troops and four puppet soldiers were killed, the correspondent reported.


An-Najaf Province.



Puppet official in charge of “uprooting the Baath” assassinated in an-Najaf.


Iraqi Resistance forces liquidated ‘Abd az-Zahra’ Nahi, the Director of the Board for the Uprooting of the Baath Party in an-Najaf Province in an-Najaf city at 9am Tuesday morning.  Three other board members perished along with their collaborationist director.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a member of the local puppet police said that the four were shot dead by five men in a white pickup truck who unleashed a hail of gunfire on the collaborators.


Witnesses said that ‘Abd az-Zahra’ and his companions belonged to the so-called “National Accord Party” headed by puppet prime minister Iyyad ‘Allawi.  After the attack puppet police surrounded the scene backed up by US troops.


Al-Basrah Province.

Camp Bucca.


American officer admits “some” prisoners escaped through tunnel out of Camp Bucca.


In a follow up to the story of the great escape through a tunnel out of Camp Bucca in the Umm Qasr area of southern Iraq, (see Iraqi Resistance Report: “Great escape reported from US Prison Camp Bucca.” Saturday, 26 March 2005.), the correspondent for Mafakrat al-Islam reported Tuesday that one officer in the US army had admitted that the Iraqi prisoners had apparently spent two full months digging the tunnel and that a number of prisoners were able to use the tunnel to escape.  The officer said that they had been able to confirm that some prisoners had indeed escaped after they did a head count of the prisoners in that particular facility.


The officer, an American lieutenant, did not reveal the number of prisoners who escaped during his interview with the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the so-called “green zone” in Baghdad.


Mafkarat al-Islam obtained photographs of the tunnel that was discovered by the Americans a few days ago.  Those pictures can be viewed along with the Arabic version of this report at:




They were distributed by the US army to Arab and foreign journalists and show the depth and length of the tunnel and some of the tools used to excavate it.