Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Thursday, 1 April 2004, through Saturday, 3 April  2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice



Thursday, 1 April 2004.


Resistance attacks US convoy near al-Fallujah on Thursday.


Iraqi Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades attacked a US military occupation convoy, killing one and wounding three other US invaders and setting a Humvee ablaze on Thursday 2km from al-Fallujah according to witnesses. US Associated Press Television News footage showed smoke pouring from the vehicle that had been abandoned on a roadside just outside the city. Witnesses said the Humvee was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.  American occupation spokesmen initially refused to confirm the attack.  The German Press Agency reported witnesses as saying that they had seen the US aggressor troops carrying off one dead and three wounded.


Resistance fires Katyushas at US base in Kirkuk.


Three US aggressor soldiers were wounded on Thursday when Iraqi Resistance forces fired Katyusha rockets at an American occupation base in Kirkuk, northern Iraq according to a report carried by al-Jazeera.


A US officer acknowledged that three American troops had been wounded in the rocket attack on Kirkuk Airport, the location of the regional headquarters of the US aggressor forces.  One of the men sustained head wounds, the other two received leg wounds.  The commander of the local puppet police, Major General Turhan Yusuf said that five Katyushas slammed into the US occupation base “in three successive salvoes.”


Two bombs strike US fuel convoy in northern Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance fighters detonated two explosions near a fuel convoy under US aggressor escort in ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood in northern Baghdad on Thursday.  Witnesses said that one Iraqi, presumably a collaborator with the US invaders, was wounded.  One American was also reportedly wounded in the Resistance attack.


Resistance car bomb on Wednesday in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi Resistance fighters detonated a car bomb in ar-Ramadi on Wednesday evening, killing six Iraqis and wounding four others according to US aggressor spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Steve Murray.


Puppet policeman kidnapped by Resistance in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance forces kidnapped an Iraqi puppet policeman and opened fire on another at a checkpoint early on Thursday morning in a first-of-its-kind incident.  Major General ‘Unwan Amin, chief of the puppet so-called civil defence forces in Kirkuk told Agence France Presse (AFP) that “it is the first time in which a [puppet] policeman was kidnapped in Kirkuk.”


He said that the Resistance fighters shot at and wounded another puppet policeman then raided the checkpoint and kidnapped his partner.  They then stole a puppet police car and drove away.


Hisham Muhammad, director of Kirkuk Hospital said that the wounded policeman, ‘Abdallah Husayn was in serious condition.  He was shot in the leg and chest and underwent an operation to remove bullets.  Kirkuk has been experiencing an increasing current of Resistance activity in recent weeks.


Communiqué from United National Council of the Iraqi Resistance.


A Communiqué issued by the United National Council of the Iraqi Resistance called on Iraqis whose feet had slipped and who are serving the occupation in one form or another to examine themselves and to join the Resistance in all its forms.


The Communiqué said that the National Council was formed 10 months ago of members of the armed forces of the Republic of Iraq, heroes of the Iraqi national security agencies, shaykhs and notables in tribes and villages, mujahid religious leaders, a number of Islamic forces, and tens of thousands of Iraqi patriots who reject the logic of the occupation and subservience to the colonialists, to for an organizational framework that carries out Resistance operations.  Their programs are organized according to developments in the military and political situation.


The Communiqué stated that the political program of the Iraqi Resistance calls for absolute and total rejection of the logic of the occupation and its agencies and members and all the structures, organizations, and active groups that come from them.  The Communiqué called for the continuation of the Resistance in all its forms – by armed attacks, demonstrations, protests, and boycotts of the occupation in all possible ways.


The Communiqué called for the return of the state with all its national, sovereign and service institutions after the withdrawal of the occupation and for the return of the army as a united national institution these would serve in a provisional form for two years, after which a call would be issued for new elections for a new national assembly supervised by the Arab League and international observers.


The Communiqué called for the formation of a consultative council that would take part with the Council of Ministers in preparing a permanent constitution for the country that would be submitted to a popular referendum.  Then the National Assembly and Consultative Council would elect a president and vice president of the republic who would serve five-year terms.  Political freedom would be established, including the freedom to form political parties and  organizations and civil social organizations.


The Communiqué stressed the necessity of developing the Law of Autonomy for Iraqi Kurdistan so as to guarantee the national and cultural rights of the region within the framework of Iraqi national unity and sovereignty.


‘Martyr Ahmad Yasin Brigades’ claim credit for al-Fallujah attacks.


An Iraqi Resistance organization by the name of the Martyr Ahmad Yasin Brigades have taken credit for the two attacks in al-Fallujah on Wednesday that left five US soldiers and four American mercenaries dead according to a report carried by the al-‘Arabiyah TV station.


The same organization had announced its membership, together with other groups, for previous operations in the city.  Their name figured along with others in a communiqué circulated in al-Fallujah on Monday.


Resistance attacks puppet police in Ba‘qubah, killing three, wounding two.


Iraqi Resistance forces late on Thursday attacked a puppet police checkpoint killing three puppet policemen and wounding two others in Ba‘qubah, north of Baghdad.  Two of those killed were officers in the puppet police.  One of the wounded men told Agence France Presse (AFP) that two cars carrying Resistance fighters sped towards the checkpoint late on Thursday and sprayed it with automatic rifle fire.  One of the Resistance fighters shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and threw a hand grenade.


American body parts obtained by Iraqi puppet police from al-Fallujah.


Iraqi puppet police obtain remains of four American invaders killed in al-Fallujah on Wednesday.  The puppet police turned the body parts over to their American bosses.


Prison clashes in as-Sulaymaniyah.


Violent clashes erupted in the Mu‘askar as-Salam prison in as-Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq, in which knives, sticks, and stones were used.  The Egyptian Middle East News Agency quoted an Iraqi puppet security official as saying that the puppet security forces were able to suppress the clashes.  Some 314 prisoners have been confined to solitary confinement cells while the wounded were taken to hospitals.  No further information on the circumstances of the eruption were available.


Iraqi puppet police fire on demonstration of unemployed in al-Basrah: one protester dead, two badly wounded.


Iraqi puppet security forces opened fire on Iraqis demonstrating in protest against the lack of jobs in al-Basrah on Thursday.  According to admissions by the puppet authorities, one of the demonstrators was killed by puppet police bullets, and two other protesters were wounded.


The protesters threw stones at British military vehicles that had surrounded the protest rally.  Khalid ‘Abdallah, an Iraqi medical source, said that the two wounded men had been very badly injured and efforts are under way to save their lives.


100 Zionist companies work under US umbrella in occupied Iraq.


The Zionist newspaper Maariv, a newspaper published in occupied Palestine reported that there are more than 100 “Israeli”-owned companies now operating in US-occupied Iraq.  The newspaper noted that he US occupation had facilitated the penetration by these Zionist companies of Iraq by giving them contracts in the name of European and American companies.  Other Zionist firms operating in occupied Palestine had sent applications to the US Administration in order to benefit in a similar way from the occupation of Iraq.


Although rumors about Zionist business activity in Iraq had been widely circulating for many months, the article in Maariv dispelled all possible doubts when it named several of the companies specifically.  The Dan Company is selling and maintaining busses, according to the article, and has in fact sold some old busses that had been used in occupied Palestine and elsewhere to Iraqi companies.  The Rafinteks security company that specializes in sales of weapons and bulletproof vests has been active.  The Delta company that specializes in cloth and clothing and is one of the largest Zionist companies had earlier tried to establish joint ventures with Arab businesses and is now active inside occupied Iraq, according to Maariv.  The newspaper also reported that a number of former “Israeli” government officials are now working in Iraq as chairmen of boards of directors of these companies, a fact that also confirms the presence of Zionist intelligence in occupied Iraq.


At the beginning of March the Iraqi Resistance succeeded in killing six Zionist agents of the Mossad in an attack on their “company” offices in Iraq.  US Marine invaders, in accordance with agreements with the Zionist authorities, prevented journalists from photographing the dead in that Resistance operation.


Official US statistics: March 2004 saw highest number of US military dead since “end of combat operations.”


Commenting on the official US statistics of losses suffered by American occupation forces in Iraq, the US Associated Press commented on Thursday that the month of March 2004 was marked by the highest losses in dead since US President George Bush proclaimed the end of combat activities in the country on 1 May 2003.  According to the official statistics, which are obviously understated, some 50 American occupation soldiers died in March alone, not counting various “contractors” and other mercenary soldiers serving the US occupation.


















Friday, 2 April 2004.


Resistance blast strikes US convoy north of al-Fallujah.


An explosive device planted by the Iraqi Resistance blew up on Friday morning as a US occupation convoy was passing along the highway north of the city of al-Fallujah.  Al-Jazeera TV reported that US aggressor forces immediately closed off the area leading to the scene of the Resistance attack and launched raids and searches in the area looking for the Resistance fighters.  There were no initial reports regarding American casualties.


Resistance bomb kills US aggressor soldier in Baghdad.


One US aggressor soldier was killed on Friday morning when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Baghdad, according to a US military spokesman as reported by al-Jazeera TV.


US Marine death on Thursday finally admitted.


The US military admitted on Friday that one US Marine invader had been killed in an Iraqi Resistance attack west of Baghdad on Thursday, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV.


Iraqi Resistance assassinates puppet police chief in al-Kufah.


The chief of the puppet police in al-Kufah was assassinated by the Iraqi Resistance on Friday evening.  According to al-Jazeera TV ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Husayn, an officer in the puppet police, four Resistance fighters in a gray Olsdmobile opened fire on Lieutenant Colonel Sa‘id al-Jabburi, commander of the puppet police in al-Kufah when he was returning home in al-‘Adalah neighborhood after work.  His driver was severely wounded.


Blast shakes central Baghdad.


A powerful explosion shook the center of Baghdad on Friday according to al-Jazeera TV.  Witnesses said that the blast was heard shortly after noon, local time.  It was powerful enough to rattle window glass throughout downtown Baghdad.


Resistance Martyrdom attack on ar-Riyad town hall near Kirkuk.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter detonated explosives at the entrance to the town hall in ar-Riyad, 16 miles west of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk at 11:00am on Friday.  The Resistance fighter was martyred and two other persons were reported killed in the blast.  Puppet police Colonel Sarhat Qadir said that American occupation soldiers were inside the building at the time but he claimed they were unhurt.


According to Lieutenant General Shayrgo Shakir Hakim of the Iraqi puppet police, the martrydom attacker was wearing an explosive belt on his back and was stopped at the building’s entrance by guards who found his appearance suspicious.  The martyrdom fighter immediately detonated his explosives killing himself and two of the guards.  Hakim said that the identity of the Resistance fighter was as yet unknown but that an investigation was underway.


US occupation forces immediately sealed off the town of ar-Riyad after the Resistance attack, according to the Saudi News Agency, WAS, preventing journalists and citizens from getting in.  Intensive overflights by US military aircraft could also be observed in the skies over the sealed town.















Saturday, 3 April 2004.


Resistance attack destroys two US Humvees in Abu Ghurayb.


The Iraqi Resistance attacked a column of US military vehicles with rocket-propelled grenades in the Abu Ghurayb suburb of Baghdad on Saturday.  According to eye witnesses quoted by al-Jazeera TV, the Resistance ambush destroyed two Humvees.


After the attack US aggressor forces closed off the area and therefore no information was available on the extent of any US casualties.


Resistance detonates booby-trapped car next to US patrol near Ba‘qubah.


An explosives-laden car exploded on Saturday near a US aggressor military patrol near Ba‘qubah, north of Baghdad.  Sources in the Iraqi puppet police and eyewitnesses reported that the blast wounded several of the US invader troops and damaged two military vehicles. The sources said that the booby-trapped car, which had been parked by the side of the road in the village of al-Aswad near Ba‘qubah exploded as the American patrol was passing it.  One civilian was also reported injured in the blast.


Resistance rockets and shells US headquarters in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters fired mortars and Katyusha rockets at the Kirkuk airport which the US invaders have occupied and turned into their regional headquarters. Kirkuk is some 200km north of Baghdad.


According to al-Bayan newspaper the barrage slammed into the US headquarters as about 8:15am on Saturday, local time.  The US aggressor spokesmen did not initially acknowledge the attack but Iraqi puppet police confirmed it.  They offered no information on casualties or damage, however.


Resistance assassinates puppet police chief in Western Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance fighters dressed as puppet policemen and riding in a puppet police car opened fire on the puppet police chief in al-Mahmudiyah on Saturday morning, killing him and an aid as they were leaving his home in al-Khadra’ neighborhood in the western part of Baghdad.  Witnesses said that they saw a puppet police car from which the Resistance fighters shot at the car carrying the police chief drive by and open fire.  Then the Resistance fighters took the weapons that had been in the possession of the police chief and his companion and drove off.


This assassination came less than 24 hours after the chief of puppet police of al-Kufah was assassinated in that city by the Iraqi Resistance.


Attempted assassination of member of Ba‘qubah puppet council.


A member of the local puppet governing council in Ba‘qubah survived an Iraqi Resistance assassination attempt on Saturday when Resistance fighters opened fire on his car.  A source in the local puppet police said that more than 20 Resistance fighters shot at the car of “Abu Sa‘idah” as he was driving along the road from Ba‘qubah to the neighboring village of Kan‘an.


Rocket injures residents of ad-Durah; Americans blamed.


A rocket landed in ad-Durah area in southern Baghdad on Saturday injuring at least two people.  Iraqi puppet police reported that parts of one house in the area were completely burned as a result of the rocket blast.  Angry residents blamed the American occupation forces for the destruction.


Militia clashes with occupation forces in al-Kufah.


Al-Jazeera TV reported from al-Kufah that armed clashes broke out between an armed militia calling itself the Militia of Rage and patrols of occupation troops backed up by helicopter gun ships in as-Sahlah district in the north of the city.  Clashes had been taking place since the night before between the two sides but the extent of damage and losses as a result is unknown.


Puppet police official shot and seriously wounded in an-Najaf.


Resistance fighters opened fire on the puppet director of the Office of Combating Crime in al-Ghari district in the city of an-Najaf, seriously wounding him and one of his aids.  Major Muhammad Abu Usaybi‘ had received threats several days earlier.