Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Saturday, 10 April 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Saturday, 10 April 2004.


Shortly after 1:00am on Sunday, it was reported that the occupation forces and the people of al-Fallujah had agreed on a 12-hour cease fire starting on Sunday. Reuters reported on the authority of a member of the Iraqi negotiating delegation that the leaders of tribes and religious communities in al-Fallujah will call on the Resistance fighters to observe the truce that they have agreed upon starting on Sunday morning.


Hajim al-Hasani, a member of the US-puppet so-called interim governing council and spokesman for the Islamic Party told al-Jazeera that if the truce is observed, it can be extended beyond the 12 hour period.  US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt said that no conditions were attached to the 12-hour cease fire in al-Fallujah, but he said that the American aggressors would remain ready to respond if they are attacked.  This was the excuse used by US forces for massively violating the cease fire they unilaterally declared on Friday.


Qahtan ar-Rabi‘i, member of the Iraqi Islamic Party taking part in the official delegation of religious leaders trying to work out the truce, went to al-Fallujah on Saturday to carry on negotiations with the city’s leaders.  He said that they will call for the truce to begin, starting at 10:00am local time Sunday. Ar-Rabi‘i spoke to the press after his return to Baghdad and after meeting US aggressor officials, including L. Paul Bremer, US proconsul in the occupied country, to brief them on the results of their mission. Ar-Rabi‘i said that he hoped that the truce would be the basis for reaching an agreement on the withdrawal of the US Marines from inside the besieged city.


Bastion of Liberty al-Fallujah continues defiant Resistance.


One US Marine invader was killed and another wounded in battles with the Resistance in al-Fallujah on Saturday according to eyewitness reports quoted by al-Jazeera TV.  Residents in the besieged city also reported that an American helicopter was shot down in the area of ‘Amiriyat al-Fallujah.


The US Department of Defense admitted that two of its troops  and an unspecified number of mercenaries (whom the Pentagon calls “contractors”) were killed after an attack on an American fuel supply convoy on the road linking Baghdad with al-Fallujah.


An Australian TV company broadcast footage showing the aftermath of the fierce Resistance attack on the outskirts of al-Fallujah, including a shot of a man who appeared to be American being rescued and led away by Resistance fighters.


Earlier in the day Saturday, US aggressor forces launched repeated strikes on specific parts of the defiant city such as al-Jawlan neighborhood, just after the end of the time allotted by the US invaders for a so-called “cease fire” that they never actually observed.  Clouds of black smoke covered the city as US fighterbombers swooped overhead.


Many residents of al-Fallujah sought to get out of the besieged city, but their way was blocked by the US forces who had sealed the main routes out of the city.  Those residents who were able to get away had to take remote and rocky paths to get through the ring of US aggressor forces around the city.  Those refugees from al-Fallujah who managed to reach Abu Ghurayb, a western suburb of Baghdad, were received as heroes.


A group of representatives of the so-called “Islamic Party” representatives of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ together with an individual member of the puppet so-called interim governing council arrived in al-Fallujah to implore the Resistance fighters to agree to the cease fire that the American aggressors, exhausted and frustrated after mounting a series of bloody attacks that have all been thrown back by the Resistance.  The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ implored the sons and daughters of al-Fallujah to agree to halt the fighting and to test what it called the “seriousness” of the other side – that is to say of the American aggressors.  The statement also called on the Resistance fighters to free any “civilian” prisoners whom they might be holding – a reference to America’s mercenary forces.


Resistance conditions for implementation of a cease fire in al-Fallujah, in response to those of the American aggressors.


Al-Jazeera TV in a report from al-Fallujah lifted the veil on the conditions laid down by the Iraqi Resistance in that defiant city and those proposed by the US aggressors for a cease fire in the fierce battle raging over the Iraqi Bastion of Liberty.


According to al-Jazeera, the Iraqi Resistance has stipulated the following:


1.      A halt of all air strikes mounted by the occupation air forces against al-Fallujah.


2.      A halt of all military operations and storming raids carried out by US Marines against the city.


3.      Total withdrawal of occupation forces from the city of al-Fallujah, which they have besieged since Monday.


4.      Compensation to be paid for those harmed by the American military operations.


For their part the US aggressor forces demanded that a cease fire be predicated upon:


1.      Handing over those persons who killed the four American mercenaries in al-Fallujah.


2.      Handing over of Arab volunteer fighters in al-Fallujah.


3.      Handing over a list of names of “dissident” members of the Iraqi puppet police, as the occupation forces called them, who gave their weapons to the Resistance fighters in the city.


4.      A pledge not to open fire on US forces.


Al-Jazeera TV has reported that it obtained the text of these sets of conditions from sources among religious leaders in the city.


Video of American prisoner broadcast on al-Jazeera.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV broadcast a video of an American captured by the Iraqi Resistance after an attack on Friday on an American convoy in the area of Abu Ghurayb.  In the video, the captured American said that he believed he was the only survivor from the convoy in which he was traveling.  He said that his captors are treating him well and providing complete care.


The video broadcast by al-Jazeera included a message from the Resistance fighters entitled “Message from the Mujahideen of Iraq to the American forces.”  The message, read by one of the Resistance fighters as the camera focused on the prisoner, said “this is one of your prisoners who fell into the hands of the Mujahideen recently during the seige of the heroic city of mosques [a reference to al-Fallujah].  Know then that until this message is broadcast your prisoner has been treated as a prisoner in accordance with what our tolerant Islamic Shari‘ah [Islamic law] prescribes.  We inform you that our only demand is the end of the blocade of the City of Mosques within 12 hours, beginning at 6:00 today, Saturday 10 April 2004.  At the end of the allotted time, he will be treated worse than those who were killed and burned in al-Fallujah.”


Earlier on Saturday the ABC Australian TV company broadcast pictures of the same American prisoner sitting in the back seat of a car with a masked Iraqi Resistance fighter, saying “they attacked our convoy.”


US Brigadier General Mark Kimmit said on Saturday that a third brigade of Marine aggressors would be dispatched to the al-Fallujah front to reinforce the battered American forces who have launched repeated failed assaults on the defiant city.   The third brigade would be in addition to the two brigades that he claimed now encircle al-Fallujah, numbering 1,200 men according to his statement.


The American Associated Press quoted Kimmit as saying that the Marine invaders might end the so-called “cease fire” – which America violated 90 minutes after declaring it on Friday – to resume their offensive operations against al-Fallujah, if political talks between various Iraqis and officials in al-Fallujah do not produce any agreement.


The US aggressors have sustained heavy losses – mostly unreported by the US media and military – in the last week of their failed attacks.  US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled leaves for all military personnel in occupied Iraq, in an indication of the difficulty of the American aggressor position in the country, which veteran American Senator Edward Kennedy compared with America’s humiliating defeat in Viet Nam.


One US Marine invader was reported killed and another wounded inside al-Fallujah on Saturday afternoon in battles against the Iraqi Resistance fighters defending the besieged city, according to an Agence France Presse (AFP) dispatch.  The death came after the Iraqi Resistance had mounted repeated attacks on the US aggressors.


US air raids continued on Saturday despite the “cease fire” that the United States had declared on Friday and then violated a mere 90 minutes afterwards.


Ahmad Yasin Brigades: we have 30 foreign hostages.


The Brigades of the Martyr Ahmad Yasin, operating in the ranks of the Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah, announced on Saturday that they are now holding 30 foreign hostages.  The organization released a video broadcast by al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV station in which they threatened to kill the hostages if the US aggressors fail to lift the siege of al-Fallujah.  In the video a masked man holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle announced that the Brigades of the Martyr Ahmad Yasin now hold Japanese, Bulgarian, “Israeli”, American, Spanish, and Korean hostages, adding that they total 30 persons in all.


The masked spokesman demanded the “departure of the American forces and their allies from Iraq and a lifting of the siege of the city of al-Fallujah” and threatened that if the demands were not met, the hostages would be killed and their bodies shown and disgraced.  “We will cut off their faces and take them into the streets to be made an example of as were the bodies in al-Fallujah,” he said.


The spokesman said that the Ahmad Yasin Brigades had already killed four Americans whose bodies they retain.  The video showed a scene of a body lying in the sand in blood soaked clothing, but no features of the body could be seen.  Al-‘Arabiyah TV said that the spokesman for the Brigades was speaking from the area of ar-Ramadi.


The spokesman for the Ahmad Yasin Brigades also took credit on behalf of the Brigades for an attack on an American aggressor army supply convoy that took place on the expressway west of Baghdad, saying that four American soldiers were killed in that attack and a number of Humvees set ablaze.


At the end of the video, members of the Ahmad Yasin Brigades could be seen raising their Kalashnikov assault rifles and proclaiming “Allahu Akbar!”  (God is Greatest!).


Battles in ar-Ramadi.


In the nearby city of ar-Ramadi, al-Jazeera’s correspondent reported that seven Iraqis had been killed and five others wounded in American shelling of the as-Sufiyah district of the city.  The correspondent reported, on the authority of witnesses, that a number of American aggressor troops were wounded too when they stormed that region in eastern ar-Ramadi.  West of ar-Ramadi a number of other American invader troops were wounded when a bomb exploded under a US patrol between the towns of ‘Anah and Rawah.


US admits death of one member of the Air Force, wounding of two others.


The US military has admitted that one member of the US Air Force was killed and two others wounded in an mortar attack on a US aggressor airbase north of Baghdad on Saturday.  According to an American aggressor communiqué, one of the wounded airmen is in critical condition at the base located at Balad.  The other received medical attention an was released from hospital, the US statement said.  The latest attack indicates that the Resistance is broadening the scope of its attacks.


US invaders kill 4 children one woman in al-Kut on Saturday.


Five Iraqi civilians were killed on Saturday in al-Kut during the US bombardment of that southern Iraqi city.  For of the dead were children and one was a woman, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV.


Resistance kills one American, wounds three in attack on US base.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked one US base with mortars killing one American aggressor soldier and wounding three others, al-Jazeera TV reported on the authority of an American source who wanted to remain anonymous.  The identity and location of the US base was also not disclosed.


Battles rage in al-A‘zamiyah district in Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses have reported that battles between the Iraqi Resistance and US invader troops raged in al-A‘zamiyah neighborhood in Baghdad.  Dozens of Resistance fighters battled the Americans who were using tanks.  One Iraqi taxi driver was killed by US gunfire.


Resistance attacks US convoy west of Baghdad, destroys truck, captures driver.


Iraqi Resistance forces knocked an American tank out of action on the highway bypass west of Baghdad .  Witnesses said that a column of American trucks guarded by a Humvee was attacked, after which a truck was left burning and its driver captured, according to the eyewitness account.


Iraqi Resistance destroys US Abrams tank in Baghdad.


Resistance attack in Baghdad sets an American Abrams tank ablaze.  The attack took place on the road to the airport in the southern part of the Iraqi capital according to AFP. Occupation forces closed off the area and prevented journalists from approaching the scene.


Iraqi Resistance destroys US supply truck in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a truck loaded with supplies for the US occupation army on Saturday in Baghdad.  The truck was a part of a convoy that came under Resistance rocket-propelled grenade attack not far from where the American tank was stricken.


Blasts around US occupation headquarters in Baghdad.


Numerous explosions shook the area in Baghdad near the US occupation headquarters, dubbed the “Green Zone” by the Americans.  Columns of smoke could be seen rising over the area.  Helicopters crisscrossed the skies over the scene of the blasts.  An American aggressor spokesman, however, claimed that the explosions were planned detonations of surplus munitions.


 US claims to have martyred 12 Resistance fighters in Mosul.


US aggressor forces claimed in a communiqué that 12 Resistance fighters were martyed and their truck destroyed after they opened fire on US invaders.  The US statement also asserted that the Americans had killed three more Iraqis after clashes erupted during demonstrations in front of the Mosul municipality building on Friday.


Bodies found in Mosul.


The bodies of the director of the Iraqi Red Crescent local branch in the city of Irbil and his wife were found dead in Mosul.


Spanish aggressor base attacked.


Iraqi Shi‘ite forces believed to be supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr attacked the Spanish aggressor Plus Ultra brigade on Friday morning according to an admission published Saturday by the Spanish authorities. The Resistance mounted its attack on the al-Andalus base maintained by the Spanish aggressors, located between an-Najaf and al-Kufah.  Mortar shells, rifles, and rocket-propelled grenades were used in the assault.


Honduran invader wounded in Resistance attack near an-Najaf.


A Honduran aggressor soldier was wounded on Friday in a Resistance mortar attack on an aggressor patrol on a road in an-Najaf, southern Iraq.  The soldier was reportedly wounded by shrapnel in his left arm and left foot.


Numerous British aggressors killed in attack on base in Maysan Province.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a British aggressor base in Maysan Province in southern Iraq killing a large number of British invader troops and destroying a large number of military vehicles, according to a report broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV Saturday night Mecca time.


Squadrons of the Mujahideen order release of three Japanese hostages.


On Sunday evening the Squadrons of the Mujahideen organization announced its decision to release three Japanese hostages it had been holding for the previous 24 hours in response to an appeal by the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’.  No further details were immediately available.


A US aggressor spokesman announced that two American soldiers are now listed as missing after an Iraqi Resistance attack on an American convoy west of Baghdad.  According to a dispatch from the American Associated Press, the two soldiers went “missing” at about 12:25 noon local time during the attack near Saddam International Airport, now occupied by the US aggressor forces.


The American TV company CNN reported from the Pentagon that two American soldiers and a large number of what it called “American civilians” – meaning mercenaries – had likely been taken captive by the Resistance fighters.


German guards missing.


The German government announced that two Germans, guards at the German embassy, had disappeared in Iraq when they were on their way from ‘Amman, Jordan, to Baghdad.