Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 14 April 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Wednesday, 14 April 2004.


Al-Fallujah, after 10 days under siege.


Medical sources in al-Fallujah, now under siege for 10 days, say that five Iraqis were killed and three others wounded in clashes between the occupation troops and Iraqi Resistance fighters in the city.  In an earlier report, al-Jazeera’s correspondent reported that nine Iraqis had been killed and 38 wounded in battles that took place Tuesday in the city after the United States violated the extended truce agreement.


The cease fire was extended for a period of 48 hours starting Wednesday morning to allow for the re-opening of al-Fallujah’s medical facilities.


Late on Wednesday, however, US warplanes attacked what US media said were Iraqi Resistance positions in besieged al-Fallujah.  AC-130 helicopter gun ships flew about the defiant city sowing death and destruction as fighting resumed in al-Fallujah.


US helicopter gun ship attacks positions in the industrial section of al-Fallujah.


A US AC-130 helicopter rocketed and shelled various positions in the city of al-Fallujah on Wednesday morning.  A US Marine invader spokesman told Agence France Presse (AFP) that the helicopter opened fire on two buildings that had been used on Tuesday to launch ambushes of Marines, two amphibious armored vehicles were destroyed by missiles fired from those buildings, according to the US claim.  The US Marine spokesman said that in “self-defense” the AC-130 fired on the known “hostile” positions in order to protect the US invader troops.


The two targeted buildings are located in the industrial part of al-Fallujah, on the city’s southern side.  There was no immediate word on what if any casualties had resulted from the American helicopter strike.


Resistance strikes US force heading to al-Fallujah front.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah has reported that US aggressor forces heading to the al-Fallujah front to support and supply American invaders laying siege to that city came under an Iraqi Resistance attack on the ar-Ramadi-Hit highway on Wednesday night.  The Resistance attack left two American tanks destroyed, killing or wounding all the US troops inside.  Two other US vehicles were also destroyed in the Ressitance assault and those American troops aboard those vehicles were also killed or wounded.


Dr. Muthanna ad-Dari: US aims at slaughter in al-Fallujah.


Member of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ Muthanna Harith ad-Dari told the Syrian News Agency SANA that the situation in al-Fallujah is still extremely tense and that there is no cease fire as the US occupation forces are claiming.


Ad-Dari said that US sharpshooters have not stopped shooting since the cease fire was first announced and that most streets of al-Fallujah are targets of the American snipers who have spread out throughout the city.  More than ten people have been shot down in the last two days alone, ad-Dari said, to say nothing of many wounded.  Whole families are stuck in their houses and haven’t been able to come out for more than a week.


“We in the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ know perfectly well that what’s going on now on the ground in al-Fallujah is simply an American plot to completely slaughter our people there,” he said.


Ad-Dari said that other parts of Iraq are witnessing major battles even though the media are not paying attention.  He cited Abu Ghurayb as an example, whre the Americans on Wednesday attacked the Mosque of Hamzah ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib, blew down its doors and desecrated its sanctuary with their boots, tore up copies of the Qur’an and threw them on the ground.  They arrested the imam of the mosque, Shaykh Yasin Hasan az-Zawbi‘i and his three sons Ahmad, Mahmud, and Mu’ayyad, as well as a guest who happened to be visiting at the time of the American raid.  He said that blood still stained the mosque after the occupation troops left, proof that one of the captives was killed or wounded inside.


Ad-Dari also mentioned events in Ba‘qubah, Mosul, Samarra’, al-Bayji and other Iraqi cities where the heroic Resistance to the occupation is underway, though he noted that the struggle looks as if it will be a long one.


“Yet all we hear on the media is guided by the occupation forces.  Only, the real situation is much worse and more severe than what the media portray,” ad-Dari said.  Ad-Dari noted that large numbers of American troops had been killed and wounded and that this poses for the occupation forces a major problem.


US rockets Indonesian-donated ambulance, 4 dead.


An ambulance of the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-C) donated by Indonesia was shot by a missile launched from a US jet fighter in al-Fallujah, Iraq, killing four people last Friday, The Jakarta Post reported on Wednesday.

"The ambulance's driver and three patients who had been evacuated were killed as a missile launched from the US jet fighter hit them. The ambulance was blasted to pieces," Joserizal Jurnalis, the chairman of the Mer-C, told Republika on Tuesday.

Joserizal said the incident occurred last Friday at noon after Abu Ibrahim, the driver who was a Jordanian volunteer for Merc-C, had just evacuated the three victims.

He said that the organization would lodge a strong protest against the US government via the US Embassy in Indonesia.


Al-Fallujah message to Kurdish collaborators: we’ll take your men hostage.


The Shaykhs of tribes and leaders of Iraqi Resistance groups in al-Fallujah have dispatched letters to Mas‘ud al-Barizani and Jalal at-Talibani, leaders of Kurdish chauvinist parties collaborating with the US occupation, to tell them that they have undeniable proof that Kurdish militiamen (Peshmergah) are fighting alongside the US aggressor forces against the people of al-Fallujah, and that the Resistance will take a number of the Peshmergah prisoners and make them hostages, according to a report carried by Akhbar al-Khalij newspaper.


Shaykh ‘Abd as-Sattar ‘Abd al-Jabbar, member of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ and a representative of the team mediating in negotiations between the al-Fallujah Resistance and the American Marine aggressors, confirmed that the Peshmergah were fighting alongside the American invaders and that they wear the uniforms of the newly-constituted American puppet army of Iraq.  The Americans have given them the role of sharpshooters, using the Brno rifles with which the Kurds are familiar.  This report confirms an earlier story carried by Mafkarat al-Islam (www.islammemo.cc) that 12 Peshmergah militiamen had been killed at the al-Fallujah front, and that they were serving as sharpshooters for the Americans.  They would hunt down civilians and others from rooftop positions and mosque minarets.


Kurdish chauvinist and collaborationist Mas‘ud al-Barizani has sharply condemned the Resistance for opposing the American occupation, calling it “illegal.”


Resistance attack on Airport Road wounds American soldiers.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reports that battles erupted between Iraqi Resistance forces and US occupation troops on the road to Saddam International Airport near Baghdad on Wednesday evening.  The Resistance inflicted losses on the Americans, destroying two military vehicles and one Humvee in addition to wounding the American troops who were aboard it.


Resistance takes out four US vehicles, wounds American troops in al-Mansur, Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces battled US aggressor troops in al-Mansur neighborhood in Baghdad on Wednesday night.  In the battle, the Resistance destroyed at least two US military vehicles and two Humvees, and wounded all the Americans who had been aboard the vehicles.


Resistance fires Katyusha rockets at US base in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two Katyusha rockets at the US base in Kirkuk on Wednesday evening, setting off the sirens inside the US compound located at the airport in the northern Iraqi city.


Resistance attacks US patrol near Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired seven rocket-propelled grenades at a US aggressor patrol 20km from Kirkuk on the road to al-Huwayjah on Wednesday, wounding two US invaders, according to a local puppet police commander.




Resistance downs US helicopter near Syrian border.


Iraqi Resistance forces shot down a US helicopters in al-Amin district south of the city of al-Qa’im on the Iraqi-Syrian frontier.  Witnesses told al-Jazeera’s correspondent that the downing of the helicopter came in the course of battles between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US occupation troops in the area.


US aggressors destroy mosque in Abu Ghurayb, kill two children.


Two Iraqi children were killed and a number of civilians injured Wednesday when American aggressor forces shelled al-Ansar Mosque in Abu Ghurayb, a western suburb of Baghdad.  The Americans’ excuse was that Resistance fighters were supposedly holed up in the mosque.  The shelling destroyed the mosque and caused material damage to adjacent homes.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked US aggressors west of Baghdad on Wednesday, setting fire to one of the US military vehicles.  American aggressor forces fired on Iraqis who, they claimed, were trying to “steal” the burning vehicle.  Witnesses told al-Jazeera that after the American shooting, at least six Iraqis lay in the streets motionless and bleeding.


US occupation finds bodies of four Americans.


US occupation forces announced that they had found four bodies that they believe are American “civilians” – the term they use for mercenaries and other contract workers serving the US military – who went missing the previous week after their convoy was attacked west of Baghdad between Abu Ghurayb and al-Fallujah.


Rockets, mortar shells strike Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired mortar shells and rockets at the Palestine Hotel in downtown Baghdad on Wednesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance fires Katyusha rocket at Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad.


Iraqi witnesses report that a Katyusha rocket slammed into the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Baghdad early on Wednesday evening, shattering glass in all the windows.  The attack came despite the increased security surrounding the hotel which is the residence of a number of foreign contractors and journalists working for the US occupation.


Puppet security force sources said that another Katyusha was found ready to launch at the hotel, but apparently the ignition mechanism failed.  The Associated Press reported that the first Katyusha struck the 12th floor of the Sheraton at the time when UN representative al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi was holding a press conference in the near-by headquarters of the occupation authorities.


US aggressors claim eight American troops killed in 24 hours; including four Marines killed in two days in al-Anbar Province.


The Pentagon on Wednesday claimed that eight American soldiers had been killed since Tuesday in various Resistance attacks in Iraq, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera TV.


Earlier, US aggressor spokesmen claimed on Wednesday that four US Marine invaders had been killed in the previous two days “in al-Anbar Province” – the province in which al-Fallujah is located.


Bulgarian aggressors attacked twice near Karbala’.


The Bulgarian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that the Bulgarian infantry division stationed in the city of Karbala’ was attacked twice on the night of Tuesday-Wednesday.   Sofia claimed, however, that the Resistance attacks resulted in no casualties.


In the attacks, Resistance fighters opened fire at a Bulgarian patrol and a gun battle then ensued near the city hospital.  Simultaneously the Bulgarian camp “Kilo” was attacked by a militia group.


Many of the Bulgarian troops in Karbala’ have asked to be evacuated from Iraq, though there are reports today that many of the troops have today withdrawn such requests.


Dozens of rockets hit Ba‘qubah airport.


Reliable sources have told Mafkarat al-Islam that dozens of rockets slammed into al-Faris airport at the city of Ba‘qubah on Wednesday.  There was no immediate word on casualties or damage. The occupation forces as a rule conceal information about their dead and injured.


Resistance downs British reconnaissance aircraft.


Iraqi Resistance forces have shot down a British reconnaissance aircraft with rocket-propelled grenades according to Mafkarat al-Islam.  The aircraft crashed on a farm field near the city of al-‘Amarah.  A similar aircraft crashed several days ago in the same area.


Iraqi Resistance fires mortars at Spanish and Honduran bases near an-Najaf.


Iraqi Resistance fighters lobbed a mortar barrage at bases of Spanish and Honduran aggressor troops near an-Najaf in southern Iraq. Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the area said that the attack was particularly bold as it came while US aggressor troops are besieging the city of an-Najaf.  US Marine invaders rushed to the aid of the troops of their satellite countries, as aircraft patrolled the skies over the farms surrounding the targeted bases.


Muqtada as-Sadr offers peace terms to Americans.


Al-Jazeera TV has reported that the Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr has given up all his earlier preconditions for negotiations with the US occupation forces and placed himself at the disposal of the Shi‘ite religious authorities as regards negotiations with the occupation and the delegation led by ‘Abd al-Karim al-‘Anzi who represents him. This word came from Muqtada as-Sadr’s spokesman Qays al-Khaz‘ali.


Earlier, al-‘Anzi, a representative of Muqtada as-Sadr said that the latter had asked him to present the American forces with a proposal for ending the current crisis between as-Sadr’s forces and the occupation troops who are massing on the outskirts of an-Najaf.  Al-‘Anzi said that as-Sadr had made “positive proposals for ending the crisis” but declined to give further details.  He said that as-Sadr, whom he met on Tuesday, believed that an armed confrontation was in no one’s interest.  Al-‘Anzi was to meet US officials on Wednesday to discuss as-Sadr’s proposals.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent reports that the US is continuing to mass its forces outside of an-Najaf with the aim of launching an attack to capture or kill Muqtada as-Sadr.


US aggressors find explosives-laden car near their headquarters.


American occupation forces on Wednesday discovered an explosives-laden car in the are of the US headquarters in Baghdad – what they call the Green Zone – between the Palace of Congresses and the US headquarters building.  Aggressor troops sealed off the area and deployed in the vicinity, as sappers deployed to disarm the explosives.  The so-called Green Zone is under particularly heavy security.


Puppet police in Mosul: mortar shell kills four, wounds six in market.


According to an Iraqi puppet police announcement in Mosul four Iraqis were killed and six others wounded when a mortar shell landed in a popular market in the city.


Iraqi Resistance attacks US oil tank truck, offers $7,000 for assassination of puppet official.


The American Associated Press reported Wednesday that it had received a statement from an Iraqi Resistance organization offering a reward of 10 million Iraqi dinars (US$7,000) to whoever kills Muwaffaq ar-Rabi‘i the so-called counsellor for national security in the Iraqi puppet regime.  The statement followed a call by ar-Rabi‘i on the people of al-Fallujah to hand over those who killed four US mercenaries.


The Associated Press reported that masked men gave the statement to AP photographers who were covering an Iraqi Resistance attack on an oil tanker near Saddam International airport.  The tanker was set ablaze.


Iraqi Resistance releases French journalist.


A French journalist taken hostage on Tuesday was released on Wednesday.  Al-Jazeera TV reported the release.


Green Brigade kills one Italian hostage over Berlusconi’s refusal to negotiate withdrawal of Italian aggressor forces.


Al-Jazeera has reported that the kidnappers of the four Italian mercenaries have killed one of their hostages and threatened to kill the three remaining ones if their demands are not met.


The Green Brigade (al-Kutaybah al-Khadra’) said in a communiqué accompanied by a video cassette broadcast on al-Jazeera that the organization killed one hostage because the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi said that withdrawal of Italian forces from Iraq is not subject to discussion or negotiation.  The communiqué accused Berlusconi of not caring for the fouls of the four Italians as much as he cares about pleasing his masters in the White House.

The organization threatened to kill the three other hostages, one after another, if their demands are not met.  Al-Jazeera declined to broadcast the scene of the killing of the hostage saying they would refrain from doing that out of consideration for the feelings of viewers.