Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Sunday, 25 April 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Sunday, 25 April 2004.


Eyewitnesses in al-Fallujah: drugged US aggressor troops laughing in battle.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reports that for more than 10 days the Resistance fighters in the besieged city have been remarking about a phenomenon that they find strange and surprising.  Resistance fighters have frequently noticed that many of the American aggressor troops are laughing as they storm into districts in al-Fallujah.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent personally witnessed this clearly when he was close to the events as US aggressors tried to storm an-Nizal neighborhood in the besieged city on Saturday.


The correspondent wrote that he saw two American soldiers laughing, such as to arouse pity for them, despite all the Resistance gunfire being poured at their position and their comrades dying around them.  Both of the Americans were later killed in the battle. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent writes that the Resistance learned later from interrogations of captured American Marines that the US military medical service distributes a type of halucinogenic pill to the troops that prompts laughter and reduces the sense of fear in combat conditions.


The reverse situation has been revealed in the despair and terror exhibited by the US troops when their lines of supply of food and medicine have been cut – a phenomenon that has been witnessed by nearby Resistance fighters.


Al-Fallujah cease fire agreement extended.


In al-Fallujah, al-Jazeera reports that city representatives and the US military extended the cease-fire agreement for the city, which has been under American aggressor siege since 5 April.  Under the agreement the American side is to allow an increased number of families to return to their homes in al-Fallujah.  Joint patrols by US invader forces and puppet so-called civil defense force and puppet police force members from the city are to be begun after their patrol routes have been arranged and agreed upon.  This is to take effect on Tuesday.  Under the agreement, the two sides are to remove all signs of unofficial armament.


When these conditions have been met, the siege of the city is to be lifted and the situation in the city is to be allowed to return to its state prior to the siege.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reports that on Saturday the negotiators for the city and representatives of the Resistance on the one side and representatives of the US aggressor forces on the other held meetings until late at night.  The talks ended with the American side considerably scaling down its once stiff conditions for an end to the siege.


According to Mafkarat al-Islam, which obtained a copy of the new conditions, they are:


1.      The Resistance must turn in its heavy weapons but not its light arms.


2.      Each member of the Resistance must surrender his weapons personally (presumably so that the American aggressors can photograph him).


3.      The Resistance is to refrain from attacking the US forces as they withdraw.


4.      The US forces are to withdraw from the area as of 28 April.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reports that the Iraqi Resistance rejected most of these American conditions, realizing that they are now in the stronger position as the American side is now primarily concerned with defending its troops.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reports that Sunday morning the city awoke in a different situation than in recent days as the cease fire seemed to be in place and life was almost completely “normal,” with local members of the puppet police and puppet so-called civil defense forces deployed and some government departments reopened.


According to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the city, the last shot fired were mortar rounds fired at 9:15pm Saturday evening. After that until midday Sunday only the drone of US spy planes at 12:05pm disturbed the peace of the besieged city.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in besieged al-Fallujah reports that since 8:00am Sunday morning and as of 12:25 early Sunday afternoon, loudspeakers on minarets in al-Fallujah have been broadcasting calls of “Allahu akbar wa-n-nasru lil-mujahideen!” (“God is greatest, and victory to the Mujahideen!”) .  The correspondent reports that the positive response of townspeople is audible as well as people repeat the call and the prayer as with one voice.


People’s spirits have been raised by the news that US aggressor forces had pulled back even further from the city, as they seek to escape from the relentless attacks of the Iraqi Resistance fighters.  The American claim is that the pull back is to show “good intentions” with respect to the cease fire.


After the American withdrawal from positions around al-Fallujah, the earthen barriers that the US troops had put up to block the most important entrances and exits from the city – on the agricultural road to the west and the road to Baghdad to the east – were taken down.


Meanwhile more than 300 families gathered three kilometers from al-Fallujah to get into the city.  Lacking transportation, however, local youths and people with cars offered their services to the happily returning residents.  Mosque loudspeakers also called on local people to help the returnees.


As a result, a large number of al-Fallujah youth came from various areas to protect the returnees and US forces were unable to prevent the youths from performing this task.  For several days, US troops had severely restricted the number of al-Fallujah families whom they allowed to return home in the hopes of lowering the morale of the defiant city.


Iraqi Resistance captures, executes 20 American agent Iraqis in al-Fallujah.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reports that Iraqi Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah arrested 20 American agent Iraqis who had snuck into al-Falluja along with returning families in the hopes of facilitating an American assault on the besieged city.  With the help of the local people, however, the Resistance forces were able to expose and arrest the would-be saboteurs.  The agents underwent interrogation in the last few days and they confessed to various crimes.  Their confessions were recorded and they were all executed.


One of the American agents was a female physician from Baghdad who had been sent by the puppet so-called ministry of health, ostensibly to help local doctors treat the wounded.  But the local people grew suspicious of her because of her intentionally bad work.  She was investigated for two days and finally confessed to her crime and revealed the outlines of the enemy plan to battle the Resistance from within.  Accounts were settled with her as with the other spies.


Resistance bomb destroys US vehicle, wounds US troops near al-Fallujah.


Iraqi eyewitnesses have reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb planted on the road exploded under an American military convoy on the outskirts of besieged al-Fallujah on Sunday, destroying a military vehicle and wounding a number of US aggressor troops.  The witnesses said that thick black smoke could be seen rising from the burning vehicle outside the defiant city.  As of 7:30pm Iraq time, the American aggressors had made no statement regarding the attack.


Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’: fears the US might just be buying time for offensive on al-Fallujah.


The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ in Iraq has demanded that the US aggressor forces guarantee that they will not attack the city of al-Fallujah after heavy weapons have been collected, in accordance with the cease fire agreement for the city.  According to al-Jazeera TV, Shaykh Muhammad Bashshar al-Faydi, the spokesman for the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ expressed the fear that the occupation forces are attempting to gain time to prepare for an attack on the besieged city.


Iraqi Resistance bomb targets US aggressors in Baghdad.  American troops kill four school children with their indiscriminate gunfire.


Eyewitnesses report that four Iraqi schoolchildren were shot dead by American aggressor troops’ indiscriminate gunfire on al-Qanat Street east of Baghdad on Sunday.  An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb detonated as the American aggressors were passing on the street and, as is their standard practice, they responded by shooting wildly in every direction, killing the four school children who happened to be in the vicinity.


A taxi driver who witnessed the incident told al-Jazeera TV: “I saw a child lying in the street with gunshot wounds on his neck and side.  He had his school bag on his back.  After about 15 minutes his relatives came and took away his body.”


A hospital in Baghdad confirmed receiving the bodies of four dead Iraqi children with gunshot wounds.  According to American ABC Television, the four children along with other local people were happily watching a special American military vehicle burning after the Resistance attack when the Americans opened fire indiscriminately, killing the four children and wounding at least about five other individuals.


A US Humvee in an American occupation convoy came under Iraqi Resistance attack on Sunday morning as it prowled the streets of Baghdad.  Witnesses said that military doctors took away two soldiers who had been in the stricken Humvee.


Land mine kills US soldier in Baghdad.


Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reports that one American soldier was killed in a land mine explosion in Baghdad.  A US spokesman said that the soldier was killed when a land mine went off under his military vehicle as it drove along one of the streets in the Iraqi capital.


US arrests al-‘Arabiyah cameraman.


US occupation forces on Sunday arrested a cameraman for al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV network, according to a report by the Egyptian Middle East News Agency.  The Americans arrested the cameraman after a crowd gathered to look at a burning American military vehicle that had come under Iraqi Resistance attack.


AFP reports death of US soldier in roadside bombing in Baghdad.


A US soldier was killed in a roadside bombing in Baghdad on Sunday according to Agence France Presse (AFP).  The Egyptian Middle East News Agency reported that clouds of smoke rose from the scene of the Resistance bombing and US helicopter gunships prowled the skies overhead.


Powerful blast shakes Baghdad.


A powerful explosion shook downtown Baghdad on Sunday.  Clouds of smoke could be seen rising from the scene of the Resistance attack.  US helicopter gunships prowled the skies about the area.  There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.


Rocket hits hospital in Mosul, kills two doctors, wounds 10 employees, as attacks hit various sites in the city.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent reports from Mosul, 390km north of Baghdad, that two Iraqi doctors were killed and 10 employees wounded when a rocket of uncertain origin landed on one of the city’s hospitals.


Iraqi Medical sources also reported on Sunday that one of the hotels in the city as well as the headquarters of a local television station also came under rocket attack in apparent coordination with the attack that struck the hospital.  Ghazi Faysal, head of al-‘Iraqiyah TV station in Mosul said that the rocket attacks targeted the TV station and a hotel but that there was no word of any casualties there.


Puppet police Major ‘Abd ar-Rahman al-‘Abidi reported, however, that another rocket had hit the Ashur Hotel in the center of Mosul, killing two and wounding one other hotel employee.


Resistance attacks in Kirkuk kill one, seriously wound another puppet policemen.


An officer in the Iraqi puppet police was killed and a puppet policeman seriously wounded in two Iraqi Resistance attacks in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.


Three US troops wounded in Resistance bombing in Ba‘qubah.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in Baghdad reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Ba‘qubah as a US patrol was passing along the main street in the Habhab district north east of the city on the road between Baghdad and Kirkuk. Occupation forces confirmed that the attack wounded three US troops and destroyed two military vehicles.


Two Iraqi puppet policemen were wounded when Resistance fighters opened fire on them in Ba‘qubah.  The policemen saved their lives by fleeing from the Resistance fighters according to al-Jazeera.


Puppet police officer Yasin Muhammad Mahdi said that the Resistance fighters got out of their car and began shooting at them as they sat in their car on their way to work at the puppet police station.  Mahdi said that the Resistance fighters then left the scene of the attack and that he and the other wounded puppet policeman were helped to a hospital by local people.


Resistance roadside bomb targets US patrol in ar-Ramadi.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent reports from ar-Ramadi that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as an American occupation foot patrol was passing along as-Saddah street in the city.  Afterward, US aggressor troops spread out along on both sides of the road in fear that more bombs might be in the area.  No information was immediately available regarding possible casualties or damage in the Resistance attack.


Clashes break out between Resistance and US aggressors in al-Qa’im on Syrian border.


Confrontations erupted in the city of al-Qa’im, near the Syrian frontier, on Saturday night between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US aggressor troops.  Although there is no precise information on casualties, witnesses report that the saw the body of one person covered with blood inside a local mosque.  Al-Jazeera TV reported Iraqi Resistance fighters as saying that they had seized an American supply vehicle.  Al-Jazeera broadcast scenes of the body lying in the mosque as well as other shots of Iraqi Resistance fighters in the city raising their weapons and surrounding the comandeered American supply vehicle.


US announces finding body of American killed on 9 April.


Al-Jazeera reported Sunday that US aggressor sources reported that on Friday the Americans had found the body of Elmer Cross (40) who had been killed when his companion Keith Matthew Maupin (20) was taken hostage.  The convoy in which the two were riding was ambushed west of Baghdad on 9 April Maupin remains a hostage of Iraqi Resistance fighters.  Al-Jazeera broadcast images in which the soldier Maupin appeared as a prisoner among a group of Resistance fighters.


Port of al-Basrah halts Iraqi oil exports for “at least” two days.


US occupation authorities announced in al-Basrah that export of Iraqi oil from the port would be halted for at least two days after the attacks carried out by Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighters on Saturday that left an admitted two Americans dead and five wounded.


US General: preparations under way for attack on an-Najaf.


US General Mark Hertling announced Sunday that American aggressor forces are preparing to launch a lightning attack to storm parts of the city of an-Najaf in the near future.  This is regarded as a major development in the on-going confrontation between US invader forces and Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr’s Jaysh al-Mahdi militia.


Palestinian residents of Iraq being arrested by US aggressors.


The Association for Palestinian Human Rights in Iraq issued a statement on Sunday calling for the protection of the rights of Palestinians in occupation prisons.  The statement said that many Palestinians had recently been rounded up by the occupation authorities without charge or trial.  The staff of the Palestinian Embassy in Baghdad, including its charge d’affairs, have been in prison since 28 May 2003.


Third American sailor dies of wounds from al-Basrah attacks.


A third American has reportedly died of wounds received in the sea-borne attacks by Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighters in al-Basrah on Saturday according to a report carried by Agence France Presse (AFP).  The sailor was a member of the US Coast Guard, a service normally deployed around United States domestic waterways.


Oil terminals damaged by Iraqi Resistance attack, costing occupation millions of dollars.


The puppet so-called oil minister in the American controlled occupation regime in Iraq announced on Sunday that the Iraqi Resistance martyrdom attack on the oil terminals in al-Basrah had knocked out of commission the two largest terminals in Iraq.  This admission gave the lie to the official reports that filled the world’s airwaves on Saturday claiming that the attacks had left the oil facilities entirely unharmed.  As a result, the occupation authorities who are stealing Iraq’s oil are lost 1 million barrels of oil exports just on the first day after the attack – exports that the puppet “oil minister” said were worth $28 million.


The US Associated Press reported that the smaller of the damaged terminals, Khawr al-‘Amayah, reopened on Sunday, the day following the Resistance attack, but the other al-Basrah Oil Terminal, the largest in Iraq, would not be opened until Monday at the earliest, according to puppet “oil minister” Ibrahim Bahr al-‘Ulum.


Bahr al-‘Ulum said that the Resistance attack damaged the electrical generators at the huge al-Basrah Terminal, which pumps some 700,000 barrels of oil a day – out of occupied Iraq’s total exports of 1.6 million barrels a day.  Bahr al-‘Ulum admitted that the occupation authorities are losing $20 million a day in revenues so long as the terminal is out of commission.


Spanish aggressor troops shoot and kill two Iraqis in ad-Diwaniyah.


The Spanish newspaper El Mundo has reported that Spanish aggressor forces in Iraq shot and killed two innocent Iraqi citizens in the city of ad-Diwaniyah, 180km south of Baghdad on Sunday.


Meanwhile Spanish invader forces began their withdrawal from an-Najaf on Sunday.  Twelve Spanish armored military transports and 12 personnel carriers left al-Andalus base, the headquarters of the Plus Ultra Force heading for ad-Diwaniyah, the general headquarters of Spanish aggressor forces in Iraq.


US arrests official in charge of pious endowments in Salah ad-Din Province.


Al-Jazeera TV’s correspondent in Tikrit reports that the US occupation forces arrested ‘Abdallah ‘Ali, Sunni Director of Waqfs (pious endowments) for the Province of Salah ad-Din on Sunday at dawn.  The correspondent reported that officials of the Sunni Waqf establishment in the city protested to the American coordinator and demanded his release.