Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 26 April 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


(See below for important documents issued by the Baath Party on the Resistance!)


Monday, 26 April 2004.


Iraqi Resistance crushes US attack as battle resumes in al-Fallujah.


The Iraqi Resistance crushed a powerful American attack mounted against al-Jawlan neighborhood, according to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the besieged city.  The American assault began after sunrise on Monday and finally met its end as evening set in, the correspondent and eyewitness wrote in a report posted at 00:02 on the morning of Tuesday, 27 April 2004.


The Iraqi Resistance drove the US Marine invaders into a pincer, as it is called, within al-Jawlan.  Then the Resistance violently attacked the rear lines of the American forces cutting the advanced forces off from the rest of the attacking force.  As a result more than two-thirds of the entire force of Americans were cut off, and many of them were wiped out on the battlefield.  The remainder were able to flee into neighboring houses, but the people informed the Resistance fighters about their presence and they were able to hit them there.  As a result, the total number of Americans killed exceeded 30.


US Marine invaders attempted to break the ring around their offensive force but the fierce battle that ensued blocked any rescue.  The first attack resulted in the destruction of one tank and the killing of all aboard, in addition to the destruction of two vehicles and the death of most of those aboard them when they came under Resistance gunfire.


The second attack cost the American side even graver losses.  Three tanks were destroyed with rocket-propelled grenades, killing all aboard the vehicles.  In addition an armored vehicle and four Humvees were destroyed, killing most of those inside.


Earlier coverage from al-Fallujah.


The US occupation commander in Iraq admitted that one American aggressor soldier was killed and eight others wounded, some of them seriously, as battle resumed in al-Fallujah between the US aggressor forces that have been besieging the city for 20 days, and Iraqi Resistance fighters defending the city.


Al-Jazeera’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that a US aggressor unit supported by helicopter gunships attempted to break into al-Fallujah through al-Jawlan neighborhood.  Resistance fighters put up a strong defense and battles erupted also in ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood.  As the battles resumed, many families who had left their homes in the city gathered in the vicinity of the city hoping for a chance to return to their homes.


Battle resumed in al-Fallujah despite an extension of the cease fire agreement on Sunday.


Iraqi Resistance downs Apache helicopter over al-Fallujah.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in embattled al-Fallujah reported on Monday that the Iraqi Resistance in the city had shot down an Apache helicopter.  Two US military vehicles and a tank were also destroyed.  Eyewitnesses reported that the tank was entirely ablaze and all the American troops aboard had been killed.


The correspondent reports that the Resistance forces have been able to envelop the attacking aggressor troops in al-Jawlan neighborhood, flanking them on the north and west.  At early Monday afternoon the battle still raged in the neighborhood, though a number of the aggressor troops had been forced to withdraw in the face of the intense fire of the Resistance fighters.  The withdrawing Americans left behind a large number of dead and wounded, and also had to abandon a group of sharpshooters who were able to concentrate in one building in the city, but then found themselves surrounded.


Resistance fighters butcher 17 US snipers.


Shortly after filing the above report, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had killed all 17 American sharpshooters who had been encircled as they sat atop a building inside al-Falujah’s al-Jawlan neighborhood on Monday morning.


The American attack on al-Jawlan neighborhood killed a large number of Iraqi women and children who were on their way to their homes having returned with other refugees displaced by the US siege who were taking advantage of the cease fire violated by the latest US attack.


The group of US Marine invader sharpshooters was surrounded after their comrades withdrew under blistering Resistance fire.  After the sharpshooters were stranded, Iraqi Resistance stormed the building took the sharpshooters captive and then butchered the aggressors one by one.  Their bodies were hurled from the roof of the building amidst the triumphant calls of Allahu akbar! (God is greatest!) by the people who had endured days of terror at the hands of American snipers shooting anyone who ventured into the streets regardless of sex or age.


Two US aggressor troops reported killed in bomb blast in Baghdad.


Two US aggressor troops were reported killed and five others wounded when a bomb exploded as a US military convoy was passing Monday morning through al-Waziriyah neighborhood in Baghdad.  Local residents reported that rockets were fired at American Humvees setting at least four ablaze.  Columns of thick smoke rose over the area of the Resistance attack.  Aggressor troops cordoned off the area and helicopters prowled the skies above.  Ambulances showed up on the scene and eyewitnesses reported.


Reuters reported residents near the scene of the Iraqi Resistance attack as saying that they had found identity cards belonging to members of an American team searching for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.


Five US aggressors wounded in Resistance ambush near at-Taji.


Five US aggressor soldiers were wounded when Iraqi Resistance fighters opened fire on them near the town of at-Taji, north of Baghdad.


One American soldier wounded in Resistance bombing in Samarra’.


One American aggressor soldier was wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the highway near the city of Samarra’ north of Baghdad.


US soldier wounded near al-Iskandariyah.


One US soldier was wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded near the town of al-Iskandariyah, according to a US communiqué.


Katyusha attack on US base in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired three Katyusha rockets on Monday at the US military base in the city of Kirkuk, northern Iraq.  According to the Egyptian Middle East News Agency, US spokesmen released no information regarding possible casualties or damage as a result of the Resistance attack.


US solder wounded by Resistance bomb near ad-Diwaniyah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the highway near ad-Diwaniyah, wounding an American aggressor soldier, a US communiqué reported.


Clashes in ad-Diwaniyah.


The Spanish Ministry of Defense announced that its aggressor troops had killed five Iraqi Resistance fighters and captured seven others in clashes that occurred, Madrid claimed, after Spanish occupation troops came under attack by the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia that is loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in the city of ad-Diwaniyah.


US aggressors, Shi‘ite militia clash on outskirts of al-Kufah Monday evening.


Battles broke out on Monday evening between the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, and US aggressor troops at the northern entrance to the city of al-Kufah, according to Agence France Presse (AFP).


Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen posted on a bridge at the entrance to the city battled the US aggressors who sought to cross the strategic objective and advance into the city, according to AFP.  The Jaysh al-Mahdi reported that US forces opened fire on the observation point on the bridge killing and wounding an unspecified number of militiamen.  In response the Jaysh al-Mahdi destroyed two American military vehicles.


AFP reported that dozens of Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen were deployed in the fields adjacent to the main road and members of the militia were also seen leaving an-Najaf on their way forward to al-Kufah, 10km away, to bolster the front lines there.


A US aggressor source said he had no information about fighting around al-Kufah.


US aggressor forces enter an-Najaf to replace Spanish invaders.


American occupation troops entered the city of an-Najaf on Monday to replace withdrawing Spanish aggressor forces.  An official source in the US military said that American troops were prepared to leave the city and that their arrival was not an attack but simply an effort to secure the hand over by 200 US soldiers of the camp compound that the Spanish aggressor troops were to abandon as they leave Iraq in coming days.


Explosions rock an-Najaf on Monday night.


Eyewitnesses reported on Monday night that explosions reverberated in the area of the city of an-Najaf in southern Iraq, shaking the downtown section of the city.  The witnesses added, according to Reuters, that the explosions followed clashes between the Jaysh al-Mahdi Shi‘ite militia and US aggressor forces in the city.


British aggressor soldier wounded.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded in the southern city of al-Basrah as a British military convoy of six vehicles was passing.  One British aggressor soldier was wounded in the attack.


Bulgarian President on tour of aggressor troops comes under Iraqi Resistance attack.


Bulgarian military sources reported that the motorcade of the Bulgarian President Georgi Parfanov, who is on a surprise visit to Bulgarian aggressor forces in Karbala’, came under attack by Iraqi Resistance forces.


The Bulgarian president’s bodyguards returned fire at the attacking Resistance fighters, but the fighters left the scene unscathed.


The Green Brigade threatens to kill three Italian mercenary hostages.


Al-‘Arabiyah TV broadcast a videotape showing three Italian hostages being held by the Iraqi Resistance group known as the Green Brigade.  Al-‘Arabiyah stated that the Green Brigade had pledged to kill the hostages during the next five days  if the Italian people do not protest the Italian aggressor presence in Iraq.


The three hostages were shown wearing Iraqi dress and eating a meal.  They appeared to be in good health.  The Green Brigade said that it would release the hostages if there are demonstrations in Italy against the Italian regime’s aggression in Iraq.


The Green Brigade said on the tape that the Italians were taken hostage because they had been engaged in espionage against Iraq.



Special Report: www.albasrah.net on secret attempts by US to contact Arab Baath Socialist Party of Iraq.


What are the background and reasons for the latest American initiative vis-à-vis the Baath Party?


Exclusive article for al-Basrah.net by an informed writer.


Several days ago press leaks began to come out concerning an American effort to return Baath Party members to their government and official positions in state agencies in Iraq.  The rationale given for this was that this move could help stabilize the situation in Iraq and help achieve “national reconciliation.”  American spokesmen gave to understand that their effort to uproot the Baath had been a mistake.  The entire matter culminated in statements day before yesterday by US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher and by US proconsul L. Paul Bremer, who disclosed a plan to bring back thousands of Baathists to their jobs in the state.


Arab and foreign news media reported the move as an unexpected “surprise” that would lead to fundamental changes in the American approach to Iraq and the entire Arab region.  Meanwhile the other party to the American “initiative” – the Arab Baath Socialist Party – remained silent, until it issued a statement, night before last, on the matter.  Yet the Baath Party is one of the two principle sides in the matter, and it was not “surprised” at the statements by the Americans or at the news media reports.


There are important facts that have been unreported until now, many if not most of which the Baath Party is familiar with.  These facts are such that it behooves Iraqi and Arab opinion generally to be appraised of them.  These facts must be made known to the Arab people, to history, and must be assessed in the light of moral principles.


Since the fall of Baghdad on 9 April 2003, western and Arab news media have been so full of stories based on influential news media “sources” that there has been no room for facts to emerge, particularly given the weight and power of the vast American media apparatus and its many stooges who obediently follow its lead, be they the Zionist or the official Arab media.


But we are not going to deal with the facts about the fall of Baghdad here.  That is something which, as the legitimate Iraqi Minister of Information, Muhammad Sa‘id as-Sahhaf has said, requires sufficient time for a history to be written that can take all the facts into account.  Suffice it to say that much of what has been said and reported has no relationship whatsoever to what really happened.


Informed Baathist sources say that the news about the new American approach to the Baath and the announcements made in the last few days have come several months late in fact.  The Americans took the initiative to contact the Baath Party several months ago under the increased pressure of righteous attacks by the Resistance, whose backbone is made up of fighters for the Baath Party.  The American initiative was launched after the US had come to understand that it had not and would never be able to uproot the Baath Party from the depths of Arab and Iraqi soil.


Knowledgeable sources say that the first American moves toward the Baath Party began at the end of 2003.  By that time, the Resistance had grown stronger; the Baath Party had been able to re-form its organization throughout all the regions of Iraq, from the north to the south and from the east to the west; and the Americans had realized once and for all that the mercenaries and stooges whom they had attracted to their side had no base of support in the country.  At that point, the Americans understood that they were in a real predicament, despite the awesome military machine at their command, despite their material, political, and propaganda strengths.  The US therefore cast about for a solution.  After studying the situation, American councilors could come up with no alternative but to give the following terse yet resonant advice: “find a way to reach an understanding with the Baath Party.”


This is what in fact happened at the beginning of the current year in a European capital,  thanks to the good offices of a third party that carries international weight.  This party told the Baathists: “the Americans want to reach any kind of appropriate solution that will result in reducing the casualties that the American army is sustaining.”  The Baath Party replied: “The Americans’ losses are only just beginning.  The only things we are in a hurry about are the liberation of Iraq and the departure of the invader forces.  If the Americans are still so arrogant now, just give them a few months and you will find that they will be working hard to come up with an understanding that will be able to free them from the Arab quicksand.  The Resistance in Iraq aims to counter the American program not only within Iraq, but on the level of the entire region.


The knowledgeable source continued: the delegate of the third party explained the American point of view and moved on to discuss the orientation of the United Nations.  He said: the United Nations wants to return to Iraq to play a neutral and positive role in the struggle between the American forces and the Resistance in Iraq.  The UN affirmed  the following:


1.      The invasion of Iraq is illegal and illegitimate.



2.      Major and scandalous violations of human rights have been committed in Iraq at the hands of the invading armies.


3.      The UN condemns collective arrests.


4.      The UN rejects the “uprooting” of any political party, including the Baath.


5.      The existing reality must be dealt with in order to arrive at a way out of the current impasse.


6.      National reconciliation between all segments of the Iraqi people is a necessity.


7.      Kofi Annan and the American Administration regard Mr. al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi as the most appropriate person to be UN representative in Iraq.


8.      What is the extent of the role that the Baath Party can play in influencing the Resistance in Iraq to adhere to any agreement?


According to the knowledgeable sources, the Baathist representative, after being presented these issues, asked to be allowed 24 hours to respond so that he could take up the points raised with the Baath Party leadership and obtain the necessary directives.  The next day the representative of the Baath gave a response that centered on the following points:


The Baath Party does not object to the return of the United Nations to Iraq on the condition that it carry out its basic and legal role and protect international legitimacy.  This requires that the United Nations, in accordance with its own rules and international legal codes,:


1.      To condemn the Anglo-American invasion, because it was carried out as an act of aggression with no international cover whatsoever,


2.      To affirm the need for the aggressor forces to leave all the Iraqi territories out of which Iraq is made up according to its constitution and laws,


3.      To find a speedy solution to the issue of Iraqi prisoners in American prison camps, including the imprisoned leaders of the country,


4.      National reconciliation must take place between all Iraqi national forces, including the Baath,


5.      The Baath Party rejects even the idea of dialogue with traitor and stooge forces and with sectarian and chauvinist groups who put forward slogans, such as federalism or confederalism, that aim at splitting up the country, whether such splits be along religious or ethnic lines,


6.      The Baath believes that the body which goes by the name of the so-called local governing council is nothing but a bunch of stooges, traitors, thieves, and convicted criminals that was formed on a loathsome religious sectarian and ethnic chauvinist basis, and that it constitutes a dangerous precedent in united, free Iraq – a precedent that must be totally eliminated.


7.      Mr. al-Ibrahimi or any other person will be dealt with according to supreme Iraqi and Arab national interests.  All representatives of the United Nations will be respected when they rise to their legitimate role.


8.      The Resistance in Iraq is one whole, which cannot be split apart, and the Baath forms its backbone.  All constituent parts of the Resistance are committed to the national interests of Iraq and its Arab context, for the cause of Iraq, of Palestine, and to counter the “greater Middle East” plans.


9.      The Resistance will not stop during negotiations, but only after a final settlement or the departure of the invader forces.


The source added that the negotiations were adjourned so that both sides could study the presentations and views of the other side, and that the next meeting would be held after the Baath Party’s replies to the United Nations and Americans could be studied.  The source explained that secondary contacts were made later, prior to the arrival of the United Nations delegation in Iraq.  The Baath Party and the Resistance in Iraq affirmed that it would not propose any initiative, since it was the party against whom the aggression was committed, so long as the UN delegation does not live up to its legitimate role.  So long as that is true, the Baath, (as the statement issued by the Party’s Information Bureau said at the time) will regard the United Nations as constituting a cover for American aggression and deal with it on the basis that it is a byproduct of the aggression.


United Nations sources say that the UN delegation during its first visit to Iraq had differences with Paul Bremer about a number of problems – such as the prisoners, violations of human rights, the use of excessive force, and the dissolution of Iraqi state agencies under the pretxt of the ‘uprooting’ of the Baath – and demanded that the American governor allow a delegation from the Red Cross to visit Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and to appraise itself of his condition.  This was, in fact, later done.


At the same time the intensity of Iraqi Resistance operations intensified, in March-April 2004, and a new stage began in the resistance to the invader forces and in the liquidation of stooges and collaborators with the occupation.  Written warnings were directed to members of the so-called governing council and letters of a different nature to foreign intelligence forces (the Mossad and Iranian intelligence) to the effect that the assassination of any Baathist, or scientist, or cadre of the Iraqi state would elicit an earthshaking response.  (This is one reason for the expansion of the army of mercenaries under the name of “security guards.”)  Some of the responses have included the explosive demolition of the Jabal Lubnan Hotel and the liquidation of the Iranian Intelligence official in al-Karradah.  There have also been the unique operations that require logistical and military capabilities such as the campaigns in al-Fallujah, al-Qa’im, al-Husaybah, and – as the Americans themselves know – that which has not been disclosed is even greater.  A testimony to this are the hundreds of mourned coffins (as Saddam Hussein put it in 1991) that have begun to arrive in Dover, in addition to the thousands of wounded who are permanently disabled.  Preparations are underway for future qualitative operations, the catastrophic impact and results of which the American Administration realizes it will never be able to bear.


Monday, 26 April 2004.

6 Rabi‘ al-Awwal 1425, Hijri



In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.


The Arab Socialist Baath Party


One Arab Nation – with an enduring mission.


Unity.  Freedom.  Socialism.


The Resistant Baath confronts the occupation and its plans in occupied Iraq.


Noble Iraqis!


Sons and Daughters of the glorious Arab Nation!


Baathist Comrades and Mujahideen Resistance Fighters!


On the basis of the principle of Resistance and Liberation and in accordance with the Political and Strategic Program for Armed Iraqi Resistance, the Arab Baath Socialist Party is struggling in the Resistance in the occupied Arab region of Iraq.  The Baath Party  characterized and predicted the predicament that the occupation would fall into, and the way that this predicament is growing deeper and accelerating, in the course of the Party’s programmatic objective analysis which is being used by the armed Iraqi Resistance as political guidance.  On the basis of its general directives, operational and strategic goals are set, as Resistance efforts and fighting activity are brought into confrontation with the occupation forces and their stooges.  The Resistance activity also functions in accordance with what the Party described, characterized, and explained in the Political Program of the Resistance issued on 9 September 2003.  The Baath also outlined the constituent parts of the political map in occupied Iraq as the fighting confrontation between the illegal occupation and the legitimate armed Resistance.  In accordance with that, the Baath will be nothing but a Resistant and fighting force as long as the occupation continues and until the liberation of Iraq and the expulsion of the occupation are achieved.  The Baath dealt with and deals with the occupation, its reality and its byproducts, plans, projects, and stooges by fighting them.  Armed struggle has been, is, and will remain the choice of the Baath, and it will remain the irreversible choice of the Party until liberation.  The choice of going in reverse, as we predicted in earlier documents, is now the option facing the occupation and its stooges.


The Arab Socialist Baath Party presents this affirmation of its position in response to the statement made today, Friday, 23 April 2004, by the head of the crisis ridden “occupation authority” – Bremer, in a desperate attempt by him to get out of the political, military, security, administrative, and moral predicament in which he finds himself in Iraq due to the efforts of the heroic armed Resistance, which is gradually but continuously and at an accelerating rate, bringing down the imperialist American occupation plans, and breaking up their political, military and other components.


The Arab Socialist Baath Party will never, ever be a part of the occupations plans or forces in Iraq or outside of Iraq.  The Baath, in ideology and policy, its organization, leadership, and fighters, has been and remains ineradicable, a firm resistance force against the occupation, and an armed leader of the Resistance, rooted in the earth and people of Iraq.  It has pledged to the Arab Nation to march on its militant path, projecting and renewing its program for liberation and renaissance, standing by its commitments to itself and the Arab Nation and to humanity to work for the downfall of the American imperialist plans in Iraq, the region, and the world.


Political and Publication Information Section,

The Arab Socialist Baath Party,

Iraq.  23 April 2004