Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 28 March 2004, through Wednesday, 31 March 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice .

Sunday, 28 March 2004.


Iraqi Resistance rockets US military vehicle in Mosul.

Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported that the Resistance fired two rockets at a US military vehicle which burst entirely into flame in Mosul on Sunday. Witnesses reported that there were at least six aggressor soldiers in the vehicle. US occupation forces immediately cordoned off the area, as another explosion detonated by the Resistance struck a Stryker armored vehicle.


Iraqi Resistance kills at least two foreign mercenaries in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance fighters killed two foreign mercenary guards at a power station near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday, according to US admissions.

The British Foreign Office admitted that one of the mercenaries was British. The other was reportedly Canadian. Witnesses said that there were two partially burned bodies, both dressed in blue uniforms and bulletproof vests lying beside a flaming four-wheel drive vehicle. One of the mercenaries had been shot in the head, they said.

US aggressors and Iraqi puppet police sealed off the scene of the Resistance attack, preventing journalists from observing it for themselves.

The two mercenaries were assigned to protect foreign engineers working for the General Electric Company, a spokesman for the US occupation said on condition of anonymity. He confirmed one was a Briton, and that the nationality of the second was unclear. Earlier, an Iraqi puppet official working at the power station in East Mosul said the slain mercenaries were protecting foreign experts working at the station. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the puppet official said a second car carrying experts escaped the attack.

An Iraqi technician working at an electrical station in east Mosul said that the two were on their way to the station in two cars when Resistance forces opened fire on them with Kalashnikov assault rifles, striking one of the vehicles.

The General Electric Company is one of the war profiteers receiving massive largess from the US occupation of Iraq in the form of contracts to Americanize the Arab country's power system.

Meanwhile an officer in the local puppet police survived a powerful Resistance bomb attack upon him near his home in the al-Bayya‘ district of Baghdad on Sunday morning. There were no injuries or deaths in the bombing according to Agence France Presse (AFP).

Husayn ‘Abd al-Wahid Jadw survived the blast because he was sleeping on the second floor of his home at 6:00am. The explosion left a crater one meter deep and three meters in diameter in front of his house. Jadw commands 400 puppet policemen in as-Sadr neighborhood in the occupied Iraqi capital.

Iraqi Resistance fighters gunned down an officer in the puppet police in Kirkuk on Sunday, according to Major General Turhan Yusuf, the commander of the puppet police in the city.


Resistance attack on puppet police station wounds four US invader troops.

Four US occupation soldiers were wounded in a rocket attack that targeted an Iraqi puppet police station in Baghdad. Al-Jazeera's correspondent reported that the injuries of two of the US troops were severe.

The attack struck the puppet police station at al-Karmah, in western Baghdad Sunday evening. Witnesses reported that the American troops were on patrol near the police station when the station came under attack. The attack also severely damaged the US armored vehicle.


Three US occupation troops wounded in Resistance bombing in Samarra'.

Three US aggressor troops were wounded on Sunday when a homemade bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as their convoy was passing in Samarra', north of Baghdad.


Resistance fires two Katyusha rockets at US base in Kirkuk.

Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two Katyusha rockets at the main US military occupation base in Kirkuk at the airport in that city. Eyewitnesses told WAS that rockets were fired from east of the city. Warning sirens wailed in the US base and US troops in the base fired randomly in a panicked response to the Resistance attack. Information on losses and damage was not immediately released by the US aggressors.


“Minister” in Iraqi puppet government survives Resistance assassination attempt.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a puppet government convoy on Sunday in Mosul, killing a driver, a bodyguard and two others but failing to assassinate the apparent target of the attack, Nisrin Barwari. She was returning in the convoy from a meeting in the city of Duhuk, according to a spokesman for the occupation. Iraqi puppet police said that attack came at 11am local time in al-Karamah neighborhood in Mosul. Barwari is one of five Kurdish chauvinist “ministers” in the US appointed puppet “government.”


Resistance bomb targets puppet police car park in Kirkuk.

An Iraqi Resistance explosive device detonated in the northern city of Kirkuk on Sunday at an intersection where puppet police cares regularly are parked. The US Associated Press, quoting a puppet police Captain by the name of Dashti ‘Aziz, claimed that three “civilians” were hurt in the blast. Resistance fighters opened fire from a passing car after the bombing, the puppet police spokesman alleged, claiming that the fighters were later captured.


Resistance bomb in Ba‘qubah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters detonated a bomb in Ba‘qubah on Sunday. Reports in the US controlled media claimed that five bystanders were injured, including two children in the blast, which might have been targeted at a puppet policeman who lives nearby or at a carpenter who has received death threats from the Resistance for his collaboration with the US invaders.










Monday, 29 March 2004.


US invader killed in Resistance bombing in al-Fallujah.

One US occupation soldier was killed on Monday when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as an American convoy was passing through an area 18km from al-Fallujah, according to an admission by a US spokesman. American invader troops Monday morning had closed off the city, using tanks and armored vehicles to block all exits and entrances to al-Fallujah. US invader troops deployed as shopkeepers closed up their places of business, anticipating armed confrontations between the American aggressors and the Iraqi Resistance.


Fighting erupts between Resistance and US invaders near al-Fallujah.

Al-Jazeera TV's correspondent in Iraq reported that an intense gunbattle erupted on Monday evening between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US invaders in the as-Saqlawiyah district near al-Fallujah. Automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades were being used in the battle, according to al-Jazeera's reporter.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of last week witnessed pitched battles in al-Fallujah between US aggressor forces and the Resistance.


Iraqi Resistance bomb targets Baghdad overpass.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in Baghdad at 12:45 midday on Monday, according to al-Jazeera TV. Sources in the Iraqi puppet police told al-Jazeera that the explosive device went off under an overpass on Palestine Street in the east of the city. No casualties were reported. The puppet police force claims to have found a second, unexploded bomb as well and they called in their superiors, the US occupation forces, to disarm it. US military occupation forces cordoned off the area, preventing journalists from approaching.


Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds four puppet policemen.

Four members of the puppet so-called civil defense force were wounded on Monday morning in al-Ghalibiyah district west of Ba‘qubah when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under their patrol.


Samarra' struck by nighttime mortar barrage, explosions.

A series of Iraqi Resistance mortar attacks and explosions shook areas of Samarra' during Sunday-Monday night but further information was not immediately forthcoming.


Resistance attacks US convoy in Mosul.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US invader convoy in Mosul late on Sunday wounding two US occupation troops according to admissions by the American forces. According to the Americans, a fire fight ensued and the invader forces were able to kill four of the Iraqi Resistance fighters during the night.


British face Shi‘ite activist protests in al-Basrah.

Four British troops and five Iraqis were injured in al-Basrah when they clashed with Shi‘ite protesters denouncing the invader closure of the headquarters of a Shi‘ite organization called Tha'r Allah al-Islamiyah ash-Shi‘iyah (The Shi‘ite Islamic organization of the Vengeance of God).










Tuesday, 30 March 2004.


US invader soldier killed, one other wounded.

A US occupation soldier was killed and one other wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack west of Baghdad on Tuesday. Al-Jazeera TV reported an official spokesman of the US occupation saying that the men were felled by a Resistance grenade attack upon their patrol. The US spokesman did not specify the location of the attack beyond saying that it was “west of Baghdad.” The area, however, was presumably al-Fallujah.


Fighting resumes in al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance forces resumed combat with US invader troops in the al-Jawlan area near al-Fallujah late at night on Monday and into the early hours of Tuesday. US aggressor forces were employing helicopter gunships against the Resistance fighters who, for their part, were firing mortars and rocket-propelled grenades.

US aggressor forces, afraid to enter al-Fallujah, have surrounded the city and imposed a blockade upon it, only allowing people in or out through their checkpoints.


American invaders wounded in Resistance bombing near Hit.

An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded under an American occupation convoy on the highway west of the city of Hit on Tuesday, wounding a number of US invader troops and damaging a Humvee. A US helicopter quickly arrived on the scene of the Resistance attack to ferry away the wounded.


Resistance attacks around noon, wounds US aggressors in ar-Ramadi.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US aggressor patrol with rocket-propelled grenades in al-Ma‘rad district in the center of the town of ar-Ramadi around noon on Tuesday, wounding several US troops and setting a Humvee on fire. Al-Jazeera TV reported the attack.


Three US occupation soldiers wounded in ambush east of al-Fallujah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters ambushed a US aggressor patrol on a road along a branch of the Tigris River east of al-Fallujah on Tuesday, firing rocket-propelled grenades and then opening fire with automatic weapons. Three US occupation soldiers were wounded and two Humvees destroyed in the Resistance assault. US aggressor reinforcements arrived later and cordoned off the scene of the attack.


Resistance bombing near Abu Ghurayb.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US military convoy passed along a road on its way from Baghdad to Abu Ghurayb, site of a major US base and concentration camp. Eye witnesses told al-Jazeera TV that there were numerous American casualties.


US headquarters in Baghdad rocked by Resistance explosion.

A powerful explosion shook the west bank of the Tigris River in Baghdad near the US occupation headquarters in what they have called the “Green Zone” – the area of the Republican Palace. US aggressor spokesmen provided no immediate explanation for the blast, but patrols by the Iraqi puppet police and puppet so-called civil defense forces, which serve the US occupation, prevented journalists from approaching the scene of the explosion. The report carried by the Bahraini News Agency “Bana” initially provided no further details.


Resistance rocket barrage hits Baghdad.

The Iraqi Resistance fired a barrage of rockets Tuesday morning striking the al-Qari‘at district of northern Baghdad inflicting heavy damage on buildings in the area. Iraqi puppet police claimed, however, that no casualties resulted from the rocket attack.


Puppet police chief in al-Hillah survives Resistance assassination attempt.

An Iraqi Resistance fighter detonated an explosives-laden car outside the house of the chief of the puppet police of Babil Province in the city of al-Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad, on Tuesday. The driver of the car was martyed in the blast. Seven other people were wounded according to an announcement made by Iraqi puppet officials. Iraqi puppet security forces said that the blast came just one week after another puppet police official was assassinated by Resistance forces in the same city along with nine other trainee puppet policemen.

Witnesses said that Iraqi puppet police Major ‘Ali Jawad, the commander of the puppet police stationed outside the home of Major General Qays Hamza, chief of al-Hillah police, opened fire on the Iraqi Resistance car when he saw it speeding towards the house of his boss, but the Major failed to detonate the car before it struck the wall around the house. Four of those wounded in the martyrdom operation were listed as being bodyguards of the puppet police chief who survived the attack, as did his family, all of them being dug out from the rubble of the house, which was totally destroyed.

The Iraqi Resistance has warned that all those who offer support to the occupation, including those serving in the puppet police forces and puppet security forces appointed by the occupation, are targets of Resistance operations.


Iraqi Resistance sources: US lost more than 20 dead in al-Fallujah on 25-26 March.

Iraqi Sources close to the Resistance in al-Fallujah report that the toll of dead US aggressors killed in the fighting in and around that town from last Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 March 2004 exceeded 20 dead. The sources told QudsPress on Monday that during the battles of al-Fallujah, the Resistance was able to destroy eight US tanks and six Humvees.

The Iraqi sources said that the latest attacks on the US aggressors employed a new and technique that resulted in the death of a large number of deaths in the ranks of the occupation army. The Resistance called in sharpshooters who were able to hunt the Americans in a manner that baffled the US invader troops. In addition, the Resistance made use of various types of weapons in the combat.

According to QudsPress quoting a local Iraqi newspaper, the US aggressors intentionally killed an Iraqi cameraman working for an American TV company during the fighting because he managed to film the eight destroyed American tanks. According to the report, the US troops demanded his camera and the video he shot. When he refused and attempted to leave the scene of the engagement, the US troops shot him and destroyed his camera. They then ruined the film and cameras of several other correspondents who were present during the combat.

QudsPress reports that the Resistance Brigades in al-Fallujah have distributed a communiqué taking credit for the operations carried out there. These armed detachments include the Brigades of the Martyr Ahmad Yasin, the Brigades of ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib the Lion of God and Conqueror, and the Brigades of the 1920 Revolution.

Leaflets distributed by the fighting Resistance detachments threatened the members of the puppet so-called interim governing council of Iraq not to interfere in the affairs of al-Fallujah. They declare that any member of the council who visits the city to try to break up the resistance to the occupation will be killed.

The Resistance communiqué stated: “We now regard al-Fallujah as a liberated city and we warn the occupation forces against entering it a second time.” US aggressor forces now lay siege to the city having encircled it on the outside and not permitting anyone at all to enter or leave after 4:00pm local time.












Wednesday, 31 March 2004.


Resistance attacks invader convoy, four agents killed, dismembered corpses displayed.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a convoy of SUVs in the city of al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad on Wednesday, with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, blowing up two of the vehicles. The US invader spokesmen said that four foreign contractors serving the occupation, were killed in the Resistance attack. The actual identity of the four was unclear and they appeared to have been carrying US military identity papers.

Witnesses said that Resistance fighters stopped the two SUVs in the center of al-Fallujah and opened automatic weapons and RPG fire on them killing all the occupants and causing the vehicles to burst into flame. Witnesses said that the Resistance fighters dragged the corpses of the invaders from the burning vehicles and flashed the “V” for Victory sign. The Resistance fighters then withdrew from the scene. Previously, the Resistance had declared al-Fallujah a liberated city and warned aggressors against entering it. Residents then vented their rage upon the corpses.

Witnesses said that the SUVs were the type of vehicle used by officials of the occupation regime in Iraq.

The masses dragged their bodies through the streets of the liberated city and hanged them from a bridge over the Euphrates River as a warning to the invaders that al-Fallujah belongs to Iraqis and not to invaders.

The US Associated Press Television News (ATPN) pictures showed one man beating a charred corpse with a metal pole. Others tied a yellow rope to a body, hooked it to a car and dragged it down the main street of town. Two blackened and mangled corpses were hung from a green iron bridge across the Euphrates.

Residents chanted “al-Fallujah is the graveyard of Americans!” and cheered the victory over the invaders. “The people of al-Fallujah hanged some of the bodies on the old bridge like slaughtered sheep,” resident ‘Abd al-‘Aziz Muhammad said. Some of the corpses were dismembered, he said.

Underneath the bodies, a man held a printed sign with a skull and crossbones and the phrase "al-Fallujah will be a cemetery for the Americans." APTN showed the charred remains of three slain men. Some were wearing flak jackets, said resident Safa' Muhammadi.

One resident displayed dog tags (military identification tags) taken from one body. Residents also said there were weapons in the targeted cars. APTN showed one American passport near a body and a US Department of Defense identification card belonging to another man.

US military officials in Washington said the situation was still confused but they did not think the victims were American soldiers and believed the SUVs were not American military vehicles. Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Baghdad reported, however, that it was a known fact that there were no foreigners other than the US military in the whole of al-Anbar Province, an area where the Resistance has been particularly intense.

Hours after the attack, the city was quiet. No US troops or Iraqi police were seen in the area, the US Associated Press reported.


Puppet police try to win over Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah.

The puppet so-called Iraqi civil defense forces who work for the US occupation called on the population of al-Fallujah to cooperate with them in returning calm to the city. It was in al-Fallujah that four Americans working for the occupation were killed on Wednesday.

Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the so-called civil defense forces circulated an appeal to the residents of al-Fallujah on Wednesday which told them that they “had negotiated an agreement with the occupation forces whereby the latter would lift the siege that they had imposed on the city and withdraw, and we hope that you will cooperate in protecting al-Fallujah and making it a secure place.”

Since Thursday units of the US Marine invaders have sealed off the eastern entrance to the city at the crossroads linking the al-Fallujah to Baghdad and the Syrian and Jordanian frontiers. Marine incursions into al-Fallujah led to bloody street battles in which the Resistance killed several Marines as both Resistance fighters and civilian residents fell as martyrs.


Shock reigns in US media over Iraqi patriots' Rage.

The US media could not conceal their shock at the rage expressed by Iraqi patriots in al-Fallujah in killing four US aggressor agents and then making a display of their battered bodies. It was perhaps the most obvious and graphic message that could be sent to the American public which is constantly fed stories about how the US invaders are “helping” the Iraqi people.


Resistance roadside bomb kills five US aggressor troops, destroys APC.

Five US invader soldiers were killed when a powerful Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded 12 miles northwest of al-Fallujah under an M-113 armored personnel carrier that was taking part in a patrol. Residents said that the bombing occurred in the rural area around the village of al-Malhamah [an Arabic word which ironically means “fierce battle,” “slaughter” tr.]


Battle in al-Karmah between ar-Ramadi and al-Fallujah.

Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Baghdad reported on the authority of eyewitnesses that a battle erupted between the Iraqi Resistance and the US aggressors in the area of al-Karmah between ar-Ramadi and al-Fallujah that lasted for more than an hour during with explosions could be heard.


US occupation troops wounded in Resistance bombing on road to Abu Ghurayb.

An bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance exploded as a US convoy was passing by on a road leading from Baghdad to Abu Ghurayb, a western suburb of the occupied Iraqi capital where a major US base and concentration camp is located. Al-Jazeera quoted eyewitnesses as saying that a number of American invader troops were injured in the blast.


Roadside Resistance bombing kills one, wounds another US aggressor.

On Wednesday, US Brigadier General Mark Kimmit admitted that one US aggressor soldier had been killed and another wounded the day before in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bombing in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi Resistance martyrdom attack on puppet government convoy.

An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-laden car up to a convoy of puppet government vehicles in Ba‘qubah, northeast of Baghdad, on Wednesday and detonated it, wounding 14 Iraqi collaborators and falling a martyr. Normally the convoy transports the Diyala provincial puppet governor ‘Abdallah al-Jabburi, but he was not there at the time of the attack according to puppet police Colonel ‘Ali Husayn.


Resistance grenade attack on puppet government building in ar-Ramadi.

Resistance forces threw a grenade at a puppet government building in ar-Ramadi and Iraqi puppet security forces returned fire Wednesday, witnesses said. It was not clear if there were casualties.











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