Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 12 April 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Tuesday, 12 April 2005.


·       The Battle of al-Qa’im.  Ferocious US attack repulsed.


·       Resistance communiqué Tuesday night gives US forces 12 hours to withdraw from environs of al-Qa’im.


·       Men and women fighters flock to defend liberated city.


·       Woman Resistance fighter martyred in combat.


·       America declares war on al-Anbar Province.


·       Iraqi Religious leaders issue Call to Arms to men, women, young, old – all who can carry weapons.


Al-Anbar Province.



Seven pages cover Tuesday’s fighting, blow-by-blow . . .


Resistance blasts US base with Tariq rocket killing five US troops; American rocket and bomb attacks on al-Qa’im leave 37 civilians dead.


In a dispatch posted at 9:45am Mecca time Tuesday morning, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Qa’im on the Syrian border reported that five US troops had been killed and 11 wounded when the Iraqi Resistance mounted a rocket attack on the US base known as A22 near the city a short while earlier.


The correspondent reported Captain Lu’ay Khalid of the Iraqi puppet army as the source for the casualty information, noting that Khalid said that the Resistance had fired a powerful Tariq rocket into the American camp.  He said that the missile also inflicted damage to one of the buildings in the US-occupied facility.


The Americans then responded by firing artillery at what they believed to be the source of the rocket, in the center of the liberated city of al-Qa’im.  That American attack left six Iraqis martyred, three of them children and one of them a woman.  With that atrocity, the number of Iraqi civilians killed by the Americans in their attacks on the city have now reached 32 dead.  Of those, 17 have been women and children, the youngest being four days old, according to the Director of al-Qa’im Hospital, who added that that baby was killed along with his mother.


Mufti of al-Anbar Province issues General Call to Arms: Men, women, youths, the elderly – everyone who can bear arms – must aid al-Qa’im and strike the US occupation.


In a dispatch posted at 9:50am Tuesday morning Mecca time, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that Shaykh ‘Abdallah al-Jannabi, the Mufti [Islamic Jurisconsult] for al-Anbar Province issued a General Call to Arms.


In his statement circulated throughout the cities of al-Anbar Province Tuesday, Shaykh al-Jannabi called on the population to go and fight the US occupation forces.


The Call issued by the top Islamic legal authority in the Province stated: “Today, Tuesday 3 Rabi‘ al-Awwal, the equivalent of 12 April will be a day of General Call to Arms.  There is no excuse for anyone hanging back.  This Call also applies to all the elderly, youths, and women who are capable of bearing arms.”


In his statement, Shaykh al-Jannabi stated that it is impermissible to accept any negotiations offered by the occupation and called for continuing to direct painful blows at the heart of the occupation.


The correspondent for Mafakarat al-Islam reported that he was observing an outpouring of dozens of fighters, including women towards the liberated Iraqi city of al-Qa’im in support of the Resistance there.


US launches armored attack with air support on al-Qa’im.  American leaflets threaten civilians with death if they aid Resistance fighters.


In a dispatch posted at 10:15am Tuesday morning Mecca time, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that more than 100 US military vehicles supported by fighter planes and helicopters advanced a short while before towards the eastern side of the liberated city of al-Qa’im.


The correspondent reported witnesses as saying that the US troops launched their advance from the ‘Ayn al-Asad airbase in the city of Hit, also in al-Anbar Province.


US aircraft dropped leaflets warning women and children of the dire consequences in store for them if they provide aid and support or protection for Iraqi Resistance fighters.  The American aggressor leaflets threatened: “our bullets will not distinguish women and children in the war that will crush the insurgents.  So stay in your homes and do not try to help them.”


US forces on Monday used chemical weapons against the city in a savage assault on al-Qa’im that the Resistance was able to throw back.


Mafkarat al-Islam promised to provide full coverage of the Battle of al-Qa’im, having sent four of its correspondents experienced in covering the American offensive in al-Fallujah, to report on the current American attack on the free city of al-Qa’im.


Resistance shoots down US Apache helicopter over eastern al-Qa’im.


In a dispatch posted at 11:05am Tuesday morning Mecca time, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that Resistance forces a short while before had shot down a US Apache helicopter over the eastern part of the city.  Witnesses told the correspondent that the crew of the aircraft was killed instantly and that the remains of the helicopter were still ablaze in a very large fire.


Americans blast al-Qa’im’s water supply, food storage depots, cut off electricity, block all shipments of food into city to try to bring defiant people to heel.


In a dispatch posted at 11:55am Tuesday morning Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US aggressor forces had, a short while before, bombed the al-Qa’im city storage tanks for drinking water, cut off all electricity supply to the city, and bombed the food storage freezers located west of al-Qa’im in an apparent attempt to starve out the Resistance of the defiant liberated city.


US forces have blockaded the city and are preventing all vegetables and other foodstuffs from getting into al-Qa’im.


The Americans also threatened to bomb any hospital that accepts wounded Iraqi Resistance fighters.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the local residents have taken that threat seriously and personally, since they know that the US occupation troops never distinguish between women, children, the elderly and Resistance fighters, to say nothing of distinguishing between civilians and Resistance fighters.


The correspondent described the situation in the liberated defiant city as reminiscent of al-Fallujah which held out for four straight months against a ferocious US offensive even though all supplies of water and food had been cut off from the Resistance fighters in the city.


Resistance bolstered by fighters, men and women, from neighboring cities, Americans use drugs to keep up morale.


In a dispatch posted at 12:08pm Tuesday Mecca time, the correspondents for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that US forces were faltering in several places on the front in their offensive on the defiant liberated city, displaying evident fear of direct confrontation with Resistance fighters.


Mafkarat al-Islam reported that in the fighting that had been raging since about 7am Monday morning, 78 Iraqi puppet troops belonging to the puppet so-called “rapid deployment force” had fled.  The occupation forces admitted themselves that 70 had deserted.


The Iraqi Resistance announced that some 150 to 200 Resistance fighters had flocked to the city.  Among them are 16 women fighters from Hit, al-Qa’im, and Hadithah.  They have managed to seize 14 American M4 rifles as well as ammunition and equipment including bullet-proof vests from the US forces.  The occupation admitted that it had suffered several of its vehicles destroyed at the hands of the Resistance.


The Resistance took oaths in one of the city’s biggest mosques on Monday night to fight until victory or martyrdom as women manning rooftops and in doorways called for victory for the Resistance, giving a huge morale boost to the fighters.


The 20 mosques in the city continue to broadcast the uniform prayer for the Resistance over their loudspeakers.


One Mafakrat al-Islam correspondent visited the positions on the western side of the city that the US forces occupied briefly on Monday but then from which they were driven out later in the day after the Resistance blasted them with rockets.  The correspondent found that the trenches were full of drug pills known as “Arteen” and “Makdoon” that Iraqis are used to finding in battlefield areas that the American troops have evacuated.


After failing to take the city by storm, US forces resorted to psychological warfare.  They positioned huge loudspeakers on the outskirts of the city where they broadcast so loudly that everyone in the city could hear (and it has been relayed throughout Iraq over their media as well): “If you are brave, come out and fight us.  If you want Paradise come out and fight us face to face and man to man.  Don’t be like women, hitting and running, you cowards!”


The correspondent reported that the American propaganda message on the loudspeakers was in Arabic, but in the distinctive Egyptian dialect.  Some Resistance fighters actually wanted to go out to the open edge of the city to confront the occupation troops “face to face” but the Resistance commanders stopped them, advising them that it was nothing but a trick to try to draw the fighters onto open ground where they would be easy targets.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondents noted that the city of al-Fallujah had not disappeared from the battle, and that in fact al-Fallujah fighters were present in all the battles in the country.  Similarly, more than 100 fighters from al-Fallujah had come to al-Qa’im individually and unarmed but in great secrecy.


This reality was confirmed by one American officer in Baghdad who remarked that the people of al-Fallujah “are born ‘terrorists’.”  The American told Mafkarat al-Islam: “Wherever there is terrorism they will be there.  If the battle of al-Qa’im continues, you won’t see a man in al-Fallujah, and if you went looking for them, you’d find them in al-Qa’im or in ar-Ramadi.”


Resistance organizations unite behind one commander in al-Qa’im as fighting continues on east, west sides of the city.


In a dispatch posted at 1:16pm Tuesday Mecca time, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that fighting was continuing between the Resistance, armed with their usual weapons, and US forces backed up by helicopters and warplanes, and by their stooges in the Iraqi puppet army.  A new division of puppet troops has been brought in from Baghdad after more than 70 men from the first division of puppet troops fled during the fighting on Monday.


Witnesses reported that the battle resumed with great ferocity on the eastern and western sides of the city.  The Resistance repulsed one US assault so far, forcing those Americans to withdraw to positions 2km from the battle front.


Meanwhile the Iraqi Resistance announced that it had joined ranks under one banner.  A communiqué broadcast a short while before from mosques in ar-Ramadi, also in al-Anbar Province, announced that the Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice], The Squadrons of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, the Organization of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers, and the First Army of Muhammad had taken oaths to one of the Iraqi Resistance commanders as their leader in the battle.


Four massive US columns close in on al-Qa’im firing tank cannon into the center of the city.  Resistance determined to fight on.


In a dispatch posted at 1:45pm Tuesday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported that four very large US columns had advanced against al-Qa’im from four directions, joining the American aggressors already engaged in the battle against the free city.


Witnesses reported that the four US columns were directing their tank cannon fire at the center of the city.  The Resistance was still determined to fight, regardless of the size of the American attacking force, according to a broadcast made over loudspeakers in local mosques a short while before the correspondent filed this report.


US forces suffer losses Tuesday as Resistance fighters continue to pour into al-Qa’im.


In a dispatch posted at 6:50pm Tuesday evening Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi puppet regime source said that the battles on going in al-Qa’im had left 14 US soldiers dead in just the previous four hours.


A correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported the source in the puppet Iraqi military as say in that 14 US troops were killed on Tuesday and 20 more wounded and five of them may as well be dead given the severity of their wounds, he said.


The Iraqi Resistance, meanwhile announced after fighting died down in the village of ar-Rummanah, west of al-Qa’im that more than 40 US troops had been killed or wounded in that fighting.  The Resistance statement said that nine US vehicles of various types had been destroyed and four more disabled.


The correspondent described the situation in al-Qa’im as a “real war” noting that Resistance fighters, armed and unarmed, were continuing to pour into the city as he compiled his report, most of them coming in by swimming across the Euphrates River from the thickly overgrown area of al-Karabilah.


US general admits al-Qa’im remains in Iraqi Resistance hands after American troops forced back in heavy fighting Tuesday.


In a dispatch posted at 8pm Tuesday night Mecca time,  Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier the US military had admitted that the city of al-Qa’im was no longer under their control and that American forces had been compelled to retreat from the city by the intensity of Iraqi Resistance attacks.


The correspondent attended a press conference held by the US commander of operation in the area of the Upper Euphrates where the US commander said that al-Qa’im had fallen into the hands of what he called “Iraqi insurgents” on Tuesday.  (In fact the liberation of the city took place last week.)


The American commander said that US Marines and an American group of shock troop commandos were forced to pull out of the city.  American General Dranik Wayne pledged to resume the American assault on the city once again in the near future.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Qa’im reported that a short while before Iraqi Resistance fighters had raised Iraqi flags over houses and minarets in the city as the cry God is greatest! Resounded four times from loudspeakers on mosque minarets, indicating that the battle for the city had ended for the day after US forces had withdrawn.


Members of the Resistance, however, used loudspeakers to warn fighters to be on guard and at the ready for any sudden attacks.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported observing US tanks flying flags with the cross emblazoned on them from the barrels of their cannon in full few of Iraqi puppet officials of the puppet “army.”


The US military has imposed a curfew beginning at 7pm throughout al-Anbar province, but Mafkarat al-Islam pledged nevertheless to work to continue to cover the fighting during the night, should it resume.


Woman Resistance fighter dies martyr in ar-Rummanah village midday Tuesday.


In a dispatch posted at 8:30pm Tuesday evening Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier the Iraqi Resistance in al-Qa’im had announced that the first woman Resistance fighter martyr in al-Qa’im had fallen in battle midday on Tuesday.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im reported a source in the Iraqi Resistance as saying that Nawfah Gharkan, 40, became the first woman to die as a martyr in the Battle of al-Qa’im on Tuesday.


Together with her brother fighters she fought US Marines in the village of ar-Rummanah west of al-Qa’im at midday Tuesday.  The source noted that Nawfah was a native of ar-Ramadi who came to al-Qa’im Tuesday morning along with relatives of hers who were also bent on fighting the US aggressors in defense of the liberated city.  They were all answering the Call to Arms issued by the Mufti of al-Anbar Province, Shaykh ‘Abdallah al-Jannabi.


One of the doctors who received Nawfah’s body reported that she was killed by multiple bullet wounds in her chest and head.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam noted that Nawfah was buried in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in al-Qa’im.


The correspondent reported that with the death of the Martyr Nawfah Gharkan, 137 Iraqi women have died in battle with the US occupation forces, including the well-known woman prisoner Fatimah who endured torture and died in Abu Ghurayb prison early this year.  The figure does not count the many thousands of women who perished from American shelling and bombing.


Joint Communiqué of Iraqi Resistance organizations gives US 12 hours to withdraw from environs of al-Qa’im.


In a dispatch posted at 8:30pm Tuesday evening Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that all the organizations of the Iraqi armed Resistance – The Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah, The First Army of Muhammad, The Base of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers, the Brigades of the 1920 Revolution, the Brigades of the Victorious Salah ad-Din, The Salafi Brigades of Abu Bakr, the Salafi Brigades of ar-Rahman, and the Brigades of Islamic Rage – had issued a joint communiqué in which they gave the US occupation forces 12 hours to withdraw their troops from the environs of al-Qa’im and to allow the entrance of food and water to the residents of the city.


The Iraqi Resistance organizations threatened that if the US troops had not completely withdrawn after 12 hours from the area around al-Qa’im, all their military bases in all the provinces of Iraq would be subjected to simultaneous painful strikes on the expiry of the deadline.


The communiqué, a copy of which was obtained by Mafkarat al-Islam also warned that 60 Resistance martyrdom attacks would be carried out on one day against all sections of the military occupation in Iraq.




US military radio declares war on al-Anbar Province, divides province into military zones, imposes curfews as Resistance readies for battle and religious leaders proclaim Call to Arms.


In a dispatch posted at 2:10pm Mecca time Tuesday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier the US military occupation had announced that it was dividing al-Anbar Province into military zones for al-Fallujah, ar-Ramadi, Hit, al-Hadithah, al-Qa’im, and ar-Rutbah.


The Americans announced martial law of the first order and threatened to kill any Iraqi approaching closer than 1000 meters from US occupation bases or US military columns.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported US Forces radio in the province as saying that the decision would go into force at that hour.


A curfew was also declared in three of the above-mentioned new military districts: ar-Ramadi, Hit, and al-Qa’im.


The American radio announcement said that the US military was in a state of war in al-Anbar Province, forcing it to declare martial law according to the rules of the US military.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in ar-Ramadi reported that the Resistance responded to the American declaration by deploying throughout all parts of ar-Ramadi in an unusually open way, calling on the citizens to stay at home and go to the corners of rooms in the center of their houses if fighting breaks out.


For their part, mosques in ar-Ramadi, Hit, and al-Qa’im declared a General Call to Arms calling on the elderly (who are not able to bear arms) to pray for the Resistance.


Resistance bombards US base east of ar-Ramadi midday Tuesday.


In a dispatch posted at 3:15pm Tuesday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a rocket attack on the headquarters of US forces east of ar-Ramadi.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city reported a source in the puppet police as saying that seven missiles, believed to be Grad rockets, blasted into the US base near the Agricultural College east of ar-Ramadi at 1pm local time Tuesday.  The source said that the Resistance barrage left a number of US Marines dead or wounded, but did not provide specific numbers.


Witnesses told the correspondent that large numbers of American helicopters were seen coming and going around the American base after the attack as tongues of flame rose into the sky from the US-occupied facility.




US seals off as-Saqlawiyah, ransacks homes in massive house search campaign.


US forces completely blockaded the town of as-Saqlawiyah, near al-Fallujah, on Tuesday.  Having sealed off as-Saqlawiyah from the rest of the country and the world, American forces launched a campaign of raids and searches in the city.


Explosions rock al-Fallujah all day, Tuesday.


Meanwhile explosions rocked the city of al-Fallujah all during the day on Tuesday – morning, noon, afternoon, and night.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah was unable to ascertain the cause of the blasts, but they were considered to be likely the result of mortar shells, rockets or bombs.  The correspondent was unable to approach the area where the explosions were taking place, making an exact account of the nature of the attacks or the casualties that they were inflicting on US forces impossible.

Resistance bomb blasts US vehicle Tuesday night.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded next to a US vehicle in al-Fallujah at about 10:30pm Tuesday night.  No further details were immediately available due to the curfew imposed on the entire province of al-Anbar by US aggressor forces.




Resistance organization: Attack on Abu Ghurayb freed 150 prisoners from US clutches.


The Iraqi Resistance organization Base [Qa ‘idah] of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers, which is led by the Jordanian militant Islamist Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi, announced that its attack on the Abu Ghurayb prison camp on Sunday, 2 April 2005 had freed 150 prisoners from captivity in the notorious American torture camp.


The Base of the Jihad issued a statement, a copy of which was received by a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reporting that 150 prisoners had been freed from the Americans.  US military authorities admitted that the attack was “one of the most advanced” attacks mounted by the Iraqi Resistance.  US mouthpiece Lieutenant Colonel Guy Rudisill said that the attack forced American Marines to abandon the watchtowers in the prison and noted the precision with which the Resistance had employed mortars, rockets, car bombs and attacks by fighters on foot.


Poland decides to withdraw troops by end of 2005.


The Polish Minister of Defense Jerzy Szmajdzinski announced that his government had resolved on Tuesday that it would withdraw its forces from Iraq by the end of 2005.  The Minister told a press conference after a meeting of the cabinet that when their commission from the Security Council ends – on 31 December 2005, the activity of the Polish aggressor contingent will also be at an end, Reuters reported.


Poland, a former member of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, but now a satellite of Washington, is regarded as one of the United States’ most obedient followers.  It maintains a force of about 1,700 men in occupied Iraq, serving American interests.


American Evangelical Christian missionary optimistic about Christianization of occupied Iraq after minority representative is appointed “president.’

An evangelical Christian organization based in the United States has expressed its “optimism” regarding prospects for Christianization efforts in Iraq now that a non-Arab has been made “president” of the country.


Todd Nettleton of the Christian missionary organization that calls itself “Voice of the Martyrs USA” was quoted by the website Mission News as saying that the “election” of member of one of the country’ minorities as “president” suggested that the minorities in the country would acquire what he called “more freedom.”


Nettleton said that with US stooge and Kurdish chauvinist Jalal Talibani as so-called president “the time is now to grow churches” in occupied Iraq.


Diyala Province.



Four US troops killed in Resistance bomb attack in Ba‘qubah midday Tuesday.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded  by a US military patrol in the al-Muhandisin neighborhood of central Ba‘qubah at 1pm local time.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that one US Humvee was destroyed and four American troops were killed and two more wounded when the blast went off by a column of four Humvees.


Salah ad-Din Province.



At least one US soldier killed in Resistance car bombing Monday night.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by a US column in Samarra’ late on Monday night killing one US soldier and three Iraqis and wounding 27 others, a source in the Iraqi puppet police told Mafkarat al-Islam.


Major General Muntazir as-Samarra’i, the chief of the puppet police in Samarra’, 110km north of Baghdad, told the correspondent that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove a car into a US column in the middle of Samarra’ at 9pm Monday night.


Reuters quoted the puppet police chief as saying that  the attack destroyed an American tank and killed one American soldier.  He claimed that three civilians were killed and that 27 other persons were wounded.  The puppet police chief said that US and puppet “rapid deployment troops” under the puppet so-called “Iraqi interior ministry” surrounded the scene of the attack and transported the wounded to hospital.  Dr Khalid ‘Ala’ ad-Din of Samarra’ Hospital reported receiving three Iraqi bodies and dozens of wounded.


At-Ta’mim Province.



Resistance bomb kills five US commandos in Kirkuk Tuesday morning.


In a dispatch posted at 10:55am Mecca time Tuesday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a force of US commandos on the main road in Kirkuk on Tuesday.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast destroyed a Humvee and killed five US commandos.  Afterwards, US forces encircled the area and arrested a number of passers by.  The corpses of the five dead Americans were evacuated by helicopter to the US base in Kirkuk International Airport.


For its part the Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] announced that it had carried out the bomb attack.  In a statement, a copy of which the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent obtained, the Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah said that they had detonated a bomb on the road that runs past the industrial zone of the city of Kirkuk, and confirmed that the attack killed at least five US troops.


The statement also promised that the pace of Resistance attacks would be on the rise, God willing.


Ninwa Province.



Resistance land mine kills four US troops in Mosul.


In a dispatch posted at 7:25pm Mecca time Tuesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded under a US foot patrol in the al-Yarmuk neighborhood of Mosul in northern Iraq at 7 o’clock on Tuesday, killing four US troops.  The blast came just 15 minutes after another land mine went off in the same neighborhood, that one without causing any losses to the US occupation forces.  The US army broadcast a report on the US military’s internal radio in Mosul admitting it had lost four troops as a result of the second explosion.


Irbil Province.



Resistance bombards south Korean aggressor base Tuesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired four mortar rounds into western parts of the south Korean aggressor base in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil at about 8am Tuesday morning.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Peshmergah Kurdish chauvinist collaborator militia as saying that the bombardment inflicted serious damage but would not provide any more specific information on the numbers of casualties or the extent or nature of the damage.  Witnesses said that plumes of black smoke rose into the sky over the base after the Resistance attack.