Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 17 April 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Sunday, 17 April 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.



US withdraws forces from environs of al-Qa’im.


In a dispatch posted at 11:50am Sunday morning Mecca time, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that after failing to take the city of al-Qa’im on the border of Syria by storm in bloody battles during the week, large US forces have been pulling out of the area around the city since dawn on Sunday.  The withdrawals were still under way at the time the correspondent compiled his report.


The correspondent said that so far Sunday morning, four columns of US forces left the outskirts of the city under cover of numerous fighter planes and helicopter gunships.  The columns headed towards the city of al-Hadithah also in western Iraq, but east of al-Qa’im.


The correspondent reported that US forces agreed to some of the terms contained in the Resistance demands issued earlier in the week after the failed American offensive.  They rejected other demands, however, and it is believed that the withdrawal from the city area today came as a result of the US agreement to one of the Resistance conditions, namely the withdrawal of US forces away from the environs of the city to at least 6 kilometers away.




Resistance attacks, destroys US patrol boat on Euphrates River.


Iraqi Resistance forces armed with anti-tank weapons attacked a US patrol boat on the Euphrates River at 8:30am Sunday morning local time.  The local correspondent for Mafakrat al-Islam reported witnesses as saying that the attack totally destroyed and sank the patrol boat, killing four US troops and wounding three more.


The correspondent quoted a worker on the al-Hadithah dams as saying that US forces extracted four bodies from the western edge of the river after they floated over to the riverbank.  The worker said a helicopter came fifteen minutes after the attack and fished wreckage from the boat out of the water.




Resistance gives US troops in al-Fallujah a bloody night.


Iraqi Resistance forces launched fierce but intermittent attacks on US forces in the al-Fallujah area lasting for several hours beginning on Saturday night and ending at dawn on Sunday morning.  The Resistance targeted the US base east of al-Fallujah, and US barracks in the train station in the north of the city in addition to US troop concentrations in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in the south of the city.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that 15 mortar rounds blasted the US base in the agricultural area east of al-Fallujah at about midnight Saturday-Sunday.  US forces responded with artillery volleys.


Resistance forces also attacked US Marine positions in the north of the city, where they are fortified in the area of the al-Fallujah train station.  The Marines were struck by about nine rockets that inflicted heavy losses on them.  In the south of al-Fallujah, Resistance fighters pounded the liquified gas pumping station where the Americans have another headquarters in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood with eight mortar rounds, destroying the station and killing all those in it when the station itself blew up in a massive explosion.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam met with Captain Jawdat Muhammad of the puppet “Iraqi army” who confirmed the reports of the attacks and said, “the American army suffered 41 soldiers killed and 23 wounded very severely during those attacks on the north, south, and east of al-Fallujah.”  He added that last night’s attack was the most powerful and most violent since the battles during the US offensive on the city.


The occupation forces for their part issued a general call to arms throughout al-Fallujah on Sunday morning and sealed all roads out of the city to the north, south, east, and west.  The city remained closed when the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam compiled his report, posted at 11:18am Sunday morning Mecca time.


Resistance land mine kills six puppet troops in al-Fallujah Sunday evening.  US, puppets respond by gunning down civilians.


In a dispatch posted at 6:45pm Mecca time Sunday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before six Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed and three others wounded when a high-explosive Iraqi Resistance land mine blew up by an Iraqi puppet force patrol on an-Nazal neighborhood street.  The blast destroyed a Nissan troop transport vehicle in which the puppet soldiers were riding.


US occupation forces and Iraqi puppet troops responded by opening fire indiscriminately at buildings and houses in the area where the mine exploded, killing a number of Iraqis, including one elderly man aged 78 who was leaning on his cane in front of the door of his house when the aggressor troops decided to spray the neighborhood with gunfire. A young boy was also killed by the same random fire by the aggressors.




High ranking puppet officer liquidated in Resistance ambush west of ar-Ramadi.


In a dispatch posted at 6:20pm Mecca time Sunday evening, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Ramadi reported that a short while before, at 6pm local time Sunday, the Iraqi Resistance had attacked the motorcade of a high-ranking officer in the Iraqi puppet forces incharge of areas in western Iraq.  The puppet officer and four of his guards were killed in the attack and own more guard was wounded. The cars in the motorcade were destroyed.


The correspondent reported official sources in the puppet regime as saying that an estimated 20 Resistance fighters attacked the puppet officer’s motorcade at the at-Ta’mim crossroads west of ar-Ramadi, killing him and members of his guard.




Muqtada as-Sadr Office, local notables refute hoax about “Shi‘ah kidnappings,” “Shi‘ah expulsions” from al-Mada’in.


Numerous residents of the al-Mada’in area southeast of Baghdad have refuted the claims, carried by western wire services and satellite TV stations, that some 80 or 100 Shi‘i citizens had been kidnapped by an armed “insurgent” group that threatened to kill them if all Shi‘i families fail to evacuate the city.


Shaykh Ibrahim al-Jabburi, a local notable and tribal chief in the district of al-Mada’in denied that there were any armed actions of this sort.  A report carried by albasrah.net said that he called such stories lies that the media had been relaying without doing any investigation.


In a telephone interview with QudsPress, Shaykh al-Jabburi said that the city is indeed tense but the tension is not something that has arisen among the local people, rather it is the tension that exists between the local population, on the one hand, and occupation forces on the other, that routinely storm into houses and carry out arbitrary mass arrests.


A teacher in al-Mada’in Boys’ Secondary School also denied the reports of any sectarian kidnappings and expulsions.  Ahmad al-Jumayli told QudsPress, “the city hasn’t witnessed any such events because it exists on the basis of large-scale social relationships that link together the Sunnah and Shi‘ah communities.”  Al-Jumayli noted, however, that sectarian tension was on the rise as a result of the actions of the puppet police and puppet “national guard” who launch raids and searches only of houses belonging to the Sunnis.  The majority of the members of the puppet police and “national guard,” he noted were remnants of the militias of a number of Shi‘i chauvinist parties. But he said despite such malfeasance on the part of the regime, he did not believe that things would reach a point of mass expulsions.


The Office of the Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in Baghdad also refuted the hoax, noting that the stories were aimed at sparking sectarian conflicts among Iraqis.  A source in the as-Sadr Movement Office told QudsPress that the information being received by the office confirmed that nothing of this sort had taken place.  He said that the story was being broadcast solely on the basis of “witnesses” and had not been officially confirmed.


Puppet military sources deny hoax story about “Shi‘ah kidnappings,” “Shi‘ah expulsions” from al-Mada’in.


The Iraqi puppet military denied reports carried by major international news wire services for the last two days that Shi‘i residents of the city of al-Mada’in south of Baghdad had been fleeing their homes after a group of “insurgents” supposedly kidnapped a group of Shi‘i citizens and said they would be killed if all Shi‘ah did not evacuate the town.


The American newspaper The New York Times reported that three brigades of Iraqi puppet forces encircled al-Mada’in after the hoax was broadcast on satellite TV and over wire services.  But the puppet army units that entered the city found that the claims were untrue and that the city was entirely calm.  The streets were full of people leisurely drinking tea and involved in their daily lives who denied any incidents of kidnapping or threats against the Shi‘i community.


By the end of the day Sunday, The New York Times wrote, Iraqi puppet officials had produced no hostages and Iraqi puppet military officials and the puppet police who had given information about the alleged troubles in al-Mada’in could not be reached for further details.


Also on Sunday, Shaykh ‘Abd as-Salam al-Kubaysi, a spokesman for the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ [Scholars], the supreme Sunni religious authority in Iraq, denied that any hostages had been taken in al-Mada’in. '”This news is completely untrue,” Shaykh al-Kubaysi told al-Jazeera television, according to the American Newspaper.


Puppet regime’s first “bomb expert” killed by Resistance bomb trick.


In a dispatch posted at 2:40pm Sunday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the puppet so-called “Iraqi interior ministry” announced a short while earlier that the first expert on explosives in the Iraqi puppet regime, Kazim Husayn, had been killed by an Iraqi Resistance bomb south of Baghdad on Sunday.


Kazim Husayn was a member of the collaborationist Shi‘i chauvinist Badr Brigades, the armed wing of the so-called “Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq” (SCIRI) whose forces invaded Iraq together with US troops in the spring of 2003 and who since then have formed the backbone of much of the puppet police and military forces serving the occupation.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Iraqi Resistance planted two bombs, one underneath the other by the side of a road.  The left the bomb on top above the ground level where it would be visible.  Then some of the Resistance men told people in the area about the bomb they had “found.”  The “expert” Kazim Husayn was called in by the puppet authorities and he arrived with a whole group of bomb disposal trainees who were to watch him disarm the bomb and learn how it is supposed to be done.


Kazim Husayn succeeded in disarming the bomb on the surface but when he tried to pick it up, he detonated the bomb hidden underneath, killing Husayn and six of his trainees.


The Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] in Iraq announced its responsibility for planting the bomb in a statement distributed around a number of Baghdad mosques on Sunday.


Pakistani report: Afghan puppet regime to send troops to serve US in Iraq.


The Paktribune website reported on Sunday that the puppet “president” of occupied Afghanistan, Muhammad Qarzai, had agreed to send Afghan troops to aid the US occupation of Iraq.


Pakrtibune quoted Radio Mashad as reporting that Qarzai made the announcement following his meeting with US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in Kabul.


Australia increases its troop strength in Iraq by 50 percent.


Forty-three Australian soldiers departed Darwin on Saturday as a part of a detachment of 450 additional aggressor troops that the Canberra regime is sending to join their countrymen occupying Iraq on behalf of the US.  The additional troops constitute a 50 percent increase in the Australian occupation forces.  Additional equipment and supplies are also on their way on the ship Tobruk sailing on Sunday for occupied Iraq.


In February Australia agreed to send more troops to serve the United States after the Netherlands pulled its forces out of the aggressor “coalition.”  Britain and Japan then called on Australia to fill the gap left by the Dutch, and the Canberra regime eagerly complied.  At that point Australia had an 880-man force in Iraq.


The Australian invaders are to be concentrated in areas in the southern Iraqi province of al-Muthanna.  Most of the 450 fresh troops are to depart in the next few days, a spokesman for the Australian Defence Ministry said, according to Reuters.


Ninwa Province.



Heavy casualties reported as Resistance blasts US base in Mosul early Sunday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces mounted a fierce bombardment of the US al-Ghazlani base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul at 6am Sunday morning inflicting heavy casualties.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Iraqi puppet forces as saying that 25 rockets and mortar shells blasted in to the US base, killing and wounding many US troops.  Though he declined to give figures, he indicated that the casualties were in the dozens.


The source said that many of the rockets struck their targets with exact precision, inflicting great losses and sending very thick smoke rising into the sky.  The entire city of Mosul heard the sirens wailing from within the stricken US base.


US forces then responded by firing back at what they believed to be the sources of the incoming fire in the wooded and overgrown area north and west of Mosul.  The US fire inflicted no appreciable losses in the ranks of the Resistance however.


A source in the Mosul Fire Department confirmed to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that dozens of US troops had been killed or wounded in the heavy bombardment.  The US military in occupied Baghdad for its part acknowledged the attack but provided no details on casualties, in keeping with the standard American policy of secrecy.