Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 24 April 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Sunday, 24 April 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.



Nine US troops killed in martyrdom bomb attack on US checkpoint Sunday afternoon.


In a dispatch posted at 3:05pm Sunday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove a white Oldsmobile car into a US checkpoint in the al-Bu ‘Ali al-Jasim area near al-Ramadi, blowing up and totally destroying the checkpoint and killing more than nine US troops.


First Lieutenant Walid al-Maksusi told Mafkarat al-Islam that the toll of nine dead Americans was a preliminary figure, noting that a number of other American soldiers were also wounded by the blast.


At the time of reporting, US forces were encircling the area and had closed all the roads leading to where the checkpoint once stood.  Four American helicopters landed in the area to evacuate the dead and wounded US troops.


The local people told the correspondent that prior to the attack a number of Resistance fighters had warned the people on the street leading to the checkpoint, telling drivers, pedestrians, and owners of cars not to go near the checkpoint at that time in order to protect their lives.



Iraqi Resistance blasts US base in Hit sparking fire midday Sunday.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired 16 missiles – believed to be heavy 120mm mortar rounds – into the US base in Hit at 12 noon local time Sunday.  The bombardment ignited a fire that raged in the camp and was clearly visible throughout the city of Hit.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported a source in the puppet police as saying that the Resistance barrage killed or wounded a number of US troops, but declined to give precise figures.


The Army of the Partisans of the Sunnah [Prophet’s Practice] issued a communiqué, a copy of which was obtained by Mafkarat al-Islam, announcing its responsibility for the bombardment, saying that all the shells landed exactly on target.




Three US troops killed by Resistance landmine in al-Haswah, Sunday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded by a US Marine patrol in al-Haswah, 40km west of Baghdad, at 9:30am Sunday morning.  Lieutenant Colonel Ziyad Tariq of the Iraqi puppet army told Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the area that the explosion was caused by a hand-made land mine that was planted in the middle of the road leading to the former petrochemical plant, now used by the American military as one of their many bases, in al-Haswah.


Lieutenant Colonel Tariq said that the blast destroyed one Humvee and killed three US troops and mortally wounded a fourth.


The correspondent, who went to the scene of the attack, reported that US forces had closed the road and raided and searched nearby houses but without finding anything pertinent.  Nevertheless, local people felt that the way the Americans attacked their homes was more a sort of provocation than genuine searching.


Afterwards, US forces evacuated their dead and the wreckage of the vehicle to their base in the former petrochemical plant in al-Haswah.




Two puppet guard officers, driver killed in ambush east of al-Fallujah.


In a dispatch posted at 12:40pm Sunday, Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles ambushed a car belonging to the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” near the al-Khazraj fuel station on the road from al-Fallujah to al-‘Amiriyah, east of al-Fallujah Sunday morning. Two officers in the puppet guards and their driver were killed in the attack.




Iraqi puppet general admits 121 Iraqi puppet troops fled from Battle of al-Qa’im.


A spokesman for the Iraqi puppet army on Sunday admitted that 121 puppet soldiers had fled from recent fighting in al-Qa’im where they were to back up US invaders battling the Iraqi Resistance after it liberated the city.


A press conference was held on Sunday in the Palace of Congresses (“Convention Center”) in the Republican Palace area in Baghdad, called the “green zone” by the invaders, where the US occupation has its headquarters.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam attended the conference where Major General Nazim al-Karakhi of the puppet so-called “Iraqi defense ministry” admitted that there were puppet officers among the 121 puppet troops who fled during the fighting in al-Qa’im two weeks ago.  The general attributed their flight to a lack of necessary military equipment.


The puppet general said that the US military itself had many difficulties in the battle with the Resistance, despite the fact that American troops have the best and most modern equipment and support as well as air cover.  The general noted that the Americans failed to impose their control in several places during the battle, as he tried to defend the Iraqi puppet forces from criticism they faced after their flight from the engagement.




Resistance ambush leaves five US troops dead in Abu Ghurayb.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed and destroyed a US armored vehicle in Abu Ghurayb, 30km west of Baghdad, on Sunday.  Witnesses told the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam that Resistance fighters fired two RPG7 rocket-propelled grenades at a US armored vehicle.  The rockets penetrated into the vehicle and set it on fire from within, which spread throughout it, engulfing it in flames on all sides.  The witnesses confirmed that five US troops were killed, burned up in the vehicle, but said that three did manage to escape, though they suffered severe injuries.


A source in the Abu Ghurayb Fire Department told Mafkarat al-Islam that the US troops might have got out before the fire engulfed their vehicle, but they feared to come out lest they then come under Iraqi Resistance gunfire.  So they burned to death instead.  The source said that the three Americans survivors were rescued by other Americans who came in another vehicle that was about 40 meters away from theirs.


After the attack, US forces encircled the area and launched a campaign or raids on houses that yielded them nothing pertinent.


Resistance bombards Saddam International Airport midday Sunday.


In a dispatch posted at 12:35pm midday Sunday Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had struck Saddam International Airport, where the US has a huge base, with eight rockets, believed to be powerful Tariq missiles a short time before.  The correspondent reported that the barrage sent clouds of smoke rising over the southern part of the airport and four powerful explosions rocked the whole area.  Helicopters and US fighter planes could be seen, meanwhile, prowling the skies around the airport.


Iraqi journalists arrested for exercising freedom of speech.


Mafkarat al-Islam in Iraq reported that US troops arrested two Iraqi journalists on Sunday: Muhammad Mahmud who works for the newspaper al-Kalimah published in ar-Ramadi in al-Anbar Province, and the second Sa ‘d al-A‘zami working for the monthly Sunni magazine al-Murud in Baghdad because of articles they wrote in their respective publications last Thursday.  Spies led the Americans to the homes of the two journalists, according to their colleagues whom correspondents for Mafkarat al-Islam interviewed to learn the background to the arrests.


The Americans, who now claim to have invaded Iraq to bring democracy and freedom, arrested Muhammad Mahmud for an article in which he wrote:


“My grandfather used to tell me this story from Iraqi folklore.  Once there were three evil youths sitting by the side of the road.  They were just wasting time, looking at this, ignoring that, while trying to dream up some new way to amuse themselves and kill time.  Finally they decided to have a competition to see which one of them was the worst person.  Now, the worst kind of person is one with no chivalry, no decency, no brains, and no religion.  The three agreed to go ahead with their dirty game.


“It wasn’t long before an old, blind lady came by who couldn’t see anything around her hobbled along.  The first of the youths said, ‘Watch what I do to her!’  So he went over to the old woman and struck her in the middle of the back with all his muscular might, breaking her spine and felling her to the ground.  He strutted back to his friends with an insolent smile on his face.  But the second youth proclaimed, ‘I’m worse than you guys,’ and marched over to the same old woman lying on the ground and after hitting her again, he ripped her clothes off, exposing her nakedness to all of creation.  He proudly returned to his buddies saying, ‘See there, I’m the worst one!’  To which the third youth immediately replied, ‘No! I’m worse than both of you.’ ‘Oh, yeah?’ his friends said, challengingly, ‘How’s that?’ ‘Because,’ he said, ‘that old lady is my mother, the woman who gave birth to me.’


The journalist Muhammad Mahmud finished of his retelling of his grandfather’s story by observing, “Now, folks, let’s all just substitute the words “my nation” for “my mother” in that story and think about it a bit.  The Americans are now hitting us, taking our honor, and shedding our blood, and we’re sitting here looking on just like that evil youth.”  Quoting a poetic couplet, he concluded:


“You’ll be heard if you call out to one of the living, but there’s no life in the one whom you call.”


The other Iraqi journalist arrested on Sunday, Sa‘d al-A‘zami, was also arrested for exercising his free speech – or as the Americans call it, for inciting Iraqis to hate and fight America.  Sa‘d al-A‘zami’s criminal offense was writing an article that said the following:


“In the old days the Arabs used to put guard dogs in front of their houses to protect them from thieves.  The Bedouin particularly had that practice.  But when a thief wanted to rob a house and knew there was a dog there, he would just slip the animal a small piece of meat over the wall to delight and distract the dog.  Then the thief would jump the wall and enter the house, which he could rob ‘for less than his leisure’ as the Egyptians say.


“I’m afraid,” al-A‘zami wrote, “that that expression can be used about us and that we are like the dogs – though I apologize for using such a harsh comparison.  The occupation has delighted us with ringing words about infidel ‘democracy’ that is not in accord with the pure Islamic religion and that wants to put women in a situation that God has forbidden in the Qur’an.  They distracted us with attractive salaries and then came into our country and robbed it.  And they’re still robbing it of its oil and gas and mercury and other resources.  The dog will eat his piece of meat but then after an hour he’ll grow hungry again, but by then the American thief will have departed, loaded down with all the goods that he wanted from our ‘house,’ sorry, I mean, ‘from our homeland.’  Brothers and sisters, it’s just like the Arabs used to say in ancient times, “Imagining that a stooge will recover his consciousness, or that a coward will charge into battle like a brave man is like imagining that you can light the same match twice.”


Such were the articles that cost Muhammad Mahmud and Sa‘d al-A‘zami their freedom, and as is usual with people arrested by the “democratic” and “freedom-loving” Americans, only God knows how long they will be locked up for expressing their views.



Salah ad-Din Province.



Four Americans, 10 Iraqi puppet police reported killed as double car bombing blasts police academy in Tikrit.


After a lull that lasted a full week in Tikrit, an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-packed car into the puppet police academy in Tikrit, 150km north of Baghdad, at 8:15am local time Sunday morning.  The academy was set up to train recruits to serve in the puppet police who are directly supervised by the US occupation forces.


Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter targeted a crowd of puppet policemen and American occupation troops.  They said that the blast killed 10 puppet policemen and wounded 25 more.  In addition, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported, four US troops, one of them an instructor at the puppet police academy, were also killed in the car bomb attack.


The correspondent went to the puppet police academy after the bombing where he met Major Nasir Akram of the academy, a survivor of the attack.  Major Akram confirmed the report of numerous dead and wounded puppet policemen in addition to the four Americans, who, he said, were non-combat personnel who had been brought to Iraq just to train the puppet police in Tikrit.


Earlier, Reuters reported witnesses as saying that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-packed car into a crowd of puppet policemen in the complex of the puppet police academy in Tikrit set off a large explosion.


Then as other puppet policemen rushed in to tend to the wounded and the dead, another Resistance martyrdom fighter drove a second car bomb into that crowd and blew up.


In its early report, Reuters quoted Muhammad ‘Ayyash of Tikrit General Hospital as saying that at that point seven bodies had been brought in and 26 injured people had been admitted – all of them puppet police.


The BBC website reported that the car bombs went off amidst new recruits to the puppet police force who were to go from the Tikrit puppet police academy to ‘Amman, Jordan, for a course of training.




Badr Brigade agents plotting sectarian assassinations executed by Iraqi Resistance.


Iraqi Resistance forces in the city of Balad north of Baghdad arrested five members of the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist Badr Brigade who were attempting to assassinate a number of religious leaders in the city and to distribute leaflets threatening Sunni residents of the city.  The plot was a part of the intensive efforts stepped up in the last two weeks by the US occupation and its stooges in some Shi‘i chauvinist parties to stir up sectarian strife between Iraq’s Sunni and Shi‘i population.  An earlier effort to foment confessionalist violence in al-Mada’in failed last week when news reports carried by all major western media about “Shi‘i hostages” and “threats against the Shi‘ah” there were exposed as hoaxes.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Balad reported one of the local Resistance commanders as saying  that they had arrested five Badr Brigade gunmen who admitted to plotting the assassination of a number of Sunni religious leaders and scholars as well as prominent persons in Balad.  They admitted also that they took advantage of the fact that they were also active members of the city puppet police to distribute leaflets threatening Sunni Muslims, in an effort to stir up sectarian chauvinism.


The Resistance commander said that all five of the agents were executed after their confessions, noting that honest Shi‘ah would support the decision to execute them, because the honest Shi‘ah don’t want a civil war in Iraq in which the Shi‘ah would be the losers.”  The commander noted that a Resistance movement that had managed to overcome the greatest army in the world was able to crush anyone who wanted to tear  Iraq apart and sow discord in the country.


Diyala Province.



Resistance shoots down unmanned US spy plane Saturday night.


The Iraqi Resistance organization Salafi Brigades of the Servants of the Merciful issued a communiqué announcing that they had shot down an unmanned US spy plane Saturday evening over Ba‘qubah.  The communiqué was distributed in a number of local mosques, according to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, who reported that the document said that the Brigades had shot down the craft over Ba‘qubah at 9pm Saturday night.  The downing was confirmed to the correspondent by witnesses in the city who said that the spy plane went down in a farm field west of the city.


Ninwa Province.



Sunday evening blast kills six US troops in Mosul.


In a dispatch posted at 7:20pm Mecca time Sunday night Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while before, a high-explosive Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb, concealed under an innocent-looking empty vegetable oil can, blew up by a US foot patrol in the al-Ma‘amil neighborhood of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.  Jamal Saddah, a captain in the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards,” told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast killed six US troops and wounded at least three more.


The correspondent reported that US forces immediately sealed off the area and brought in numerous armored vehicles.  Two helicopters arrived to evacuate the dead and wounded after all the roads to the area had been closed.  A large force of Marines had deployed in the al-Ma‘amil neighborhood at the time of writing apparently ready to launch a campaign of raids and searches.


AP cameraman, brother taken prisoner by US forces in Mosul hospital released after 24 hours in custody.


An Associated Press (AP) photographer who was wounded in a fire fight between US invaders and Iraqi Resistance forces, and then arrested in hospital by US troops, was released on Sunday.  Muhammad Ibrahim, whose uncle, Salih Ibrahim, also an AP cameraman was killed in the same battle, said that the US troops took him and his brother, a photographer for the European Press Photo organization, released them after 24 hours in custody.  An American military official indicated that both men were investigated during the time they were being held.


At-Ta’mim Province.



Resistance pounds US base in Kirkuk early Sunday.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US base occupying Kirkuk International Airport at about 6am Sunday morning local time. A first lieutenant in the Kirkuk puppet police told the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that the attack killed or wounded 23 US troops.


The officer told Mafkarat al-Islam, “we entered the base with Iraqi [puppet] police forces after big fires broke out inside the base as a result of the bombardment.  But we found they had already put them out after the shelling left 23 American troops dead and wounded.”


Local residents confirmed the report, including worshippers who came out of the Kirkuk mosque after dawn prayers, who said, “we saw fires blazing up with great force as the sound of explosions shook the area and a number of helicopters hovered around in the sky above the base.”


In their 8am news broadcast beamed internally at the people of Kirkuk, the US military propaganda radio acknowledged the Resistance attack on the base, saying that 16 Russian-made rockets struck the facility and inflicted “damage.”  The US statement, secretive as usual with the Americans, did not provide any further details regarding the nature and extent of the “damage.”


Al-Basrah Province.



Resistance bomb kills three British troops in al-Basrah, Sunday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded in the Abu al-Khasib area of al-Basrah, 550km south of Baghdad at 3pm Sunday afternoon, local time.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported a spokesman for the puppet police in al-Basrah as saying that a British military vehicle was destroyed and three British troops were killed in the blast.  Afterwards, British troops encircled the area after the blast and arrested a number of local people.


Puppet security agencies launch sectarian arrests following suspicious bombing in Abu al-Khasib.


Puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards” and puppet police surrounded the predominantly Sunni Jaykur area of the Abu al-Khasib district of al-Basrah and arrested a number of youths there, among them the imam and preacher in a local mosque along with two of his brothers.  A tribal lead in the area was also arrested.


The wave of mass arrests follow a bombing on Saturday of a Shi‘i mosque, an attack that local people believe was the work of outside intelligence agencies – by which they mean that of Iran, with the local involvement of the Badr Brigades.  It is believed that the apparently sectarian attack was to serve as an excuse for raids and arrests of people in the Sunni neighborhood, a wave that indeed was carried out on Sunday.


Numerous Iraqi political figures had made appeals and disclosures of the sectarian composition of the so-called “Iraqi national guard” and puppet police, particularly in al-Basrah, in an effort to head off sectarian violence under the guise of official “security operations” that would target the Sunni community.


The Badr Brigades, the armed wing of the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist so-called “Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq” (SCIRI), were armed and trained for years in Iran prior to their joining US forces in the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.   Badr Brigade collaborator gunmen now form the backbone of the puppet police and puppet “national guards,” particularly in parts of southern Iraq where there are large number of Shi‘ah.  The Brigades, often in the guise of the puppet police and security services, have set up death squads to target Sunni activists and have sought, particularly in recent weeks, to spread sectarian strife in Iraq, with the aim of splitting the country along confessionalist lines.


In an earlier report, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a car bomb exploded near a Shi‘i Husayniyah mosque in the Abu al-Khasib area of the southern Iraqi city of al-Basrah, on Saturday morning.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Awlad ‘Amir Husayniyah in the Muhayjaran area of Abu al-Khasib was targeted, killing two persons and wounding two more.


The US and its stooges in occupied Iraq have been intent on spreading sectarian strife in Iraq, particularly in recent weeks, in an effort to split up the country, as part of the US-Zionist effort to “divide and rule” the Arab region.