Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 6 May 2004 and Friday, 7 May 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.


Thursday, 6 May 2004.


Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber strikes at US headquarters in Baghdad.


An explosion shook central Baghdad Thursday morning.  The blast occurred in or near the US headquarters in the occupied Republican Palace, which US forces have dubbed the “Green Zone.”  Warning sirens wailed in the compound and dense clouds of black smoke rose into the sky over the area.  Reuters reported several persons having been killed in a martyrdom car bombing.


Later it was reported that an Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber had detonated an explosives-laden car outside the so-called “Green Zone.”  The official American report said that one American and five Iraqis were killed and 25 others, including two Americans, were wounded in the attack.  The official statement said that the bomb, hidden inside an orange-and-white Baghdad taxi, exploded outside of a three-foot-high concrete blast wall that protects a US occupation checkpoint.


Preliminary reports by the Iraqi puppet police put the toll in the bombing at 14 killed and more than 20 others wounded, according to the Egyptian Middle East News Agency to whom the puppet police spoke.  The sources said that there were more than 14 cars that had been at the scene of the blast all of which were completely burned, together with the people who had been inside of them.


US occupation forces and Iraqi puppet police cordoned off the scene of the Resistance attack, preventing free access to information about the event.  Ambulances were busy trying to get into the area to transport dead and injured, as US helicopters prowled the skies overhead.


Resistance roadside bomb kills 2, wounds 2 American invader troops in Baghdad.


Shortly before midnight on Wednesday, an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad, killing two American aggressor troops and wounding two others.


Roadside bomb explodes near Palestine and Sheraton Hotels in Baghdad.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded on Sa‘dun street, a busy commercial avenue on the east side of the Tigris River near the Palestine and Sheraton hotels, residences for US mercenaries and profiteers.  Two Iraqis were injured in the blast according to official reports.


Iraqi puppet security sources said that the blast occurred at 12:40pm, just after noon local time.  Shattered glass from nearby shops littered the area. A column of thick black smoke rose from the blast site and drifted across Baghdad. Residents living in homes as far as 100 meters away from the blast reported shattered widows and doors becoming unhinged.


Kirkuk puppet administration official assassinated by Resistance.


On Thursday, Iraqi Resistance fighters assassinated the head of the puppet Agriculture Department in the northern city of Kirkuk in a drive-by shooting that also killed his driver and wounded his wife, puppet police said.  Najib Muhammad, a Kurd, was riding in his car when the gunmen opened fire from another vehicle, General Sherko Shakir of the local puppet police reported.


Iraqi Resistance bombs Kurdish chauvinist party HDQ in Ba‘qubah.


A bomb exploded Thursday morning at the local headquarters of the collaborationist chauvinist Kurdish party that calls itself the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Ba‘qubah, north of Baghdad.  Three Kurdish chauvinist PUK members were reportedly wounded in the Resistance attack.  The Egyptian Middle East News Agency, which carried the news of the Resistance attack, provided no further details.


Iraqi Resistance attacks puppet “civil defense forces” in Samarra’.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked patrols of the puppet so-called civil defense force in Samarra’ in the al-Huwaysh area.  Light weapons fire could be heard and it later became apparent that the Resistance was firing at the puppet troops.  No casualites were reported, however.


According to the Iraqi newspaper az-Zaman, leaflets have appeared in the city signed by a group called the Army of Truth Mujahideen in the path of God who announced that the Mujahideen had held a meeting and determined to dissolve the puppet self-defense force and the puppet city council. The leaflets called on all the puppet policemen to wear official dress, and to leave all their wireless communications devices inside the police stations and to release all prisoners.  The Mujahideen announced that they had decided to form a free council of three religious leaders to implement law in Samarra’.


The statement, dated 2 April 2004, said that the Mujahideen were not seeking any office and they gave the so-called defense forces 24 hours, warning anyone who continued working for the puppet police that they would be killed or their houses blown up and families broken up.


Another leaflet circulating in the city issued by the same organization threatened to blow up any building in the city that raises the new “Israeli”-style flag of the puppet authorities.


Jaysh al-Mahdi attacks four US patrols in Baghdad.


In the district of Baghdad now nicknamed Sadr City, Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, ambushed four US invader patrols. The American military officially claimed that 10 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen were killed in retaliatory gunfire. The US gave no reports on American casualties.


Iraqi Resistance pounds British base in al-Basrah Thursday night.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah reports that the British base in that city came under a violent Iraqi Resistance mortar attack at about 9:35pm Thursday night local time.


The British base lies at the entrance to the Abu al-Khasib neighborhood on the outskirts of al-Basrah.  The correspondent reports that the Iraqi Resistance scored some direct hits on the British base, but there was no immediate report on damage or casualties.


US reports heavy fighting in Karbala’.


US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt reported on Thursday that US aggressor forces had been engaged in heavy fighting against Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr's militia known as the Jaysh al-Mahdi in the city of Karbala’.  US invader troops raided a hotel, the building which once served as headquarters of the Arab Ba‘th Socialist Party and the regional governor's office, where Kimmitt said that the Jaysh al-Mahdi had been stockpiling weapons.  In the overnight fighting in Karbala’, one Jaysh al-Mahdi militiaman was killed, a senior US officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity.


American tanks penetrated into Karbala’ and took up positions near the major points in the city after destroying the Muqtada as-Sadr offices with heavy machinegun fire.  Reuters reported from eyewitnesses that the US aggressors met with no resistance.  They concentrated about eight heavy armored vehicles  and six small vehicles in the city about 500 meters from the city center.


A hospital official in the city reported that one Jaysh al-Mahdi fighter was killed and nine other people were wounded, most of them civilians.


US invaders attack Iraqi van near al-Kufah.


Outside the city of al-Kufah, US aggressor forces attacked a van where they claimed to have seen Iraqis unloading weapons. The vehicle was destroyed and five Iraqis were killed, Kimmitt said.


US aggressors launch attack towards an-Najaf, clash with Jaysh al-Mahdi near shrine of Imam ‘Ali.


In an-Najaf, US invader troops battled Jaysh al-Mahdi fighters outside a cemetery near the Imam ‘Ali Shrine, Iraq's holiest Shi‘ite site.  Battles erupted in and around an-Najaf on Thursday between US invaders and Jaysh al-Mahdi forces.  US troops reportedly surrounded Jaysh al-Mahdi forces, as fighting raged with automatic weapons and mortars between the two sides.


Columns of smoke rose over the cemetery on the edge of the city.  US helicopter gunships flew low over the battle zone.  American spokesmen said that they would not go in to the city itself with its Shi‘ite holy sites, in an effort to avoid arousing hostility.


US forces claimed that they had killed 41 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen in an-Najaf.  Reuters also reported that US aggressor troops had seized control of the office of the governor of an-Najaf.


Earlier reports said that US aggressor forces had massed tanks and armored vehicles as well as men north of the city of an-Najaf on Thursday, in apparent preparation for an attack on the Jaysh al-Mahdi in the city.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that he reported seeing three armored humvees and two tanks 5km northwest of an-Najaf.  He also witnssed a group of tanks and some 30 US troops closing the main road between al-Fallujah and Karbala’.


Jaysh al-Mahdi battles Italian aggressor troops.


Two Iraqis were reported killed in battles between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and Italian aggressor forces in Suq ash-Shaykh city in an-Nasiriyah, southern Iraq.  An Italian military vehicle was also damaged in the fighting.  Witnesses told the Qatari News Agency (Qana) that the battles erupted when an Italian patrol raided an office of as-Sadr in the city.


US officials “examine” murder by torture of Iraqi Republican Guard Major General.


On Thursday the US newspaper The New York Times disclosed that a Republican Guard Major General ‘Abid Hamid Muhush died in Abu Ghurayb concentration camp shortly after being interrogated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers in November 2003.


The paper disclosed that “the Justice Department is examining the involvement of Central Intelligence Agency officers and contract employees in three suspicious deaths of detainees, two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan,” as a result of abuse.  The newspaper noted that the CIA had “declined to identify any of the agency employees” involved in the torture deaths.


A routine practice disclosed in the latest report on US abuses was for the CIA to order the commanders of Abu Ghurayb concentration camp to hold prisoners without listing them on the roll of inmates.  That way the prisoners could be, and frequently were “moved around within the facility to hide them from a visiting International Committee of the Red Cross survey team.”


CIA officials deny any mistreatment of prisoners.  They claim that they never touched Major General Muhush, but that the General simply “slumped over” by himself and died in the course of his interrogation.  Apparently satisfied by such explanations, Senator Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican and the  chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee that is investigating the charges, said in a statement to reporters, “So far there appears to be no evidence of intelligence personnel that directed any of the abuses, but the investigation does continue.”


US tries to defuse media disaster about US torture in Abu Ghurayb concentration camp by appointing new camp commandant – from notorious Guantanamo.


The American Associated Press reported on Thursday that the new official appointed by Washington to oversee the Abu Ghurayb concentration camp will have no fear of scandals because his last post was at the notorious American prison camp in Guantanamo, Cuba.  Abu Ghurayb’s incoming warden, General Geoffry Miller, spent more than a year at Guantanamo where persistent press reports from released prisoners attest to many of the same abusive and humiliating practices as have recently been disclosed from Abu Ghurayb.


Miller took over at Abu Ghurayb concentration camp three days ago, replacing the previous commandant who is under investigation in connection with the disclosures of torture, humiliation, and abuse that have been widely reported as standard American practices in occupied Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and occupied Iraq.


Miller has come under criticism for his role in Guantanamo from human rights organizations, but protests that prisoners there are treated humanely.





















Friday, 7 May 2004.


US backs off of insistance on joint patrols in al-Fallujah.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reports that the US occupation forces are so fearful of entering the city that they are reluctant to take part in the joint patrols that they were supposed to carry out with local police under the terms of the cease-fire that they negotiated with local representatives.


The terms of that agreement provided for joint patrols – something that the American side originally insisted upon – to begin on 10 May.  But according to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the city, the chief American negotiator on Friday himself insisted on postponing the start of the joint patrols until 20 May, and then he surprised all present by saying that even on 20 May the American side would not send in US soldiers.  They would, rather, only go in whenever that is appropriate.


The concession by the American side reflects the extent of their terror at the prospect presenting themselves to the al-Fallujah Resistance fighters.  It is the latest in a series of concessions made by the US side under the intense pressure of the Resistance in al-Fallujah.


US troops spread pornography about the parts of al-Fallujah that they occupied.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reports that an Iraqi police spokesman in al-Fallujah reported that US forces distributed thousands of pornographic pictures in the streets and public places of the industrial zone of the city, which they occupied, before they retreated from there.  Local Iraqi policemen were shocked at how ugly and filthy the pictures were that the occupation troops had scattered through out the city.  They took them as proof of just how low the mentality and morality of the American troops was.


Local policemen were the first to enter the area after the US retreat.  They immediately set about collecting and burning the pornography.  Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent commented that it appeared that the US forces, having failed to take the city militarily, were seeking to conquer al-Fallujah by bringing down the one thing that the people of al-Fallujah have, namely religious and moral dignity, a firm attachment to the true principles of the Islamic Sunnah. 


US chief negotiator in al-Fallujah: even spiders conspired against the American troops.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reports that at the negotiation session on Friday between US military representatives and those of the city of al-Fallujah, the head of the US delegation complained that even the natural conditions in the area were conspiring against the Americans in al-Fallujah.  Huge spiders, he said plagued the US forces, killing a number of troops with their deadly venom.  The spiders attacked the Americans in as-Sajjah district in the agricultural zone beyond al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood in the northeast of al-Fallujah.


Resistance fighters commented that the spiders appeared as God’s help to the Resistance.  Even the most elderly people in the area affirm that the have never heard of such spiders in the area ever before.  They insist that there are no such spiders there now, either, after the retreat of the US aggressors.


US aggressor troops scrawled graffiti on the walls of peoples’ houses in al-Fallujah.


When the families of al-Fallujah, driven out of their houses by the US aggression began to return home, they were shocked to find that US troops who had occupied their homes had left behind graffiti scrawled on the walls of their homes.  Pornographic drawings also “decorated” the homes of many returning families who found them reflective of the lowly mentality of the American soldier.


One American solider wrote on the walls of a house in the industrial Zone of al-Fallujah.  “I want three things: to steal money, to kill the terrorists of al-Fallujah, and to sleep with the mothers of the terrorists of al-Fallujah on white sand.”  Next to the wall on which those graffiti were scrawled was a collapsed wall and under it the bodies of two dead American troops.  It is not known whether one of them might have been the author of the words.


US takes casualties in two Iraqi Resistance Bombings near ar-Ramadi.


A number of US aggressor soldiers were killed and others injured when two Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded in ar-Ramadi.  The two bombs were planted on the main highway near the eastern entrance to the city of ar-Ramadi, north of Baghdad on Friday.  The Qatari News Agency (Qana) reported that the bombs went off as a US military patrol was passing along the highway.  Two helicopters were seen transporting wounded soldiers as US troops searched the area for other bombs that had not yet exploded.


Four Iraqi puppet policemen killed in Resistance bomb attack and ambush in Mosul.


Iraqi puppet police and hospital sources report that an Iraqi Resistance bomb killed four puppet policemen and wounded another in Mosul, northern Iraq, on Friday.  Reuters reported that the bomb exploded as a puppet police patrol was passing through the New District in the southern part of the city.  The puppet police reported that there was an exchange of gunfire with the Resistance fighters directly after the bomb exploded.  No Resistance fighters were captured.


Kurdish chauvinist and collaborator Mas‘ud al-Barizani urges Arabs to leave Kirkuk.


Member of the puppet so-called interim governing council, Mas‘ud al-Barizani has called on ethnic Arab families that live in Kirkuk to leave the city.  Al-Barizani, whose Kurdish chauvinist party militia helps US aggressors maintain their control over occupied Iraq, made the remarks recently when he was addressing a session of the Kirkuk local council recently, according to the Palestinian QudsPress.  Press reports indicate that thousands of Arab families have been driven out of Kirkuk since the US occupation of Iraq in spring 2003 as a part of a Kurdification programme.


Danish aggressor troops kill Iraqi truck driver for not slowing down at checkpoint.


Danish aggressor troops opened fire on an Iraqi civilian who did not slow down the speed of his truck as he approached a Danish check point southeast of Baghdad.  The American Associated Press reported that a Danish invader spokesman claimed that Danish troops fired warning shots but when the truck driver failed to stop they fired directly at him and killed him.


Resistance shells occupation headquarters in al-‘Amarah.


The Iraqi puppet police on Friday reported that the occupation authorities’ headquarters in the city of al-‘Amarah, 365km southeast of Baghdad) came under an Iraqi Resistance mortar barrage. Rocket-propelled grenades were also fired at the invaders camp.  Witnesses told Agence France Presse (AFP) that seven of the mortar shells and three RPG grenades were fired between midnight and 3:00am at the occupation headquarters in the city.  There was no immediate word regarding casualties or damage.


Violent battles in Baghdad between Jaysh al-Mahdi and US aggressors.


Witnesses have reported that violent battles have been fought in Baghdad’s so-called Madinat as-Sadr (Sadr City) neighborhood between US aggressor troops and members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, which is loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr. The fighting is concentrated in the eastern part of the district.  US invaders have used heavy weapons to attack the Jaysh al-Mahdi, which has replied with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns.


Witnesses said that the battles raged for several hours.  They erupted when US helicopters began prowling the skies over the area in large numbers. After that, US military vehicles began to advance into the Madinat as-Sadr area from the east.  It was impossible to assess casualties.


Eight members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr were killed and 14 others wounded on Friday in battles with US invaders in the city of Karbala’.  Al-Jazeera reported that the battles raged 500 meters from the tomb of the Imam al-Husayn.  There was also fighting in the neighborhoods of ash-Sha‘biyah, at-Ta‘lib and al-Jam‘iyah.


US aggressor forces backed by tanks battled Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen in Karbala’ setting four buses belonging to Pakistani pilgrims ablaze.  The Pakistanis had been visiting the Shi‘ite holy sites in the city.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that two Iranian buses were also destroyed by us shelling in the city, though there were no casualties in the incident.  The buses were parked in a parking lot near the main headquarters of Jaysh al-Mahdi, 200 meters from the Shi‘ite holy places.  Iraqi puppet police Captain Muhammad Salim told Agence France Presse (AFP) that the American shelling of the mosque in the Jaysh al-Mahdi camp followed the Jaysh al-Mahdi’s shelling of three US positions with mortars.


Jaysh al-Mahdi shells US headquarters in an-Najaf.


Late on Friday al-Jazeera reported that Jaysh al-Mahdi forces had subjected the US headquarters in an-Najaf – the governorate building – to a violent mortar barrage.  Not information on casualties or damage was immediately available.


Blasts shake an-Najaf early Friday.


A series of explosions rocked the city of an-Najaf before sunrise on Friday.  The blasts came from the northeast edge of the city.  US aggressor forces have reportedly surrounded members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘ite religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the explosions resounded at 4:53 local time (23:45 Thursday night, GMT) from the northeast part of the city that lies in the direction of al-Kufah and al-‘Abbasiyah.


Journalists shot to death.


Al-Jazeera TV reported that two Algerians journalists and one Polish correspondent working for a Polish television company were killed and a Polish cameraman wounded when unknown armed persons opened fire at their car south of the city of al-Latiyfiyah, 30km south of Baghdad.

Al-Jazeera reported eyewitnesses as saying that the attackers fired at the car belonging to the news crew from behind as they drove along the road to Babil where the headquarters of the Polish aggressor forces is located.  The Polish journalist was killed instantly.


Witnesses said that the wounded cameraman was taken to a local hospital by a local citizen in his car.


Honduran aggressor troops to leave Iraq by end of May.


Honduras has announced that it plans to pull its contingent of 370 aggressor troops out of Iraq before the end of May, a little bit earlier than the scheduled time for their departure.  The Honduran Defense Minister told the press late on Thursday night that after coordinating their moves with the other aggressor powers they have worked out a way that allows them to accelerate their departure, especially now at a time of increasing incidents of violence.  On 20 April, Honduras announced that it intended to follow Spain in pulling its invader troops out of Iraq within two months.