Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 27 May 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Friday, 27 May 2005.


Letter from the militant leader of the Iraqi Resistance

‘Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri.


In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.


Dear Mujahid Comrade,


My greetings to you and my congratulations on your outstanding successes in the revolutionary action in your province.  I expect that you, together with the comrade secretaries of Party branches will study deeply all the features of the political game, the bases on which it rests and its intended aims, so that that approach will not affect us, lest we become a part of this game whose basic purpose is to serve the occupation and its traitor lackeys.


One of the basic aims of the occupation is to set up a regime, that is to say, an elected organized government with executive agencies and a judicial system, and all the other agencies that spring from that – a police force, an army, a security service, an intelligence service, municipal governments, provincial governments, and governments for districts, and areas.  They want this system to achieve some sort of stability.  Then after that, will come the crackdown on the Party and the Resistance.


Thus their first goal actually constitutes a most dangerous weapon that they hope to use to destroy the Party and the Resistance.  It was with this end in view that those in political game worked to attract you to the idea of negotiations and meetings with traitors and the occupation forces.  They tried to attract you to taking part in the elections and to getting involved in the puppet administrative agencies.  Yet from the beginning, the Party resolved that our members would be present in those agencies solely for the purpose of gathering information, and in very limited numbers, and in the sensitive agencies so that we can penetrate the security of their agencies and make it easier for us to destroy them.  And, thanks be to God, we have succeeded in doing a great deal of this.


So I call on you to beware and be wary lest we be drawn gradually into the enemy’s plan on the excuse that we should be the alternative to that which is bad or worse.  It is impermissible for us to put ourselves in a bad container on the excuse that we are trying to clean out the evil that is in it.  The correct approach is for us to smash the bad container and the evil that is in it.


So beware of taking part in any of the activities of the occupation or its stooges.  We stand for the rejection of everything official in our country that has been created by the occupation, its stooges, and its spies; and for firmly upholding the Resistance and the Jihad.  We must not give the occupation and its stooges any opportunity to deceive and misguide, to weaken the Party or to affect the morale of the Resistance.


I expect the Party to lock itself into jihad and the mobilization of the people behind the Mujahideen, arousing them to revolution against the occupation and to leave political relations to the political leadership and that only within very narrow limits.  Reject all elections.  Boycott them forcefully, and prevent them wherever you can do so.  Kill the traitors and stooges, pursue them and strike them down.  Do not allow for any stability, because stability serves the enemy and his puppets.  It is not permissible for us to play the role of loyal opposition to traitors, mercenaries, and stooges in this political game into which the enemy wants to drag us, a game which in reality is his plan for our destruction.


Hold fast to the Resistance.  Arouse the people to revolution behind it.  Give them every help and encouragement.  Stay defiant and relentless in the jihad and for the eternal message of our Arab Nation . . .


Towards the end of May 2005.


Acting Chief Secretary of the Iraqi Regional Command of the Arab Baath Socialist Party.


(Published on www.albasrah.net, Friday, 27 May 2005.)



Al-Anbar Province.



As fighting continues in al-Hadithah, Americans blockade city, impose curfew, confine population to their homes, then bomb neighborhoods, killing at least four civilians.


Fighting continued between Iraqi Resistance forces and US Marines in and around al-Hadithah on Friday.  American forces prevented local residents from holding their usual Friday congregational prayer services, imposing a curfew starting at 12noon local time.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that fighting raged in the eastern parts of al-Hadithah where six US Marines were killed and five Iraqi Resistance fighters martyred.


The US Marine invaders had launched a massive military campaign in the city searching for Resistance fighters – whom the Americans call “terrorists” – who had withdrawn from al-Qa’im after fighting there a few weeks ago.


Witnesses confirmed to Mafkarat al-Islam that US fighter aircraft bombarded several private houses in al-Hadithah, killing four civilians and wounding two more.


American occupation troops also cut the road leading from al-Hadithah to the city of Barwanah, preventing anyone from entering or leaving al-Hadithah.  In addition to their combat with Iraqi Resistance forces, the American Marines in al-Hadithah carried out raids and searches, storming into houses and arresting 20 local residents whom they accuse of involvement in operations against the invader army.  The Americans claimed that the charges were based on “intelligence” they had received, Mafkarat al-Islam reported.


Resistance shoots down US helicopter Friday afternoon.


In a bulletin posted at 4:59pm Mecca time Friday afternoon, the al-Hadithah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had shot down a US Apache helicopter that had been hovering over the al-‘Askari neighborhood in the northeast of the city at 4pm local time Friday.  Witnesses told the correspondent that after the downing, US forces surrounded the entire area and were at the time of reporting combing the area and conducting searches looking for the crew of the Apache.


Resistance bomb targets US column west of al-Hadithah Friday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US column west of al-Hadithah at about 9am Friday morning local time.  A source in the Iraqi puppet military told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast destroyed one Humvee, killing five US troops and seriously wounding one more.


In sharply worded statement: Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ denounces US offensive on al-Hadithah.


The Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ [Scholars], the highest Sunni Religious authority in occupied Iraq, on Friday denounced  the American military operations that the US is undertaking in al-Hadithah with the support of Iraqi puppet troops.


In a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Mafkarat al-Islam, the Board said that US occupation troops, supported by Iraqi puppet forces, had stormed into the defiant city of al-Hadithah “according to a plan drawn up and steeped in criminality.”  The offensive – in which the Americans used all means of death, destruction, and terror and struck people’s homes, hospitals, schools, and mosques – was launched after they had already blockaded the city for several days, the statement noted.


The statement said, “These forces assassinated Shaykh Isma‘il ‘Abdallah al-A‘raji, a member of the Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’ and the Imam of the as-Sayyif Mosque, as he was coming out to offer the dawn prayer.  The operations also killed a number of civilians, including two women in one family and two children who were on their way to school to take their final exams.”


“The conscience of the civilized world and human rights organizations have a responsibility to raise their voices and cry out in protest against the murder and abuse which are being inflicted on the free people of Iraq, the destruction of their cities over their heads, and in particular the killing of our imams and preachers in their mosques, the arrest, abuse, and torture of thousands of women, children, youths, and elderly me,” the statement emphasized.




City under lock down after American attack on civilian sparks bloody gunbattle Thursday night.


Violent combat raged for about one hour in al-Fallujah’s an-Nazal neighborhood between Iraqi Resistance forces and US and Iraqi puppet troops on Thursday night.  Witnesses told the al-Fallujah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam that the fighting broke out at about 8:30pm local time Thursday night when American troops deliberately shot and wounded a local Iraqi man in an incident that inflamed local residents.  Resistance fighters armed with light weapons responded and fighting broke out between them and the Americans and their accompanying Iraqi stooges.


The battle left five Iraqi puppet troops and two US soldiers dead.  Eleven local civilians were wounded in the gunfire, including two children.


The correspondent reported that the Americans spread out and encircled the an-Nazal neighborhood, imposing intense security measures against the civilian population. American armored vehicles and other vehicles were patrolling the neighborhoods of the city at the time the correspondent filed his report (posted at 5:45pm Mecca time Friday afternoon) and all entrances to the city remained closed and guarded by US and Iraqi puppet troops.




Dense smoke covers city after Resistance pounds US ‘Ayn al-Asad base early Friday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired 10 mortar rounds and seven Grad rockets into the US ‘Ayn al-Asad base in a bombardment that lasted for about half an hour around 1:30pm local time Friday afternoon.


Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the Resistance bombardment set fires blazing inside the American-occupied facility as secondary explosions rocked the facility and dens clouds of smoke filled the sky over the city.


After the barrage, US fighter planes and helicopters came in to prowl the skies above the city.  The correspondent for Mafakrat al-Islam had no direct information on the extent or nature of American casualties but he reported that the US troops in the camp had been panicked by the heavy bombardment.




Resistance bombards US base outside ar-Ramadi Friday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired seven mortar rounds into the US al-Warrar base west of ar-Ramadi Friday morning.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that seven mortar shells blasted into the American installation sending flame and smoke rising into the sky above the base.


Iraqi Resistance sharp shooter shoots three US troops in ar-Ramadi Thursday night.


An Iraqi Resistance sharp shooter perched atop the governorate building in ar-Ramadi shot three US soldiers at 9pm Thursday night.  Mafkarat al-Islam, in its report posted at 4:45pm Friday afternoon Mecca time, reported that afterwards, US forces deployed in strength in the area and launched a campaign of raids and searches around nearby shops and stores and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.




Resistance car bomb blasts US column in Hur al-Basha area north of Baghdad Friday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by a column of seven US vehicles in the Hur al-Basha Village area of at-Taji on the main road leading south to Baghdad at 10am Friday morning.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the car bomb, which was parked by the side of the road, destroyed one American vehicle and killed four US troops.  Afterwards, American forces secured the area to prevent anyone approaching and pulled the bodies of their dead from the middle of the road.


Abu Ghurayb prisoner kills four US guards Thursday night.


An Iraqi prisoner being held in the Abu Ghurayb prison camp reportedly killed four US prison guards on Thursday evening.  A captain in the puppet public security forces responsible for the joint management of the protection of prisons in Iraq – who refused to be identified – told Mafkarat al-Islam that a fight broke out between US troops and a number of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghurayb after the Americans imposed a collective punishment on the Iraqi inmates for their “bad behavior.”


The source did not disclose what the nature of that behavior was, but said that the punishment impelled one prisoner to attack one of the American guards and wound him with a knife that he was concealing in his clothing.  The Iraqi prisoner killed four US troops before Americans opened fire on him and killed him.  The US gunfire also wounded two of his Iraqi comrades.


Later on Friday, the US military issued a statement saying that it had begun an investigation into the shooting of an Iraqi captive in Abu Ghurayb prison camp, according to a Reuters report.  The American statement provided no details except to say that a prisoner in Abu Ghurayb died of a gunshot wound at 5am 27 May after having been taken to a medical facility run by the occupation.


Diyala Province.



US admits: Two Americans killed when Resistance downs US helicopter Thursday.


Iraqi Resistance fighters brought down a US helicopter with small arms fire near Ba‘qubah on Thursday, killing two US crewmen, according to a statement issued by the US military on Friday morning.  The statement, reported by the BBC, said that Resistance fire struck two US helicopters, causing the one to crash.  The other aircraft, though damaged, managed to land on a US base.


Salah ad-Din Province.



Resistance bomb targets US column in Tikrit midday Friday.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a US military column on al-Basha Street – the road leading to the American headquarters in the middle of the city of Tikrit – at 12:30pm local time Friday.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast destroyed one Humvee, killing four American occupation troops and wounding two civilians who happened to be in the area at the time.


At-Ta’mim Province.



Resistance bombards US base in Kirkuk early Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired eight Grad rockets into the US military base that occupies Kirkuk International Airport at 10am Friday morning.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bombardment ignited a fire in the western part of the base that sent plumes of dense black smoke rising over various parts of the facility.  A source in the city puppet police told Mafkarat al-Islam that US helicopters went in and out of the base for nearly half an hour and that a number of dead and wounded US troops were evacuated.


Ninwa Province.



Resistance bomb targets joint US-puppet patrol in Mosul at noon Friday.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a joint US-Iraqi puppet force patrol in the Sinjar neighborhood of western Mosul at 12 noon local time Friday.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast destroyed one Humvee, killing three US troops and two Iraqi puppet soldiers.