Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 10 June 2004 through Sunday, 13 June 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

Thursday, 10 June 2004.


Resistance bomb blasts US convoy west of Baghdad.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US military convoy as it passed through an area west of Baghdad on Thursday, destroying one of the vehicles. Egypt’s Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported that the US had made no reports on casualties sustained in the Resistance attack.


Puppet police, Jaysh al-Mahdi resume fighting in an-Najaf.  Jaysh al-Mahdi occupies puppet police station.


One Iraqi puppet policeman and one civilian were reported killed and 14 other persons wounded, most of them civilians, were wounded in battles that broke out between the puppet police and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Najaf.  ‘Ala’ Murrada Muhsin, the Director of Medical Records in al-Hakim Hospital sai that two bodies of puppet policemen had been brought to the hospital along with the body of a civilian youth.  Fourteen wounded, most of them civilian, also were admitted to the hospital Muhsin added.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the renewed fighting between the puppet police and the Jaysh al-Mahdi broke out as the puppet police launched house-to-house raids in an-Najaf seeking to capture members of the militia in the area of the Shi‘i shrines, the Wadi as-Salam area, and the main square and street in the city.


The AFP reported that the battles began at midnight local time (8:00pm Wednesday, GMT) and were still raging in mid-morning.


The hospital spokesman said that a child in unstable condition was among the wounded brought in after the battles broke out.  Four other members of the same family are in the hospital due to wounds they received when a mortar shell crashed into their home.


Gunfire was still audible at mid-morning, AFP reported, on al-Madinah street where a major puppet police station is located.  Later information indicated that the Jaysh al-Mahdi had seized control of the puppet police station.


During Thursday afternoon, ‘Adnan az-Zarafi, the puppet governor of an-Najaf announced that the Jaysh al-Mahdi had taken full control of the al-Ghurri puppet police station, located one kilometer from the 1921 Revolution Square.


According to the Middle East News Agency (MENA) az-Zarfi told London radio that the puppet police were preparing in a big way to drive the Jaysh al-Mahdi out of the station, but he made no mention as to whether he was referring to armed action or negotiations.


Towards evening on Thursday, medical sources reported that five persons had been killed in the battles between the puppet police and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia in an-Najaf during the day.  Truckloads of Iraqi puppet police had appeared in the city for raids on homes in search of Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen, despite a truce signed by the US the Jaysh al-Mahdi on 4 June that was to end the armed presence of the Jaysh al-Mahdi, but did not envisage the liquidation of the militia or the arrest of its members.











Friday, 11 June 2004.


Three blasts shake Baghdad’s al-Kazimiyah district Friday evening.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Friday evening that three explosions shook the al-Kazimiyah section of western Baghdad.  The blasts shook the US forces occupying the district, but no further details were immediately available.


Iraqi Resistance bomb targets US troops east of al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on Friday morning as an American aggressor patrol was passing along a highway east of the city of al-Fallujah, according to a report by Agence France Presse (AFP).  Marwan ‘Ali, the owner of a stall along the side of the highway that links Baghdad with the Jordanian capital ‘Amman, said that the bomb exploded after the American patrol of three or four vehicles passed.  That, he said, was at about 8:00am local time.


Powerful Iraqi Resistance bomb explodes in as-Sayyidiyah district.


Three US invader troops were wounded on Friday when a powerful car bomb exploded as a US patrol passed through as-Sayyidiyah district on the highway south of the Iraqi capital.  After the blast, Iraqi puppet police closed off the area, according to the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA).


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported a US military spokesman as saying that two of the three wounded soldiers were only slightly injured and had already returned to duty.  The American spokesman said that the blast occurred at about 12:30 in the early afternoon local time and that the explosives laden car had been completely destroyed leaving only a few smoldering pieces scattered in the street.  US forces filled the area of the attack.


The US spokesman said that a person parked a gray Mercedes by the side of the road and then was picked up by another car, an Opal, and carried away.  Later the Mercedes exploded as the US patrol was passing by.


Local eyewitnesses said that the US convoy consisted of five cars and that the explosion occurred as the third car was passing.  They said they saw ambulances heading for the scene of the attack which US troops closed off immediately after the bombing.


Iraqi Resistance blows up puppet police station in an-Yusufiyah, south of Baghdad.


The al-Yusufiyah puppet police station south of Baghdad was blown up on Friday after Resistance fighters planted explosives inside the building. The fighters first evacuated the puppet policemen and then detonated their bombs.  The Qatari News Agency Qana reported that the damage only affected material property, destroying the vehicles that were parked inside the puppet police compound.


Iraqi Resistance bomb wounds US soldier near Ba‘qubah.


One US aggressor soldier was wounded in an Iraqi Resistance bombing of a US military supply convoy that took place near the American military base near the city of Ba‘qubah, north of Baghdad. The Qatari News Agency (Qana) reported that an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb went off under a US military patrol.  After the explosion, Resistance fighters and US invaders engaged in an intense exchange of gunfire.


US admits one American soldier dies of wounds received in Wednesday attack.


The US military officially announced early Friday that one of its aggressor soldiers in Iraq had died of wounds received on Wednesday in a Resistance attack east of Baghdad.  The US statement said that four other troops were wounded in that attack. Agence France Presse (AFP) which reported the US statement said that no further details were offered concerning the circumstances of the Resistance attack.


Friday congregational prayers were canceled in the city of an-Najaf after fistfights broke out in the area of the mosques and shrines between supporters of Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr and supporters of the US-backed so-called Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI).


London radio reported that the scuffles broke out after SCIRI supporters organized a march from their headquarters towards the mosque center.  The demonstration was to express their support for the sermons given by Shaykh Sadr ad-Din al-Qabinji, a cleric close to SCIRI who called for an end to the crisis and to the carrying of arms in an-Najaf.  The SCIRI demonstrators also attacked supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr.


When the march approached the mosque area, it was met by a counter demonstration  of supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr who chanted slogans in support of their leader.


US invaders kill one wound several Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen in Baghdad battles.

Sources in the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, reported that one of their militiamen had been killed and a number of others wounded in clashes with US aggressor troops in the Baghdad district nicknamed Madinat as-Sadr on Friday.


US Radio Sawa reported that Jaysh al-Mahdi fighters fired automatic weapons and hurled hand grenades at American invader troops who called in helicopter gun ships that fired rockets at militia positions in the district.


CIA, Mossad steal ancient Jewish texts from Iraq.


Iraqi sources have reported that after the occupation of Baghdad, the Mossad, the Zionist Entity’s secret police, seized control of the largest Jewish archaeological library in Iraq that formerly was housed in the Iraqi Intelligence Department.


Quds Press reported Iraqi sources as saying that just days after the fall of Baghdad in April 2003, a special unit of the Zionist Mossad in cooperation with officers in the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seized control of the old Jewish library in Baghdad.  The library had been under Iraqi government supervision, under the direction of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.  It contained rare and invaluable examples of texts from the Torah, Talmud, on Cabbalah, and the Zohar, written on papyrus rolls and sheets of parchment, some of them dating back 2,500 years to the time of the Jewish Babylonian captivity.  It was then supposedly that Jewish writers wrote down the Jewish scriptures in Iraq, and rewrote the Torah and Talmud.


The Iraqi sources report that the United States discovered the person responsible for this collection after they occupied Iraq.  They accompanied him to the library that was stored in a vault in the Iraqi Intelligence Department.  The American and Zionist thieves had to plunge through water to steal the texts because the heavy water pipes in the area of the vault had been blasted open by the US bombardment.  The books were taken out through the water in good condition and then taken by air directly from occupied Baghdad to occupied Tel Aviv.














Saturday, 12 June 2004.


Resistance downs US helicopter north of Baghdad.


News media have reported that Iraqi Resistance fighters shot down an American helicopter at noon on Saturday.  The US aircraft was on its way between Baghdad and the US base in at-Taji, 20km north of the Iraqi capital.  The Resistance struck the US aircraft with a surface-to-air missile, hitting it and causing it to burst into flames and flip over before hitting the ground.


US military propaganda acknowledged the crash, but claimed that two military crewmen were only “slightly injured” and made an emergency landing as a result.


Resistance bombing injures two US troops in Ba‘qubah.


Earlier on Saturday an American military spokesman admitted that two aggressor troops from the so-called “multinational forces” of satellite countries serving the United States occupation had been wounded in an Iraqi Resistance roadside bombing in Ba‘qubah, northeast of Baghdad.  The US military said that the bomb exploded in the eastern part of the city.  Most of the occupation troops in the area of Ba‘qubah are American.


Iraqi Resistance bomb west of Ba‘qubah wounds puppet police.


A US military spokesman reported on Saturday that a second bomb exploded west of  Ba‘qubah wounding two Iraqi puppet policemen.


Resistance bomb targets US convoy in al-Karmah, near al-Fallujah.


Eyewitnesses reported on Saturday that an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded as a US aggressor convoy was passing through the town of al-Karmah, 20km east of al-Fallujah.


Resistance targets oil pipelines used by US invaders to smuggle Iraqi oil out of the country.


Iraqi Resistance fighters on Saturday blew upa major oil pipeline leading from the northern city of Kirkuk towards the Turkish border.  The Resistance planted at least three explosive devices along the pipeline.


An official source in the Oil of the North company reported that Resistance fighters planted explosives in three areas along the length of one of the main oil pipelines near the area of Qurrat ‘Anjir.  One of the bombs detonated, blowing up the pipeline.  Firefighters immediately arrived at the scene of the bombing and resultant fire to put out the blaze.  Meanwhile special units arrived to undertake to repair the pipeline, often damaged by Iraqi Resistance attacks.


US occupation forces also showed up and inspected the pipeline for more explosives.  They reportedly found large quantities of high explosive TNT at two points along the pipeline.  The Iraqi puppet oil sources claimed that the Americans, together with puppet policemen disarmed those explosive charges.


Earlier in the week, two explosions had set blazes burning on two oil pipelines in the same part of Iraq.  One secondary pipeline linking the Kirkuk oil fields with the Bayji refinery and passing through an electric power station was blown up, and a second major pipeline that links Kirkuk fields with the Turkish port of Ceyhan was also blown up by Resistance forces.


Director of puppet Border Police wounded in Resistance attack.


The Director of the Iraqi border puppet police was the target of an attempted assassination by the Iraqi Resistance on Saturday afternoon, just hours after a deputy puppet “foreign minister” was assassinated in Baghdad.  Driver Kamal Bara‘ Dawud said that one puppet policeman was killed and three others wounded, including the Director of the puppet Border Police Major General Husayn Mustafa (61 years old) when his motorcade was ambushed by the Resistance as they were heading to Saddam International Airport near Baghdad, currently a major US military base.


Iraqi Resistance assassinates puppet so-called “deputy foreign minister.”


Iraqi Resistance fighters shot to death a deputy so-called “foreign minister” in the puppet regime installed by the US occupation on Saturday as he went to work in Baghdad.  Bassam Salih Kubbah, reportedly the puppet regime’s most senior career diplomat was mortally wounded in the al-A‘zamiyah district of the occupied Iraqi capital.


News of the Resistance assassination was reported by puppet so-called “foreign ministry” spokesman Tahmir al-Adhami.


Kubbah and his driver were headed for his office when Resistance fighters drove up behind them and opened fire, according to the “foreign ministry” spokesman. The Resistance fighters then passed the stricken vehicle and fired a second burst, the spokesman said.


Kubbah's driver escaped injury but the “deputy minister” died later in hospital, the spokesman said.


Kubbah, 60, who held a Master's degree in international relations from St. John's University in New York, was one of several deputy foreign ministers. He had served as acting chief of the Iraqi mission to the United Nations in New York and as Iraq's ambassador to China. Kubbah also served on the committee that ran the ministry after the American occupation of Iraq.


Muqtada as-Sadr announces he supports US-installed puppet regime.


In a sermon read on his behalf by an aide, Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr whose Jaysh al-Mahdi militia had battled US invader troops and puppet police in recent weeks, pledged support to the US-installed puppet so-called “government” in Baghdad.  Muqtada as-Sadr said “I support the new interim government.  Starting now, I ask you that we open a new page for Iraq and for peace.”


In an interview Friday night with Al-‘Arabiya television, al-Sadr's spokesman, Ahmad ash-Shaybani, said the cleric was ready for a dialogue with the puppet so-called government “on condition that it works to end the occupation and clearly announces to the Iraqi people and to the world that it rejects the occupation.”


“It has to put a timetable for the end of the occupation,” al-Shaybani said. “This is the main and principled way to recognize this government and cooperate with it.”


US, Jaysh al-Mahdi clash in an-Najaf.


Muqtada as-Sadr said that he was ready for dialogue with the US-installed puppet regime if it “works to end the US occupation.”


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported from an-Najaf that machine gun and mortar fire was heard on Saturday when the US aggressor forces closed off the area of the Shi‘i religious sites and sealed the northern entrance to the city for some two hours.


Shops were closed during that period, but later reopened, as Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen resumed control of a checkpoint leading to the tomb of the Imam ‘Ali and other holy sites.


Ahmad ash-Shaybani, a spokesman for Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Najaf said that three American Humvees entered the shrine area on Saturday morning, for no reason that the Jaysh al-Mahdi knew.  Ash-Shaybani said that Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen stopped the Americans and they then retreated whence they had come.



Sources: al-‘Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper, ‘Amman, Jordan, Sunday, 13 June 2004.




Sunday, 13 June 2004.


Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber targets US aggressor base in ar-Rustimiyah eastern Baghdad.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter detonated a car bomb near a US military camp in eastern Baghdad on Sunday, killing 16 Iraqis, including six puppet policemen and wounding six others, including two puppet policemen in serious condition. The bomb went off about 300 yards from Camp Curvo as a puppet police patrol stopped the bomber, who was traveling in the wrong direction on the road.


Iraqi puppet police sources said a martyrdom attacker driving a bomb-laden car attacked two Iraqi puppet police patrols, destroying a number of cars, including civilian vehicles that were parked in the area of the blast in front of the American aggressor base.


Puppet police Lieutenant Colonel Kazim ‘Abbas told the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) that the blast destroyed at least eight civilian cars.  He added that US troops deployed in the area and completely cut it off, sealing all the roads as American helicopters prowled the skies above.


US Lieutenant Colonel James Hutton, a spokesman for the 1st Cavalry Division, which runs Camp Curvo, said 12 were killed and 13 were wounded in the blast. He claimed there were no American casualties. Among the dead are four policemen and the bomber, said puppet police Captain ‘Abd ar-Razzaq Kazim.


Puppet sealed off the area, but two charred bodies of puppet policemen, covered by blankets, could be seen in one of the damaged police cars.  Eight civilian cars were damaged, Kazim said.


An explosives-laden car reportedly exploded in front of the headquarters of US aggressor forces in the eastern part of Baghdad, according to the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA).  The blast occurred outside the occupation base in the ar-Rustimiyah district in the eastern part of the occupied Iraqi capital, a place formerly occupied by the Iraqi military college.


One US soldier killed, two others wounded near at-Taji.


A US military spokesman announced that one American aggressor soldier had been killed and two others wounded on Sunday in the explosion of an Iraqi Resistance bomb that had been planted on the side of a road near at-Taji north of Baghdad.  After the blast there was an exchange of automatic gunfire between US forces and the Iraqi Resistance.


US helicopter was shot down, crew killed Iraqi witness says of Saturday Resistance attack.


An eyewitness reported on Sunday that the Iraqi Resistance shot down an American helicopter in at-Tarimiyah district north of Baghdad on Saturday.  Jabbar ‘Atiyah told Quds Press that at noon on Saturday, 12 June, the helicopter crashed into the district, having been downed by the Iraqi Resistance firing a missile at it.  ‘Atiyah said that the helicopter crew was killed in the attack and that the helicopter burst into flames.


On Saturday the US military admitted such an attack caused a US helicopter to make a forced landing between Baghdad and at-Taji, but claimed that the US crew suffered only minor injuries.


Iraqi Resistance detonates powerful explosion in US “Green Zone” headquarters in Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses reported that a powerful Resistance explosion went off near the US occupation headquarters in Baghdad on Sunday morning.  Reuters reported local residents as saying that warning sirens could be heard from inside the US so-called “Green Zone,” the name given by the invaders for the Republican Palace grounds which they have turned into their headuarters.  Smoke was seen rising over the zone, located on the west bank of the Tigris River.


Resistance assassinates stooge government official.


Iraqi Resistance fighters killed the puppet so-called “Education Ministry's” cultural affairs officer Sunday, the second attack on an Iraqi official in as many days, US-appointed stooge authorities said. Kamal al-Jarrah, 63, was ambushed outside his home in the al-Ghazaliyah district of Baghdad as he was leaving for work at about 7:30am.  He died of his wounds at the al-Yarmuk Hospital, said ‘Abd al-Khaliq al-‘Amri, a puppet ministry official.  Al-Jarrah was mainly responsible for dealing with exchange programs and relations with foreign countries and UNESCO. He had worked in the education field for 40 years, al-‘Amri said.


Iraqi puppet policeman killed and six others wounded in Resistance drive-by attack in al-‘Amarah.


An Iraqi puppet policeman was killed and six others wounded, one of them a Captain, in the city of al-‘Amarah, according to a report carried by Agence France Presse (AFP) which was quoting sources in the puppet police in that area.


‘Ali Hasan Salman of the local puppet police reported that one puppet policeman who had been guarding the police station was killed and six others, including a police Captain, wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack.  The Resistance fighters opened fire from moving cars and were able to get away after throwing a bomb at the puppet police station at 10:00pm Sunday night.


Muqtada as-Sadr wants to set up political party to take part in US dominated “elections” in Iraq.


Qays al-Khaz‘ali, spokesman for Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr said on Sunday that as-Sadr intends to set up a political party which will take part in elections in the country under the aegis of the US occupation.  Al-Khaz‘ali told Agence France Presse (AFP) that discussions were still under way concerning the establishment of such a party and it was not yet decided precisely who would take part in the work of such a party.


Later on Sunday, Qays al-Khaz‘ali denied that he had said that the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia would be turned into a political party, but admitted that the Muqtada as-Sadr group might take part in elections in Iraq under the US occupation.


Employees of US run TV company found dead near Syrian border Sunday.


Iraqi media sources reported that two Iraqis working for an “Iraqi” television company whose funding is supervised by the United States were killed and their bodies found near the Syrian border on Sunday.  A technician named ‘Abd al-Karim al-Hadari and his driver Jawad Kazim were killed in the town of al-Qa’im near the Syrian frontier.