Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 20 June 2004 through Wednesday, 23 June 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Sunday, 20 June 2004.


Iraqi Resistance bomb near Saddam International Airport kills two Iraqi puppet troops.


Two Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed and 11 others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance bomb explosion on a highway near Saddam International Airport near Baghdad.  The American Associated Press (AP) reported that four of the wounded were in serious condition.


Resistance battles US forces north of Baghdad.


US aggressor forces clashed with Iraqi Resistance fighters north of Baghdad on Saturday in a battle that reportedly left 10 Iraqis dead and 12 others injured according to Iraqi puppet police sources in a nearby hospital.  The Associated Press (AP) reporting the story said that the clashes occurred in Samarra’.


US admits one Marine killed in al-Anbar Province.


A US military spokesman admitted that one American Marine invader was killed in an Iraqi Resistance attack in al-Anbar Province west of Baghdad.  Al-Anbar is the province in which al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi are located.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported the US statement but offered no further details.


US admits soldier wounded in east of Baghdad on Saturday.


A US military spokesman said on Sunday that one American aggressor soldier was wounded in eastern Baghdad on Saturday night as a result of an Iraqi Resistance bomb.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the US spokesman failed to indicate how severe the soldier’s wounds were.


Three persons were reported killed when a hand-made bomb exploded in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance assassinates local puppet official in Tikrit.


An Iraqi puppet official in the city of occupied Tikrit was shot to death when Resistance fighters opened fire on his car Sunday morning.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported General Anwar Amin of the puppet so-called “civil defense forces” as saying that Resistance fighters on a road in the east of the city, opened fire on the car of ‘Izz ad-Din al-Bayyati, a member of the local puppet governing council in Tikrit.


Amin said that al-Bayyati’s driver and his personal body guard were wounded in the attack which occurred in ad-Duz district in the east of Tikrit.


Resistance bomb near Iraqi Central Bank kills two puppet policemen, wounds at least five on Sunday morning in Baghdad.


Two Iraqi puppet policemen were killed and more than five others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at the entrance to the ash-Shuhada’ overpass near the Iraqi Central Bank in downtown Baghdad Sunday morning.


According to al-Jazeera satellite TV, the bomb went off as a bus carrying bank employees was passing.  The blast damaged a number of shops and civilian cars in the area.  The puppet authorities closed the overpass to traffic and hurried to the area.


Earlier reports quoted Iraqi medical sources as saying that five persons were injured Sunday in an explosion that targeted a shopping district in Baghdad.  The district was sealed off after the blast, which occurred when it was crowded.  Four cars that were parked in the area were damaged by the bomb.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that the five injured persons were taken to al-Kindi Hospital for treatment and the Iraqi puppet police began an investigation.


An initial report stated that Iraqi puppet security sources had reported that a massive explosion targeted the Iraqi Central Bank in Baghdad on Sunday morning.  ‘Ali Ghanim of the puppet police then reported that the Iraqi Resistance bomb left two bank employees and one guard wounded.


The AP attributed the blast at the bank to a mortar round.


Six puppet police killed, five others wounded in Resistance bombing of puppet police station in Samarra’.


The local correspondent of al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Sunday that Iraqi puppet police sources say that an Iraqi Resistance explosive struck a puppet police station in Samarra’, killing six puppet policemen and wounding five others.


Iraqi Resistance ambush motorcade of puppet so-called “minister of health,” seven puppet policemen said wounded.


Iraqi puppet police spokesmen announced that the Iraqi puppet so-called “health minister” ‘Ala’ ‘Abd as-Sahib al-‘Alwan, on Saturday night survived an Iraqi Resistance assassination attempt.


The spokesman said that an Iraqi Resistance bomb, that had been planted in a road in as-Salihiyah district in Baghdad, exploded as the motorcade of the so-called “minister of health” was passing by.  The puppet police claimed that the so-called “minister” was unhurt.


The Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) which reported the Resistance attack said that puppet police, summoned by the “minister” or his staff, clashed with a number of Resistance fighters after the bombing as they approached the scene. About seven puppet policemen and 10 Iraqi civilians were wounded in the gun battle that lasted some 45 minutes.


US troops kill Turkish truck driver near Baghdad.


Turkish CNN Television reported on Sunday that US troops shot to death a Turkish truck driver after he failed to notice a checkpoint near Baghdad.  Reuters reported the Turkish TV channel as saying that two other persons were wounded in the American assault that took place on Thursday night.


A spokesman for the US embassy in Ankara said that he could not confirm the story.  Turkish officials also had no immediate comment on the report.















Monday, 21 June 2004.


Iraqi Resistance entraps and pounds US aggressors near al-Fallujah, destroying six Huvees.


At 2:15am Monday Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed six American Humvees at the main check point on the outskirts of al-Fallujah under the International Highway Bridge, according to an exclusive report by the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.


In a qualitative operation, the Resistance stopped the US forces in a planned ambush.  The Resistance carried out a surprise attack on the US aggressors at the main checkpoint on the way into al-Fallujah.  The Iraqi Resistance forced the US invader troops to withdraw 200 meters from the checkpoint.


After the US retreat from the checkpoint, the US troops fell into a trap already prepared by the Resistance.  The Resistance launched an intensive mortar barrage on the Americans, destroying the six Humvees, and killing or wounding all who were aboard.


The US aggressors continued their retreat for 30 minutes until they received reinforcements from the American troops encamped in the agricultural zone in the environs of al-Fallujah.


Four US aggressor troops killed in ar-Ramadi.


Four American aggressor troops were killed in a Resistance attack in the city of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported eyewitnesses as saying that they found the bodies of the Americans covered in blood at a site under construction in the city, without indicating when they had been killed.


Al-‘Arabiyah’s correspondent reported that the US troops had been concentrated in the building that was under construction in the city.  At the time when one patrol on duty there was being relieved by another the Iraqi Resistance surprised them, spraying them with bullets and killing four of them.  Al-‘Arabiyah broadcast a video clip showing the corpses, but as of the time of the report the US command had made no comment on the attack.


Later in the day the US military admitted that the four American corpses had been discovered, and that they had been US Marine invaders.


A correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Iraq reported that a US Marine foot patrol had been attacked by the Resistance in ar-Ramadi early on Monday, leaving four Marine invaders dead.  The correspondent reported eyewitnesses as saying that a group of Resistance fighters ambushed the Marines in a surprise assault and that the Marines broke up when they fled in different directions.  The witnesses said that the Resistance fighters were able to take four of the invaders.  Residents found the bodies on the eastern side of the main public thoroughfare in ar-Ramadi where they fell.  Some reported that the bodies had had their throats slit but had not been beheaded.


US tank plunges into creek, drowning crew.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a US tank plunged into a creek in the area of at-Taji, killing all aboard.  The American tank was reportedly a part of a US military patrol that was proceeding along the edge of one of the creeks in the area of at-Taji when it struck some soft soil, causing it to flip over and plunge into the creek, drowning all aboard.


US troops arrived immediately to rescue the crew, but it was only after four hours that the Americans were able to raise the tank out of the water.


Iraqi Resistance destroys US military truck on Sunday in Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses reported that a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters struck a truck belonging to the US occupation forces on Sunday in Baghdad.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the witnesses said that the Resistance attacked the US truck on the ad-Dulu‘i overpass in Baghdad, throwing two hand grenades at it.  One of the grenades failed to explode, but the other blasted the truck setting it ablaze.  The truck was reportedly completely burned.


Resistance, guards battle around Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces and guards of the Palestine Hotel in downtown Baghdad engaged in a gun battle on Monday morning, according to al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV.  US aggressor troops surrounded the Palestine Hotel, an institution that hosts a large number of foreign journalists working for imperialist and Zionist newsmedia.  Al-‘Arabiyah’s report on the clash made no mention of casualties.


US raids homes, arrests young people in Baghdad on Sunday.


US aggressor forces on Sunday surrounded and besieged and then stormed a number of houses of Iraqis in the al-Jawwadin neighborhood near ash-Shu‘lah district in Baghdad.  The American troops, having stormed into the houses, searched them and arrested numerous young men, and with them they confiscated a number of black bags.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the arrested men had their hands bound and US troops put them in Humvees.  Along with the men were opaque black bags, the contents of which could not be ascertained.


The public in Baghdad links the wave of raids and arrests to the upsurge in Iraqi Resistance attacks on US occupation forces.


Resistance kills 2, wounds 14 puppet troops.


The US military in a statement on Monday announced that the Iraqi Resistance had killed two members of the Iraqi National Guard and wounded 14 others in an attack with explosives that took place Monday in Baghdad.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported the US propaganda statement as saying that two members of the puppet so-called civil defense force – a stooge organization set up and armed by the US occupation – were killed and 14 others wounded at about 11:00am local time as they were carrying out a patrol in the occupied Iraqi capital.



US journalist: Kurdish chauvinist militias in Iraq being trained by “Israeli” operatives.


US journalist Seymour Hersh reported in the American New Yorker magazine published on Monday 21 June 2004 that the Zionist entity (“Israel”) has operatives training commando units in laregely Kurdish areas of US-occupied Iraq.  Hersh indicated that the arrangement gives the Zionist entity “eyes and ears” in occupied Iraq and to an extent in Syria and Iran as well.  Hersh wrote that the Zionist presence in Iraq was “widely known” within the US “intelligence community.


The Zionist embassy in Washington said that Hersh’s report was “simply untrue.”  Nevertheless, the report, quoting current and former intelligence officials in the United States, the “Middle East,” and Europe, said one of “Israel”’s main objectives is to increase Kurdish chauvinist military strength to balance that of Shi‘i militias.


“Look, ‘Israel’ has always supported the Kurds in a Machiavellian way as balance against Saddam,” the magazine quotes a former “Israeli” intelligence official as saying. “It's Realpolitik. By aligning with the Kurds, ‘Israel’ gains eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.”


Hersh wrote that wrote that by the end of 2003, the Zionist Entity concluded that the administration of President Bush “would not be able to bring stability or democracy to Iraq, and that ‘Israel’ needed other options.”


The report also said that Zionist operatives had crossed into Iran with Kurdish chauvinist commandos to install sensors and other sensitive devices to spy on Iran's suspected nuclear facilities.



















Tuesday, 22 June 2004.


US admits two troops killed, one wounded near Balad on Tuesday.


Two American aggressor troops were killed and a third was wounded on Tuesday when the Iraqi Resistance attacked a US vehicle in the area of Balad north of Baghdad.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the Resistance attacked the US vehicle with small arms.  The US military admitted in a statement that two troops in its Danger Force were killed and one other wounded when their convoy came under small arms fire near Balad at about 12:45 in the afternoon on 22 June.  No further details were immediately available.


Iraqi Resistance pulverizes US headquarters at at-Taji Tuesday afternoon.


At 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon the US occupation headquarters in the city of at-Taji north of Baghdad came under a massive Iraqi Resistance rocket attack according to a correspondent from Mafkarat al-Islam in Iraq.


The correspondent reported that the attack was so powerful as to destroy the American headquarters completely.  After the American occupation of Iraq, US forces took over an old Iraqi civil defense base and turned it into a regional American aggressor headquarters.


Local residents who witnessed the attack reported that the Resistance employed Grad rockets in attacking the US headquarters – missiles that are some 5 meters (about 16 feet) in length.  Such missiles have great destructive power.


In a precisely timed attack, Iraqi Resistance pounds US base in as-Saqlawiyah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters from al-Fallujah attacked the US military base in the as-Saqlawiyah district,with rockets at 5:00am local time Tuesday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported local residents who witnessed the attack as saying that the ad-Dahhami estate in the north of as-Saqlawiyah, a complex that the US military have taken over as their local headquarters, was the target of the attack in which the Resistance fired four rockets at the structure.


The correspondent reports that the ad-Dahhami mansion consists of two buildings, one more extensive than the other.  All but one of the Resistance rockets struck the smaller structure, one rocket hitting the bigger building.  That rocket scored a direct hit and resulted in what the local people described as a “terrible explosion.”


Local residents say that there are more than 150 military vehicles - including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and Humvees - belonging to the US occupation army at the mansion complex.


The Resistance attack was set to coincide with the personnel shift change in the camp, a time when the maximum number of personnel are likely to be in the base.  The timing indicates that the Resistance has managed to penetrate into the base itself so as to obtain precise information regarding camp schedules and shift changes.


In the attack the Iraqi Resistance employed a type of rocket each one of which has an equal explosive yield to the rockets employed by the American aggressors when they attacked two houses in al-Fallujah a few days back, martyring 37 Resistance fighters and numerous local women and children.


After the attack on as-Saqlawiyah Tuesday morning, the US aggressors encircled the al-Fallahiyah neighborhood, believing that the missiles had been launched from there.  Al-Fallahiyah lies on the western bank of a water channel, across from the US base which lies on the eastern bank.


Iraqi Resistance bomb shreds oil pipeline near Bayji.


Iraqi puppet security sources reported Tuesday that Iraqi Resistance forces blew up a major oil pipeline that transports crude from the town of Bayji in northern Iraq to the country’s largest oil refinery.


Salah ‘Ali Hamid, a security guard who works on the Bayji oil pipeline, said that huge columns of thick smoke could be seen rising high in the sky from the burning oil pipeline near the town of al-Mashahidah, 20 miles north of Baghdad.  An Iraqi Resistance bomb shredded the pipeline when it exploded late on Monday night.  According to the American Associated Press (AP), the bomb destroyed the special apparatus at the oil refinery that produces gasoline.


Explosion rocks eastern entrance to al-Fallujah as Resistance targets US column.


A powerful explosion shook the eastern approach to the city of al-Fallujah, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, who reported that after the blast, black smoke covered the area, indicating that there was some vehicle on fire as a result of the explosion.  Investigation indicated that the powerful blasts were the result of an Iraqi Resistance mortar attack on a US military column that scored direct hits, producing the black smoke that was visible from within the city.


The correspondent reported that two US Apache helicopters were prowling the skies above the scene of the blast, suggesting that there were casualties among US military personnel.  US forces sealed off the area of the attack, allowing no one through the area.


The attack occurred on the other side of the international highway that runs past al-Fallujah on its way to the Jordanian frontier.  The attack occurred behind the bridge that separates the agricultural zone, where the US aggressors have a base to the northeast of al-Fallujah, and the at-Turabi neighborhood of al-Fallujah.


The Resistance targeted the US aggressor column in a stretch of dry, desert terrain named Bayt Abu ad-Dahm, after a place some 500 meters away from the scene of the ambush.


Six American troops killed in bombing of Humvee east of al-Fallujah on Monday.


Iraqi Resistance forces totally destroyed a US military Humvee, killing all six American personnel aboard in an attack carried out at the eastern approaches to al-Fallujah at exactly 5:30pm Monday afternoon, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


The correspondent reported that the blast was apparently set off by remote control.  He said that the explosion also damaged an American Jeep.


Iraqi Resistance car bomb kills puppet “minister’s” bodyguard.


A bodyguard of the puppet so-called Iraqi “government minister” ‘Adnan al-Janabi was killed on Tuesday when a car bomb exploded on a Baghdad street as a US convoy and police escort was passing by.  Two Iraqi bystanders were also reportedly killed in the blast one of them a six-year-old.


Iraqi puppet police sources told Reuters hat the guard of Iraqi “minister” ‘Adnan al-Janabi was killed in the blast, but the sources claimed that al-Janabi was not in the vicinity at the time of the Resistance attack.


One US soldier killed six others plus a profiteer wounded in Resistance barrage.


The US aggressor military announced that one American invader soldier was killed on Monday night in an Iraqi Resistance mortar attack on a position north of Baghdad.  The US military propaganda machine said in its statement that the Resistance bombardment also wounded six other US aggressor troops and one profiteer “contractor.”


The US statement, which was carried by American Radio Sawa, provided no further details about the Resistance barrage.


Five mercenaries killed, two wounded in Resistance bombing south of Mosul.


Five “security employees” (mercenaries) of the Iraqi puppet authorities working with the US occupation troops were killed and two others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded near al-Jiyarah district, 50km south of Mosul in northern Iraq on Tuesday.


The nationality of the mercenaries was not mentioned in initial reports of the attack.  A group of Iraqi citizens, however, gathered at the scene of the attack to express their joy over the Resistance victory. They shouted slogans against the US occupation, according to the Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA).


Iraqi collaborator shot to death by Resistance fighters.


In the Zayunah district northeast of Baghdad, an Iraqi collaborator translator working with the US aggressor troops was shot to death by the Iraqi Resistance, according to a report carried by Mafkarat al-Islam on Tuesday morning.


Resistance liquidates woman collaborator in Tikrit.


Iraqi Resistance fighters shot dead an Iraqi woman collaborator, according to a report filed by a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam on Tuesday evening.  The correspondent reported eyewitnesses to the attack as saying that a group of Resistance fighters opened fire on an Iraqi woman who works with the US occupation forces in Tikrit.  The collaborator woman was killed instantly.


Iraqi Resistance wounds local puppet governing council member in al-Yusufiyah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters shot and wounded a member of the local puppet governing council and another person in al-Yusufiyah, south of Baghdad, according to a report carred on Tuesday morning by Mafkarat al-Islam.


New US air raid on repair shop in al-Fallujah kills four Iraqis, wounds six.


Eyewitnesses and a hospital official have reported that four Iraqis were killed in an American air raid on al-Fallujah on Tuesday.


Reuters reported witnesses as saying that the US air raid targeted a workshop and wounded six persons in addition to killing four.  The witnesses said that Iraqi police and US aggressor troops closed off the roads leading to the scene of the American air raid, making exact reporting difficult.


The US propaganda machine claimed that the attack targeted a “hide out” of Resistance fighters with ties to Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi.  Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy director of operations of US aggressor forces in Iraq claimed that the targeting of the air raid was the result of several sources of intelligence.


(On Wednesday, 23 June 2004, Mafkarat al-Islam reported on a Tuesday air raid west of  al-Fallujah that killed 22 persons.  See below under news reports from Wednesday, 23 June 2004.)


US occupation launches wave of searches, arrests near ad-Dawli‘i Bridge in Baghdad.


The US aggressor forces on Tuesday launched a wave of raids and searches in a district near the ad-Dawli‘i Bridge in Baghdad. Humvees and armored vehicles have been used in the raids in a district that has recently become a theater for Resistance operations against the US invaders.  Journalists have recently shown up in the district on a nearly daily basis as they cover the Resistance to the US aggressors.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam  reported that armored vehicles and Humvees set up an ambush for the Resistance fighters, deploying American troops in the structures of nearby houses under construction.  There they are to lie in wait for any Resistance attacks that might occur.  It is evident, however, that the Resistance already learned of the US trap and therefore refrained from carrying out any operations in the area.


Iraqi professor and her husband shot to death in Mosul.


Iraqi puppet police sources reported on Tuesday that an Iraqi university professor and her husband were murdered when armed men attacked their home in Mosul Tuesday morning.


Iraqi puppet police sources reported that the professor, Laylah ‘Abdallah Sa‘d who taught law in the local university, and her husband Munir al-Khayru, were shot to death.  Initial reports provided no further details on the killing or the possible motive.


More than 100 Iraqi university professors and scientists have been assassinated since the US occupation of the country in spring 2003.  In many cases there have been charges of Zionist Mossad involvement in the murders.


Iraqi Resistance group executes south Korean hostage after US satellite regime in Seoul persists in sending additional aggressor troops to Iraq.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Tuesday that the Resistance organization, Jama‘at at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad, executed a south Korean hostage it was holding after the US satellite government in Seoul insisted on rejecting the demand not to send aggressor troops to aid the US in its occupation and plunder of Iraq.  The south Korean hostage, Kim Sun Il (33 years old) worked in Iraq taking supplies to US aggressor soldiers.


The Jama‘at at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad had given the US satellite authorities in Seoul 24 hours to reverse its decision to send additional troops in support of the US aggressors.  They reportedly extended the deadline for several hours after its expiration.  A Resistance spokesman on a tape broadcast by al-Jazeera addressed the south Korean satellite authorities, saying that “he who has given warning is guiltless,” and that the execution, which was carried out by beheading, “is what your own hands have wrought,” by continuing on the course of aggression and occupation in service to the United States.


The at-Tawhid wa-al-Jihad spokesman on the tape told the Seoul authorities “enough of your lies and deception – your forces are not here for the Iraqis but for America.”


Friday Resistance attack destroys two Humvees near Samarra’ killing all Americans aboard.


A correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Tuesday that Iraqi Resistance forces on Friday, 18 June 2004 detonated a large land mine as two US Humvees were passing by near the city of Samarra’.  The blast was of such force, eyewitnesses told the correspondent, that both Humvees were totally destroyed and all the Americans aboard them were killed in the attack.


Three American troops killed in Resistance attack on Samarra’ highway on Thursday.


Three US aggressor troops were killed in an Iraqi Resistance attack on their vehicle on the Baghdad-Samarra’ highway on Thursday, 17 June 2004, according to eyewitness accounts told to a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.   The witnesses reported that a group of Resistance fighters struck a military vehicle of GMC make at the entrance to the Baghdad-Samarra’ highway.  The Resistance fighters used BKC weapons in their attack, which killed three of the Americans in the vehicle instantly.  US troops later arrived and pulled the bodies from the remains of the vehicle.


Iraqi puppet police attacked by Resistance on Sunday.


A detachment of Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a group of Iraqi puppet policemen on Sunday, 20 June 2004, in Baghdad.  According to a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, eyewitnesses reported that the Resistance fighters planted a bomb in the door of a storage building in al-Hurriyah district of the occupied Iraqi capital and detonated the explosive when a group of Iraqi puppet police were nearby.  Nevertheless, the reporter for Mafkarat al-Islam notes that the attack apparently left none of the puppet policemen dead, though it did wound some.


Iraqi Resistance liquidates two translator collaborators on Sunday.


A correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Tuesday that Iraqi Resistance fighters shot dead two collaborator translators in Baghdad on Sunday, 20 June.  The Resistance fighters fired machine guns as they rode past the collaborators who were traveling in an Opel.  The two collaborators were killed instantly.


US General visits El Salvador to appeal for more troops to be sent to Iraq.


The desperation of the US aggressors in Iraq was further exposed on Tuesday when the Spanish media revealed that the commander of United States Southern Command, General James Hill, on Monday pressed the small Central American country of El Salvador to send more troops to Iraq.


El Salvador is the only Latin American country that did not pull its occupation forces out of Iraq after the government in Spain resolved to do so several months ago.  Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic all followed the Spanish example and pulled out.


US General Hill reportedly visited a base of the Salvadoran Special Forces a few kilometers east of San Salvador and in an address said that “sending reinforcements to Iraq is a decision that the Salvadoran president and Salvadoran people must take.”  During his visit, the General also met with the Salvadoran President where the conversation centered on the matter of sending more Salvadoran troops.


Italy paid $4 million ransom to Green Brigade for release of Italian hostages, contrary to Rome’s claims.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Tuesday that Italian reports that Italy secured the release of Italian hostages without bargaining with the Resistance organization holding the four Italian prisoners are false.


Mafkarat al-Islam learned that the Italian authorities in Rome sent a delegation to Iraq to offer a sizable ransom to the Resistance.  The Resistance organization, however, rejected the offer of money.  After that rejection, a delegation was dispatched by the Vatican that negotiated with a number of the Resistance fighters of al-Fallujah who played the role of go-betweens in arrangements with the organization holding the Italians hostage.


According to sources in al-Fallujah, two of the Italian hostages were Italian Jews working with the Zionist Mossad, one of them with the rank of Colonel.  Prior to coming to Iraq, he had been sent by the Mossad to numerous places around the world where Islamic rebellions were being suppressed, including the Philippines, Bosnia, and Afghanistan.


The other Italian Zionist agent reportedly held the rank of major, and his experience was largely in repressing the Palestinian Intifadah in the territories occupied by the Zionists in 1967.


Apparently the Vatican delegation was able to convince the kidnappers to accept a ransom of US$4 million on condition that the three hostages never return to Iraq.


By way of background in the case, it will be remembered that an Iraqi Resistance group by the name of the Green Brigade detained some two months earlier four Italians ostensibly working for a US mercenary “security” company in Iraq.  The Green Brigade demanded at the time that the Italian regime of Silvio Berlusconi pledge to withdraw Italian aggressor troops from Iraq, and to set a specific time table for that pull out.  The Green Brigade also demanded that Berlusconi apologize for his insulting remarks against Islam and that Islamic religious leaders in occupation custody be released if the four Italian hostages were to be set free.


Berlusconi asserted, however, that a withdrawal of Italian aggressor forces from Iraq was not “open for discussion.”


In response, the Green Brigade executed one of the Italian captives as a “lesson for those who might take heed.”


On Tuesday 8 June 2004, the Italians were released as per the agreement mentioned above and departed for Italy.



























Wednesday, 23 June 2004.


Iraqi puppet policeman killed, one wounded in battle with Resistance in Mosul.


The Iraqi puppet police in the northern city of Mosul reported that one puppet policeman was killed and another wounded on Wednesday evening in a clash with the Iraqi Resistance.  The puppet police claim to have captured one of the Resistance fighters.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported puppet police Captain Ahmad ‘Uday Khayri as saying that the battle took place in ad-Dawwasah neighborhood in Mosul at 20:30 local time on Wednesday evening (16:30 GMT).  Khayri said that the puppet police believed that two of the Resistance fighters were wounded but that they escaped, while one other fighter was captured.


A physician in Mosul Hospital reported that the wounded puppet policeman was in critical condition and was undergoing surgery to remove two bullets from his chest.  The doctor of forensic medicine in the hospital, Dr. Ahmad ‘Abdallah Rajab, said that the puppet policeman who was killed had been struck by a bullet in the head.


Iraqi Resistance sets oil pipelines ablaze again.


Eyewitnesses reported on Wednesday that the Iraqi Resistance attacked and set ablaze an oil pipeline that forms part of the internal network within Iraq.  The Resistance also presumably set a pipeline running between Tikrit and Baghdad on fire, though the cause of that blaze was not officially admitted to be the Resistance.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that puppet oil officials were trying to ascertain whether the two fires had caused a breakdown in the flow of oil to the refineries or had affected the local network producing petroleum products and liquid natural gas.


Meanwhile, puppet oil officials claimed that “limited” exports of oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan had resumed on Tuesday, after a series of Resistance attacks on the main pipeline during the preceding three weeks.


An official in the Oil of the North who asked to remain anonymous claimed that pumping of oil to the Ceyhan terminal resumed after noon on Tuesday after the pipes that had repeatedly been blown up had been repaired.  The pumping on the line, he said, was at a level of 200,000 barrels per day.


US aggressors use new rocket to kill 22 local people west of al-Fallujah.


The US aggressors carried out an air raid west of al-Fallujah on Tuesday that left 22 persons dead, most of them women, children, and elderly, according to a report by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  US aggressor aircraft fired two rockets at a garden area adjacent to the Hajji Sami flour mill.  The air strikes targeted a garage also adjacent to the garden in the shade of which the people who own and work in the garden often relax, since it is run by fellow people from al-Fallujah.


The garage was leveled to the ground by the explosion of the US missile, which also left a three-meter (13-foot) deep crater in the ground.


The local eyewitnesses report that the American aggressors used some new sort of rocket in the attack, one that they had not yet seen, even though the people in the area of al-Fallujah have considerable experience with American weapons being used against them.

The new rocket, they say, makes no noise and it produces no smoke.  This allows the Americans to conceal any attacks using this type of weapon, particularly if the target is in some relatively remote area.


US troops shoot Iraqi dead in cold blood at dinner party in al-Qa’im.


The US invaders added a new crime to their already bulging dossier of outrage when on Monday American troops shot an Iraqi man dead in cold blood in front of his family and guests in the city of al-Qa’im.


According to local residents quoted by a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, US aggressor troops had taken over the home of Muhsin Zaydan in al-Qa’im, near the Syrian border, as a nighttime observation post.


Muhsin complained of the occupation of his house to the local governor and also to the US forces, but received no response from them.


On Monday, on the occasion of the release of Muhsin’s son from notorious Abu Ghurayb prison, Muhsin Zaydan held a dinner party and invited all his relatives and the people of his town.  US aggressor troops came in and shot him twice in full view of his guests and relatives, according to the report.


To add insult to injury, the arrogant US troops on Tuesday once again barged into Muhsin’s house where his widow still lives, to occupy it as a night time observation post, “as usual.”


Car bomb explodes near Ibn an-Nafis Hospital in Baghdad Wednesday morning.


The Iraqi puppet police announced on Wednesday morning that a car bomb had exploded near Ibn an-Nafis Hospital in Baghdad.  Propaganda officers of the US occupation forces had no immediate information on the blast.  Reuters had no immediate reports of any casualties resulting from the explosion.


American aggressors storm houses, arrest hundreds in raids in Balad.


US occupation forces in Iraq on Wednesday launched a large-scale wave of raids and arrests in a village near the city of Balad, north of Baghdad.  Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported that the American aggressor troops embarked on a very painstaking house-to-house search in the village in the course of which they arrested hundreds of local Iraqis.


The raids come in response to an Iraqi Resistance ambush on Tuesday night that took the lives of two US aggressor troops.


Residents of the village of Abu Hashmah said that more than 300 American aggressor troops took part in the raid on their homes.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV broadcast footage showing homes damaged by the US troops as they forcibly stormed inside.  One Iraqi woman was shown crying in terror at what was happening to her house as a result of the US attack.


A US propaganda spokesman said on Tuesday that two American invader troops had been killed and a third wounded in a Resistance attack near Balad.


Two women collaborators liquidated in al-Basrah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters have liquidated two women collaborators, Janet and Shatha ‘Udishu, sisters who worked for a big US monopoly.  Relatives of the collaborators confirmed that the women were shot to death by Resistance fighters on Tuesday near their home in al-Basrah in southern Iraq.


The father of the collaborators, Sa‘dah ‘Udishu said that he was waiting for his daughter to return from work at the port at about 5:00 pm local time when he heard the sound of gunshots.  Neighbors said that the Resistance fighters opened fire on the collaborators’ car from a passing vehicle. The driver of the vehicle in which the collaborators were riding, was also wounded.


Iraqi puppet regime to close borders, impose partial curfew.


Propaganda sources in the Iraqi puppet regime have disclosed that the US-installed regime has decided to close its borders with neighboring states for five consecutive days.  The measure comes as an attempt by the puppet regime to try to curb “infiltration” of Arab volunteers from across the borders.  LBC television reports that the interim puppet government is also set to impose a partial curfew within Iraq.


Muqtada as-Sadr group rejects call to take part in “National Congress.”


On Wednesday, the group led by Shi‘i cleric Muqtada as-Sadr announced officially that they do not desire to participate in the work of the National Congress which is expected to convene at the end of July, and which is to chose an interim “National Assembly” – a type of temporary parliament. Shaykh Ahmad ash-Shaybani, an official spokesman for as-Sadr’s office in an-Najaf said “we reject the invitation that was conveyed to us to take part in the National Congress.”


According to Agence France Presse (AFP) ash-Shaybani said, “we studied this invitation for three days and found that it does considerable wrong to our line.”


Fu’ad Ma‘sum, the Chairman of the Supreme Preparatory Committee supervising the establishment of the “Iraqi National Congress,” invited “a well-known personage” in Muqtada as-Sadr’s group to take part in the work of the preparatory committee for the Congress, but he declined to attend.


Asked about the participation of Muqtada as-Sadr or his group in the effort to chose a National Assembly, Ma‘sum told a press conference on Tuesday, “There’s a difference between sending an invitation to Muqtada as-Sadr and sending an invitation to as-Sadr’s group.  The Sadri group is broader than Muqtada as-Sadr’s own trends.


Muqtada as-Sadr, US occupation said to be holding secret negotiations.


Shi‘i religious community sources reported that secret negotiations without intermediaries have been underway in an-Najaf between representatives of the occupation authorities and a delegation representing Muqtada as-Sadr.  The talks have so-far apparently focused on getting Muatada as-Sadr involved in the political game to be supervised by the US occupation after the theatrical “transfer of power” on 30 June.


It is known that the US occupation will continue to control the country and that some 200 American and other western “advisers” are to occupy positions in all the “Iraqi” ministries – facts that make clear the superficial character of the “changes” of 30 June.


The Shi‘i sources maintain that an eight-man delegation of clerics representing as-Sadr have been holding talks with the occupation authorities who are represented in the negotiations by a Mr. Rose, an official from what is to be the US embassy in occupied Iraq.  (That embassy is to be officially established at the beginning of July under its chief of mission, ambassador John Negroponte, in the so-called “green zone” where the occupation authorities now have their headquarters.)  The Shi‘i religious sources described the talks so far as “positive.”


According to the newspaper Akhbar al-Khalij, in the course of the negotiations, the American side has extended permission to Muqtada as-Sadr to take part in the political life of occupied Iraq when it called on him to nominated a representative to sit on the Preparatory Body for the National Congress, the number of whose members has risen from 65 to 100 in order to embrace representatives from the soon-to-be-dissolved puppet so-called “Interim Governing Council” (chaired by L. Paul Bremer), as well as persons who were outside the collaboration process.  The American invitation amounts to giving as-Sadr’s group permission to run in the coming “elections” to be managed by the US occupation authorities for the purpose of producing a rubber stamp “National Assembly” whose main role will be to cloak the occupation with a thin veneer of “democracy.”


The Shi‘i religious sources expect that Muqtada as-Sadr’s agreement to participate in the occupation’s “political arena” will complicate life for the other Shi‘i factions who had hoped to be able to monopolize the attention of the US occupation authorities if as-Sadr were outside the process.  As-Sadr’s representatives are expected to win a sizable number of votes from sympathizers in any election carried out under the US occupation.


It will be remembered that US proconsul L. Paul Bremer had issued an edict prohibiting the heads of dissolved militias from taking part in elections for three years.  It was an edict believed to be virtually tailor-made to prevent Muqtada as-Sadr from entering joining the occupation’s political game.


Observers were therefore surprised at the invitation extended to Muqtada as-Sadr by Fu’ad Ma‘sum, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee supervising the establishment of the “Iraqi National Congress,” to take part in elections.  This invitation was interpreted as having been given the green light by Washington.