Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Saturday, 29 May 2004 through Monday, 31 May 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.


Saturday, 29 May 2004.


Iraqi Resistance launches missile strike on US supply depot east of al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters on Saturday launched a missile attack on a US support point 4km east of al-Fallujah, according to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in that city.


The Resistance operation took place early Saturday night and the extent of US aggressor losses was still unknown when he filed his report.  He reported that eyewitnesses said that the support point is located along the highway to Baghdad and that it serves to support US troops east of al-Fallujah.  Numerous tanks and Humvees are usually parked at the location.


Six aggressor troops wounded in car bombing in Mosul.


The US military announced that six aggressor troops were wounded when an explosives-laden car blew up in front of the US military base near the city of Mosul, 370km north of Baghdad in northern Iraq on Saturday.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported a US military occupation spokesman as saying that the booby-trapped car exploded on Saturday evening.  He claimed that the six wounded aggressors received treatment at a military hospital and that four of them had been released.


Iraqi puppet government employees wounded by Resistance mortar shell.


The Iraqi puppet police reported that an Iraqi Resistance mortar shell landed some 400 meters from the headquarters of the US administration in the center of Baghdad on Saturday morning, wounding four people, one of them seriously.  An officer in the puppet police told Reuters that the four were puppet government employees waiting in line for a security search prior to entering the Iraqi puppet so-called “housing ministry.”


The US aggressors had no immediate information on the attack.


US General admits an average of 40 Resistance attacks per day.


US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy commander of operations of the US aggressor military in Iraq, told the press on Saturday that the level of Iraqi Resistance attacks against his invader troops had risen since 4 April 2004 to an average of 40 attacks per day.  Prior to 4 April, the average had been between 18 and 20 Resistance attacks per day.


Kimmitt stated that the biggest problem facing his aggressor troops was the large number of mines planted by the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, but, Kimmitt said, they have no maps showing their location.


Kimmitt said that 600 Iraqi prisoners had been released and he said that a shooting incident near the transport busses proved to be an expression of joy at the prisoner release.  (To put the latest prisoner release into perspective, it should be noted that the total number of Iraqi prisoners held by the US forces according to conservative estimates by international organizations is between 12,000 and 13,000.)


Iraqi Resistance assassinates Kurdish puppet police colonel in Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters Saturday morning assassinated a Kurdish puppet police official in Kirkuk together with three of his relatives, according to a statement by the puppet police director for Kirkuk Province to Agence France Presse (AFP).


Puppet police Major General  Shayrgo Shakir Hakim said that at 5:08am local time Saturday morning, Resistance fighters opened fire on the car carrying Colonel Sabir Muhammad Sabir, Director of the puppet so-called civil defense force department in the Kiruk puppet police.  Sabir was killed instantly.  The attack, which took place in central Kirkuk, also left Sabir’s wife, sister and son mortally wounded.  They died upon arrival in hospital.  Colonel Sabir is the fourth Kurdish collaborator to be killed in northern Iraq in about one month.


Fighting resumes in al-Kufah.


Battle resumed on Saturday morning in al-Kufah between the US aggressor forces and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr.  It was the second day of fighting after the two sides announced that they had concluded a ceasefire agreement.


Shaykh Muhammad al-Ghazzawi of Jaysh al-Mahdi told Agence France Presse (AFP) “last night was peaceful but at 9:00am this morning US forces opened fire from a tank positioned at the al-Kufah bridge on a position of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia.”  Shaykh al-Ghazzawi said that the Jaysh al-Mahdi returned fire.


The AFP reported that the Jaysh al-Mahdi fired mortars and heavy artillery shells from a position near one of the town’s major mosques at US positions by the al-Kufah bridge.









Sunday, 30 May 2004.


Fifteen US troops killed in car bombing in ar-Ramadi on Sunday.


Fifteen US invader troops were killed in ar-Ramadi on Sunday when an Iraqi Resistance explosives-laden car collided with them as they were walking a foot patrol.  The attack occurred as the American troops were passing near Saddam Hospital, an institution now renamed the Maternity Hospital.  Most of the bodies were burned and charred as a result of the powerful attack.


Witnesses told the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that the booby-trapped car sped towards the invader troops when the foot patrol got to about 50 meters from the ar-Ramadi courthouse.  A huge explosion followed.  The events took place so quickly that eyewitnesses were not even sure of the type of car that blew up or if it proceeded towards the American troops at a steady speed – a method now adopted by the Iraqi Resistance.


Thirteen American troops killed in massive roadside bombing north of al-Fallujah.


A US aggressor column was attacked by Iraqi Resistance fighters north of al-Fallujah on Sunday near al-‘Askari neighborhood on the highway.  All the American troops in the column were killed when a series of Iraqi Resistance bombs on the road exploded.  Local people heard the loud explosions and hurried to the scene.  A crowd gathered, but then was broken up after US helicopters arrived.


According to eyewitness accounts carried by the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, two Humvees were totally destroyed as were four Opal cars, a vehicle used by the occupation forces and their stooges for the transport of puppet officials.  Most of the bodies were charred by firey blast that engulfed the several vehicles.


Each of the “civilian” cars had been driven by a US soldier, and there were two charred bodies of US soldiers in the first Humvee.  The second Humvee contained the bodies of its driver and six soldiers in the passenger section.


Earlier, presumably in an initial report on the same attack, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported Sunday afternoon that  Iraqi Resistance forces from the city had attacked a US military column with rocket-propelled grenades on the ash-Shukr highway, on the way to the expressway north of the city.


The correspondent reported that the Resistance attack left a number of US troops dead and wounded, and a number of American military vehicles destroyed.  Eyewitnesses reported that al-Fallujah residents could see black smoke rising in the distance to the north of the city as a result of the attack.


Two western mercenaries killed, three others wounded in Resistance attack northwest of Baghdad Sunday afternoon.


Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported on Sunday afternoon that two westerners were killed and three others wounded in a Resistance attack northwest of Baghdad, according to an officer in the Iraqi puppet police.  The casualties are apparently mercenaries working for western “security companies.”


Captain Sa‘dun ‘Aziz of the puppet police said from the scene of the Resistance attack that two were killed and three others injured in three cars.  A correspondent for Agence France Presse (AFP) reported seeing a man in a car wearing a bulletproof vest and bleeding from the head.  There was a weapon beside him.  Bullet holes were clearly visible on the three cars.  A witness said “five or six persons escaped from the attack and got into a fourth car,” indicating that they had fled in the car.


Reuters reported that it appeared that two of the damaged cars had collided after coming under Resistance gunfire.  Two bodies could be seen at the site.  Residents of the area and one puppet policeman said that the Resistance fighters took with them three of the foreigners who had survived the attack.  Their fate, as well as their nationality was unknown on Sunday evening.


US invader troops cordon off area of Baghdad and make mass indiscriminate arrests of passers by following attack on mercenaries.


US aggressor forces on Sunday besieged and cut off the roads leading to an area in the central market in al-‘Amil neighborhood in the al-Bayya‘ district of Baghdad which is adjacent to al-Karakh in the Iraqi capital near the expressway leading to the airport road.  After sealing off the area, the US aggressor troops proceeded to make indiscriminate mass arrests of a number of Iraqis in the area – people who happened to be passing along one of the streets of the neighborhood at the time.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Baghdad said that the local people are now in fear as a result of the wave of mass and indiscriminate arrests.


The mass arrests followed a Resistance attack in which three mercenary foreigners were taken captive and others killed and wounded.


US admits three Marines killed by Iraqi Resistance in al-Anbar on Saturday.


The US military officially claimed on Sunday morning that three of its Marines were killed on Saturday in al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad – the province in which al-Fallujah is located.


The official US military statement said that the three Marine invaders were killed in a battle on 29 May in al-Anbar Province as they took part in an operation to “establish security and stability” under US occupation, according to a report on the American statement made by Agence France Presse (AFP).


The US statement did not specify exactly where in al-Anbar Province the Marines were killed nor did it offer any other details about the Iraqi Resistance attack, which came as US General Mark Kimmitt admitted in Baghdad that the Resistance is mounting an average of 40 assaults on the aggressors every day.


US admits one American killed nine others wounded in Tuesday mortar attack on US base in southern Iraq.


An official US statement issued on Sunday morning stated that one American aggressor soldier was killed and nine others wounded in a mortar attack on An American military base south of Baghdad on Tuesday, 25 May 2004, a dispatch from Agence France Presse (AFP) reported.


The US military statement failed to specify the exact location of the Resistance attack that took the toll in dead and wounded Americans, nor did it say whether the American died during the attack or afterwards from the injuries he had received.  This announcement followed another official statement acknowledging the deaths of three American Marines in al-Anbar Province.  That statement also failed to provide details on the circumstances of the deaths.


Battles continue in an-Najaf.


US aggressor troops battled Jaysh al-Mahdi militia in an-Najaf on Sunday, a day after the puppet governor of the city accused Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, to whom the Jaysh al-Mahdi is loyal, of failing to adhere to the cease-fire agreement he concluded with the US invader troops.


Jaysh al-Mahdi sources have indicated that the US continues to fire upon the Jaysh al-Mahdi, eliciting return fire.


Three Iraqis were injured in the battles on Sunday according to hospital sources.


Bulgarian aggressors to be shifted out of Karbala’ for “better protection” against Iraqi populace.


Nikola Kolev, Chief of Staff of the Bulgarian aggressor army said on Sunday that the Bulgarian invader unit stationed in Karbala’ would be pulling out of its base there within two or three months.  Kolev said that Bulgarian and Polish aggressor bases in Karbala’ would be turned over to Iraqi puppet forces after the 30 June American circus known as the “transfer of power” takes place.  On that date a new set of Iraqi puppets are to replace the puppet so-called “interim governing council” in a US effort to make its occupation of Iraq more acceptable to other western imperialist countries.


Sofia News reported that the goal behind the withdrawal of the Bulgarians and Poles from Karbala’ is to provide the east European invader troops with “better protection” against the resistant Iraqi population.  The Bulgarian Kilo camp in Karbala’ came under repeated Resistance attacks in April and May during fighting in the city.


The Polish Lima Base outside of Karbala’ is currently undergoing renovation and it is likely that the Bulgarians will be moved there after they evacuate their camp in Karbala’.


Infighting among stooges and aggressors: puppet police raid collaborationist party headquarters in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi puppet police prepared to raid the headquarters of the so-called Iraqi National Congress in the city of ar-Ramadi on Sunday morning.  Ahmad Chelebi, a convicted embezzler and CIA agent, heads the INC.  Chelebi has recently come in for criticism by his American masters who are apparently grooming a new crop of puppet leaders in his stead.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported from ar-Ramadi that the Iraqi puppet police gave the director of the INC office, Hamid Farhan Hayis six hours to clear the building or else they would be evicted forcibly.  The correspondent said that Hayis threatened to summon militiamen belonging to the INC if the situation demanded it.


Some 10 days earlier the Iraqi puppet police and US aggressor troops raided the home of Ahmad Chelebi himself as well as a major INC office in al-Masur neighborhood in Baghdad and seized computers and supplies.  Al-Jazeera reported from ar-Ramadi that the puppet police said they suspect that persons wanted by them were present inside the INC headquarters in ar-Ramadi.
















Monday, 31 May 2004.


Resistance pounds three US bases near al-Fallujah repeatedly during the night.


Three US aggressor bases near al-Fallujah came under a series of rocket attacks throughout the night of Sunday to Monday.  The Resistance barrages lasted until Monday morning and came in four waves, according to a report from the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


The attacks began at about 10:00pm Sunday and lasted for a half an hour.  Then at 12:30am another wave of attacks took place, again lasting half an hour.  The third attack took place at precisely 3:00am and lasted 45 minutes.  The fourth wave started just before sunrise on Monday and lasted for a quarter of an hour.


Throughout all the attacks, the US aggressor troops remained in their bases, taking the blows, afraid to venture out at night because coming out at night means to subject onesself to the prospect of huge losses in the course of the expert night attacks that the Resistance carries out.


The three bases targeted by the Resistance barrages were the base in the agricultural area near al-Fallujah, the base in as-Saqlawiyah, and that in al-Karmah.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reports that the Resistance probably carried out the simultaneous attacks on the three bases in an effort to prevent any one base coming to the aid of another.  There was no immediate information on the extent of US losses or casualties as a result of the attacks.  It is known, however, that large-scale and protracted operations such as these do usually inflict heavy losses on the aggressor forces.


Iraqi Resistance blasts hit US base near ad-Durah on southern outskirts of Baghdad before sunset on Monday.


Shortly before sunset on Monday, an Iraqi Resistance explosive struck the US base near ad-Durah district of Baghdad on the Baghdad-al-Hillah road.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast was a result of an Iraqi Resistance mortar or Katyusha rocket attack.  After the Resistance assaults, columns of smoke could be seen rising from the site.  No further details on US losses were available at the time the report was filed.


Iraqi Resistance rocket attack on US troops in al-‘Amiriyah.


An Iraqi Resistance detachment in al-‘Amiriyah in Baghdad struck a US military column that was passing by a sports club.  The Resistance fired rocket-propelled grenades of the RPG-7 type at the invader troops. According to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent, the attack resulted in no significant losses for the aggressors.


Iraqi Resistance bomb kills, wounds Americans on Humvee in al-Khadra’ neighborhood.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb blew up under the wheels of an American Humvee on the highway in the al-Khadra’ neighborhood in Baghdad, destroying the Humvee and killing or wounding all aboard.

According to a report by the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the US forces immediately closed the road after the attack.


Iraqi Resistance ambushes US column near ad-Dawli‘i bridge in Baghdad at noon on Monday.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US aggressor column near ad-Dawli‘i bridge in Baghdad at about noon on Monday. A blast occurred at the time, apparently the result of an Iraqi Resistance bomb, that destroyed a large US military vehicle transporter.  The driver of the transporter, an American soldier, was killed.  The transporter was loaded with supplies and equipment.


Seven Americans killed in Resistance attack Sunday night.


At 6:30pm Sunday night, a detachment of the Iraqi Resistance ambushed a group of US vehicles at the ad-Dawli‘i bridge on a highway.   Three GMC vehicles belonging to the US aggressor forces were hit by a volley of rockets fired by the Resistance.  The US vehicles were destroyed and seven persons who had been aboard them were killed.  Three other US aggressor troops fled on foot, then got into an Iraqi car and got away.


Directly after the incident, eyewitnesses reported, the US aggressor troops carted off all but one of their dead bodies.  The last corpse was too hard for them to extract from the wrecked vehicle so they left it.  Local people came to claim parts of the car as trophies of the Resistance victory and to have their pictures taken at the scene, where they also photographed the dead American’s corpse.  Later Iraqi puppet police arrived to take away the final corpse.


During the night US troops came and took away one of the cars, burning the two remaining vehicles, which were, at the time of the report, dumped by the side of the highway.


Witnesses reported that US troops spread out, bringing Iraqi translators with them on Monday at noon in the same area where the three cars were struck on Sunday as well as in neighboring districts.  The Americans carried out their wave of searches protected by armored vehicles and Humvees and began by asking people about how the incident occurred and who carried it out.  The US aggressors tried to obtain any information that might lead them to the Resistance attackers.  On Monday the US search for the Resistance fighters continued.


US invader troops circulate in Baghdad asking residents who the “terrorists” are.


Groups of US aggressor troops on Monday morning reportedly circulated in al-‘Amiriyah – Jami‘ Maluki district in the al-Karakh area of Baghdad and in the area of the village ‘A’ilat al-‘Iraq.  According to a correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the US troops took photographs of the district and started talking with people about the conditions there.  The Americans asked them who the “terrorists” were, in reference to the Iraqi Resistance fighters.  The correspondent said that the US troops also distributed newspapers to the local residents.


US admits: one US soldier killed, two others wounded in Resistance bombing south of Baghdad.


The US military announced on Monday morning that an American soldier was killed and two others wounded in the explosion of an Iraqi Resistance bomb under their vehicle south of Baghdad.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported the US statement, indicating that it provided no further details about the attack.


Iraqi Resistance mortar attack on US camp near Baghdad airport.


Al-Jazeera TV reported on Monday afternoon that Iraqi Resistance fighters fired mortar rounds at a US aggressor encampment at at-Tillah, near Saddam International Airport.  Columns of smoke could be seen rising from the American headquarters. The invaders had no immediate information on casualties resultant from the attack, and would neither confirm nor deny the attack.


US admits two killed, 13 wounded in Resistance car bombing in Baghdad.


US aggressor propaganda admitted early Monday afternoon that an Iraqi Resistance attack in Baghdad in which an explosives-laden car was used left two Americans dead and 13 others injured.


On Saturday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported the death of 15 Americans in a car bombing in ar-Ramadi.


Powerful noontime bomb near US headquarters in Baghdad leaves dead and wounded.


A powerful explosion blasted al-Kindi Street in downtown Baghdad on Monday around noon – a location near the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace area, known to Americans as the “green Zone.”  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported eyewitnesses as saying that the blast left numerous dead and wounded.  As of early afternoon, however, no further details or information on the exact number or identity of the casualties were available.


US acknowledges one death from Saturday mortar attack in Mosul.


The US military admitted Monday that one American soldier died on Sunday from wounds received in a mortar attack on Mosul the day before, according to a report of the statement carried by al-Jazeera TV.


Earlier in the day, the Americans had admitted that two US invader troops had been killed in two separate Resistance attacks in al-Kufah, and that a third American soldier had been killed and two others wounded in a bomb blast south of Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance bombs take out vehicle in US Humvee column in Baghdad, Sunday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces planted bombs on al-‘Amal ash-Sha‘bi Street in al-‘Amiriyah district, in the area of al-Karakh in Baghdad across from the ‘Adnan Khayrallah Middle School. The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the bombs  exploded at about 11:00pm Sunday night under one US Humvee in a column of four Humvees that was passing through the area.


The extent of US losses is unknown but eyewitnesses told the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent that the Resistance scored direct hits on the vehicles.  US troops immediately afterward closed off the area of the attack, and carted off the wrecked Humvees.  After the US troops left the area, the signs of fire and the bomb crater as well as broken glass remained to tell part of the tale.


UK claims only one Iraqi killed in Resistance attack Sunday.


The British Foreign Office announced on Monday morning that four British “civilians: and one Iraqi survived an Iraqi Resistance attack on their convoy northwest of Baghdad on Sunday.  It said that one Iraqi was killed in the attack and that his body had been found.


Eyewitnesses told Reuters on Sunday that Resistance fighters attacked the convoy made up of three vehicles firing small arms at it as it traveled along the highway.  They said that two westerners were killed in the attack.  Local residents and the puppet police said that the Resistance fighters took three survivors of the attack with them when they left the scene.  The spokesman for the British Foreign Office said, however, that sources who visited the scene after the attack did not believe that that is what happened.


After the Resistance attack, local Iraqis celebrated the attack at the scene, setting fire to the stricken vehicles.


Resistance bomb hits Dutch invader patrol in as-Samawah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a Dutch aggressor patrol vehicle in the town of as-Samawah.  Dutch Radio claimed that the attack left no casualties.


Iraqi puppet police raid headquarters of Ahmad Chelebi’s “party” in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi puppet police raided the office of the so-called Iraqi National Congress Party lead by convicted embezzler and US CIA agent Ahmad Chelebi in ar-Ramadi.  Al-Jazeera TV’s correspondent reported that party members vacated the building after hours of haggling and threats to call in the party’s militia.  Finally the party members said that they had received instructions from their master, Chelebi, to vacate the office.


On Sunday the puppet police gave the local party officials six hours to vacate the premises on the grounds that their party headquarters belonged to the city water purification plant. Chelebi, the head of the Iraqi National Congress, has recently come in for criticism by his American masters who are apparently grooming a new crop of puppet leaders in his stead.


US invaders: one more American admitted killed Monday.


The US aggressor forces admitted late on Monday that one American soldier had been killed and two others wounded during an Iraqi Resistance bomb attack in Baghdad, according to al-Jazeera TV.  The statement followed an earlier report by General Mark Kimmitt providing information on the deaths of two other American invader troops. (See below.)


Two US aggressor troops killed in grenade attack southeast of Baghdad on Monday.


On Monday the US military admitted that two of its aggressor soldiers were killed in a hand grenade attack by the Iraqi Resistance southeast of Baghdad.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported US Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt as telling a press conference on Monday that the US aggressor troops came under attack as they were trying to set up roadblocks.  Kimmitt said that one US soldier was killed at the time, while another later died of his wounds.


Kimmitt said that the homemade bomb, which weighed 500 pounds, was planted by a roadside.


Kimmitt also said that a member of the Iraqi puppet so-called civil defense forces was also killed in a separate Iraqi Resistance attack during the previous 24 hours.


US military admits two soldiers killed south of al-Kufah, Monday.


The US military officially announced on Monday morning that two US soldiers were killed in two separate Resistance attacks that occurred south of al-Kufah.  The US propaganda statement quoted by Agence France Presse (AFP) said that one of the American aggressors was killed when his patrol came under small arms fire.  The second American invader was killed when a rocket-propelled grenade hit his tank.


Fighting breaks out in al-Kufah.


US military sources have reported that fighting broke out on Sunday night in the city of al-Kufah between US aggressor troops and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr.  The battle began as US troops were carrying out a reconnaissance mission in the city, the official American statement claimed.


An American spokesman said that 100 soldiers with the 237th Armored Brigade entered al-Kufah in order to count the number of Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen there and to determine where they are deployed.  He also claimed that 30 Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen had been killed during the fighting, but offered no figures as to how many militiamen were engaged in the fighting as a whole.


For his part, Ahmad as-Saybani, a spokesman for the Jaysh al-Mahdi, said that the US occupation forces used tanks and helicopters and entered the city from three approaches – the first from the US camp between an-Najaf and al-Kufah, the second from the as-Suhayl Mosque area, and the third from the direction of a city outside of al-Kufah.


During the operations, the US inspected a puppet police station that they believe is a center for groups opposed to the US for launching attacks on the American forces in a base near the city.


The US spokesman claimed that American troops came under Jaysh al-Mahdi light automatic weapons fire as they entered the city and that one US tank was damaged by a rocket during the battle that lasted nearly one hour.  After the fighting, the US aggressors returned to where they had come from outside of al-Kufah.


Netherlands confirms kidnapping and death of Iraqis working for Dutch journalist agents of the occupation.


Dutch government sources confirmed that two Iraqis who had been working for Dutch journalists resident in Iraq had been kidnapped and killed.  According to a Dutch journalist association official, the two had been kidnapped on Friday.  One of the dead men was the driver and personal bodyguard of Isma‘il Zayir, an Iraqi journalist who carries Dutch citizenship, and his Dutch wife, Anek Amilroy who works for a Dutch newspaper.


Other reports indicated that Zayir served as editor of the Iraqi newspaper as-Sabah (“the Morning”), a paper funded directly by the US Defense Department.  The paper is reportedly regarded by Iraqis as being the mouthpiece of the occupation authorities.


Prior to the abduction of the driver and guard, the Iraqi puppet police had warned US occupation authorities that he had received threats of abduction for his collaboration with the aggressors.  Because of the threats, Zayir remained hidden in his house for a long period.  When he came out of hiding, he found that his driver and the four cars that he kept parked outside his home were gone.


The bodies of the guard and driver were found in the Raghib Khatun district of Baghdad


Iraqi Islamic Party official assassinated.


The Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Islamic Party announced on Monday that a high-ranking official in the party was gunned down by Resistance fighters as he returned home in his car late on Sunday night.  The so-called Iraqi Islamic Party is an organization based on the Muslim Brotherhood of Iraq that is represented on the puppet so-called “interim governing council of Iraq” headed by US proconsul L. Paul Bremer.


Reuters quoted Iyyad as-Samarra’i as saying that four Resistance fighters attacked Qahtan ar-Rabi‘i who was in charge of the Party’s radio and television section when he was leaving Baghdad to return home in the town of al-Mahmudiyah.  As-Samarra’i said that the Party believes that the killing of ar-Rabi‘i was an assassination, but said that they would be awaiting the findings of the puppet police investigation.


As-Samarra’i said that local residents detained one of the attackers and handed him over to the headquarters of the party in Baghdad.


Muhsin ‘Abd al-Hamid, the head of the so-called Islamic Party, is a prominent member of the puppet so-called “interim governing council of Iraq.”   Because of the organization’s collaboration with the occupation the Arab Socialist Ba‘th Party referred to the so-called Islamic Party as the “Party of Apostacy.”