Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 3 June 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Friday, 3 June 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.



Resistance bomb kills eight US troops in Hit Friday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-packed Daewoo into a US military column that was halted near the railroad crossing in the middle of Hit at 4pm Friday afternoon, local time.  The blast destroyed two Humvees and disabled a third.  Eight US troops were killed in the explosion and six more wounded, three of those seriously, according to Captain Sa‘dun al-‘Izzi of the Iraqi puppet army.


Al-‘Izzi said that the dead and wounded Americans belonged to a US cavalry unit.  After the attack, US forces encircled the area, cutting the roads leading to the scene of the bombing.  They evacuated their casualties to the US ‘Ayn al-Asad airbase west of Hit.




Resistance bomb blasts US troops as they snoop on Friday religious service at mosque in al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a column of US foot soldiers as it was stopped near the al-Anbiya’ Mosque in the al-Jubayl neighborhood of al-Fallujah at 2pm Friday afternoon Friday local time.


Every Friday as part of their reign of terror and repression in Iraq, US troops gather outside mosques throughout the country and, together with their collaborator translators, they monitor the sermon delivered by the Imam to the congregation over the mosque loudspeakers.  If the Imam makes any overt statements against the occupation, they storm in in the middle of the service and arrest the imam and worshippers.


Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb, which was apparently hidden under a pile of rubble, exploded when a group of US soldiers approached.  Six American troops were killed in the blast, witnesses said.


For his part, Iraqi puppet captain ‘Ali Jum‘ah told Mafkarat al-Islam that the explosion killed or wounded nine US troops.  One of the wounded men lost a leg.


Two helicopters landed at the scene and numerous Humvees showed up shortly after the blast.  US troops opened intensive gunfire around the area as they arrived and surrounded the mosque, shooting in order to frighten the worshippers inside.  The Americans arrested more than 20 worshippers who were attending the service in the outdoor courtyard because the mosque itself was too crowded for them to get in – as is commonly the case.




Four US troops said killed in Resistance bombing in ar-Ramadi.


In a dispatch posted at 2:40pm Mecca time Friday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US foot patrol as it wandered the streets of the northern part of ar-Ramadi.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in that city reported local residents who witnessed the bombing as saying that the bomb was planted under an electric pole and that it exploded, killing four US troops and wounding five more, three of them seriously.


Afterwards, US troops gathered in the place and called in two helicopters on which they evacuated their dead and wounded in full view of local residents.


Resistance shoots down US helicopter near al-Quds Mosque.


In a dispatch posted at 2:15pm Mecca time Friday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a short while earlier, Iraqi Resistance forces shot down a US Apache helicopter that was hovering at low altitude near the al-Quds ash-Sharif Mosque north of ar-Ramadi, 110km west of Baghdad.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in ar-Ramadi reported worshippers at the mosque as saying that they saw smoke billowing from the stricken helicopter before it crashed to earth.  At the time of reporting, US forces had locked up the worshippers in the courtyard of the mosque and had completely encircled all the area nearby as they searched for the crew of the downed craft who were believed killed in the incident.




Resistance bomb kills four US Marines in al-‘Amiriyah.


In a dispatch posted at 7:05pm Friday afternoon Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol on al-‘Amal ash-Sha‘bi Street opposite the intersection of roads leading to al-‘Amiriyah and az-Za‘faraniyah in the predominantly Sunni Baghdad district of al-‘Amiriyah on Friday.


A source in the puppet so-called “wolf brigade” of puppet troops told Mafkarat al-Islam that an Iraqi Resistance land mine planted by the side of the road blew up by a US armored vehicle carrying four US Marines.  The blast destroyed the vehicle, turning it into a ball of flame that engulfed it before the Marines inside could be rescued.


US forces encircled the whole area and called in the Iraq Fire Department to put out the blaze caused by the explosion of munitions inside the vehicle.  The occupation troops pulled the bodies out about of the completely charred vehicle about half an hour after the attack.


The correspondent reported that he could not photograph the wrecked vehicle because of new rules announced by the US military on Friday, according to which a unified “Information Office” was created – the US Military Information Office.  The media are now required to obtain press photographs from the US military information office.  Any press photographer who takes a picture of any wrecked US vehicle is now subject to penalties up to arrest and imprisonment.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV, reporting a midday car bomb attack on a commercial street in al-‘Amiriyah, quoted the puppet police as saying that the blast, aimed at a US convoy, wounded three Iraqis and inflicted material damage on shops and restaurants nearby.  The al-Jazeera report, dependent on US and stooge sources, made no mention of US casualties.


Palestinians resident in Iraq denounce campaign of terror and intimidation.


Palestinian refugees in Iraq addressed an appeal to all Arab and international organizations, official and unofficial, concerned with justice and human rights to intervene to stop the daily attacks that official and non-official elements in occupied Iraq are now mounting against their community.


The appeal listed some of the latest instances of assaults on their community.


  1. At 11:30am Tuesday, 31 May 2005, Misbah ‘Abd as-Salam, a Palestinian refugee, was arrested by puppet security forces at his place of work in construction materials store in the al-Hurriyah section of Baghdad.  No explanation for his arrest was given.


  1. Iraqi puppet security forces raided several Palestinian homes in the Palestinian residential area of az-Za‘faraniyah in Baghdad, detaining 14 Palestinians and arresting four: Samir Hasan, Rafiq Haydar, Hilal Su‘ud, Muhammad Sidqi.  The fate of those four who were taken away is unknown.  The appeal noted that even some of the puppet security men were shocked at the living conditions of the Palestinian refugees and remarked that the homes in which they have had to live were not fit for animals.  But that is but another of the afflictions with which the Palestinians have had to deal since the US occupation.


  1. At 8:30pm Tuesday, 31 May 2005, puppet “al-Husayn Brigade” security forces of the puppet so-called “interior ministry” raided the Palestinian residential area in the ar-Ri’asah area in eastern Baghdad.  There they arrested Hashim al-As‘ad who is known as Abu Marwan and his son, Marwan, a university student.  The puppet troops stormed into Abu Marwan’s apartment after first bursting into the home of their Iraqi neighbors by mistake and terrorizing that family.  The security forces also terrorized Abu Marwan’s family and were about to arrest all the children but after the pleas of the women of the family, contented themselves with hauling away “only” Abu Marwan and his son.


  1. At 9pm on Tuesday, 31 May 2005, members of the same puppet security organization raided the home of Jamal Ibrahim Munib in the same apartment complex.


  1. On Wednesday morning, 1 June 2005, residents of the Palestinian apartments in the al-Baladiyat area of Baghdad awoke to find papers posted around their area full of curses and insults directed at them and using strong language to threaten all Palestinian families in the area with expulsion.  When these written threats were brought to the puppet authorities, the complaint met with silence.


  1. Palestinian Muhammad Badr Khalifah, who lives in as-Sayyidiyah, was arrested by the Americans who meticulously searched his apartment but found nothing.  Until today the reasons for his arrest remain unknown.


  1. On Monday, 30 May 2005 many of the commercial establishments in the al-Mashtal neighborhood near the Palestinian residential area in al-Baladiyat were raided.  When it was learned that one of the workers in one of the local restaurants was a Palestinian over 50 years old who provided for a family of six, his Palestinian identity card was stuffed into his mouth and he was beaten and kicked.  He was told never to come into that district again, even though he was born in Baghdad and is a very poor man.


  1. On Tuesday morning, 31 May 2005, three Palestinians were buying items from the main electrical goods market on al-Jumhuriyah Street in downtown Baghdad.  Two of them were residents of the al-Bayya‘ district and the third from al-Ghazaliyah.  They all own shops in their respective parts of Baghdad and had come to the main market to buy stock for their own stores.  One of the shopkeepers in the electrical market asked them what their nationality was, specifically asking whether they were “Arabs.” Since to be of [non-Iraqi] “Arab” citizenship has now become a threat in itself in occupied Iraq, where “Arab fighters” are accused of constituting the Iraqi Resistance, the three Palestinians answered the provocative question in the negative.  But the shopkeeper wasn’t satisfied and called in other local people to attack and beat the men, forcing them to say that they were Palestinian refugees, legally resident in the country – hoping that this would save them from further attack.  But the opposite occurred and they were beaten even more severely and then hauled into a local puppet police station where they were slapped with five criminal charges.  They were forced to pay large amounts in cash – about US$500 per man – in order to free themselves.


Noting that the Iraqis are themselves bound to their Arab brothers, the Palestinian appeal asked who benefits from this state of terror.  It asked whether the campaign of assaults and arrests, possibly on malicious and false denunciations, would continue until all Palestinians had been forced out of the country.


Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent who reported the Palestinian appeal noted the particular hostility towards Palestinians shown by organizations and followers of the sectarian pro-American Shi‘i cleric ‘Ali as-Sistani, whose forces are largely run by Iranian intelligence, even though the Iranian government claims to be a supporter and defender of the Palestinian cause.


Salah ad-Din Province.



Resistance mortar bombardment blasts US base in at-Tarimiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired about 17 mortar rounds into the US al-Layth base in at-Tarimiyah just north of Baghdad at about 5pm local time Friday afternoon.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the bombardment destroyed three American observation towers and sent clouds of thick smoke and flame rising over the US-occupied facility, as could be observed not far away through the fence that surrounds the base.


The correspondent reported hearing eight powerful explosions rock the area after the bombardment.  US helicopters were observed ferrying numbers of dead and wounded US soldiers to the south of at-Tarimiyah in the direction of the occupied Iraqi capital.


The evacuation of casualties lasted more than one hour as US fighter planes prowled the sky of the city but without striking any targets.




Resistance bombardment kills two puppet troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded a base of the Iraqi puppet forces in Balad, north of Baghdad on Friday, killing two Iraqi puppet troops and wounding four more, al-Jazeera satellite TV reported.




Resistance attacks puppet patrol in Samarra’.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a patrol of the puppet so-called “rapid deployment forces” in the middle of Samarra’ on Friday, wounding two of the puppet troops, according to al-Jazeera satellite TV.  The station, which relies on US and stooge forces for much of its information, said that two other Iraqis, one of them a child, were killed in the gun battle that erupted after the attack.




Resistance martyrdom car bomber kills five Iraqi puppet troops in Tikrit Friday.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom bomber reportedly drove an explosives-laden car into a group of Iraqi puppet troops near a US base in Tikrit on Friday.  A Reuters report based on information supplied by the puppet police said that the Resistance attack killed five Iraqi puppet troops and wounded seven.


Diyala Province.



Iraqi civilians, including a child, die in collision with US armored vehicle.


Two Iraqi civilians, one of them a child, were killed in al-Khalis, north of Baghdad, early on Friday.  The American military claimed that the two died when their car suddenly “swerved into a US Bradley fighting vehicle.”


At-Ta’mim Province.



Resistance blows up oil pipeline to Turkey west of Kirkuk Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces blew up an oil pipeline west of Kirkuk on Friday, setting the line ablaze and shutting down exports over the pipeline that leads from occupied Iraq to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean, according to a report carried by al-Jazeera satellite TV.  The Resistance seeks to prevent US occupation authorities and their stooges from profiteering from their theft and illegal export of Iraqi natural resources.


Puppet official assassinated in Kirkuk.


Armed men shot and killed Brigadier General Sabah Bahlul Qarah at-Tun, the puppet deputy director of internal affairs in the puppet council of the Kirkuk region as he emerged from the Husam ad-Din Mosque after congregational prayers early Friday afternoon.


Sources in the puppet police of Kirkuk told al-Jazeera satellite TV that armed men shot and killed Qarah at-Tun, who was one of the most prominent members of the Turcoman Front in Kirkuk.  The ethnic Turcoman minority has aligned itself with the Arab population as Kurdish chauvinists, backed by the US invaders, seek to split Iraq along ethnic and sectarian lines.  At the same time, Qarah at-Tun has cooperated with the occupation forces since the occupation took over, holding the post of puppet general director of traffic police in the district for eight months following the American occupation in April 2003.


Ninwa Province.



Resistance bombards US base in Mosul Friday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a barrage of rockets into the US al-Ghazaliyah base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul at 10am Friday morning, local time.  The Americans set up their al-Ghazaliyah base in Mosul International Airport, which they occupy.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that seven rockets of unknown type blasted into the American-occupied facility, sending clouds of thick smoke rising into the sky.


Irbil Province.



Resistance bomb disables vehicle, wounds south Korean occupation troops in Irbil.


AN Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a joint patrol of south Korean occupation troops and Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah gunmen in the middle of the far-northern Iraqi city of Irbil on Friday morning.


Kurdish witnesses told the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in the city that the blast inflicted very heavy damage on the south Koreans’ military vehicle and wounded a number of the south Koreans, one of them seriously.  The Peshmergah, for its part, denied that any Peshmergah men were killed or wounded in the attack that took place near the line separating Mosul’s Ninwa Province from the province of Irbil.


Al-Basrah Province.



Badr Brigade political leader liquidated in al-Basrah.


Iraqi Resistance forces shot and killed ‘Ali ‘Abd al-Husayn, the chief of the political organization of the Shi‘i chauvinist collaborationist Badr Brigades in al-Basrah.  Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam in that city that four Resistance fighters unleashed a hail of bullets on ‘Abd al-Husayn, (40 years old) outside his house in the middle of al-Basrah.


‘Abd al-Husayn was the Imam of the Shi‘i az-Zahra’ Husayniyah place of worship in al-Basrah.  The correspondent noted that in numerous news conferences, ‘Abd al-Husayn had called repeatedly for the separation of southern Iraq from the northern and central parts of the country in order to create an “Islamic Republic” exclusively for the Shi‘ah.


Thousands of members of the Shi‘i chauvinist Badr Brigades joined US troops for the invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003 and since then they have formed the backbone of puppet police and security forces, particularly in the south of the country.