Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 15 June 2005.
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial
board, the Free Arab Voice.

Wednesday, 15 June 2005.

Al-Anbar Province.

Resistance martyrdom bomber strikes US column in western ar-Ramadi
Wednesday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-packed car
into a column of four US Humvees, some of them armored, in ar-Ramadi
at 10am Wednesday morning.

The ar-Ramadi correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported Captain Sa
`dun al-`Abid of the Iraqi puppet military as saying that the
Resistance attacker blasted into a US patrol in the at-Ta'mim
neighborhood to the west of ar-Ramadi, destroying two vehicles in the
patrol and killing eight American Marines of their 4th Division.

Afterwards, American forces massed around the area and as usual closed
the roads leading to the scene of the attack.  Two helicopters flew in
and evacuated the bodies of the eight Americans.  For its part the
Iraqi puppet forces went out and arrested a number of residents of the
area without specifying the reasons for their detention.


Desperate US occupation forces offer US$100,000 reward and relocation
for collaborators who lead them to Iraqi or fraternal Arab Resistance

The US occupation forces in the western Iraqi city of Hit announced on
their propaganda radio beamed at al-Anbar Province that occupation
forces would pay a reward of US$100,000 for anyone who collaborates
with them and provides information on the Iraq and fraternal Arab
Resistance fighters by dialing 104 on mobile or land-line telephones.
Any such informant, however, would be required to state his name in
order to obtain the reward later on.

The US occupation forces in their announcement said that in certain
cases, collaborators who feared reprisals would be provided a refuge
outside al-Anbar Province.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Hit reported that as is usual
when the Americans make an announcement that they want especially to
make people in Hit and throughout the province hear, they jammed all
other local and international radio stations as they broadcast their
reward offer more than seven times during the morning.

The correspondent noted that the offer of a reward for collaboration
was not new, but the amount being offered had changed since the last
such announcement.  Formerly the amount mentioned was US$10,000.  Now
that amount has risen to US$100,000 in a sign of the occupation's
growing desperation.


Three bomb attacks blast US occupation troops in al-Fallujah on
Wednesday afternoon, as Resistance indicates new offensive in the offing.

The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that
four US troops were killed and another seriously wounded when an Iraqi
Resistance bomb exploded by their patrol in the al-Jubayl neighborhood
in the south of the city.  The blast destroyed an armored Humvee.

A second bomb exploded in the path of US occupation patrols on 40
Street, destroying a Humvee and killing three US troops and an Iraqi
collaborator translator.

A third Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by Martyrs Square in western
al-Fallujah at 7pm Wednesday, killing six US troops.  Local witnesses
said they had seen the bodies of the six Americans lying dead on the
ground, as American troops were trying to pick them up and carry them

When added to the morning attack in the city, a total of four deadly
assaults on US forces were recorded in al-Fallujah on Wednesday,
taking the lives of a total of 18 US troops, and wounding others.

For their part, the American forces admitted that there had been
attacks on their troops in al-Fallujah, but claimed that only four US
soldiers had been killed Wedesday.

The Resistance organization known as the Squadrons of the Returners
issued a communiqué in which they took responsibility for the attacks,
saying that this was the beginning of the end of the US occupation forces.

The Resistance statement also called on the local population of
al-Fallujah to "tighten their belts" in an apparent indication that a
new upsurge in Resistance operations against the US forces in
al-Fallujah is imminent.

Four American troops reported killed in Resistance attack in
al-Fallujah Wednesday morning.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked American troops in the al-Mastar area
of al-Fallujah on Wednesday morning.  An American sergeant confirmed
that there had been a Resistance attack that inflicted "casualties" in
the Asmerican ranks, but would not go into specifics.

A source in the puppet so-called "force to preserve order" told
Mafkarat al-Islam that the Resistance attack left four US soldiers dead.

The source noted that Resistance the attack took place near an area
where men gather to look for construction work and where employers
come to hire them for the day.  Since the attack took place near where
they were standing, the Americans arrested all the workmen claiming
that they mist have known who planted the bomb and not informed the
invader troops.

The al-Fallujah Resistance organization called the Brigades of the
Returners issued a communiqué, a copy of which was obtained by
Mafkarat al-Islam's correspondent, claiming responsibility for the attack.


Iraqi searchers recover bodies of nine civilians killed by US air
raids in al-Qa'im last Saturday.

A medical source in the city of al-Qa'im on the Syrian border reported
that nine bodies of Iraqi civilians were extracted from under the
rubble of their homes on Wednesday after being killed in US air raids
on the city last Saturday, 11 June 2005.

Dr. Hamdi al-Alusi, the director of al-Qa'im Hospital said, "rescue
operations that a number of people of the town of al-Karabilah have
been carrying out for several days resulted today in the unearthing of
nine bodies of civilians," according to a Reuters report monitored by
Mafkarat al-Islam.

US forces had claimed that their air raids on al-Karabilah had killed
40 Iraqi Resistance fighters, while local people insisted that only
civilians were in the houses blasted apart by American rockets.  (See:
"US caught in another lie: claims US forces killed 40 Resistance
fighters disputed by Hospital staff, local residents who say only
civilians were in the area," in Iraqi Resistance Report, Sunday, 12
June 2005.)

Dr. al-Alusi confirmed that local residents are certain that there are
more local civilians still buried under the ruins and that the search
and rescue operations were still continuing, despite the fact that the
local people are working without any assistance and without any of the
modern equipment used to dig and lift rubble.

Local residents of al-Karabilah said that US patrols that prowl the
streets of their city frequently open fire indiscriminately on people,
wounding civilians all the time.


Resistance car bomb blasts US column in ad-Durah before dawn Wednesday.

An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by an American military convoy
and truck column at the crossing for the southern Baghdad suburb of
ad-Durah on Tuesday-Wednesday night.  A traffic officer who was near
the scene of the attack at the time told QudsPress that the blast
destroyed at least two trucks and disabled one Humvee.  The source
said that the American trucks caught fire as a result of the explosion.

US to build massive church in Islamic old city of Baghdad; puppet
regime hails Invader policy as promoting interfaith "good will."

In keeping with the US attempt to destroy the Arab-Islamic character
of Iraq, Dr. Amjad al-`Ubaydi, the General Director of Urban and
Regional Planning in the puppet so-called "Iraqi interior ministry"
announced that the United States has decided to build what would be
the largest church in an Arab country in downtown Baghdad.

Al-`Ubaydi told the press that Washington had decided to build the
church in Baghdad at its own expense, and not out of funds designated
for what the occupation calls the "reconstruction of Iraq."
Al-`Ubaydi said that the church is to be located in central Baghdad
and to be large enough for more than 5,000 visitors, making it the
largest in the Arab world.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported al-`Ubaydi as announcing that the
construction of the church is to take several years and is to be
entirely at US expense.  The site for the building had already been
chosen, he said, and it is to be constructed in the old Islamic
neighborhood of al-Karakh where the tomb of the revered early Muslim
personage al-Junayd al-Baghdadi is located.

The puppet official said that the American-installed "government" of
Ibrahim al-Ja`fari had enthusiastically welcomed the US church
building endeavor, indicating that in its view the construction of a
large church by invader forces in an Islamic neighborhood would convey
a message of tolerance and good will between Muslims and Christians.

The American regime's concept of tolerance and good will towards
Muslims has already made itself felt in Iraq, as indicated by
statistics released by the Muslim Department of Awqaf [pious
endowments] on Saturday.  According to Mafkarat al-Islam, US warplanes
have destroyed more than 215 mosques in Iraq.  More than 1,900 mosques
have been raided and ransacked.  US troops have desecrated copies of
the Qur'an, throwing them in toilets and kicking them across floors.
Seventy-one Muslim religious leaders have been killed, 20 of them
Sunni Muftis (jurisconsults), after being called "Wahhabis."  The US
occupation forces and their puppet troops have arrested 111 Iraqi
Muslim religious leaders who are still in prison.

Shi`i religious authority in Lebanon says attacks on Palestinians in
Iraq are violations of Islamic law.

The supreme Shi`i religious authority in Lebanon, Muhammad Hasan
FadlAllah, issued a fatwa (legal opinion) that was published on
Tuesday by the Lebanese News Agency in which he said it was obligatory
to stop all the attacks to which Palestinians resident in Iraq have
been subject.  Shaykh FadlAllah said that attacks on the Palestinians
in Iraq are "impermissible actions," QudsPress reported.

Since the US occupation of Iraq in April 2003, collaborationist
militias, many of them professing adherence to Shi`i doctrine, have
embarked on a steadily escalating wave of attacks on the Palestinians
living in Iraq, most of whom have been there since 1948. The US
occupation, closely tied to the Zionist occupation in Palestine, has
facilitated this brutal campaign on the part of its collaborator gunmen.

With Palestinians having been subject to evictions from their houses,
expulsion from the country, arbitrary arrest, torture, and murder, a
request was presented to Shaykh FadlAllah for a ruling (fatwa) on the
attacks being carried out against Palestinians in Iraq on the grounds
that they cooperated with the government of Saddam Hussein prior to
the US invasion.  Shaykh FadlAllah said that "The fundamentals of
Islamic jurisprudence affirm that it is impermissible to treat an
innocent person as if he were a criminal, in keeping with God's word
in the Qur'an, `one burdened soul shall not bear another's burden'.
Thus, attacks against Palestinians are contrary to justice.  It is
impermissible to treat the Palestinians as bearing the guilt of
others, and it is our obligation to be good hosts to them."

Reports from Iraq indicate that the collaborationist pro-US and
pro-Iranian Badr Brigade militia, the armed wing of the so-called
Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) has set out
to evict large numbers of Palestinians from their homes in Baghdad and
to give their homes to Shi`ah, in an attempt to change the
confessional makeup of the Iraqi capital and purge it of Sunnis.

Palestine Information Center reports: Zionist Mossad has assassinated
530 Iraq scientists and professors in last seven months.

There have been persistent reports for many months that Zionist hit
squads have been active in Iraq assassinating Iraqi scientists and
intellectuals.  The latest chapter in that continuing story appeared
on Tuesday, 14 June 2005, when the Palestine Information Center posted
information that it said came from a report compiled by the United
States Department of State and intended for the American President.

The report stated that agents of the Zionist foreign intelligence
agency, the Mossad, in cooperation with US military forces in Iraq had
assassinated 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 university
professors in scientific and other disciplines.

The Palestine Information Center quoted the report as saying that
units of the Mossad and "Israeli" commandos had been operating on
Iraqi territory for more than a year, the focus of their activities
being the assassination of Iraqi scientists and intellectuals.  The
Zionists resorted to the large-scale assassination campaign, the
report said, after the failure of American efforts that started
immediately after the American occupation of Iraq aimed at attracting
a number of Iraqi scientists to cooperate and go to work in the United

The report stated that although a few Iraqi scientists did go to work
in US government centers, the vast majority of them later refused to
cooperate with US scientists in various experiments and fled the
United States for other countries.

Those Iraqis who chose to remain in their country were subjected to
long sessions of interrogation and investigation by US occupation
authorities.  Some were subjected to torture.  The Zionist Mossad,
however, came to believe that allowing those scientists to remain
alive could constitute a future threat to the security of the Zionist

The Mossad believed that the best way to deal with Iraqi scientists
was to physically eliminate them, taking advantage of the violence
already present in the country.

The report said that more than seven months ago the American Defense
Department expressed its agreement with the point of view of the
Zionist Mossad.  Along those lines it was decided to form Zionist
commando detachments to assassinate Iraqi scientists.  Those
detachments were to be aided in their mission by US military forces.
Accordingly, the American security service compiled and provided to
the Zionists complete biographies on the scientists as well as ways to
get to them.

This joint assassination campaign has been underway for more than
seven months.  Over that period of time 350 Iraqi scientists and 200
university professors have been assassinated in Iraqi streets when
they were away from home.  The report indicated that the families of
the scientists believed that their loved ones had been killed or died
in the crossfire of Resistance attacks.

The campaign to eliminate Iraqi scientists is still underway,
according to the report. Systematic Zionist commando assassinations
continue with the support and assistance of the Pentagon.  The
campaign reportedly has targeted more than 1,000 Iraqi scientists and
it is said that one reason for some of the explosions in Iraqi streets
that appear to be random and without clear target has been the
assassination of the individuals on the US-supplied Mossad hit list.

(For an earlier story on Zionist assassinations of Iraqi professors
and scientists, see "Zionist Mossad has assassinated 310 Iraqi
intellectuals since fall of Baghdad," in Iraqi Resistance Report,
Saturday, 6 November 2004.)

(For another report based on a leaked US State Department memo, see
story below.)

At-Ta'mim Province.

American newspaper details practice of abduction and imprisonment by
Kurdish chauvinist American allies in Kirkuk.

The American newspaper The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, 15
June 2005 that Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist political parties,
puppet police, and puppet "security" units, all backed by the US
occupation forces, have abducted "hundreds" of Arabs and Turkmen in
Kirkuk and sent them away to prisons in the northern part of Iraq – an
area that has been under US and Kurdish chauvinist control for more
than 10 years.  The newspaper cites US government documents as well as
complaints of families of those kidnapped as the source for the story.

The Washington Post reports that the Arabs and Turkmen who were
"seized off the streets of Kikuk or in joint US-Iraqi raids . . . have
been transferred secretly and in violation of Iraqi law to prisons in
the Kurdish cities of Irbil and Sulaymaniyah, sometimes with the
knowledge of US forces.  The detainees, including merchants, members
of tribal families and soldiers, have often remained missing for
months; some have been tortured, according to released prisoners and
the Kirkuk [puppet] police chief."

The Washington Post reported that "a confidential [US] State
Department cable" dated 5 June 2005 and obtained by the paper and
addressed to the White House, Pentagon, and US embassy in Baghdad,
said "the `extra-judicial detentions' were part of a `concerted and
widespread initiative' by Kurdish [chauvinist] political parties `to
exercise authority in Kirkuk in an increasingly provocative manner.'"

The American State Department cable complained that the excesses of
their Kurdish lackeys "have greatly exacerbated tensions along purely
ethnic lines" in such a way as to endanger US credibility."  The
unknown author of the cable wrote, "Turkmen in Kirkuk tell us they
perceive a US tolerance for the practice while Arabs in Kirkuk believe
`coalition forces' are directly responsible." (The term "coalition
forces" is the official American designation of the occupation forces
in Iraq.)

The Washington Post reported that the practice of ethnic abduction
began over a year ago, but that it has rapidly and extensively
expanded since the American sponsored sham "elections" held on 30
January consolidated the hold of Washington's Kurdish stooges in the
north of Iraq.

The Kurdish chauvinist parties seek to seize the oil-rich city of
Kirkuk for themselves and include it in their Kurdish separatist
"state."  The Arab and Turkmen population in Kirkuk have been
subjected to pressures including abduction and ethnic cleansing to try
to force them to leave their multi-ethnic city.

The Washington Post noted that "US and Iraqi [puppet] officials, along
with the State Department cable, said the campaign was being
orchestrated and carried out by the Kurdish intelligence agency, known
as Asayesh, and the Kurdish-led Emergency Services Unit, a 500-member
`anti-terrorism' squad within the Kirkuk [puppet] police force."  The
American paper noted that "both are closely allied with the US military."

Although the United States has embarked on a course of splitting Iraq
along ethnic and sectarian lines and has, to some extent, backed the
Kurdish chauvinist forces in the struggle around Kirkuk, the increased
assertiveness of America's Kurdish chauvinist friends has posed unique
problems for the invaders.

Within Iraq, the Arab population of Kirkuk includes Sunnis and Shi`ah,
and America's stooges among the Shi`i chauvinists do not want to cede
the Kirkuk oil center to their Kurdish rivals.

Outside of Iraq, the government of America's NATO satellite Turkey has
had a running war with its "own" Kurdish minority for decades and has
made clear its irrevocable opposition to strengthening the Iraqi Kurds
by allowing them to take over the oil-rich and strategic city of
Kirkuk.  The Turks, furthermore, have strong sympathies with their
kinsmen the Turkmen in Iraq and oppose their victimization at the
hands of the Kurds.

US occupation forces find it increasingly difficult to balance the
competing rampant chauvinisms of their diverse stooge forces in
northern Iraq in the face of the increasing pressure from Kurdish
chauvinists for the ethnic cleansing of the area.

The Washington Post quoted the State Department cable as complaining
that judicial officials in the Iraqi puppet regime have said that the
kidnappings of Arabs and Turkmen in Kirkuk are "illegal under Iraqi
law," indicating a serious rift over the issue between America's
Kurdish lackeys and the primarily Shi`i chauvinist parties led by
"prime minister" Ibrahim al-Ja`fari, installed in power in Baghdad
under American auspices in April.

Expanding Kurdish chauvinist aspirations pose complication for the US
occupation at the local level in Kirkuk as well.  The Washington Post
quoted the chief of America's puppet police in Kirkuk, General Turhan
Yusuf `Abd ar-Rahman, who is a Turkmen, as describing the Kurdish
abductions as "political kidnappings" which he blamed on Kurdish
parties and their intelligence wings.  General `Abd ar-Rahman asserted
that he has tried to stop the practice but has been unable to do so
because 40 percent of his puppet police force is made up of Kurdish
chauvinist Peshmergah militiamen who in fact only obey orders from
their party chiefs, not from the chief of the puppet police.

The puppet police force itself was cobbled together under auspices of
the US occupation out of collaborators and loyalists to the various
groups that sided with the American invader troops.  The Washtington
Post wrote that the head of the puppet police "Emergency Services
Unit, Colonel Khattab `Abdallah `Arif is a Peshmergah militiaman loyal
to the so-called Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Sherko Shakir Haim, the puppet "Director General" for the puppet
police in at-Ta'mim Province where Kirkuk is located (and under whom
General `Abd ar-Rahman works) was a taxi driver before the US
invasion.  He attained his exalted position on the heels of the US
invasion thanks to patronage by the collaborationist Kurdish parties
that support the American occupation.  `Abd ar-Rahman told The
Washington Post that the puppet regime in Baghdad had ordered Hakim to
retire two weeks ago, but the Kurdish chauvinist parties rushed to his
aid and promised to pay his salary.  So he remains.

With America's Kurdish chauvinist clients trying to seize total
control of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk at the expense of other crucial
US lackeys, officials of the American occupation administration
appealed to the White House and Pentagon for help in keeping their
various "friends" in line.  The fact that the story appeared
prominently in The Washington Post implies that the occupation is
attempting to use publicity to pressure to keep the Kurdish
chauvinists' ambitions in line with those of the United States.

Resistance eliminates two senior puppet officers in repressive force.

Iraqi Resistance forces abducted and killed two senior officers in the
puppet so-called "anti-terrorist squad," and the son of one of the
men, in Kirkuk on Wednesday, the American Associated Press (AP)
reported. Brigadier General Nasih Muhyi ad-Din, his son and driver
`Uqbah, and Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Ahmad were found dumped on the
side of a road with gunshots to their heads.

Diyala Province.

An Iraqi martyrdom fighter blew himself up inside a mess hall (dining
room) for Iraqi puppet troops in the town of al-Khalis, 60km north of
Baghdad on Wednesday.  Sources in the puppet police and puppet
military told Reuters that the mess hall was reduced to charred rubble
by the blast that left 23 puppet soldiers dead and 29 others wounded.

A Reuters correspondent in the main hospital in Ba`qubah (the
provincial capital, 20km from al-Khalis) reported that the first wave
of ambulances  brought in at least four men who were seriously wounded.

The casualties all belonged to the puppet so-called "peace brigade" of
the 2nd Division of the Iraqi puppet army based in Diyala Province.


Resistance bomb strikes joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol near Ba`qubah

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a joint US-Iraqi puppet force
patrol near Ba`qubah, northeast of Baghdad.  A source in the Iraqi
puppet military told QudsPress that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded
in al-Miqdadiyah, destroying a Humvee and setting an Iraqi puppet
military vehicle ablaze and wounding three of the troops.  After the
blast, the source said, US and Iraqi stooge troops surrounded the area
and prevented anyone approaching as they began raiding and searching
the district.

Babil Province.

Resistance mine kills Ukrainian soldier late Wednesday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded by a patrol of Ukrainian
occupation troops in the middle of the town of as-Suwayrah, southeast
of Baghdad Wednesday morning.

Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb exploded by the
Ukrainian patrol at 11am local time Wednesday, killing one Ukrainian
whose body was seen sprawled on the ground soaked in his blood.  Two
other Ukrainians were slightly wounded.

The correspondent reported that the signs of the wrecked vehicle and
its burning hulk were still visible after the wreckage itself had been
hauled away and the dead and wounded Ukrainians evacuated.


Puppet troops arrest over 100 in early morning sectarian raids
targeting Sunni population of al-Hillah.  Resistance promises retaliation.

Puppet so-called al-Husayn Brigade forces of the puppet so-called
"Iraqi interior ministry" launched a campaign of sectarian arrests
targeting the Sunni population of the city of al-Hillah south of
Baghdad on Wednesday.

The al-Hillah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported witnesses
as saying that at dawn on Wednesday, the puppet forces launched a
campaign in which they stormed into homes, beat up peaceful residents,
and threw them to the ground in front of their wives and children.
More than 140 local Sunni citizens were arrested in the raids.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that among those hauled
away were a number of disabled persons who cannot move except with
assistance, making obvious the sectarian and discriminatory nature of
the campaign which chose its victims on the basis of their being Sunni
and not of their posing any kind of threat to security.
The wife of one man who was arrested said that the al-Husayn force
gunmen, backed up by US occupation troops, "came into our home when we
were asleep.  They arrested my husband who is 51 and a war invalid
from the Iran-Iraq war era who only has one leg.  They beat him in the
groin.  They threw him to the ground and rained blows on him and then
bound him in hand cuffs and blindfolded him and threw him in a big
truck with other prisoners."

The correspondent reported that the puppet troops had posted pictures
of pro-American Shi`i cleric `Ali as-Sistani on the windshield of
their military vehicle.  They sang Shi`i chauvinist sectarian songs in
the standard Iraqi dialect with words like "the sandals of Sayyid `Ali
as-Sistani are nobler than the Wahhabi Sunnis."

In response to the morning raids targeting Sunnis, members of the
Iraqi Resistance issued a communiqué afterwards in which they promised
the puppet forces with "black days ahead," the Mafkarat al-Islam
correspondent reported.