Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 16 June 2005.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice


Thursday, 16 June 2005.


Al-Anbar Province.



Resistance bomb blasts US armored column near al-Qa’im Thursday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by a US armored column on the highway north of the town of al-Karabilah (which is east of al-Qa’im on the border with Syria) at 4pm Thursday afternoon, local time.


Witnesses in al-Karabilah told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb was planted by the side of the highway and that it went off as a column of six US armored vehicles was passing by.  The blast destroyed one vehicle, killing three American troops and wounding four more.




Resistance ambushes US column Thursday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces, armed with light and medium weapons, including hand grenades and RPG7 rocket-propelled grenades, attacked a column of US Humvees on the main road in the as-Siddiqiyah area east of al-Khalidiya (which is west of Baghdad) at 3pm Thursday afternoon local time.


Witnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that the attack destroyed two Humvees, killing six US troops and wounding four more.  The witnesses said that one Iraqi Resistance fighter was martyred in the attack and two more of them wounded.




Resistance barrage pounds US base Thursday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US ‘Ayn al-Asad base in the al-Baghdadi area in western Iraq with seven mortar rounds at 10am Thursday morning, local time.  Local residents of the area said that seven violent explosions rocked the American base, sending plumes of smoke into the sky.




Resistance ambushes US patrol near as-Saqlawiyah Thursday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US patrol north of as-Saqlawiyah (which is north of al-Fallujah) at 3:30pm local time Thursday afternoon.  Owners of groves in as-Saqlawiyah who witnessed the attack told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb went off as a patrol of four US armored vehicles was passing.  The blast destroyed one of the armored vehicles, killing four US troops and wounding two more.


Early morning bomb targets US patrol in al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a patrol of four US Humvees in the 7 April district of downtown al-Fallujah at 5am, local time, Thursday morning.  Residents of the city told Mafkarat al-Islam that the bomb set one Humvee on fire, killing two US troops and wounding three more.




Resistance ambushes joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in Abu Ghurayb.

In a dispatch posted at 5:38pm Mecca time Thursday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in the ash-Shurtan area east of Abu Ghurayb.  The Iraqi puppet forces taking part in the American patrol were members of the notorious “wolf brigade” of puppet so-called “interior ministry” troops.


Residents of the village of ash-Shurtan told Mafkarat al-Islam that Resistance fighters armed with light and medium weapons, including RPG7 rocket-propelled grenades, attacked the patrol, destroying one US Humvee and one troop carrier belonging to the puppet “wolf brigade.”  The assault left three American soldiers dead and three others wounded.  Six Iraqi puppet troops were also killed and five more of them wounded.


Resistance martyrdom car bombing in as-Salikh Thursday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-laden car into a checkpoint manned by Iraqi puppet forces in the as-Salikhh area, northeast of Baghdad Thursday morning.  A source in the Iraqi puppet army told QudsPress that the blast disabled one puppet force vehicle and damaged another.  Five puppet soldiers were killed in the attack, which also inflicted damage on some nearby shops and houses.


US military admits three Americans killed in Iraq.


The US military occupation authorities reported on Thursday that Iraqi Resistance forces fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a US patrol, killing one American military policeman, according to the US statement as reported by QudsPress.  A second American was killed by an Iraqi Resistance bomb near al-Fallujah, and a third was killed by a Resistance bomb near the city of ar-Rutbah, near the Jordanian border in Western Iraq, the American military admitted in a statement monitored by QudsPress.


Iraqi puppet officials Ahmad Chelebi, Muwaffaq ar-Rabi‘i meet Ariel Sharon in secret visit to occupied Palestine.


The Palestinian magazine al-Manar from Jerusalem reported in its issue No. 726 that according to informed sources, on Wednesday, 8 June 2005, Ahmad Chelebi, the puppet so-called “deputy prime minister” of Iraq; and Muwaffaq ar-Rabi‘i, the puppet so-called “Iraqi national security adviser” arrived in “Israel” where they held meetings and discussions with top Zionist officials, including the so-called “prime minister of ‘Israel’” Ariel Sharon, and Giora Eiland, the so-called “chairman of the national security council” of the Zionist entity.  Also attending the talks with the Iraqi puppet officials was Zionist “foreign minister” Silvan Shalom.


This latest visit by officials in the US-installed regime in Iraq was preceded by a secret visit in late May to “Israel” by Wafiq as-Samarra’i, the security adviser to the puppet “president” of Iraq.  In addition, the newly-appointed “president” of Iraq himself, Kurdish chauvinist collaborator Jalal at-Talibani, reportedly met with high-ranking Zionist officials during a trip he made recently around the Arab region..


Al-Manar quoted the informed sources as saying that a high-level Zionist official would be visiting occupied Iraq in the very near future.  After that, the American-installed regime in Baghdad is expected to officially extend diplomatic recognition to the Zionist entity and exchange ambassadors with the racist colonial settler regime.


“Israel” already has a large intelligence presence in occupied Iraq.  Many of the bodyguards of Iraqi puppet officials also received training on special Zionist camps in occupied Palestine, according to al-Manar.


The Palestinian magazine noted that the Kurdish chauvinist parties in occupied Iraq have been eagerly pressing for diplomatic relations with “Israel,” since they have long-standing close relations with the racist colonial Zionist entity.


Ninwa Province.



Resistance martyrdom car bomber blasts US column in Mosul late Thursday morning.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-laden car into a column of four US armored vehicles and three personnel carriers in the al-Islah az-Zira‘i neighborhood of western Mosul at 11am Thursday morning, local time.


Residents of the neighborhood told Mafkarat al-Islam that the blast totally destroyed one personnel carrier, killing six US troops and wounding three more.


Babil Province.



Resistance ambush leaves 14 puppet “al-Husayn Brigade” troops dead one day after sectarian raids on Sunni residents of al-Hillah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a patrol of puppet so-called “al-Husayn Brigade” troops in the middle of al-Hillah, south of Baghdad at 1pm Thursday local time.  An official in the puppet police told the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Hillah that 14 puppet “al-Husayn Brigade” members were killed in Thursday’s ambush.


Resistance fighters armed with rocket launchers, machine guns, and hand grenades attacked the puppet troops at the al-Hillah – al-Iskandariyah crossroads, destroying three of their Nissan Iraqi puppet military vehicles.


The attack came one day after the puppet “al-Husayn Brigade” carried out a brutal wave of arrests targeting Sunnis in al-Hillah, that elicited promises of retaliation from the Resistance.  (See: “Puppet troops arrest over 100 in early morning sectarian raids targeting Sunni population of al-Hillah.  Resistance promises retaliation,” in Iraqi Resistance Report for Wednesday, 15 June 2005.)


Salah ad-Din Province.



Resistance ambushes US fuel convoy in ad-Dulu‘iyah Thursday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US truck convoy hauling fuel to American occupation troops in the city of ad-Dulu‘iayh, south of Samarra’.


Residents of the city who witnessed the attack told Mafkarat al-Islam that a number of Iraqi Resistance fighters armed with light weapons and pipe rockets attacked a convoy of 10 US military fuel tankers on the main road in ad-Dulu‘iyah at 5pm Thursday afternoon local time.


The attack left two tank trucks ablaze and two US soldiers dead.   Another two American troops were wounded in the attack.




Resistance bombards US camp near Bayji Thursday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces blasted the US base in the as-Siniyah area west of Bayji with eight medium-range Grad rockets at 4pm local time Thursday afternoon.  Residents of as-Siniyah told Mafkarat al-Islam that after the eight rockets blasted into the US-occupied facility, numerous secondary explosions shook the base, sending plumes of smoke into the sky.


After the attack, US helicopters flew in low over the base and the surrounding area, searching for the Resistance attackers, but found nothing.


Al-Qadisiyah Province.



Two Bulgarian occupation troops reported killed in accident in ad-Diwaniyah.


The Bulgarian occupation forces announced on Thursday that two of its troops were killed and one more wounded in what it called a traffic accident in the southern Iraqi city of ad-Diwaniyah. The Bulgarian statement said that the military vehicle in which the Bulgarian soldiers were traveling slipped off of a levee and fell on its side into a water channel.  Three Bulgarian occupation troops were injured, two of whom died later.  The wounded man was taken to a hospital in Baghdad for medical treatment.