Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 1 July 2004 through Saturday, 3 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Thursday, 1 July 2004.


US continues cluster bombing al-Fallujah on Thursday.


News media report that American fighter bombers intensively bombed and shelled the al-‘Askari neighborhood in the north east part of al-Fallujah.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam on Wednesday reported that US fighters had carried out continuous attacks on that neighborhood, intensively bombarding it in addition to the city’s industrial zone and the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood.


The US air offensive on the industrial zone and ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in the south of the city lasted from Wednesday until 7:00am on Thursday.


Cluster bombs continued to rain down on al-‘Askari neighborhood at the time when Mafkarat al-Islam posted its report at 8:03pm Mecca time Thursday.


One Marine admitted killed in al-Anbar Province Thursday.


One US Marine aggressor was killed on Thursday in a Resistance attack that took place in al-Anbar province, west of Baghdad.  The Lebanese LBC television station, which carried the report, initially had no further details.  Al-Anbar Province includes the cities of al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi.


One foreign aggressor killed, two others wounded in Resistance bomb attack near Mosul.


Spokesmen for the occupation authorities in Iraq admitted on Thursday that one foreign occupation soldier was killed and two others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack on their convoy near the northern city of Mosul.


The convoy, transporting a number of foreign aggressor troops (whose nationality was not disclosed) struck a charge of explosives on the road.


A US propaganda mouthpiece who asked to remain anonymous told the press that the nationality of the dead and wounded soldiers would be disclosed at a later time.  He said that the convoy was on a road south of Mosul, 370km north of Baghdad, at the time of the Resistance attack.


US base in al-‘Amiriyah, Baghdad, hit by Resistance bomb Thursday morning.


A powerful explosion shoo an American military base in al-‘Amiriyah in the west of Baghdad on Thursday morning.  Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported that immediately after the blast, US forces closed off the area and helicopters went up to search the skies above the area.


Powerful bomb shakes Baghdad’s al-A‘zamiyah district.


A powerful explosion resounded in al-A‘zamiyah district of Baghdad on Thursday morning, according to a report by the al-Jazeera satellite TV station.  The blast was believed to have come from a car bomb but few details were initially available.


Battles rage in Baghdad’s al-A‘zamiyah  district Wednesday.


Violent battles took place between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US aggressor forces together with their puppet police stooges in Baghdad’s al-A‘zamiyah district.  The fighting began, witnesses told a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, at 2:00pm Wednesday afternoon, local time, after Resistance fighters fired two rocket-propelled grenades (RPG-7) rockets at a US tank that was parked in the square opposite the Mosque of the Imam Abu Hanifah.  The tank was set afire and destroyed.  Witnesses said that it was probable that the crew were all killed.


The witnesses reported that as US aggressor troops were busy trying to haul away the burning wreckage of the tank, Resistance forces ambushed them, striking two Humvees and killing at least two Americans who were aboard.  Three puppet police cars that had been accompanying the US troops were damaged in that second attack.


About three Americans were also killed when Resistance fighters fired three rocket-propelled grenades at an American personnel carrier that was on its way out of the al-A‘zamiyah neighborhood near ‘Antar Square. The transport vehicle was destroyed and the three men aboard probably killed. That attack occurred at exactly 6:00am, local time.


Puppet police accompanying the American aggressors responded to the attack, opening fire on the Resistance fighters with their automatic weapons.  The Resistance then fired on the puppet police to cover their departure from the scene of their attack but no injuries resulted.


Resistance bomb blows up oil pipeline on al-Yusufiyah highway, Wednesday.


Eye witnesses quoted by a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported Thursday that an oil pipeline on the al-Yusufiyah highway near Baghdad was blown up at 8:30am on Wednesday morning, local time.


The witnesses told the correspondent that the blast set the oil on fire, producing clouds of thick smoke.


US aggressor troops on Thursday night blew up a stock of what they call surplus ammunition on the southwest outskirts of Baghdad.  Local residents reported that the blast was so powerful that windows far from the explosion were shaken and the horizon lit up.  A US propaganda mouthpiece said that the blast was “controlled” and took place at 11:30 local time.


High “finance ministry” official killed in Resistance bombing in Baghdad.


An officer in the Iraqi puppet police told Agence France Presse (AFP) that a high official in the puppet so-called “Iraqi finance ministry” and another “civilian” were killed Thursday morning in an Iraqi Resistance bombing on a street in Baghdad.  One of the official’s body guards told an AFP cameraman that the official was one Ihsan Karim, head of the “ministry’s” audit board. The cameraman reported that the explosion took place at about 8:00am local time (4:00am GMT).


Two bodies were still in the street awaiting transport to the hospital at the time the AFP filed its report.  Iraqis view the puppet government and its officials as creatures of the occupation who have no legal authority.


US soldier killed four injured in “traffic accident.”


US military sources admitted on Thursday that one American soldier was killed and four others injured in what they termed a “traffic accident” in Iraq near the Kuwaiti frontier.  The sources claimed that the “accident” was not a result of a Resistance attack.


The US spokesman told Agence France Presse (AFP) that a soldier belonging to the 1st Division was killed on Wednesday night and that the injured troops were taken to a military medical unit and placed under observation.  He said that an investigation had been launched into the “accident,” the circumstances of which they did not yet know.














Friday, 2 July 2004.


Iraqi Resistance forces carried out a series of rocket attacks on targets in Baghdad on Friday morning.  Two hotel compounds used by Westerners serving the occupation were attacked by the Resistance – the 18-story Sheraton and the Baghdad Hotel.


In one of the strikes, the Resistance used the back of a van parked just off central Baghdad's Firdaws Square to fire rockets from a multiple-rocket launcher, according to a claim made by an American aggressor soldier to the US Associated Press (AP). Another soldier alleged that the launcher fell over as a third round was fired, setting the vehicle ablaze.


According to the AP, a rocket struck the Sheraton Hotel but caused only minor damage. A second exploded in the parking lot of the Baghdad Hotel, used by Western mercenaries.  Flames and black smoke billowed from the charred van, which burned near a blue domed mosque just off Firdaws Square, the AP reported.  Prensa Latina reported three people injured in the Baghdad Hotel.


In another strike in central Baghdad, the Resistance fired rockets near the Marjam Hotel, which also is used by Westerners. One rocket struck a statue in nearby al-Wathiq Square and another landed near the Indonesian Embassy without exploding, puppet police said.

In a third strike in western Baghdad’s Yarmuk neighborhood, one rocket hit the front gate of the so-called Iraqi Islamic Party headquarters, blowing out windows and wounding a guard, the US military said.  The leaders of the so-called Islamic Party accepted a role on the US puppet interim governing council under US proconsul Paul Bremer.


Earlier on Friday morning, Iraqi puppet police sources reported that theearly-morning explosions in downtown Baghdad were the result an explosives laden bus and three missiles blowing up.  Reuters reported eyewitnesses as saying that one of the hotels used extensively by foreigners was struck by a Resistance missile.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the explosion was near as-Sa‘dun street in Baghdad and that columns of smoke rose from the scene of the attack.  Reuters reported that sirens wailed as puppet police cars and ambulances hurried to the scene of the Resistance attack.


Ukrainian occupation soldier reportedly commits suicide in Iraq.


A Ukrainian occupation soldier in Iraq reportedly killed himself on Friday according to a statement issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of War.  Sergeant Roman Hinzersky, born in 1981, shot himself for “as yet unknown reasons,” according to an Agence France Presse (AFP) report of the announcement.


This was the second reported suicide of a Ukrainian occupation soldier in Iraq.  The Ukrainian aggressor contingent is deployed in Wasit province, southeast of Baghdad, where it has served the US occupation of the country since August 2003.  The contingent numbers some 1,650.


Resistance group frees Turkish hostages after company agrees to pull out of Iraq.


According to the American Associated Press (AP), two Turks who had been held hostage by an Iraqi Resistance group were released on Friday.  Soner Sercali, who works as an air conditioning repairman, and his co-worker Murat Kizil was the other freed hostage. They were reported missing June 1.  The kidnappers, who identified themselves as members of the Mujahadeen Brigade, freed the two men after their employer, Kayteks, pledged to stop working in Iraq.


According to the video, Kayteks took a decision on Tuesday to stop all work with the occupation in Iraq.


A video shown by al-Jazeera satellite television Friday just before the release showed the two men kneeling before three masked Resistance fighters. One Resistance fighter read a statement saying the men were being released after having promised not to work with coalition forces.  "To honor the Muslim Turkish people, and upon the repentance of the two hostages, and their pledge not to do such a thing again ... we decided to release them in return for nothing," the gunman said.  An official at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the hostages' release.


Pakistani hostage reported released.


The family of Amjad Hafiz, a Pakistani hostage who was captured by an Iraqi Resistance group on Sunday announced that he had been released on Friday and that he was in good health.


‘Abd ar-Razzaq, the uncle of the hostage said that his nephew had worked as a driver in Iraq and that the parents of the hostage had received a phone call from him immediately after his release to assure them of his safety.


‘Abd ar-Razzaq told Agence France Presse (AFP) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, that Amjad Hafiz had called on Friday to say he had been released and that he was well.


Hafiz, 26, worked as a driver for an American food trucking company shipping products from Kuwait to the US aggressor forces in Iraq.  He was captured in the town of Balad, 75km north of Baghdad on Sunday.


Iraqis demonstrate in support of Saddam Hussein in Samarra’.


Hundreds of Iraqis organized demonstrations on Friday in the city of Samarra’ in support of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  The protesters condemned the mock trial that began on Thursday.


Demonstrators gathered in front of the local governorate building in the center of the predominantly Sunni Muslim city then marched through the streets carrying pictures of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and chanting “we pledge our souls and our blood to you, Saddam!” and “All Iraq cries ‘Saddam is the glory of our country’!”  Some protesters fired weapons into the air.


Muhammad Jasim, a participant in the protest said “the trial was just a mockery.  Nobody can judge the only president who still enjoys legitimacy.”  Jasim told Agence France Presse (AFP): “those who are trying Saddam are people appointed by the occupation forces.  Therefore they have no legal legitimacy.  Therefore the trial is invalid.”


Iraqi President Saddam Hussein appeared in a “court” on Thursday put together by the occupation authorities and their Iraqi stooges in an effort to legitimize their invasion and occupation.












Saturday, 3 July 2004.


One US Marine dies from Resistance attack.


One US Marine invader died on Saturday of wounds received in a battle with the Iraqi Resistance in al-Anbar Province, according to a US propaganda mouthpiece who gave no further details.  The American Associated Press (AP) reported the US admission.  Al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad, is where al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi are located.


Resistance bomb wounds British invader in al-Basrah.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded in the southern city of al-Basrah Saturday, wounding one British aggressor and damaging two military vehicles, a British military propaganda mouthpiece – who wished to remain anonymous - said on Saturday.


Iraqi Resistance attacks puppet checkpoint, killing seven puppet troops.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a checkpoint south of Baghdad that was manned by puppet so-called “national guard” on Saturday, killing seven puppet troops and wounding three others.  The attack took place in al-Mahmudiyah, 30km south of Baghdad, according to Dawud Husayn, a local hospital director.


Agence France Presse (AFP) quoted Dr. Haydar Sabah of al-Mahmudiyah as saying, “Five bodies were brought here.  One was that of a lieutenant and four were enlisted men.  Five wounded were brought in too, three of them in critical condition.”  A medical source said later that one of the wounded later died in al-Yarmuk Hospital in Baghdad.  A later report carried by the American Associated Press (AP) said that seven had died and two were injured in the attack.  Two of the wounded were treated and released from the hospital, Dr. Sabah reported.  Three others were transferred to al-Yarmuk Hospital in the Iraqi capital.


Dr. Sabah said that the wounded who were brought in appeared to have been hit by hand grenade shrapnel.


A commander in the puppet “national guard” said that the 10 men had been guarding an oil pipeline at the town of al-Latifiyah as-Saghirah when the Resistance attacked them.  Local residents reported that the guards were attacked at a checkpoint set up near the town, which lies 8km south of al-Mahmudiyah.


The area around al-Mahmudiyah has witnessed the killing of several foreign aggressors and agents since the US occupation in spring 2003.  A group of missionaries, a detachment of Spanish intelligence officers, a Polish journalist, and a CNN cameraman have all been killed in Resistance attacks in the vicinity.


Iraqi Resistance blows up oil export pipeline on southern al-Faw Peninsula.


An official with the puppet Iraqi oil industry announced on Saturday that the Iraqi Resistance had attacked the oil export pipeline in the south of Iraq.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported the Iraqi official as saying that the attack caused the pipeline, located on the al-Faw Peninsula, to burst into flame.  Al-Jazeera provided no further details in its initial report.  The attack is a part of the campaign by the Iraqi Resistance to prevent the US occupation from plundering Iraq’s oil resources.


British propaganda admitted that one of the country’s two main southern pipelines was breached Saturday, but claimed “there was no suspicion of sabotage and Iraq's oil flow was unaffected,” according to an American Associated Press report quoting a British military spokesman said.  The breach in the 42-inch pipeline, six miles south of az-Zubayr, was discovered Saturday morning. The British military was investigating the cause of the breach, the official said.


US tank fires shell into a family in front of their home killing five youths.


Five Iraqi civilians were killed on Saturday morning when an American tank fired its cannon at them as they were sitting by the door of their house in the town of al-Khalidiyah, west of Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses told the Qatari News Agency that an American tank fired a shell at a gathering of youths as they were sitting in front of a house in al-Khalidiyah, 75km west of Baghdad.  Five were killed in the US assault, and at least three other civilians were injured.


The father of one of the victims killed by the American attack said that the tank fired its shells at the youths, all of whom were from one family, without provocation and without any prior warning.


Later on Saturday, an angry crowd of Iraqis held a funeral procession in the streets of ar-Ramadi, carrying four wooden coffins containing four of the victims of the murderous US tank assault. The US military dismissed the deaths and the funeral as  “unsubstantiated.”


Iraqi puppet official reported dead in hospital from wounds received in Resistance attack.


Ihsan Karim, head of the puppet so-called Board of Supreme Audit of the US-appointed stooge administration died in hospital, according to a US admission.  Karim was mortally wounded in an Iraqi Resistance bombing on Thursday as he was headed to a hearing on US claims of corruption in the oil-for-food program imposed by the United States through the United Nations in the period of the embargo on Iraq that killed some 1.75 million Iraqis.


US occupation troops arrest 51 Iraqis south of Baghdad.


US aggressor troops claimed Saturday that they had “uncovered a bomb-making facility” in Baghdad that was run by the Iraqi Resistance.  American invader troops rounded up 51 local people who they claimed were involved with a local detachment of the patriotic Resistance movement fighting the American occupation of Iraq.


US aggressors storm into an-Najaf in violation of accord with Muqtada as-Sadr.


In clear violation of the agreement they signed with the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr, US aggressor troops entered the city of an-Najaf, according to a report carried on al-‘Alam TV from the city.  The report indicated that during the night of Friday-Saturday, US invaders stormed into the city from several directions.


The channel reported that some 100 American aggressors on tanks stormed the city and formed up at puppet police strong points in the city.  The station noted that in keeping with an agreement that the Americans signed with Muqtada as-Sadr’s representatives and with other local Shi‘i leaders, US forces withdrew from the city a few weeks back.  There was no explanation for why the Americans chose this moment to go back on the agreement and re-occupy the city.


Resistance group claims Marine beheaded.


An Iraqi Resistance group announced on Saturday that it had beheaded US Marine Corporal Wasif ‘Ali Hassun, an American of Lebanese descent.  The announcement was posted on websites on Saturday.  The Ansar as-Sunnah announced that it would also release a video of the execution.


US general confirms presence of “Israeli” operatives in US concentration camps in Iraq.


The US officer at the heart of the Abu Ghurayb prison scandal told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that she has evidence that “Israelis” helped to interrogate Iraqis at another facility. Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told the BBC she met an “Israeli” working as an interrogator at a secret intelligence center in Baghdad.  A BBC reporter says it is the first time a senior US officer has suggested “Israelis” worked with the US occupation.


General Karpinski was in charge of the military police unit that ran Abu Ghurayb and other prisons when the abuses were committed. She has been suspended but not charged.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that she met a man claiming to be “Israeli” during a visit to an intelligence center with a senior occupation general.   “I saw an individual there that I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before, and I asked him what did he do there, was he an interpreter - he was clearly from the ‘Middle East’,” she said in the interview.  “He said, ‘Well, I do some of the interrogation here. I speak Arabic but I’m not an Arab; I’m from ‘Israel’.’”


Confirmation of the American General’s story came from the journalist who introduced the story of torture and abuse at Abu Ghurayb to the mainstream western media.   Seymour Hersh told the BBC program that his sources confirm the presence of “Israeli” intelligence agents in Iraq.  Hersh said that one of the ‘Israeli’ aims was to gain access to detained members of the Iraqi secret intelligence unit, who reportedly specialize in ‘Israeli’ affairs.


Demos in Tikrit and ad-Dur in support of Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq.


Hundreds of Iraqis demonstrated in Tikrit, and ad-Dur (which is north of Samarra’) in support of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  The marchers denounced the US occupation of the country according to the Lebanese Television company LBC.


Protesters carried Iraqi flags and pictures of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  Some fired shots into the air.  The demonstrators chanted various slogans in support of the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and condemned the US occupation.


A correspondent for al-Jazeera satellite TV reported from Samarra’ that the demonstrators gathered in ad-Dur in front of the local governorate offices to denounce the US occupation and to hail Saddam Hussein as the “legal president of the country.”