Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Friday, 16 July 2004 through Sunday, 18 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Friday, 16 July 2004.


At least 24 Americans, including at least seven snipers, killed in as-Saqlawiyah barracks Friday morning.  US responds by shooting civilians.


Iraqi Resistance fighters from al-Fallujah carried out a stunning attack on US barracks in the area of as-Saqlawiyah Friday.  The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the fighting lasted from 6:00am until 10:00am and local people estimated that between 100 and 150 Resistance fighters took part in the offensive.


A source in the as-Saqlawiyah puppet police force told the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam that the number of dead Americans as a result of the attack had risen to 24.  Three Humvees were also destroyed as was a digging machine the Americans used to set up earthen barriers.


The correspondent reported eye witnesses as saying that simultaneous attacks were mounted from the east and west at the same time, and once the Americans were engaged there, then the Resistance committed forces to attack the American housing from the north and south.  A number of American housing units were destroyed.  Seven American snipers who had caused great suffering to the people of the eastern parts of as-Saqlawiyah were killed in one of the buildings.  All of the Americans there were killed and the building destroyed over them.  The Resistance scored direct and powerful hits on other buildings as well but the extent of losses there is unknown.


The correspondent said that the attack was mounted in ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah and that the local people worked to clear it out before the Americans could close off the area entirely, which they did starting from 6:00am local time.  The area was sealed off until 12:00 noon.

After the Resistance launched its attacks under the war cry of Allahu akbar! (God is greatest!), US Apache helicopters opened fire on civilians, wounding six people, including a child.  All the wounds were severe, according to Dr. Kamal Jamil of al-Fallujah General Hospital, who spoke to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Dr. Jamil said that three wounded persons were taken to al-Fallujah General Hospital, but that three others were taken to Baghdad, one of them a child who had suffered severe wounds to the head and chest.


The US aggressors put up these portable housing units after the buildings in which they were previously housed were destroyed a week earlier when 33 American troops were killed in a massive rocket attack launched by the Resistance.


Resistance attacks US troops in ar-Ramadi killing at least 12 using new tactics with larger attacking forces.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US patrol that had halted at the battlefield at the Exhibition Square where an engagement had taken place the day before.  Friday’s Resistance attack took place at 2:30pm.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that one American tank and two Humvees were destroyed by the Resistance assault.  Twelve US troops’ bodies were taken away from the battlefield after the attack.


In the fight, the US troops called in huge Chinook helicopters to erase the signs of the battle and evacuate the corpses.


The number of Resistance fighters who took part in the attack is unknown, but recent days have seen an significant increase in the size of attacking Resistance forces during their assaults on the invader forces, enabling the patriots to surround and attack the Americans suddenly from all sides.  This allows the Resistance to strike hard and finish the engagement quickly before American reinforcements arrive.


This new type of fighting on the part of the Resistance is particularly noted in al-Anbar province west of Baghdad – in Hadithah, al-Fallujah, ar-Ramadi, as-Saqlawiyah, al-Khalidiyah, etc.  It is a new tactic introduced several weeks ago by the Resistance and has resulted in markedly increased American casualties, even though the blackout imposed on the US media prevent most western news services from reporting any such developments out of fear of American retaliation upon them.


Fuller report on the fighting in ar-Ramadi that took place on Thursday.


Reports obtained on Friday by the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam shed more light on the details of the battles fought in ar-Ramadi on Thursday.


Witnesses indicated that a Resistance attack took place near the local US headquarters near the al-Ma‘arif College behind the Chamber of Commerce building.  The Americans reportedly suffered heavy casualties.  This attack began at 4:30 local time when a Resistance bomb exploded near the US base, causing the American invader troops to pour out to encircle the scene of the blast.  One personnel carrier filled with heavily armed Americans came out in this first batch of soldiers who deployed after the bombing.


After the Americans had got out of their vehicles and gathered at the scene of the blast, a powerful explosives-laden car parked next to the scene was detonated by remote-control, blasting body parts of the invader troops all over the area.


Immediately another contingent of American troops including a number of personnel carriers deployed from their base with the aim of gaining control of the situation.  But drivers in three more booby-trapped cars were waiting nearby.  According to eyewitnesses, one person was driving a black German-made Opel, another drove a white Korean Daiwoo, and the third was driving a car the make and model of which witnesses could not remember for certain.  All three cars sped towards the US packed military vehicles and detonated in three extremely powerful explosions.  The blasts destroyed three US personnel carriers in addition to the first carrier destroyed by an earlier bomb.  The entire attack left the American aggressors tending very heavy casualties.


Immediately after the bombings fighting broke out between Resistance reinforcements and the Americans, in battles that raged from the Commercial College to the Agricultural College. One US tank and a Humvee were destroyed in those battles.


Later the Iraqi Resistance forces withdrew to the area of parks 1,500 meters from the initial bombing.  US troops pursued the Resistance fighters but in doing so fell into an other Resistance trap.  A violent battle erupted in the parks area in which one tank and four Humvees were destroyed.  The fighting lasted in that area until 1:00am and the extent of US losses in the parks is unknown.  As to those Americans killed in the personnel carriers, however, at least 45 died in those bombings according to one officer in the Iraqi police who spoke to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Ramadi. Local residents told of seeing pieces of flesh scattered all about as a result of the force of the Resistance bombs.


Sixteen Americans killed in attack west of Baghdad Thursday evening.


The chief US occupation control center in the al-‘Ana district west of Baghdad, between Hadithah and al-Qa’im near the Syrian border, was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance on Thursday evening.  A source in the puppet security apparatus reported that the Resistance used rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and Kalashnikov assault rifles in the attack.  Five American Humvees were destroyed and 16 US invader troops killed.


The source who related the information told Mafkarat al-Islam that the number of Resistance fighters involved in the attack was fewer than the number of Americans killed.  The correspondent reported that the Resistance surrounded and attacked the US troops in the command center from all directions, an approach that also frustrated a manoeuver that the invaders were planning to undertake in an effort to escape doom.


US soldier said wounded in Resistance attack in Baghdad.


One US soldier was wounded in an Iraqi Resistance car bombing of an American column in central Baghdad.  Five Iraqis described as civilians were wounded in the blast.  The Saudi News Agency reported an American military statement that said that the car exploded after having followed an American column.


US F-18s bomb civilian homes in a neighborhood of as-Saqlawiyah Friday.


US aircraft bombed the al-Fallahat neighborhood southwest of as-Saqlawiyah on Friday.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the Americans used F-18 aircraft and targeted homes of civilians inside their gardens in that section of the city.  The bombing lasted for half an hour.  The extent of civilian losses were not immediately known.


US aggressor troops bomb police station in al-Hadithah that they suspect was funneling information to the Resistance.


US occupation F-18 aircraft intensely bombed the puppet police station in al-Hadithah, 250km west of Baghdad, because they suspected the police were sneaking information on the aggressor troops to the Resistance.  Mafkarat al-Islam reported the story on Friday afternoon.


The US attack on the al-Hadithah police station killed 10 police personnel and wounded 40 others, most of them severely.


It is reported that the police forces in al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad, though they were recruited, armed, and trained by the US invaders, have been causing many problems for the occupation troops because they are on the side of the Resistance.  Their sympathies were clearly expressed during the failed American offensive against al-Fallujah in April 2004.  US aggressor troops commonly accuse the police of leaking intelligence on the American troop movements and deployments to the Resistance, making the invaders easy targets for Resistance ambushes.


Resistance targets US convoy in occupied Baghdad.


US military sources admitted on Friday that a US military convoy was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance as it was passing through a neighborhood in Baghdad.  The American Associated Press (AP) reported Iraqi medical sources as saying that a number of wounded and injured persons were admitted to the hospital.  The US military disclosed no more details of the Resistance attack.



















Saturday, 17 July 2004.


Resistance bomb kills three US troops, wounds two others in Baghdad.


Three US troops were killed and two others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack at 10:00am local time on Saturday morning in the University area of the Iraqi capital. According to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Baghdad, the Resistance planted a bomb on a road in the district.  When a US aggressor column passed by the Resistance detonated the explosive.  The correspondent reported eye witnesses as saying that the blast destroyed one US Humvee and killed three American troops who were aboard the vehicle

Explosions shake US occupation headquarters in
Baghdad on Saturday evening.


Three powerful explosions shook the so-called “green zone” as the US aggressors have dubbed their occupation regime headquarters in the Republican Palace compound in Baghdad.  The series of explosions were heard on Saturday evening.  Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV, which reported the blasts, had no further information on the explosions at the time of their initial reports.


The station reported, however, that Saturday was one of the bloodiest days for the occupation since they installed the puppet regime of Iyyad ‘Allawi on 28 June 2004.  Explosions shook the city from early in the morning until well after nightfall.


US soldier killed, one wounded in Resistance roadside bombing Saturday.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US military convoy near Bayji south of Mosul, at 7:00am on Saturday with a roadside bomb.  One US aggressor soldier was killed and another wounded.  The troops were assigned to Task Force Olympia which is based in Fort Lewis, in the US state of Washington, according to an official American admission.


Resistance ambushes US convoy 30km west of Baghdad killing four troops and numerous truck drivers.


Iraqi Resistance fighters ambushed a small US convoy of a number of fuel tank truck and about six Humvees at 12:15pm local time midday Saturday on the highway to al-Fallujah, 30km west of Baghdad at al-Haswah.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the Resistance fired a number of rockets at the fuel tankers producing a huge explosion and setting three tankers ablaze.  Six persons were killed aboard the vehicles.  It was not known for certain whether the people killed on the tankers were American.


The correspondent reported that the explosion of the third tanker also destroyed one Humvee that was behind it, killing four US aggressor troops who were in the Humvee.  According to eye witnesses who live in the area, a gun battle erupted after the rocket attack between the survivors of the convoy and the Iraqi Resistance.  The fighting was so intense that the US invader troops were forced to retreat to Baghdad.  US occupation forces surrounded and cordoned off the area of the attack half an hour later.


Resistance land mine kills five US troops in al-Qa’im early Saturday afternoon.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Qa’im on the Syrian border reported early Saturday afternoon that five US occupation foot soldiers were killed when their patrol set off a  Resistance land mine inside the city.  The correspondent reports that the deadly blast occurred at 1:30pm local time.  After the mine exploded, US aggressor troops cordoned off the area and deployed large numbers of troops on the main street of al-Qa’im, closing off the roads leading to the scene of the attack.


Resistance blows up two US spy towers in al-Qa’im.


A detachment of Iraqi Resistance fighters in al-Qa’im on Friday fired mortars at tall towers erected by the US aggressor troops in the are in order to spy on and monitor activities in the area.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Saturday that when the US occupation troops had nearly completed building their spy towers, the Resistance targeted them with mortars and brought them down, destroying them and killing all who were on them.  The actual extent of casualties is not known.


On Friday the Resistance fired nine mortar shells at the US base in the customs post in al-Qa’im, according to witnesses.  That attack was followed by another mortar attack during the night after which gun battles erupted.  The extent of US aggressor casualties in those engagements is also unknown.


Five US troops killed in al-Qa’im area Friday evening.


Five US aggressor troops were killed and a number of others wounded on Friday evening when they ran over Iraqi Resistance land mines in the village of al-Jazirah, north of al-Husaybah in the area of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US patrol consisted of two Humvees when he filed his report on the incident at midday Saturday.


Stooge party leader killed in Resistance mortar attack.


An official in the collaborationist so-called “Iraqi National Congress” party, which is led by convicted embezzler and CIA spy Ahmad Chelebi, was assassinated by the Iraqi Resistance on Saturday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired mortar shells at dawn on the home of Hamid Sabri, killing him and causing great damage to the structure which is located in the al-Qatul neighborhood in central Samarra’, north of Baghdad. 


Iraqi puppet so-called “justice minister” survives Resistance assassination attempt.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded near the home of the puppet so-called “minister of justice” in the American-installed Iraqi “government” in Baghdad on Saturday morning. Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported the attack that took place in al-‘Adl neighborhood of the west of the capital.


Malik Duhan al-Hasan was riding in a motorcade when it was attacked by a car bomb as it passed through a Baghdad neighborhood.  One of the “minister’s” guards was killed, another was wounded.  The “minister” was reportedly unhurt.


The correspondent for al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV in Baghdad reported that smoke could be seen rising from the area of the attack and an exchange of gunfire also took place.  She added that the Resistance martyrdom car bomber tried to strike the motorcade of the “minister” and then blew up.  Witnesses and people accompanying the “minister” reported that his car was not hurt by the Resistance bomber.


Resistance bombing shakes headquarters of puppet “national guard,” killing two, wounding 25 others.


An explosion on Saturday morning shook the Baghdad headquarters of the puppet so-called National Guard armed and recruited by the US occupation forces in Iraq.  The puppet so-called “Iraqi health ministry” reported that a car bomb exploded outside the building in al-Mahmudiyah, southern Baghdad, killing two and wounding 25 others.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that there were wounded and that ambulances hurried to the area.  Reuters confirmed the news and reported eye witnesses as saying that the blast was a powerful one that shook downtown Baghdad.  Columns of smoke were seen rising over the area near the heavily guarded area where the Iraqi puppet regime and US embassy are located in the Republican palace, dubbed the “green zone” by the Americans.


Australian paper quotes witnesses describing puppet “prime minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi personally executing handcuffed prisoners in Baghdad.


The Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 17 July 2004 that there are eyewitnesses who say that puppet so-called Iraqi “Prime Minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi personally shot and killed up to six prisoners just days before his government took control of the country.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported that two witnesses saw Dr ‘Allawi pull a pistol and execute suspected Resistance fighters at a Baghdad police station.  The witnesses said the handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners were lined up against a wall in a courtyard next to the maximum-security cell block in which they were held at the Al-‘Amariyah security centre.  They say Dr ‘Allawi told bystanders the victims had each killed as many as 50 Iraqis and they “deserved worse than death.”

The reports have been denied entirely by the puppet so-called “prime minister's” office which said Dr ‘Allawi had never visited the centre and he did not carry a gun.  One witness told the Herald's Iraq correspondent Paul McGeough that before the killings Dr ‘Allawi had told those around him that he wanted to send a clear message to the police on how to deal with insurgents.


The Australian paper wrote that informants said he shot each young man in the head as about a dozen Iraqi puppet policemen and four Americans from the so-called “prime minister's” personal security team watched.  Iraq's puppet so-called “Interior minister” Falah al-Naqib is alleged to have congratulated him when the job was done, but the minister's office has denied the reports.


According to the Australian paper, the witnesses said seven prisoners were present, but one was only wounded.  The Herald said this was the first time eyewitness accounts of the “prime minister's” brutality had been obtained.  The witnesses, who were not paid for their information, estimated the shooting to have happened about the third weekend in June.   They were enthusiastic about such killings, the Herald reported, with one of them saying about the executed Resistance fighters: “These criminals were terrorists. They are the ones who plant the bombs.”  They said the 58-year-old US-stooge “prime minister” “wanted to send a message to his policemen and soldiers not to be scared if they kill anyone especially, they are not to worry about tribal revenge.”  The Herald said two of men killed, Ahmad Abdallah Ahsamey and ‘Amer Lutfi Muhammad Ahmad al-Kutsia, may have been Arab volunteer Resistance fighters.  The third, Walid Mahdi Ahmad as-Samarra’i, may have been from Samarra’, where insurgents raided the home of Mr al-Naqib, killing four of his bodyguards on June 19.  The witnesses, doubtless eager for foreign support, described the four victims as “Wahabbis,” the fundamentalists.






















Sunday, 18 July 2004.


Fierce fighting erupts for half an hour after midnight in al-Fallujah.


Violent battles broke out very early Sunday morning between the Iraqi Resistance and US aggressor troops in the al-Jubayl region south of the defiant city of al-Fallujah. The fighting began at 12:30am and US tanks and aircraft took part.  Resistance forces, however were able to cripple one US tank according to the local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah.  The fighting died away at about 1:00am having lasted half an hour.  The extent of losses were not immediately known.


A US column was hit by an explosion and ambush by the Iraqi Resistance at 12:45am Sunday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported, but few other details were immediately available.


Two Iraqi Resistance car bombs strike puppet police stations in Tikrit.


Iraqi Resistance forces targeted a puppet police station in the city of Tikrit with a car bomb that blew up and killed two puppet policemen.  First Lieutenant Nabil ‘Abd al-Hamid told the Associated Press (AP) that the blast that shook the city also wounded two other puppet policemen in addition to leaving two dead.


Iraqi puppet police Captain Lu’ay Qahtan reported on Sunday morning that an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded near a puppet police training center in Tikrit wounding three officers in the US-appointed force.


US bombs home in al-Fallujah, killing 14.


US aircraft on Sunday rocketed a house in al-Fallujah Sunday morning, killing 14 people according to hospital and local officials, the American Associated Press (AP) reported.  US-appointed puppet so-called “prime minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi gave the go-ahead for the attack, according to his office and the US military.  Local residents said the attack destroyed a house filled with civilians.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV quoted an official who asked to remain anonymous as saying that the “multinational” aggressor forces had requested ‘Allawi’s agreement to the attack.


At least four explosions from the strike about 2am rocked the city. Scores of people ran to the scene and dug through the wreckage looking for survivors. One witness, who declined to give his name, said the house belonged to a “very poor family.” Angry crowds gathered around the house, chanting “Allahu akbar!” “God is greatest.”


One hospital source reported receiving six bodies, including that of a woman, from the house.


“We heard the sound of jetfighters and then we heard four explosions in the house occupied by civilian residents, Lieutenant. Sa‘d Khalaf of the al-Fallujah Brigade, the local defense force formed under the terms of the US withdrawal from the area last spring.


Body parts were scattered around the scene; some remains were stacked and covered by a gray blanket. The attack killed 14 people and injured three, according to Sa‘d al-‘Amili, a puppet so-called “Health Ministry” official.


The US bombed the house on the pretext that the Jordanian Resistance volunteer known as Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi or his followers were there.  Iraqi sources have repeatedly said that az-Zarqawi is not in the country at all.


Polish prime minister shows lock-step loyalty to US imperialism, pledges to stay in Iraq at least until the end of 2005.


Again stressing his loyalty to the United States, Marek Belka the prime minister of Poland, an American satellite country visited Polish aggressor troops in occupied Iraq on Sunday to tell them that their country would keep them in Iraq at least until the end of 2005.  He indicated however, that there might be some troop reductions early next year.


During a visit to Polish troops in Babil, Belka said “we are required to keep our troops in Iraq until the end of 2005.”  He indicated that if the puppet forces were able to fight for the United States instead of the Poles and other satellite countries, that Warsaw would be “more than happy” to give up some of its “responsibilities to them.”


Invaders arrest Sufyan Mahir Hasan, a commander of the Republican Guard.


Puppet so-called “national guard” troops together with their bosses the US aggressor forces on Friday arrested Major General in the Republican Guard of the Republic of Iraq Sufyan Mahir Hasan near Tikrit.  A propaganda mouthpiece of the US occupation 1st Infantry Division said that the officer in the independent Iraqi military was accused by the occupation of “preparing and funding attacks” against the invader troops and their stooges.