Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Sunday, 25 July 2004 through Wednesday, 28 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice


Sunday, 25 July 2004.


Resistance fires Katyushas at US base near al-Fallujah Sunday evening.


Iraqi Resistance forces rained Katyusha rockets on the US base in the agricultural area northeast of al-Fallujah on Sunday.  According to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, at least two Katyushas slammed into the base at 6:30pm Sunday evening.


It appears that the rockets were fired from southern al-Fallujah, since a number of residents of ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood reported hearing the sound of rocket launches nearby.


US forces for their part shelled al-Fallujah but at the time the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent filed his report there was no information on possible casualties as a result of that American attack.


Fierce gunbattle rages in western al-Fallujah Sunday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance fighters and US aggressor troops fought a fierce battle at around 2:50pm Sunday afternoon near al-Fallujah.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the violent fighting took place at the al-‘Amiriyah crossroads west of al-Fallujah and in the aftermath, local Iraqi people took American dead and wounded Iraqi Resistance fighters to hospital.


Five US troops killed, eight wounded in bombing near as-Saqlawiyah Sunday afternoon.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US patrol made up of two Humvees on the International Highway in the area of as-Saqlawiyah, northwest of al-Fallujah, according to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.  The Resistance planted the bomb on the highway at about 2:15pm Sunday afternoon. The two Humvees were totally destroyed by the blast.  Four US troops were killed and five others wounded who were on the first Humvee.  The vehicle continued to burn after the attack, closing the highway for 10 minutes before US reinforcements arrived on the scene.  One American was killed in the second Humvee and three others wounded.


Three US soldiers killed in ar-Ramadi bombing early Sunday morning.


A small US patrol consisting of two Humvees was struck by an Iraqi Resistance explosive device southeast of ar-Ramadi at about 4:30 Sunday morning, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The Resistance planted a remote-control bomb on the road along which the patrol would travel and then set it off, destroying one of the two Humvees and killing three US troops who were aboard.  The blast also flipped the other Humvee upside down.


Occupation troops immediately sealed off the area of the attack, preventing local people from passing through, and trapping everyone who was in the neighborhood mosque for morning prayers inside the building where they remained through out the time of the US investigation of the attack.


US troops walk into a deadly trap set by the Resistance.


The US military command received reports from Iraqi informants that a group of Arab Resistance fighters with a large amount of weapons and ammunition were holed up inside a house in the rural fields southeast of al-Hadithah, west of Baghdad.  As soon as they received the intelligence, the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported, the Americans formed a 45-man rapid-deployment force, according to residents of the area in which the house is located.  The mission of the force was to storm the house.


The US troops, backed up by three tanks and a number of Humvees and two armored personnel carriers set off towards the house.  Residents report that the Americans split up into two groups – one made up of 27 men whose job was to observe the area around the house and to follow up the attack.  The second group, made up of 18 troops, was to carry out the raid itself.


According to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent, as soon as the US troops tried to raid the house, a massive explosion resounded, destroying everything in the area.  Eyewitnesses say they saw a number of the soldiers who had been in the team keeping watch on the area and they too were wounded by the force of the blast.


Resistance bomb strikes kills 10 US troops in ar-Ramadi.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Ramadi reported that an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded beside a column of US troops, Humvees and armored personnel carriers (APCs) in front of the building housing the agricultural directorate in the city, 250 meters north of the Republican Palace where the US occupation troops have their headquarters in the city.  An Iraqi security source said that the car bomb, which went off at 1:30am Sunday morning, killed eight US troops who were in an armored personnel carrier and wounded four others.  He said that the blast damaged a Humvee in the column as well, killing its driver and the person sitting next to him, and wounding the three soldiers who were sitting behind them, two of them seriously.


The occupation troops immediately closed the street leading to the scene of the attack for two full hours.  Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent noted that an American armored personnel carrier usually carried 35 to 40 soldiers but that during the last two weeks, the US command had ordered a change in their strategy because of constant Resistance attacks, so that the APCs now carry 10 to 12 soldiers as a rule, although occasionally Iraqis still see APCs carrying 30 soldiers.


Resistance car bomb inflicts casualties on US patrol in ar-Ramadi Saturday night.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb detonated with a massive explosion in front of the ar-Ramadi Obstetrical Hospital late on Saturday night.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the car bomb was aimed at a US military patrol that was passing along the road in front of the hospital.  Residents of the area say they heard the thunderous explosion and confirm that the US column suffered casualties as a result of the huge blast.


US admits one soldier killed by Resistance bomb near Bayji in northern Iraq.


US occupation authorities admitted on Sunday that one US soldier was killed and two others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded under the convoy in which he was riding in northern Iraq. Sergeant Robert Powell, a US military spokesman, said that the mine exploded near the city of Bayji, about 90 miles south of Mosul.  According to the US Associated Press (AP) Powell acknowledged that two other US military personell were wounded in the attack.


Resistance kidnaps puppet police officical in western Iraq.


An Iraqi Resistance group called the al-Faruq Brigades announced that it had kidnapped a high-ranking officer in the Iraqi puppet police, Lieutenant Colonel Nafi‘ ‘Ataallah, who is in charge of the follow-up department in the puppet police.  They captured him as he was headed to work.  A source told Quds Press that the al-Faruq Brigades Western Division said that the officer surrendered to the kidnappers without resistance.  The Resistance accuses him of collaboration with the US aggressors in their man hunts for and punishments of Resistance fighters.


Iraqi official under Saddam Hussein assassinated.


The Iraqi puppet police reported that armed persons on Sunday attacked a man who had been an official in the Iraqi government before the US invasion.  First Lieutenant Mustafa ‘Abdallah ad-Dulaymi told the American Associated Press (AP) that Major General Khalid Dawud, the former governor of part of Baghdad was driving in his car with his son in ad-Durah, the southern suburb of the Iraqi capital when a group of armed men in another car opened fire, killing General Dawud instantly.  Ad-Dulaymi said there was no word on the condition of Dawud’s son.














Monday, 26 July 2004.


Resistance attack knocks out two Humvees in al-Hadithah, Monday evening.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the US military control point in the city of al-Hadithah, west of Baghdad at 6:00pm local time on Monday.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded near the US control point located in downtown al-Hadithah, near the al-Hadithah Bank.


The correspondent reported that the blast destroyed two US military Humvees, but information on casualties as a result of the Resistance attack was not immediately available, as American troops closed off the scene of the blast and all that local residents could see were the burning hulks of the two Humvees.


Resistance bomb in ad-Durah destroys American Humvee.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US aggressor patrol in ad-Durah, the southern suburb of Baghdad at 11:00am local time Monday.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, a Resistance bomb exploded as the patrol was passing, destroying one US Humvee.  There was no immediate information on US casualties as a result of the bombing attack.


Resistance martyrdom car bomber strikes US base.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom car bomber attacked near the main US base in the northern city of Mosul on Monday.  The American ABC television website quoted local eyewitnesses as saying that at least about five American troops were killed in the Resistance attack. They reported seeing an ambulance carry the bodies of the dead out of the base.


Later, however, US military spokeswoman Captain Angela M. Bowman said a woman and a child standing near the explosion were killed, as was an Iraqi collaborator guard. Three US aggressor soldiers and two Iraqi puppet guards were injured in the attack, she claimed.


Employees leaving the base in Mosul said a Chevrolet sedan drove up and exploded about 50 meters from the gates, setting nearby cars on fire.


The explosion took place at the Mosul airport which the occupation forces have turned into their main base in the region.


Resistance assassinates puppet “interior ministry” officials.


Iraqi Resistance fighters assassinated a senior official in the puppet so-called “interior ministry” on Monday.  Colonel Mus‘ab al-‘Awadi, the so-called “ministry’s” deputy chief of tribal affairs, and his guards had just left his house in al-Baya‘ neighborhood in Baghdad when the Resistance fighters shot them dead in a drive-by attack, according to Sabah Kazim, a spokesman for the puppet ministry, installed to protect the US aggressors and their stooge regime.


Resistance car bomb explodes near bridge in Baghdad.


In Baghdad, an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded Monday near a Baghdad bridge.  A suspected bomb placed in an Opel sedan exploded near the eastern entrance to the as-Sarafiyah Bridge in downtown Baghdad, according to an American Associated Press (AP) photographer at the scene.


Iraqi Resistance forces fire mortars at various targets in Baghdad on Monday morning.


An official in the puppet so-called “interior ministry,” Major Mushtaq ‘Abbas, said that at least two mortar shells struck the former Higher Education Ministry near the central Sa‘dun Street. ‘Abbas told the American Associated Press (AP) that the building was under renovation and no casualties were reported.  Three persons were reportedly slightly injured in this and other mortar attacks in the occupied Iraqi capital.


Resistance liquidates women collaborators in al-Basrah.


In al-Basrah, Iraqi Resistance fighters killed two Iraqi women collaborators and seriously injured two others, puppet police and hospital officials said on Monday.  The women worked as cleaners serving British forces in southern Iraq.  Lieutenant Colonel ‘Ali Kazim, of the al-Basrah puppet police, said Resistance fighters drove alongside the women’s car as they were driving to work at al-Basrah airport and sprayed gunfire at them. He said that two women were killed and two were injured.  All four worked as cleaners at the airport, which is used as a base by British forces.  All collaborators serving the Anglo-American occupation are targets of the Iraqi Resistance.


Resistance group Lions of God releases Egyptian diplomat hostage.


An Egyptian diplomat held hostage since Friday by an Iraqi Resistance group known as the Lions of God was released on Monday and returned unharmed to the Egyptian embassy building in the occupied Iraqi capital.  Reuters reported Muhammad Mamduh Qutb as saying that the Egyptian government and the Resistance fighters “had made no deals.”


But the American Associated Press (AP) reported an unnamed Egyptian Foreign Ministry source as saying that the Egyptian diplomat was released after successful negotiations.  He said that the kidnapper’s only demand was that Egypt not send any forces to Iraq, something the government in Cairo pledges not to do.


A video tape that showed Qutb’s release was broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite TV.  In it a representative of the Resistance group said that Qutb was released “because he was a religious man with praiseworthy morals.”  The Resistance group said on the video that they had rejected offers of large sums of money as ransom.


Iraqi Resistance group sentences Kuwaiti-employed Pakistani hostages to death for serving the occupation.


An Iraqi Resistance group called the Islamic Army in Iraq announced that it had kidnapped two Pakistanis and an Iraqi contract driver.  The group released a video on al-Jazeera satellite TV saying it had sentenced the captives to death because Pakistan was discussing sending troops to Iraq. The group did not say when it would kill the men. The Pakistanis, named Raja Azad and Sajad Na‘im work for the Kuwait-based at-Tamimi Group in Baghdad, said Mas‘ud Khan, a spokesman for Pakistan's Foreign Ministry. The Resistance group warned the company to stop doing business in occupied Iraq or it would kill more of its employees.


The Pakistani government had declared Raja Azad, 49, an engineer, and Sajad Naeem, 29, a driver, missing over the weekend.  In part of the video, several identity cards belonging to the hostages were shown. There was also a photograph of three men, at least one of which appeared to be of a Pakistani hostage, standing with Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, former deputy commander of US forces in occupied Iraq and spokesman of the US aggressor forces.


In Pakistan, Na‘im’s parents pleaded for the hostage takers to spare their son’s life and set him free. “If they release him, he will leave Iraq. He will not work there,” said Muhammad Na‘im, 56.


Iraqi Resistance captures two Jordanian truck drivers employed by company serving US occupation.


Iraqi Resistance fighters belonging to what they referred to as the “Organization of the Mujahideen” [Hay’at al-Mujahidin] kidnapped two Jordanian drivers and threatened to kill them in 72 hours if their Jordanian company, Rami al-Uways, did not stop doing business with the American military occupation.   In a video obtained by US Associated Press Television News, the two men, identified as ‘Udwan al-Fayiz Sa‘d and Ahmad Salamah Hasan, said they were being treated well and pleaded with their company to meet the Resistance fighters’ demands. Hasan called upon all Arabs and Muslims not to deal with the Americans and to aid the Resistance. Al-‘Udwan said he was “regretful,” and if he could turn back time he would not have worked with the company.


Many of those abducted by the Resistance in recent weeks have been truck drivers bringing supplies badly needed by the occupation forces, according to the American Associated Press (AP).  ‘Adil Abu Hawili, a manager for Kuwait's ar-Rumi Shipping Agency, said the wave of kidnappings has forced transport costs up “50 to 65 percent” and made it harder to find drivers to work in Iraq, a statement that underlined the successes being scored by the Resistance since adopting the tactic.


Black Banners Resistance Group extends deadline for Kuwaiti company employees.


In a video aired by Arab stations Monday, Iraqi Resistance fighters belonging to the Secret Islamic Army – Black Banners Brigade extended a deadline for their demands to be met for the release of seven truck drivers - three Kenyans, three Indians and an Egyptian. It was unclear how long the deadline had been extended.  The workers’ employer, the Kuwait and Gulf Link Transport Company, said the captors had not demanded a ransom and that it was confident the help of “Iraqi friends” involved in negotiations would secure their prompt release.  Earlier, the Kuwaiti company had refused to withdraw from collaborating with the US occupation, but claimed to be negotiating with the Resistance organization.


The deadline extension offered by the Black Banners stipulated three things:


1.      The extension of the deadline in order that negotiations with relevant parties be completed.

2.      The insistence on the need for the Kuwaiti company to withdraw from collaborating with the occupation.

3.      A warning to the Indian government against “irresponsible attacks” on mujahideen, in order to protect Indian subjects.


US plans to deploy 48 F-16s to Turkey for use against Iraq.


The United States plans to deploy 48 F-16 fighter bomber aircraft to its base at Incirlik in southern Turkey according to a report by the Turkish ATV television network broadcast on Monday.  ATV reported that the US plans to deploy the airplanes as soon as it reaches a detailed agreement with Turkey allowing the US to use the Incirlik base for expanded activities.


The ATV quoted a high-ranking military source as saying that the deployment of the F-16s would take place in the framework of a plan that the US has been working on for some time that involves the transfer of much of its force now located in Europe to other areas of the world, in particular in order for US forces to confront the Arab world.  The ATV reported that if the US is unable to reach agreement with Ankara on the expanded use of Incirlik, the airplanes would be moved from Germany to the United States.


















Tuesday, 27 July 2004.


Iraqi Resistance missile attack on US base northeast of al-Fallujah.


Two Iraqi Resistance surface-to-surface missiles slammed into the US base in the agricultural area northeast of al-Fallujah on Tuesday, apparently fired from the area of as-Saqlawiyah.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the sound of the two rockets exploding in the base was audible in the area and that black smoke rose from the scene, indicating that the rockets scored direct hits on vehicles that had been set ablaze as a result.


Resistance attacks kill at least one American soldier in Ba‘qubah.


A US military spokesman admitted that one American aggressor soldier had been killed in an Iraqi Resistance car bombing that targeted a US patrol in the crossroads area of downtown Ba‘qubah, northeast of Baghdad on Tuesday.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the car exploded after the US patrol arrived in the area.  The American patrol was sent in to respond to a Resistance attack in which a truck carrying concrete road barriers for use by the US occupation forces was set ablaze by Resistance fighters.


Early morning explosions shake occupation’s “green zone” headquarters in Baghdad as Resistance mortar attack wounds 14 aggressor troops.


The early morning calm in Baghdad was shaken by a series of thunderous explosions on Tuesday.  Reuters reported that the explosions came from the so-called “green zone” – the area around the Republican Palace that the Americans took over and turned into their headquarters and that of their puppet “interim Iraqi government.”  The “green zone” compound and the lines of collaborators waiting to find work inside are virtually daily targets of the rockets and mortars of the Iraqi Resistance.


Later, American propaganda spokesmen said that four or five mortar shells were fired early Tuesday toward Baghdad’s so-called “green zone.”  A spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the mortar fire injured 14 aggressor soldiers, but their nationalities, the exact location of the attack and the seriousness of their wounds were not disclosed.  One mortar shell hit the as-Salihiyah district, just outside the “green zone” compound, killing an Iraqi garbage collector and injuring another, according to a US Associated Press Television News APTN) cameraman at the scene.


Resistance pounds US base at as-Saqlawiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces pounded US forces in their base in as-Saqlawiyah from early morning and virtually all day on Tuesday, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The base came under an intense 120mm mortar barrage at 11:00am in the morning.  Then another barrage slammed into the US forces at the base at 3:00pm and another at 5:30pm.  On the occasion of each attack, local residents say they saw thick, black smoke hovering in the sky over the base, a sign that direct hits had been scored on vehicles that had been destroyed and set ablaze.


Resistance scores direct mortar hit on armored personnel carrier near as-Saqlawiyah.


Members of the Iraqi Resistance used mortars to attack an American personnel carrier in the ash-Shuhada’ district of as-Saqlawiyah near the international highway on Tuesday.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the mortar shells scored a direct hit on the armored personnel carrier.  Local residents who witnessed the attack said that the personnel carrier was carrying at least 30 US aggressor troops, all of whom were killed or wounded in the attack.


Iraqi Resistance downs two US Chinook transport helicopters.


Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Fallujah shot down two massive American Chinook transport helicopters recently.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the first of the two helicopters was shot out of the sky on Monday northeast of al-Fallujah beyond the railroad.  It was full of US troops at the time.


The second helicopter crashed at about 10:00pm Mecca time on Tuesday evening in the al-Jawlan neighborhood in the northwestern part of al-Fallujah, in the direction of as-Saqlawiyah.


Chinook helicopters are used to transport large numbers of troops and even pick up tanks and damaged armored personnel carriers.


US random shelling of al-Fallujah neighborhoods wounds six.


Six Iraqi civilians were wounded in al-Fallujah on Tuesday when US forces randomly shelled the city.  The neighborhoods of ash-Shuhada’, al-Jubayl, an-Ni‘amiyah in the southern part of the city were attacked by US mortar shells and artillery.  Four men and two women were wounded in the US attack, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


US raids shopkeepers homes, arrests merchants in ar-Rutbah on Jordanian border.


On Tuesday evening US aggressor forces stormed a number of small merchants’ houses in ar-Rutbah on the Iraqi-Jordanian border.  The invader troops arrested a number of the traders and destroyed their shops and homes, according to a report by Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent.


The raids were predicated on the claim that the merchants were funding and aiding the Iraqi Resistance.  The correspondent reports that it has become known that the raids were based on false tips given to the invader troops by some other competitor merchant known as Abu Khalid.


High official in puppet “health ministry” assassinated.


South of of Baghdad, Resistance fighters assassinated the assistant director of al-Mahmudiyah Hospital, the hospital's chief said Tuesday.  The puppet so-called “ministry of health” announced that Dr. Qasim Muhammad al-‘Abadi was a prominent official of their US-installed “ministry” and that he was shot dead by Resistance fighters in a car as he was driving home from work late Monday, said the hospital's director, Dr. Dawud at-Ta'i. Al-Mahmudiyah is about 25 miles south of Baghdad.


Jordanian company agrees to stop collaborating with US aggressors and to pull out of Iraq to secure release of Jordanian hostage employees.


The executive director of a Jordanian company that works with the US occupation in Iraq has announced that his firm will completely stop all its activities in Iraq and pull out its workers and employees in order to guarantee the release of two of its truck drivers who were captured and are being held by an Iraqi Resistance group.


Rami al-Uways told the American Associated Press (AP) that his company had taken the decision to withdraw totally from their properties in Iraq in order to secure the freedom of the men, ‘Udwan al-Fayiz Sa‘d and Ahmad Salamah Hasan.


In a video obtained by the AP, the Group of Mujahideen organization threatened to kill the Jordanian hostages if the company did not halt its collaboration with the US occupation.


Resistance group purportedly threatens to cut international highway to Jordan.


An armed Iraqi Resistance group has announced that it plans to cut the international highway between Baghdad and Jordan to all military traffic supporting the US occupation.  The organization, called the Death Group, said it would not hesitate to target Jordanians cooperating with the US occupation, just as it will target the occupation troops themselves.


The warning came in a video allegedly released by the Death Group and obtained by the American Associated Press (AP).  Seven men dressed in black and holding rocket-propelled grenade launchers, their faces covered.  They say that they would not target food, clothing, medicine and other aid supplies coming to the Iraqi people and that claims to the contrary by the Iraqi regime appointed by the United States were lies.


The spokesman for the group on the video said that he was delivering a 72-hour warning after which they would go into action.


Jaysh al-Mahdi attacks alcohol sales in al-Basrah.


In the southern city of al-Basrah, about 50 armed members of the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, loyal to Shi‘i cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, snatched about 20 people Monday during raids against people selling and drinking alcohol, puppet police said. The detainees were later handed over to the puppet police. During the raids, militiamen dragged men out of their houses and smashed cartons of canned drinks, apparently beer, al-‘Arabiya satellite TV showed in broadcast footage.


In the recent past, the Jaysh al-Mahdi fought US occupation troops in southern Iraq, until a cease fire arrangement was concluded between the two sides.



















Wednesday, 28 July 2004.


Late news: US rockets residences in al-Fallujah after midnight on Thursday.


In a dispatch posted at 1:20am Mecca Time Thursday, 29 July 2004, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that US aircraft had just minutes before unleashed a sudden rocket barrage on residential houses in the city.  A US aircraft rocketed areas in the northern part of al-Fallujah striking a number of houses lying behind the railroad tracks.  No immediate information on casualties or damage as a result of the American attack was available


US admits one soldier killed three others wounded in car bombing.


The US military admitted that one American soldier was killed and three others wounded as was one person described as a civilian by an Iraqi Resistance car bomb west of Baghdad on Wednesday.  Reuters reported a spokesman for the US military as saying that the attack was carried out using a car laden with home made bombs.  The correspondent for al-‘Arabiyah satellite network, however, reported that an explosion occurred in al-Mansur neighborhood in the center of Baghdad.


Mafkarat al-Islam reports on Resistance bombing west of al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the al-Habbaniyah bridge west of al-Fallujah at 3:00pm Wednesday afternoon as an American Humvee was passing, according to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


The blast damaged the Humvee and killed one of the American soldiers as well as wounding two others.  The same explosion also damaged an Iraqi puppet police Nissan car that was traveling behind the American military vehicle.  The driver of the puppet police car, a member of the puppet police, was wounded by the blast.


Resistance car bomb kills 70 at Ba‘qubah puppet police station.


An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom car bomber detonated his lethal cargo outside a puppet police recruiting center in downtown Ba‘qubah, 55km northeast of Baghdad, on Wednesday killing 70, and wounding nearly 90 others, according to a statement issued by the puppet so-called “health ministry.”  According to the American Associated Press (AP) 21 people in a passing bus were killed by the massive bomb.


According to al-Jazeera satellite TV, as spokesman for the puppet so-called “interior ministry” said that 30 of those killed in the blast were standing in a long line in front of the puppet police headquarters waiting to be interviewed for jobs with the US-appointed force.


The AP reported that the 10:13am blast “shattered the bustling heart of a commercial district” that also housed puppet government buildings and the puppet Police Directorate of an-Najdah district.  “The street was filled with charred vehicles, pieces of glass, twisted metal and abandoned shoes, all covered in blood and human remains. Dead bodies lay scattered about - in the middle of the road, under cars, up against nearby buildings. A white metal security gate outside a shop was stained red with blood,” the AP reported.  Witnesses said the bomb targeted men waiting outside the al-Najdah police station trying to sign up for the force created by the US occupation to protect the invader troops and their stooge regime.


The blast killed 68 people and wounded 56 others, according to Sa‘d al-‘Amili, an official in the puppet so-called “ministry of health.” Twenty-one of the dead were on a nearby white bus that turned into a charred husk.


The AP reported that “the local hospital was overwhelmed with the casualties. Every bed was filled, forcing many of the injured to sit on the floor, amid pools of blood, as they were treated by frantic health workers. One injured man sitting against the wall, held his head in his hands and wept.”


A source in Ba‘qubah General Hospital said that the freezer in which the Hospital keeps bodies was full of corpses and so the casualty count could go higher.


Tuesday night bombing in Ba‘qubah reportedly kills martyrdom bomber.


In a bombing attempt on Tuesday evening in Ba‘qubah, a car rigged with explosives detonated, killing the driver, according to claims by the US military.


One Iraqi woman was killed and four other members of her family were wounded by US aggressor gunfire in the course of a violent battle that raged on Wednesday between the Resistance and the US invaders in the city of ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.


Woman killed others injured as fighting rages in ar-Ramadi.


A medical source in ar-Ramadi reported on Wednesday that “a family of five came to the hospital.  A rocket had struck their home in the middle of ar-Ramadi.  The lady of the house was killed in the explosion and four others – the father and his three children – were wounded.”  The source said: “an American-made missile destroyed a large part of their home.”


A different account was presented by the American Associated Press (AP) that disregarded eyewitness testimony and reported that “a mortar shell apparently fired at a nearby US base struck an apartment building, killing one Iraqi woman and injuring seven other people, according Dr. ‘Ala’ al-‘Ani of ar-Ramadi Hospital.”


The American AP report also failed to note that the explosion in the house came in the context of fierce fighting between US forces and the Resistance.


According to al-Jazeera satellite TV, clashes broke out in the area after the US forces’ headquarters came under attack by the Resistance.  The Americans occupy a Presidential Palace west of the city as their headquarters.  Several mortar shells fired by the Resistance struck the American camp.


US forces responded by coming out of their camp and entering ar-Ramadi city where battles then broke out between them and the Resistance fighters deployed throughout the city carrying machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).


Majid Hamid, a journalist in ar-Ramadi, told al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV by telephone that an uneasy calm had settled over the city by about 4:00pm Wednesday afternoon as Resistance fighters were deployed extensively throughout the city, warily waiting for a possible American assault.


Hamid said that there were unconfirmed reports from eye witnesses that Resistance fighters had encircled and attacked the house of the Governor of al-Anbar, setting it ablaze.


Resistance takes children of Governor of al-Anbar hostage.


At 5:54pm Wednesday, Mecca Time, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters on Wednesday kidnapped the children of one of the officials in the US-appointed Iraqi puppet “government” in the course of a raid on the house of the Governor of al-Anbar City.  Reuters reported that the group attacked the house and kidnapped the children of the official.


Iraqi puppet police sources reported that the kidnappers were able to get through all the security barriers set up around the house and kidnap the children of ‘Abd al-Karim ar-Rawi, the Governor of the city of al-Anbar, 110km west of Baghdad.


The sources said that after carrying out their mission, the Resistance fighters set fire to the residence of the puppet official destroying the structure completely.


Resistance bomb kills one on north end of “green zone.”


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded Wednesday at the northern edge of the US headquarters compound, which they call the “green zone.”  The “green zone” is a fortified enclave set up by the invaders in the Republican Palace, where they have installed the headquarters of the occupation forces and of their stooge regime.  The blast reportedly tore through the densely populated Baghdad suburb of ar-Rahmaniya, killing one person and injuring five, according to an official in the puppet so-called “interior ministry” who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Two cars were seen burning and a building was damaged in the explosion.  A US military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that an explosion had been reported to the north of the “green zone,” but he was unaware of its source.


Resistance bomb strikes US military column in ad-Dulu‘iyah.


An Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb blew up under US military column in the ad-Dulu‘iyah area south of the city of Samarra’, which lies north of Baghdad.  The Lebanese satellite TV station LBC reported that the Resistance bomb destroyed three US Humvees, killing and wounding those aboard the vehicles.


The station initially provided no further details of the Resistance operatation


US soldier killed in Resistance bombing Tuesday night.


One US soldier was killed and three others injured late Tuesday when an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb severely damaged their armored Humvee while they were on patrol in the town of Balad Ruz, about 65 kilometers northwest of Baghdad, according to invader army spokesman Master Sergeant Robert Powell.  All four American soldiers belonged to the 1st Infantry Division, according to a report of the US statement made by Agence France Presse (AFP).  The 1st Infantry is headquartered in occupied Tikrit.


Second bombing in Balad Ruz injures nine.


Another separate roadside bombing in the town of Balad Ruz late Tuesday injured nine Iraqis described as civilians, by Ba‘qubah General Hospital official ‘Abbas Fadil, in a report posted by the US Associated Press (AP).


Fifteen US troops die in Tuesday ambush in western al-Anbar Province.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US military column made up of seven Humvees on Tuesday at the Rawi crossroads, 5km from the ‘Anah area, which lies 350km west of Baghdad.  An Iraqi security forces source in ‘Anah told a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in western al-Anbar Province that four US Humvees were totally destroyed in the attack in which the Resistance fired rockets and scored direct hits on the vehicles.  The source said that 15 of the American troops who were aboard the Humvees were killed in the Resistance attack.


Resistance sets fire to two cars filled with alcohol and cigarettes for US aggressor troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked and burned up two cars, one of them a Kia, after the vehicles were found to be packed with alcoholic drinks and cigarettes destined for the US aggressor troops, according to a report filed by the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.


Iraqi puppet troops killed in battles southeast of Baghdad early Wednesday.


Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported late Wednesday morning that five puppet policemen and puppet so-called “national guardsmen” had been killed and 48 others wounded in battles with the Iraqi Resistance in the town of as-Suwayrah, south of Baghdad.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that the Director of the Emergency Hospital in the city of al-Kut, 175km south of Baghdad reported, “we received five bodies in addition to 48 wounded from the clashes that took place at 7:00am this morning local time.”


First Lieutenant ‘Ali Husayn of the puppet so-called “national guard” recruited and run by the US invaders said that his side “received information that there were armed suspects in the area.”  He explained that the puppet forces “moved against them and clashes broke out that resulted in a number of deaths and injuries.”


According to the aggressor forces’ propaganda, 35 Resistance fighters were martyred and seven Iraqi puppet troops were killed in early morning clashes in the city of as-Suwayrah southeast of Baghdad.  Polish Lieutenant Colonel Artur Domanski, a spokesman for the troops of US satellite countries, said in a telephone interview with the American Associated Press (AP).


Ten soldiers from the Iraqi puppet security forces, recruited and run by the US invaders, were wounded in the operation in which the Iraqi puppet forces were under the command of US Army Special Forces and Ukrainian satellite troops, he said. No US or other western countries’ troops were injured in the operation in which apparently the Iraqi recruits took the brunt of the fighting on behalf of the occupation troops.  Domanski also claimed that the aggressor forces had captured 40 Resistance fighters.


Resistance kills puppet policeman in Mosul.


Iraqi Resistance fighters shot dead puppet policeman ‘Uday Saddam in the northern city of Mosul as he waited for a taxi to get to work, Iraqi puppet police official Colonel Sarhat Qadr said.  The Resistance fighters got away from the scene of the attack.


Pipeline bomb attempt reportedly goes awry.


Puppet police official Colonel Sarhat Qadr said that two men trying to plant a bomb on an oil pipeline near Kirkuk were killed early Wednesday when it detonated prematurely.

He claimed that no damage was caused to the pipeline in the Kibrit region, about 45km northwest of Kirkuk.


Four more Jordanians held hostage in Iraq.


Relatives of two Jordanian truck drivers captured and held hostage by an Iraqi Resistance organization have told al-Jazeera satellite TV that four new Jordanian hostages have been taken by the Iraqi Resistance.


The two drivers, whose Jordanian company promised to pull out of Iraq in answer to the Resistance’s demands, told their relatives by telephone that they are to be released as soon as the Resistance can determine that their company has in fact pulled out of Iraq and is no longer collaborating with the US occupation.  In Amman, Jordan, al-Jazeera has reported that Dawud and Associates, the company for which the two hostages work, renewed its pledge on Wednesday to withdraw from occupied Iraq.


Pakistani hostages said executed.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Wednesday evening that Iraqi Resistance fighters had killed two Pakistani captives and released one Iraqi prisoner.  Al-Jazeera reported that it had received a video tape showing the execution of the Pakistanis, but the network said that it did not broadcast the tape due to its gruesome nature.

The kidnappers of the Pakistanis had announced earlier that they had been sentenced to death and threatened to kill the Iraqi captive if the Pakistani company for which the foreigners worked failed to pull out of occupied Iraq.  On Wednesday, the Resistance group said it released the Iraqi after he had “repented.”  The Pakistanis, one of them an engineer working for the US aggressors, were found in possession of a photograph of themselves together with former US deputy commander in Iraq, Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt.