Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Sunday, 4 July 2004 through Wednesday, 7 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice

Sunday, 4 July 2004.


Resistance pounds two US bases in the al-Fallujah area.


Iraqi Resistance forces launched a series of powerful rocket attacks at a US military base north of al-Fallujah near the agricultural area at 6:00pm local time on Sunday.  The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the rocket attacks were “extremely intense” and left a large cloud of black smoke rising over the base, indicating that the attack had directly struck targets, since black smoke generally indicates the destruction of a vehicle.


The attacks coincided with another assault on a US aggressor base near az-Zawbi‘ah south of al-Fallujah – a new US base in the area.  The barrage on that base was reportedly even more intense.


There was, however, no immediate information on the extent of losses in vehicles or the number of casualties that resulted from the Resistance barrages on the two bases.


US F-16 aircraft were in the air continuously beginning with Sunday afternoon, repeatedly breaking the sound barrier over the embattled region.


Polish invader troops wound 11 Iraqi civilians with indiscriminate gunfire.


Eleven Iraqi civilians were wounded when Polish aggressor troops opened fire indiscriminately after an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded by their patrol in western Karbala’.


Al-‘Alam TV news reported the puppet police in Karbala’ as saying that a Resistance bomb exploded after noon on Sunday in front of a Polish patrol in the Industrial Zone of Karbala’.  The blast caused no casualties among the Poles.  But in the confusion that followed, the Poles followed the standard US procedure and opened fire indiscriminately in all directions around them, wounding 11 Iraqi passersby and taxi drivers.


Resistance bomb west of Baghdad killed one US soldier on Friday.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported late on Saturday that one American occupation soldier was killed and two others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance attack west of Baghdad.


Eyewitnesses reported that a group of Resistance fighters planted a roadside bomb on the highway near ad-Dawli‘i, west of Baghdad and when a US aggressor column passed the area the bomb exploded killing one and wounding two of the American troops.


The witnesses said that the blast, which took place on Friday, also set a Humvee and a US military truck ablaze.


Later, US forces and their local recruits discovered another Resistance bomb in the same area and detonated it away from themselves.


Resistance bomb explodes in al-Khadra’.


Late on Saturday, the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Iraqi Resistance forces had planted a bomb on a road in the al-Khadra’ neighborhood west of Baghdad.  A US column passed the area and the bomb exploded, but the blast took place just after the column passed and it inflicted no casualties or damage.


The US military are sometimes equipped with electronic devices that interfere with detonation signals for bombs, causing Iraqi Resistance explosives to go off only after the US troops have passed, frequently diverting the effects of the bomb intended for them onto local people instead.


US, Britain open consulates in oil-rich Kirkuk.


The United States and Britain both on Sunday opened consulates for their respective countries in the northern Iraqi oil-rich city of Kirkuk amidst intense security measures.  The Lebanese LBC television company reported that the two consulates were housed in a large building that belonged to the Arab Baath Socialist Party but was taken over by the US aggressors after their occupation of the country in spring 2003.


The opening ceremonies were attended by US and British officials led by the US military commander in Kirkuk, Colonel William Mael and local puppet officials.


The local puppet “deputy governor” said that the two consulates would provide practical help in organizing the elections that the puppet authorities are to rig up at the beginning of 2005.  The offices will also organize and facilitate the work of foreign private companies in the country in the framework of the so-called “reconstruction of Iraq.”


At the end of June, US forces re-designated their occupation headquarters in Baghdad as the US embassy, making it the largest US embassy in the world.  John Negroponte has been appointed the first US ambassador to the puppet Iraqi regime.


Ansar as-Sunnah denies executing Lebanese-American US Marine.


On Sunday the Iraqi Resistance group Ansar as-Sunnah issued a statement saying that it had no connection with a statement posted on the internet in its name on Saturday saying that US Marine Corporal Wasif ‘Ali Hassun had been beheaded.  Their statement left open the possibility that some other group might have custody of Hassun.


Meanwhile US military sources early Sunday, told the Agence France Presse (AFP) that they had no information that the US Marine of Lebanese descent had in fact been killed.











Monday, 5 July 2004.


Resistance attacks American base in al-Azraqiyah, strikes helicopter, routs US forces.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US base in al-Azraqiyah on Monday morning, according to a report carried by Mafkarat al-Islam.  The Resistance fired rockets at the American invader installation located between as-Saqlawiyah and al-Fallujah and black smoke could be seen rising from the area, indicating direct hits.


After the attack, US aggressor troops, backed by two helicopters drove out of the base to pursue and engage the Resistance forces.  The Resistance struck and crippled one of the helicopters but it did not crash.  The other one fled.


Having lost air cover, the US ground troops retreated to the relative cover of their base.


US version of Resistance attack on helicopter.


Earlier on Monday, the US military claimed that Iraqi Resistance fighters had attacked a US military medevac helicopter with automatic weapons and launched rocket-propelled grenades on Monday.  The pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft were wounded in the Resistance attack, according to the US report.


The American statement said that the helicopter was crossing the sky above an area located north west of al-Fallujah and was carrying a very badly wounded US soldier.  The US military spokesman said that after the attack, the helicopter was able, with extreme difficulty, to move to a different location where all the wounded personnel were transferred to another helicopter that took them to hospital.


Mafkarat al-Islam exculsive: Resistance shoots down US helicopter near al-Azraqiyah, Monday evening, killing all aboard.


The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported on Monday that the Iraqi Resistance had shot down an American Apache helicopter in the al-Azraqiyah area after sunset on Monday evening.


The correspondent affirmed that the US helicopter crashed after Resistance fighters struck it with a surface-to-air missile.  The downing came as US invader troops battled Resistance fighters on the ground.  All those aboard the helicopter were killed, according to the correspondent.


On Tuesday the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam filed a story providing more details on the course of the fighting.  He wrote that the Resistance managed to shoot down two US Chinook helicopters in the course of the al-Azraqiyah fighting.  One of them was struck and crashed instantly, killing all aboard.  The other Chinook, however, continued its flight after being hit, but then crashed four kilometers from the scene of the Resistance attack.


In the same attack, the Iraqi Resistance destroyed one US Humvee, killing all four US troops aboard.  An American armored vehicle was also totally destroyed in the same engagement, but the number of casualties in than incident remains unclear.


Resistance pounds US base in as-Saqlawiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Monday fired a barrage of rockets at the US base in as-Saqlawiyah, raising columns of smoke over the compound.  A number of US military vehicles were struck by the rockets and witnesses told the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that they heard four massive explosions shake the area.


US aircraft savage private home in al-Fallujah, killing 15 Iraqis.


Fifteen Iraqis were martyred and three others wounded in air raids carried out by American aggressor aircraft.  The Americans attacked a house in ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah on Monday evening, according to eye witnesses and ambulance drivers.  The American Associated Press (AP) quoted eyewitnesses and sources in the puppet police as confirming the figure of 15 killed in the US attack.


News reports indicated that US forces dropped two tons of bombs on a house in al-Fallujah, killing 15 members of one family, according to witnesses, and turning the building into a 30-foot-deep pit of sand and rubble.


Earlier, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that emergency ambulance worker ‘Amir Hasan as saying that four bodies had been pulled from under the rubble of the home and at least three wounded persons had been taken to hospital.  He then reported that four more bodies had been pulled from the wreckage, making an intitial total of eight.


Al-Fallujah resident Ibrahim ‘Ali who was helping with rescue efforts said that eight bodies had been recovered and that there were children and at least one woman among the dead and wounded.


Emergency workers, assisted by local residents continued searching the rubble.


The US assault on the home totally destroyed the building. Body parts could be seen strewn on the road in the neighborhood located in the southeastern part of al-Fallujah.


Rescue efforts were still underway at 9:30pm Mecca time Sunday evening.



The latest al-Fallujah attack was the fifth airstrike in two weeks in the area where the US military imagines that a Jordanian Islamist nicknamed Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi has a “network of safe houses.”


Men gathered at the pit where the house had been and pulled out clothes, including a young child's shirt, from the rubble. “Where are human rights?” asked an angry man at the scene. “Is this acceptable to the Iraqi government?”


As a matter of fact, the US-installed “Prime Minister of Iraq” Iyyad ‘Allawi, issued an unprecedented statement after the American attack saying his government provided intelligence for the location of the house to the Americans, so the strike could “terminate . . . “terrorists.”


Back in the reality of al-Fallujah, however, Yasir ‘Abed, 17, said 15 members of his family, including 12 children, were killed in the air strike. ‘Abed, his father and a brother were out of the house at the time of the attack, he said.  Previous US airstrikes in al-Fallujah have killed dozens of innocent civilians.


Resistance attacks US forces in various points west of Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired three mortar shells at the command buildings in Abu Ghurayb prison west of Baghdad, causing clouds of smoke to rise from the area which is the site of a huge US base as well as concentration camp.


The correspondent of al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the area of Saddam International Airport came under Resistance mortar attack too, and columns of smoke were rising from that area as well.


Fire was blazing in an oil storage tank after a Resistance attack on a truck convoy that was believed to be transporting fuel to the US aggressor troops in the area.  Several trucks were knocked out of action in the attack.


Resistance blows up strategic crude oil pipeline Monday morning.


Iraqi puppet police sources disclosed that the Iraqi Resistance on Monday blew up a strategic crude oil pipeline connecting northern oil fields with the southern regions of Iraq.  A number of puppet police crews and members of the puppet so-called “civil defense forces” were still battling the fire on the line caused by the Resistance bombing at mid-morning on Monday. Smoke could be seen from a distance rising from the area.


The blaze on the oil pipeline was so massive that it extended through three towns near the city of al-Musayyib, 80km south of Baghdad.  Pipelines in that area have been repeated targets of Resistance attacks in the last few weeks.


Large explosion rocks as-Samawah.


A massive explosion shook the city of as-Samawah, the Iraqi city where Japanese aggressor troops are billeted.  There was no immediate word on casualties or damage.  Local puppet authorities, quoted by Kyodo News Agency, reported on Monday that the blast occurred on the highway linking the city with Baghdad and al-Basrah.


This latest Resistance bombing came less than a week after a car

bombing in the city near the puppet police station.  Japan has sent 550 invader troops to the city as a part of the force that the satellite regime in Tokyo has dispatched to serve America’s occupation of Iraq.


Resistance assassinated brother of puppet governor of Ba‘qubah.


A spokesman for the Ba‘qubah puppet governor reported that Resistance fighters killed the brother of the local puppet governor and one of his relatives in a hand grenade attack on their office in the city.  Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported the story.


Resistance rockets puppet governor’s office in al-Basrah.


Puppet security sources announced that the Iraqi Resistance had fired several rockets on Monday morning at one of the puppet government buildings in the southern city of al-Basrah.


The security sources said that the rocket attack took place shortly after midnight and were probably aimed at the building housing the office of the puppet governor of the city.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported Captain Khalid Mushtaq of the al-Basrah puppet police as saying that the attacks wounded eight persons, all of whom were taken to hospital.


Resistance strikes puppet police station in al-Basrah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a puppet police station in al-Basrah late on Sunday with rocket-propelled grenades killing one person and wounding three others.


Lebanese-American Marine hostage transferred to “safe place” after pledging not to re-join US armed forces.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Monday that an Iraqi Islamist organization had announced that a US Marine of Lebanese descent, Wasif ‘Ali Hassun, who had been captured in June, had now been transferred to a “safe place” after he promised not to return to military service with the US armed forces.


Al-Jazeera quoted a statement from a group that called itself “the Islamic Movement,” but gave no indication of where that “safe place” was located.  Al-Jazeera gave to understand, however, that the Islamic organization was attempting to assist Hassun’s flight from the US military.


Al-Jazeera had broadcast the announcement by the same group on 27 June that it had kidnapped Hassun and was threatening to kill him.  On Sunday a group called the Army of the Ansar as-Sunnah [“Partisans of the Prophet’s Practice”], denied an Internet report that Hassun had been beheaded.


Red Cross official: US abused children in its Iraqi prisons.  107 minors counted as prisoners of the American occupation by June.


The German magazine Der Spiegel on 4 July reported that a spokesman for the International Red Cross, Florian Westphal, told the “Report Mainz” news program: “we registered 107 children between last January and May during 19 visits that we paid to detention centers” run by the US occupation in Iraq.


The Chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias on 5 July 2004 cited statements made by Westphal on the news program “Report Mainz,” and quoted by the German magazine Der Spiegel.  Westphal said that US occupation forces not only held children but were guilty of abusing them.  One noncommissioned officer in Abu Ghurayb reported that investigators met a young girl between 15 and 16 years old in her cell. The military police intervened in her case when she had been stripped half-naked.


The magazine reported that on another occasion water was poured on a 16-year-old and he was then brought out into the cold and smeared with mud.


“Report Mainz” stated that the International Red Cross reported to the United Nations that some of the detained Iraqi children had been arrested by occupation troops just after Resistance attacks.  The troops caught the children by surprise in roundups after the attacks.  The report, which was issued in June, also said that the children had no contact with their families and have been relegated to a kind of judicial limbo.






















Tuesday, 6 July 2004.


Resistance bomb kills 14 at official funeral in al-Khalis.


A powerful Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded on Tuesday near a puppet police station in the town of al-Khalis, 50km north of Ba‘qubah, which is northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 14 and wounding 70 others.


Major General Walid Khalid ‘Abd as-Salam, the puppet police chief of Ba‘qubah, told the press that at least 14 were killed and 70 others injured in the explosion of an explosives-laden car.  He said, however, that the toll of dead and injured was expected to rise as hospitals in the city are jammed with people wounded in the attack.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the bombing targeted the funeral services of the brother of the puppet mayor of al-Khalis.  Al-Jazeera quoted police chief ‘Abd as-Salam as saying that the mayor of the city and a number of top local officials in the puppet city council were attending funeral services there just half an hour before the bomb exploded.  A local senior puppet police commander was reported among the wounded in the attack.


Earlier in the day, Dr. Nasir Jawad Kazim, Chief Surgeon at Ba‘qubah General Hospital, told the press that as of that moment his institution had taken in five bodies and more than 35 injured persons. He added, however, that there were at least 13 dead at the scene of the bombing.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported Major Neal Oren, an official mouthpiece of the US Marines in the city, as saying that a car exploded at about 4:15 local time.


Three Marine occupation troops killed as a result of fighting in Baghdad on Monday.


The US military announced on Tuesday morning that two US occupation troops were killed in battles with the Iraqi Resistance in Baghdad on Monday.  In reporting the announcement, al-Jazeera satellite TV added that a third US Marine had died of wounds he received on Monday.  No further details were immediately available.


Resistance bomb blows up US military vehicle near Abu Ghurayb.


A roadside bomb planted by the Iraqi Resistance on the highway in the Abu Ghurayb area near Baghdad blew up under a US convoy setting afire one American armored vehicle loaded with military equipment.  The Qatari News Agency (Qana) reported Tuesday morning that there was no information regarding the extent of US any casualties in the attack.


Iraqi Resistance blows up gas pipeline near Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance forces blew up a gas pipeline near Kirkuk that supplies numerous electric power stations in the central and northern parts of the country on Tuesday, according to energy officials in the puppet regime.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported Hunar Hassan, the General Director of the Gas of the North Company, headquartered in Kirkuk, as saying that a bomb exploded on the pipeline about 90km south of Kirkuk, setting it ablaze.


In related developments, a puppet oil official announced that on Tueday they had begun trial usage of an oil export pipeline in southern Iraq after repair by engineers.  The pipeline had been the target of a Resistance bombing attack  The officials claimed that exports would resume on Wednesday if no leakage were found in the course of the trial run.


US troops kill child, wound his brother at checkpoint Monday night.


The Egyptian Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported Tuesday morning that US troops shot an Iraqi child to death and wounded his brother when they opened fire on their family car as their father drove through an American checkpoint in Baghdad Monday night.


US occupation forces in Iraq have established numerous checkpoints throughout the country.  Afraid of Resistance attacks, particularly at night, the US forces manning the checkpoints often take cover on nearby rooftops leaving the checkpoint itself virtually unmarked.  Motorists who fail to observe the troops on rooftops and do not stop are frequently shot.


Iraqi soldier fires in defense of his people.


An Iraqi soldier who was participating with a unit of US troops in a search operation in northern Iraq executed four US Marine invaders for having offended his countrymen, the Cuban newspaper Granma reported on 6 July 2004, quoting ANSA.  The shooting occurred in the community of al-Buhishmah, near the city of Tikrit.


Interim government tosses homeless refugees into the street.


Foreign “security companies” threw some 300 Iraqi families out of the old government television building in Baghdad where they had found refuge after their homes were destroyed during the American aggression in spring 2003.  The foreign contractors seek to turn the building into the headquarters of the new “Iraqi” television company set up by the US occupation authorities.


Swarms of foreign “security contractors” and Iraqi puppet security forces suddenly descended upon the refugee families in the building.  Already made homeless by the US invasion, the families now found themselves being sharply ordered to pack their bags and get out of the building immediately, by order of the “interim government” of US placeman Iyyad ‘Allawi.  The raiders offered each family US$100 to leave or else they would face forcible eviction without compensation.


One of the building’s residents, Sadiq Mahmud, 42, told Agence France Presse (AFP) “they told us to leave the place before 1:00pm.  But I don’t know where to go.”


Sa‘d Hamid ‘Ali, a father of seven children, said that the overwhelming shock they received that morning when the foreign mercenaries stormed in and ordered them into the street was “horrible.”  His family gathered in the lobby of the building trying to figure out where to go.


Since start of the US bombing and invasion, thousands of Iraqi families took up refuge in abandoned government office buildings and vacant military barracks.  Now the regime of Iyyad ‘Allawi is seeking to reassert control over that real estate by ordering the “occupying” refugees into the streets.


On Thursday about a hundred Iraqis demonstrated to demand their rights.  The families in that protest said that they had been living in an abandoned military camp since the US invasion but that the new regime was now seizing the facility and throwing them out.















Wednesday, 7 July 2004.


Iraqi resistance ambushes US convoy north of as-Saqlawiyah, one American killed.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US military convoy on the highway north of as-Saqlawiyah on Wednesday night, inflicting casualties, according to a report filed by the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.  One truck loaded with equipment struck an Iraqi Resistance mine and was destroyed.  One American was killed in the blast, which took place after the nighttime prayers on Wednesday.


US launches violent air and ground attacks on al-Karmah, mass arrests of tribal people on pretext of “hunt for az-Zarqawi.”


Shortly before midnight Wednesday, Mecca time, US aircraft unleashed a blistering bombardment of the town of al-Karmah north of al-Fallujah according to a report posted just after midnight on the website of Mafkarat al-Islam by its local correspondent in the area.  Under cover of the aerial attack, US ground troops stormed the homes of the al-BuJaru tribe and arrested more than 75 percent of their members.  The American aggressors claimed that the offensive was aimed at capturing the elusive Jordanian fighter nicknamed Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi, who, they said, was believed to be in the area.


US B-52 terrorize al-Fallujah residents as they prowl the midnight skies over al-Fallujah.


The residents of al-Fallujah slept uneasily Wednesday night, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, as American airplanes, believed to be heavy B-52 bombers, crisscrossed the skies over the city for more than an hour and a half during the night.  The local people feared that the heightened air activity was likely a precursor of some major attack on their city.  In the last few weeks, al-Fallujah has been the target of several major American bomb raids that have killed dozens of the city’s residents – all reported to the western public as American attempts to kill the Jordanian fighter Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi.


Four Marines reported killed in battle on Tuesday.


The US military admitted early on Wednesday morning that four American Marines were killed in fighting with the Iraqi Resistance west of Iraq, according to a report carried by Reuters.


The four were killed on Tuesday in fighting in al-Anbar Province.  The American military would not provide any further details as to the circumstances or exact area where the men were killed.  Al-Anbar Province is where the cities of al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi are located.


Resistance mine wounds five US troops near al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi Resistance land mine exploded under a US military Humvee on a road along a branch of the Tigris River in the al-Karmah area near al-Fallujah according to a report filed by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  Five US troops, all of whom were aboard the Hummer, were wounded in the Resistance attack.


Witnesses told the correspondent that the US forces immediately closed off the area of the attack, and the area remained sealed until the Americans had carted away the damaged vehicle and evacuated the wounded men.  No further information was provided as to the condition of the wounded.


One US soldier killed, three wounded in “traffic accident” in ar-Ramadi.


The American military announced late Wednesday morning that one American had been killed and three others wounded when their truck overturned and burst into flame in ar-Ramadi Wednesday morning.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported a US spokesman as saying that one soldier had been killed and three others injured in the “traffic accident” that took place at 4:30 local time.  The American official claimed that the cause of the accident was the “explosion of one of the truck’s tires,” putting the death and injuries in the “non-combat” category.


Three blasts shake US command in Baghdad.


On Wednesday morning three powerful explosions shook the US occupation headquarters – the Republican Palace compound in Baghdad, dubbed the “green zone” by the Americans.


Reuters reported that smoke could be seen rising from the “green zone” where offices of the US-appointed “Iraqi government,” the US and British embassies, and the command of the occupation forces are located.


The US occupation forces provided no immediate information on the blasts, but Resistance attacks with rockets and mortars on the so-called “green zone” are virtually a  daily occurrence.


Son of tribal collaborator assassinated by Resistance in ar-Ramadi.


Eyewitnesses reported that a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters assassinated the son of one of the tribal leaders who have been politically collaborating with the occupation, through membership in the puppet so-called “governing councils” set up by the American occupation.


The witnesses reported that the Resistance fighters carried out their attack on Tuesday night in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  They opened fire at the car of Husayn Amir ‘Abd al-Jabbar, killing him and his two body guards.  The father of Husayn ‘Abd al-Jabbar heads the influential ad-Dulaym tribe which served on the puppet “governing council” in al-Anbar Province.


The assassination is seen as the Resistance’s way of affirming their determination to continue pursuing all those who collaborated or assisted the occupation.


Battles rage in Baghdad.


Hospital sources reported on Wednesday afternoon that at least two members of the puppet “Iraqi national guard,” recently set up by the US occupation forces, had been killed and some 10 others wounded in fierce battles between the Americans and their Iraqi stooges on one side and Resistance fighters on the other.


The fighting raged earlier in the day on Hayfa street in Baghdad in the al-Karakh area of the occupied Iraqi capital.  A correspondent for the Lebanese TV station LBC reported that the battles broke out when Iraqi “national guardsmen” attempted to search a number of houses in the area looking for weapons and Resistance fighters who had been attacking US troops.


The LBC correspondent quoted sources in al-Karamah Hospital as saying that the number of dead and wounded is likely to rise in view of the intensity of the fighting.


Witnesses said that the Resistance fighters struck a US armored vehicle causing it to burn completely.  Two members of its crew were injured in that attack, they said.


US forces brought in helicopters to provide air support as they attacked the Resistance fighters in the area, but pockets of Resistance fighters were still holding out as of mid-afternoon Mecca time.


Earlier, eyewitnesses reported that fighting with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades broke out in Baghdad on Wednesday in the center of Baghdad.  Reuters reported that the battles raged around Hayfa street in the occupied Iraqi capital.


The US military occupation has slapped a news blackout on the fighting which followed three large explosions that rocked the occupation and puppet regime headquarters in the so-called “green zone” compound.


Nighttime battle near Saddam International Airport.


A violent battle between Iraqi Resistance forces and US occupation troops raged during the late hours of Tuesday evening on the road to Saddam International Airport.  Eyewitnesses in the area told the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam that they heard the sound of BKCs and American “al-Baktah” guns during the night.  The results of the battle were still unclear after daybreak.


In the morning US troops and their puppet Iraqi stooges deployed and concentrated in the area of the nighttime battle.  They then began a wave of intensive searches of cars of Iraqi civilians in the area.


Five Iraqi puppet troops killed in Resistance rocket barrage on camp near at-Taji.


US military sources reported on Wednesday that five Iraqi puppet army troops were killed in an Iraqi Resistance rocket attack on the occupation military base in the town of at-Taji on the northern approaches to Baghdad.


Iraqi puppet security sources said on Wednesday morning that the town of at-Taji is regarded as a strategic security site both by the US occupation troops there and their armed and trained “security forces.” It is a site where US troops train their puppet “Iraqi army” troops.  The site has also, despite the tight security, come under Resistance attacks on several occasions.


Syrian Customs blocks smugglers carrying Zionist goods to Iraq from Jordan.


Syrian Customs authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle Zionist products through their country into Iraq.  The Syrian Customs post of Nasib al-Hududi in Dar‘a Province, near the Jordanian frontier, stopped five Jordanian trucks packed with “Israeli”-made products and materials that were to travel through Syria to Turkey, and thence to their final destination – occupied northern Iraq.


Hasan Hamdu, officer in charge of the Nasib Customs post, confiscated the five trucks and arrested their drivers.  He said that the drivers told him that in the beginning their aim was to take the smuggled Zionist merchandise into Iraq via al-Karamah on the Jordanian-Iraqi frontier.  But the unstable nature of the route to Baghdad from al-Karamah – due to the high probability of Resistance attacks – caused them to take the roads through Syria and Turkey instead.  They therefore forged customs declarations for the trucks, Hamdu told the United Arab Emirates’ al-Khalij newspaper.


One aim of the US occupation of Iraq was to transform the country into a huge distribution center for Zionist products throughout the Arab world, enabling the Zionist colony in Palestine to break into the region and subjugate it economically.  Under the umbrella of the American globalist occupation, Zionist activity of all types – from Mossad assassinations of professors and torture of prisoners, to large-scale land purchases in the north, to the theft of ancient artifacts have been protected and facilitated by the American command.


US troops clear street vendors off Iraqi roads -


US invaders clear sidewalks of street vendors because they “cooperate with the Resistance.”


US aggressor troops in Iraq have begun throwing street vendors [locally known as “al-Janabir”] off the sidewalks of Iraqi roads.  According to a report by a correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, the American forces are driving away every single one of the “janabir” from the streets, after first confiscating their wares.


The invader troops are carrying out the wave of attacks against this profession of Iraq’s urban poor on the pretext that the street vendors cooperate with the Iraqi Resistance forces who plant bombs and land mines along the roads where the US forces pass.


In a desperate bid to stem the rising Resistance, Iraqi puppet regime enacts “emergency” legislation.


As the Resistance to the US occupation and its stooge government escalated, Iyyad ‘Allawi, the “prime minister” of the puppet regime, on Wednesday signed a Law on Emergencies that will remain in force in the country indefinately.


According to Nasir Nasir, and official in ‘Allawi’s office, the Emergency Law empowers the puppet security services to impose martial law on any part of Iraq for any length of time if a situation arises that requires such imposition.


After US raises international fuss about “foreign fighters” threatening occupation, Iraqi puppet official announces total list of 29 captive “foreign fighters” held in the country.


Before a press conference on Wednesday, the puppet so-called “minister of justice” in the US-appointed “interim Iraqi government” waved a list of 29 names that he said were the Arab “foreign fighters” who had been captured by the American occupation.  The United States has stirred up considerable propaganda noise about the role of what it calls “foreign fighters,” meaning Arab volunteers who have come to Iraq to take part in the Resistance against the occupation.  It seeks to blame them largely for the Resistance upsurge sweeping occupied Iraq, while trying to claim that the Iraqi population itself is “content” with the subjugation of their country.


Puppet “justice minister” Malik Duhan al-Hasan waved the list of 29 names (which he refused to read) and said that “this list is one of the main reasons” for the issuance of the Emergency Law signed by the puppet “prime-minister” earlier Wednesday morning.


The US occupation has never published official figures on the total number of its Iraqi prisoners, but reliable international agencies put the number at around 12,000.


Resistance mortar barrages target home of Iraqi “prime-minister” and his political party headquarters in “green zone” in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance fighters fired barrages of mortar shells at the home of Iraqi puppet “prime-minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi and the headquarters of his political party the “National Accord” inside the so-called “green zone” in Baghdad, the headquarters of the US occupation.  Four persons were wounded in the attacks that targeted an area subjected to the tightest security in the country.


An officer in the puppet police in the area of the attack told Agence France Presse (AFP) that one of the shells struck a house located 20 meters from the headquarters of the “National Accord” party.  Two persons were wounded in the house and two people on the “secure” street were also injured.


Resistance group holds Filipino hostage, demands Manila withdraw from Iraq.


An Iraqi Resistance organization calling itself the Corps of Khalid ibn al-Walid of the Islamic Army, announced on Wednesday that it had kidnapped a Filipino and that he would be executed if Manila does not order a withdrawal of Philippine aggressor troops from occupied Iraq within 72 hours.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV broadcast a video tape from the organization in which a spokesman said that they had in fact killed an Iraqi bodyguard who was with the captive Filipino, an employee of a Saudi company working for the US invader troops.


On the video, the identity card of one Hafiz ‘Amir (the bodyguard that the group claims to have killed) who worked for a security company was shown.


The Philippines, a satellite of the United States, has about 50 aggressor troops in Iraq serving the Americans.