Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Thursday, 8 July 2004 through Saturday, 10 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

Thursday, 8 July 2004.


Five American troops killed, 20 wounded in Resistance mortar barrage in Samarra’.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a barrage of 38 mortar shells Thursday at a headquarters of US occupation troops and their puppet forces in the city of Samarra’, destroying the building and killing five US invader troops and one member of the Iraqi puppet “national guard forces,” according to a US propaganda statement. Twenty other American troops and three other Iraqi puppet troops were wounded in the Resistance bombardment that occurred at 10:30am local time, according to American Major Neal O’Brien, mouthpiece of the US 1st Infantry Division.   After the attack US occupation troops sealed off the area around the building.


US tanks blocked a bridge that linked the American base with the city. Witnesses said US fighter jets were taking part in the American offensive.  The soldiers wounded in the attack were evacuated to an occupation military hospital designated for the so-called “multinational forces” – a term used by the US invaders to include themselves and the troops of US satellite countries serving the Americans in occupied Iraq.


About 25 minutes after the mortar attack when American radar had determined where the shelling had originated US aggressor troops responded with four 120mm mortars. Gunshots and shell explosions could still be heard well into the afternoon.


Fighting rages in Samarra’.


At least four people were killed and 20 others wounded in clashes between Iraqi Resistance fighters and US aggressors and their local puppet recruits in the city of Samarra’ on Thursday, according to Dr. ‘Abid Tawfiq director of Samarra’ General Hospital.  The battles broke out after Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded theUS camp in the city.


American tanks were in the streets of the city and US helicopter gun ships prowled the skies overhead fireing Hellfire missiles, according to witnesses quoted by the American Associated Press (AP).


US soldier wounded in Resistance roadside bomb in Samarra’.


Earlier on Thursday, one US soldier was wounded when a US military convoy in Samarra’ was targeted by an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb, according to the spokesman for the 1st Infantry Division Major Neal O'Brien.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attack truck killing two Turkish truck drivers serving the US occupation.


Iraqi Resistance fighters on Thursday strafed a truck on the road between Samarra’ and Balad, prompting the vehicle to flip over and killing two Turkish truck drivers, witnesses said. Resistance fighters have taken many truck drivers hostage in an effort to disrupt supply efforts for US forces and cut off the flow of contract workers serving the US occupation.


Resistance group claims it killed four Americans on al-Fallujah highway.


Occupied Iraqi television on Thursday reported that a group calling itself the Iraqi Islamic Army had killed four Americans on the main highway to al-Fallujah.  A masked member of the Islamic Army organization appeared on a video tape, according to a report by the Qatar News Agency, saying that the dead were headed to the al-Habbaniyah base but that they stopped for a few minutes due to congested traffic.  At that point the Resistance fighters attacked and killed them.


The spokesman for the group went on to say that the fighters confiscated the weapons, supplies and maps that were in the car being driven by the US troops.


Numerous members of US intelligence agencies and security services are scattered around Iraq on various missions and frequently wear civilian clothing.


Car bomb explodes in ad-Dawrah suburb of Baghdad.


On Thursday car bomb exploded in Baghdad's ad-Dawrah neighborhood, killing one person. The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear according to an American Associated Press (AP) report of the incident.


Italian helicopter reported forced down by “technical problem.”


The US-controlled occupation of Iraq on Thursday officially announced that an Italian aggressor helicopter made a forced landing in the city of ash-Shatrah, 350km south of Baghdad as a result of what were termed “technical problems.”


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that the helicopter, which, it said was photographing a development construction project of Italian military engineers, was forced down by technical problems.  The Italian invader forces claimed that the technical problem was not the result of Resistance gunfire.


Puppet police commissioner in ash-Shatrah, ‘Abd al-Amir ‘Abid, stated that the Italian helicopter was seen landing in the ash-Shatra Technical Institute’s courtyard.  He said that the helicopter’s two-man crew were taken away in ambulances.


Fighting breaks out near home of Lebanon-born US Marine.


The story of the Lebanese-born US Marine Wasif ‘Ali Hassun, kidnapped and then released by the Iraqi Resistance appeared Thursday to be taking a still more dramatic turn as reports began to surface that fighting had erupted around the Beirut home of Hassun’s family.


Eyewitnesses reported that at least one person was killed and a number of people were wounded on Thursday when a gun battle broke out.  Reuters quoted witnesses as saying that members of the Marine’s family engaged in a gun battle with members of another family that had publicly mocked Hassun’s family, calling them stooges of the United States.


Earlier the US embassy in Beirut had announced that Hassun had appeared at the embassy.  Embassy officials were quoted as saying, “we were able to pick him up.”  It was reported that Hassun had contacted US authorities and took measures whereby he could be picked up from a specific spot in Beirut at 3:00pm GMT.  He was taken to the US embassy.


Philippines blocks contract workers from going to Iraq.


Thursday, the Philippines barred its contract workers from traveling to Iraq after an Iraqi Resistance group released a videotape threatening to kill a Filipino hostage if the country does not withdraw its troops.


Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Thursday ordered Filipino contract workers not to travel to Iraq.  The country’s military contingent’s deployment was scheduled to end later in July, and Manila has been considering whether to extend their tour of duty.  The capture of the hostage and release of the video tape by the Resistance organization seemed timed to pressure the Philippines into not renewing their military service to the US.


Arroyo “ordered an immediate stop to the deployment of new workers going to Iraq,” her spokesman, Ignacio Bunye, told the AP. “And then she is asking for an assessment from our ‘Middle East’ team.”  The president also offered government help for any workers who wanted to come home.  Those decisions could have far more impact on the US occupation forces.


The Philippines has a relatively small force of invader troops serving the US in Iraq – a reported total of 51 men.  But more than 4,100 Filipinos serve the cause of US aggression by working as contractors with the US military, serving food and providing cleaning services, “taking care of virtually every essential low-level job on many US bases” according to an AP dispatch.  The Filipinos thereby relieve American troops for combat duty against the Iraqi population.  The AP reported that the US “military, which has diverted as many soldiers to combat duty as possible, would be hard pressed to operate in Iraq without the extra manpower the Filipinos provide.”


The Philippine chargé d’affaires in Baghdad, Ricardo Endaya, confirmed the hostage was a Filipino abducted near al-Fallujah. ABS-CBN TV, quoting the Philippine ambassador in Qatar, identified him as Angelo dela Cruz, a truck driver who crossed into Iraq from Saudi Arabia.














Friday, 9 July 2004.


Powerful explosion shakes Palestine Hotel in downtown Baghdad.


The Abu Dhaby television station reported on Friday evening that a powerful blast had rocked downtown Baghdad and that clouds of black smoke could be seen rising from the Palestine Hotel, residence for many of the foreign correspondents and contract workers serving the US occupation.


The Palestine Hotel has been a frequent target of Iraqi Resistance attacks since the US occupied the city in April 2003.


Five US military spies apprehended and killed in al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah dealt a strong blow to US efforts to test the defenses of the defiant city and locate any weak points that could be used in a coming offensive when they stopped and killed five US spies on Thursday.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Friday that on Thursday morning, Resistance fighters stopped a red GMC vehicle in the city.  Aboard were five men, their faces covered by Iraqi kuffiyehs.  The way they wore the kuffiyehs, however, seemed suspicious to the Resistance fighters, and when they stopped the car and questioned them about their identity, it became apparent that they were American spies.  The five had maps in their car on which targets in the city had been very precisely pinpointed.


Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that the Resistance fighters slit the throats of the spies and set fire to the car they had been driving.  Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent reported that a major television company reporter was called upon to cover the incident but “declined to do so for private reasons that were not disclosed.”


There have been persistent efforts by the United States government to prevent major Arab satellite TV stations from showing scenes of American casualties in Iraq, under threat of dire penalties.


Meanwhile, on the ground in al-Fallujah, US forces have been working very hard in recent days to try to find out where the Resistance forces are concentrated in the city so they might be targeted more effectively by American high-tech, high-yield aircraft and firepower.  Driven back from the city in April by the defiant Resistance who inflicted heavy losses on the Americans, US military planners seek to destroy the city’s defenders while minimizing their own side’s casualties.


The Resistance forces’ apprehension and execution of the five spies in al-Fallujah on Thursday should remind the American invaders that they cannot plan on scoring cheap and easy victories in Iraq.


Resistance pounds US HDQ in al-Kazimiyah with midnight mortar barrage.


Mortar shells fired by the Iraqi Resistance slammed into the US military headquarters in al-Kazimiyah in Baghdad at midnight Thursday-Friday, according to a report filed by a local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam.  The American camp, set up in the building formerly used by the Iraqi Intelligence Service was hit by 82mm mortar shells fired from near the Royal Cemetery in the al-A‘zamiyah district of the city.


Afterwards, at dawn, US troops closed off the area of the Royal Cemetery in the as-Safinah area of al-A‘zamiyah, surrounding it with Humvees and armored vehicles under aerial protection from four helicopter gun ships.  American troops then began intensive raids and searches in the area, looking for the Resistance fighters who had carried out the attack.


Such attacks are virtually a daily occurrence in the area, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent writes.


US military truck blown up by Iraqi Resistance bomb in Baghdad Friday.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US military truck on a major road in northern Baghdad Friday morning.  The truck was set ablaze and totally destroyed by the blast.


According to al-Jazeera satellite TV, a US foot patrol went searching for other bombs after the attack.  The US forces disclosed no information on casualties in the bombing.


Ten puppet policemen killed 20 wounded in Thursday’s fighting in Baghdad.


In a follow-up to Thursday’s reports of fighting along Hayfa street in Baghdad, eyewitnesses said on Friday that fierce battles broke out at 11:00am on Thursday between Iraqi Resistance fighters and the Iraqi puppet forces that were stationed in Vanguards’ Square (Sahat at-Tala’i‘) along Hayfa street in the occupied Iraqi capital.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that eyewitnesses said that the Resistance controlled the situation in the beginning, but that more reinforcements were rushed in to bolster the Iraqi puppet forces, compelling the Resistance fighters to withdraw from open, face-to-face combat.


Indirect combat continued, however, as Resistance fighters set up a mortar and shelled the puppet town council building which was near the original battle zone and lies opposite the az-Zawra’ Sports Club playing field where the Iraqi puppet police were gathered to help the Iraqi puppet troops.  Witnesses said that two mortar shells crashed into the door of the puppet council where the puppet police were assembled.  More than 10 puppet policemen were killed and some 20 others wounded.  The injured were taken to nearby al-Karakh Hospital for treatment.  No one else was allowed into the hospital for a time, due to the large number of incoming wounded.


After that attack US tanks came in and began shelling indiscriminately, setting three private cars of Iraqis uninvolved in the fighting (a Kia, a Brazilian car, and a Corona) ablaze.


US soldier dies of wounds received from Iraqi Resistance bomb in Baghdad.


A US military statement on Friday admitted that one American soldier had died of wounds he received in an Iraqi Resistance attack on his patrol.  According to the US Associated Press (AP) the name of the soldier was withheld pending notification of next of kin.  The patrol on which he was mortally wounded was attacked with explosives on Thursday in Baghdad.  The soldier was taken to a military hospital for treatment, but died on Friday morning.


US troops back away from Samarra’ after fighting there Thursday.


US occupation troops retreated from the positions they occupied on Thursday in the city of Samarra’ during hard fighting with Iraqi Resistance forces there.  Al-‘Alam TV news reported a source in the Iraqi puppet military as saying that Samarra’ and its environs no longer had any American military presence.


On Thursday, however, the city was a battlefield between US and Iraqi puppet forces on one side and Resistance forces on the other.  The source in the Iraqi puppet army said that the nearest point to the city that the US troops occupied after their pull back was located 20km away from Samarra’.


Resistance captures Iraqi collaborator translator in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi Resistance fighters in ar-Ramadi kidnapped an Iraqi collaborator who was working for the occupation forces as a translator.  The Lebanese TV company LBC reported that the Iraqi puppet police had stated that ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Jabbar ‘Abd as-Sattar was taken at gunpoint in front of his house in ash-Shurtah neighborhood in the center of the city.


Personal security personnel for Iraqi puppet leaders undergo training in “Israel.”


The Palestinian weekly newspaper al-Manar on Friday morning quoted media sources as saying that the second group of members of the new “Iraqi Security” forces have arrived secretly in Tel Aviv for intensive training in Zionist institutes for training personal body guards and special security agencies.  These institutes, the Palestinian paper writes, are run by the Zionist regime’s intelligence apparatus.


This latest batch of recruits are to complete their training in the middle of “Israel” by the beginning of August and then to return to occupied Iraq to take up the task of guarding high-ranking puppet regime officials.


An earlier batch of trainees completed a similar training course three months ago and returned to serve as guards of members of the puppet so-called “interim governing council.”  Other groups of Iraqi puppet security men are to undergo training in the United States.


Iraqi Communist Party member found stabbed to death.


Muhammad Mashhul, an official in the Iraqi Communist Party in the city of al-Kut, which is collaborating with the US occupation, was killed under mysterious circumstances, stabbed with a sharp object.  His body was found in a remote area, 30km east of the city.  Mashhul is reportedly known for his strongly-held hostile views regarding the Islamicist currents in Iraq.















Saturday, 10 July 2004.


Blistering Iraqi Resistance rocket attack kills 33 Americans in as-Saqlawiyah headquarters.


In response to repeated US assaults on houses in their city, al-Fallujah resistance fighters on Saturday fired four rockets at the US military base adjacent to a gasoline station in eastern as-Saqlawiyah.  The resultant explosions killed 33 Americans, and wounded a large number of others, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


There are currently two US bases in as-Saqlawiyah, a town near al-Fallujah.  One of the bases is in the eastern part of the town and is known as Qa‘idat al-Bayt.  The other, located in the ad-Dahhami district in the western part of the town, is called al-Qa‘idah ad-Dahhamiyah.


The base that the Resistance struck on Saturday consisted of two buildings, one larger than the other.  The Resistance rockets slammed into the larger structure.


According to eyewitnesses quoted by Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent, the American troops brought 33 bodies out of the building after the attack, in addition to a large number of wounded.


In recent days, Resistance attacks in the area have become considerably more powerful than they had been before the wave of US air attacks on private homes in the city. Although the American command inevitably claims that it was targeting “a hideout of Abu Mus‘ab az-Zarqawi,” an elusive Jordanian Resistance fighter, the victims of the US air raids have been dozens of Iraqi civilians. One attack killed nine local people, another took 15 lives, and a third devastating hit killed 35 Iraqis.  At least four such attacks have been unleashed on the city, and the Resistance has apparently decided that the Americans have raised the stakes and they are now ready to strike back with equal or greater vehemence.


Iraqi Resistance blows up US tank, killing all aboard.


Iraqi Resistance fighters destroyed a US aggressor tank, killing all those aboard, in the neighborhood of al-Khalidiyah, west of Baghdad.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the tank exploded when the Resistance fired a rocket that smashed into it.  The Resistance attack took place at 11:0am Friday, local time.


Resistance, Marines battle in ar-Ramadi.


Iraqi Resistance fighters battled US Marine invaders in a car park in ar-Ramadi on Saturday.  The battles reportedly left three dead and five injured, according to figures provided by one local hospital.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that Resistance forces attacked the Marines – an event that the US military described as a “usual occurrence” in ar-Ramadi, a reputed “hot bed” of opposition to the US occupation.  Sa‘id ‘Ali, an official in the local hospital, said that they had received the bodies of three persons who had been killed and five wounded people were admitted with injuries received as a result of the fighting – all of them believed to be Iraqis.  There were no reports on US casualties, as the American military as a rule remains silent at least for many hours, about battlefield wounded not directly seen by western news media.  US wounded and dead are of course taken to US military facilities and are never tranferred to Iraqi hospitals.


Iraqi Resistance blows up gas pipeline near Kirkuk.


Iraqi Resistance fighters blew up an pipeline in as-Safrah district, west of Kirkuk in northern Iraq according to a report by the Lebanese television company LBC.  The LBC quoted a spokesman for the puppet police working with the Oil of the North Company as saying that a gas pipeline linking the Kirkuk oil fields with electricity power generating stations in the north came under attack for the second time in five days forcing it to be closed down until the fire can be extinguished.


Puppet police claims bomb on pipeline disarmed near Karbala’.


Iraqi puppet police told Agence France Presse (AFP) on Saturday that they had disarmed hand-made bomb on Thursday under a large oil pipeline near the southern Iraqi city of Karbala’, 110km south of Baghdad.  Puppet police chief in the city, ‘Abbas Fadil al-Hassani said that the puppte police raced to the scene and disarmed the home made bomb that that had been planted under a strategic oil line west of Karbala’.  The same pipeline had been attacked days earlier.


US troops seal off home of criminal Ahmad Chelebi.


US occupation forces closed the road leading to the home of convicted embezzler Ahmad Chelebi, Chairman of the so-called Iraqi National Congress, a collaborationist organization dominated by the American CIA.


Al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV reported that occupation forces blocked cars from entering or exiting the gates to the residence, which had also been blocked by American troops.  Al-‘Arabiyah gave no further details in their report broadcast Saturday afternoon, in which footage was shown of American armor and troops gathered in the area around Chelebi’s house.


Relations have recently grown sour between the US imperial leadership and Chelebi, as Washington seeks to find handy scapegoats among its clients for the increasingly obvious failure of its effort to subjugate Iraq.


Status of hostage unclear after Manila announces withdrawal of forces form occupied Iraq.


After the publication of statements by Philippine officials that a Filipino contract worker held hostage by an Iraqi Resistance group had been freed, al-Jazeera TV received a denial of the release.


The reports that the worker, Angelo dela Cruz, had been released followed an order from the government in Manila that the Philippine military aggressor forces would be withdrawn from Iraq.


The Philippine Ministry of Labor announced on Saturday that the country’s president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo spoke by telephone with the family of the captive Filipino truck driver, Angelo dela Cruz, and ascertained that he had been released and was on his way to a hotel in Baghdad.


Five liquor stores blown up in Ba‘qubah.


The Lebanese TV company LBC reported Saturday morning that armed men blew up five liquor stores in the town of Ba‘qubah, northeast of Baghdad on Saturday, killing a taxi driver who happened to be passing one of the stores.  The blast caused serious material damage.  The Iraqi puppet police reported that four masked men driving two BMW cars closed the main road in Ba‘qubah, planted explosives at the entrances to the five stores, and then blew them up.  None of the store owners were on the premises of their shops at the time.