Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Saturday, 14 August 2004 and Sunday, 15 August 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Saturday, 14 August 2004.


Resistance hits US command post in al-Fallujah with RPGs Saturday noon.


Iraqi Resistance fighters on Saturday morning unleashed a heavy barrage of rockets on a US unit in the area of al-Fallujah.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that the Resistance struck a US command post east of al-Fallujah with six rocket-propelled grenades.  The last two rockets were fired at exactly 12:20pm on the command post under the highway in al-Fallujah.  Information on US losses was unavailable.


“Unprecedented fighting” against US aggressors in al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked US aggressor troops on the highway south of the industrial zone of al-Fallujah on Saturday and north of the al-‘Askari neighborhood, and also battled them in the an-Nazal neighborhood on Saturday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam described the fighting as unprecedented in the city even in the days of the siege in spring.


The battles lasted for half an hour and then US aircraft bombed al-‘Askari and an-Nazal neighborhoods, destroying some eight houses.  Casualty figures were not available when the Mafkarat al-Islam report was filed at 4:25pm Mecca time Saturday.  US forces did take losses, however, as black smoke could be seen rising over burning American military vehicles.


Al-Fallujah’s Resistance fighters inflicted heavy losses on a US column coming from Baghdad and heading towards ar-Ramadi on Friday as it passed northern al-Fallujah.  Seven places were visible to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam from which black smoke was rising over area where the US column was struck on its way to aid US troops in ar-Ramadi.


This is the seventh US column in the last few days that the Resistance has thrown back, complicating US plans to keep Resistance fighters busy as they resupply their own forces in the area where they encircle ar-Ramadi.


Massive US air attacks hit ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in al-Fallujah Saturday.


US aggressor forces carried out concentrated bombing of the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in al-Fallujah on Saturday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported seeing flame and plumes of smoke rising from the area as US helicopters and airplanes continued to bomb, shell, and rocket the area of the neighborhood during the afternoon.


Later reports by Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in the city indicated that the number of killed in the US air attacks had reached 10, and the number of those wounded 13.  Men, women, and children are among the dead, all of them civilian families.  Some of the 13 wounded persons are in critical condition, all were undergoing treatment in al-Fallujah General Hospital when the correspondent filed his report at 11:35pm Mecca time Saturday.


Resistance executes puppet “national guard” chief in al-Fallujah.


An Iraqi source in al-Fallujah reported that the Iraqi Resistance had killed a commander of the puppet so-called “national guard” in the city.  A source regarded as close to the Resistance told Quds Press on Saturday that the Resistance called the “national guard” commander in the city for a conference to be held in the al-Mu‘adidi Mosque.  The commander came with a number of his troops with the intent of arresting Resistance leaders who had called for the meeting.  There the Resistance, however, was able to capture Lieutenant Colonel Salman, the “national guard” commander.


US aggressor forces gave the Resistance 72 hours to release the commander but the Resistance used the period to interrogate Salman and he confessed to plotting with the US against the Resistance.


Most members of the “national guard” have fled from al-Fallujah, after this incident and the US troops are expected to carry out revenge attacks upon the city.


US admits two aggressor troops killed Friday.


The US military occupation admitted Saturday that two US aggressor troops were killed in western Iraq.  One of the two, a Marine, was killed “in operations,” another was mortally wounded in two separate incidents on Friday in al-Anbar, according to the US statement as reported by Reuters.


US drops half a ton of explosives on al-Hillah and Samarra’.


US aggressor troops dropped more than half a ton of explosives one after the other on a number of positions in the cities of Samarra’ and al-Hillah, killing and wounding many Iraqis.  According to Iranian al-‘Alam TV, at least 13 Iraqi civilians were martyred in Samarra’ and 84 others wounded in battles with the US aggressor forces. Puppet police sources add that more than 40 homes and a large number of civilian cars were destroyed in the raids and loudspeakers in local mosques called on people to donate blood to help save the many wounded.


Forty-three Iraqis said killed in al-Hillah fighting.


The Iraqi puppet so-called interior ministry announced that 43 Iraqis had been killed in the city of al-Hillah, 100km south of Baghdad, in fighting there according to al-Jazeera satellite TV.


Hospitals in al-Hillah say that among the casualties are Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen and civilians.  Fighting raged in al-Hillah on Friday and at dawn Saturday between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and the Iraqi puppet police backed by Polish aggressor troops.  Three puppet policemen were reported killed Friday in the city during battles there.


After announcing the collapse of talks with the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia in an-Najaf, the US-installed puppet “government” in Baghdad announced Friday that military attacks on the city had resumed, according to a statement by the so-called “national security adviser” in the puppet regime Muwaffaq ar-Rabi‘i, who conducted the talks for the regime’s side.


Battles resumed in an-Najaf late Saturday afternoon between the US forces together with Iraqi puppet police against the Jaysh al-Mahdi


Marchers and busses bring donated supplies from an-Nasiriyah to an-Najaf.


A mass march on foot set off on Friday for the city of an-Najaf from an-Nasiriyah in support of the people there under US attack.  On Saturday the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that more than 500 persons came out Friday afternoon for the march in support of the resistant people in an-Najaf.  The marchers are expected to arrive Sunday morning.  But four large busses loaded with relief supplies preceded them.


Witnesses reported that the seats were taken out of the buses, each having a capacity of 30 to 50 passengers, so as to fill the space with supplies and food.


Supplies are still pouring in to the city center from the people of an-Nasiriyah where the materials are gathered and packed aboard vehicles.


Tension mounts in an-Nasiriyah.


As fighting resumed in an-Najaf, the city of an-Nasiriyah was tense Saturday evening.  Increased Iraqi puppet police patrolled the city and the number of Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen also was increased there.  Some 13 puppet police patrols crossed the az-Zaytun bridge in the western part of the city, but at the other end of the same street stands a Jaysh al-Mahdi command post.


Fistfights between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and puppet policemen almost escalated into armed clashes on Saturday and three moderate to powerful explosions were heard, but it was unclear whether they were from mortars or US bombardment.  US planes overflew the city adding to the tense atmosphere.


Iraqi Resistance forces struck the main headquarters of the so-called “national accord party” – the party of the US-appointed “prime-minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi in al-Basrah, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The building, located in the al-‘Ashshar area of the al-Basrah province was totally destroyed at 5:00pm local time Saturday.  The al-Faruq Brigades are credited with the attack.


Resistance blows up oil pipelines in Umm Qasr port.


Iraqi Resistance fighters continue to control the flow of oil out of Iraq.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah province, the Resistance at 7:00pm Saturday fired two rockets at oil pipelines in the port of Umm Qasr on the Arabian Gulf.  One oil pipeline was totally destroyed in the attack and fire continued to blaze from it after midnight Sunday morning.


Puppet regime imposes curfew on areas of Baghdad to facilitate conference.


On Saturday the US-appointed puppet regime in Baghdad announced that it would impose a curfew on Sunday in the occupied Iraqi capital to facilitate work of the so-called “national congress.”  The curfew is to be in force in the areas of ash-Shaykh Ma‘ruf and al-Karakh for eight hours, beginning at 8:00am.



















Sunday, 15 August 2004.


Heavy US airstrikes continue on residential areas of al-Fallujah all through Sunday morning.


The US continued its attacks on the civilian population of defiant al-Fallujah on Sunday, as US aircraft carried out repeated bombing raids beginning in the morning.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city reported that US aggressor aircraft on Sunday morning carried out a series of concentrated raids on the ash-Shuhada’ and al-‘Askari neighborhoods in the city - raids that continued until shortly before 12:00 Mecca time.


The US air attacks have caused heavy damage to local residents’ homes and even as the he filed his report at 12:10pm Mecca time, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted that US aircraft continued to prowl the skies over the city.


In similar air raids on al-Fallujah on Saturday 10 Iraqi civilians were killed and 13 others wounded.


In a report filed at 2:55pm Sunday afternoon Mecca time, the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the air raids had resumed, as US F-16 fighter bombers attaked the ash-Shuhada’ and al-‘Askari neighborhoods and the industrial zone of the city.  The air raids are focused, the correspondent noted, on the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood and were continuing even as he filed his report.  The extent of losses were still not known at that time.


Resistance throws back US ground assault on al-Fallujah Sunday afternoon.


American aggressor troops mounted an attack on al-Fallujah Sunday afternoon in an effort to break into the city, as US attacks continued, now here, now there all day.  Iraqi Resistance forces held back the American offensive push in the ash-Shuhada’ and al-‘Askari neighborhoods, already pounded by US airraids.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported in a dispatch posted at 5:00pm Sunday afternoon that the Resistance threw the attackers back, inflicting losses in men and materiel.


In ash-Shuhada’ the Resistance totally destroyed two US armored vehicles, killing all aboard.  In al-‘Askari a third armored vehicle was set ablaze, and three soldiers, their clothes on fire leapt out, but were cut down instantly by Resistance gunfire.  The number of soldier who remained inside is unknown.


The correspondent reports that probably at between three and eight US soldiers must have been killed in the three vehicles, as they usually at least have a driver and an assistant.  A third soldier would be responsible for firing the heavy machine gun mounted on the vehicle.  Those are the basic crew of such vehicles, the correspondent wrote.  But after the rise in Resistance intensity, US forces tended to use the armored vehicles to transport troops in a relatively secure manner, and so the number of soldiers usually found in American vehicles increased by five or as many as seven more soldiers per vehicle.


US aircraft rockets milk factory in al-Fallujah.


At 2:30pm Sunday afternoon US aircraft fired a rocket at the milk factory located on as-Sadd Street in the industrial zone of southern al-Fallujah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US rocket struck the factory, but did not explode.


US tries to storm ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah Sunday evening leaving seven Resistance fighters martyred.


Seven Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred in al-Fallujah when US aggressor troops tried to storm the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood at 7:30pm Saturday evening, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The battles, which involved close combat, lasted for half an hour.  In a report filed at 9:55pm Mecca time the local correspondent said that no information on US casualties was available.


Another US offensive at 10:00pm Sunday martyrs four more Iraqi Resistance fighters.  US snipers prevent their burial.


In a dispatch filed at 11:55pm Sunday night, Mecca time, the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that 11 Resistance fighters in all had been killed in combat with US aggressor forces on Sunday, four more having died in a US attack at 10:00pm after seven were killed earlier in the evening (see report above).


US aggressor troops have deployed snipers in al-Fallujah who are shooting at movement in the streets, preventing the transport of the bodies of the four latest martyrs which are still in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood with a US armored vehicle nearby.  American sharpshooters have closed off the area to the south so that the local residents cannot carry the bodies away for decent burial.  The US aggressors have been photographing the bodies and are keeping them in their custody.


Seven American troops killed Sunday night east of al-Fallujah.


In fierce fighting Sunday night, al-Fallujah Resistance fighters destroyed a US armored vehicle and killed seven US troops in the al-Hasbiyah ash-Sharqiyah area east of al-Fallujah, near al-Khalidiyah.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that after sunset on Sunday, the Resistance ambushed an armored vehicle and two Humvees that were with it.  The two Humvees were able to flee, leaving the armored vehicle on its own.  The Resistance overpowered it and killed its crew.


American forces later came and cordoned off the area of the attack.  A US Chinook helicopter hoisted the armored vehicle up and away, with the corpses of the dead Americans inside.


Resistance kills 11 American troops south of al-Fallujah Sunday.


Eleven US troops were killed when an armored vehicle and a Humvee were burned and totally destroyed on the al-‘Amiriyah Road south of al-Fallujah.


The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US suffered the losses in the course of close combat with the Resistance forces who attacked the Americans with rocket-propelled grenades.  Eyewitnesses reported that the Resistance ambush was extremely successful.  The Resistance fighters apparently hid behind checkpoint barriers on the road along which US troops pass.  They sprung on the American suddenly, giving them the impression that they were being attacked by a large force.  Most of the American vehicles fled leaving an armored vehicle and a Humvee and about 11 dead American troops.


As usual, the US later dispatched aircraft that bombed the area in which the attack took place.  The Resistance fighters, however, were able to get out of the target area and out of range of the aircraft before that attack.


Resistance destroys two US armored vehicles and a Humvee killing numerous US troops in ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance fighters in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of al-Fallujah after sunset on Sunday destroyed two US armored vehicles and one Humvee in addition to knocking a tank out of service (though it was not destroyed).


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported from the area that all the Americans aboard the armored vehicle were killed, but the correspondent was unable to determine precisely how many men that would be.  Five US troops in the Humvee were killed.


US launches silly attempt to lure al-Fallujah residents into revolting against Iraqi Resistance leaders.


US aggressor troops have made a clumsy attempt at sparking infighting among the residents of al-Fallujah.  On Sunday the Americans circulated leaflets in the city saying that the leaders of al-Fallujah and their commanders were helping what they referred to as “rebels.”   The leaflets said that they Americans had $65 million ready for the city, but that they would not spend any of it for the good of al-Fallujah unless the residents cooperated with the Americans and revolted against their leaders.  If they failed to rebel, then the money would be spent elsewhere, the leaflets said.  The leaflets went on to give the people of al-Fallujah until 15 October to express their intentions towards the Americans.


Fierce fighting in Baghdad Sunday afternoon.


In a report posted at 3:00pm Sunday afternoon Mecca time, a Baghdad correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam wrote that fierce battles had broken out and were raging at that time on Hayfa Street in the occupied Iraqi capital after the private motorcade of the US military commander passed through the area.


Starting at 1:00pm US aggressor troops were also continuously shelling the as-Sadr and Karbala’ neighborhoods of Baghdad, the correspondent wrote, indicating that the American barrage of those sections of the city was still underway as he wrote, several hours later.


Fighting intensifies Sunday night in two Baghdad districts.


The Baghdad correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported Sunday evening that violent battles were still going on in the ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood, and fighting had begun to intensify in the as-Sadr area of the occupied Iraqi capital, particularly after news spread that the Jaysh al-Mahdi had carried out a major operation in an-Najaf.


The Mafkarat al-Islam report, posted at 10:25pm Mecca time Sunday night, said that Resistance fighters are anticipating, however, that occupation forces may launch a powerful offensive against them, particularly in view of the US blackout on news of the fighting, after all journalists were expelled from the city.


Violent fighting on Hayfa Street leaves 10 US troops dead on Sunday.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported in a dispatch posted at 10:30pm Mecca time Sunday night that nearly 60 US and Iraqi puppet troops fell in fierce fighting Sunday on Hayfa street in occupied Baghdad.  The battles, which raged near the bridge leading to Bab al-Mu‘azzam began after noon Sunday and ended just before sunset.


The fighting between the Resistance and the Americans and their stooges left seven Nissan vehicles used by the Iraqi puppet forces ablaze, and more than 50 Iraqi stooge troops dead.  More than 10 Americans were killed in Sunday’s fierce combat.  One armored vehicle and a Humvee were set on fire.


US pressure has recently intensified on the Hayfa Street area after the imposition of a curfew there which in some locations lasts more than 20 hours each day.  Hayfa Street and ah-Shaykh Ma‘ruf, and the 208 and 210 districts are all under curfew.


Thirty-two US troops reported dead in heavy fighting Sunday evening in ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood of Baghdad.


Preliminary reports from the heavy fighting that raged Sunday in the ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood of Baghdad list about 32 Americans killed in combat, which was still raging as the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent was filing his report at 11:00pm Sunday night.  The US had thrown aircraft and tanks into the fighting.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported that the Resistance destroyed one American troop transport and two tanks on the highway around the ash-Shu‘lah neighborhood.


A source in the Iraqi puppet police confirmed to Mafkarat al-Islam that the number of American dead exceeded 32 while local residents and eyewitnesses report that they saw two massive US Chinook helicopters carrying dead and wounded Americans away from the battlefield.


Resistance kills 11 US troops in ambush on Airport highway, Sunday night.


At least 11 American aggressor troops were killed when Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked their patrol north of Baghdad on Sunday.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a small US patrol at 8:15pm Sunday night on the Airport Road leading to Saddam International Airport outside Baghdad.  As the patrol passed, the Resistance cut off two Humvees from the rest of the group, which preferred to retreat rather than confront the Resistance attackers.


After cutting off the two Humvees, the Resistance attacked them with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) setting them on fire and killing at least 11 US soldiers aboard the.


Resistance rockets send US-sponsored “Iraqi congress” delegates running for cover.  Some delegates to sham “congress” walk out over renewed US aggression in an-Najaf.


Three powerful explosions shook downtown Baghdad on Sunday near where the US-sponsored “Iraqi national congress” was in session.  According to the correspondent of al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV, two missiles struck inside the area of the Republican Palace – occupied by the US military command and their puppet regime and dubbed the “green zone.”   Those blasts came very close to the hall where the congress meeting was in session.  The third rocket crashed into the courtyard of the ar-Rashid hotel opposite the congress meeting hall.


The correspondent of al-‘Arabiyah reported that the blasts prompted the US aggressor troops and the hosts of the congress to call on all participants and all journalists to gather for their safety in the middle of one of the higher floors in the building where the congress was in session.


The US-backed “congress” opened on Sunday morning amid tight security.  Some 1,300 representatives of political parties, civil associations, and religious groups favored by the occupation  have gathered for the event.  The Sunni Board of Muslim ‘Ulama’, and the movement of Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr both refused to attend the meeting.


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that shortly after the congress opened, a “large group” of participants in the “national congress” withdrew from the meeting in protest against renewed US aggression in an-Najaf.


The US-sponsored meeting is intended for discussion of the theatrical “transfer of power” from a US-installed regime to another US-backed regime and such issues as selling out the country to US firms under the signboard of “reconstruction,” and the issue of “human rights” championed by the United States in such places as the Abu Ghurayb and other concentration camps they have set up in the occupied country.


Then the congress is scheduled to conclude when the US-favored groups attending the meeting elect 81 of the 100 members of the so-called “Iraqi national assembly” as called for by the US occupation’s plans.  The other 19 seats in the US-sponsored “national assembly” are to be occupied by holdovers from the US-imposed “transitional governing council” formed under US proconsul L. Paul Bremer shortly after the US invasion in spring 2003.


One Dutch aggressor killed, five others wounded Saturday in Resistance attack.


The Netherlands Ministry of War announced on Sunday that one Dutch aggressor soldier was killed and five others wounded seriously when they came under Iraqi Resistance gunfire on Saturday, Reuters reported.


In a statement issued early Sunday morning, the Dutch Ministry announced that an exchange of gunfire probably erupted after a Resistance attack on a military vehicle in the ar-Rumaythah residential area where of the 1,200 Dutch invader troops are stationed.


The Netherlands, a small European satellite of the United States, has a detachment of troops in Iraq serving the US occupation.


Later, reconfirming his blind loyalty to Washington, the Dutch prime minister pledged to keep his country’s aggressor troops in Iraq and claimed that the Dutch soldier who was killed, died at the hands of Iraqis who “opposed to the reconstruction” of their country, as he put it.


Fifty NATO troops arrive in occupied Iraq to serve USA.


It was announced late Saturday in Napoli, Italy, that a contingent of 50 NATO aggressor troops led by a Dutch general had arrived in occupied Iraq to serve the United States imperialists by training puppet Iraqi “security forces.”


Ukrainian aggressor officer reported killed in Resistance mine explosion.


The Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that one of its aggressor officers in Iraq was killed in an Iraqi Resistance mine explosion on Sunday.  Reuters reported a spokesman of the Ukrainian ministry as saying that a “mine exploded this [Sunday] morning as our troops were hauling water.  A captain who was wounded in the blast later died.”


The Ukraine, a former constituent republic of the Soviet Union, is now an eastern European satellite of the United States and maintains a contingent of 1,600 invader troops in Iraq to serve Washington’s imperial interests.


Hoping to hide their crimes, stooge police demand all press leave an-Najaf.


US-installed Iraqi puppet police pressed all journalists – both local and foreign – in the city of an-Najaf to leave the city on Sunday “for security reasons,” according to a Reuters report.  The move followed the collapse of truce talks between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and puppet-government representatives.


The Jaysh al-Mahdi, however, said that an agreement was reached but that the puppet regime representatives reneged on it and disavowed it in order to launch a new US offensive on the Resistance organization.


Iraqi puppet police order all journalists out of an-Najaf under threat of arrest.  Genocidal operation by US feared.


Iraqi and foreign journalists on Sunday left an-Najaf in compliance with orders from the US-appointed Iraqi puppet police.  Iraqi puppet police officers came to the hotel where journalists were staying and ordered them to leave the city immediately.  If they did not they would be put in detention, according to a report carried by the Saudi News Agency WAS.


The puppet police commander in an-Najaf, Ghalib al-Jaza’iri had in an earlier press conference called on all media workers to leave the city by 8:00GMT.  He said that if they did not leave he “could not guarantee their security after that.”


Informed sources fear that the US plans a genocidal operation targeting supporters of Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr in the city after the media witnesses have been booted out.


Massive Grad rockets slam into British occupation HDQ in an-Najaf Sunday morning.


Iraqi Resistance fighters fired two powerful Grad rockets at the main British occupation headquarters in the city of an-Najaf at 10:30 Sunday morning in the ash-Shu‘bah neighborhood.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported from the city that the powerful Grad rockets produced clouds of thick, black smoke from the building.  The correspondent wrote that the al-Faruq Brigade, active in the area, should be probably be given credit for the attack.


Two British troops killed, two others wounded in al-Basrah Resistance attack.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Basrah reported early Sunday afternoon that a British patrol suddenly came under Iraqi Resistance attack at about 11:00am Sunday morning in the southern Iraqi city.  The Resistance attacked the British invaders in the al-Barradi‘iyah neighborhood in al-Basrah province, and destroyed two Humvees.  Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that two charred bodies were lying at the site of the attack British troops evacuated two other soldiers in seriously wounded condition.  Fire blazed up so strongly in the vehicles making it impossible for the witnesses to tell whether there were any other corpses inside.


Resistance blasts puppet police station in al-Basrah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a puppet police station in al-Basrah with rockets at dawn on Sunday, according to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the city.  The Resistance fired mortar shells at the al-Hamdan puppet police station.  No reports on the casualties had been issued as late as Sunday afternoon, as the occupation and its stooges continue to try to conceal the true extent of their losses.


Resistance group carries out four attacks in al-Basrah area Sunday.


The al-Faruq Brigades organization of the Iraqi Resistance in al-Basrah carried out four operations against US aggressor forces on Sunday, according to a report by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


One of the operations was launched in the ash-Sha‘biyah district in the east of the city.  Another targeted the building that formerly housed the Iraqi Intelligence service in at-Tuwayshah.  A third operation took place in al-Baratumiyah, and the fourth in the port of Abu Fulus in Abu al-Khasib.  The al-Faruq Brigades shelled all these targets with mortars, the correspondent reported, but no information on the extent of US losses was available.


Saddam Hussein Legal Defense Committee issues Statement.


The Legal Defense Committee on behalf of imprisoned Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, under the chairmanship of Muhammad Rashdan, issued a statement on the defense team’s activities and aspirations on 14 August.


The statement noted that the Legal Defense Committee had obtained the agreement of the Iraqi Lawyers’ Union to act as counsel in Iraqi courts.  At the same time Iraqi committees have been formed to cooperate with the Legal Defense Committee.  The Committee held numerous meetings with Iraqi attorneys who stressed that they too must be considered a part of the Defense committee of the Iraqi President.


The Legal Defense Committee had sent numerous letters to Salim Chelebi – the individual designated as President of the court trying President Saddam Hussein – to the US general responsible for interviews with prisoners in Iraq, and with human rights organizations via e-mail.  The Committee appealed to them to reply officially in accordance with the legality which we do not concede.


The Legal Defense Committee noted that it is in possession of documents from the International Red Cross demonstrating that Saddam Hussein suffered from light injuries received weeks after his incarceration, that he appeared on television to have lost weight despite his evidently keen mental activity, and that his right thumb was injured seven months after he had been arrested.  In general his physical health is not good.


The Legal Defense Committee therefore insists that a medical team be sent on their behalf to examine President Saddam Hussein, and appealed to the various individuals and groups mentioned above to specify what legal barrier existed, if any, to such medical examination.


The Legal Defense Committee noted that 90 Iraqi attorneys to date had volunteered to defend President Saddam Hussein.  They have formed a coordinating committee to work with the Legal Defense Committee operating outside Iraq.


The Saddam Hussein Legal Defense Committee had taken a decision to hold a legal meeting at the beginning of September to be attended by at least one member from every Arab state for the purpose of discussing the working papers for the defense of the Iraqi President which would be presented by branches in every Arab state and throughout the world.  The discussion was to deal with the defense strategy for President Saddam Hussein, with laying a scientific foundation for refuting every single charge leveled against the Iraqi President.


Discussions preliminary to convening such a meeting are still underway, however, and therefore it has been decided to postpone the meeting pending the arrival of working papers from all the branch committees to the center.


The Legal Defense Committee wished in particular to mention the position taken by the Foreign Minister of France, M. Roland Dumas, whom the Committee visited on 12 July 2004.  At that meeting, Foreign Minister Dumas requested that he, too, be regarded as a member of the Legal Defense Committee for President Saddam Hussein.


The Legal Defense Committee is presently trying to contact the African anti-racist leader Mr. Nelson Mandela, and former US Attorney General Mr. Ramsey Clark, since the Committee has learned that Mr. Clark had publicly expressed his readiness to defend President Saddam Hussein if the latter asked him to do so.


The Committee held meetings with Jordanian political parties, all of which plan to provide various types of support to the defense of the Iraqi President.


The Legal Defense Committee thanked all those who had come forward with offers of assistance and noted their door was still very much open.  The Committee declared that all statements by the Committee would be issued by the Legal Defense Committee’s Information Committee at its main office in Amman, Jordan, and that Dr. Ibrahim Alloush was responsible for all such statements issued over the internet, in his capacity of Press Representative of the Saddam Hussein Legal Defense Committee.


The Legal Defense Committee also expressed appreciation of all acts and expressions of solidarity and support, notably of the committee for the defense of Saddam Hussein recently set up by lawyers in the Sudan, information about which was sent to the Legal Defense Committee on 25 July last.


Finally, the Committee took note of the fact that the very man designated by the former US governor of occupied Iraq to preside over a trial of Saddam Hussein – namely Salim Chelebi, had recently been charged in Iraq with murder and his uncle and political associate Ahmad Chelebi with massive counterfeiting and embezzlement.


The Committee noted the latest US aggression against an-Najaf and concluded by saying that the heroic Iraqi Resistance raging in al-Fallujah, an-Najaf, al-Basrah, an-Nasiriyah, al-Kut, Mosul, ar-Ramadi, Samarra’, Ba‘qubah, and the rest of the cities and provinces of Iraq are what will bring to naught all the plots and maneuvers against Iraq, the Arab Nation, and the Islamic community.