Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 30 July 2004 and Saturday, 31 July 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.



Friday, 30 July 2004.


Towards midnight Friday, US troops mass east of as-Saqlawiyah.


In a dispatch posted at 11:30pm Friday night, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US invader forces were massing heavily to the east of as-Saqlawiyah as the Resistance deploys its fighters in the same area to prepare for a battle that seems to be shaping up on Friday night.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in as-Saqlawiyah reports that the Resistance ordered residents of the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood of eastern as-Saqlawiyah to evacuate their homes.  At the time he wrote his report, the correspondent said that no civilian residents at that point remained in the district.


US military vehicles have deployed in strength along the expressway between al-Fallujah and ar-Ramadi, by way of al-Khalidiyah and as-Saqlawiyah, with one armored vehicle every 50 meters.  Nevertheless, the US forces themselves are in a difficult position as they come under rocket and mortar fire every half hour or so – attacks that target their vehicles standing completely exposed on the open freeway.


The activity of the Resistance groups from the different towns in the area show a high level of coordination, the correspondent writes, as they launch attacks on one section of the US troops when American aircraft are out of their area, making it difficult for the US ground troops to pinpoint the source of the Resistance gunfire.


In addition, the Resistance makes sure to launches its attacks on the Americans from at least two directions every time, sometimes attacking from four directions at once.


Resistance attacks US control point south of al-Khalidiyah destroying two Humvees Friday evening.


The Iraqi Resistance destroyed two US Humvees in an attack at a US control point on as-Sisi Bridge south of al-Khalidiyah.  According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Khalidiyah, the Resistance fired rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) from the west and east at the American position, completely destroying two Humvees and all the US troops aboard.  The two vehicles were reduced to flaming wreckage, and information on the extent of casualties was not available when the report was filed at 10:25pm Mecca time.


Resistance opens fire with mortars on US snipers holed up in Agricultural College in ar-Ramadi.


The city of ar-Ramadi was the scene of a number of Resistance strikes on the US occupation forces on Friday.  In one attack the Resistance assaulted the building of the Agricultural College located near the Iraqi Presidential Palace where the US aggressor forces have set up their local headquarters.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in ar-Ramadi, the Resistance attacked the Agricultural College at 8:00pm Friday night Mecca time with 82mm mortars.


The correspondent reported that during the summer months the Agricultural College is empty, but it has been occupied by American snipers who provide covering fire for the nearby US headquarters in the Presidential Palace.  The snipers have taken a very painful toll of civilian lives, picking off local residents in the nearby streets on numerous occasions.


Resistance kills six US troops in at-Ta’mim, west of ar-Ramadi after sunset Friday.


Iraqi Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades destroyed two US Humvees in the at-Ta’mim neighborhood west of ar-Ramadi after sunset on Friday evening.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the area reported that local residents said that they saw the two Humvees totally destroyed after the rockets had scored direct hits on them apparently from close range.


The local witnesses said that occupation troops rushed to the scene of the Resistance attack and pulled six bodies from the two Humvees. Two other US troops were injured in the attack, one of them having lost a leg.


Iraqi Resistance mounts rocket attack on US control point in ar-Ramadi Friday evening.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US control point under the al-Habbaniyah bridge in eastern ar-Ramadi with rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) on Friday destroying two US Humvees and killing five American soldiers who were aboard them.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that about six RPG rockets were fired at the US position.  A source in the Iraqi police who was near the US position said that four Americans were killed in one of the Humvees and one other was killed in the other vehicle.


In his report posted at 9:50pm Mecca time Friday evening, the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent said that US forces were at that moment closing the whole length of the highway, starting from the US control point and all the way to the city of al-Fallujah, forcing people to use the rough, old road which is hard to travel upon.


Fierce fighting erupts in al-Fallujah after dark on Friday.


In a dispatch posted at 11:25pm Mecca time, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported from al-Fallujah that at that minute a fierce battle was under way between US aggressor troops and the Iraqi Resistance.  The battle zone runs from the animal fodder factory, bombed out by the Americans on Thursday, through the Khanah gasoline station near the industrial zone.


US aircraft were warily prowling the skies of the city without coming in too close.  The intense battles apparently erupted after dark and the Resistance called on residents to leave those remaining areas of the industrial area and ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood from which residents had not been evacuated the night before, as the battle became more heated.


Suspected Resistance fighters shoot up the al-Fallujah headquarters of the so-called Islamic Party of Iraq.


Four masked men attacked the headquarters of the so-called Islamic Party of Iraq in al-Fallujah with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) at 5:20pm Mecca Time on Friday.  According to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, the four attackers emerged from the al-Jumhuriyah Primary School and fired an RPG at the party headquarters.  They then fired on it with automatic weapons, shattering its windows.  They then turned and went back into the primary school on the other side of which, it is believed, a car was waiting.


The al-Fallujah headquarters of the so-called Islamic Party is on at-Tibbi street, an area where physicians live.  The headquarters occupies a former cinema hall which was turned into a headquarters for the Arab Baath Socialist Party in 1998, but which the so-called Islamic Party took over after the American invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.


A correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam attempted to get to the headquarters but party members set up barriers around the building at a distance of 100 meters away and prevented all reporters from approaching.  Their behavior towards the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent was extremely negative, according to a report on Mafkarat al-Islam posted at 9:30pm Mecca time.


Observers of affairs in al-Fallujah say that those who attacked the building belong to  Resistance organizations who wanted to send a warning to the so-called Islamic Party not to behave as they did during the siege of al-Fallujah in spring 2004 when the party carried on “very bad” negotiations with the US occupation forces besieging the city.  Because of the party’s intervention, the US troops were able to recover from losses and buffer the impact of their defeat.  The fact that the attack damaged the party building but did not target any of the party workers attests to the fact that it was a message of warning, Mafkarat al-Islam indicated.


Resistance forces had at times expressed their resentment over the so-called Islamic party’s role in negotiations with the US, while the head of the party served on the puppet “interim governing council” with US Proconsul L. Paul Bremer.  The Baath Party in one statement dubbed the Islamic party the “Party of Apostacy” for its cooperation with the US occupation authorities.


US aggressor aircraft shower tribal area south of al-Fallujah with deadly anti-personnel cluster bombs.


US aggressor aircraft attacked the al-Bu‘aythan area south of al-Fallujah on Friday with a type of cluster bomb at 5:20 in the afternoon, Mecca time.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah, the American aircraft dropped one container bomb (an aluminum casing containing 755 1kg bombs) on the area.  The correspondent noted that al-Bu‘aythan is an area where members of the al-Bu‘Isa bedouin tribe reside.


Iraqi Resistance bomb destroys US Humvee near al-Karmah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded as a US military patrol passed along the highway to al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad on Friday.  The blast took place as the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam was on his way to cover news in the al-Karmah area.  The correspondent reported that the blast, which took place near the US camp Tariq, in the area of al-Karmah, totally destroyed one US Humvee.


The correspondent was unable to ascertain the extent of US casualties as a result of the Resistance bomb attack, but he could see that the Humvee had flipped over and was turned into a ball of flame.  The force of the explosion and the extent of the damage to the vehicle would not suggest that anyone aboard the Humvee could have survived, according to the correspondent’s report, posted at 4:45pm Friday Mecca time.


Resistance pounds US camps, strategic points near al-Fallujah during nighttime hours Thursday to Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Friday morning unleashed an intense barrage of mortars and Katyusha rockets on the US base in the agricultural area northeast of al-Fallujah.  The bombardment began in the early hours of the morning but at 6:00am a massive explosion was heard.  The reporter for Mafkarat al-Islam wrote that that blast was likely the result of a 6-meter Grad rocket exploding inside the US camp.  The Grad is reportedly 20 times more powerful than the ordinary rockets more commonly used by the Resistance.


Meanwhile the Resistance also subjected the US command post east of al-Fallujah to an intense bombardment during the night, beginning at 1:00am local time.  At 4:00am a CTA rocket was fired into the area, which has become a concentration point for US forces, tanks and other vehicles.  The CTA produced a massive explosion heard throughout the city of al-Fallujah, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The Resistance usually uses this type of rocket in attacks on US troop and materiel concentrations.


US attacks leave 12 civilians dead, 17 injured as of 4:30am Friday.


A source in  al-Fallujah Hospital announced on Friday morning that the number of Iraqi civilians martyred in the American bombardment of the city had risen to 12, as of 4:30am local time, according to a report by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The hosptial source added that 17 people had been wounded in the American assaults.


A US F-16 fired a rocket at a private home in the industrial area of al-Fallujah on Thursday, demolishing the house over the heads of those inside. (See story “Three civilians killed, eight injured as US F-16 rockets house in Industrial Zone of al-Fallujah,” in Iraqi Resistance Report for Thursday, 29 July 2004.)


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported Friday that four explosions shook Baghdad on Friday just before 2:00pm local time.  The AFP initially reported that the nature and location of the blasts, which resounded between 13:45 and 13:50, were as yet unclear.  A US spokesman also said he had no information on the explosions that occurred as the US Secretary of State Colin Powell was visiting the occupied Iraqi capital.


US closes highway in al-Hurriyah district of Baghdad to disarm Resistance bomb.


US occupation troops on Friday closed the international expressway near the al-Hurriyah district in Baghdad as they searched for an Iraqi Resistance bomb.  According to a correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the highway was closed and all motorized traffic halted on the thoroughfare as US aggressor troops detonated the bomb.


The same road had been closed on Thursday as well by US forces for a period of time, presumably for the same purpose.


Eyewitnesses said that the American invader troops formed a control unit in al-Hurriyah together with puppet policemen at about 11:00pm Thursday night, local time.  The witnesses reported that occupation troops carried out a meticulous inspection of cars in the area.  The sources indicate that the Resistance attacks US troops in that area on a constant basis.


Powell arrives in occupied Baghdad following “Saudi initiative” to send troops to serve US in Iraq.


US Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived on a previously unannounced visit to occupied Baghdad on Friday.  According to Reuters, Powell showed up in occupied Iraq following visits to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  While Powell was visiting Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom’s rulers produced an initiative to help out Washington by sending Arab and Islamic troops to Iraq.  The Saudi initiative and Powell’s visit also coincided with a visit by US puppet ruler of Iraq Iyyad ‘Allawi to Saudi Arabia.

The Turkish television company C.N.N. Türk reported on Friday evening that Turkish security forces had stopped a truck entering their country from northern Iraq when it was found to contain weapons and munitions.  Northern Iraq has been under general US domination since 1991 and administered by Kurdish chauvinist separatist parties whose leaders serve in the American occupation regime in Baghdad.


C.N.N. Türk said that the truck contained 250 plastic explosive bombs (100kg of C4 plastic explosive material), a number of hand grenades and pistols, and 70 rounds of ammunition for AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles.  The Syrian News Agency SANA reported that the Turkish television station noted that Turkish border security has frequently intercepted truck, bringing weapons into Turkey from US-occupied Kurdish-chauvinist-dominated northern Iraq.


















Saturday, 31 July 2004.




Fierce fighting rages into the night in al-Fallujah.


In a dispatch filed at 10:50pm Saturday night Mecca time, Mafkarat al-Islam’s local reporter in al-Fallujah wrote that fierce fighting was continuing to the north and east of the city between US invader troops and the local Resistance.


Resistance fighters were at that moment battling a US military column on the highway, and, the correspondent wrote, it is evident that the Resistance had scored major successes in its battle, having succeeded in cutting off and partly encircling the American forces from three directions – the east, west, and south.


The latest round of fighting erupted at about 10:20pm Saturday night, when Resistance forces fired a rocket at a US command post east of al-Fallujah and scored a direct and very destructive hit on that target.


In the course of the fighting, US aircraft barbarously bombed the al-‘Askari neighborhood of al-Fallujah, dropping four container bombs, each one of which carries 750 1kg anti-personnel bombs, making a total of 3000 bombs dropped on that one neighborhood alone shortly before the local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent filed his report at 11:50pm Mecca time Saturday.


At the moment of writing, the correspondent wrote that ambulances were racing the wounded from the attack to hospitals.


In a story filed at 12:50am Sunday, 1 August 2004, the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that preliminary data indicated that three Iraqi civilians had been killed and 27 others wounded in the American bomb raid on al-‘Askari neighborhood.  Those data were compiled from two local medical facilities.  Al-Fallujah General Hospital received the bodies of two martyrs and 20 injured people, many in serious condition.  One body was brought to al-Hadrah Hospital and seven wounded were admitted.


But even in the early hours of Sunday, ambulances were still rushing injured victims from the al-‘Askari neighborhood, savaged by the US air raid.


Minarets of the city’s many mosques broadcast cries of Allahu akbaru kabiran wa-l-hamdu li-llahi kathiran! (God is Greatest and much praise to Him!) in tribute to the fighters and to the civilian victims of the vicious bombing.  US forces also used missiles against the city in addition to the container bombs.


Following the bombing, Resistance fighters launched a concentrated attack on American positions in and around al-Fallujah.  They assaulted the US command post east of the city.  American positions to the south and the US camp in the agricultural area near the city were also attacked.  The Resistance used mortars and rockets in addition to clashing directly with the US invaders.


In an apparent response to the US bombing, Resistance fighters in al-Karmah and as-Saqlawiyah attacked the rear lines of the US forces with rockets and mortars, in effect catching the invaders in a vice with the Resistance in al-Fallujah in front of them and the Resistance from al-Karmah and as-Saqlawiyah to their rear.


The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam personally counted 120 Resistance mortar shell explosions in the American command point to the east.


Into the night crowds of US B-52s and F-16s prowled the skies over the embattled city.


Resistance kills eight US troops in al-Fallujah fighting Saturday.


Earlier, the correspondent reported that fierce fighting erupted Saturday between the local Resistance and US invader troops in al-Fallujah’s industrial area and in al-‘Askari neighborhood on the southern side of the city as far as the highway. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that the Resistance used Strela missiles in the battle as well as BK shells.


He said that the violent battles left two Humvees and two trucks destroyed and eight US soldiers dead.  In his dispatch posted at 9:50pm Mecca time, the reporter said that the fighting was still raging at that time.


Resistance pounds US emplacement north of al-Fallujah with mortars.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired intense barrages of 82mm mortar shells at a temporary US position 1km north of the city of al-Fallujah on Saturday.  More than 45 mortar rounds fell on the US emplacement, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


A source in the Iraqi security force told the correspondent that the attack left six American personnel carriers destroyed and burning.  Eyewitnesses reported seeing 45 American soldiers dead after the bombardment, all of them aboard one personnel carrier that was struck and blown up in the attack.


Resistance bombards US base at Kirkuk Airport with mortars.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked US aggressor troops in northern Iraq with mortars, setting fire to their main base at Kirkuk Airport.


Colonel Burhan Husayn of the Iraqi puppet police in Kirkuk said that the mortar bombardment of Kirkuk airport produced fires.  The Saudi Press Agency WAS reported that Husayn said that fire was still raging and smoke still rising over the US airport camp.  There was no information, however, on the extent of casualties or material damage inflicted by the Resistance barrage and resultant fires.


US troops begin burning gardens in Ba‘qubah Province.


Eyewitnesses reported on Saturday that US aggressor troops began burning a number of gardens and parks in Ba‘qubah Province, north of Baghdad on Saturday.  Reuters quoted witnesses who reported that American troops set fire to gardens located near the highway that links the city airport with the US invader base.


The American invaders at the time of the report had issued no comment on the environmentally and agriculturally destructive operation or the reasons for it.


On Wednesday, the city of Ba‘qubah was the scene of a car bombing outside the puppet police station  that left 70 dead and 90 others injured.


Iraqi Popular Struggle Movement denounces pro-occupation “national congress.”


An Iraqi organization sharply attacked the “national congress” that was supposed to meet in Baghdad, saying that the results that are supposed to come put of that meeting are themselves the aims of the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq.


Quds Press quoted the Political Statement issued by the Popular Struggle Movement which said that the proposed congress to be convened by the occupation and its stooges was neither national nor legal.  The Statement noted that the real aims of the occupation are to strengthen the control of American monopolies over the Iraqi sources of oil and to secure the demands of “Israeli” security and ultimately to fulfill the dream of the Zionist enterprise in creating a greater “Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates.  The latter goal would require eliminating Iraq as a factor in the Arab-Zionist struggle and the final destruction of the Iraqi state, whose military and human power and potential constituted a real danger to Zionist aspirations.


The statement emphasized that the inappropriately named “national congress” and its results are themselves goals of the occupation and ways to deepen it.  The Statement noted that the results of the congress are to expected to include conveying an aura of Iraqi legality and legitimacy upon the occupation’s plans and program.  The meeting is also expected to impose certain individuals tied to the US administration on the country, individuals who would then be entrusted with political decision making in the name of Iraq.  The meeting is expected to produce puppet institutions to be operated by the US administration through the US embassy in Baghdad.


The statement warned all Iraqi forces and all Iraqi people under the influence of the current propaganda campaign by the congress against taking part in it or supporting it and accepting its results.  It is a congress whose purpose is to cast off Iraqi national interests, and to bring under threat the independence and territorial integrity of Iraq.


The statement called on every Iraqi to reject and boycott the useless “congress,” and to rally round the political forces that reject the occupation.  Everyone should continue to express his or her absolute rejection of the project of the occupation and its synthetic “government.”


Puppet government education bureaucrat assassinated in al-Mahmudiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces assassinated the director of a puppet state-run teachers institute in al-Mahmudiyah on Friday, according to a puppet police announcement made Saturday.  Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that ‘Ali Farhan, an officer in the puppet police, said that Isma‘il Jabbar al-Qilabi, the director of the Dar al-Mu‘allimin (“House of Teachers”) and local representative of the Shi‘i sectarian Virtue Party, and a relative of pro-American Shi‘i leader ‘Ali as-Sistani was shot by two Resistance fighters in a passing car as he headed to the mosque.


Puppet police Lieutenant ‘Ala’ Husayn was quoted by the American Associated Press (AP) as saying that al-Qilabi had previously received warnings from the Iraqi Resistance to quit his work with the US-installed puppet regime.


Resistance group pledges to release Jordanian hostages, after assurances that they had no dealings with US aggressor troops.


An Iraqi Resistance group holding four Jordanian truck drivers hostage pledged on Saturday to release the men after they gave assurances that they had not commercial dealings with the US military, according to a report carried by Reuters.  The Resistance group had, on Monday, announced that it had captured the Jordanians and threatened to kill them if their company did not break off its commercial ties with the US military occupation.


Turkish truck driver hostage released, goes home.


Turkish CNN Türk television announced on Saturdya that a Turkish truck driver who had been held hostage by a group of Iraqi Resistance fighters for 12 days had returned to his home in southeastern Turkey after being released.  He pledged to the Resistance fighters that he would not return to work in occupied Iraq.


Muhammad Diyar was captured as he drove a truck in a convoy hauling fuel to US aggressor troops in Mosul, northern Iraq.  Agence France Presse (AFP) quoted CNN Türk as saying that another driver, ‘Abd al-Jalil Bayik, was killed.


Indian former hostages: US military holds 5,000 Indian workers hostage in Iraq.


Two Indian truck drivers, held hostage by the Iraqi Resistance in May, told the press that more than 5,000 Indian workers are being held by the US military for service to the American occupation.


The Times of India reported Saturday, 31 July 2004 that Lakhwinder Singh and Harnke Singh of Bhangala village in India, both of whom were released by the Resistance in May, told the press that “over 5,000 Indian truck drivers and labourers are still in the custody of the American army and some of them have been killed in attacks by Iraqi people on vehicles carrying US Army's personnel and war equipment.”


The two said that the families of the Indians killed in Iraq were not even informed about the death of their kin.


“Since the American army has taken vehicles of Kuwaiti transporters on lease, they forcibly take drivers to Iraq, and if anybody shows restraint, they beat him up mercilessly,” they alleged.

“Even the American army has kept Indian laborers hostages in their camps and do not allow them to leave the premises.”  The duo said that they had to leave Kuwait since they were scared and would never go back.


Head of Muqtada as-Sadr office in Karbala’ arrested in US raid.


A spokesman for Shi‘i religious leader Muqtada as-Sadr has announced that US aggressor forces have arrested the director of as-Sadr’s office in Karbala’ at dawn on Saturday.  The spokesman, Ra’id al-Kazimi, said in Baghdad that US forces raided the as-Sadr Office in Karbala’ and arrested Shaykh Mithal al-Hasnawi.  The spokesman gave Reuters no further details on the circumstances or background to the arrest.