Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Tuesday, 21 September 2004 and Wednesday, 22 September 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Tuesday, 21 September 2004.


Fierce fighting erupts in al-Bayya‘ area of Baghdad after midnight early Wednesday morning.


Shortly after midnight, at 12:10am Wednesday morning local time, fierce fighting broke out in the al-Bayya‘ area of downtown Baghdad.  Earlier in the day it was the scene of a massive Resistance car bombing.


Massive Iraqi Resistance car bomb blasts US military column Tuesday in the al-Bayya‘ area.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US column consisted of several small armored vehicles, a group of Humvees, and large troop transport vehicles.  The Resistance detonated a car bomb so huge that it totally destroyed two American troop transport vehicles, both of which were full of US soldiers – at least twenty per vehicle, according to the correspondent.  Three Humvees were also destroyed in the attack.


The Resistance did not merely detonate the powerful car bomb, but opened fire with rocket-propelled grenades on what was left of the US column after the massive explosion.


The blast occurred in an area to the east of al-Bayya‘, and west of the former Saudi Hospital by the highway leading to Baghdad.  The correspondent described the scene of the attack, saying that body parts of the soldiers had been blown all over the area, filling the sidewalk near the site of the explosion.


After the massive attack, US forces closed down about 60 percent of the main roads in the Baghdad area and the surrounding area, setting up numerous command points.  Helicopters and warplanes filled the sky over the district.


US forces also set about cleaning up the scene of the attack, picking up corpses and numerous scattered body parts, as well as shredded pieces of uniforms, cleaning and covering blood stains and removing US-related debris.


At the time his report was filed – 6:55pm Mecca time; 7:55pm local time Tuesday night – the correspondent wrote that US helicopters were still prowling the skies over the area, preventing reporters and photographers from entering and approaching the scene of the attack, making pictures from the area impossible to obtain.


Later in the day the US military acknowledged an attack on the highway to Saddam International airport, claiming it was a car bombing, and that the explosion was massive and that it destroyed 10 civilian cars in the area.  The Iraqi puppet police told the US Associated Press (AP) that there were an undetermined number of civilian casualties as a result of the bombing.


A mouthpiece for the Americans claimed, however, that only four US troops were wounded in the massive assault, one of them evacuated to a military hospital, while the other three were treated at the scene.  The spokesman also asserted that initial reports by another military spokesman of the destruction of an American Bradley armored vehicle had been untrue.


US military forces, however, sealed off the area of the car bomb attack in al-Bayya‘ from the media, preventing any independent verification of the US propagandists’ claims.


It was also unclear from the US account as to whether the American assertions pertained to the car bombing incident that took place in al-Bayya‘, or the attack at 4:40pm on the highway to Saddam International Airport (see story below).


Three US troops killed in ambush near Baghdad Tuesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US column on the highway to Saddam International Airport near the al-‘Amil neighborhood south of Baghdad.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the US column consisted of several Humvees.  Resistance forces attacked with armor-piercing rocket-propelled grenades at 4:40pm Tuesday afternoon, destroying one Humvee and killing three US soldiers who were aboard it.


Seven US troops killed in Resistance car bombing in al-Latifiyah.


At least seven US troops were killed on Tuesday when a Resistance car bomb exploded by a passing US military column near the city of al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


The attack took place at 6:00pm Tuesday evening on the International Highway, and left seven US soldiers dead and three troop transport vehicles that were carrying supplies destroyed.


Four US troops die in ambush west of Baghdad Tuesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces launched a “double-barreled” attack on a US column Tuesday morning west of Baghdad.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at about 8:30am local time Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US column.  Resistance fighters then opened fire on the Americans with rocket-propelled grenades.  The correspondent wrote that four US toops were killed in the attack, which also left one Bradley armored vehicle, one troop transport vehicle, and another armored vehicle disabled.


Hand grenade attack targets US patrol on Hayfa Street.


A US patrol made up of Bradley armored vehicles was attacked by Resistance fighters with hand grenades on Hayfa Street in Baghdad on Tuesday.  According to the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, however, the attack inflicted no damage on the US forces.


Resistance bombardments of US camps in the Baghdad area Tuesday morning.


At 6:30am Tuesday morning, Iraqi Resistance forces fired five heavy 120mm mortar rounds into the headquarters of the US Central Command in ar-Ridwaniyah.  Afterward helicopters prowled the skies over the area, indicating that a target had received a direct hit.


Tuesday morning Saddam International airport shook with explosions when Iraqi Resistance forces fired three volleys of powerful Tariq rockets into the US-occupied facility southwest of Baghdad.


At 9:00am Tuesday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired five Katyusha rockets into the headquarters of the US occupation in the Presidential Palace compound in Baghdad – dubbed the “green zone” by the Americans.  A powerful explosion resulted from the attack and clouds of smoke rose over the target zone after the attack.


At 7:15am north of Baghdad in the at-Taji area, fifteen heavy 120mm mortar shells slammed into the base jointly used by the US rapid intervention force and the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” recruited and armed by the Americans.  Ten minutes later the same camp was struck by two rockets believed to be of the high-explosive Grad variety.


The US base at as-Suqur south of Baghdad was hit by six Katyusha rockets at 9:00am Tuesday morning local time.


Resistance barrages Tuesday evening.


During the evening Iraqi forces pounded several US camps in Baghdad and other cities.


At 7:30pm Tuesday evening Iraqi Resistance forces fired three powerful Grad missiles into Saddam International Airport near Baghdad, according to the Baghdad correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  Flame burst out and was visible after the barrage.


Meanwhile the US command’s camp at at-Tallah was also attacked when the Resistance lobbed five Katyusha rockets into the facility.  Afterwards, two US Cobra helicopters appeared in the sky overhead.


At 9:00pm Tuesday night a explosion shook the US base in Kirkuk, probably the result of a car bombing.  The area of the attack was immediately closed off.


At 9:15pm Tuesday night Resistance forces shelled al-Muthanna airfield in Baghdad with ten 82mm mortar rounds.  Warning sirens went off in the camp afterward.


The US headquarters in the wildernness around the northern city of Mosul was attacked by a Resistance barrage of what probably were heavy 120mm mortar rounds Tuesday night.


At 11:00pm Tuesday night the Resistance pounded the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad with five rockets – probably Katyushas – after which warning sirens wailed inside the US-occupied facility.


Twelve explosions shook the joint US-Polish base in the town of as-Suwayrah south of Baghdad on Tuesday.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam wrote that the blasts were likely the result of heavy 120mm mortar shells hitting the facility.


On the International Highway to as-Suwayrah, a US patrol was attacked by the Resistance.  One American armored vehicle was disabled after its tread was damaged.


Resistance ambushes take US casualties north of Baghdad Tuesday evening.


Iraqi Resistance forces at 6:15pm local time ambushed a US convoy carrying petroleum products in the al-Hadr area in Mosul Province.  Two civilian-owned fuel trucks being driven by Asians were destroyed as was one military transport vehicle.


At 8:00pm Tuesday night Resistance forces attacked US armored vehicles in the Bahraz area in Ba‘qubah Province with rocket-propelled grenades, completely destroying one of the armored vehicles and killing all aboard.


Resistance disables amphibious armored vehicles, strikes Blackhawk helicopter forcing it to make an emergency landing.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Tuesday morning attacked a US patrol in the Sadr al-Yusufiyah area southwest of al-Yusufiyah – an area once known as ‘Uday’s Farm and now the site of a joint base shared by the US occupation troops and soldiers of the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard.”


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the attack took place at 6:15am Tuesday morning and that the Resistance fighters first detonated bombs under the US patrol, which consisted of three amphibious armored vehicles of the type used by the Marine Corps.


The correspondent wrote that the blast disabled two of the amphibious armored vehicles.  Immediately afterward a US Blackhawk helicopter flew into view in the skies overhead.  Resistance fighters had been observing the helicopter, however, and attacked it with a weapon locally known as an “Ahadiyah” [single fire] otherwise believed to be called a Dimitrov.


The Resistance fire struck the Blackhawk, setting fire to its tail and forcing it to flee to Saddam International Airport, 17km away from the scene of the attack.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent notes that the Dimitrov is a Russian anti-aircraft weapon that comes in single, double, triple, and four fire versions.  The single Ahadiyah has a 14.5mm round and its effective range is between 3.5km and 4km.


Nine US soldiers killed, seven injured in Resistance ambush of fuel convoy early Tuesday.


Nine US soldiers were killed and at least seven others wounded on Tuesday morning when the Iraqi Resistance attacked a US column south of Baghdad.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Yusufiyah reported that an Iraqi Resistance roadside bomb exploded at 6:00am local time destroying one American troop transport vehicle and two fuel tankers carrying petroleum products.


Powerful Resistance ambush near Ba‘qubah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US column near the town of Balad Ruz near Ba‘qubah on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance detonated a bomb under the US patrol that consisted of troop transport vehicles, armored vehicles, and Humvees.   One troop transporter and one tank were destroyed in the attack, killing all aboard those vehicles.  A Humvee was also destroyed and four US troops aboard it were killed.  The correspondent reported that the Resistance opened fire with rocket-propelled grenades after the initial bomb blast.


Six puppet policemen die in Ba‘qubah ambush.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked an Iraqi puppet police patrol in Ba‘qubah Province at 5:45pm local time, destroying two puppet police Nissan patrol cars.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the attack left six puppet policemen dead.


Four US troops reported killed in attack south of Samarra’ Tuesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol as it was passing an area 15km south of Samarra’ and north of the city of Balad.  The US patrol consisted of armor transports – huge vehicles transporting several tanks each – and was escorted by a  group of Humvees.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance attacked the US column at about 8:30am Tuesday morning Baghdad time, destroying two US transport vehicles and destroying two of the tanks they were carrying. Four American soldiers were killed in the attack.


Three Americans, six Iraqi puppet troops killed in Resistance ambush Tuesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces monitored the movements of a joint US-Iraqi puppet troops patrol as it moved along the highway near the area called Qanat al-Jaysh.  The Resistance prepared an ambush for the troops at 5:30pm local time, springing at the patrol firing rocket-propelled grenades.


According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the attack destroyed one US Humvee and one green Mitsubishi pickup truck belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces.  Six Iraqi puppet troops were killed in the attack and three others wounded.  Three American troops were also killed and two others wounded.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Qanat al-Jaysh [Army Canal] is a 30-kilometer long canal dug by the Army of the Republic of Iraq in 1967.

Resistance bomb explodes under puppet police car, killing one.


An Iraqi puppet police car ran over and detonated a land mine planted by the Iraqi Resistance in the Ba‘qubah area.  The explosion killed one person and wounded six others according to local puppet police reports.


Two drivers killed in Resistance attack Tuesday afternoon north of al-Hillah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US column of Humvees and civilian provisions trucks with Kuwaiti license plates on the highway 20km north of al-Hillah at 5:10pm Tuesday afternoon.  The Resistance fighters used C5Ks in their attack that left two of the trucks destroyed and killed two persons who where aboard the vehicles.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam was unsure as to whether the deceased were US military personnel or contractors serving the US occupation for money.


US aircraft fire bombard Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad for several hours.


US Apache helicopters fired intensive barrages into the Madinat as-Sadr district of Baghdad, beginning at about 10:00am on Tuesday and lasting until 2:20pm, local time.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the bombardment focused on the southern part of Madinat as-Sadr, in particular the Kasrah, and ‘Atas areas, located in the industrial zone of Madinat as-Sadr.


US arrests top members of Muqtada as-Sadr’s movement in an-Najaf, despite truce agreement.


US Marines supported by puppet “Iraqi” troops and Iraqi puppet police raided an office of Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Najaf, in southern Iraq and arrested a number of prominent officials in the Shi‘i religious leader’s organization.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported from sources inside the old city of an-Najaf that in the course of their raid late Monday night, US forces arrested Ahmad ash-Shaybani and Husam al-Husayni in addition to 15 other aides to Muqtada as-Sadr.


Al-Jazeera spoke to Aws al-Khafaji, a spokesman for Muqtada as-Sadr in the southern city of an-Nasiriyah who said that this new “crime” on the part of the[puppet]  “government” against the Sadr movement comes in spite of the truce that was signed by both sides in an-Najaf under the aegis of the top Shi‘i religious authorities.
























Wednesday, 22 September 2004.


One US soldier killed in al-Bayya‘.


One US soldier was killed in the al-Bayya‘ area when Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US column made up of four Humvees at 4:45pm local time Wednesday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam wrote that one Humvee was damaged in the attack, killing one of the US soldiers aboard.


Fierce fighting rages in Hayfa Street area of Baghdad.


US occupation forces deployed more than 70 tanks and other military vehicles on and around Baghdad’s Hayfa Street as violent fighting broke out in the area Wednesday morning.  The battles were still under way when the local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent filed his report posted at 12:45pm local time (11:45am Mecca time).


Some 50 US snipers were also deployed on rooftops surrounding Hayfa Street, shooting at any moving target.  Since the American snipers were perched atop the residences of local people, the Iraqi Resistance was unable to open fire on the Americans with mortars or other heavy weaponry lest the explosions bring the buildings down on the Iraqi residents beneath.


Despite that advantage and the fact that the US forces enjoy air support from Apache helicopter gunships and back up from Iraqi puppet troops, the Americans were still unable to advance upon Resistance defenses on the street.


Eyewitnesses told the correspondent that the latest round of fighting erupted after US forces launched an attack at 6:00am local time, trying to break into the street area and take control.  The Resistance blunted the assault, however, blocking the American advance.  Five US troops were killed as were eight Iraqi stooges, eyewitnesses reported.  One Bradley armored vehicle was put out of commission and a Humvee was destroyed.  A GMC vehicle belonging to US intelligence was set ablaze in the fighting, as were two pickup trucks owned by the Iraqi puppet forces.


US assault on Hayfa Street intensifies Wednesday afternoon.


US shelling of the Hayfa Street area intensified as American forces fired into the district indiscriminately, striking civilian residents on Wednesday afternoon.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that American troops were rounding up and arresting all young persons older than 15 in the neighborhood.


Witnesses reported that seven beige and olive drab colored armored vehicles left the American al-Muthanna camp and headed for Hayfa Street to reinforce US troops in the area.


A correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam was wounded in his feet and chest as he covered the events in the area.  The reporter has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.


Resistance bombards US camp at al-Muthanna airfield.


Iraqi Resistance forces blasted the area around the al-Muthanna airfield in Baghdad with four rockets – probably Katyushas and six mortar shells believed to be of 82mm caliber on Wednesday morning, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  Plumes of smoke rose over the US camp occupying the facility.  US forces use al-Muthanna base for their assaults on Hayfa Street in Baghdad, a hotbed of defiance of the US occupation.


US gives up, lifts siege of Hayfa Street Wednesday evening.


In a report posted at 9:55pm Mecca time (10:55pm local time) the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam who had been covering the situation on Hayfa Street in Baghdad reported that the US blockade of the street was lifted at about 6:30pm Wednesday evening.  The American attacks on the local residents, he wrote, had left five martyrs dead – including two women and three children.  Seven other Iraqis, including a Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent, were wounded in the US offensive.


As the US forces were pulling out, Iraqi Resistance forces launched several attacks, inflicting losses on the Americans and on their Iraqi puppet force stooges.  Seven Iraqi puppet troops, including one lieutenant colonel were killed.  Two Humvees were destroyed and six US troops killed.  A Bradley armored vehicle and another Humvee were disabled in the course of the combat.


Mortar volley unleashed on al-Muthanna early Wednesday morning.


At about 2:30pm local time Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces shelled the al-Muthanna base with four 80mm mortar rounds.


Resistance bomb blasts restaurant being used by US aggressors as a recruiting station.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at 9:00am on Wednesday morning, killing 30 and wounding several would-be Iraqi collaborators in the ar-Rabi‘ area on the western outskirts of Baghdad.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast targeted volunteer collaborationists waiting to sign up for the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” run by the United States.  The would-be collaborators were gathered near a restaurant on ar-Rabi‘ Street to sign up to serve the invaders.


Since the sharp increase in Resistance attacks on puppet police stations and other standard recruiting offices for the puppet forces, the US aggressors have taken to using restaurants and coffee houses as recruitment centers.  The local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted, however, that the Iraqi Resistance was obviously aware of such tricks.


Resistance destroys Kuwaiti registered fuel tankers supplying US military near Baghdad.


Several Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US military supply convoy west of Baghdad at about 600am local time.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the attack took place on the highway leading to Saddam International Airport destroyed two fuel tankers with Kuwaiti license plates.  The drivers of the trucks were killed, neither of them US military personnel.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded on Wednesday near a US military check point on al-Amirat Street in the al-Mansur district of downtown Baghdad.  Media photos showed two Humvees ablaze, sending black smoke into the air.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that the blast occurred in front of the local urban council where a meeting was underway with US aggressor officials.


As western media claimed that three persons were wounded in the bombing, reporter Husayn ash-Shamari reported that at least seven US troops were killed and a large number of others wounded.


Resistance fires Ra‘d rocket into US-occupied Saddam International Airport.


Thunderous explosions shook the area around Saddam International Airport on Wednesday morning at about 6:30am when Resistance forces fired what was believed to be a powerful Ra‘d missile into the US facility.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that thick black smoke rose into the sky after the blasts.


Resistance ambushes US columns in al-‘Amil and ash-Sha‘b areas of Baghad late Wednesday night.


Numerous explosions shook the area of Saddam International Airport late Wednesday night when Resistance forces attacked a US patrol in the ash-Sha‘b district of Baghdad.  The Baghdad correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at 10:15pm Wednesday night, local time, blasts of what sounded like rocket-propelled grenades exploding and BKC automatic weapons being fired shook an area in the al-‘Amil neighborhood on the road to Saddam International Airport as clashes broke out between the Resistance and US occupation forces.


Then at 10:40pm a US armored column, consisting of Abrams tanks and Bradley armored vehicles in ash-Sha‘b district near the Qanat al-Jaysh (military canal, dug in 1967) was attacked by Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades.  The US aggressors returned fire directly at the Resistance fighters.  No information on casualties in either engagement was available to the correspondent.


Iraqi Resistance attacks column of US intelligence vehicles on road to Saddam International Airport.


Iraqi Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades attacked a US convoy of GMC vehicles and armored Suburbans on the highway leading to Saddam International Airport at 5:45pm local time Wednesday afternoon.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance attacked the convoy after coming to suspect that the GMC might be carrying US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers.  The attack took place near the equestrian club past al-‘Amiriyah between the al-Furat neighborhood to the east and the International School to the west.  One US vehicle was destroyed and two persons aboard it killed in the attack.


US tank disabled in al-Latifiyah area fighting.

Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Latifiyah clashed with US forces at 1:00pm Wednesday afternoon local time.  One American tank was disabled at the entrance to al-Latifiyah according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam who wrote in a report posted at 3:30pm local time (2:30pm Mecca time) that fighting was still going on in the area.


Resistance pounds “green zone” with Grad missiles Wednesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces shelled the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace – which the Americans have dubbed the “green zone” with powerful Grad rockets at about 10:45am Wednesday.  Afterwards, US forces closed off the approaches to the district.


Resistance keeps up pressure on US bases in Iraq Tuesday evening.


Resistance forces kept up their relentless bombardment of US facilities throughout Iraq after noon and into the night on Wednesday.


At 7:00pm Wednesday evening Iraqi Resistance forces fired tow Katyusha rockets at the so-called “green zone” headquarters of the US occupation.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that clouds of smoke rose over the compound as sirens wailed after the attack.


At 10:00pm Wednesday night, Resistance forces lobbed five 82mm mortar rounds into the US al-Muthanna air base in Baghdad.


The base in Mosul shared by the US with their newly recruited Iraqi stooge forces came under Resistance bombardment twice on Wednesday.  The first bombardment took place at 2:00pm when the Resistance pounded the facility with heavy 120mm mortar rounds.  The second barrage took place at 7:00pm when another ten 120mm mortar shells were pumped into the aggressor facility.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam notes that the explosive power of a 120mm mortar round equals that of a 1-meter long Katyusha rocket.


At 11:00pm Wednesday night, Resistance forces fired two powerful rockets at Saddam International Airport producing two violent explosions.  The blasts were believed to come from powerful Tariq rockets.  Local people said that flame could be seen rising from the scene after the bombardment.


Also at 11:00pm Resistance forces pounded al-Muthanna airfield with six 82mm mortar rounds.


Resistance fighters bombarded the US camp at Ba‘qubah airport intermittently from morning until night on Wednesday.  At 8:30am five Katyushas slammed into the US facility.  At 1:30pm seven 120mm mortar rounds struck the base.  At 6:30pm five more 120mm mortar shells hit the airbase.  At 11:00pm another volley, this time probably powerful Tariq rockets, smashed their way into the American facility.


Meanwhile the building housing the governorate offices in Ba‘qubah were also bombarded by the Resistance.  Ten 60mm mortar rounds were fired into that building.


Four US Marines reported killed in Sadr al-Yusufiyah, south of Baghdad Wednesday evening.


A US Marine patrol consisting of six amphibious armored vehicles was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance in the Sadr al-Yusufiyah area at 7:15pm Wednesday evening.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in the al-Yusufiyah area reported that one of the vehicles was destroyed in the attack and another disabled.  Four US Marines were killed.


Baghdad ambush kills two American, four Iraqi puppet troops Wednesday night.


Two US troops and four Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed in an Iraqi Resistance ambush that took place in Baghdad at 10:30pm Wednesday night.  The Resistance attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet force patrol, detonating a bomb that destroyed one Landcruiser belonging to the puppet forces and disabled a US Humvee, killing the US and Iraqi puppet troops.


Resistance ambush in northern Baghdad destroys US Bradley armored vehicle.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol consisting of Bradley armored vehicles as they were entering the northern approaches to Baghdad from the direction of at-Taji.  The Resistance observed the Americans’ approach at 10:15pm Wednesday night local time, and at 10:30pm, the Resistance fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades at the vehicles, destroying one of them and disabling another.


Resistance pounds US Marine base in ar-Ridwaniyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces at least six large Katyusha rockets at a US Marine base in the ad-Duwayliyah area near the residences of the Zuwaybi‘ Bedouin tribe in ar-Ridwaniyah.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance carried out their attack at 6:30pm Wednesday evening.  The initial six blasts were followed by other explosions that appeared to be the result of a Resistance barrage of 120mm mortar rounds.


Al-‘Arabiyah broadcasts video footage of Resistance blowing up US armored vehicle in ar-Ramadi – a deadly incident never acknowledged by US propaganda mouthpieces.


The al-‘Arabiyah satellite TV station broadcast a videotape issued by a group calling itself the Brigades of the Army of God in Iraq [Kata’ib Jund Allah fi al-‘Iraq] which included footage of an operation in which they blew up a US armored vehicle in ar-Ramadi, west of Baghdad.  The destruction of the armored vehicle was never admitted by US forces, but the film clearly shows the vehicle being struck directly and being totally destroyed by the blast.  The video shows flame blazing inside the vehicle as thick smoke envelopes the area.  The videotape indicated the precise time and date of the blast, demonstrating that US losses are indeed hushed up by the American imperial authorities.


Resistance assassination attempt targets puppet police chief from besieged Tal‘afar.


A spokesman for the Iraqi puppet police announced that their police chief in the Tal‘afar area near Mosul had been wounded in an attack that killed one of his bodyguards and wounded two others.  Colonel Mazahim ‘Abdallah Khalaf told Agence France Presse (AFP) that Resistance fighters on Tuesday shot at the car carrying Colonel Isma‘il Ahmad Isma‘il in Tal‘afar.  He said that the attackers left the scene after the attack.


A doctor in the as-Salam Hospital in Mosul told the press that the puppet police chief had been admitted to that institution for medical treatment.  Forensic doctor Ahmad ‘Abdallah Rajab in Mosul said that the deceased man was struck by several bullets in the head.  An official in Tal‘afar Hospital said that one of the wounded men was in serious condition.


US forces, backed by Kurdish chauvinist collaborationist Peshmergah militiamen and Iraqi stooge troops, still have Tal‘afar completely sealed off.  Although the Americans allow food and medical supplies into the city, they delay their arrival considerably according to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent.


Nighttime bulletin from Tal‘afar.


US forces continued to besiege the town of Tal‘afar on Wednesday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam inside the city reported that US forces had completely surrounded the city with the help of the Peshmergah Kurdish chauvinists and the mercenary soldiers of the puppet Iraqi army recruited by the US.  Meanwhile US forces bombard residential areas in the vicinity of the city.


Despite the difficult situation, Resistance fighters killed at least 10 US troops and members of their stooge forces in the 24-hour period ending Wednesday night on the road leading from Mosul to Tal‘afar.  Six US soldiers were killed when a Resistance bomb blew up one Humvee and disabled another.  Four Peshmergah chauvinist snipers were killed as they were heading towards Tal‘afar in a white 2002 Landcruiser.


Four US troops killed in ambush of fuel convoy near Mosul Wednesday afternoon.


At least four American troops were killed when the Iraqi Resistance ambushed a fuel convoy in the al-Hadar area near Mosul Wednesday afternoon.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades at the US convoy made up of military fuel tanker trucks.  Two of the tankers were destroyed in the ambush and four US soldiers who were aboard them killed.


Four US troops die in Resistance ambush on convoy south of Samarra’.


Four US troops were killed when the Iraqi Resistance attacked a US supply convoy 25km south of Samarra’.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Samarra’ reported that a bomb exploded under the convoy and then Resistance fighters opened up with rocket-propelled grenades at 8:30pm Wednesday night local time.  One US Bradley armored vehicle was disabled, as were two Humvees.  Two civilian Mercedes model 2000 trucks carrying primary supplies for tanks were destroyed, and four US troops aboard those vehicles were killed.


Ambush near Bayji kills three US troops.


Three US troops were killed when Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a US military patrol in Salah ad-Din Province in northern Iraq.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Bayji reported that the US patrol ran over Resistance bombs at 5:15pm local time in the al-Hujjaj area near Bayji, 200km north of Baghdad.  The blast destroyed one Humvee and killed three US troops aboard it.


Morning ambush leaves five US troops dead near Ba‘qubah.


Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed three US troop transports near Ba‘qubah.  According to the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Ba‘qubah, Resistance fighters attacked a US column near Bahraz with rocket-propelled grenades, destroying three troop transports carrying equipment and supplies.  At least five US troops were killed in the ambush that took place at 8:30am local time Wednesday morning.


Resistance attack near Ba‘qubah Wednesday night leaves puppet troops dead.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet police patrol with rocket-propelled grenades and KBC machine guns in the city of Ba‘qubah, killing two puppet policemen and five members of the US-recruited Iraqi puppet army.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Ba‘qubah reported that the ambush took place at 10:30pm Wednesday night local time, but made no mention of US casualties.


Three Polish aggressor troops killed, three others wounded in Resistance ambush near al-Hillah.


A patrol of Polish invader troops was attacked by the Iraqi Resistance in the city of al-Hillah, 100km south of Baghdad at 8:30pm local time Wednesday.  Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades destroyed one armored vehicle as well as a green Russian-built VaZ-type jeep.  Three Polish aggressor troops were killed in the attack and three others wounded.


Poland has become a satellite of the United States since the collapse of the Warsaw Treaty Organization and the restoration of capitalism in the country.  It serves the United States in Iraq by maintaining a contingent of 2,500 Polish troops in a 6,500-man contingent of “international forces” that also includes 1,600 Ukrainians, as well as troops from Bulgaria, Romania, and seven other US-dominated countries.


Fighting in Madinat as-Sadr intensifies Wednesday afternoon.


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam the Madinat as-Sadr area of Baghdad reported that the fighting between US forces and the Jaysh al-Mahdi became significantly more intense around 1:30pm Wednesday local time.  The Jaysh al-Mahdi destroyed two Humvees, killing all aboard.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported Iraqi medical sources as saying that 22 Iraqis had been killed and 78 others wounded in the course of the fighting in the Baghdad neighborhood.


The Jaysh al-Mahdi was calling on its supporters to come to the aid of the fighters in the district.  The Director of the Muqtada as-Sadr office in ar-Rusafah, Sa‘id al-Maliki appealed to higher Shi‘i religious authorities to intervene, as a cease-fire was supposed to have been concluded under their auspices between the Jaysh al-Mahdi and the US aggressors, but the latter were now in clear violation of it.


Meanwhile al-Jazeera quoted the Shi‘ cleric Ayatallah ‘Ali as-Sistani, a sympathizer with the US occupation, as admitting that the arrest of supporters of Muqtada as-Sadr in an-Najaf by US forces was “unjustified and a violation of the peace initiative on the basis of which the an-Najaf Crisis was concluded.”


US admits one helicopter crashes near an-Nasiriyah.


American mouthpieces admitted on Wednesday that one American Black Hawk helicopter had crashed after takeoff near an-Nasiriyah, 375km south of Baghdad.  The US spokesman claimed that three crewmen were “slightly” injured in the crash, but that the helicopter had been extensively damaged.