Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Tuesday, 7 September 2004 and Wednesday, 8 September 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Tuesday, 7 September 2004.


Resistance shows strength by launching four simultaneous attacks on US facilities in Ba‘qubah area.


At 10:00pm Tuesday night, Iraqi Resistance forces carried out simultaneous attacks on four US bases in the area of Ba‘qubah, setting of thunderous explosions in all the bases according to the report of the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


The Resistance fired more than 12 mortar shells and three powerful Grad rockets at each of the US bases in the airport, the former base for Saddam’ Fedayeen at the entrance to the city, the US base located near the puppet police headquarters, and the US camp set up in the former Iraqi military base.

Resistance attacks ministerial quarters in al-Yarmuk where US generals reportedly reside at midnight Tuesday-Wednesday.


The Resistance also struck the ministerial compound in which a number of US generals have their quarters in the al-Yarmuk area at 12:10am, just after midnight on Wednesday, Baghdad time.  Six mortar rounds – believed to be of 82mm or 60mm caliber – crashed  into the compound.  As usual, the US forces closed off the area after the attack.


Resistance forces pound US positions in Baghdad late into the night Tuesday.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Tuesday subjected the US headquarters in the Republican Palace in Baghdad (which they have nicknamed “the green zone”) and the military college to repeated rocket and mortar assaults.


The last attack of the day came at midnight Tuesday-Wednesday Baghdad time when the “green zone” came under 120mm mortar barrage. More than five extremely powerful explosions shook the US compound.


The military college in ar-Rustamiyah was also shelled at midnight Tuesday-Wednesday – a facility where some 4,000 US troops are billeted.


Resistance launches repeated attacks during the day Tuesday against US installations in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces during the day on Tuesday attacked a number of US installations in the Baghdad area using various types of rockets.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US headquarters in the Republican Palace – which the Americans call the “green zone” came under Resistance bombardment with powerful Grad rockets at 6:00am Baghdad time.


It was hit again by a second bombardment at 8:00am when five Katyushas crashed into the highly guarded American compound.


Then at 10:00am the Resistance opened up again at the vast compound where two explosions were heard suggesting that powerful Grad rockets had been used that time.  Plumes of smoke were seen rising from the area as warning sirens wailed inside the facility.


The Resistance also attacked the Arab Equestrian Club – a group of palaces in the Abu Ghurayb area that the US is using as a base for its aggressor troops. Five explosions were heard of the powerful Grad type at 9:00am Tuesday morning, local time.


Resistance pounds sites in Baghdad Tuesday morning.


The Iraqi Resistance attacked the US base at al-Muthanna airfield in Baghdad Tuesday morning with 10 mortar rounds – believed to be 82mm shells, at 7:15am local time.  Warning sirens wailed after the attack.


Correspondents of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that 12 blasts were heard coming from Saddam International airport and at 1:35pm local time smoke was still rising from that compound.


Twenty-five explosions of 82mm or 120mm mortar rounds were heard resounding inside the US-occupied military college in ar-Rustamiyah in southeast Baghdad.


Resistance attack in Baghdad reported late Tuesday.


The Resistance attacked a US patrol in al-Bayya‘ in Baghdad near the car lots according to eyewitness accounts given to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam. A bomb apparently exploded, destroying one US Humvee.  Less than a minute after the blast, the sound of automatic weapons fire reverberated in the area – apparently fired by Resistance fighters at the US patrol that consisted of a tank and a Humveee.


Resistance ambushes joint US-Iraqi puppet convoy late Tuesday.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed a joint US-Iraqi puppet force convoy near the Ibn Taymiyah Mosque on the Saddam International Airport road in Baghdad Tuesday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the armed ambush was carried out at 11:00pm local time and that the Resistance used rocket-propelled grenades to set afire one troop carrier.  Fifteen troops in the vehicle were killed – among them Iraqi puppets and US soldiers. Afterward the US forces closed off the highway and set up check points.


Battles in al-Ghazaliyah area near Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces battled US aggressor troops in the area of al-Ghazaliyah near Baghdad Tuesday, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The fighting erupted at 10:00pm local time on the road linking Abu Ghurayb with al-Ghazaliyah.  In the course of the battle one US Humvee was totally destroyed and three US troops killed.  The US forces closed off all approaches to the area afterwards.


Resistance raid kills six puppet policemen guarding American Humvees near Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked Iraqi puppet police vehicles on the highway between al-Ghazaliyah and Abu Ghurayb Tuesday evening, destroying two police cars and killing six puppet policemen.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the attack took place at 10:45pm and that Resistance fighters fired a rocket-propelled grenade at the puppet police unit that was guarding two US Humvees.


Resistance ambushes convoy near al-Yusufiyah Tuesday afternoon.


At 3:00pm Tuesday Resistance forces ambushed a US supply convoy bringing military equipment and food along the International Highway that passes through al-Yusufiyah south of Baghdad.  Four transports were set ablaze in the attack – three of them military carrying equipment and armor and one a civilian truck carrying mineral water to the troops.  Seven US troops were killed in the battle and one armored vehicle of the type used by the US Marines was knocked out of action.


US aircraft murder 20 Iraqi civilians in vicious assault on homes in al-Yusufiyah.


US aircraft carried out violent air assaults on a number of civilian houses in the al-Yusufiyah area of southern Baghdad Tuesday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that 20 Iraqi civilians were killed, most of them women and children in the attacks.  The Americans had claimed that they were targeting Arab volunteers from outside Iraq, but their victims were non-combatant Iraqi civilians.

The situation in the area remained tense after the vicious US attack as Resistance fighters clashed with American aggressor troops.


Six Americans thought dead in al-Qa’im battles.


In al-Hasibah al-Gharbiyah in the area of al-Qa’im on the Syrian border, fierce fighting broke out between the Resistance and the US invader Marines at 6:30pm Tuesday evening.  Two armored vehicles were destroyed totally and all those aboard them killed in the fighting.  At least three US troops ride in each such vehicle.


Resistance bomb kills four US troops in Abu Ghurayb area.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a convoy of five US Humvees on Tuesday morning in the Abu Ghurayb area near Baghdad, killing four US troops according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  One Humvee was destroyed and three US troops aboard it were killed.  In addition another Humvee was damaged and one soldier aboard it killed, bringing the total killed in the operation to four.


US pulls troops back from southern approaches to al-Fallujah, but then return with artillery bombardment followed by ground combat on the eastern side of the city.


After repeated defeats, US troops have pulled back from the southern approaches to the city of al-Fallujah west of Baghdad, according to the local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam whose report was posted at 2:15pm Mecca time Tuesday afternoon.


Later on Tuesday, however, US forces carried out an intensive artillery bombardment of the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood in the southeast of al-Fallujah, beginning at 7:05pm local time.


Fierce fighting erupted in the industrial zone on the eastern side of al-Fallujah around 7:30pm local time and continued to rage there, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  US troops seized and took cover in a textile mill in the district.  The Resistance proceeded to pound the plant and the Americans within with 25 rockets within a period of only five minutes, prompting an American counter response with mortars.


In a report posted at 6:55pm Mecca time (7:55pm local time) the correspondent wrote that the fighting in the industrial zone of al-Fallujah had intensified.  US forces were at that time shelling the zone very intensively and the Resistance were fighting fiercely in direct combat against the US Marines.


Meanwhile, the Resistance fired 14 powerful Grad rockets at the US base in the agricultural area outside of town.


In a dispatch posted at 7:05pm Mecca time (8:05pm local time) the correspondent wrote that US forces backed by amphibious armored vehicles and the Marines’ tanks were advancing at that moment towards Exposition Street (Shari‘ al-Ma‘arid) in the industrial zone.  The industrial zone and the neighboring ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood were under extremely intensive US bombardment and fires were raging in both sections of al-Fallujah and smoke covered the area, but particularly in the industrial zone.


Under severe pressure, the Resistance fighters were nevertheless heroically defending the city against the advancing American aggressors.


Meanwhile Resistance fighters in the an-Nu‘aymiyah area of the city were heading towards the northern side of al-Fallujah to attack the US forces in their rear.


At one point the US side sent out a vehicle equipped with a loudspeaker.  An Iraqi collaborating with the Americans taunted the Resistance fighters by proclaiming “Come out you cowardly Arabs so our women soldiers can fight you!  If you are seeking paradise, you’ll find it with our women soldiers.”


The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance was quick to silence the silly US broadcaster with a rocket at 8:45pm local time.


By 8:20pm Mecca time (9:20pm local time) the correspondent wrote that US forces had been driven back from the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood and the industrial zone, taking up positions on the other sided of the highway from the city having been pounded by fierce Resistance attacks.


Nevertheless, from their new positions, US tanks were continuing their artillery barrage of the eastern and southern side of al-Fallujah for some time.


Then at about 9:40pm local time, the Americans opened a different front line in the city when they launched an intensive mortar barrage targeting the an-Nazal and ash-Shurtah neighborhoods of al-Fallujah.  Pressure from the Resistance had compelled their guns to quiet down in the industrial zone and ash-Shuhada’ sectors.


The Americans  renewed their offensive, there, however when at 10:45 American aircraft dropped cluster bombs on the industrial zone and ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood.  Two container bombs were dropped on both districts, resulting in 20 Iraqis wounded, most of them women and children.



Five Americans killed in two Resistance attacks.


Three US troops were killed in an Iraqi Resistance bomb blast in an area 5km west of ar-Ramadi on Tuesday according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The blast occurred at 10:00am local time and destroyed one Humvee.


In another Resistance attack Tuesday, two Americans were killed when their Humvee was attacked by Resistance fighters firing rocket-propelled grenades at the entrance to the al-‘Amiriyah area west of Baghdad at 8:00am.


US admits one solider killed another wounded in bombing near Baghdad.


On Tuesday morning the US military admitted that one US soldier was killed and another wounded when an Iraqi Resistance homemade bomb exploded near Baghdad at 23:45 local time Monday night.


Resistance escalates attacks as night comes on Tuesday around Baghdad.


At 5:00pm Tuesday Baghdad time, Resistance forces shelled the ar-Rashid Hotel and the Convention Center in the US aggressors so-called “green zone” headquarters with 10 mortar shells of 82mm or 120mm caliber.


At 7:00pm local time, 10 explosions rocked the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah.  The blasts were thought to be the result of Katyusha rockets or 120mm mortar shells.  All the missiles landed inside the college.


Resistance forces struck the US base in Balad at 10:10pm with four rockets, thought to be the powerful Grad variety.


At 11:00pm local time the Resistance pounded Saddam International Airport with five rockets that set off powerful explosions.  Those too were probably Grad rockets.  Flame could be seen rising into the sky over the US compound.


At 11:20pm Resistance forces struck Saddam International Airport again with two Grad rockets.  Smoke and flame again rose into the sky over the base.


At 11:30pm seven explosions rocked al-Muthanna airstrip inside Baghdad.  The source of the blasts was unclear at the time of reporting.


Two Americans killed in battle on Hayfa Street in Baghdad.


Violent clashes erupted on Hayfa street in Baghdad at 5:00am Tuesday.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that two Americans were killed in the fighting when a US armored vehicle was damaged.  The US column of six armored vehicles was forced to withdraw from the area by the Resistance.


Resistance forces raid police station to free captive commanders.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the Ja‘fari Iraqi puppet police station on Hayfa Street in the al-Karakh district later on Tuesday.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the aim of the Resistance attack was to liberate Resistance commanders who had been captured 12 days previous and were being held by the Iraqi puppet police.


The Resistance and the puppet police had carried on negotiations for the peaceful release of the captives, but the puppet police refused to budge, so 50 Resistance fighters attacked the police station at 10:50pm Baghdad time using rocket-propelled grenades, KBC machineguns, as well as other automatic weapons, and hand grenades.


Twenty puppet policemen were killed in the raid by preliminary count, and a part of the station was burned down completely.  Four Landrover police cars were also destroyed.  The Resistance fighters freed their commanders and left the police station ablaze.


Fighting continued to rage in the Hayfa Street area as US forces were unable to advance on the Resistance fighters due to their stiff defense.


Puppet governor of Baghdad survives assassination attempt.


‘Ali al-Haydari, the puppet governor of Baghdad survived an Iraqi Resistance assassination attempt when his motorcade was attacked Tuesday morning in Baghdad.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported that a bomb exploded as his motorcade passed but that it missed his car and hit another instead.


Reuters reported the Iraqi puppet police as saying that Resistance fighters first opened fire at al-Haydari’s car then detonated a bomb in a minibus parked by the side of the road, killing one person.


High-ranking officer thought killed along with eight other troops in Madinat as-Sadr fighting.


A high-ranking US officer was thought to have been killed along with eight of his soldiers on Tuesday in battles in the Madinat as-Sadr section of Baghdad, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Fighting in the district raged from noon Monday until about 3:00am Tuesday morning, then resumed at 6:00am Tuesday.  US helicopters were still prowling the skies over the area Tuesday afternoon.


In the course of the fighting Jaysh al-Mahdi bomb exploded, killing five Americans in their Humvee.  Three other American troops were killed when a rocket struck them at 7:00am.  Four Bradley armored vehicles were destroyed but resulted in no casualties.  Sources told the Mafkarat al-Islam reporter about their belief that a high-ranking US officer had been among the dead. Their evidence for that belief was that one of the Humvees destroyed during the day was an armored, closed and air-conditioned vehicle – a type they find used only by senior officers in US military practice.


Battles in Madinat as-Sadr continued into the night Tuesday.  At 5:00pm local time the fighting resumed and continued until after midnight according to the local correspondent.  One American soldier was reported captured and US F-16 fighter bombers pounded the city intensively together with Apache helicopters.





























Wednesday, 8 September 2004.


Resistance shoots down two US helicopters near al-Fallujah Wednesday.


Iraqi Resistance forces shot down two US aircraft over al-Fallujah on Wednesday.  The first – a Cobra helicopter – was shot down over the al-Fallujah tourist highway at 2:00pm Baghdad time.  The Resistance brought it down with an anti-aircraft missile.


The second aircraft, an American Chinook transport helicopter carrying an armored vehicle, was shot down in the al-Halaabjah area, 7km west of al-Fallujah at 12:00noon local time.  Again an anti-aircraft missile struck the craft, set it ablaze and brought it down.


Resistance shoots down another helicopter near al-Fallujah Wednesday night.


At 11:20pm Wednesday night Baghdad time Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Fallujah shot down another US helicopter over the city.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the helicopter crashed in an area called ‘Amiriyat Abu ‘Isa south of the city.  The correspondent reported that it was impossible to determine what type of helicopter it was as it went down in flames and the Americans surrounded the crash site on the ground.


Resistance fighters carried out several attacks on US positions in the environs of al-Fallujah on Tuesday and Wednesday.


US fires four rockets into al-Fallujah, Wednesday morning.


US aggressor forces fired four rockets at the city of al-Fallujah at 8:45am Wednesday morning (local time) according to the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The four rockets caused no casualties, but did cause some light damage to buildings and property.


The city was relatively quiet Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s intensive fighting and bombardment.  The mood in the city is, nevertheless, apprehensive.


Deputy governor of al-Anbar province kidnapped Tuesday in al-Fallujah.


The US-appointed deputy governor of al-Anbar Province was kidnapped in al-Fallujah on Wednesday.  Relatives of the man told Reuters that a number of masked Resistance fighters raided the house of Basim Muhammad Manajid in the city and took him away Wednesday morning.


Resistance attack in al-Khalidiyah destroys tank, Humvee.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired anti-tank rockets at the al-Khalidiyah area west of Baghdad, according to the local Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent.  The attack destroyed one Abrams tank and a Humvee, and left at least nine US troops dead.


Resistance knocks out two tanks near Mosul Wednesday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance ambushed a US patrol at 4:30pm in the Imkashifah area, 40km from Mosul in northern Iraq.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported eyewitnesses as saying that the patrol struck roadside bombs and then came under rocket-propelled grenade attack.  Two of the seven tanks in the column were crippled.


Resistance ambush on road to Abu Ghurayb destroys four Humvees.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the highway between al-Ghazaliyah and Abu Ghurayb at about 8:30am Baghdad time.  After the bomb detonated, Resistance fighters attacked the American column with rocket-propelled grenades.  Four US Humvees were completely destroyed and 14 American troops were killed in the attack that took place at about 8:30am.


Resistance pounds Saddam International Airport with 40 mortar shells early Wednesday.


Iraqi Resistance forces intensively shelled Saddam International Airport at 6:00am Wednesday morning, local time.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance fired more than 40 mortar rounds (120mm and 82mm in caliber) and that the occupied airport is a major base used by the US occupation troops in the country – one that comes under frequent Resistance attack.


Massive explosions shake Saddam International Airport at midnight Wednesday-Thursday.


Two massive explosions shook Saddam International airport at midnight Wednesday-Thursday, Baghdad time as the Resistance apparently fired two more powerful Grad rockets into the US-occupied facility.


Twenty-seven blasts shake “green zone” area Wednesday morning.


Powerful explosions rocked the Baghdad compound housing the Republican Palace – what the US invaders have dubbed the “green zone” – at 10:00am Wednesday, Baghdad time in the area of the ar-Rashid Hotel.  The facility houses US intelligence officers and profiteers serving the US occupation regime.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the explosions came from 80mm and 120mm mortar shells that crashed into the highly-guarded area of the Iraqi capital.


At least 27 explosions were heard in the district, followed by long continuous wails of the warning sirens.  Plumes of white and black smoke rose into the sky over the US headquarters compound – indicating that buildings and vehicles were most likely hit directly.


Resistance wakes up “green zone” with 7:00am barrage.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Wednesday morning fired a rocket barrage at the so-called “green zone” at about 7:00am local time.  Four powerful Grad rockets slammed into the high security area that houses the massive US and British embassies and the headquarters of the US occupation in the country.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the Resistance also pounded the “green zone” with about thirteen 82mm mortar shells.


Resistance pounds Saddam Airport, “green zone” with Grad rockets late Wednesday.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US base in Saddam International Airport came under violent Iraqi Resistance barrage on Wednesday night.  Seventeen explosions shook the facility – probably the result of powerful Grad rockets slamming into the Airport.  Columns of smoke were still rising over Saddam International Airport after midnight.


The Resistance also pounded the “green zone” with three large Grad rockets at 9:00pm local time, and then with two more powerful Grads at 9:30.  At 10:00 the Resistance again struck the “green zone with three Grad rockets, and at 11:00pm fired another volley of the powerful missiles into the top-security American compound.


Resistance ambushes fuel supply convoy in “green zone” area Wednesday afternoon.


A US column including military fuel tank trucks struck a series of bombs in the so-called “green zone” area of Baghdad at 4:00pm local time Wednesday afternoon, killing four US soldiers and totally destroying two tank trucks.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that an escort Humvee was also destroyed in the attack.  Three US soldiers who were aboard the Humvee were killed and one other severely wounded.


Resistance shells al-Muthanna airbase and military college in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired 22 mortar shells at the US camp at the al-Muthanna airfield in Baghdad at 11:00am Baghdad time Wednesday morning.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the sounds of warning sirens could be heard coming from within the compound.  US forces deployed around the camp after the attack.


Previously – at about 7:00am local time – 15 powerful explosions shook the military college in ar-Rustamiyah in eastern Baghdad.  That facility is also used by US occupation forces as a local base.


Military college again struck later Wednesday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired about 30 mortar shells, believed to be of 120mm caliber, or possibly Katyusha rockets into the military college in ar-Rustamiyah in Baghdad late on Wednesday night, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Resistance lobs 15 mortar rounds into al-Muthanna base Wednesday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired fifteen 82mm mortar rounds into the US base at al-Muthanna in Baghdad at about 11:05pm local time Wednesday night, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Twenty-five mortar rounds slam into US facility at az-Zawra’ in Baghdad Wednesday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces pounded the US forces in the az-Zawra’ Resort with 25 mortar rounds at 9:30pm Wednesday night.  Az-Zawra’ is located some 200 meters from al-Muthanna airstrip.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the continuous shelling of US facilities has the effect of driving US armored vehicles out of their “secure” camps and into the streets where they are hit by roadside bombs and other Resistance attacks.


Resistance pounds US base in Baghdad with mortars Wednesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the US base in the al-Bayya‘ neighborhood in the ash-Shuhada’ area of Baghdad on Wednesday morning.  The facility formerly served as a base for the Jerusalem Army recruited by the Iraqi government under President Saddam Hussein.


The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Resistance fighters fired at least thirty 60mm mortar rounds into the base at about 10:00am local time Wednesday.  As soon as the attack began, US troops deployed in large numbers, but the Resistance rushed to target the troops with their continued volleys of mortar shells.


One Iraqi puppet police Land Cruiser was set ablaze in the attack.  Two Iraqi puppet policemen and three soldiers in the US-recruited Iraqi puppet army were killed in the barrage.


Resistance shells US al-Bayya‘ base again Wednesday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired a mortar barrage of some 20 shells at the US base in the al-Bayya‘ area in the ash-Shuhada’ district of Baghdad.  According to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam, the attack took place at 8:30pm local time Wednesday night.  Flame and smoke could still be seen in the sky over the site after 1:00am the next morning.


Four US soldiers killed in ambush of patrol near Baghdad radio station.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol in the as-Salihiyah al-Qadimah area near the radio station in down town Baghdad, killing four American soldiers and destroying the Humvee on which they were riding.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that there was a Bradley armored vehicle accompanying the Humvee, but concealed behind the Ministry of Justice building, but it fled as soon as the Resistance attack on the Humvee began.


Resistance forces attack US patrol in ad-Durah, south of Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Wednesday morning ambushed a US patrol in the al-Bu‘athiyah area of ad-Durah, a southern suburb of Baghdad.  Six US troops were killed in the Resistance attack on a patrol made up of 12 armored vehicles and two Humvees.  A bomb exploded under the column and then the Resistance sprung at the US forces fireing rocket propelled grenades and BKCs.  One Humvee was disabled and two troops aboard it killed.  Four other soldiers were killed when their Humvee rode over a land mine.  The force of that blast threw the vehicle up into the air, accordin to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Resistance ambushes US-Iraqi puppet patrol in al-Yusufiyah Wednesday morning.


Eye witnesses reported that the Iraqi Resistance ambushed a joint US Marine-Iraqi puppet force patrol accompanied by two armored vehicles at about 9:00am Wednesday morning in al-Yusufiyah, south of Baghdad.  Five Americans and three Iraqi puppet troops were killed in the attack.  One of the armored vehicles was damaged.


A Chinook helicopter attempted to carry the damaged armored vehicle away but then came under Resistance fire itself, forcing it to flee without its intended cargo.


The witnesses told the local reporter for Mafkarat al-Islam that the patrol, consisting of 22 soldiers on foot, was attacked by Resistance fighters firing anit-personnel rocket-propelled grenades, nicknamed al-Mihdar by the Iraqis.  Using high explosive, it shreds whatever is within a 600 to 700meter range of its explosion.


One American killed in Resistance ambush in al-Mansur district of Baghdad.


A US patrol in the al-Mansur district of Baghdad came under attack by Iraqi Resistance fighters firing automatic weapons and BKCs.  One US soldier who had been driving a Humvee was killed as were two members of the US-recruited Iraqi puppet army.  The report on the attack by the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam was posted at 12:45am Thursday, 9 September Mecca time.


Resistance bomb kills six US troops south of Baghdad.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US column 5km from the Salman Ba‘k  area, south of Baghdad at about 6:30am Wednesday morning, Baghdad time.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the blast set ablaze three US vehicles carrying supplies and also blew up a US military fuel tank truck.


The correspondent wrote that six American troops were killed in the attack but that those aboard the fuel truck fled before their vehicle burst into flames.


US soldier killed on road to Saddam International Airport.


An American soldier manning the machine gun on a Bradley armored vehicle on the bridge on the highway linking at-Taji with Saddam International Airport was killed Wednesday afternoon when Resistance fighters shot rockets at his vehicle, setting it ablaze and destroying it completely.  The force of the blast of the exploding rocket threw the soldier out of the vehicle and off the bridge to his death on the ground below.


Resistance fires five rockets into US base in Balad Wednesday night.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired five powerful Grad rockets at the US base in the at-Taji area in the town of Balad, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  The Resistance carried out their attack at 10:30pm Baghdad time.  Afterward three US Black Hawk helicopters prowled the skies over the area of the attack scanning the area around the camp.


Two US troops killed in al-‘Amiriyah.


Two US troops and four Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed Wednesday afternoon when a joint patrol on the highway leading to Saddam International Airport was ambushed near the al-‘Amiriyah area, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.


Resistance captures five US troops, shoots down reconnaissance plane near Samarra’.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Wednesday morning shot down an American spy plane with an anti-aircraft missile according to the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam, who was told of the incident by eye witnesses.  Resistance fighters also captured five US troops who were driving a Humvee south of the city of Samarra’.


US soldier killed near Ba‘qubah Wednesday night.


One US soldier was killed and another severely wounded when a US patrol consisting of Bradley armored vehicles and a Humvee struck a land mine in the city of Ba‘qubah.  The Humvee was also disabled in the blast, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam.  One of the armored vehicles was also knocked out of action by the attack which occurred near the former headquarters of the Saddam’s Fedayeen organization at 9:00pm Wednesday night.


US aircraft prowl skies over an-Nasiriyah.


For the third straight day US aircraft were intensively patrolling the skies over the southern city of an-Nasiriyah, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam

British and Portuguese aggressor troops began to patrol the streets of the city Tuesday where no Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen have appeared since the truce went into effect.


US admits one soldier killed another wounded Wednesday morning.


The US military admitted on Wednesday that one US soldier was killed and another wounded in an attack Wednesday north of Baghdad near the town of Balad, 80km from Baghdad early in the morning.


Fighting rages in Madinat as-Sadr in Baghdad.


Fierce fighting raged between US troops and the Jaysh al-Mahdi militia on Wednesday until sunset in the part of Baghdad known as Madinat as-Sadr.  The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the battles damaged four US armored vehicles and destroyed four US Humvees.  At least 18 Americans were killed in the fighting.  The Jaysh al-Mahdi militiamen shot down one large Chinook helicopter with a rocket that appeared to be a C5K.