Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 10 November 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Wednesday, 10 November 2004.




Resistance pounds US rear lines north of al-Fallujah Wednesday-Thursday night.


In a report posted at 2:40am Thursday morning, local time (1:40am Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that Resistance fighters continued to carry out attacks on the rear of US troops engaged in the offensive on al-Fallujah.


At the time of writing, the correspondent said, Resistance rocket attacks on the American rear had been under way for about three hours.  During that time more than 55 rockets of various types – not counting mortar rounds – had been pumped into the American troop concentrations.


US forces had tried to keep Resistance forces pinned down in al-Karmah and as-Saqlawiyah to prevent their hitting the American rear lines in support of their brothers in al-Fallujah. But the Resistance fought back, forcing the Americans to retreat, and then unleashed their barrages on the US forces encircling al-Fallujah.


During the middle of the night, then, US forces found themselves between two sides of an Iraqi Resistance pincer – those inside the city on the one side, and those attacking their rear lines to the north, on the other.


Resistance reasserts control over al-Fallujah after dark Wednesday-Thursday night.


In a dispatch posted at 1:07am Thursday morning local time (12:07am Thursday Mecca time) the correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Fallujah reported that Iraqi Resistance organizations had been able to crush US aggressor forces and compel them to retreat from al-Fallujah.


The correspondent wrote that caught between Resistance attacks from inside the city and Resistance attacks on the American rear to the north outside the city, the Americans had pulled out of al-Fallujah with the exception of a few snipers still posted atop some rooftops.


Fierce fighting, however, was under way to the north of the al-Jawlan, al-Jaghifi, and al-Mu‘allimin neighborhoods.  In the southern part of the city, meanwhile, violent fighting continued in the industrial zone after major operations Wednesday morning yielded significant losses, and some captives taken when two Humvees and their crews fell into Resistance hands.


Fighting completely ceased in the al-Jumhuriyah and ad-Dubbat neighborhoods.  The correspondents reported that the scenes of American troops in al-Fallujah currently being broadcast internationally were filmed yesterday, but are still being broadcast to give the false impression that the Americans retain the initiative.


The correspondents in al-Fallujah note, however, that the Resistance forces tend to dominate at nighttime, but are much less able to hold predominant positions during the daylight hours.  The overall situation in the city, therefore, remains extremely complicated and difficult, particularly inasmuch as the American aggressors’ habit is to begin their attacks with the first light of dawn.


Meanwhile, a Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported that an American Apache helicopter was shot down around 1pm Wednesday over the al-Jawlan neighborhood.


Outside the city, US forces turned to fight Iraqi Resistance forces in the al-Karmah area after realizing that their rear supply lines were under a severe threat from that quarter by the Resistance.




Iraqi Resistance makes tactical withdrawal, pulling battle inside al-Fallujah.  Fierce fighting rages, as Resistance holds firm.


In a dispatch posted at 8:20pm local time Wednesday night (7:20pm Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that the Iraqi Resistance, in response to the fierce bombing to which the city environs were being subjected by American aircraft, took a resolute tactical decision to bring the fighting inside the city.


The correspondent wrote that accordingly the Resistance opened the two main routes into the city of al-Fallujah – the first 7 April Street which is 17 to 20 meters wide, and which extends from the Railroad network in the north of the city through the al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood, the 7 April Neighborhood, runs by the al-Furqan Mosque in al-Jumhuriyah, and winds up in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood.


The other main road opened by the Resistance was ath-Tharthar Street which extends from the railroad where the US forces have massed through the al-Jaghifi neighborhood, and splits the second al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood from the ash-Shurtah neighborhood, and the al-Muhandisin neighborhood from the ad-Dubbat neighborhood, and which then ends up in the industrial zone.  Ath-Tharthar Street is 15 to 18 meters wide.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah reported that the Resistance had fallen back in order to allow the American invaders to proceed down those two roads, aware as they were of the dangers involved in taking that step.


The correspondent reported that the US occupation forces were at the time of writing concentrated on those two streets only.  Fierce and bloody fighting was underway between the US attackers and the Iraqi Resistance.  But the situation for the Resistance fighters is now far better than it was on the day before (Tuesday).  The Resistance forces are holding completely firm after having been able to absorb the previous day’s American offensive.  The Resistance remains in control of 70 percent of the city.


Resistance units are awaiting nightfall for them to begin their operations against the rear lines of the American occupation troops, as they did Tuesday night.


The correspondent added that fierce fighting was currently underway in the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood.  The Resistance maintains control of al-Jaghifi neighborhood, al-Mu‘allimin neighborhood, and al-‘Askari neighborhood, and their morale is very high.


US snipers are only present along the two main streets 7 April and ath-Tharthar.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reminded readers that urban guerrilla combat is characterized by rapid shifts in the balance of fortunes of battle.  This happened on Tuesday when the US aggressor troops at the beginning had command of the situation.  Then later, however, the situation changed under Resistance attacks, and in a short period of time the Americans were compelled quickly to fall back.


The correspondent also noted that claims by some news media that large numbers of Resistance fighters had been killed and wounded by the aggressor troops’ fire were incorrect.  There had been claims that 90 Resistance fighters had fallen, he said, but such figures were totally baseless, the true numbers being far fewer.


Resistance captures eight Americans during Tuesday-Wednesday night.


In a dispatch posted at 8:25pm local time (7:25pm Mecca time) the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that during the night of Tuesday-Wednesday, Resistance forces had taken eight American troops prisoner after attacking them as they drove two Humvees into al-Fallujah.  Resistance fighters, having commandeered the Humvees from the captured Americans then took joy rides through the streets of the city, raising the morale of the people and their Resistance fighters.


The eight new prisoners followed 36 Americans, including some women soldiers, who had been captured in the south of the city on Monday.


Nineteen Resistance fighters martyred, 43 Americans killed in al-Fallujah combat Tuesday.


In a preliminary review of losses inflicted by the Resistance on US aggressor forces on Tuesday-Wednesday night, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in al-Fallujah compiled the following report posted at 9:26pm Wednesday night local time (8:26pm Wednesday night Mecca time).


In the clashes that took place Tuesday inside al-Fallujah the Resistance destroyed seven US tanks, shot down one US Apache helicopter, and killed over 43 US troops.  Nineteen Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred, but that number is likely to rise due to the large number of wounded Resistance fighters.


Outside the confines of al-Fallujah, Resistance forces struck the attacking Americans in their rear, setting 25 vehicles ablaze according to preliminary figures.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent extended his apologies to readers for the delay in presenting this run-down on the losses of Tuesday’s fighting, noting that it was hard to obtain current statistics due to the difficulties inherent in getting around the city and in communicating.


Al-Jazeera broadcasts video tape of 20 puppet troops captured by Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah.

Al-Jazeera satellite television broadcast a videotape Wednesday distributed by an Iraqi Resistance group referred to as “Mujahidi al-Fallujah” (i.e., “the Mujahideen of al-Fallujah”) that had captured 20 puppet so-called “Iraqi national guards” in al-Fallujah. Men wearing Iraqi uniforms were shown with their backs to the camera.

A Resistance fighter, his face masked, read a statement on the tape, but al-Jazeera did not air the audio portion of the tape. The station said the Resistance group promised not to kill the prisoners shown on the tape but threatened to kill puppet “national guardsmen” captured in the future.

On Monday Iraqi Resistance forces captured 36 Americans in the south of al-Fallujah and provided video tapes of the prisoners to al-Jazeera and al-‘Arabiyah TV, but both stations refused to air the footage out of fear of US reprisals for showing American troops.  The broadcast on Wednesday would suggest that American censors are less sensitive about the broadcast of scenes of Iraqi puppet prisoners.


Resistance in control of downtown areas of ar-Ramadi, Mosul, al-Hadithah, Hit, ‘Anah and Rawah.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Wednesday expelled US aggressor forces and imposed their control on several major cities in the country.


In a dispatch posted at 12:55am Thursday morning Baghdad time (11:55pm Wednesday, Mecca time) The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondents in Mosul, ar-Ramadi, al-Hadithah, Hit, ‘Anah, and Rawah reported that those cities are in the hands of the Iraqi Resistance after Resistance forces succeeded in forcing occupation troops to flee from the urban areas to their bases outside the cities where they are now hiding.


The Resistance did not allow the aggressor troops to relax in their hiding places, however.  Not half an hour goes by without at least three rockets or mortar rounds being fired into those aggressor bases.


The number of Resistance attacks in Baghdad itself was relatively small on Wednesday because the American military presence has been cut back greatly in the city, as US troops attack al-Fallujah and hide in their bases out of fear of Resistance attacks in Baghdad.




Six US Marines killed, seven wounded in Wednesday night ambush in Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US Marine patrol with anti-personnel RPG7 rockets at about 10pm Wednesday night, killing six Americans and wounding seven others.


Four puppet troops killed by old Diyala Bridge.


Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a puppet “national guard” patrol in the area of the old Diyala Bridge at about 4:45pm Wednesday, killing four puppet troops and destroying a Nissan pickup truck.


Four US troops killed in attack on US convoy near “green zone.”


At 4pm Wednesday afternoon, Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a US column heading towards the Republican Palace in what the Americans have dubbed the “green zone” where they have the headquarters of their occupation.  The Resistance attacked the convoy in front of the al-Mansur hotel in as-Salihiyah, destroying three trucks and killing four US troops.  Three drivers of Arab nationality working for the US occupation were also killed.


Clash in as-Sayyidiyah leaves four US troops, six Iraqi puppet policemen dead.


At 8:30 Iraqi Resistance forces in the old as-Sayyidiyah area clashed with US troops, destroying a Humvee and two Land Cruisers belonging to the puppet police.  Four US troops and six puppet policemen were killed.  One Iraqi Resistance fighter also died in the combat.


Car bombing kills Seven US troops, Americans shoot six Iraqi civilians in reply.


At 7pm Wednesday evening, an Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded by a US patrol in the az-Zayunah area between Palestine Street and the as-Sadr neighborhood, destroying two Humvees, damaging a third vehicle, and killing seven US troops and wounding four other US soldiers.  Four Iraqi puppet so-called “national guardsmen” were also killed.  Six Iraqis who were passing by were cut down and killed and 20 others wounded by the indiscriminate US gunfire that followed the attack.


Nine US troops killed in three attacks in Abu Ghurayb area Wednesday afternoon.


At 1:30pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired RPG7 rockets in an attack on a US convoy in Abu Ghurayb, destroying a civilian truck loaded with supplies for US forces and killing the two American soldiers who were driving the vehicle.


At about 3:30pm Wednesday, a heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the Old Street in Abu Ghurayb, destroying a Bradley armored vehicle and killing three US troops and wounding two others.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at about 4:15pm Wednesday afternoon near the Abu Ghurayb prison camp, destroying a small US troop carrier and killing four and wounding nine other American soldiers.


Eight US troops killed in midday battles in al-Ghazaliyah.


At 1pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked US troops in al-Ghazaliyah sparking clashes that left two Humvees destroyed and two Bradley armored vehicles disabled and eight US troops dead.  One Iraqi Resistance fighter was martyred.  After the fighting, US troops opened fire indiscriminately, killing four Iraqi civilians including a woman and a child.


Eight US troops killed in martyrdom car bombing in al-Mahmudiyah.


At 3:30pm an Iraqi Resistance car bomb driven by a martyrdom fighter exploded by a US patrol in al-Mahmudiyah, destroying two Bradley armored vehicles and one Humvee and disabling another Humvee.  Eight American troops were killed.


Three US troops killed in ar-Ridwaniyah Wednesday evening.


At 5:40pm Wednesday evening, an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in ar-Ridwaniyah, destroying a Humvee and killing three US troops and wounding three other American soldiers.


Resistance rocket brings down US military aircraft.


At about 2pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance fighters fired a C5K missile at a US military aircraft setting it ablaze.  The aircraft reportedly crashed and burned.


US soldier killed in ambush of supply truck.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Baghdad reported that an Iraqi Resistance bomb blew up a US supply truck loaded with provisions in the al-Makasib area of the city, destroying the truck and killing the American soldier who was driving it.


Afternoon bomb attack in ad-Duwaylibah leaves one US soldier dead.


In ad-Duwaylibah west of Baghdad, an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded at 4pm Wednesday, disabling a US Bradley armored vehicle, and killing one US soldier.


Deadly battles rage Wednesday in ad-Durah.


At 8am Wednesday clashes broke out on 60 Street in the southern Baghdad suburb of ad-Durah.  Iraqi Resistance fighters fired RPG7 rockets, destroying two Humvees and killing three US troops.


US forces accompanied by puppet “national guard” troops attempted to break into the Hur Rajab area of ad-Durah on Wednesday, but were met by Resistance fighters firing RPG7 and SPG9 rockets and BKC automatic weapons.  Seven US troops and four puppet “national guardsmen” were killed in the battle that also left three Resistance fighters and six Iraqi civilians dead.  Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a US Bradley armored vehicle and a Nissan pickup truck, while American troops destroyed five Iraqi civilian cars in the course of the fighting.


At about 11am Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 and C5K rockets attacked a US patrol near the government school in Hur Rajab in ad-Durah, destroying a Humvee and a Bradley armored vehicle and killing seven US troops.


At 2:15pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol on 60 Street in ad-Durah with RPG7 rockets, destroying a Humvee and killing four US troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol on 60 Street in ad-Durah at 3:30pm Wendesday, killing 10 US troops and wounding six more.


At 5pm Wednesday afternoon, Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a US Humvee in Hur Rajab when they opened fire on it with RPG7 rockets, killing two US troops and wouding four other American soldiers.


At 9:30pm Wednesday night, Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US patrol in ‘Arab Jabbur in ad-Durah, destroying two Humvees and a small armored vehicle and killing 10 US troops.


Two US troops killed, three injured in Salman Bak.


Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US patrol in the Salman Bak area southeast of Baghadad at 11am Wednesday, destroying a Humvee and killing two US troops and wounding three others, two of them seriously.


Ten US troops killed in attack in as-Suwayrah south of Baghdad.


At 10:30am Iraqi Resistance forces detonated bombs and then American troops with RPG7 rockets, destroying three Humvees and killing 10 American soldiers in as-Suwayrah, south of Baghdad.  Four Iraqi Resistance fighters died as martyrs in the battle and two others were wounded.


Four US troops killed in morning ambush in al-Mushahadah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US military patrol in the al-Mushahadah area of Baghadad at 7am Wednesday, firing RPG7 rockets and destroying a civilian truck loaded with provisions for the US troops.  A Humvee was also destroyed in the attack and four US troops were killed.


Nine US troops killed on Airport Road Wednesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces fired RPG7 rockets at a US column on Airport Road in Baghdad, opposite the al-Jihad neighborhood, destroying a small troop transport vehicle and a Humvee and killing nine US troops at about 8:30am Wednesday morning.


Resistance attacks in Abu Ghurayb area Wednesday morning kill 15 American troops.


At 9am Wednesday morning, Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a US military fuel tank truck as it drove along the highway through Abu Ghurayb.


Resistance fighters then attacked a US military Humvee, killing four American troops.


Three US troops were killed and four others wounded when the Iraqi Resistance attacked a Bradley armored vehicle with RPG7 rockets.


US troops came under Resistance fire in the village of az-Zaydan in the Abu Ghurayb area, killing four of them and destroying a Humvee.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US Bradley armored vehicle with C5K rockets, killing four Americans at about 9am Wednesday morning.


Five American soldiers killed in bombing in al-Ishaqi.


Five US troops were killed when Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under American supply trucks in the al-Ishaqi area, 20km south of Samarra’ at about 10am Wednesday.  Two trucks were destroyed in the explosions.


Two US troops killed, two wounded in at-Taji bombing.


Two US troops were killed and two others wounded when an Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded, destroying a Humvee on which they were riding in the Hur al-Basha area of at-Taji, north of Baghdad at about 9am Wednesday.


Four American troops killed in al-Mushahadah.


Four US troops were killed when Iraqi Resistance forces attacked their supply truck in al-Mushahadah in at-Taji, north of Baghdad with RPG7 rockets, destroying the vehicle at about 7am Wednesday morning.  The Resistance rockets also destroyed an American Humvee


Relatives of Iyyad ‘Allawi captured by Iraqi Resistance.


Iraqi Resistance fighters raided the home of the cousin of Iyyad ‘Allawi the US-installed puppet “prime minister” of the American-run regime in occupied Iraq.  The fighters captured the cousin, his wife and another member of the ‘Allawi family.  The correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam in Baghdad reports that the Resistance fighters attacked the house at 4:30pm Tuesday afternoon, after killing nine guards who had been posted around the building.


A spokesman for the puppet regime installed by the Americans in Baghdad announced on Wednesday that Resistance fighters had taken three members of the family of US puppet “prime minister” Iyyad ‘Allawi prisoner.  The spokesman told Reuters that one of ‘Allawi’s relatives, that man’s wife and another member of their family had been captured from their home Wednesday morning.


The puppet regime spokesman said that the Resistance had threatened to kill the relatives of ‘Allawi if the offensive on al-Fallujah were not stopped within 48 hours.


Al-Latifiyah – al-Yusufiyah.


Five American soldiers killed in al-Latifiyah attack.


At 1pm Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US GMC car and Resistance fighters then attacked the vehicle with RPG7 rockets, killing five US troops in an attack that took place in al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad.


Four US troops killed in attack in al-Yusufiyah.


Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US patrol in al-Yusufiyah, southwest of Baghdad, and then Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the Americans with RPG7 rockets, killing four of them and destroying their Bradley armored vehicle Wednesday.


Four American soldiers killed in al-Latifiyah Wednesday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces clashed with US troops and puppet so called “Iraqi national guards” in al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad Wednesday morning.  Resistance fighters fired RPG7 rockets, destroying a Bradley armored vehicle and a Humvee and killing four US troops.


Twenty-four British troops reported killed in 7 November attack.


The Islamic Army Iraqi Resistance organization announced that it had killed 24 British troops in the city of al-Yusufiyah in a car bombing on 7 November.  The statement said that three British vehicles were destroyed in the attack.




Resistance hits British, puppet targets in southern Iraq.


Iraqi Resistance forces shelled the headquarters of British forces in al-Mahawil with nine 82mm mortar rounds and then took up bombarding British headquarters in al-Basrah.


Resistance forces also planted several bombs on the al-Qurnah Road in the al-Basrah area.  The bombs exploded in a series as two Nissan pickup trucks belonging to the puppet so-called “Iraqi national guard” was passing along the road, destroying both vehicles and killing six and wounding three of the puppet troops.


At 7pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired Katusha rockets at the puppet “national guard” headquarters in az-Zubayr in al-Basrah.


Bombardments around Iraq.


At 6:30am Wednesday morning, Iraqi Resistance forces fired six 82mm mortar rounds into the joint US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” base  in at-Taji north of Baghdad.


At 6:30am Iraqi Resistance forces fired three Katyusha rockets into the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad.


At 7:15am Wednesday morning Iraqi Resistance forces fired two Grad rockets into the headquarters of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) inside the headquarters of the US occupation in the Republican Palace area, known to the invaders as “the green zone.”


At 8:30am Iraqi Resistance forces fired five 82mm mortar rounds into the US airbase in al-Muthanna in Baghdad.


At 11:45am Iraqi Resistance forces fired four 82mm mortar rounds into the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad.


Iraqi Resistance forces also struck a US base in Tikrit with three Katyusha rockets on Wednesday.


At 3pm Iraqi Resistance forces fired eight 82mm mortar rounds into the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad.


At 3:45pm Iraqi Resistance forces fired ten 120mm mortar rounds into the as-Suqur base.


At 5:30pm Wednesday, Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the US base in the south of Tikrit with three Katyusha rockets.


At 6:30pm Iraqi Resistance forces bombarded the so-called “green zone” headquarters of the US occupation in Baghdad with two Grad rockets.