Iraqi Resistance Report
for events of Friday, 12 November 2004.  Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.


Friday, 12 November 2004.




Ten US troops killed in evening ambush between al-Fallujah and al-‘Amiriyah.


Ten US troops were killed at 6pm (around sunset) Friday when Iraqi Resistance forces attacked and destroyed two US Humvees in the area between al-Fallujah and al-‘Amiriyah.


Uneasy and relative quiet settles in.


In a dispatch posted at 11:40pm local time (10:40pm Mecca time) the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that fighting had greatly died down in the city, though it was still going on in several places on the edges of the city.


Fighting had died down in the south of the city since about sunset when the American forces that had been surrounded inside the city had got out.


Meanwhile the Resistance fired rocket attacks on concentrations of American troops north of al-Fallujah.  The Resistance also bombarded the US forces located in the cemetery near the railroad tracks.  They fired Grad and Tariq rockets at the US forces encamped in the agricultural area north of the city.


Still there are several gun battles still going on in the north of the al-Jawlan neighborhood, though the US forces have been unable to make virtually any headway.  It is thought likely that the Americans are trying to distract a large part of the Resistance forces from the US column that remains encircled on al-Hadrah Street, hoping that it might be able to extract itself and escape from the city towards the east, lest it share the fate of the column that was wiped out in al-Jaghifi.


Resistance in al-Fallujah unites, appoints General Commander of operations and an official spokesman.


The Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Fallujah on Thursday appointed one of their members as General Commander of all Jihadi formations in the city.  There are more than eight Resistance organizations operating in the city.  The groups had come together and united for the first time since the fall of Baghdad under the leadership of one of their men who has considerable experience in street fighting.


In addition, the Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah has appointed an official spokesman, making the Resistance more organized.  This new unity has encouraged the al-Fallujah Resistance to achieve the grand results that they achieved on Thursday.  Since the unification, the Resistance in the city has made big advances in coordinating their activities and attacks using pre-planned and well-thought out correct military tactics.


As a result, the US forces are now fighting a war of attrition.  For the third straight day American forces have been drawn into the city allowing the Resistance to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.


Resistance downs Black Hawk helicopter in al-Fallujah.


Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Fallujah shot down a US Black Hawk helicopter with a Strela missile on Friday.


The helicopter was keeping Iraqi Resistance fighters “busy” to facilitate the escape of several American tanks from a tight spot.  But the Resistance attacked the helicopter with a Strela rocket, shooting it down and killing the four crewmen aboard – two machine gunners on the sides of the craft and the pilot and co-pilot.


US forces, meanwhile, bombarded the al-‘Amiriyah neighborhood south of al-Fallujah at about 8pm Friday night, destroying two houses and killing five families and wounding other people inside.  Two women and an 11-year-old little girl are among the dead.


US forces encircled inside al-Fallujah after most Americans have pulled out of the city.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Fallujah reported on Friday evening that Resistance forces in the city Friday allowed US aggressor troops into several areas of the city and then encircled them so as to attack them on their terms, not those of the occupation forces. By convincing the Americans that the Resistance had left, the fighters were able to attack and fight the US troops in areas where their aircraft and heavy weapons could not help them.


In accordance with this plan, US troops proceeded down as-Sirdar Street in the al-Jawlan and ash-Shurtah neighborhoods.  They also entered the al-‘Askari neighborhood from the direction of the First and Second ad-Dubbat neighborhoods on the street that runs between the ash-Shurtah neighborhood to the north and the al-‘Askari neighborhood to the south, bringing the US troops to the heart of the main street.  There the attacks on the US forces began in earnest.


The Resistance in al-Fallujah mounted several ambushes on the US troops and managed to cut some units off from the others, splitting up the attackers.  This enabled the Resistance to inflict damage on the American forces in men and materiel.  The Resistance totally purged the industrial zone of American invader troops from the southeast.  The an-Nazal and ash-Shuhada’ areas were also cleared of American forces.  At the time the correspondent filed his report, posted at 10:15pm local time (9:15pm Mecca time) Friday night, fighting was limited to the edges of those districts.  At that time an entire US column was surrounded on al-Hadrah Street which is located between the ash-Shurtah neighborhood and the ad-Dubbat neighborhood.


Resistance forces ambushed the Americans in those areas by posting sharpshooters along the path where the US troops were to come, enabling them to shoot down numerous foot soldiers who had been landed by the Americans on Festival Square [Sahat al-Ihtifalat].  At the same time the narrow lanes pressed the forces of the two sides close together, preventing the Americans from making use of their airpower.


At the time of writing, the Resistance was in a strong position thanks to its decision to adopt the strategy of street fighting that allowed for attracting the enemy into those streets and then hunting down their advance guards.


The correspondent also wrote that media reports about a major American breakthrough in al-Fallujah and that the Americans control 90 percent of the city are false.  The US penetration into the city has been the result of Resistance efforts to draw the enemy in.  The effect has been that heavy losses have been inflicted on the Americans.


As to claims by some Arab media that US forces are now stationed inside the city, the correspondent noted that the only American contingent is located inside the city has been encircled by Resistance forces since before yesterday.  It able to remain there without being destroyed by virtue of the covering fire provided by American snipers posted on buildings in the area.  The American unit has until the time of writing been unable to extract itself from its besieged position.


US forces were at the time of writing trying to break the encirclement of an American column on al-Hadrah al-Muhammadiyah street in the neighborhoods of ash-Shurtah and ad-Dubbat.  But the American column is well encircled on all sides.  On Thursday, the Resistance encircled and destroyed a whole American column in the al-Jaghifi neighborhood.


The correspondent wrote that the only fighting in al-Fallujah at the time of writing was going on  in two places: al-Hadrah al-Muhammadiyah and the north of the al-Jawlan neighborhood on as-Sirdar Street.




US attempts to put down Resistance in ar-Ramadi.


Al-Jazeera satellite TV reported on Friday that US aggressor troops had sealed the eastern and western entrances to ar-Ramadi where the Resistance has largely been in control for several days.  Al-Jazeera reported that the sound of explosions could be heard within the city and plumes of smoke could be seen rising into the sky over the city from several neighborhoods where electricity and telephone service have been cut off.  US forces are reported attempting to battle Resistance forces in the city.




Resistance maintains control of Mosul.


The American Associated Press (AP) and other Western news media admitted on Friday that the Iraqi Resistance was in charge of Mosul – the third largest city in the country – after puppet police had been driven from the streets, and US forces had been driven off at dawn from the five strategic bridges that link the two sides of the city together.


American forces were reportedly being rushed to the city in a frantic effort by the aggressors to regain control.  Al-Jazeera reported American aircraft running air strikes on the rebellious city Friday evening, although they noted that the Americans were denying that the Resistance had seized control there.


The puppet regime installed by the Americans in Baghdad dismissed the puppet police chief in Mosul after reports that the puppet police in the city were surrendering their posts to the Resistance without firing a shot.


US propaganda mouthpieces claimed that one American soldier had been killed in Mosul.


The American Associated Press (AP) reported that the Resistance in Mosul attacked the local headquarters of the collaborationist Kurdish chauvinist so-called “Patriotic Union of Kurdistan” party where a battle raged for an hour.


The Resistance also reportedly assassinated the puppet chief of the Mosul “anti-crime” task force Brigadier General Muwaffaq Muhammad Dahham and set his house ablaze.


In a telephone interview with al-Jazeera satellite TV, Sayf ad-Din al-Baghdadi, an official in the Resistance political bureau called for battle against US forces around the country.  “I call on the scores or hundreds of the brothers from the mujahideen . . . to press the American forces outside” al-Fallujah, the AP quoted him as saying.


“We chose the path of armed jihad and say clearly that ridding Iraq of the occupation will not be done by ballots.  Iyyad ‘Allawi’s government.  . . represents the fundamentalist right-wing of the White House and not the Iraqi people,” he asserted.




Fighting rages in al-Yarmuk neighborhood of Baghdad early Friday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance forces battled US troops and puppet “Iraqi national guards” in the al-Yarmuk neighborhood of Baghdad around 2pm Friday.  Resistance fighters firing RPG7 and C5K rockets and BKC automatic weapons, and throwing hand grenades killed six US troops and wounded two others after destroying two Humvees.  The Resistance fire destroyed two Nissan pickup trucks and a small truck belonging to the puppet “national guardsmen.” Thirteen of the Iraqi puppet troops were killed and seven others wounded.  Three Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred in the fighting and two others wounded.  Four Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of the shooting.


Resistance downs Black Hawk helicopter Friday.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing C5K rockets brought down an American Black Hawk helicopter at noon Friday between the al-Mushahadah area and at-Taji north of Baghdad.  US propaganda mouthpieces admitted that the helicopter had been shot down but claimed that the only casualties were injuries suffered by three crewmen.


Fighting around midday Friday shakes Abu Ghurayb area.


Fierce fighting raged around midday in the az-Zaytun area of Abu Ghurayb during which the Iraqi Resistance fighters, firing SPG9 and RPG7 rockets and BKC automatic weapons, destroyed two armored vehicles and a Humvee and killed nine US troops and wounded four others.  One Iraqi Resistance fighter was martyred in the combat.  After coming under attack, however, the US troops opened fire indiscriminately, killing four Iraqi civilians, three of them women.


Iraqi Resistance forces ambushed US troops in the az-Zaydan village area of Abu Ghurayb at 2:30pm Friday, killing four US troops and destroying a Bradley armored vehicle.


Fighting rages Friday evening in Baghdad.


Fierce fighting raged at about 6pm on Friday evening on Hayfa Street in the al-Karakh district of Baghdad and also around Vanguards’ Square [Sahat at-Tala’i‘], al-Fahhamah, ar-Rahmaniyah and al-Mushahadah in Baghdad.


Three US Bradley armored vehicles were destroyed by Resistance fighters firing RPG7 and SBG9 rockets.  Twelve American troops aboard the vehicles were killed in the fighting.  Six American soldiers on foot were also killed by Resistance fighters firing BKC automatic weapons.


Five Iraqi Resistnce fighters and Iraqi civilians were martyred just before the US forces fled from the area.


The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the Americans then tried to re-enter Vanguards’ Square at 7:30, but Resistance fighters firing RPG7 rockets destroyed one of their Bradley armored vehicles, killing four US troops.  The Americans were then compelled to withdraw.


Four US troops, Iraqi translator killed in al-A‘zamiyah.


At 3:30pm Friday a heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb destroyed a Humvee in al-A‘zamiyah, killing four US troops and an Iraqi collaborator translator who was with them.


Resistance attack in ar-Ridwaniyah leaves US intelligence officers dead.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 and C5K rockets and BKC automatic weapons attacked a US column on the highway in ar-Ridwaniyah at 3pm Friday afternoon, destroying two US trucks and a third civilian vehicle supplying the American troops.  Five American troops were killed in the vehicles.  In addition a GMC car was destroyed killing two persons inside who are believed to have been American intelligence officers.


Resistance ambush at Old Diyala Bridge.


Iraqi Resistance forces detonated bombs and then attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet “national guard” force near the Old Diyala Bridge at 2:15pm Friday afternoon, firing RPG7 rockets.  One Humvee and to Nissan pickup trucks were destroyed in the attack, and three US troops and nine puppet “national guardsmen” were killed and three others badly wounded.


Fighting in al-A‘zamiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces battled US troops backed by puppet “national guardsmen” in al-A‘zamiyah in Baghdad at about 6:30pm local time.  The fighting left two Bradley armored vehicles and three Nissan pickup trucks destroyed.  Eleven US troops and eight puppet “national guardsmen” were killed.  Nine Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred in the fighting as well.  In a dispatch posted at 1:45am local time (12:45am Mecca time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent wrote that the fighting in that area was still continuing at that time.


Six puppet troops killed in ambush in al-I‘lam.


Six puppet “Iraqi national guardsmen” were killed in a Resistance bomb attack in the al-I‘lam neighborhood of Baghdad at 6:30pm Friday that blew up a Nissan pickup truck.


Resistance attacks US forces in ar-Rashidiyah.


In the park areas in the ar-Rashidiyah area of Baghdad, Iraqi Resistance fighters firing RPG7 and SBG9 rockets battled US troops on Friday, destroying a Humvee and an armored vehicle and killing eight American soldiers.


Resistance bomb attack in as-Sayyidiyah.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded on the highway in as-Sayyidiyah at 5pm Friday, destroying a Humvee and killing two and wounding three more American troops.


Resistance attacks US patrol in al-‘Amiriyah.


At 3:30pm Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked an American patrol in al-‘Amiriyah destroying two Humvees and killing five US troops.


Iraqi Resistance forces attack American troops in al-Mahmudiyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 and RPG8 rockets destroyed a Bradley armored vehicle and two Humvees and killed 12 US troops and wounded four more in al-Mahmudiyah at around midday Friday.  Two Resistance fighters were killed and and four Iraqi civilian passers by were shot and killed by indiscriminate American gunfire.


Attacks in al-Mushahadah target US supply lines.


At about 1:15pm in al-Mushahada, Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets destroyed a fuel tank truck, killing a driver believed to be Turkish.


At 3pm Iraqi Resistance forces firing BKC automatic weapons destroyed two US military supply trucks and an American Humvee, killing six US soldiers in al-Mushahadah.


Resistance bombing destroys Bradley armored vehicle in ad-Duwaylibah.


A heavy Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US patrol in the ad-Duwaylibah area west of Baghdad at 11am Friday, destroying a Bradley armored vehicle and killing three US troops.


Resistance bomb attack in Salman Bak.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in the Salman Bak area south east of Baghdad at 8:30am Friday, disabling a Bradley armored vehicle and killing two US troops.


Three US troops killed in morning ambush in al-Ghazaliyah.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US patrol in al-Ghazaliyah at 9am, destroying an armored vehicle and killing three US troops.


Resistance attack in ash-Sha‘b Friday morning.


Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US patrol in the ash-Sha‘b area of Baghdad at 10am Friday, destroying a Humvee and killing four US troops.


Resistance attacks US supply truck in ad-Durah Friday morning.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked a civilian truck loaded with supplies for the US occupation forces on the highway in ad-Durah on the southern suburbs of Baghdad at 10:45am Friday, destroying the truck and killing the Asian driver.


Two US troops killed in ambush of fuel tanker in al-Makasib.


Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a US military fuel tank truck that was going west along a road in the al-Makasib area south of Baghdad at 9:30am Friday.  Two US troops were killed in the attack. 


Resistance ambush kills three US troops in al-‘Amil neighborhood.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing RPG7 rockets attacked a US patrol on Airport Road in the al-‘Amil neighborhood of Baghdad at 7:30am Friday, destroying a Humvee and killing three American troops and wounding one other US soldier.


Resistance bombing destroys American supply truck in Abu Ghurayb.


Iraqi Resistance forces detonated several bombs under a US convoy on the highway passing through Abu Ghurayb, destroying a truck loaded with supplies for US occupation troops at 7:30am Friday.


Attack in al-Mushahadah leaves three US troops dead.


At 8:30am Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces destroyed a US supply truck and killed three US troops in the al-Mushahadah area north of Baghdad.


NATO to expand involvement with US-installed puppet regime in Iraq.


NATO plans an expanded role in Iraq as the agent for America’s drive to reduce its own casualties by strong-arming its satellites into providing political and military cover for its aggression in Iraq.


A NATO official acknowledged on Friday that all 26 members of the US satellite NATO alliance had agreed on a plan aimed at expanding NATO’s role in training the US-installed puppet army in occupied Iraq.


The new plan, which still must be ratified by NATO’s regimes next week, provides for the deployment of 150 “trainers” as well as hundreds of guards and other support personnel to guarantee the implementation of the plan.


NATO already sent 66 trainers to Iraq earlier this year.  NATO has been asked by the Iraqi government to train its puppet security forces and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, the Secretary General of NATO said that 10 of the alliance's 19 member states were contributing to that training, both within Iraq and outside Iraq in places like Jordan and in military schools in Europe.  De Hoop Scheffer said that NATO would have a training academy for Iraqi puppet forces running by the end of the year.


Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who apparently views Iraq as one of the theaters of the American so-called “war on terror,” said that Europe had not “caught up” with the US in its response to what he called “global terrorism.”  Internally, he said, European countries need to follow the American lead in “merging external and internal security,” which is to say freeing domestic repression and spy agencies from legal limitations customarily guaranteed under democratic legislation.


Making clear that NATO’s role is to serve US imperial interests de Hoop Scheffer told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York that “Europe should catch up here, not the United States.”




Seventeen puppet “national guardsmen” killed in ambush Friday afternoon.


Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a small truck loaded with puppet “national guard” troops in al-Latifiyah at 4pm Friday, and then Resistance fighters attacked firing RPG7 rockets, destroying the truck, a Nissan pickup truck, and killing 17 puppet troops.


Bombing in al-Latifiyah.


At 7:15 local time a heavy Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US military patrol in al-Latifiyah, destroying a Bradley armored vehicle and killing four US troops.


Clashes in al-Latifiyah.


Clashes broke out between Resistance fighters and the US aggressors at 9:30 local time.  Resistance fighters fired RPG7 and C5K rockets and BKC automatic weapons, destroying a Bradley and a Humvee and killing seven US troops and wounding three others.  Two Iraqi Resistance fighters were martyred and seven others wounded.




Fighting raged between US troops and Iraqi Resistance forces in al-Huwayjah north of Baghdad on Friday morning.  Al-Jazeera satellite TV would only say that five Iraqis had been killed in the battles and an unspecified number wounded.




US forces handed over the bodies of four women and two men they had killed at one of their checkpoints in Ba‘qubah according to medical sources in the city, cited by al-Jazeera satellite TV.


Bombardments around Iraq on Friday.


At 6:45am Friday Iraqi Resistance forces struck the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace area in Baghdad – which they call the “green zone” with a Grad rocket.


At 7:30am Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired two Katyusha rockets into the “green zone.”


At 7:35am Friday  Iraqi Resistance forces hit the US as-Suqur base south of Baghdad with three Katyusha rockets.


At 11:15am Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired two Grad rockets into the US base in Saddam International Airport.


At 12:30pm Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces fired five 82mm mortar rounds into the US base in what formerly was the Iraq Meat Company south of Baghdad.


At about 2:45pm Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked Saddam International Airport with two Tariq rockets.


At 3pm Friday, Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the US as-Suqur base with five Katyusha rockets, followed by eight 82mm mortar rounds.


At 4pm the Iraqi Resistance fired four Katyusha rockets into the US base in the former Iraqi Meat Company south of Baghdad.


At 5pm the Iraqi Resistance fired four Katyusha rockets into the US base in the former Iraqi Meat Company south of Baghdad.


At 6:30pm the Iraqi Resistance fired nine 82mm mortar rounds into the US base in the former Iraqi Meat Company south of Baghdad.


At 6:45pm Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the so-called “green zone” with three Grad rockets.


At 8pm Friday night Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the US al-Muthanna airstrip in Baghdad with eight 82mm mortar rounds.


At 9pm Friday night the Iraqi Resistance fired five Katyusha rockets into the US base in the former Iraqi Meat Company south of Baghdad.


At 9:15pm Friday Iraqi Resistance forces fired two Grad rockets into the so-called “green zone.”


Thursday operations.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded near a US patrol in Tikrit at 2:30pm Thursday afternoon, destroying one Humvee and two Bradley armored vehicles and disabling another Humvee and killing eight US troops.


An Iraqi Resistance car bomb exploded at a puppet police check point at the Bab ash-Sharqi [Eastern Gate] area of as-Sa‘dun Street in Baghdad at 2pm Thursday, destroying the puppet police point and two Nissan pickup trucks and killing six puppet policemen and wounding eight.


Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a US column in al-Ghazaliyah at 2pm Thursday destroying two Bradley armored vehicles and a Humvee.  The Resistance began their ambush by detonating bombs and then opened fire with RPG7 rockets.  Eleven US troops were reported killed in the attack.  One Resistance fighter was killed and four others wounded in the engagement.


Iraqi Resistnace forces attacked a white Sunny car carrying collaborationist Badr Brigade gunmen on Hayfa Street in Baghdad’s al-Karakh district at 5pm Thursday, killing all three of the collaborators.


At 9:30pm Thursday night, Iraqi Resistance fighters fired four Grad rockets into the headquarters of the collaborationist Badr Brigades in the al-‘Ashshar area of Baghdad.


Three US intelligence officers were killed in the al-Hurriyah ad-Dawli‘i district of Baghdad at 2pm on Thursday when Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US GMC command car and then Resistance fighters opened fire on it with RPG7 rockets.


Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under US vehicles on Airport Road opposite the al-Jihad neighborhood in Baghdad on Thursday, and then the Resistance attacked the Americans with SPG7 rockets, destroying a Humvee and a civilian truck being used by the Americans.  Four US troops were killed in the attack.


Iraqi Resistance forces firing C5K and SPG7 rockets and BKC automatic weapons clashed with US troops in the ash-Sha‘b neighborhood of Baghdad on Thursday, killing seven US troops.  Two Resistance fighters were martyred in the battle.


US troops attacked a number of Sunni religious leaders in Iraq on Thursday.  The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Baghdad reported that at 2:30pm Thursday US troops arrested Shaykh ‘Abd as-Salam al-Kubaysi, stealing his possessions as well.


At 2:30pm Thursday US forces backed by stooge “national guard” troops stormed into the Ibn Taymiyah Mosque on Baghdad’s Airport Road and arrested Shaykh Mahdi as-Samidi‘i and 40 worshippers.  They also tore up several copies of the Qur’an during their attack.


An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded under a US Humvee transport in al-Mahmudiyah at 10pm Thursday, destroying the vehicle and killing three US troops and wounding one other.


Iraqi Resistance forces on Thursday destroyed four US Humvees in battles at about 4:30pm in Salman Bak.  Nine US troops were killed and six Resistance fighters wounded.